53 Signs You May Be a Powerlifter


53-year-old powerlifting world champion

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NEVER spot a powerlifter

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So You Want to Be a Powerlifter…

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There Is No Optimal Training Frequency For Powerlifting

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Top 10 Signs You’re a Powerlifter

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How To Be A Powerlifter

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The basic premise of any powerlifting meet is as follows: you compete with other individuals in your gender and weight class, and you have to perform the back squat, deadlift, and bench press; you have three attempts for each lift, and you only have to select your opening attempt before the meet begins; you need at least two white lights out of three in order for an attempt to count. How To Become A Power Lifter. The step from squat rack fan to full-on powerlifter can be a weighty one to take.

But boy, the discipline and strength needed to powerlift is going to add a whole heap of muscle definition to your physique.. As a true strength sport, technique and mental focus are as important as your fitness when it comes to powerlifting. Blaine Sumner. IPF Open World Record Holder in the Squat (505kg) “The most important thing I wish I realized when I started was the critical part of being not just strong, but a good powerlifter.

If you psych up before lifting your laundry basket off the floor..you might be a powerlifter. If you get accused by Bodybuilders of taking steroids because you’re stronger than they are..you might be a powerlifter. If you daydream of pushpressing aerobic instructors to see how high they will fly..you might be a powerlifter.

If you have ever used a Home Depot card to purchase. Don’t be afraid to spot us. If you think female powerlifters are “too manly,” you should probably lift more.

Don’t coddle me in the gym. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I won’t train as hard as you. Because of my size, I won’t be able to push as much weight as you, but I will definitely try as hard as you.

You buy the $5000.00 in the products you are asking, and I will set your name up as one of the referral sources on the website and we will track the orders you bring in. When the referral orders hit $100,000, I will personally send you a check for the $5000.00 you are asking for. In other words, even though a powerlifter may lift more poundage in a single lift during a particular training session, the bodybuilder moves exponentially more total poundage. Also, powerlifters take far more rest between sets compared to bodybuilders.

So again, strength is important, but it’s all about how you. For example, suppose that you can deadlift 405 for 3 sets of 8 repetitions and your deadlift 1RM is 515. Let’s say you spend five weeks performing heavy sets of 3 reps or lower, and you raise your 1RM to 585. Now you go back to performing 3 sets of 8 reps, but you find that you’re able to use 425 for 3 sets of 8.

If you are a powerlifter or decide to become a powerlifter in the future, aches and pains are something that you are going to come across. If this occurs, your primary focus should be to look at the holistic picture of your training to find the best way to reduce stress and improve your recovery through variables such as total workload. You may be asking yourself, have I got the ideal body to become an elite powerlifter? am I to tall/short? are my arms too long and my legs too short? In this article I take a look at the data from several powerlifting studies looking at the human body and how it performs in the sport of Powerlifting.

List of related literature:

Yet I still perform all of these because I know that getting stronger at the big lifts makes me more muscular.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

I’m not a competitive powerlifter or strength athlete.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
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My frame just couldn’t maintain enough weight to make me a good defensive end.

“For the Right Reasons: America's Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Love, Marriage, and Why Nice Guys Finish First” by Sean Lowe, Nancy French
from For the Right Reasons: America’s Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Love, Marriage, and Why Nice Guys Finish First
by Sean Lowe, Nancy French
Thomas Nelson, 2015

I venture to guess that I could have been performing chin—ups and dips within my first year of training had I possessed a sound understanding of form, exercise progression, and program design.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

“When I got into CrossFit, I had strong legs from being a runner, but I didn’t have a lot of muscle definition on me,” she says.

“Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes” by Haley Shapley, Sophy Holland
from Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes
by Haley Shapley, Sophy Holland
Gallery Books, 2020

Or perhaps one of your chief goals is building strength and muscle mass, either for looks and health or because you’re a competitive powerlifter and weightlifter.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

7.Two Knees to Chest (Apanasana) (FIG.20.24): Lying on your back and keeping the back flat, bring both legs to the chest by holding the legs with your hands behind the knees.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being
by Brian Luke Seaward
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And so, after warmups, the weights were loaded on the bar, and with a mighty grunt I pushed up 325 pounds!

“God, Where Are You?!: Finding Strength & Purpose in Your Wilderness” by John Bevere
from God, Where Are You?!: Finding Strength & Purpose in Your Wilderness
by John Bevere
Messenger International, 2019

Todd’s articles were inspirational and defended powerlifters.

“Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell” by John D. Fair
from Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell
by John D. Fair
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

“The lifts that I do make are the ones with positive images in my head,” he says.

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
from Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel
by Steven Ungerleider
Rodale Books, 2005

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  • Hahaha sooooo true Thank god for the rules we have at my gym.. if this happens even once.. they are banned and i have seen so many been kicked out for this shit.

  • Absolutely love this video!! ��
    Reminds me of the very first time I spotted a powerlifter on the squat rack. Awful experience ����
    I was two minutes spotting him for one rep! Had to babysit him! He wanted help getting his arm in his suit ffs!
    From that day forward, any powerlifter that has ever asked for a spot, I ask them, are you ready now?? ��

  • I found when going for max weight once a week is perfect or even once every two weeks on deadlift. If going for higher reps on close to max quantity then twice per week. However the biggest variable I’ve found to affect progress is stress.

  • All that for what 135 #’s? That was some funny shit right there and you know there’s that one guy who actually does this. That’s why I built my own gym in my backyard. To much testosterone at the gym for me.

  • So funny yet so true. Ask any power lifter to do pull ups without kipping and get ready for a hundred reasons why they can’t “that day”.
    That or bet them any amount of money on Earth that they can’t last five minutes on a stair master and the check is already cashed.

  • I like these videos that you film and train with other people, they are informative and add a sort of change of pace to your channel in a positive way (if that makes sense ha).. Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much watch all of your videos, they are entertaining and informative, but your video’s like this one seem to grab my attention most. Anyway, it would be cool to lift with you sometime and maybe learn a thing or two. Let me know if your interested. I hardly have anything on my channel right now but you can check out my instagram if you want. my user name is enialbtaylor. Hit me up! Blaine Taylor

  • You need to make a video of your actual workout without the show. Like a legit training video. It would be entertaining to see you being you.

  • You have to be an angry, loud, fat fucker. Think he’s better’n everyone else. Eat what the fuck you want. RAAWWR!!! I slam weights when I wanttttt

  • 4:03 the bench press suit is fucking stupid. I’ll wear this fucked up suit so it pulls my arms like a body worm rubber band that helps me lift 4 lbs more

  • powerlifters: these idiot gymbros bouncing the weight off their chest think they’re strong lolololol

    also powerlifters: *arches back into a perfect bell curve so the ROM is 3 inches* perfect lift!

  • Lol you forgot genetics, recovery varies across a broad range from individual to individual. What is overtraining to one person is fine for another. An example, my dad trained twice a day and made progress whereas I have to train once per week or longer or else my strength decreases.

  • Holy shit Doms lucky he didn’t snap his torso in half or kill himself from all these deadlifts.

    They’re dangerous, hence the name deadlifts, because traditionally they’re done by people who wished they were dead

  • I think a good rule to follow is to not train a muscle again until ALL soreness is gone in those muscles from the last workout. And I think for natural lifters training a muscle once a week is the very most you should train it. One guy in our old gym had arguably the biggest healthiest looking physique, and years later he told he use to laugh at how often other guys in the gym would train, he said he trained on average 2 days per week to get the look he had. I read an article a couple years ago about doing a 10 day training cycle………. the guy was a very successful lifter and advocated not training any muscle more then once in ten days…… you train it hard and then you feed it and let it heal for 9 days in between its next workout,

  • Subscribed to your channel a few months ago. I really appreciate this series. I’m like half a year in, still wanna get a feel around but I want to compete probably mid to late next year but thank you for the informative and above all enjoyable content. Look forward to this and every other video

  • Legit my frequency has been once a week for years now and I’m not even sure why. Literally have no idea but at some point I came to the conclusion that once was enough. I might just be lazy though…

  • I think we all suffer from information overload when it comes to the ideal training pedagogy and Candito always seems to be the voice of reason. You’re one of few powerlifters who give sound advice… Thank you!

  • Its simple just imagine: Football practice: Almost everday your working out your whole intire body…..So why not sqaut deadlift bench everyday? Arnold always say shock the muscle u want to fully damage all your muscle fibbers…..Good sleep good cards protein and fats. Fuck supplements fuck pre work outs nothing works only steroids but di not take it unless u plan on taking it for rhe rest of your life its that simple

  • Practicing lifts that are considered a skill for ur sport or activity done daily for just 1 or 2 sets max per exercise will make u achieve size and strength faster and safer. Simply becuz training this way is all about staying fresh and non fatigued so i can grease the groove so to speak on the lifts. More session per week but they are very short simple and basic. The rate of progresion with this training is fuckin magical. Think of it as practice cuz thats what it is, for the muscles and and nervous system. All comea down to the fact that it is better to break up ur volume of work over a longer stretch to accumualte quality work loads and tonnage while being fresh, not fatigued, or monotonous and stressful.

  • Mike on a serious note. You’re strong for your bodyweight in every exercise and workout hard. Why have you not grown over the years? I know you dwarf bradlynn but still..

  • You are my favorite natty bodybuilder, power lifter, whatever the fuck you are. Full of knowledge and a body that backs it up. Cheers.

  • Or when they can’t get the weight back up, so they start screaming, “Help me! Help me out!”
    And then you do, and they start screaming, “I told you not to help me!”

  • Dude the shirt is sick! You kinda looked wierd because its dark outside black on black! Floting head and wigiling arms! I must be tripping hahaha

  • I’m still a little confused on federations. I get that you have to join one to compete but does that mean you can only do certain events? And how long before a meet should you join a federation? I found a rookie meet in September and think I’m going to work towards it! Thank you so much for these videos because it is so confusing!!

  • if protein synthesis only lasts 24 to 48 hours for a natural bodybuilder/powerlifter…then doesnt it make sense to train that same muscle every 48 hours for optimal growth?

  • I’d would have liked if you would have talked more about the masters age brackets…what’s the most common age categories. Love this series!

  • I found I can bench 2x per week, and squat/dead lift once a week. But squat and dead lift use the same muscle groups so it’s sort of like training both twice per week too. Of course the heavier weights the more time for recovery I need so go figure. I guess periodization is the ultimate answer to the debate. Do everything sometimes but not all the time, and not all at once.

  • I believe high frequency training is more effectice if you eat a lot and rest a lot. People who lets say train legs 3-4 times a week might not have any progress if they dont sleep and eat enough. I have experienced that i get most gains out of consuming 4500+ kcal a day and rest 8-10 hours every night. (8 hours at night, 2 hours at mid day)
    People forget how big a role sleep and food plays in powerlifting.

  • does increasing frequency puts more stress on the tendons for example instead of doing 5×5 to split it 3×5 today 2×5 tommorow, basically keeping the volume the same but increasing freq?

  • Modifying programs in necessary.  I use wendler progression for squat and deadlift but squat 3 other times per week as well, and a bodybuilding style template for bench.

  • Thanks so much for spelling all of this out for us. Very good content, and appreciated greatly. Of course you come out with a peaking cycle two weeks before my first competition… next time I guess.

  • Johnny, so what should a mortal person like myself do then? Since all programs is BS. SHould I train till i feel myself refreshed from the previous workout? like for say, doing squats on monday, then i do it when I feel i could perform 100%? even if it took 3-4 days after?

  • @CanditoTrainingHQ HEY CANDITO!!!! how can I contact you beside fb? I tried downloading your 6 week program on my phone but it’s not calculating when I put in my 1rm. Does it need to be on a computer to work? Or am I doing something wrong?

  • Depends a lot on setup as well. By that I mean Oly guys who squat everyday tend to have shorter workouts, moving up to their top set fast. A guy like Eric lilliebridge on the other hand spends practically a day in the gym squatting treating the workout like a meet. He only pushes squats every two weeks because he knows going that hard more often would rek him.

  • we have to differentiate between heavy and light sessions too. during uni, i squatted heavy 3 times a week but i had all the time in the world to sleep, recover. now that i started a new job and im adjusting my sleep schedule, i switched to 1 light & 1 heavy session / week but of course, i will bring it back up over time. not to mention, i use my bike to get to work and back which is a total of 10 km daily and that had to be taken into account when adjusting my training too.

  • @CanditoTrainingHQ I would plead for auto-regulation also when an intermediate lifter is a bit older and injuries are more likely. I’m 35 myself and fairly prone to injuries. I have the knowlegde to autoregulate my training cycles. Just following 4 week cycles as is caused some discomfort in my knees and shoulders, even with a correct technique. Nowadays I set up my training in such a way that I keep progressing, but staying injury free at the same time, while adjusting my training on a weekly basis. It takes some extra tracking, but it’s worth it. Thank you for the informative vid!

  • This was awesome dude, so friggin interesting. Love the way you consistently cite actual lifters, gives everything a lot more weight

  • I am the kind of powerlifter that constantly gets injured even though I never lift too heavy or too often leaving me unable to actually start progressing.

  • Do what works for you. For example I get shredded when I take carbs out of my diet and eat 2700 calories a day. Carbs for me make me fat even on 1700 calories a day. I did both carb and no carb for a year.

  • In Purposeful Primitive, Mark Gallagher notes how Mark Chaillet ( 900s-500s-800s) would squat and bench on monday and deadlift on thursday. Hugh Cassidy (800-570-800) would do all three lifts twice a week. Ken Fantano trained two to three times a week. I read on lift-run-bang that Stan Efferding trained twice a week leading up to his 2,303 pound raw total.

  • Did you watch that barbell shrugged episode with Broz from Average Broz Gym and that’s why you referenced the “squat everyday” thing?

  • Train like you want to lift in your 40s, 50s, and 60s cuz you know you will! But will you be able to? Drop and gimme 20 walker pushups, brah.

  • i think the real thing is, should i lift high volume one time a week for squats completely annihilating my legs, or should i use less intensity and squat 5 times a week.  Most olympic lifters lift everyday, but they probably dont lift high frequency, most likely heavy weight singles, doubles and go home

  • Jonnie, thank you so much for your strength program. I really helped me improve my squat I still have a minor problem and was wondering if you could do a video on how to improve dorsi flexion.

  • I wanna do a meet but I kinda don’t I just love actually powerlifiting movements in the gym but the actual sport of it isn’t really tempting maybe I’ll do like momma lifts when I’m 50 just to scratch it off the bucket list if I’m blessed to see that age

  • You know your body will go to its natural state if you just train extremely hard, you will look good and most importantly natural. No one thinks steroids heads achieved anything great, everyone knows.

  • I observe that heavy Weight lifters need less frequency more intensity and its the opposite for lightweight lifters. Also women can handle a lot of volume. What is your opinion / observation on This Jonnie??

  • Trust in Jesus he died for your sins, believe the gospel. Repent!!! If you do sin confess your sins, ask him to help you overcome your sins he will. Obey Jesus live by his teachings be lead by the Holy Spirit the Lord is coming soon you must live by his teachings. The love of God is beyond our understanding  God bless,,,


  • I think the dude got lost in his own eyes right when they started recording and then he snaps out of it around 5 seconds in hahaha

  • yo maxx im from chester theres a old school powerlifting gym in hopewell. You’d love it bro. I would love to take you there my man!

  • I see why you are weaker in your bench. Your Triceps are much smaller than his, and probably not as strong either. Also, I can BARELY bench 280 for 3 reps, and I bench 355 paused. So how is he benching 280,3 times it looks like, without a problem but only reaches a max of 315?

  • If  it’s Youtube, a power lifting competition, or a bodybuilding show it’s always good to have something to push you mentally and physically. It really lets you know where you’re at in a fitness standpoint. Good luck in your PL meet Maxx!

  • If I’m at a bw of 155 and I bench 215 maybe 225, I can squat 275 for 2 and I pulled 335 for deadlift, but I’m feeling some abdominal pain so I stopped. Should I compete in PL? Also do I have to deadlift? Can I just do bench and squat or just bench? 

  • maxx how are you so strong for your size? I don’t mean to sound like I’m mocking you because I am not, but your bench and deadlift are exceptional for your size how do you do it! The biggest guys at the gym I go to could barely bench 225lbs

  • Love your videos man, you’re such an inspiration. You’ve got me back on the lifting train after a 2 year break and I have a lot of ground to make up.The amount of weight you throw around keeps me motivated to get stronger.

    Keep it up Maxx.

  • Hi Maxx

    You seem to know a lot about the difference between body building, which strength training, and power lifting. If someone can’t lift vary heavy weights due to a herniation of their cerebrum into their spine, is doing lots of reps with lighter weights going to build strength over time. Once the strength increases, the weight will obviously gradually increase, but not at the same rate as someone without this condition. Surgery is a crap shoot 50/50, with a risk of paralysis, and or infection, so its a last ditch effort sort of thing.


  • Hey Maxx, I’ve really been curious to ask, what program are you on? Because I’m really interested in maximizing my strength but haven’t quite found the program I want to try

  • I love train on how i fell that day so if i feel great i will workout full body but if i feel like shit i will skip day and do on another

  • I’m still within my first year of lifting, and I’m still running Wendler.  If I planned to do a meet the first week in December would I just go as normal through Wendler’s cycles and just be sure to deload the week prior to the meet?

  • Max your form on the bench is really good! So don’t copy it from somebody else. It’s just a matter of time you will get stronger in it. When it comes to that body mass is probably another benefit. Doesn’t say you should gain weight tho. Stick to your weight, but take your time 😉

  • vids are so annoying since u started saying thanks to ur subscribers and asking for a hit on the like button in every fucking video for 5 minutes

  • does anyone else like maxx’s lean look. I mean he looks good in clothes and he’s strong which is ideal in my mind. I can’t be the only one can I?

  • Jonnie the pure reason why i got into powerlifting is because of your free information. Mate this an awesome channel, wish you the greatest success and hope i will be able to train with you one day! PEACE!

  • Maxx thinkin: you better enter in a different competition if you want to place first…

    That kid has some solid genetics… check out those guns. I thought his form was pretty poor tho imo

  • Wow your mom is amazing! And I thought I was too old for starting a new sport already. I’m 31 and I’d LOVE to get into powerlifting but it seems so overwhelming, especially when you don’t know anyone who is into it.

  • The logic that you should hammer your strength the most seems kind of backwards to me…You should hammer your weak lift more to bring it up, or at least hit everything equally. Why hit your best lift the most and just increase the discrepancy between all the lifts?

  • How are you not a powerlifter?? Lol you don’t bulk or cut, you train for strength and you compete in powerlifting, not bodybuilding. No hate just sayin you fit all the powerlifter requirements lol

  • I squat three times a week, but I alternate between back and front squats. This works for me pretty well till now and I got very good results.

  • Thanks for putting the time and effort into this series I LOVE all the info and with getting more serious about powerlifting Im sure I will be rewatching these again. Great stuff!!!

  • So can I squat/bench 3-4x a week working up to a daily training max?

    (of course listening to my body and back off when needed to, etc)


  • Haha, the metal head analogy was spot on for me. I love powerlifting and was definitely one of the grungy metalhead kids in high school..

  • Hey everyone. Let’s hide our real faces with as much hair as possible. Then maybe James Bond will look like us one day. Or maybe not. Maybe just other ugly guys will copy us. We hate looking our best so we’re going to grow a lot of facial hair. Then maybe all the women will love that wooly mammoth look. Maybe not, but at least my hairy guy friends think I look cool…and my ex drug addict bi sexual girlfriend.

  • Or you’re the spotter that ends up doing the world’s heaviest shrug/ upright row while the ‘powerlifter’ wants a BP 50kgs more than he can lift, and rip your forearms from the strain, ask me how I know!!

  • Serious answers please, I want to increase my maximum 1 rep max with weight added on my pull up. Now i can do 25 kg for 1 rep and am 15 yo. How do I reach 40 kg for 1 rep?

  • when u make fun of liberals ur simple minded viewers blush harder than the girl who just got asked to dance by the hottest guy in school

  • The “I lift only for instagram and I have to watch inspirational youtubers for self validation” type of powerlifter… you know, sbd equipment, email me for personal coaching, youtube link in bio, a nod above average total (in knee sleeves of course).

  • To be a powerlifter you have to never do curls ever. Also, you have to eat big to get big! Even if you gain 50 lbs of fat and only add 15 lbs to your total��

  • It’s only a matter of time before you all will be doing crossfit…. You’ll see… The truth always comes out, and crossfit is the truth! I promise! You’ll see

  • When you were discussing the registration part and showed an example, the name was David Shirley and the gym was Proving Ground for the Iron Maiden competition, that’s a gym in my home town I work out at and David is the owner. Are you going to the Iron Maiden competition?

  • Correction about the Starting Strength federation and meets: Starting Strength DOES have its own official federation called the US Strengthlifting Federation. To be clear, they don’t consider themselves a powerlifting federation, but they do conduct sanctioned meets.


  • 1. The one who squats slightly over parallel
    2.The one who with that atrocious arch in the bench
    3.The one who pulls sumo with 1 inch ROM

    Choose one

  • Johnny, can you give me some advice?

    I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain in my left knee, patellofemoral pain. I thought it would stop with giving my knees a rest from squats and deads.

    It’s been 2 months and I still experience the pain.

    What do?

  • i just emailed an application for guaranteed entry but have to mail them a check for payment. ��
    totally enjoy these new formatssuper helpful breakdown of info! ��

  • I just think that the frequency depends on how fast your recovery is. I try to hit legs 3 times a week but sometimes when I go too heavy, I end up doing just twice a week, like I said, it depends on how fast you can recover from the previous session.

  • What? You want the squatrack I’m using? I hope you brought your tent and supplies for couple of days, ’cause I ain’t moving till I’m finished!

  • It is scary how true all of this is. ������

    Edit: But you forgot one thing: Make so much noise while deadlifting, that you piss everybody off big time!

  • Thank you for putting a new video out on my birthday, Meg! I missed you. I am a brand new powerlifter. I just started this year. Honestly, you have been a huge inspiration to my first year of my powerlifting journey. I went from being depressed and super anxious at the gym to feeling confident at the gym and thinking about competing. You are my hero. Your videos remind me to keep strong and positive. Thank you, Meg. ������

  • Your video series’ have increased exponentially in terms of information and entertainment, and that’s saying something since they’ve always been full of good stuff. Thanks and best of luck on your coming meet!

  • While I like the format of the new videos (I think they look very professional), this content is geared toward new lifters. I have followed you for a while and I would love it if there could still be some content geared toward a more experienced audience, even if that content is vlog or DITL style. Thank you for always putting so much effort into your videos/content.

  • Ever since Gold’s went out of business, all the power lifters have been coming to my gym and it’s annoying af. They take all the 45lb plates and they hog all the benches and squat racks AKA biceps area with their 2 rep sets with 10 minute rests.

  • Honestly, at this point they should just remove the bench press for both light weight females and most heavy weights. Just look how they freaking perform the lift, it’s ridiculous. They’re either so fat that they barely have to move the bar, or they simply arch their back like crazy in order to only move the bar 2 inches. It’s stupid and at this point it’s just a matter of who’s the best cheater.