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Perfect Posture Workout Video. Effective 8 minute corrective exercise routine to help stand tall.

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Tennis Elbow Stretches & Exercises Ask Doctor Jo

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Bowed Legs Stretches & Exercises

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Effective Lumbar Stenosis Exercises

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Correcting Upper Cross Syndrome to Improve Posture & HealthSuboccipital Stretch

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10 Best Rotator Cuff Pain Stretches Ask Doctor Jo

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Knee Pain Stretches & Exercises Ask Doctor Jo

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Once the issue or issues are identified, a Corrective Exercise Specialist can then develop an exercise routine that addresses the problem through foam rolling, stretching, and total body exercises.. By addressing a client’s functional movement and the issues impeding it, especially at their feet, knees, and hips, it helps reduce the stress put on their body. The static latissimus stretch is accomplished with the patient on all fours with one arm outstretched, the hand and forearm on a stability ball.

Tightness through here can often pull the shoulders forward and increase the kyphosis. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, twice per side. A similar stretch is the 90-degree table top back stretch. Let’s find out which exercises you can do.

Winged Scapula Exercises. There are a number of exercises available to help improve your posture and the position of your shoulder blades. You have to pick exercises carefully to ensure you do not end up making matters worse. Here are some of the best exercises for you to try: 1. Corrective Exercise. Anywhere from 30 seconds or more (60, 90, etc.) for each stretch will help to increase your flexibility – i.e. developmental stretches.

You can do more than one rep per stretch if you want. A great way to do it is to set an interval timer for e.g. 30 seconds and then use that to know when to switch. Seated trapezius stretch.

Shoulder stretch. Triceps stretch. Lower back.

Hip flexor stretch in three planes. Hamstring stretch. Quadriceps stretch. Calf stretch.

Here’s what you need to know. The Laffer curve illustrates that, in some circumstances, the government can reduce a tax on a good and increase the government’s tax revenue If a policymaker wants to raise revenue by taxing goods while minimizing the deadweight losses, he should look for goods with _ elasticities of demand and _ elasticities of supply. Balance and leg strengthening exercises can help improve balance while decreasing the risk of falls. Many fitness centers, community centers and other organizations offer balance exercise programs, such as Tai Chi classes. Balance exercises can also be done at home.

There are countless exercises available that can help improve and maintain shoulder health and that can be used in the shoulder injury recovery process. Below are some instructional videos for safe, easy to learn and effective shoulder exercises to help get you moving in a positive direction. STRETCH!!

Tight muscles can lead to bad form when running. Stretching the muscles around your hip can help prevent the tightness of the muscle, which can cause IT Band Syndrome. AVOID REPETITION IT Band Syndrome can occur from muscles being worked too much and too frequently. Simply changing up your routine in the gym can help prevent the issue.

The Complete Corrective Exercise Library gives you access to a vast array of exercises that can be used to correct musculoskeletal imbalances and alleviate muscle dysfunction, joint discomfort and movement limitations. Containing nearly 200 different exercises, this digital library will arm you with the tools to help clients who are suffering.

List of related literature:

The addition of a compressive sleeve, wrap, or taping about the joint can also provide additional proprioceptive information by stimulating the cutaneous mechanoreceptors.21,65,77,78 Figures 23-7 through 23-10 provide examples of exercises that can be begun in this phase.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
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The clinician should teach the patient how to do stretches correctly so that normal tissues are not compromised and surgically repaired structures are not abused.3,66 The sleeper stretch and modified sleeper stretch (Figure 5-7) are two examples of appropriate stretches for a tight posterior glenohumeral joint capsule.

“Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
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Contract-relax stretching seems to be the most effective form of stretching to increase the range of motion in a joint.

“Textbook of Work Physiology: Physiological Bases of Exercise” by Per-Olof Åstrand, Kaare Rodahl, Hans A. Dahl, Sigmund B. Strømme
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Mugii et al.39 instructed 45 patients with SSc in a daily, self-administered digit stretching program involving maintaining the stretch for 10 seconds, with 3 to 10 repetitions.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
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(a) General stretching exercises: They offer stretching to all the soft tissues and the spinal joints which remain conCAUTION tracted when one type of posture is sustained for a long time.

“Essentials of Orthopaedics & Applied Physiotherapy E-Book” by Jayant Joshi, Prakash P Kotwal
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Regarding ROM, numerous investigators (Moore and Hutton 1980; Prentice 1983; Sady et al. 1982; Tanigawa 1972) found that PNF techniques produced the largest gains in flexibility, as compared with other forms of stretching.

“Science of Flexibility” by Michael J. Alter
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But there are additional benefits that are known to be concomitant with each of the sixteen types of stretches.

“The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body” by Robert Donald Cooley
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Stretching is generally aimed at muscle and fascial tissue, but there is evidence that stretching procedures can enhance elasticity in tendon tissue as well.52 Stretching procedures can be divided into two separate, but equally important components: connective tissue effects and neurological effects.

“Orthopedic Massage E-Book: Theory and Technique” by Whitney W. Lowe
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More sustained stretches can be applied with serial casts to immobilize joints in their stretched positions.

“Management of Spinal Cord Injuries: A Guide for Physiotherapists” by Lisa Harvey
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The patient and family should be taught self-stretching with particular attention to stretching the cervical region, hamstrings, and heel cords.

“Neurologic Interventions for Physical TherapyE-Book” by Suzanne Tink Martin, Mary Kessler
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  • I have tissue tears on my elbow and i work as a nursing assistant. It gets worse when i go to work. Right now i am on leave of absence but i was told that recovery takes a long time and yes it does. Today is my follow up and the only improvement so far is i can now straighten my left elbow and lift like 8 lbs but still am in pain. Before i cannot straighten it at all and i cant even lift a can of soda. I needed more weeks off since my job demands me to use my arms in different positions for lifting. I hope he will give it to me as i do not want to cause more injury. Also found out that on both knees, my patellar tissues are deteriorating, no wonder i have a hard time standing up for too long without rest and my inner knee would hurt so much even when resting. So i hope he will take care of that as well and give me more weeks off to recover properly.

  • this was like magic?? my knee feels completely different doing these exercises my usual ones. i’ll definitely be coming back here! thanks so much:)

  • Hii..
    Doctor Jo, actually I met with an accident in 2012 due to which my left knee was fractured. I was operated and also trained by physiotherapist, somehow I can fold my knee more than 90 degree but not completely as usually other leg I fold… It has been 8 yrs, sometime I do exercise sometime no due to hectic wrk life… But now I devised to cure this knee completely
    Plzz make video of pulling or folding leg completely.

  • Wow, I was skeptical at first, because the exercises seemed so simple, but I made it trough anyway and I feel like my back and shoulders really support me an bit more now. I’m gonna do this once a week for the next few months during my weight loss journey, I hope it will help me with my bad posture.

  • hey i have a question… so i’m a teenager and about a month ago i started doing chloe tings workouts for about a week and then i noticed that my right knee had started making a weird crunching sound during lunges, squats, going down the stairs, etc. When i would continue to do the exercises my knee would feel weird so i stopped. Now it’s been more than a month and my knee is still making these sounds. Do u have any advice on what i should do? thanks!

  • im so glad i found your channel, my right shoulder is been in pain for the last few days after a heavy shoulder session at the gym, it specially hurts when i do overhead military presses I guess I need to do extra reps of the internal rotation with the towel. many thanks. Ignacio

  • I feel instant and intense pain when i do the quad strech with strap it even worse than anything else, why is that? Do i omit it? ☺️

  • I’m just starting to stretch the quads…..but I notice that sometimes the muscle clenches up…..like a cramp. I have to loosen….wait a few seconds…..then reapply the stretch. This can happen multiple times. Unusual?

  • Hi Doctor Jo! I know this is an old video but i’m concerned about my body/joints. i’m 20 years old and for some reason i’ve been having issues with pain and i’m constantly having to stretch my legs because of my knees, should I get them checked out?

  • why my left knee cap crunch when i moved it up and down SOS, would never have known it crunched unless I watched this video to expand my stretching exercises

  • Why is that when I do the stretches I feel already uncomfortable when doing the stretches with barely any range of motion and should I keep on doing it while being uncomfortable

  • I was forcing a lotus pose few weeks ago, I did it but my knees and hips really hurt now, never had knee pain in my life, I messed it up. Can I fix it?

  • Hi Dr. Jo, I’ve been using the Theraband bar (Red) for 3 days now using Tyler twists for LE of my right elbow. My affected elbow is now sore from the work out. Question: should I take a break for a day or so until the soreness goes away, or should I keep doing the Tyler twists every day for the entire treatment period?

  • I’m not sure how to classify my legs. It’s touching ankles, so it’s typical for bows, but I think that curve starts under the knees. I don’t know if I have typical bow legs or something else. Can you help me with classifying it? Do you think that exercises can help me straighten my legs? I’m 27.

  • What if you can’t put your arm behind your back or lift it all the way up. My PT thinks it’s frozen shoulder but I can move my arm. Just don’t have full function. It won’t bend outwards either. Could it definitely be rotator cuff impingement with the muscles and tendons all messed up. She’s been putting it tape on it but all that seems to do is tighten my shoulder up.

  • Thanks Dr jo
    Various inferences of shoulder
    Pl explore few short exercise s

    To become active and fit
    Throughout the day.
    Hopefully your next video
    Will be on this soon. thanks and regards Dr jo
    Vinod Sharma

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  • I’ve been struggling with this for months. Probably the only dude here that got it from a machete though. Anyway I didn’t realize I was doing the stretch wrong until I saw this. It already feels WAY better thank you!

  • are these still good to do after tenex surgery on the elbow? i had my surgery about 2 months ago, and still have pain, hard to pick up anything or use it like i did before, burning sensations. my dr. stated this is normal could take 8-10 months to get back to normal. but guessing should cont with doing some kinds of stretching or exercises,

  • love this just finished my first session and i already feel my shoulder pulling me back hope ill stay on track and do these exercises regularly

  • Quick question, doing the stretch going straight out with the arm and moving your fingers downward, this does stretch for me, but should I also move the fingers up, when I do move my wrist upward, it is very painful at the elbow.

  • Hi Doctor Jo I’m new in your channel and i already subscribed.Your video is very informative it’s very timely that i suffered tennis elbow for 3 wks now and im glad that i saw your exercises.I will try this and hope for better result thank you Doc and more power from the Philippines☺

  • Purchase a printable worksheet featuring the rotator cuff stretches in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-rotator-cuff-stretches-worksheet
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  • If I had my menicus removed last summer why up to maybe 1.5 weeks ago starting having knee pain and hard to put weight on my knee?! Super sharp pain especially at night time and during work…work as a breakfast and lunch cook so it’s pretty fast paced here. What happens next to me?!? I see the Dr on wed here. Will he perform another surgery on me?! Someone told me maybe a medial joint replacement?!? Hard to walk on it even straighten out too.

  • Awesome informative videos. Thanks I’m finding your videos very useful for my current knee pain situation. Keep it up take care keep well Mario from Malta EU

  • I was doing kettlebell front squats and then bicep curls and just before class ended, I got lateral epicondylitis pain. This happened yesterday morning. It is in my non-dominant arm. When can I start up these exercises? Some things feel good already. But, weighted curl with can, hurts a lot lol!

  • Hi. I have a daughter who walks assisted with a walker, she started not having her legs straight completely is there any exercise to make her straight her leg. Thanks for all this videos.

  • Thanks, this is helpful. So I’m obese, working with my doctor to lose weight fast (1.5 2.0 lbs/wk), and my routine is 5×5 strength training twice a week, with walking the other 4 5 days a week. I have the “crunch” you describe in my left knee, and definitely some OA. I find the activity is helping overall in the long run, but in the short term, my knee gets grumpy, including last night when I tweaked the ligament on the side of my knee (median ligament?). Rest, ice, etc. have helped. DO YOU think that if I do this routine before my walks, and more importantly before I do my 5 sets of 5 squats that they’ll help prevent knee stiffness and pain? I use wraps would a compression sleeve be better? Don’t think I need a brace yet… Thanks! So glad I found your channel! I subscribed.

  • What is a good tensor fasciae latae stretch. I am a massage therapist and of course I’m forgetting how to care for myself during this covid-19

  • Thank you so much for this video! I’ve been working from home and using my tall kitchen table. Needless to say, tennis elbow happened �� started having pain but this helped so much!

  • I had to wait 6 months for a physio appointment and they just told me to do these exercises. By which time the injection had worn off… Should have come here first!

  • Hi, a year back while playing cricket my ankle and knee got twisted and i had faced knee pain for a quite long time, but now whenever i bend my knee i can clearly hear a bursting sound and during night times i feel my left knee is heavy and when i bend it burst sound is audible as if the bones are cracking and sometimes i feel somewhat dull pain in my left knee, can you pls reply me whether this exercise helps in resolving this…

  • Doc. It has been 3 weeks since I dislocated my elbow, is it normal that it still pops out? And should I start therapy now or wait until it’s completely healed, thank you in advance

  • Thanks Doc. Been having tingling feeling on my left seod of the hand plus the elbow for 2 days. This helped me relieve it by like 80%. It will help me keep it good (and sleep well) til i can visit a doctor after this is all over.

  • Hi dear Dr Joe when I’m doing corner stretch and prayer stretch I have pain in my shoulder and upper part of my arm. Should I continue???? Thanks

  • I’m 13 and have such terrible knees I can barely get up the normal stairs in my house. Can someone help me. How do I strengthen my knee

  • I have 2 herniated discs in my neck and 2 in my back from old injuries. After lots of massage and PT, most days the pain is manageable. However due to working a desk job I still get lot of knots and tension which actually cause breathing issues. I feel the constant urge to take a deep breath and sometimes feel short of breath. I have had my oxygen levels tested and they’re normal. I also don’t believe it’s anxiety. I think I’m breathing incorrectly…too heavy, too often, and causing other body parts like my ribs/neck/traps to overcompensate, worsening the tension. Any suggestions from your older vids or otherwise?

  • DocJo…. I did shoulder operation 2015, and after theropy let myself go. ( 2 tears in rotator cuff and labrum tear and reattached my bicep. I want to work out with body weight ( problems with regular pushups) I lean again something so it’s easier. I have barbells and weight sticks. I want to tone up and look good without hurting my shoulder. Please help��

  • I have a problem where I had a slight kyphosis when I was younger and I tried to hold my body upright to correct it. I pushed up with my feet through my hips and tried pretending my head was attached to a string. I basically held the “peeking over a high fence” position without being on the balls of my feet. I’m stuck this way now and it’s extremely uncomfortable. I have oroblems eating and swallowing food because of my neck position. I did this for years. It has messed my whole posture up and made everything worse. Is there a way to fix this? I have hyperinflated lungs now and my whole body is wayy out of place.some muscles are too stretched and others are too tight. Do you have a way to help with this?

  • Hi Doctor Jo I have a very specific question. There are times (after doing physical labor) when my left shoulder is throbbing does it make sense to do any of the stretches at this time or should I wait a day or two until the pain subsides. Thank you, Tom

  • Last year,I suffered from a knee problem while playing soccer and could’nt walk for 2 weeks.Later I was able to walk and run normally with no pain.But after few months it occured again and again (Three time ina span of 6 months).I consulted 2 doctors,one of them told me that i had to undergo surgery because one of my ligaments have lost its strength and elasticity, while the other doctor adviced me to do vmo exercises and avoid surgery.He told me that as I was only 20 years old i can cure it by doing VMO exercises. Currently I am in a dilemma and i Don’t know whom i should believe.Could you please tell me whether it can be cured by VMO exercises.It would be a great help.

  • Hey doctor. I have chest pain as well my arm for 7 month. My ecg was normal doctor said it cause of tension. Can you please help me for reducing my pain. Some time I have to suffer from neck pain also. It can be muscle pain? I’m skinny and I feel weakness also. Please suggest me some exercise so I can feel better.

  • I was starting to get rotary pain after heavy bench pressing, these stretches are easy and very effective, has helped me alot, many thanks:)

  • excellent video! do I do a warmup before I stretch my knee muscles? my knees are taking the fun out of exercising so I really appreciate your advice

  • Please tell me someone knows what I’m going through

    1. I feel a weird sensation in the middle of the back part of my legs, the middle of my arms, my thumbs and my fingers

    2. I have to put pressure on it but it still keeps going

    3. I dont know what it is and dont know how to explain it so nobody believes me.

    Please tell me if you have this, if this is normal and what its called


  • Should you retract your shoulder blade when doing the scaption stretch? I asked this because if I don’t retract my shoulder blade then I get a bit of pain in my shoulder.

  • Thank you for this video Dr. Joe. It is really excellent. I do have a question. How many times a week can I do these exercises specifically the ones that involve a weight and hammer?

  • So if exercise doesn’t hurt at all (but without exercise during some motions I have some sharp, stabbing pain, about for 9 months now ) should I do that?

  • Thanks Dr Jo.. not training (as a result of injury) is difficult and I’m now forced to rest and do my rehab. All these tips have been of great help.. Thank you ���� ��������‍♂️��

  • Hi Doc, I am this problem since last 2 years…once a year I get swelling around the knees and it hurts so bad that I can’t stand…my left knee feels weak…doctors weren’t able to diagnose the reason, finally met one who said I walk very fast so this can be the reason…also I wanted to know if being underweight might cause any issues…I am quite below my BMI range

  • Just done this, it makes me feel so good. My posture is very bad and my nine months old doesn’t help ��. I’m going to do it every morning/evening.

  • Thank you. Two doctors and 12 months later, I finally know what’s wrong and have a way to treat it. Stretches already working and I’m going to be sure to do them before and after work every day.

  • Thank you for your videos, they are excellent. I just turned 60 and this is the best way that I can continue to take care of myself.

  • I have a partial tear in both shoulders. Trying to avoid surgery. Almost all of these cause a little pain. Is that ok or should I not do them?

  • Hey, so if you want to do flexion with stick,
    Do you need to keep your arms up for 30 seconds according to your brief on the beginning?

  • I have had rotator cuff pain since the corona virus hit and consequently,
    I checked out your video. I decided to try one stretch to see if it helped. I chose the corner stretch. It helped relieve a ton of pain in just 3 sets of 30 seconds over a four hour period of time. This morning, I decided to try all ten. The towel is the most difficult. I wonder if my rotator cuff pain is due to a ac joint separation when I was 20 and lack of stretching. I am definitely going to keep using your stretches as I have been released from constant daily pain. I appreciate your insight and style. Thank you so much!

  • I’m not sure what’s going on with me because I am 12 but I have really bad knee pain and I’m a dancer (ballet) I’m not sure if that if causing my knee pain but it’s like I can’t put weight on one leg or I’ll just collapse, as if my leg disabled

  • I had a little pain in my elbow-wrist after playing tennis for the first time and I found this video, I must saythis doctor knows her stuff!!! This immediately made a difference and I felt relieved to see most of the discomfort go away.. I am blown away, thank you Doctor Jo!

  • Purchase a printable worksheet with the Tennis Elbow Stretches & Exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/buy-tennis-elbow-stretches-worksheet
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  • Hi, Dr Jo. I really love your channel, I have been to many pt channels, but yours is the best! I have a question: how long should you do these stretches before attempting a regular strengthening routine? That one still eludes me. I have tried some of your videos after a few days of stretching, but I am still consistently sore. Should I just push through it? Thanks!

  • Wow! I never realized how important stretching was. I’m 14 but I already have developed pain in my joints, particularly in my elbows and especially my knees. I wrestle and go to the gym which only made it worse. Thanks so much for this because I couldn’t even run, jump, or bodyweight squat without my knees hurting, but this eased most of the pain. However, when I do the hamstring stretch with my leg extended in front of me, I cant sit up all the way with my back straight in that position..is it because I have never properly stretched my hamstrings? Previously I would bend my back which as I now know is bad.

  • Thank you for your rotator cuff stretches
    videos. I’m going to try them. I feel safer using your suggestions for exercises because I am a woman.

  • So helpful and brilliantly explained. Can anyone tell me how many times daily you should do these exercises, should you incorporate them all each time, and for how long should you do each one? Thanks.

  • I’m not gonna take postural advice from a person who has no rear delts x) that’s like taking math classes from a teacher that doesn’t know how to multiply

  • I have inflamed rotator cuffs which I probably injured at the gym I have been getting relief from cortizone shots every 3 months, but would prefer to heal by exercises. I have been doing these exercises 2 weeks. How long would you expect it to take to feel improvement? Should I do each warmup up exercise longer than you show in the video? I do the final stretches 3 times and count to 30, Thanks so much!

  • Holy….crap, I had sudden pain in my rotator cuff and when I did these exercises….IT WORKED. It relief sooo much pain from my shoulder. Thank you!!

  • Hi Doc,

    I’ve soft tissue tightening around my knee. I can feel a bump there. I’m suffering with pain and physiotherapy didn’t help much. Can I do this exercise? This pain started after my delivery (C-section). I’m suffering since 2.5 yrs. Kindly let me know if I can do this exercise and also suggest any other exercise which will help me to release those muscles and lead a normal life. I’m finding difficulty even when I’m walking/climbing stairs and can’t even think of sitting down. My MRI report says there is soft tissue tightening around my knee which is causing me pain. I’m not able to lose weight as well.

    Kindly reply.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you Dr Jo..I have Tennis elbow and it hurts so bad. These excercises helped me right away. HOw often per day should I do this? Also could you help me w. an excercise so that my wrist/hand doesn’t hurt so much when riding my motorcycle. Thanks again.

  • Hi Dr. Jo, I think I have rotator cuff tendonitis. I just followed along with your video and my shoulder feels 1000% better.

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Hi Doc…been doing the first 3 exercises as those being the easiest and my condition is still painful. But it works wonder after 2 days of practicing. Will keep doing the rest of the advance movement 7 and above 1 step at a time. Thank you for your sharing. Will update my latest condition soon.

  • I hurt my shoulder doing arm wrestling any particular exercises for that? And is there any estimated recovery time? Its not major i just feel discomfort when working out

  • I just asked my running group about a pain on the outside of the knee and was told to do quad stretches. I like the calf, hamstring, quad stretch wholistic program.

  • I have had a tight knee for 5 weeks…it was a strange feeling. When I was doing yoga this week, I noticed rolling on my side that I hit a nerve or something…that made my leg go numb to the knee, right where the knee bothered me. So I googled tight knee…found the you-tube for Dr. Jo…tried her exercises. In just one sitting I had my mobility back in my knee. I could now sit on my knees…fold it without tightness. It is still weak, but bendable. I am doing her exercises until I feel knee stable again. It is awesome. Thanks Dr. Jo!

  • I like how you use the actual difficult to remember names of these muscles and make it easy to understand what task is to be done with them.

  • Dr. Jo, I love seeing your stretches for the hip flexors. I have really tight hip flexors, my right side is worse than left lately. I wish I could do the figure four stretch but, I can’t after the torn mensicus and severe Osteoarthritis in my left knee since last summer. Perhaps eventually I might be able to work up to it yet again. I would love your feedback. ��

  • Hey thanks so much for the advice! I’ve had my injury since Sept/Oct ’19, and started doing these exercises the past few days. I know everyone’s different, but do you think a longer term injury like mine will benefit? My work I think may be hindering my progress! Many thanks:)

  • Your video really helped me. I injured my rotator cuff not too long ago and these stretches really helped. My rotator cuff is not 100% yet, but it is much much better than before after doing these stretches. The towel stretch was especially helpful. Thank you very much for your video.

  • I just got accident with both leg are broken.. Luckily my left leg is already cure where only my thumb toe are broken… Mbut my right leg.. With is the knee.. Have a serious problem.. My patella tendon are broken.. So, i already having an operation on my knee.. Sadly.. My knee cannot bend like usual.. Do you have any tips how to bend my knee.. Now, i only manage to bend my knee until around 85 to 90°..

  • Hi Dr. Jo, I was just diagnosed with partial tear on my right rotator cuff. I find this video very helpful. I am going to start my PT next week. I want to do these exercises on the days I don’t have the PT. For those repetive movement how many repetitions/counts should I make? How frequent should I do this? Is daily routine ok?

  • Thank you Dr Jo had Tennis elbow almost two years and its a constant pain and loss of strength, started your exercise regime easy to follow and easy to do.

  • I tried all of this and it seems okay. But the last dead bug with the arms included, I notice something when I tried that. For every stretch of the arm and leg, there is something like clicking in my back. Is that a good sign?

  • Thank you for this video! All work for me except the corner stretch, I live in a round yurt:) no corners at all! I have no insurance and I have been up for many nights in pain, SO much worse when lying down.

  • Hello, I came across your videos when doing some research. For a while now i have been suffering with bad headaches and neck pain. The pain seems to radiate from the base of my skull over my scalp and towards my eyes (Often hurts to move my eyes around). I have noticed that arching my back or any subtle neck movements seems to aggravate the pain. At times it feels like there is a clamp around my head and feels as if I am unconsciously tensing every single muscle in my head and neck at once. I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer and I must admit that I am overweight which probably doesn’t help. I have convinced myself that I have a brain tumor or some other terminal illness (I am a bit of a hypochondriac). I have been to the doctors countless times to receive no definitive answer, and I am left missing a lot of study at university due to sleeping problems which has been brought on by this issue. Any ideas would be extremely helpful and appreciated.
    Thank you

  • Can anyone help?
    I’ve got inner knee pain, mostly only after playing sports with my friends. It only hurts after I play, and the pain can be present for a day or more days depending on how much I run and jump. It’s not something too bad, while not bending my knee I’m fine, it just hurts when I’m going upstairs or bending my leg, what should I do, it’s been like that for months

  • Would this work for gymnastics? Let me explain. So, I’m a gymnast. And whenever I do this skill that mostly involves elbow strength my elbows start hurting super bad even though I am doing it correctly. I don’t know if it’s my elbow not being strong enough, or my elbow all tense

  • Hi. The doctor I visit recomended to put a wrist splint and an elbow tape becouse of the tennis elbow I suffer. In this case, can we think that these precautions are to prevent the moves of my injured arm? So do you thing that the exercise you shared on the video would be usefull also for me? What would you recomend for me?

  • Hello I am 48 yrs female having cracking sound and sone times pain too in my left knee can I do these exercises.I do take milk and have calcium deficiency too.
    Plz guide.

  • Suppose you cannot lie on the floor? I do have stairs inside my home if that helps. I really like how you present. I fell twice last year and hrut my knees and broke my wrist so getting up from the floor is too hard.

  • Hey doctor jo, I’ve been feeling pain in my right knee recently (especially when it’s in full flexion) and my physiotherapist said that it was because my quads are very tight and that they’re pulling up on my patella too hard. I’m a pretty flexible guy so I don’t see how that could be the main problem, but what’s your two cents on it? Thanks!

  • Hello, my name is Heron Patel, and I live in Orlando, FL. I have watched and applied your YouTube video “shoulder rotator cuff Stretches “ to my physical therapy routine. You have really helped me, torn rotator cuff. I can’t thank you enough. God bless.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been suffering from pain and stiffness around my rotator cuff muscles lately.. Is it okay to feel pain while doing these stretches?

  • Sir, please give some videos for lumber spondilosis….anterolistesis..i am suffering a lot for my lower back pain, balance etc..thanku..

  • Hi Dr Jo, you say ‘hold the stretches’ for 30s each x 3. Is this the case also for ‘pendulums’ too, where you are not reall ‘holding’ a stretch?

  • Hiii
    Ranjana here I see your all videos, I appreciate, you explain very nicely.
    I am yoga instructor & teach classical kathak dance. I take lots of work with my legs
    Can I have problems with my knees in future. Kindly reply

  • Wow my shoulders were already exhausted for earlier workout session.

    It seems like you have gotten a lot of positive feedback from this, you deserve that! I will try to do this every now and then. Thanks!

  • I really like your videos for my rotator cuff pain. I hope they work out for me and I start feeling better but how many times in a day or week I gave to follow this routine.?

  • Thanks so much for your videos. I started doing push ups every day for the past few months and just recently discovered pain in my rotator cuff. Doing the sleep stretch (#8) is where I really feel the pain. Right when I push my arm down I feel intense pain by my rotator cuff. All of the other stretches felt really good though. Would you happen to have any opinion? I really appreciate your time!

  • Hey Dr. Jo. I hurt my rotator cuff in a yoga class so I’m working through your videos for that. When I put my arm up, my shoulder sounds like popcorn pop pop pop. is that something to worry about? If it’s cracking, should I stop?

  • Can you post a video with full workout? Just like live class. I Need to pause video to repeat each pose for thrice and do counting for seconds you have suggested. And it’s boring to do alone.

  • Thanks for these great workouts. Started doing them 3 weeks ago because of poor posture and lower back pain. Posture is much better and back pain is gone!

  • My knees face inward. Would these still help? I always thought i was bowlegged. I also have tendonitis in both knees. Ive had this since i was 12 and im only 22:(

  • When I sit on bed with my relax fully. After that I am feeling pain in nearly the joint of leg and hip. Or under butt’s. From last 3 to 4 months. Please help mam

  • hi doctor i have some problem with my right hand thumb…..
    the problem is when i write some letter in my worksheet my thumb muscle not help me in write letter plz help me with some great suggestions i’ll wait your sugestion

  • Hello! I’ve been recovering worm a wrist sprain with going to physiotherapy but at this point they found tennis elbow and the bone on top (between wrist and hand) is too curved as well. Do u think I need to modify any of these considering the problem with the curved bone? Physio says to avoid gripping movements (doesn’t hurt, but it’s better for the bone/ligament to stretch outwards)but I’m not sure to what extend it goes

  • Hey doctor your videos are very fascinating, But I am confused here I got this pain when I sit on study table resting my forearm but slightly the side part of my elbow is also testing on the table and when I keep that position for some time the pain starts in that portion acquired by a bit of tricep pain also.
    What it could be, please help me out.
    Thanks and love all over from India.����

  • In which fase can i do these exercises best to relieve pain? Can i do them always? Im currently resting my elbow/forearm as much as possible because my forearm feels kinda numb and overworked.

  • Hey Dr. Jo. This one was great. I have had slighlty bowed legs from birth, but due to an ankle injury and a missing acl, I have a problem with external femur rotation. I’ve deadlifted and squated heavy un the past which exacerbates it. Do you think a steady diet of these exercises will help?

  • It’s so funny to see this trained, muscular guy with a great posture asking questions like a little child (I know it’s their style of moderatation but I still think it’s cute!)

  • Hey doctor, my rotator cuff has been hurting when I long toss. I can some how pitch but when I throw long distance it hurts. Do you think this exercises will help it and how long should I do them for?

  • These stretches are greatthank you. One ask: It would be so helpful if you did them ‘in real time’holding for 30 seconds on each side. As its disruptive to start timer ewach time.

  • How do you find out if its a bone issue or from tight hips? If it’s been around for a long time it’d be bone issue? Subscribed ��

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  • Wow thank you. I hurt my knees after using ghe leg extensions 6 months ago. After two weeks of using it i increased the weights slight 60-70 kg in a couple of days. Days later little pain built up. That pain stayed for around 7 months now. I never had that knee pain before. So hopefully i can go back to normal form, but these excercises will help. Squats and cycle, lunges seems challenging.

  • Dr. Jo, you don’t say how many of these different stretches to do at a time. Also, I just hurt my rotator cuff and I wonder if I should give it a healing period before starting this exercises. A few years ago my husband severely damaged his rotator and didn’t know what had happened and he ended up with a frozen shoulder. I helped him with PT for 12 weeks (plus going to a physical therapist). It was excruciating!! And I don’t want to follow in his footsteps��

  • Hello I am in a lot of pain even after my injection. How many times per day do I do these exercises and for how many days or week?

  • I have a rotator cuff tear it’s been almost 5 weeks.. Although I don’t have much pain but still whenever I lift my arms I have slight pain on my shoulders.. Do I have to undergo a surgery or should follow this exercises everyday? How many days does it take for me to heal completely?

  • On the elbow stretch in which you curl your fingers for an extra stretch, my pinkie was locked in that position for about a minute after the exercise. I have recurring wrist injuries and I did feel a small sharp pain in my forearm. Is this a safe exercise for me to do?

  • Doctor… I have sacrolitiitis and degenerative lumber disc….. I am on physio therapy.. But i am not that much satisfied……. I have a constant slow pain in my left thigh. Sometimes i feel there is no pain at all but the next moment is there but at a constant pace…. There is no shooting pain fortunately but it haunts me… How will it go��?
    Your loyal subscriber… ��

  • Thank you for this video. I managed to hurt myself while practicing grappling for martial arts and it was giving me trouble at my job. You’re a saint!

  • Hi, Doctor. It’s been over 30 days since I injured my shoulder in the gym while lifting heavy weights. My shoulder kind of twisted with the weights. The pain isn’t unbearable and isn’t causing any discomfort during my day to day work but I cannot rotate my shoulder without pain, my tricep has also started to hurt now. Any kind of response would be great. I have just started following you and started with the exercises you demonstrated in the video.
    Thank you

  • Lower back pain brought me here although I clicked a lot but, this is perfect my lower backpain healed instantly. Thank you and God bless.

  • Is it true that riding horses will give a person bow legs? I’ve seen rodeo cowboys that had bow legs, even when they were young. But I’ve also seen old retired riders that didn’t have bow legs.

  • I’m 17 and my parents are below 5’5 and my height is 5’7 and i got delayed puberty at 15 so can i be 5’10 at 20
    Please answer me mam’m

  • These are very helpful, thank you. I have a torn middle tendon rotator cuff, bursitis, bicep tendon issue and clavicle wear and tear. Ouch. Hoping to avoid surgery.

  • Great video, I was a footballer and its a common thing in our sport.
    After i fixed my weak arch at my feet the problem was gone after some time ��

  • Hi Dr. I had a hairline fracture that has healed but im still feeling a little pain in the arm. The issue is that i feel my right arm is weaker than the left arm and i loost power on shooting the basketball. Does the exercises in this video helps getting back to full strengh in the arm?

  • I locked my knee when i was doing a plank and when ever i bend it, it’s a painful pop! If you were to put your hand on the outside of my knee and i were to bend it back and forth you could feel something moving back and forth. The doctors can’t figure it out but i was wondering if you had any ideas on what might of happened or certain stretches i can do to get me back to where i was?

  • My elbow had broken and a surgery was done with impants those were removed 6 yrs back but my elbow moves only 90degree I want fully movement wht to do

  • Thank you SO much. The stretch felt so good. I cannot get down on my knees ( due to knee replacement but sat in a chair and stretched across my ottoman). I have spinal stenosis coupled with arthritis and am in pain daily. TFS:-)

  • Oh my gosh I can’t believe these simple stretches helped my elbow pain go away within minutes! You saved my basketball season and weightlifting training

  • Hi Doctor Jo.

    I’ve subscribed and look forward to using your vids to help with managing Elhers Danlos Syndrome.
    As you would be aware part of this syndrome can be multiple dislocations, cuts and bruises ( the type of EDS I have). Along with the early onset of arthritis. At 54 this happened in my early 30’s
    I have been looking for a resistance type of training for sometime and yours seem perfect.
    I am going to use these to try to ease the pain, get some movement back and delay shoulder joint replacement. Even when i need the replacements, the muscle build up will help with recovery
    So thankyou for taking the time with these vids

  • Dear Dr.jo
    knee pain and exercises took time from me 3 lectures in university. you dimostrated it in 7 minuts.

    like usual you are Amazing.

    thanks a lot,,,,

  • Great video! I can see why you have so many subscribers, this is quality information. I never knew you could move your knee cap around as a form of prehab or warmup

  • Thank you thank you thank you doctor Jo… for this exercises i have lots of pain in my elbow but now I am feeling more comfortable very easy exercises and very effective great video ever

  • You mentioned holding the stretch 3 times for 30 seconds, but a lot of these ‘stretches’ involves a lot of movement. Does that mean you keep doing/repeating these movements for 90 seconds, then go to the next stretch? And these 10 stretches would be like 15 minutes to complete daily?

  • I have been suffering tennish elbow pain for last three month but now i relieved little when i followed your exercise so how long i do this exercise for completely recovered.

  • This “doso shocking guide” (Google it) posture treatment method truly walks the talk. I`ve been applying it for around 2 weeks now and I`m certainly walking straighter. I do not remember any time I wasn`t in bad posture, but I will be sitting or standing straighter with the help of this.

  • Very helpful. Never realised you could curl your fingers round when stretching 4:30, that helps hugely as i could never get that stretch well in the past. Thanks <3

  • Hi dr Jo
    I am in a lot of pain and I was wondering how many time a day should I do the stretches and when the stretch has a movement how long should I hoped the pause?
    And thank you from London UK

  • Hi Caroline I very much enjoyed your posture workout video.
    I just wanted to ask a question.
    Will this daily workout straighten my back, as not straight?


  • Thank you Dr Jo! Just subbed!:-) I’ve been trying to ‘live’ with this painful rotator cuff injury for a few months and was feeling very discouraged when doing random exercises found on YouTube that did not help. But I have been doing this sequence for only a few days now and I am starting to see slight improvements (the towel stretch is by far the toughest one, OMG).

  • Had this issue a few years ago and needed a refresher on the exercises. After one set I already feel a difference. Thank you! Cute doggo, too!

  • Thank you so much I feel better now because 1 week ago i try to workout but i over work my self that’s why i feel my shoulder too much pain I tough i injured my self but it’s just my shoulder stress thankyouvery much Godbless you.

  • Hi Dr. Jo. Thank you so much for your awesome videos!!! I wanted to ask…when I am resting my elbow, should I keep my arm in a bent position or keep it straight.

  • Wow this was super helpful!!! I’m only 17 but the last few weeks I began to get random shoulder pains:( last time it just went away on its own, but today it came back worse than ever so I had to do something! I found your videos and didn’t feel anything at first, but at the end I realized that the pain had suddenly disappeared!!! Thank you so much! Now I can sleep well:)

  • Hi Dr Jo, thanks for this video and others they’ve helped me a lot with some issues and injuries I’ve had!

    I do have a question for you that the Internet has failed me in answering. For some reason, my middle finger on my left hand is not as independent from my ring finger as it should be. So for example, if I make the Peace sign on my right hand, my index finger and middle finger are parallel as they should be, but on my left, my middle finger bends forward from the first knuckle at approximately 30 degrees. It is not painful, it just simply won’t straighten past this point.

    The only reason it’s really an issue is actually quite a big one it affects my ability to hold drumsticks in my left hand correctly whilst remaining relaxed. I’m currently using a ‘traditional’ grip where the hand is held under the stick (think old-school jazz drummers), however my ability to keep my middle finger out of the way is quite limited.

    I’m just wondering if you are aware of any conditions that cause this? I have no old injuries that I’m aware of that would have caused it, no pain, no symptoms of arthritis, etc. It just seems to be a lack of flexibility/mobility at the first knuckle. The exercise I have come up with to try and remedy the problem is, I make the aforementioned ‘Peace’ sign and attempt to point and lengthen my middle finger as straight as it will go, before trying to hold it backwards. I did try some more aggressive stretches and exercises but that only served to cause injuries to the tendons/fascia which took a few weeks to heal. I am working with the assumption that there is scar tissue or ‘tight’ fascia causing the problem but I am no expert!

    Any advice you can give will be very helpful, thank you!

  • @ 4:37 TIME. that exercise I feel a sensation as if blood is circulating to my hand..That opens the carpels right? the tunnels..This exercise is good for carpel tunnel too right?

  • Hi i would like to ask if what treatment do i do to my elbow the scenario is when i shoot a basketball and over extend may arm some part of my inner elbow getting hurt everytime i over extend it..

  • Youtube full of vids like that, but this little stretches will not give you real cure or relief. A little good filling mybe but in 5 minute’s everything will be the same with your ucs… Stoo spamming YouTube with those pointless vids please.

  • Hi, Doctor
    Thanks for the video first of all…. i just got my plaster removed today and my elbow isn’t bending all the way to the back or all the way straight.. is it because of the stiffness from a 3 week cast at a 90 degree angle.. will these exercises help get my arm back to normal or do i need any other streches?

  • Dear doctor I am an old man age 67 having osteoarthritis + spinal muscle spasms. Actually I have been an average kind of athlete 10 years back. Earlier I started spinal muscle spasms. I used to drink lesser water for my body needs. I took no water during or after exercise. And one day my left knee was got stiff which I learnt later ‘locked’. This later on turned out osteoarthritis and then right one also was like left. Now I am living with pains, neck, shoulders wrists ankles, knees and thighs muscles. I am now luckily watching you and trying to follow you, inn shaa Allah (by the grace of God).

  • Hi Dr. Jo! My shoulder really started bothering me right around when Coronavirus started going, and I couldn’t make it to my PT appointment. It was getting worse, but I didn’t want to risk my life setting foot in a hospital for a shoulder owie. I finally googled and found you, and beginning to feel better slowly already! Your videos strike the right balance of being informative, fun, short, and the tone is perfect and approachable. Thanks so much for helping me stay safer at home and with less pain!

  • You’re the best. I perform all 10 exercises and definitely felt the stretch. I will continue to do the exercise on a daily basis.

  • Hi DoctorJo,
    I am a pretty active middle-aged man. I have caused some discomfort in my shoulder (quite severe at times) which was initially caused when bench pressing before lockdown. I am still doing lots of exercise but it does reach a point where it becomes too painful to carry on sometimes.
    I have done these sets of exercises twice now. Really all I can say is thank you ��. It has helped tremendously (first nights sleep without shoulder pain in over a month now).
    I will continue to do them so I can hopefully get back to an injury free shoulder. Thank you once again.
    Now all I need to do is get my Achilles sorted��

  • When I’m “opening” my chest and pulling my arms/shoulders back my sternum hurts a bit after a while.

    I might be pushing too much back? Can you actually have your arms/shoulders too pushed back in a good posture?