8 Best Body Weight Exercises for Mass


Gaining Muscle Mass with Bodyweight Exercises

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The Best Bodyweight Exercise For Each Muscle Group Calisthenic Exercises

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Bodyweight Exercise for Mass | Full Body Workout for Power

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Top 8 Bodyweight Exercises for Biceps

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The 8 BEST Supersets for Muscle Growth (Bodyweight Only!!)

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Bodyweight Exercise Technique for Mass! (INTERMITTENT ISOMETRICS)

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8 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Mass The best way to grow and build muscle is, and always will be with progressive overload. Continually adding weight and repetitions over time will result in strength increases and overall muscle growth. 8 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere—No Equipment Required.

You can start maintaining—and building—muscle mass by incorporating these beginner-friendly, bodyweight exercises into a. Bodyweight workouts can help you gain the mass you want. There have been several scenarios where individuals have attained exceptional muscle size from bodyweight training. A few examples being: prisoners, male gymnasts, and guys in the military.

As you can see, it is possible to build bigger shoulders at home with the best shoulder exercises for mass. If you want to pack on muscle size and get bigger delts you just have to use the right selection of exercises. Using your own bodyweight or a couple of sets of dumbbells, you can put on shoulder mass at home without a gym. 8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Mass In this video, we cover the best shoulder exercises for mass for those training at home. Many of us are being forced to do shoulder workouts at home at the moment, so we want to be sure that the shoulder exercises we are doing are capable of putting on muscle mass so we don’t lose our gains while away from.

8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Mass (HOME EDITION) 8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Mass (HOME EDITION) by Dr. KOTB Team; Though the arm is staying stationary, the body is creating abduction at the shoulder joint which creates a bodyweight shoulder exercise capable of. In this video, we cover the best shoulder exercises for mass for those training at home. Many of us are being forced to do shoulder workouts at home at the moment, so we want to be sure that the shoulder exercises we are doing are capable of puttin. In this video, we cover the best shoulder exercises for mass for those training at home.

Many of us are Published 1 day ago in August 16, 2020. We’ve collected the 10 best bodyweight exercises, each of which are capable of giving you a full-body workout that guys throwing tin around in a gym somewhere can only dream of. 1. Press-ups.

Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S., founder of Athlean-X, demonstrates a series of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises that target the deltoids to build strength and mass.

List of related literature:

Preacher curls 3 one arm dumbbel preacher curls 3 Alternate hammercurs a Calves workout Calves workout 1 Calf raises 4.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Strength gains, however, appear to be fully achieved with just one set per day in previously untrained people.14 People should select a variety of exercises that tax most or all of the major muscle groups of the upper body, trunk, and lower body.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
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For example, I might program 3 sets of 20 reps between a hip thrust or deadlift (primary lift) and an abduction exercise (workout finisher) to get in a little extra glute work.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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Squats or deadlifts for the legs, bench, incline and shoulder press for pecs and delts, chins and bent over rows for back, close grip bench for triceps, barbell curl for biceps.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
from The Ultimate Diet 2.0
by Lyle McDonald
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To accomplish this, you can use exercises that train multiple muscles at the same time such as squats (gluteals, quadriceps, and hamstrings) or push-ups (chest and triceps).

“Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening” by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, Marco Morelli
from Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening
by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, et. al.
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Experiment with various combinations, trying different supersets for each muscle group.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
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I’ve modified them to use more functional bodyweight exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once so you don’t have to train one body part per day.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
by BJ Gaddour
Rodale Books, 2014

One-repetition maximum lifts and stroke-simulated pulls on a swim bench are excellent for evaluating changes in strength.

“Swimming Fastest” by Ernest W. Maglischo
from Swimming Fastest
by Ernest W. Maglischo
Human Kinetics, 2003

Single exercise (three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions) for each muscle group, two workouts weekly.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
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Biceps preacher curl Week 4 Week 5 Week 5 5 Flat bench Perform 2 exercises Perform 4 exercises Perform all 8 exercises press tºgether nonstop, or together nonstop, or together nonstop, or 5 Leg extension 100 reps (e.g., 50 leg 200 reps, Same for the 400 reps, R. between presses and 50 front other 4.

“Serious Strength Training” by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
from Serious Strength Training
by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

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  • I’m going to try that routine he’s doing under the bars with the burpees and the muscle ups the only thing is I can’t do muscle ups cuz I don’t have a stationary bar anywhere around here all I have is a fitness Tower so I have to modify and do pull-ups

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  • I got my diet plan from NextLevelDiet and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can’t wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.

  • I’ve been doing alot of bodyweight exercises for a month now. I like how I can focus on the movements and get a great workout without worrying about how much weight I’m lifting. It’s refreshing to not be constantly obsessed with how much I can bench or squat.

  • what’s the Pros and Cons for opposing and synthesising supersets? would one be easier to start off and the other be more advanced to target certain muscles more intensely?

  • after watching this again, a few years later, this is still 1 of the most important things, most trainees forget, even the most experienced and less experienced (like me:-)). mind muscle tension and connection. don’t need the weights anymore.

  • Inspiration I had lost a bunch of weight in the past couple years. Few years ago I lost over 50lbs. I was 169lbs, went down to 116lbs. I was so underweight. It was getting exhausting trying to keep weight on. I felt like shit everyday.(doctors still haven’t figured out why I lost the weight) I felt like my muscles were deteriorating. I was becoming so weak, dizzy, frail.. I looked like a active drug addict.(I’m allowed to say that with no disrespect to addicts because I’m 4+ years clean myself❤️��)
    … but what I’m getting at is, I decided I had to do something. I was even having a lot of heart attack\stroke like episodes, orthostatic hypotension, IBS, vertigo, tinnitus, hypertension and tachycardia. So many other health problems I won’t list here, this all started happening a year after I got clean.
    So I slowly started getting more active. I was having a hard time with my heart rate(still do) but it’s getting better but even though I have all these issues while working out I still push myself. My legs had started burning\heat from my feet up to my hips, immediately got numb and I collapsed after 3 minutes of squats. My heart rate was 140 (within 3 minutes of squats)and it was 138 still 25 minutes later after resting. so something’s going on. But beside all that I have been working out for 6 months now but for the past 4 months I have been able to consistently work out everyday or 4-6 days a week ❤️! I’ve gotten a lot stronger and I’ve even had to add weights because body weight was getting easy. I still have a bit of a problem with endurance and remembering to breathe properly(or breathe at all ��) probably would help with keeping my heart rate steady and help with endurance, if I would start breathing properly. I just can’t remember to breathe and count at the same time! ���� I’m screwed. Although, I’m definitely seeing progress.. seeing definition, muscles are stronger, lost weight in the lower stomach (Even though I was skinny as a rail, I’ve had 5 kids and had 3 C-sections so my stomach is a work in progress), stomach has become flat and hard but the biggest thing is that I went from 116 to 130 in 6 months (actually.. 4 months from when I really was able to workout consistently) the first two months was pathetic because I was so weak and had no motivation. But now I feel like I’ve become addicted to working out! it’s my life! I wish I had a bench and a weight set! �� But my gallon milk jugs full of water will have to do, I guess.���� I can add sand next, once the water isn’t heavy enough. ��������

    **VERY IMPORTANT** this helped me immensely* (I am not a doctor.lol so please ask yours before you do anything that I’ve done. this is my personal experience and I’m not responsible for anything that happens to you… although I’d feel super bad) For those of you that don’t have the endurance or strength to stick out a 25 minute60minute workout I recommend doing short bursts of working out throughout the day. That’s how I got myself going in the very beginning and got my heart a bit stronger to work out for a longer length of time. I’d do 5 minutes of squats and mountain climbers. then after awhile I’d do another 5 minutes of planks, Bridges, hip thrust. Later another 5 miniutes reverse plank leg raises, v-sits, reverse crunches… I think you get my point you can do any variations of workouts I like to try to mix it up so I work my whole body. I don’t do this anymore I work out for about 30-60 minutes a day. And if I feel like it later(which I do) I’ll do another 15 to 20 minutes of spot training on whatever area I feel needs more lovin. I also do at least two days a week of a more intense cardio routine, when my body says it can. Lol but doing those short bursts of workout throughout the day gave me the motivation and slowly increased my strength and endurance for me to be able to handle actually working out. Holy cow, l also forgot within those two months, I was doing a lot of yoga on top of everything else. maybe that’s what helped me a bit too.
    But what he said,… make sure you’re paying attention to your form and slow your movements down, not how many you do! Once I slowed down and paid attention to my form.. the way my pelvis was, where my feet were placed. whether I was on my heels, front of my feet or flat foot, if my head was supposed to look up or down during these moves. And also remember to always squeeze your muscles while doing these exercises you have to make them work. Trust me, it makes a huge difference and you definitely see Improvement and you definitely feel it. your risk for injury has lessened also if you have proper form. I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you all of this and I wasn’t necessarily giving you tips I kind of lost where I was in I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you all of this and I wasn’t necessarily giving you tips I kind of lost where I was and the reason why I was commenting in the first place. sorry!

  • hello Sir,i am following u for a long time and have strong believe in u,i want to get stronger as hell so that i can throw deadly powered punch,i am Not a bad guy i just wanna help others,i need it for protecting My loved once,i am doing strength training for an year,but u did arm wrestling With a guy and i was lost easily and my wrist is paining bad,i want To be strong i don’t care about muscles,sure i wanna lean and strong but strength is far more important fr me,please help in This case.

  • Im a weak piece of shit im going out side to do 2 pull ups and then go do 3 dips then il quit go smoke a bong sit on the couch like a skinny piece of shit great video

  • When you do these supersets how many do you do? Until fatigue per workout? I wanna incorporate this but I’m unsure on how much is considered “too litte” or “too much”.

  • always great in depth info and explanation. really appreciate the science, the straight talk, the motivation, and the knowledge. THANK YOU

  • Is it good for a teenager ( 14 years old ) to do WEIGHTED calisthenics sessions?? Can I ruin my body development by doing weighted calisthenics??

  • i just noticed i’ve been doing my pull ups on the dip bars from side to side (from the 2 dip bars vertical each holds) instead of front hold pull ups (instead of one horizontal hold), does that matter on what kind of results i’ll get from them or their pretty much the same results?

  • No way. That’s fucking great!!! Even if i’m german and don’t know the perfect english speech,i think i’m going to order this book of martial arts bodyweight

  • He always make quality content, he deserve more subscriber.
    You guys can check on my youtube channel too to see my progress in calisthenics

  • This is what i exactly do to replace bench press [ as i don’t have enough equipment in my home gym] and finally jeff approved it:)! Thank’s jeff And you really seem to have some influence from bruce lee type of training.

  • Genuinely the only fitness youtuber I’ve found that gives legitimate advice, solid work my man and you are shredded to the bone bro!

  • Thanks Jeff! Always waiting for Bodyweight Wednesday… I’ve already tried this in the moment I saw it and it was devastating! LOL

    I have a question for you… have you ever train a person with BPPV?

  • Thanks for the great advice and Info Peter, love your channel, real and honest without all the BS thats out there. keep it up man.

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  • Question: in your opinion, if i1 wanted to have the “bear mode” physique or strongman competitor/wrestler look, do you think it can be achieved with calisthenics? or even weighted calisthenics?

  • At the end of the day pushups are still pushups and they only work the chest, shoulders and triceps, no matter your hand positioning.

  • Dam a channel called calistenicmovement gave me bodyweight only exercises??? Dislike, unsubscribe! Can’t believe you didn’t give weights smh ������

  • Hey man imma big fan// i wanna ask u how huge and big can i get from calesthanics if someone is eating and training like an animal //

  • I’m doing bodyweight (street workout) exercises for more than 6 months, and I already gained a lot of lean muscle mass, and I became ripped at the same time. My opinion is that bodyweight exercises can build some serious muscle, but it takes much longer time than when you go to gym, and you will become ripped very fast (I gained my 6-pack abs after less than a month of bodyweight training.)

  • hello my frient i do the same staff when i traine my fighting rotine what i do is clapping push ups,clouse grip pushs and lounges and shawdo box with resisten bands

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  • I was doing this,without knowing its name.. I started it cause it was difficult to do it,so I thought it will also be beneficial. Some of Ur videos r really helpful since I workout at home in a tight space..

  • great video.I have a really serious question I can’t touch my toes without bending at the knees and because of this I can’t do pistol squats because I can’t keep my leg straight.kindly suggest me what should I do

  • after 5 months of ‘starting’ with the pullups, i’m only able to do two reps. i give up. that pat is not for me genetically. Lost cause

  • Hey hey hey I have a question straight bar dip is good for strong more than parallel bar dip? Because I do parallel bar dip my shoulder will pain.(tried several times ) but I do straight bar dip my shoulder is ok

  • Hello.
    I am currently doing a mix of self wight exersise and regular fitnes (ass you said iron addict). I am 210 pounds and 6.23 foot tall.
    I am verry pleased by the overall resolts I am getting.
    Do you have an oppinion as to how best to incorporate these two stules of workout.
    (sory for my speling)

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  • I heard plyo stuff helps with hypertrophy too. I believe this time under tension though. I’ll do that next time. What about failure?

  • Thak you for repeating yourself. This is the first video I found due to my question. X everything you’ve said and the way you put it is just what I needed x

  • I was taking fat loss pills and almost seriously harmed my health. Now I realise that diet is not pills and teas, but structured plan full of nutritionally rich foods. Visit Next Level Diet and get a real diet, stop taking fuc*ing pills.

  • I notice on that pushup you were doing and, as I see you do on benching with the BB, or DB, that you don’t go all the way down. You have a reason you do everything, so what’s up with this.

  • Also guys. In between the intervals visually see it as you are using weights.

    (Thus the reason it takes you 4 seconds to complete each movement)

  • You should do a video on qausi-isometrics (sorry if misspelled). Basically its like a 1 minute rep. For instance, an extremely slow push up. You could do 30 seconds up then 30 seconds down, that’s one rep. You probably already know all that but its another overlooked form of training thats brutal and I’d love to see a video about them.

  • Get a mike, man! The music’s great but too loud and you can’t hear what you’re saying! Great workout thoughPushups to Hamstring stretch kicks ass! Wanna see all the fellas out there try that-with straight legs lol!!

  • Pull ups & Dips
    Bodyrows & Push Ups
    Planking & Arch Ups
    Sissy lunge & Glute Bridge Raise (1 leg)
    Chin ups & Bodyweight Curls
    Pike Push Ups & Planche Lean
    Sphinx Push Ups & Diamond Push Ups
    Chest Dips & Wide Push Ups

  • Hey Matt I just finished my wrestling season a few months ago and I utilize bodyweight training, have been for the past 4 years. From experience and what my coach said, that I was exceptionally great because when I would snap somebody or go for takedowns via shots on their legs, it’s all pull-based exercises. I think when it comes to grappling and wrestling it primarily goes to pulling based exercises while boxing, muay thai, or any other striking sport is based on push-based snaps.

  • Bam Bam You inspire me to go hard in my workout and calisthenic workout and I am a female. You should do a video with more women doing calisthenics. Brooklyn stand up �������� Respect your work ethic.

  • I didn’t understand this superset idea…. I have to do after my workout a 2 exercises superset? Or should do a superset workout with all these exercises? ����

  • hi matt,good video as always. i have a question. i’ve noticed that during your lunges you stretch your knee so it goes a bit over the feet,but i’ve always tried to avoid that thinking it’s bad for knees’ joint. isn’t it?thank you for all the precious information you spread.

  • As specialist, I’m sure Custokebon Secrets is actually good way to lost lots of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • two ideas that my sifu taught to me were the importance of the center line and sensitivity through understanding rotation. the center line, as you yourself have stated before Matt, is SO important to understanding our physiology and our own ability to transfer power that it deserves it’s own training.

    personally, I think single arm exercises and single leg variants of the lunge are highly beneficial for the martial artist, especially if done slowly.

    just my two cents

  • Any specific info on superset like how many sets, and execution (till exhaustion or like 80% limit).

    I don’t do supersets but might incorporate them when I need to do a quick training sesh

  • I broke table in my house and now my mom is going to kill me
    All is due to these body weight inclined rows. I am going to land in hell now

  • Thank you for this routine, Matt:) I have had a mild supraspinatus impingement in my left shoulder for the last 5 weeks or so, and therefore my regular upper body training has been impossible to execute.

    This might work as a good way to get back into my normal calisthenics pushing and pulling:)

  • Hey Bam, I know you’ve listed the beats site but still can’t find the first song 4:10? Can you give it’s name brother?������������ This beat go so hard, got me hyped af.������

  • i have a problem. i have six pack abs but problem is that my chest is lower than my abs.i donot have any archer back.tell me the soution

  • Great routine! You dudes are inspirational asf! One question..with all the high volume pushups how do.you guys maintain joint health? My shits be cracking and popping!

  • Ya the best thank you ����������������������pure strength incredible.inspirational.Superhuman might,pure power.Amazing from my hometown yesss,I can stop by see ya wingate park.����������woooow omgggg.whatttt,I never seen nobody doing this workout,incredible ya.

  • lol those clowns are faking street work out, they are gym body builders. Just look at those clowns doing these exercises like noobs.

  • Hey broI have been following your advice and channel for a while and have a few questions for you…does divebomber pushups and pushups overall work your lats? Do pseudo pushups actually work your biceps?

  • Ottimo video come al solito.
    Cosa pensi dei curl da appeso sottosopra, cioè della parte di curl dell’ inverted muscle up come esercizio per i bicipiti? Artem Morozov tra i suoi esercizi dei bicipiti preferiti in un video ha messo quello (lo ha mostrato sulla barra, più raro che agli anelli), i chin up sulla spalliera cercando di tenere il corpo staccato, come nel tuo video, e qualcosa di simile ai “curl up” che aveva mostrato Deu.

    E un’ altra domanda: nelle mosse tipo pelican ed hefesto dove le braccia sono dietro il corpo, soprattutto nella versione con piedi elevati o non assistita, il petto e i deltoidi anteriori svolgono uno sforzo trascurabile rispetto ai bicipiti o è notevole?

  • As I said in a comment elsewhere, I like to do slow moving Tai Chi dynamic isometrics, where I’m doing simple and fluid movements while contracting my entire body.

    I do a lot of dynamic isometric exercises just with the imagination of lifting weights or pull-ups or cables, or like I’m sweeping my arms through sand or water, such that if the resistance were actually there, then I would still be moving through it. Try rowing a boat with your imagination, make the boat really heavy and the oars huge, it’ll wear you out! And it wears out both opposite sides, because your pecs and core etc are resisting your lats and back etc. Or an even better example… Imaginarily row backwards, briefly relax, imaginarily press forward, briefly relax, rinse and repeat. It’s tiring not just because you’re using more muscles, but because those more muscles are using up more oxygen, which means there’s less of it to go around, which means that muscle fatigue sets in more quickly. Gets more of a workout in less time.

    Btw the suspended sit is one of my favs!!!! You can do it even on a bed or couch, and if you gotta suddenly drop, then it’s a cushioned fall lol.

  • Where are these EXERCISE parks? We need them the Philly Metro Area. Soft Pretzel, Cheese Steaks, Water Ice, Pizza and
    Crabby Fries surround us. Can a Brotha get a workout park? Yeah, I know any jungle gym would suffice, BEFORE the kids get there (5am-6am). If you get there after 7am, the Little Cherubs GOT TO PLAY EXACTLY where you’re working out. It never fails ������.

    Side note: “If you’re a MAN & you can’t do a push up” comment was HILARIOUS & true. It was nice to see some Bodyweight LEG WORK too.

  • Gonna leave the gym and go strictly body weight, handstand push-ups pull ups pushups dips horizontal rows, body weight curls tricep extensions one leg squats wall sits

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many people burn their fat with this popular fat burn method.

  • Hey Jeff, I’m not sure if you’ve covered this before, but I’ll like to ask this: let’s take a pull up for example. You start with an isometric hold at the bottom, and maintain that same level of tension as you pull yourself up and lower yourself down, throughout the whole motion. The speed of pulling and lowering will obviously be slow from focusing on maintaining the isometric hold tension, but is there any effect on the muscle by doing exercises this way?

  • Bro I developed this, flexing your hands towards one another over 20 years ago and I showed it to a few guys it was my own personal technique that nobody else was doing I’m curious to where got the idea for this? I look forward to hearing from you and yes it works big time hit me up bye for now Ken

  • Is there a better feeling than eating a pizza without a guilt knowing that it wouldn’t mess up your fitness plans? *Next Level Diet*, thank you for everything!

  • Hey,
    So, first I’d like to say that I really like your channel. I’ve been training with calisthenics for a while now and have seen great improvement in my strength (although I’m still stuck on 10 strict pull-ups). Recently I’ve started up shotokan karate and have noticed that I’m a bit more musclebound than I previously thought (probably due to my prior bout with powerlifting style training). However now I’m having trouble preforming my usual upper/lower 4 times a week training in combination with 5 times a week training at my dojo. As a martial artist and someone who trains in calisthenics and has achieved a great body structure, integrity and even size (IMO), do you have any advice on how to continue my training?
    thanks man,

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  • Matt, how can fighters/martial artists train bodyweight everyday? We see a lot of fighters doing pushups and situps by hundreds a day, how can they to it without hurting their recovery?

  • Pullups, Dragon flag, Rest. (x4)

    Dips, Windshields, Rest (x4)

    Australian Pullups-Biceps curl, Ab roller (x3)

    Ring-Chest Flys, Russian Twist (x3)


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