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00:57 my personal experience with building muscle 04:56 10 common muscle building myths 12:30 what DOES work for muscle gain?15:18 how I dealt with “. Muscle Building Myths. 1. You must eat large amounts of protein to build muscle. Whilst an adequate amount of protein is essential for protein synthesis in the body and thus muscle growth, in general the amount needed is nowhere near as much as most people think. So, it is necessary that while you are building muscles you must focus on all your body parts like midsection, biceps, triceps and legs.

You must include exercises that help you gain muscles in different parts of your body. You can include; squats, dips, deadlifts, seat presses, pull-ups, military presses and curved over lines. Gaining muscle seems simple. Eat more calories than you burn.

Sleep 6-8 hours so your body can recover. Lift weights. But without those three pillars, there is a lot of variability, especially when it comes to lifting weights.

6:30 A.M. 45-minutes of brisk walking. 7. Include Fats. Fat consumption is often thought of as counterintuitive when muscle-building and weight loss is the aim.

Fat intake is not this clear cut. One must remember there are different types of. To gain muscle, you need to eat more. Trying to do it with quality foods — like responsible meat and seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts — can get expensive and time consuming.

The Benefits of Gaining Muscle. Drawbacks aside, most of us should have some focus on muscle building, because as we age, a fight begins in our bodies. Must-Know Truths About Six-Pack Abs 1. You don’t have to train abs every day to stimulate them. When you train other muscle groups like legs and back, you indirectly involve you abs, so your core gets a great deal of secondary stimulation.

Here are some simple rules and truths to keep in mind before you try your next muscle up: Truth #1 “The strict muscle up is a natural progression from the pull-up and ring dip.” The strict muscle up adds the complexity of connecting the top of the pull to the bottom of the dip. This connection is also known as the transition. If you want to lose weight you need to follow a diet. Well, if you want to build muscle you need to follow a diet as well. A muscle building diet.

Here are 6 important tips you need to know on muscle building diets. Having trouble gaining muscle? Let Everlast Nutrition fitness trainer Mike Gales shed some light on six truths about gaining new muscle that may help.

List of related literature:

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In the first part of the experiment, muscle activation was assessed by T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging during 5 sets of 8 repetitions of the lying triceps extension in 12 untrained men.

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Could anyone look at the physiques of Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl, Reg Park, Sergio Oliva, Lee Haney, or me and claim we didn’t know something pretty special about building muscle?

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Previously accepted ideas on the number of sets required to develop muscle were now looked at suspiciously.

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5) There is notable wasting of the muscle

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  • I used to count my protein intake before the lockdown, now that I work out less I feel like eating less, just because my body can’t take it. It’s been more than two months and I still eat healthy but just listening to my body and I work out 3 time a week at home with just a couple of 15 kg dumbells and I don’t notice an important lost of muscle ��

  • I wonder how many people died from opiate overdoses in the 6 minutes or so that this was filmed.

    Also, note how the first prescription thug is quick to mention that they have “products” they can sell the public, which are responsible for this crisis.

  • He just summed up 1 semester of immunology class back in the day when I was in med school…at the time it didn’t seem so simple or clear!!!:)

  • I was interested in viral gene tranfer from an evolutionary point of view.

    We have viral components in our DNA, and i was struck by the thought that its difficult for us to evolve on our own, as our multicellular nature means it doesn’t matter if we lose some cells, but for a virus the same conditions could be life or death (avoiding for the moment whether a virus is “alive” as we know it).

    So virus would evolve much faster, albeit in a simple manner, and we were far more likely to evolve new traits by being infected with them, than by random mutation (which seems pretty unlikely if you look at the chances of a single mutation being passed by a single person).

  • Damn rude not even letting her say anything!… plus mocking people… how can you damn compare your daughters boo boo on her finger and she feels better by you blowing it compare to whats going on. Is it all in peoples heads, that’s what you’re saying… its not working, people just think it is? So when a Doctor decides a person doesn’t need her meds and takes them away, he just played God and the pain is miraculously gone!
    When a person gets their Meds just taken away cold turkey you have to look into alternatives…..Damn these Doctors and damn the pharmaceutical! They don’t give a shit about peoples lives and weather they can support their kids and families. Nobody ever took cigarettes away, millions of people died of lung cancer… I am so sick of these guys that play God and decide your and your families destiny!!
    One day when these type of doctors are on the other side of the table… I wish them the same type of medical care that we have received.

  • My son suggested testboost.best as he’s into natural bodybuilding. I had a talk with their representative who told me about purity tests they do on every batch. Used them for over 3 months now. I have seen good progress!

  • I do see a significant difference in fullness and recovery if I get 1.2 to 1.5g per lb of bodyweight vs. 1g or less.

    I don’t give a crap what the research says, people’s bodies are all different and I’ve been lifting for over 15 years and have tried pretty much everything under the sun. I know what works for me.

  • I take 2g per kg of body weight, I find this optimal for all round health, meaning muscle, hormone levels, skin, teeth you get the idea.

  • People worry too much about macros. I spent years trying to get big by tracking everything with little gain I stopped tracking and just ate right and I added a bunch of mass and strength. Just eat right and train

  • yea i have gone months nearly a year at a time, eating 100g or less a day at between 170 and 190lb, and made strength and muscle gains. I think quality and timing is possible more important than surplus

  • I sit here and chuckle, as I received an “A’ in my undergrad Cell Biology course, because I could memorize “information” and regurgitate it on examines. Problem was I had zero understanding at the beginning and end of the semester. These videos take me back to that class in the fall of 1973. Thanks for lifting the veil, now, as a retired dentist.

  • Is this lean body weight or including fat… because all of the calculation just say per lbs of body weight but I mean why calculate fat into it, does a 300lbs person need over 250g of protein to build muscle?

  • Mate, i am not accusing you to be on, but the lifts you did, the physique you have make natty things seem pretty strange..
    E.g. compare yourself to Joe Delaney, who has (in my opinion) an outstanding physique.
    You look twice as big as Joe with near the same Bodyfat.
    I love your person. You have a great humor and seem to be humble.
    If you are on PEDs, please make things clear.
    Most of your followers like you for your overall content, not for your physique or lifts. They will stay loyal followers.
    If you don’t make things clear, at some point, your whole community will get it and won’t be able to trust you.
    I hope this won’t happen for you.

  • the only reason those guys want documents submitted on kratom etc is so they they can either slap a ban on it or give it to big pharma to control. Once that happens it will cost 10 to 20 maybe more per pill because big pharma and big brother work together to control everything so only the top people will profit. They don’t want something that’s affordable and easy to get in the American people’s hands because they make billions every year off prescription opiates and also the people who become dependant on them.

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a google search) We’ve heard several awesome things about this popular lose weight method.

  • It needs to be illegal. Its highly addictive, causes liver damage, anorexia, and psychosis. Of course drug addicts love it, IT GETS THEM REALLY HIGH and is EASILY ACCESSIBLE. Let’s not even get into the fact that it’s imported from the black market of Thailand. You know what else is prevalent in the black market of Thailand, child sex trafficking. Of course those addicted don’t want to acknowledge this fact, they just want to point their fingers at the “elites”…..as they give money to the same traffickers. Just say no.

  • What portion of muscle is protein?
    How much muscle CAN you grow everyday?
    That’s how much protein you need to GROW.
    You poop out any more than that.

  • Question:How much protein do I need to gain muscle?

    Answer:How much can you afford basically and don’t stress over it. Aslong as your eating healthy who cares.

  • I am revisiting this video for the fourth or fifth time and the question is: are this numbers based on:

    LB = pounds
    LBM = Lean Body Mass?

    On 3:13 you mentioned a person that his recommendation was based on LBM instead of LB. In case of:

    A. Protein per LB.
    The subject weighs 154.32 lb/pounds would need to eat 154.32 grams of protein per day but,

    B. Protein per LBM.
    The subject weighs 153.32 lb/pounds and has 15% of body fat, hence the “total” of LBM/Lean Body Mass at 142.88 lb/pounds. Therefore he’d need to consume only 142.88g of protein.


    154.32 142.88 = 11.4 of protein in difference. 100g of chicken contains 27g of protein, then individual A would need to eat extra 50g of chicken per day(?).

    i am not sure about my calculations nor I fully understand about this matter. Would like to have a better view on this if you could kindly spare your time to answer my question.

  • These doctors are the most biased and fucking ridiculous people on the earth. They obviously are for big Pharma and I find them completely fucking ignorant and just absolutely fucking disgusting.

  • People underestimate calisthenics but it’s super useful half the people who go to the gym can’t actually do a lot of the calisthenics skills especially the cool ones like the freestanding handstand push-up

  • Anyone can get this much protein without any supplements… conclusion is all this protein supplement thing is nothing but a commercial business shit.. not saying that it doesn’t help..but it’s still crap.if u can get what u need in a more natural healthy way..

  • “Every cell has a nucleus.” Should say every Eukaryote cell has… Med Cram should not forget that there are medically important Prokaryotes.

  • You have the test levels of a pensioner. “Normal” isn’t optimal. When you read the studies that break it down by age you should be closer to 600. Less than 350 is low T and can be secondary hypogonadism or suppression from exogenous hormone cycle…. seeing as you maintain such leanness and strength in the gym.

  • They usually mean by body weight “lean body weight” which means you have to subtract your body fat which make those numbers more reasonable.

  • The FDA doesn’t own pain or anything else. The Fear and Death Administration is a corrupt organization. They have monetary investments in drug development and sales. The FDA takes the law in their own hands. Stay out of our lives.

  • Thank you for offering a clear rational source of information. I recommend everyone sign up for the website. The covid course is free.

  • If you weigh 150lbs you dont need to eat 150g of protein trust me. Around 120 is fine. People eating all this amount are guna do their bowels some serious damage over time

  • Awesome video. I have been doing all of these during this time and I have definitely gained muscle. The decline pushup definitely has improved my front delt and upper chest. I have also added 7 pushups to my all out to max pushups in one set. Still miss the gym but I wont let that stop me. Stay safe everyone.

  • Very informative, the last part especially touches a crucial aspect that, i believe, is not considered enough when discussing about this matter.
    To this respect, however, i still have many doubts: how long can you delay your protein intake without losing gains?
    If, for instance, i cannot reach the right amount for one day and i assume let’s say 1,5 g instead of 2, what’s gonna happen?
    Is my body gonna “wait” for me to supply the right amount of protein and just put the whole process in “stand by mode” or am i gonna lose the opportunity irremediably? And how long, if that’s the case, can it wait?