5 Underused Bicep Exercises You have to be Doing



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3 Bicep Exercises (YOU NEED TO START DOING!!)

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Bicep Exercises YOU’RE DOING WRONG!

Video taken from the channel: Ryan Humiston


5 Bicep Peak Exercises You’re Not Doing For FAST MASS!

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5 Bicep Exercises You’re Not Doing!!!

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Best Biceps Exercises You’re Not Doing

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4 Bicep Exercises (YOU NEED TO DO!!)

Video taken from the channel: Ryan Humiston

Below are five of the best bicep exercises for targeting and building your biceps. The first three are dumbbell bicep exercises and the fourth is a barbell bicep exercise, the fifth uses a cable. Integrate three or four into your regular routine, which should already involve upper-body work, including pulling movements like rows and pull-ups. You don’t need dumbbells or bands to develop your bicep strength; all you need is a TRX Suspension Trainer.

With these five TRX bicep exercises, you’ll be well on your way to stronger, toned arms. With these five TRX bicep exercises, you’ll be well on your way to stronger, toned arms. 10 Bicep Exercises YOU NEED to be Doing! 5 Beginner Bicep Exercises | Rob Riches Bicep Curls 2 sets of 15 reps Wide Grip Curls 3 sets of 8 reps Close Gripcurls 3 sets of 8 reps Low Pully Curls.

5 of the Best Bicep Exercises You Aren’t Doing. The arm-stacking gun-show moves you’ve been missing out on. By Matthew Evans. 31/10/2018 nd3000 Getty Images.

Eat, sleep, curl, repeat. Meaning your workout needs just five exercises, one from each of these categories: push (pressing away from you), pull (tugging toward you), hip-hinge (bending from the middle), squat (flexing at. The 5 Exercises Everyone Over 50 Needs to Be Doing, According to a Doctor Strength training is key to staying healthy as you age. By Steven R. Bowers, D.O.

Below are five of the best bicep exercises for targeting and building your biceps. The first three are dumbbell bicep exercises and the fourth is a barbell bicep exercise, the fifth uses a cable. Integrate three or four into your regular routine, which should already involve upper-body work, including pulling movements like rows and pull-ups.

You asked for it so here is the dumbbell only chest video! Another piece that I wanted to add to this video but didn’t want it to run to long is the benefit. Whether you choose to play with negatives, isometric holds or drop sets, you’ll need to start with a few fundamental moves. On your next arm day, Mathew Forzaglia, certified personal trainer and founder of Forzag Fitness on the NEOU App, recommends you give these dumbbell exercises a try.

Combine this routine with another bodypart if you dare, but if you can find time to do these mini-workouts on their own, make it so to increase the focus on your biceps and really see your efforts pay off. After 4-6 weeks of this twice-a-week biceps regimen you should see a marked improvement. If you can, go for another couple weeks, as each.

List of related literature:

biceps, forearms (2-4) This one’s as simple as it is effective.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
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When doing these, I hold on to something with one hand to steady myself, lean a little to the side to give myself a free range of motion, and concentrate totally on each biceps in turn—something

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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Standing to the side of the client, place your fingers to the front (around biceps) and your thumbs to the back (around triceps) and squeeze these two muscles together.

“The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy” by Helen Beckmann, Suzanne E. Le Quesne
from The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy
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Double biceps curl: Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing up, elbows resting lightly against your sides, and arms hanging down.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
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All four exercises use your triceps to straighten your arms at the elbow joint.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
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Kneading: trapezius, two-handed reciprocal kneading to deltoid (Fig. 8.3), biceps, triceps, forearm and hand.

“Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage E-Book: A Practical Guide for Therapists” by Elizabeth A. Holey, Eileen M. Cook
from Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage E-Book: A Practical Guide for Therapists
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Perform the same number of repetitions with each arm.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
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Then, I’ll do three or four supersets of either (a) 15 to 20 reps of pull-ups and dips, (b) ten reps of bicep curls and tricep extensions, or (c) ten reps of shoulder presses, lateral raises, and front raises.

“Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World” by Timothy Ferriss
from Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World
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I typically included four or five different upper-extremity exercises to strengthen different muscles such as the triceps (see Figure 4.3), biceps, deltoids, trapezius, pectoralis, and latissimus.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
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I like seven specific upper body exercises because they get most of the different arm muscles.

“Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies” by Alan L. Rubin
from Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies
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  • Hello Ryan
    As always very simply put and informative video

    Question: I’ve been having elbow pain (tennis elbow outside elbow) for some time now
    I followed the routine, ice heat, anti-inflammatories, rest

    Is there any way to have an arm day without stressing the elbows?
    My routine is supersetting bicep-tricep sets x 4 variations


  • Regarding the 5th exercise, I’m thinking you might want to do the supernation of the dumbbells whilst moving your arms, instead of waiting till you’ve either contracted or retracted, as there’s no tension on the muscle in the top/bottom of the movement

  • @ 2:02 added this into my arms day today. Holy SH*T! Was the 1st thing I did my arms swelled up like if it had the mumps! Guys listen up this is GOLD don’t be average learn and grow. Bruce Lee once stated keep the good and discard the useless to para phrase.
    Anyways sir this is great thank you ��.

  • This guy is the Steve Jobs of fitness! Nothing this good will be free forever!! It’s not enough to like his videos, I’ve created a playlist then added them and reference whatever body part(s) video just before I hit the gym. I wish I could post this on every one of his videos…Gold, just gold!!!!

  • Bi’s n Tri’s mistakes. Love the time under tension all the videos. The way break down the mechanics. I first started on the 100 push ups fir 30 days.

  • Just brilliant. He’s helped me get my drive and enthusiasm back for weights. THANK YOU especially in this time. You can’t my heart and soul NWO.

  • Great content, Love the humor, the vids are enjoyable to watch! This channel keeps me modivated and just wanting to get back to the gym everyday and try the new stuff! Amazing work ��

  • Haha man I watch you guys everyday at the gym cause everyone else is on their phone or talking to a buddy.I love the videos guys and please keep it up my Buff Bros…

  • I think a brief demo before the explanationeven 2-3 seconds of the exercisewould be a little better. Then a full demo after. Easier to follow along for us visual learners….

  • Everybody who uses the preacher curl does it wrong… YOUR the first person to actually do it right. The creator of the preacher curl would be turning in his grave and I mean turning in his grave because he was a very outspoken pioneer and was a 100% advocate on doing it right!!! He has alot of old school technique that are awesome but are not used like the sissy squat you should look at Vince’s old school methods. I used them and they work well 😉

  • Youre a fraud like v shreds ���� tryna take credit for someone else work �� straight certified clown everyone should dislike this video from this fake ass ig trainer ����������

  • This video is very disrespectful to the great ‘iron guru’ Vince Gironda. All these exercises are either Gironda’s inventions or regular exercises which he used to incorporate regularly. At least reference the guy to keep his legacy alive. Disappointing dudes.

  • Awesome content, Ryan… thx bro! Question for you…. my left arm is definitely more developed than my right. Thus, how much more work should I be giving my right? Are we talking a certain # of reps… or an extra set? Any help is greatly appreciated. Anyone feel free to comment, btw��.

  • Athlean X is an awesome guy. And if you do a vid the same as him or vice versa. It shows it’s the right approach to me. People on here are just too critical on the the things that dont matter. This vid is original and by no means a copy. Its honest, clean advice.. use it or just ignore. But no need for being shitty towards anyone helping people like me. Good work bro ��

  • Good info.
    Unsolicited feedback.
    A little less face time.
    More time devoted to exercise demo.
    Show the machine.
    Slow down on the speed talking.
    Emphasis on good info.

  • Awesome once again ��. Rayan you go from a normal rep number to a high number am confused! Always been taught to do either one or the other but not both together. You tend to do both combined. Pls do a video to tell us how you manage this as part of a weekly routine. Thx a lot

  • So I’m gonna be starting my first bulk in a few days, roughly how much muscle can I expect to put on over a 3-4 month period? I have been lifting for fun for a couple of years now

  • Been watching these for the last month. No fuss no muss, so clear and specific. The best instructional and supported advice out there….well at least that i have seen. Gonna subscribe right now. Thanks

  • Ola Damien. Gosto muito dos seus vídeos mas gostaria de deixar uma sugestão. Legendar os vídeos em português para os fãs aqui do Brasil. Forte abraço. Oss ������

  • Could you talk to us about stretch marks? should we fear them? because I do so I fear gaining mass haha that’s weird
    You have big ones and yours are already little visible

  • Dude, I love how your straight to the point and display the lift. It’s doesn’t take you 12min to explain 5 best bicep exercise. Your awesome man! ����

  • Your shoulders ain’t big stop thinking it’s Markus Ruhl or Jay Cutler big or FIBB pros at 270 height variance.

    You just have shitty form and lift too much like a dumbass. That’s it.

  • hi damien new sub here im 47 and well over weight but have taken up weight lifting do you have any tips for us old guys? cheers from oz

  • Love your videos man, I use to surf around for workouts but now only watch your channel and have gotten some good results from your workouts.

  • Want to see your five mistakes triceps biceps video. Have slow gains on biceps but triceps are miles ahead. This video breaks it down. Like the Sergio Olivia preacher dumbbell curls!

  • Dude i need your advice. I want to buy one of your Training eBooks but i don’t know witch one:D I have 26 years I’m about 192 cm and 105 kg and i think I’m endomorph type of body. I lost a lot of weight in 2017 i dropped from 120 kg to 101 then i gain 4 kg in last couple of months but i swear that’s almost all muscle mas i think because i drop couple of numbers at shirts and pants but I’m 4 kg heavier then lets say 3 months ago. I tend to have fat issue but also i have a lot of muscle mass also my bones are heavy too i think i have good genetics because i can build muscles a lot easier then mu friends. So i think i should buy TRUEBEAST. Or you think i wold go better with The Hybrid?

  • Hey man I really enjoy watching your workout videos, they have helped motivate me to keep lifting even after my back injury! If you could make a video about workouts for people with back injuries that would be great!

  • I totally do that, and I knew it but I could never articulate it this well. I did find leaning back on preacher curls fixes that a lot.

  • The plate pinch curl (we always called them forearm grippers) always did more for my forearms than biceps, but still a good workout that I like to do.

  • Ryan I constantly deal with golfers elbow when it comes to curls. The easy bar helps a little by taking the strain off the inner forearm. How can I resolve this so I can expand my biceps training?

  • Just found your channel! Love the info, and have a question/suggestion for a video. I’m older (39) and a graphic designer, so a lot of sitting and mouse moving. I struggle with tendonitis in my right elbow which I think is exacerbated by my job. On my back and bicep day and even my shoulder days I have to really baby the right elbow. Already had to have a couple steroid shots in the elbow. Are there exercises that I can do to help prevent the tendonitis? Or bicep exercises that don’t put as much pressure on the elbows?

  • I’m 42 and during this lockout I’ve pushed my bicep curls too hard, now I think I have tennis elbow. A month later with no upper body workouts it still hurts. I just want it to heal so I can get back into action. Any ideas besides ice and stretches?

  • I’m guilty of so many mistakes or more accurately improper form… I’m a shoulder roller for sure, need to nip this in the bud. Thanks for the content dude.

  • Great techniques. Start watching your awesome videos. One question, does it make a difference if I do biceps and triceps in right after another? Some people prefer to do them separately.

  • Thank you for your videos. They set the standard.
    How about some drills for those with a noticeable imbalance in size. For ex, my left arm is bigger than right (left handed). My work shirt is tight around my left arm, but I can stick 2 fingers in sleeve on right. Noticeable in mirror as well. Thanks for what you are doing.

  • 2nd exercise is carter curls.
    edit: okay that was a joke, Brandon carter just calls them that because he’s not sure what they’re called.
    But the last exercise is actually called the zottman or zottoman curl.

  • Hi gabe, great vid as always, deffo going to try this in my next workout. Could you do a video on finisher exercises? So a finisher exercise for chest, back biceps etc. I think that would be really helpful. On an unrelated note and this may seem like a dumb /weird question but Im a uni student so I’m prone to staying up late and waking up late. So lets say its Monday and i stay awake until 2am Tuesday morning. I might eat something at 1am on Tuesday morning. Would i count those calories as Mondays calories as im still awake or Tuesdays calories but its technically Tuesday. or does it not make a difference at all. Sorry for the long winded question.

  • *To everyone who keeps saying I copied Athlean X, I haven’t seen a video of his in over a month. He apparently posted something similar a few days ago? The workout parts of this video
    was filmed a week ago. End of the day it doesn’t matter if I did or didn’t, because in this video thousands of guys will have 5 new bicep peak moves AND know the 4 tips to isolate the long head vs the short head. I take so much time and energy to drill down the details of these videos to help you guys, and to keep the content on this channel original, like nuclei overload experiments, etc. Thanks to alll that support! Giveaway winners from last 2 videos being announcing on My Instagram @TroyShred later today*

  • Both 3 biggest mistakes you made training your harms and 5 bicep and arm training mistakes, because I have the same problem, I have to put out a lot to see a pump or growth on my biceps. So please show both videos. Thanks

  • Good stuff bro! I like your ideas and out of the box thinking. I have been doing the 2 week arm challenge and I am on the second week. I can’t believe the resuIts I am already getting. Thanks for everything!

  • Let’s see the three mistakes video.

    I also watch other workout videos.. Your content is still really good and gives more tips, and variety, that are helpful to anyone training without a trainer.

    You keep doing what you do and forget the critics.

  • you said this: when you pull it up just protant your thumbs out and lean into it and make it worse. then, you block head, you show an example and you do not lean into it at all. you remain at the angle. nothing you say is consistent except your guaranteed buffoonery.

  • He is the typical dumb gym bodybuilder…. it doesnt matter what exercise you do its a single joint exercise the body doesnt know what exercise your doing only that its been overloaded..he talking absolute bs

  • The waiter’s curl shouldn’t be credited to Athlean X
    Bryan Renshaw introduced that technique about 3-4 years ago on his youtube channel

  • Love that exercise where you grip a heavy Dumbell with two hands, then flex the wrists whilst lifting to keep the top surface level, massive hit on the biceps, really feel it and I’ve noticed growth already after only 3 weeks.

  • I’ve never been this entertained and consistently not put-off by someone’s videos. It’s like watching Shawn Ryan from Vigilance Elite when it comes to shooting and tactics. No ego, just info and well-delivered dry humor. Well done, Ryan.

  • With your honest opinion.im a 46 y/o borderline diabetic.am I or is it still possible for me to build muscle on my biceps and chest.

  • I’ve loved doing spider curls BUT with a close grip using an EZ-bar. Feels like it’s the best way for me to really flex my biceps, not so much to stretch them.

  • Lol @ all these videos assuming that everybody is working out wrong!

    Edit: technically we are. Most of us aren’t enhanced (and losing our hair!) like this guy is. At least other youtubers can admit to not being natural. This guy will just continue to tell the rest of us that we’re doing it wrong while laughing his off at the fact that we’ll never be able to grow like he can.

  • Right on… subscribed… you sir are one serious big dude. Thank you for sharing some of youre wisdom. As a average Joe I am so happy to find this channel. Thumbs up.

  • Most Fitness people have no idea what the exercises is for and how to do them… they always try to turn them into something else!

  • i love how he’s straight to the point with the workouts. the only downside to this video is i don’t have any most of the equipment required which kinda sucks

  • I definetly want to see the Arms mistake video, I’m in Afghanistan at the moment and I see some stuff in the gym that blows me away, I did have a guy ask me about the waiters curl the yesterday!

  • Elbows should ALWAYS BE BEHIND BODY FOR BICEPS for a stretch… Theres no such thing as training for peak though you cant shape a muscle some people are born with great bicep genetics others arnt. Some have long full biceps but average peak. No matter what exercises they do this will not change.

  • I’d live to see a video about the 5 mistakes in bicep and tricep Training. also appreciate your shoutout to athlean-x, no harm in repeating good exercises as long as credit is given. I like your style of explaining, its a nice additon to my workout experts library. Keep it up!

  • Good day sir! I and my squad would like to see that “3 mistakes I made training my arms.” And btw ur arms is lit!!! Have a nice day!!!

  • Big fan of your videos, keep them coming. Maybe you have answered this before, but I’m new to the gym. What is the best way or format to put together a work out with out spending all day in the gym? Do you have a plan or guide to help with this?

  • I used my moms automatic reclining chair to get these specific angles since i can’t afford a proper workout chair. ��Really helped me progress past just basic lifting which was getting a bit to easy. Great video.

  • I was doing the dragcurls and something in my neck snapped:O Haven’t been able to really move it in two days now. I hope it will go away with rest. Have any of you ever experienced the same?

  • My bicep genetics sucks. Been pumping different exercises, dieting good but not results. Tried athleanx exercises but not results.

  • How do you complete the hammer curl/drag curl exercise?Is it 1x hammer rep then 1x drag rep straight after the other in the same set? If so, how many reps in the set? Or are they 2 separate sets to be completed altogether? If so, how many reps in each set? Please reply!

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  • I don’t have curl bar, I used dumbbells to build my biceps. Should I used lighter weight to do faster, or heavier weight to do it slower? Which is more effective?

  • The top side of my long head ( closes to my shoulder) has a peak but the closer it gets to my shoulder I feel my bicep just turn flat. If I flex my arm out 90° it feels full, but when I turn my arm in an L shape in front of me with the nail of my thumb facing my chest, that long head part I’m talking about gets completely flat… anyone have tips on how to fix that?

  • Best workout channel on YouTube!! Ryan is straight up without the smoke everyone else tries to blow up your a-!! This is all that I watch anymore. Thank you brother.

  • Do you have any muscle groups where you feel you’ve achieved the size you want and do not want to go bigger? If so, what does your workout/sets/reps look like for those muscle groups?

  • Thank you sir! Love seeing different exercises, I get bored fast and this helps keep things interesting and also helps to prevent seeing those so called ” plateaus” that people who do the same boring routine for weeks on end complain about! ������

  • I do similar biceps exercise you did with the incline bench and cable. I lay on my back on a low cable machine bench and use the same bar.

  • At one time I owned a gym and this guy would do these all of the time with crazy weight, 225lbs. Massive! I never tried them but now that you explained it I will give it a try.

  • Love the exercise variations you keep coming up with! Incredible information for people who take training serious. I’m 60 years old, I’ve been into training since my teens, and I’m seeing new results from watching you! Thanks so much Ryan!!!

  • I like the variations mentioned in the barbell curls but bending during the curls brings in lower back pain, when I tried, did anybody else tried and felt back pain

  • Something I like about Ryan ia that he’s not bashing other channels trying to puff himself up. Don’t do it bro. You’re vids are all the proof we need that you know you’re shit.

  • Man I can never say this enough!!! Thank you for making a video without going around the world with an hour of bullshit before you get to the point.(KISS) Keep It Simple Stupid ��. 4 minute video better than 30.

  • Excellent! �� I especially like the idea of the leaning forward EZ-bar curl; it doesn’t seem strained (by not leaning backward), takes any shoulder recruitment out of it, and looks like a (modified) standing spider curl.

  • 2:02 can’t you do that standing? The arms are literally at the same position as if you were standing. Except when standing, you’re working your back also, sooooo yea.

  • Pretty sure that doing sliced reps bicep curls(or even hammer) gives off better amounts of intensity than those isometric bicep curls. Might want to try that out.

  • I’ve been training 12 years. Im around 220lbs at 6 foot reasonably lean but no idea of bf%. I’ve found that my arms grew to around 16 inches after about 4 years of training, then haven’t grown at all ever since. meanwhile my chest back shoulders and legs have all seen great growth in the time since. I’ve tried a bunch of your techniques over the past few months but still not really noticing anything different in my arms. I’ve also tried a bunch of John Meadows techniques over a few year period and also never really noticed anything. Really not sure how to get my arms to budge at all.

  • If a force is perpendicular to the movement, that force does not do any work.This is high school physics. Therefore, that “drag” curl is total crap. That would be the same as doing a barbell row standing upright.

  • One thing that annoys me is that Ryan works out in an overtly Christian gym but his F-Bombs ands swearing is excessive.. The walls are decorated with BLESSED and GLORY GAINS. He doesn’t need to talk like that. Otherwise I like his advice.

  • I haven’t been to the gym for freaking months already ugh I can’t even get a simple dumbbell since they are either out of stock or whoever sells them wanna charge 5 times the price for a rusty pair…. All I’ve done for a month is pushups and pull ups…

  • People who diminished the work of “superhuman-you” saying he copied it from athlean X are simply dumb.
    1. He did give Jeff due credit (I am big fan of Jeff).
    2. There are 4 more exercises that are discussed here

  • I love how straight to the point these videos are. Don’t know how many workout vids are 20 minutes long and only show 3 exercises.

  • All my workout workouts with dumbbells or curl bar or a tricep bar. Haven’t gone back to the gym trying to work out looking for that type of workout

  • 5 biggest mistakes! Good luck with the trainer too! I think Glass and Hany Rambod are absolute geniuses and I don’t think you’ll regret spending that $

  • In waiter curls, shoulder is also working..nd we cant completely contract our biceps when we slowly down.. btw. this is very great workout for long hed..

  • Hey people, quick question, I personally find it hard to connect with my left bicep, I guess i’m a true right-hander, what’s the best way/exercise to really get it done? Any thoughts?

  • How much weight you pulling? I have a problem lifting too light. It seems like it’s not as effective even till failure. Maybe it’s just in my head.

  • At somme point with heavy’er weight’s it can be bad for you’re back when you whanne gain on anabolic becours you have to do like i did first let’s say 16kg dumbels for biceps and when the anabolic is kicking in 22′ 24 kg for massa’ if you can so i think it can be bad for you’re back but maybe its just my training and i am wrong.

  • Best biceps exercise is the shoulder width overhand grip pull-ups. With your elbows out to the sides not in front. Biceps will be on fir for days
    There’s a reason why gymnasts have such huge bicep muscles, never do curls either!

  • Straight-line biceps rows work great! I love to throw them in at the end sometimes for a finalized max pump. I was originally taught back in the 70s to remain on a fixed routine for 6-8 weeks, and record each workout on paper to keep track of the gains and weight used. Now, a half century later, I mix up my workout routines almost daily, as you have described here. My experience has taught me that as long as I take the exercised musculature to failure, to the point where I literally cannot do any more (including partials), I realize gains, both in strength and size. The muscle does not know if I am doing this or that exercise… all it knows is whether it was worked past its ability to handle the load, and if so, it is sufficiently stimulated to grow.

  • if you don,t know how to do it the right exercise don,t give the wrong exercise schedule/chart its very serious to new startup peoples.

  • It’s 2020 and people still upload videos like “5 bicep exercises you need to be doing” or “7 back exercises for a wide back”. Topics that have been covered to the death.

  • Best thing about your videos is that they are informative and straight to the point. It’s nice to watch without someone rambling on for 20 minutes to explain 3 moves.

  • Ryan because of you I don’t feel bad for making faces in the gym. Everyone I look at always just has a stoic look on their face but not you…..not you.

  • I had a guy (before lockdown) cut in on my Drag curl sets when I called him out he refused to RuPaulogize!
    It’s home gym all the way for me from now on.

  • Hey Ryan, you should do a full day of eating video! I know a looot of people who train like maniacs but then can’t make gains because their diet isn’t good enough.

  • Your vids have gotten me the most growth I’ve ever had and in the shortest timeframe. Doing all 3 of these bicep exercises tonight. Thanks and keep ‘em coming!

  • Dead hand curls I don’t think it’s a good excercise as it crushes your axillary nerve coz your putting too much weight on your arm. That’s my opinion ��

  • Love your philosophy on working out. Been at it for 32 years and have done just the same.. Always searching for better exercises and never do the same workout twice..works great for me!

  • Excellent material, I’m learning a lot and hitting my muscles hard. For me I watch at 75% speed because he crams in so much so fast I can’t take it in at full speed!

  • I am more alert to the errors now!
    Incidentally, have not done a drag curl before. I found the explanation of it informative!
    I had just read that the combination of a contraction while semi-stretched is what makes the exercise effective!
    Solid video!

  • Good you pointed out to SQUEEZE at the top and not allow the muscle to simply rest there, which is what it naturally wants to do. That’s one of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed at the gym. I’ve tried to tell quite a few people, but most just look at me like I’m nuts, or they say something stupid like “But it burns too badly if I do it that way”. Seen ’em doing the same thing on bench work.

  • I got a stupid question about the last exercise, seated cable curl. How do I keep my back out of the exercise? I feel like my back is taking control of the movement

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