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6 Reasons Why Your Gains Are Falling Short. If you’re one of those people who hit the gym consistently, you know whether or not you are making progress. You get in there, lift weights, sweat a lot, and probably sit there texting in between sets. What really sucks is when you put in all of this work and you don’t see any progress. 6 Reasons We Struggle With Falling Short.

The Roots of Inadequacy. By Charles F. Stanley. January 22, 2016; Bookmark Read Later Share Inadequacy is a difficult experience, but if we want to be rid of that uncomfortable feeling, we must be willing to uncover the reasons for our struggles. For when we look at the reasons we fall short, we can see.

However, a 25% or 28% tax rate can also apply to certain types of long-term capital gains. Short-term capital gains are taxed at ordinary income tax rates. Limit on losses. If your capital losses are more than your capital gains, you can deduct the difference as a loss on your tax return.

Hitting long, straight irons is one of the keys to a better golf game. So what do you do when your distance is falling short? It could be that you’ve never had the type of impact on the ball to make the ball go as far as those your playing with.

This can be a symptom of body rotation or club head speed. There are drills you can do to increase your body rotation and your club head speed. Below are the 3 reasons why you may be falling short of success and how you can fix it 1. You’re thinking short term. You’re probably thinking: ‘’no, I’m not thinking short term. I want to achieve my goals within 10 years.’’ However, this is exactly what short-term thinking is.

You want to achieve success within a certain period. Here are 6 common reasons why customers leave small businesses and 12 tips you can use to start turning the tide. If you’ve made your price clear to your customer, but not the value they gain you’re going to lose that customer. be willing to take a good hard look at the areas where your business may be falling short. Then. It’s About Time: Why Your Marketing May Be Falling Short It’s About Time: Why Your Marketing May Be Falling Short.

Discover how leading marketers are redefining time. By Laura Beaudin and Francine Gierak. the company was able to shorten the time required to gain insights and then adjust spending to the high-return audiences. For example, a child may have short stature (e.g., height 5th percentile of other children his/her age and gender) without growth failure (i.e., if his/her parents are also 5th percentile). Likewise, a child may have growth failure without short stature (e.g., height percentile for age falling.

The negative news message delivers news that the audience does not want to hear, read, or receive. Delivering negative news is never easy. Whether you are informing someone they are being laid off or providing constructive criticism on their job performance, how you choose to deliver the message can influence its response (Bovee, C. and Thill, J., 2010). The report estimated that as many as 71% of marketers were falling short of their revenue targets by adopting the wrong marketing strategies.

The report identified six key areas in which failing marketers were commonly missing the mark and six steps needed to get back on track.

List of related literature:

The first reason is that my experience shows that the big gains are made by holding through the big uptrends.

“Building Wealth in the Stock Market: A Proven Investment Plan for Finding the Best Stocks and Managing Risk” by Colin Nicholson, Alexander Elder
from Building Wealth in the Stock Market: A Proven Investment Plan for Finding the Best Stocks and Managing Risk
by Colin Nicholson, Alexander Elder
Wiley, 2011

The third source of gains is more obvious.

“Handbook of the Economics of Innovation” by Bronwyn H. Hall, Nathan Rosenberg
from Handbook of the Economics of Innovation
by Bronwyn H. Hall, Nathan Rosenberg
Elsevier Science, 2010

After each large gain since the beginning of the year, something inside my head snapped and made me aim for more gains.

“An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund” by Timothy Sykes
from An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund
by Timothy Sykes
BullShip Press, 2008

For me the short-side gains were gutwrenching.

“Confessions of a Street Addict” by James J. Cramer
from Confessions of a Street Addict
by James J. Cramer
Simon & Schuster, 2003

I think because I had huge gains the month before.

“Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders” by Jack D. Schwager
from Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders
by Jack D. Schwager
Wiley, 2012

ACC made steady gains accompanied by steady volume from July to mid­November.

“How To Make Money Trading With Charts: 2nd Edition (with a New Chapter)” by Ashwani Gujral, Prasanna Khemariya
from How To Make Money Trading With Charts: 2nd Edition (with a New Chapter)
by Ashwani Gujral, Prasanna Khemariya
Vision Books, 2015

Six gains came with great cause.

“The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles” by Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Douglas A. Kass
from The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles
by Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Douglas A. Kass
Wiley, 2012

The call that I write limits my gains on the one that I buy, capping my upside.

“Finding #1 Stocks: Screening, Backtesting and Time-Proven Strategies” by Kevin Matras
from Finding #1 Stocks: Screening, Backtesting and Time-Proven Strategies
by Kevin Matras
Wiley, 2011

The potential for high gains is realistic

“How to Invest in Structured Products: A Guide for Investors and Asset Managers” by Andreas Bluemke
from How to Invest in Structured Products: A Guide for Investors and Asset Managers
by Andreas Bluemke
Wiley, 2009

I wasnot exiting some positionsfor small gains.

“One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading” by Mike Bellafiore
from One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading
by Mike Bellafiore
Wiley, 2010

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  • I only drink 0,5 liter-1liter water everyday. I am 14 years old. My weight is 68kg. I am 180cm(5ft11). Is that the reason why I feel tired?

  • Can you do a video on maybe why my arms keep going numb when I do squats and how can I get the best contraction in my legs from squats

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  • I normally pack in a full day. I spend 12 hours at work, so I try to get in the gym and out. I set my timer at 1 min 15 seconds for rest and hit it quick and hard. I was also only working out 3 days a week. I’m recovering from
    Shoulder surgery and I’m about to do 6 days a week and isolate the muscle workouts. I will move my rest period to roughly 2 1/2 minutes. I look forward to seeing how it works out. I’ve lost a lot being out the last 6 months.

  • I’ve been training hard and have been tracking macros for about 3 years now and have made hardly any progress. How can I settle my mind at this point to feel comfortable in my own skin or whether I should take enhancements?

  • My diet plan for eating every 2 hours is
    6.00 am wakeup
    6.15 am 200 ml of boiled cumin water
    7.00 am green tea
    9.00 am Indian breakfast idly/upma/dosa/poha/vada/puri / waffles with blueberry jam
    11.00 am lemon water
    1.00 pm 1 chapati with any Indian veg or non-veg curry
    3.00 pm 1 medium glass of buttermilk/ 5 tablespoon curd (since my body is heat body )
    5.00 pm any kind of fruit/ nuts/ greentea/ lemon water
    8.00 pm Suffola masala oats 1 small cup/ 1 chapati
    10.00 pm sleep

    My daily Selfcare:
    8 hours sleep
    3liter of water
    Fitness chloe tings programe
    Meditation for 5 minutes
    no sugar
    no junk food/street food

    Note: If I get a little bit starving in between evening snack and my dinner I mostly eat a small or medium banana
    If you ask why banana? Banana will reduce our food starving and gives instant energy to our body.

    Iam 18 years old.Iam suffering with PCOS from 1 and half year. So I cured them by following 3 days egg diet and after 3 days I started above diet and I cant find my pcos…so its cured…Iam getting regularly

    Hope you guys are safe in quarantine…hope it helps

  • Hey man. I know there are many options for hypertrophy. But is there any way to decrease muscle size in specific targeted area? For example, if someone has a big neck and want to decrease the size of if. Does really high reps really make muscles smaller? Or it will later contribute to hypertrophy? Can you explain the reps & science behind it. Thank you.

  • are “supersets” doing two exercises for the same muscle back to back or doing back to back sets for opposing muscle groups?we call doing back to back sets for the same muscle group whereas we call doing back to back sets for opposing muscle groups “monster sets”.lol.

  • When Jeff says make sure you’re pushing yourself, I feel I definitely am, however the 1st set is obviously not gonna hurt as much as the 3rd. Or am I wrong and not working hard enough? Please help.

  • Yes sir every time I get up out of bed it feels like I’m getting out of a rocky Bamboa fight it’s hard to get up I feel sluggish & the veins in my head feel like they r bleeding so I go back 2 bed instead of start the day of my routine I really want my energy back I hope this works out sir i wanna feel like Angus Young on the guitar again,

  • I’ve only ever known those who reach the top of their game to say ‘Train hard’ and with all the supporting knowledge there is, it still remains ‘Train hard’ �������� Great vid!!

  • All you have to eat is vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds thats it,.
    And drink water, that’s all what the body needs to function well, cause the body programmed for health not for suffering to put all these junk food inside your body,
    God gives us the right nutrients for the human beings body and he told us to eat these nutrients and yet we are ignoring!!!!!!!

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  • I have a question I lift heavy and I get nice gains but i seem to loose them fast, I take 10 days between 8 week long trainiing sessions during these ten days I do only light cardio and body weight exercise and i seem to loose my gains. I start all over again and build fine. It seems to get worse as i age. Is this normal?

  • I guess i’m happy to know that I learned all of these from just playing the game. I’ve been able to get consistent final round placements but never won a game. I even have qualified enough to where if i won i would’ve had the Infallable achievement done easy. I’ve made final round more than 30 times but have yet to win once.

  • I got a question for ya, I had a work related injury to my left shoulder 3 years ago, since then I can’t use my left arm hardly at all, if i try to work out the next day it’s like i am back to square one of it being injured, doctors cant tell me what is wrong, my shoulder cracks and pops if i move it, it fatigues almost instantly if I hold or lift any weights, I used to work in a foundry lifting engine parts upto 35 kg 12 hours a night, how can I try to regain my strength in my left shoulder so I am able to do regular workouts without being in agony the next day? Unfortunately I live in the UK and the supposed great nhs sucks and doesnt seem to be getting me anywhere!

  • why isn’t this topping the news today? much more important than people panic buying toilet paper over fear of a virus actually less lethal and horrible than HIV? I got diagnosed 25years ago it has decimate people’s lives and remained in epidemic status for YEARS, claimed about 32 million people’s lives and infected 75 million people. I use @dr.kanayo 14 days herbal remedy to cure myself it was recommended to by my best friend. COME ON! This is worth celebrating I’m grateful to Dr kanayo Peterson look him up on your internet.

  • Jeff, I would like to thank you. I stumbled upon your videos when i first got clean off heroin 2 years ago. Not having the money for a personal trainer, I turned to youtube for guidance and advice. I can not thank you enough…your techniques in the gym and advice in the kitchen has helped me change immensely. I owe so much thanks to you Jeff. Here’s a link if you guys wanna check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ntkXU3srzs&t=52s

  • Hey Jeff, Please do a video about EMS(Electric Muscle Stimulation) is it good or bad?
    Gyms around are installing EMS devices bragging it will workout 90% muscles in 20 Minutes..!!

    Hope you ll consider this..

  • Ok Jeff, I have a problem. My muscle groups are quite different regarding hypertrophy.

    My cuads and legs in general grow super fast, super easy, to the point that I would rather have leaner legs. My shoulders and triceps are a little bit easy to gain mass too. But biceps, chest, back and forearms almost do not grow. Then I tend to have a rather unbalanced body, I think.

    However I train, I neglect the appropiate way to target one group or the other. How do I combine workouts so I grow in the muscle groups I want to grow and go leaner where I want too?

  • Jesse, you gotta turn your body 3/4 towards the camera when you’re doing your little scenes with Jeff at the beginning. You have your body and face turned directly sideways towards him. That’s actor blocking 101 my friend.

  • Jab body me blood he nahi hoga..to wo pass kaise hoga..pcod sirf aur sirf..blood ki kmi ki wajah se hota hai..npt harmonal imbalnace…aur blood na hone ki wajah se weight badhta hai..aur doctor ye batate nahi…sirf laaal chize khaiye

  • I’m feeling tired all the time because I have thyroid low I drink too much caffeine to get more energy but I can specially morning after breakfast I feel to go back on the sleep sleep please if you have anything on the recommend me the common section please let me know which one is good for my body what you drink thank you ��

  • Take rest as long as you need to dont speed things up make sure you perform the exercises with some good quality reps unless your doing a cardio ��

  • I see guys abuse steroids and are 170 lbs im 265 lbs i take nothing i have fat but not too bad but i train way longer do more sets than people after 2 hours i feel like i could do another 2 hours people dont do enough and they miss all the details witch is the most important

  • Mam mujhe symptoms to lg raye h pcos k lekin mam mai ayurvedic treatment le rai hu.. mujhe pregnancy me bhi problem ho rai h…pehle to consive ni hota h aur consive ho jaye to misscarriage ho jata h…mujhe yoga start kre kuch days hi hua h..kya mujhe isse fayda hoga??plz btaye

  • I wonder if the growth hormone after a set is what causes the pump…I know it’s increased bloodflow in the muscle but what do you think incites it?

  • HOW I GOT CURED FROM HERPES VIRUS: I was shocked 3 years ago when i was diagnosed of herpes virus and the doctor said there was no possible cure to it and that i have to live with it through out my life and this made me extremely depressed until i was able to contact DR HOLAHAN online and he sent me his medicine and also gave me the prescription on how to take it and after successfully taken the medicine i went for a test and behold i tested negative.
    You can also contact him via call/whatsApp +2348108864463 or email: [email protected] gmail.com

  • I’m looking for the most essential solutions to get rid my tiredness during my study. I want to learn but because of my sleepy habit that usually attack whenever I get into study I couldn’t keep myself in focus and it always ruin my eagerness to improve myself especially in reading and writing.

  • EXCELLENT VIDEO! Usually love your videos Jeff, and all the great information you share, BUT this one was exceptionally great for all the inside information that you share that one only gets after many years of experience.

  • How does this video need more then 10 seconds. Cardio and definition need less rest ( 20 to 30 ) bodybuilding style is 45 to 60 and powerlifting is more then 1:30 to 2 minutes. Done

  • I consistently make it to the finals. I just can’t win because it will only give me fall mountain which is just nothing but luck on whether you’ll get through flawlessly or get bodied by the balls.

  • Thank you for all the great information. You are very talented and I appreciate the knowledge that you are giving all of us. I have worked out for over a year and I have transformed my body, but I feel like I should look a lot better than I do right now. You made a good point about asking yourself did I really workout hard? or did I just workout and went and got coffee. Thats my next step. I guess I really need to push myself more.

  • In the past I use to carry an oximeter around with me at the gym because I had hypotension issues, and would pass out if I didn’t watch myself. For heavier lifts I’d rest till my oxygen saturation went back over 97% and my heart rate dropped back down near resting. Not sure on the science behind it, but it did work at the time and it makes sense to me. Now my hypotension is dealt with, and I don’t use the oximeter anymore. But, I kinda trained myself to know the feeling I was looking for with a rest period, so now I just wing it. Since I’m going by feeling and not by time, my rest periods vary depending on the lift and the chosen focus of the day (volume/resistance).

  • I don’t know about anyone else but when I do 5 reps I recover quicker between sets than when I do 15 reps. I’ve seen videos than say the same thing, you need more rest after a hard 15 reps than a hard 5 reps.

  • I noticed doing dumbell curls in between push ups or benching does help a lot with volume and recovery for each set.All my boys I work out with swear it was all in my head but now I know the truth!I will be prdering your book monday.

  • I do supersets than rest for 3-5 min by listening one song making gains than guys out of breath rest for 30secs and starts n screams wen they try same reps with same weight

  • Rest pauses workout is the best workout change I have done is all about intensity the stress you put on your muscle is what is going to make it bigger resting 2 or 3 minutes on every set is not efficient on your day by day life style you will be at the gym 2 or 3 hours and some times you get out of the gym without feeling your workout because you rest to much don’t get me wrong you still need to rest enough to keep going on your workout but be smart in the way you rest specially at the gym

  • Bought the book but you might want to change the website up a bit. It looks super fishy despite being legit. Was a bit apprehensive about putting in my credit card info. Still love your channel and the info you put out though!

  • what about rep pace, squat to overhead press is a good pace and full body movements functional might be better for circulation and the nervous system.

  • Hi madam i am kaveri from bangalore i too have pcod, irregular periods i am 33 mam. Bcoz of this i gaining weight pls Tell me is it possible that I can conceive

  • Hello
    Dr.kamaljeet this side… I have permanent solution for your problems…
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    Pcod PCOS mai 101% results…. ������

  • The study is specific to the Squat and Bench Press, big compound movements. Of course longer rest periods will help build strength (and thus muscle as you can overload sooner) with these exercises.
    I’m not convinced that this 100% carries over to isolation exercises or ones targeting smaller muscle groups so blanket conclusions such as “short rest periods are killing your gains” could be misleading.

  • Your suppose to train to failure. So longer rest more reps to failure, shorter rest less reps to failure. I rest 30 seconds between sets.

  • That’s weird for the 6, when I do an exercise I feel it good, it hurts, but at the end of my workout, I feel like I could do the same training again

  • Hey Abrahama, I do everything your saying in the right way and I feel normal and energized during the day, but when I want to do workouts I feel tired after a few push ups, while I can normally do a lot. I eat healthy and sleep well, but could feeling emotional not 100% be a reason to be tired fast?

  • Hey musclemonster! I went to your webpage to buy the bulk up plan and after there was another offer. I thought I would have to add my info in again but it just automatically took out my money..
    Is there a way where I can get my money back? I spent too much and I didnt even know it was coming out right after I clicked a link…
    Love your videos! Keep it up

  • Everyone is different, dont sit around, you are at the gym to work, bust your ass and get results, or sit and talk and RECOVER and go no where

  • It’s a requested to you please add English subtitles in your videos pls so we can easily understand because your accents is quite different from India that’s why pls

  • I have periods after 1and a half months or hardly 2months. This time it happened after 2months and there was absolutely no bleeding for 5days and after 5 days bleeding started which continued for one and a half month. There was continuously bleeding. At the beginning there was light bleeding but after one month heavy bleeding started. I am a fat girl (62kg 5’0feet). But I don’t have oily skin or facial hair problems. Do I have PCOD? And this problem happened only this time. Normally my period takes place after one and a half month.

  • one little thing I would like to mention about perfect match is that while memorizing is by far the best way to win, it also helps to watch the other players. If a bunch of people are all moving to the same tiles at once, follow them, chances are most of those people did memorize the tiles and having such a large number of players all be wrong about the same spot at once is statistically impossible. Go with the crowds and you’ll be fine.

  • Good info here but you SHOULD be timing your rest in between sets. The guy depicting stereotypical gym idiots does a great job….

  • I have been using 14 days negative for about 2 weeks now with raw honey, veggies and fruit when I read this story on his website in 2019 I started using the 14 days negative for my hiv infection and I just started eating veggies, fruit and honey…I recommended 14days negative to any hiv patient out there tired of antiviral treament and in 2 weeks no sign of hiv in my body…. i’m a firm believer in herbal medicine now. even tho i didnt beleieve before because my doctor told me there was no cure and herbal medicine is bad…I just wanted to give you my story to let you know your on point…if you are willing to talk to DR. KANAYO about your health through WhatsApp +1(909)375-5642 just want to share some information on my health experiments..

  • Do i neeed to rest 1 2 min After every exercices of 12repetitions for ex? Sorry for my English i gonna give u example now i m doing biceps curls with 5kgs im doing 4 sets of 12 répétitions and i am resting till today 30 seconds max one minute which i thing Is not enought and i m gonna change this bcs of you thank you how much u sugest me to rest 1min and half of more? Sorry im begginer and im in big dilema bcs i dont know how to do nothing its now 1 months im doing exercices with dumbbells and i dont see any change ���� im 22yrs old for 61kg and 179cm ��

  • I don’t have menstrual problem but Dr gave me birth control pills I m having acne and hair loss problem and diagnosed with pcod plz recommend I should stop having it or not

  • 7:55 glad to hear the book has already been paid for, can you make a soft copy of it and give us the download link. This will save us shipping cost as well as time you spend processing our requests

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  • Jeff, i have a question about regeneration… Is it good to do maybe 100 push ups or 50 pull ups everyday? In 4 sets do as many as i can to achieve best number to get closer to 100 push ups. Then add some harder variations whatever… but if i do this everyday, can my body regenerate? Not only for Jeff, anybody please i would be thankful guys

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  • Idk why but during the day i feel like a zombie and at night i feel sooo much more dedicated to do stuff i shouldve done in the day

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  • Hello mam seriously m very much satisfied after watching ur video.mention u all symptoms and which diet should follow regularly in day to day life.once again thnk u so for sharing this video
    One more think last past from 2015 m suffering from pcod problem lack of medicine i try for pcod.m not satisfied will u pls tell me which medicine should i have to take??

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    vitamin c is a saviour and fights antibodies and illness the way thor fought thanos! so buy this product and boost your immunity.

  • Personal experience; I don’t time my rest periods between intense compound lifts, they end up varying from 2 to 10+ minutes (if i’m having a bad day emotionally i tend to be very slow.)

    I haven’t noticed any correlation whatsoever between the gains i make and my rest times, not even 5% difference. Although i train for strength not mass, so for bodybuilders perhaps the rest times are more important.

    I do not barbell bench, barbell squat or deadlift (instead i do various push ups/dips, pistol squats and single legged deadlifts) so fortunately i rarely get angry people telling me to hurry up with equipment.

  • A strong immune system lays down the foundation of a healthy body. Virus, bacteria or any pathogens can impact one person more than the other depending on the person’s immunity levels. If you have a strong immune system, the possibility is you may not catch an infection and even if you do, the possibility is that your body is better placed to deal with it vis-vis someone with low immunity. Read this blog to know how you can strengthen your immunity naturally by taking small steps in your everyday foods & habits.

    Read the full article here and know more about these kind of stuff:  https://www.wellcure.com/body-wisdom/421/raise-your-immunity-against-viruses-infections

    Happy Reading!

  • I work 2nd shift i do not fall asleep until 1 in the morning i get off work 11:30pm it takes me too long to wine down, and I get up sometime 10:30am maybe even 11 what should I do?

  • him: are you sleeping well? are you eating well? are you drinking a lot? are you having lots of caffeine? me: ** is hung over, running on 4 hours of sleep, eating taco bell, and on my fourth can of redbull **

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  • What is a good length to sleep? Arnold said 6hours is all that is required but a lot of the time it’s not enough for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t get much rem sleep?

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  • In our city 2 people caught coronavirus. So, if you don’t live in earth, even I also gonna die. I wish coronavirus went extinct.��������.

  • Wonderful advice and natural recommendations. Perfect timing during covid-19 to put out natural remedies we can take to boost our immune system. We have a few new natural products too. Best luck, great clips!

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  • So it’s all related to a good diet… It’s so hard to stop consuming sugar btw, I remember once I stopped eating sugar for a week, then I returned to it and with large amounts as well… I am still trying to stop it, but It’s so hard. My mom keeps telling me that I am getting fat everyday and that I might have diabetes if I didn’t stop.

    I feel sleepy all day and all what I want is to sleep, especially when I do things I consider great, so I reward myself with sleeping ����
    I sleep for more than 8 hours, but still feeling tired… My life is so messy.
    I just want to have a better version of myself, so wish me good luck!

  • I am just not able to understand why people rely only on “food and herbs” to boost immunity? And why do some people misguid innocent seekers like this? Papaya, garlic, and many thing that this video talks about has some specific ways of eating in certain conditions. Stop getting fooled by such things. Body is very sensitive. Even an excess amount of water has the power to mess up with the digestion. We need to stop believing things blindly. Doctors in the world are not fool. ��

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  • Hello mam I am suffering pcod my monthly cycle comes in 2-3 month and blooding not properly excess hair growth on my face in my lower part so much wait gain please help me what to do.

  • Mam mujhe left overy main cyst hai.hum pregnancy k liye try kr rahe hai.plz koi soluation bataye jis se jldi pregnancy ho ske.mujhe is ke krn bahut tension rehti hai.plz

  • Is muscle soreness necessary for growth because I’m 15 and I have been working out for several months for the first few months I used to tell sore but now I don’t feel sore is it because my muscle growth has stopped what should I do????

  • Mam mjh pcod h or meri ovary ka size bi bda hua h to kya m is time pr letroz teblet le sakti hu conceive karne k liye mri dr. Ne di h bs mjh confirm krna tha

  • Just downloaded this game and I suck. Thanks for this very informative and short video! Hopefully I will suck a little less after applying these tips

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  • Hello mem Agr period hota hi nahi sal me ek Bar Hua tha Ab nahi ho rahi h or bajne to bilkul nahi h Kya up ye kare ki prioyd Hone Lage bahut pareshan h

  • Cane someone help me, I don’t know if I’m the most unlucky player but every time I jump i fall over even though I may not be even close to any one

  • I’ve been doing 10 sets of 10 with 30 second rests and have had better gains than I have in my life. Steve Holloman and Jonathan Larson have posted many studies supporting short rest periods.

  • Thanks for secession aaj mere prblm solv ho gai mujhe PCOD prblm h isliye dawai liii 1month bt thik nhi hui ab ye sb follow krungi thank you ��

  • Hi mam. I am 33 years old. I want to conceive baby bt am suffering from pcod. Too much hair and pigmentations on my face. Pls tell me daily diet plan. I want early conceive baby.

  • Plzz ek aisa diet plan video dijiye jinko pcod pcos hai or
    jo log subeh se raat din bhar ghar ke bahar hote hai
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  • This is why i stopped playing games because this is meant to be a chilled back game but noooo Ú post a tutorial on how to be a try hard like smh

  • I sleep during the day because of my anti anxiety med makes me sleepy during the day to no end, but I take the same dosage at night and I’m wide awake. This is killing me and my relationships with ppl.. My iron is only low during my time of the month and I’ve been taking iron vitamins daily since late 2013.

  • Mam mere periods toh Thik h regular, lekin facial hairs Nd weight gain hua m excercise b krti hu plz help me in proper diet..? And one thing k kya yeh bimari cure ho skti h..?

  • I use a heart rate monitor. I rest as long as my heartbeat continues to drop. When it reaches the point that it stops dropping, that’s when it’s time for my next set. For exercises that I do in the 8-10 rep range, that is usually around 2 to 2 1/5 minutes.

  • I like the tips and it’s good content but hopefully not many people will make too many or this great game will become as sweaty as fortnite. I hope this fun part of the game lasts long

  • Mam mere face pe bahot pimpals hain
    Muze pregnancy Ruk nahi Rahi hai 2 sal se tray kr Rahi hu or maine Doctor se 1 yrs se Jada mont maine treatment Li sub test karvaya sub normal hain Lekin doctor ne kabhi nahi bola kya problem hain sirf egg nahi bad Raha hain itna hi bola isliye madition kha kha ke Bor ho gai or maine treatment Stop kr di
    Period aane ke time mere face pe bahot pimpals aate Hain to kya muze PCOS ho Sakta hain kya
    To mu

  • During quarantine I’ve gained so much weight “it’s Kinda embarrassing saying how much I weight”
    So I want to be awake to exercise but I’m always just so sleepy, My eyes always burn wanting me to close them, It’s always so hot! I’m just sweaty in my bed laying there, I can’t get water cause I’m just so dang lazy…
    , Lord help.

  • Great content and entertaining. I am, however, jealous of those amazing cheekbones and natural highlight glow. Bradley Cooper, give this man a shout out, bruh

  • I’m 24 year’s old. N after sex my hips size increases day by day so is it PCOD symptoms? And what will I do for reduce the size of hips

  • Love rest pause,super sets, drop sets. It is all about driving the intensity to destroy the muscle. Most people i see are not training intensely. Most do not know how super sets should actually be done with intensity. Most over used principle in most gyms! You have to put out max or close to max EFFORT and embrace the PAIN that will surely come from such! Most can not and will not!

  • 00:25 #1 Jump on downward slopes
    00:43 #2 Dive when landing to avoid falling
    01:05 #3 A careful jump is a winning jump
    01:37 #4 Whirlygig Boosters
    02:01 #5 Run along rails on See Saw
    02:18 #6 Roll Out safety nets
    02:37 #7 Fruit in the shade
    03:03 #8 Skill up in ball control
    04:14 #9 Light footed
    04:44 #10 Hard reset
    05:01 #11 Head above water
    05:23 #12 Short and sweet

  • Big people actually do not rest that much. (watch Eddie Hall and many top lifters, heck Arnold did more volume in two hours than I do in a week). They recover on compound lifts for sure but only when doing low reps/sets. Most of their workouts have extreme amounts of volume that would take hours to finish if they rested 3-5 minutes between sets and exercises. (stolen from tnation): There are three mechanisms for hypertrophy: tension, stress, damage. I’ve been trying to speed up my sets and that seems to really help on the muscle stress aspect. Tension and damage come from time under load and volume. If you dont have time to even do a workout for a muscle group then you miss out on even damaging that muscle.

  • 2:37 In Fruit Shade, if you spawn in the first row all you have to do is go to the nearest edge and use the other players as cover/pushers. When they move forward, they make you move faster. I use this every time and I always get first place.

  • watched this just to see how far people are behind in tips, and tbh you didn’t miss that many tips but i’ve been playing for a lot longer and all the tips are boutta be discovered just because this game isnt complex at all

  • I’ve been diving to increase stability when I land but didn’t think it mattered when you dive. Do you get better results specifically diving right before you land?

  • I can’t sleep its 3:22 and I go to beach because its 2020 summer and I don’t want to fall asleep on morning because I will miss the beach ��

  • I loved the magical pill=exercise metaphor.
    Well you’re right no matter what we do it always goes back to the main thing exercise.
    But my problem with exercise is how can I maintain it once I start? How to have that motivation to make it last and make it part of my life? I’ve done exercise on-and-off but I wish I could make it a natural part of my life.:(

  • My guy falls on nothing and spends 30 minutes getting up like owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ok I’m good now

  • My best channel to get stronger…..started this week..really help..��.Thank you soo much…clear..funny and professional channel….wow am very impressed!!…������

  • Fun fact: if you jump into some one and dive immediately you won’t fall unless you are on top of him. I once pushed a guy on the floor with this but it doesn’t always work.

  • at the end of the preview on door dash, where it shows you the back of the last three doors and the drop, one of the doors is slightly shorter, that is the real door.

  • I feel like if I’m really pushing 10-12 on the first set, if I only wait 90 seconds, there is no way I’m getting more than 8 with the same weight. I have had this issue for ten years and I can’t seem to figure out why

  • These are some fantastic tips!!! Here are some that I’ve seen help as I’ve played
    -Stay calm
    -On whirly gig if you stick left during the final middle propeller you are more likely to get through
    -Fall mountain is easier if you stick middle right and once you make it to the hammers go as much right as possible
    -In Hex-A-Gone try to jump from hexagon to hexagon instead of running this will help you stay on each level longer
    -At the beginning of dizzy heights if you know you can’t balance on the beams jump into the slime avoiding the yellow bumpers and you might be faster than those who stayed on top.
    -During royal fumble it’s hard to catch a player that can use the spinners well

  • My friend was trying to tell me a while ago “I have to get back man, my rest can’t be longer than 1-2min!!”

    Let me tell you, my workout energy levels are pretty shitty; I’ve become nauseous in the middle of a gym sesh and had to sit for 15-20 minutes to ease my stomach and alleviate my dizzyness. Then I finished my sets, and I still made gains. All that matters is getting the reps in for the day.

    I’ve even become so tired so early (due to sleep deprivation or mild illness or whatever) and finished the workout hours later.

  • I don’t eat a lot of sugar.. I don’t even eat cakes or candies, ever since I was 7 years old when I lost my first tooth and saw movies about how candies and cakes damage your teeth. Those traumatized me to eat a lot of sugar.. unless of course it’s my birthday or someone elses.. then I eat just a single slice of cake.

  • Mam thnku apna bhut acha sa expln kiya..But mam Hum jasa Buzy hota hai apna liya time n mil pata Office ki waha sa To hum apna Wight loss kasa kra itna time n hota ki Koi exicer kra..Islya kya krna chya hum ko����

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  • Since I started watching this channel, Jeff looks the same; fit and strong but the same. Does that mean he stopped growing too? If so, then is the advise on this video valid?

  • Hlo mam mnu 2014 to pcos hai..ovary vich 4-5 mm diya cist ne.. without medicin period n onde.. weight bht vadd reha.. ma ghta laini a fr vadd jnda..hair fall bht jda… body hair growth bht jda..skin saari body di black ho rahi a.. gyani ne keha life time medicin laini paini ma bht hi jda tension ch a plz help me plz mnu diet plan te exercise ds do pcos lyi

  • I really appreciate these videos. As a newbie, only REALLY been at it for a little over a month, and I say that because I’ve tried before with little or no results listening to people who I thought knew what they were doing. This time around I decided to say enough and did some homework before hitting the gym. I stumbled upon Jeff’s videos and I’m actually starting to see some small gains this time. I train to the point where it’s hard to open a door on my training days. Literally trying to push the gym door open on my way out afterwards when my arms are fatigued is tough lol I also do pipeline construction which is pretty physically demanding. Any suggestions on how to balance the two so I can make the most out of my workouts?

  • But one thing You missed tho? Is that you don’t just eat anything you actually gotta watch what you eat, see theres lack of content when talking about gains, and what source comes from how its building your muscles because having high metabolism and a good body system is the only reason why guys like this gem couch here has the body he has now only through not only working out but his body has a high level of metabolism, his body can literally eat anything and not get fat because his cells prevent him from getting that how? From eating foods like avocados or an eggplant with his meals or anyting in general that supports his metabolism and proteins and having enough creatine in the body to form his muscle the way they are now, and that is the truth.

  • Nicely explained. Every one wonders nowadays how to increase the immunity. Eating natural foods is the best way to do it. Adding supplimets to your daily routine also help. There are some food supplements which i found helping.

  • Thank you for your great video again. I have feedback on the video production. The upgrade in the lighting, camera and tripod are immediately noticeable. However, I didn’t notice any upgrade in audio. I know the gym is full of reflective surface but can you check your audio recording system so you would have more crisp audio? Boom mics would be too much but I wonder if different lav mics would have better results.

  • Nearly 2 minutes before we get to the actual content. Sigh, these guys egos are getting to them. Let’s stick to the content and not the bizarre garbage at the start:)

  • I feel tired I think mostly cause I dont sleep very well at night.
    Also yeah my diet ain’t the best.
    Although I dont really eat sugar.
    Plus I don’t workout very much anymore like I used to.

  • Sir I want help here if someone’s reply right now my person I love she says I fall when I stress my body because I have no energy what to do because we are in long distance relationship!

  • lol, this is exactly why i do shoulders and legs on the same day. shoulders, then move to a leg workout, gives me all the rest i need

  • Please answer this: We mostly get tired after lunch, so energy is consumed to digest the food right, so if we breakdown the food or liquify the food and eat then the energy will be saved right?

  • you are so ignorant that gets ridiculous…moreover you are referring to research studies that are so flawed in terms of research design that their reliability and validity are extremely poor, not to mention generalizability of course…

  • When I eating I feel sleepy �� and tired all the time I try everything it’s doesn’t help even I take more drinking Coffee caffeine it’s doesn’t help I feel sleepy

  • Agr ye sab nhi mill rahe ho khane ke Lia,ab chahe reason koi bhi hoo..app tbhi immunity increase kr skte ho..
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  • I think there is something wrong with me

    I’m looking for a video why am I always energised cuz I am

    Literally one time I pulled an all nighter and then the same day played a 90min football match and went out to town

    And I always go to bed at like 2am

  • See I want to walk or exercise, but I won’t do it in front of people. I won’t even walk to my mail box during the day, because people will see me. I have no desire to do it indoors. I’m doomed.