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Shoulder Workouts For Men: The 7 Best Routines For Bigger Delts Whether it’s choice and sequence of exercises, how many sets to complete of each move, how heavy to go and reps completed, length of rest periods, or advanced training techniques and finishing moves, each lifter has his or her own workout DNA. they don’t get as much. 7 Best Shoulder Exercises for Complete Deltoids Shoulders are quite possibly the most underrated body part of the human body. However, having fully developed, well-rounded shoulders are absolutely vital to creating a symmetrical complete physique.

The 10 Best Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises If you can’t make it to the gym and all you have is a set of dumbbells to work with then don’t worry, we have a set of exercises that are perfect for you too. The Best Side Delt Exercises. I’m about to go over seven of the best side delt exercises that will seriously increase your bulk – and overall strength – if you do them consistently. Let’s go!

1) The Military Press. The military press is one of the simplest, most basic workouts in the world. Some of the best shoulder exercises for men are as follows: barbell overhead shoulder press, seated dumbbell shoulder press, front raise, reverse pec deck fly, bent-over dumbbell lateral raise, and others.

How can I increase my shoulder size? To increase your shoulder size, focus on the deltoids but practice a full range of exercises. Find more exercises in one of Openfits workout programs! Get started for free today.

So, to build fully defined shoulders, you want to include some targeted deltoid exercises in your workout routine. Here are some of the best shoulder exercises to help you get bigger and stronger. Do these simple exercises three to six times per week to relieve shoulder pain.Start with a 10-minute routine and gradually increase the duration as you get stronger and more flexible. This exercise has been shown in studies like this one by Behren & Buskies to be the best exercise for the anterior deltoid. In fact, it was even shown to outperform dumbbell front raises by 41%.

Thus I’d argue it’s the only exercise you need to include in your regimen that emphasizes the front delt. For some people, shoulder exercises such as pushups or lifting heavy weights can be too intense for the shoulder joints. However, light exercise is necessary to build up the shoulder.

In your workout: Do it during the latter half of your shoulder workout, after your multijoint movements have been completed. Position it in front of (or behind) single-joint movements for the other delt heads, depending on whether your front delts are relatively weaker/smaller (or stronger/larger) than the others.

List of related literature:

For most people cranking the body around with the shoulder changes the posture from a spinal twist to something that combines hip prying and triceps brachii massage with three movements of the spine— forward flexion, lateral flexion, and twisting.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
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Using gliding and kneading, massage the triceps toward the attachment on the lateral border of the scapula.

“Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book” by Sandy Fritz, Leon Chaitow, Glenn Hymel
from Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book
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Tubing Exercises for the Scapula Perform 10 repetitions with 6-second holds Shrug with retraction

“The Athlete's Shoulder E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Kevin E. Wilk, Michael M. Reinold
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These exercises will be supervised by a physical therapist, who will also take measurements of your progress in shoulder movement.

“Foundations of Clinical Research: Applications to Evidence-Based Practice” by Leslie G Portney
from Foundations of Clinical Research: Applications to Evidence-Based Practice
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Standing to the side of the client, place your fingers to the front (around biceps) and your thumbs to the back (around triceps) and squeeze these two muscles together.

“The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy” by Helen Beckmann, Suzanne E. Le Quesne
from The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy
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Change the motion of the upper extremity by moving your hand across your midline and bringing the shoulder into horizontal adduction and full elbow extension.

“Physical Therapy of the Shoulder E-Book” by Robert A. Donatelli
from Physical Therapy of the Shoulder E-Book
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1 Use posterior deltoids to lift and rotate shoulder back.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
Kendall/Hunt, 2002

Shoulder rotation: Move your shoulders forward and do arm rotations; rotate your arms front and back, six times each way.

“Football For Dummies®” by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
from Football For Dummies®
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the rotator cuff and deltoid musculature during common shoulder external rotation exercises.

“Grieve's Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy E-Book” by Gwendolen Jull, Ann Moore, Deborah Falla, Jeremy Lewis, Chris McCarthy, Michele Sterling
from Grieve’s Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy E-Book
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This is why a good shoulder training routine includes exercises to target each of the three deltoids.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

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  • I like this workout the only thing I wouldn’t do is lockout on the standing smith machine shoulders, I don’t lockout to keep the tension.

  • Hi I’m new to lifting. I’ve brought the full version of your six pack abs promise app and have been doing it for a week. In the app there are days which are rest days. My question is should I just rest from ab exercises on my the rest days which the app says or should I rest from doing any other lifting too. I have no idea what to do as I want to achieve best results but not hinder those results by working out too much. Would be great if you could find time to reply. Many thanks. Mark. In the uk

  • Good evening Josef, quite a silly question coming from a person who casually keeps up with your vids/stories… how can i know how many calories should i consume per day in order to gain weight while training very hard (calorie surplus)

  • I’m 19 and was wondering if I should do cardio. I’m trying to lose weight and gain muscle so when I shed off a lot of this fat I have a good bit of muscle to show. I eat in a healthy deficit as well. So should I do cardio or is it unnecessary?

  • That moment you realize, you need to be at least 10 more consistent years down the road before you need to even try to incorporate Titan’s techniques in your training

  • NEW “FAST ACTION” Q&A Got a question about training or injuries that I didn’t cover in the video? Leave yours (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!) below and I’ll pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!

  • Namasthe Jeff.
    We are from Hyderabad. INDIA.
    Your Videos are very educative.
    Some years back we had bought one of your programs.

    Can you please make videos or course in the following like format.
    Lockdown COvid 19.

    At Home Gradual Progressive System

    With Minimum Equipment.

    FIRST PHASE Level ONE (easier Exercises which can be done by most of the people)

    Beginners about 45 Minutes. Resistance Band Loops

    A “Whole Body Sequence” that covers all the major movements in the Body.

    B All of them being Preparatory workouts for next level

    C Taking care of the form & Posture. Do’s & Don’ts

    FIRST PHASE Level TWO (which can be done after FIRST PHASE Level ONE )

    Beginners – about 45 minutes, BODY WEIGHT & Resistance Band Loops

    Along with A B C

    FIRST PHASE Level THREE (which can be done after FIRST PHASE Level TWO )

    Beginners – about 45 minutes, BODY WEIGHT & Resistance Band Loops

    Along with A B C

    A preparation for Second Phase Intermediate

    Similarly Third Phase Advanced

  • Hey Jeff, I currently have some knee problems which causes pain with flexion of both knee joints. Whilst this is healing I don’t want to lose out on leg strength but am really struggling to find appropriate exercises to train my quads because so many of them require lots of flexion of the knees. Any tips or ideas?

  • Beginner pushup? Hey I am 54 years old walking my dogs and going for hikes. I have a goal this year and that is to take as many pushups that I can do… right now… I think I can do like 2 hihihihi but with my knees on the floor I can do 2 sets of 10. So I am not superman hihihihihih.
    So what I think of is: Which other excercise is good to get my body stronger so that I can take even more? My whole body is shaking from doing these sets.. hihihih do you have any videos of that? (sorry my English I am from Norway)

  • PLEASE AT LEAST READ.. I injured my lower back when I was younger on a jobsite lifting and twisting the wrong way. I have two bulging discs now in my lower back that aren’t “dangerous” (said by a real doctor) and I forget what its called but they also wiggle or move around causing BRUTAL pain especially bc im 6’3 255lbs but im in good/decent shape just not a small guy. I stretch everyday but the only thing that relieves my constant severe pain is strengthening that area it’s right above my butt cheeks. I was hooked to a machine one time in pt that folded and strapped my legs down (immobile) and i could use only my very lower back, almost like a sit-up but with resistance both ways, but it instantly fixed me. I live 24/7 with 8/10 pain level and avg 3hrs of sleep per night and I literally force myself to get up every morning, usually in damn tears bc it’s so much pain but I do it for my little girl. Im a single father that tackles the world for my baby by literally just going to work which is a horrible way to live it’s not living at all. And I have no health insurance on myself bc I can’t afford it so I can no longer get any professional help. All I ask is for a little help on giving me anything I can use as a way to strengthen my lower back right above my butt bc nothing else other than that one machine has ever worked strengthening it and it literally took my pain to a zero. I’m putting all my private shit out here bc I need the help and it’s worth it if it can make me even a little bit happier for my 11yo daughter and better the quality of our lives. Thank you!

  • Nice. I get better rear delt activation with the floor facepull if I don’t do it as a facepull-just pull with the rear delts until the arm can’t go any farther, and let the hands go where they will. Rotating the shoulders until the hands touch the ground cuts the amount of weight I can move drastically, so it’s not isolating the rear delts.

  • Is it good if I combine ur 10min. biceps and back workout for a pull day and ur 10min. shoulder, triceps and chest workout for a push day?

  • Would love to see a video on full body mass maintenance/building at home with No Equipment and No ‘doorway or kitchen counter’ requirements

  • Shit bro’s I need help I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I been working out for 3 years I’m 18 and before this corona shit started around March I was 193. Now I’m 180-181. 2 weeks ago I been keeping track of my macros eating about 3600-4000 calories a day CLEAN and still working out in my backyard w weights that I got and been getting great workouts and still haven’t changed in the weight scale a bit. Am I doing something wrong?

  • I know a lot of people aren’t going to see this but is 2 days of rest 48 hours of rest? For example if I do 3 day full body like M/W/F and when it’s Tuesday it’s only 24 hours and the next day is like idk can someone help me

  • Well now I’m not sure if it’s YouTube listening or just coincidence. I was just talking about working more on the shoulders from now on.

  • How to fix khypotic and lordosis, because no one has made a tutorial as clear as you, can you help us, I’m sure it’s not just me, up

  • How to fix khypotic and lordosis, because no one has made a tutorial as clear as you, can you help us, I’m sure it’s not just me, up

  • Mr.jeff cavaliere i just want to say that all this information you have share in the beginning of all of your videos need to be paid in our gym here in phillipines.Its like 4,000 peso per session.

    But its free thanks to you.
    Srry for my english

  • 2020 isn’t our”best year to get in shape” haa?.. ������
    any way… i think its a great idea to biuld some mass, even at home. don’t you agrea guy’s?

  • Hi Jeff, I started your max muscle course and i’m loving it, I am 6’2 and was at 65 kilo I was feeling dizzy all the time and had constant anxiety. So i invested my money into some gym gear and your program and am seeing results so fast you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how much weight I have put on. Im eating like a boss and hitting a high (3500) but healthy calorie count. Your videos are easy to follow and I love feeling muscles I didnt know I had the next day. It’s hard to move my arms right now but I love it and I promise to never give up. I’m going for 80 kilo by the end of the year. To anyone out there wondering if $100 US is a good investment, well coming from a broke weakling I can say 110% YES. I like to go one step further, you say 10×10 i do 10×11 you say rep to failure then double it i double it plus 5. I AM THE BURN

  • De solo ver a Andrei Deiu ������ siento que el cul9 se me abre ���������������������� Este hombre me hace humed3ceR ������������������ Es tan perfecto y guapo que me haría venir sin tocarme… My dream is can meet him someday ���������� Greetings from #Ecuador��������‍♂️��������������

  • Athlean X I’ve been doing your muscle trainings including this one but im having a hard time when to do cardio. Should it be on rest days? Or after the Weight training at same day?

  • ہائے سر۔۔۔ پلیز ایک دو ضروری سوالات پوچھنے ہیں امید اپ ضرور رہنمائی کرو گے ۔۔۔۔شکریہ
    پہلا تو یہ کہ میں نے ابھی ابھی جیم سٹارٹ کی ہے ۔۔ تقریبا دو تین سال پہلے 7 یا 8 مہینے جیم کیا تھا بہت سخت اہکسرسائیز کیا مگر فرق کچھ بھی نا ہوا ۔
    اصل میں ہمارے خوراک اور کھانے کا مسئلہ تھا ۔۔کہ ہمیں یہ نہیں تھا پتہ کہ کیا کھانا ہے اور کیا نہیں کھانا۔۔۔
    بس اپ اتنا بتا دیں ۔کہ میں کیا کھاوں اور کیا نہیں کھاوں۔۔ موٹاپہ اتنا نہیں لیکن جسم لوز ہے اور ڈیلا سا ہے ۔۔
    دوسرا سوال جو شاہد بہت سے لوگ کرنا چاہتے ہو وہ یہ کہ جیم کرنے والے کو یا باڈی بنانے والے کو #سیکس کرنا چاہئے یا اس سے بالکل پرہیز کریں۔۔۔
    اگر کوئی کرنا چاہے مطلب کو ئی شادی شدہ ہو یا کوئی گرل فرینڈ ہو اور اسکے ساتھ ملنا چاہے تو کتنے دنوں میں سیکس کرنا ہے اور کتنے دنوں میں نہیں کرنا۔۔۔

    اپ پلیز خود رہنمائی فرمائے ۔اور ہو سکے تو اس پر ایک مختصر ویڈیو کلپ بنا دے ۔اپ کا بہت بہت شکریہ۔۔
    والسلام ۔۔۔

  • I think the awkward side laterals are basically very bad form for a regular delts day. But once in a while you need to shock the muscles with some different stimulus and something like that is exactly how you can achieve this. So there is no reason to be upset, haha:)

  • In the barbell high row exercise ( 2:38) I suggest a supinated grip to get into external rotation. External rotation is a component motion of the rear delt as it assists the rotator cuff muscles to externaly rotate

  • Is this a good program/workout for shoulders?:

    • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder press, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps

    • Single Cable Lateral Raises, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps

    • Seated Dumbbell Reverse Fly, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps

    • Partial Lateral Raises, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps

    • Single Cable Front Raises, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps

    • Dumbbell Shrugs, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps

    • Dumbbell incline row, rear delt shoulders, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps

  • Man this trainer is legend in 3d look n roundness look andrei now the rounded shoulder as compared to last year totally turn around if i have enough money i pay whatever he ask to train me

  • Should a lean woman body type consider these exercises. I get into your videos but your audience is for men who want big, big guns.?
    I sort of do, too. Ive always and still do like actress Sarah Conner in the..Terminator movie. I think are so sexy.

  • Kinda disappointing seeing Mike resorting to machines. If goes away from his so called phisophy of heavy compound free weight exercises, exercises that give you the most bang for your buck. squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press

  • Is anyone able to vouch for the efficacy of his “programs” that he’s selling on his site? He clearly knows what he’s talking about, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the stuff he’s flogging is legit… any first hand reviews here? Primarily interested in the “complete athlete training” program.

  • Dear Inspiring Sir,
    Thankyou so much for inspiring me to add workout in to my routine. I am a lockdown beginner and your videos are really helpful for me. Sir i have a query there are two shoulder workout videos on your channel,
    No1 is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSJtcJsmtxs
    No2 is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnrJCzlOpS8
    Kindly advice me which one should i follow as a beginner. Thanks in advance Sir. Love You.

  • Nice video but there was a small mistake @ 5:00. This is not shoulder external rotation, what you are doing is supination. External rotation of the shoulder is the rotation of the arm bone around its long axis, which will result in a circular movement of the entire forearm in a bent elbow. In other words, if you wanna externally rotate the shoulder in that position, you should flare the dumbbells up and outwards moving only the forearm with the elbow and shoulder locked in place.

  • 1000 log 1000 tarh ki exercise btate hai Kuch smajh ni aata Kare to kiski exercise Kare ab aap ki video dekha to aap ki btaye exercise krne ka MN huaa

  • I have followed all these experiences.. and i didnt felt any neck pain after the experience.. you are just awesome sir.. keeping rocking and posting more workout videos..

  • Thanks Jeremy. I’ve been struggling to get my rear delts to grow. My shoulders are looking ripped but the rear is clearly underdeveloped. This will help a lot!

  • Rajsthan bhilwara ka rhne wala hu,mera naam kishan lal suthar hai,,I m a pure vegetarian,,
    Can I improve my body,,
    Me aapke hr video ko bahut dhyan se dekhta hu,or uske mutabik exercise krta hu,,,
    And I want to say that,u r my role model,,,

    Thanks from us,,

  • This is a workout for a steroid user wont work on natural guys lol u gained ur gaind thru drugs ur a no talent jus a lying fool bitch

  • Josef you look massive! Huge fan bro smashing your lean bulk! Do you find shoulders respond better to higher reps keeping the rep range above 10 for volume?

  • Hey mr. athlean-x. I was hoping you can do something about my high hip. I feel as if one leg is shorter than the other and come to find it may be due to something called high hip meaning my pelvic is crooked causing a pop in my one knee and most of my weight resting predominantly on one leg also making one foot flatter than the other meaning less/no arch in one foot. Very severe pop in the hip and knee when I move around stretching.

  • Hope you all enjoyed this one comment below what other muscle groups you’re struggling to grow and I’ll make a video on it! Cheers!

  • Hi Jeff and thanks for another great video. I have been working out for some time now and combining exercises and intensity techniques is not a problem any more, especially when I am following your channel. What I am struggling with is to choose the appropriate training split. Can you please help? What I am looking for is something like a PPL split that enables you to hit all big muscles twice a week but still not to overlook small muscles or corrective exercises. Your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Did this straight after a chest workout. Great buzz.

    I gym solo. No ‘tren’ing partners for me.

    Love how MO’H predicts the haters be hating and encourages them to bitch below.

    Trying putting some of that negative energy into your workouts, haters.

  • The uprights hurt my shoulders unless I tried them the way mike said in the other video to drag the bar close to the body. Much better

  • Everything looks easy when you do it. But when I try to do the same thing in the gym, I just can’t perform them with the proper form. In future videos, please show the exercises a little longer and from a long angle without any camera cuts.

  • Mujhe ap ka Sikhany ka andaz bht pasand hy ap ko dekh sun kr Modi baghairat ka ghussa thunda ho jata hy.����������������������������

  • Jeff must be the worlds luckiest guy! Working at Golds Gym, Training with Mike O`Hearn and Jay Cutler from time to time.!! Jeff Big Red!!!Hat off to you! Thanx Titan for another awsome video!

  • My shoulder hurts near the top front side when I’m working out and even when I’m laying on my side. Any ideas on how to correct this?


  • Dear yatinder ji,
    Namashkar n Greetings of the day!!!
    I have been following you recently….
    It has been 3 days that I started shoulder workout…
    Superb feel n thank you with core of my heart….

  • Not a waste with the db side raises but if you were to go lighter and control the negatives you would get more out of it for sure and then do 5 cheat reps at the the end…now you tell me how that burn feels

  • “Easy Tren monster”
    I just love how Mike just trolls the trolling and never disabled the comments!
    Doesn’t matter if he’s natty or not, he doesn’t hide behind the internet like many do

  • Hello yatinder bhai…. Apki videos bht faida mand hoti hen.. Exercise form bht achi batate haen aap… Sir g hamstring strong krne ki exercises bhi bata dijiye please… Apka bhai adeel

  • Hey Jeff, the telestrator is a game changer. Good call. How about exercises for people like me who are recovering from hip surgery/injuries?

  • Close grip barbell upright rows and you can’t even see Mike’s traps engaging, that’s great form and mind muscle connection only the side delts working

  • Not sure if it’s just me or not but I can literally feel (with my hand) when my rear delt stops “working” (for lack of a better term) when my elbow is behind my body in an upright position compared to a more bent over position

  • my workout plan is a mix of upper lower and one day isolation training saturday lower body sunday upper body monday off tuesday isolation triceps and biceps wednesday lower thursday upper friday off

  • I followed this exact work out and it was amazing!!!!!! the only question i have is what do i do about muscle cramping? i dont think water is doing the job Does it matter if i hydrate the night before or the day of a workout?

  • Wonder what mike would look like without the toupee and Botox.And b4 anybody says its not a toupee check the difference in hair colour between where a toupee is and the rest of the hair he’s got left.Also b4 ppl disagree he’s not taking Botox there’s no way a guy in his 50s has skin like that.What a fascinating man he is ��

  • I love how you have been addressing the shit talking couch potato gym experts lately. It gets annoying reading all the comments from guys on the internet who can’t even do half the weight for half the reps that you do lol

  • Up right rows can’t lead to death..but some things we can try if we have shoulder issues in the past.
    1he is holding too narrow ( excessive internal rotation )
    2bring bar above the chest
    3reward to risk ratio is pathetic.
    Instead, we can grip shoulder width and bring the bar just around the nipples with which result in shoulder health and prevent internal rotation.

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    LA ELA HA EL LAAL loh.Muhammad Messenger of Allah.

  • Upright rows, old school. I can’t remember the last time in the last decade someone actually put this exercise as a must do. It’s been touted a shoulder destroyer along with the behind the head military press. But guess what, Mike crushes’em and he’s got “capped” shoulders.

  • Wow dear u are looking dashing im all ways impressed from your videos u are the bestest fitness freek of YouTube bravo dear u have a great body u look soo macho loved it dear ������

  • Man I love your channel, you get to the point thoroughly. Learning alot during quarantine, can wait to apply them soon as gym is open

  • Sir. My self. Badal. Main 28 ki hoon.. weight.51.. main ghar pe gym karta hoon.. Mera friend bolta hea ki main patla hoon agar gym kiya to aur patla hoon jaaunga
    . Ye kiya sach hea..plzz sir replay mee

  • The workout number 1 you spoke about, if done without resting your body on an incline bench, can horribly go wrong and give you a terrible injury in your rhomboids…talking from experience.

  • why would you take advice off a guy like this who’s shoulders look like a 15 year old boys lol…. I spotted loads of mistakes he was making form wise

  • Any chance you could put up a video regarding rest days. Would like to know how your nutrition and supplements change, and maybe if you do stretching etc.

  • Hi sir! While we r doing complete shoulder exercise which one we have to do first kneeling face pulls or lean on ground face pulls?

  • Thank you I’ve been trying to make these delts pop. Tried this workout make can I feel em burn especially after the cheats…I have to say your form looked flawless compared to mine..ha!!!

  • Great tips. I had a weakness there and I am applying these in my routine although I still have some issues to work on the form. I found the rear delt cable pull extremely useful as it targets one of my main weak spot. Thank you for this great video.