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Build a More Fit and Athletic Body. Step 1. Put strength first. The normative approach is to aim all your efforts at gaining “X” pounds of muscle. While this advance has some merit Step 2. Don’t be an idiot with food. Step 3. Augment main lifts with accessory work.

Step 4. Don’t toss out cardio. Or willing to build an athletic body without the help of any trainer? If yes, then you must follow these exercises to build a perfect body.

Here we go:Hamstring CurlsThis is a typical exercise that most of the athletics do to get an ideal body shape and improve your fitness. It is basically done with the help of glutes and hamstrings. Build that Backside. Big, strong chests and quads are a dime a dozen.

Athletic performance comes from the parts of the body you can’t see in the mirror: Your back, hamstrings, and glutes. These are muscles that announce someone who. Related: Get an Athletic Body with Power Primer 2.0. 1.Upper Lower Training Split. Upper-lower training splits are a novel progression for total-body training splits to allow more recovery and training volume.

Upper body and lower body days alternate for 4 workouts in a 7-day training split. To start, perform a circuit of four or five different bodyweight movements, aiming for 10 reps per exercise and three rounds of the circuit. Take 30-60 seconds to rest between each circuit. Pick one exercise per body part to build a full-body workout. Treat this as practice.

Traps: Will be included but you don’t want to over develop as huge traps don’t fit well into most nice clothes. Chest: Definitely will work on the chest to its fullest. Large full chest is a plus for the opposite sex.

Back: Definitely work on the width of the back to increase the upper body V-taper and some thickness work as well but not too much. “The more a body part is used, the more hypertrophy that occurs.” Focus on working the largest muscle groups in your body: your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Exercises include squats, lunges, deadlifts, cleans, burpees, walking lunges, and plyometric moves like jump squats. Alright, that means that you want more muscle in the right places, so I do suggest a protein diet. Eat vegetables with lots of iron in them and make sure carbs are involved in this diet.

But for an athletic body you also have to put in the work from the exercise. None of the above: 43% of you said you’d want an “overall fat-free physique,” rather than a single bigger or better body part. So we want to help you achieve that. Even more, you want to lose fat, build muscle, and look great naked. Unfortunately, most programs fail miserably at helping you build a body that performs as well as it looks.

Living under a barbell and only chasing maximum strength isn’t the answer. This will leave you unbalanced, beat-up, and sore.

List of related literature:

Repeat #1 and #2 to build strength and experience in the shoulders and arms.

“Yoga for Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice” by David Frawley, Sandra Summerfield Kozak
from Yoga for Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice
by David Frawley, Sandra Summerfield Kozak
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Start by exercising the legs, followed by hips, midsection (flexion, extension, and rotation), and finally upper body (see sample training programs).

“High-performance Sports Conditioning” by Bill Foran
from High-performance Sports Conditioning
by Bill Foran
Human Kinetics, 2001

To do this, first look at the athlete’s physique and training goals.

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
from NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
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To make a plan that will help you achieve your personal goals, you can consult a high school or college coach, attend an exercise class, or follow the plan in one of the how-to books or authoritative Web sites that have been written for almost every activity.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
from Health and Wellness
by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
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I religiously followed my workout schedule and did everything I could to build a strong body, including eating foods recommended for bodybuilders, recording videos of my lifts to improve my technique, and even hiring a fitness coach.

“365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success” by Martin Meadows
from 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success
by Martin Meadows
Meadows Publishing, 2017

As discussed in step 3, most people either want to look better or perform better in a sport or in everyday activities such as walking, running, and household chores.

“Optimal Muscle Training” by Ken Kinakin
from Optimal Muscle Training
by Ken Kinakin
Human Kinetics, 2009

This training should be tailored to create the kind of body best suited to your sport.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Statements like “I want my arms to be bigger,” “I want more size,” “I want to be more sculpted,” or “I want to change my body shape” suggest that the client wants to follow a program that will result in muscular hypertrophy or increased tone.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
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Power lifting, body building, and maximal lifts should be avoided until the athletes have reached their physical and skeletal maturity.

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
from School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text
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step 2: design the fitness Program • Consider fitness goals.

“Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing: Second South Asia Edition E-Book” by Sharma Suresh
from Potter and Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing: Second South Asia Edition E-Book
by Sharma Suresh
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  • Everyone is saying he needs neck and face training when I know their fat ass is sitting on the couch eating chips while watching this…. just like me (:

  • this video actually contains something accurate,different and after training for some years u will find the key in this video……love from india

  • I always thought dieting is expensive and ‘healthy’ food costs a lot. Little did I know. I got my diet plan from NextLevelDiet and I was able to select foods that fit my budget.

  • i injured my harmstring today playing soccer…i don’t think i can play anymore need to let it heal, it sucks, thnx for the video.

  • Okay, this guy is aesthetically perfect and he has perfect form in all of his exercise movements. THIS is goals for anyone who wants to be a Youtube fitness something.

  • Should I either lift heavy or lift light weight for higher reps? Im trying to pursue football and want a lean body yet some muscle. Pls help me!!!

  • Genetics is only for muscle insertions and shape of your muscles, there are certain muscles that are less responding to growth, I have wide shoulders, wide back, ripped quads, but my triceps is lagging…therefore I focused doing it 2x a week and concentrate on mind muscle connection, with increase in load, starting to work for me…genetics is only excuse for losers…keep on grinding brahs

  • My hamstring popped on the basketball court and I face planted. Due to never feeling a pop before I felt like I tore it but after 3 days, it’s still painful but I’m walking better and the bruising is down so I believeits a strain. So hopefully this helps so I can get back into my routine ��������

  • Mine started after a very long walk, months down the line its still flares up pain moves up in different spot and down where it affect my inner knee, I was worried incase it was a vein blockage �� I also get like a creeping sensation in both legs

    Trenbolone Acetate – 100 mg everyday
    Testosterone Propionate – 100 mg everyday
    Masteron Propionate – 100 mg everyday
    Winstrolor Anavar – 50 mg/day for six weeks
    Growth Hormone – 4 IU, first thing in the morning, 45 minutes before food
    T3 – 20 mcg, gradually increased according to individual needs
    Clenbuterol – 20 mcg, increased according to individual needs
    Nolvade – 20 mg everyday
    HCG – 250 IU, twice per week

  • Hey Tapp bros here, thanks for watching! Also important question for you…
    In your opinion, which sport or discipline produces the best overall athletes??

    I think MMA fighters are the best athletes in the world, Jon says gymnasts take the cake lol

    Love to hear your thoughts on this one!

    Train safe and stay strong!

    Thomas & Jonathan

  • “trying to moove the immoovable”, lol nothing you say while struggling to lift something sounds right, it just sounds like road runner, like yeah mhmm so thats what will work?, lol.

  • why does his head not fit his body, his body looks like a guy from jersey shore and his head looks like ted from how i met your mother. love the content tho

  • I love this workout so much and keep coming back to this video. These mobility exercises have been a game changer for me. It’s taking time to incorporate them into my training and create shifts according to my capacities. Can’t say enough for the brilliance of these simple yet profound movements. Thank you. You continue to be a powerful inspiration for me. God bless you.

  • Hey uhh… i completely agree that u need to work ur weaknesses more so they catch up to ur strengths

    But I have one question, been working out for 2 years, just turned 16 and I have no strengths lol

  • Any program works. Even starting strength or stronglifts. Just train with a nice mix of compound and isolation movements.

    Compound builds the foundation while isolation sculpts. Yes, you need to train arms and abs and calves directly contrary to what powerflifters say…..if you want to be aesthetic.

    You also need a healthy mix of intensity and volume.

    Finally, being able to.maximimze fat loss while retaining muscles really makes all the difference. As you get leaner, you need to up your protein to preserve muscle mass.

    That is really all any beginner needs to know.

  • Bro please do a video on building the rear delts (with dumbbell especially)….your rear delts are really appreciative….great job

  • Olympic lifting and boxing with a side portion of calisthenics for me. Speed, strength, body control, endurance, mobility all covered.

  • Hey Tapp bros. I am so frustrated. When i do a wall run i just can’t get my top out. I can’t back flip. But i can almost front flip landing in a squat.I can do some vaults like kong speed safety side lazy vault side vault. Is it a good progression in 8 weeks. Please answer.pleaaaaaase.

  • Being completely honest and objective, the only real problem I see is that your neck doesn’t match the rest of your physique. Are there good neck building exercises? Thanks for the video.

  • It’s funny how I randomly found this, after last night playing softball, this morning woke up with a hamstring strain. Right on!!!!!

  • I feel like at least part of this program is really poorly designed, how are you going to get an adequate training response from doing speed and stamina together when they are at opposite ends of the training spectrum and training both at the same time will blunt the training effect and get you better at neither in the end

  • Great stuff. I do stronglifts 5×5 but I am not that flexible or have great endurance. How can I incorporate this into my training?

  • I am dealing with a lumbar herniation and disc degenerationcurrent sport is boxing with roundhouses and crescent kicks…. not sure if one caused the other, or if I did it from stretching, or exercise. But it commonly pops when I do stretch. The pop usually doesn’t hurt but sometimes it does. (Herniation is on the same side as the hamstring) Do I belong in bubble wrap until it heals? I have to be active ��

  • Man, I want to look shredded without steroids…… I care about my cock….. if I take steroids maybes the girls will look at me more, but my wewe will not go up…… I thought that you’ll give me something revolutionary…… I lift 130/140 with the legs 50/60 and if I try hard 70 with the arms and 100 or more with the abs…… I look like a fat fuck…….

  • So basically this is all the exercise that i need to have a good body, I’m quiet new to the gym and there a lot of exercise variation, I don’t know which one should i pick, can I apply all the exercise in my workout??

  • I hurt both my hamstrings eight years ago and whenever I start getting active again it gets aggravated again. I’m hoping that even though it’s an old injury that physical therapy can still fix it.

  • Genetics is not a temporary obsicle those scrunny kids not getting buff in there life time �������� imagine being fat or skinny sucks

  • 2 months ago, I was fat and had single. Now I have great body and a girlfriend. Coincidence? I wouldn’t say. Trust me guys, all you need is training and diet plan. You can get both from *Next Level Diet*.

  • Best video! Thank, Thomas.

    I sent you an email few days ago asking you how to combine all of these components together in one workout and now I got the answer.:)

  • If you don’t have money, there’s a pretty comprehensive good do-it-yourself ham rehab program in Bulletproof Your Hamstring at Amazon.

  • I believe wrestling just wrestling is the best overall I’m a wrestler and I way 160lbs 5′ 11” and only 12% of my body is fat u have to have speed stamina and strength especially for my weight class

  • 2:20 here is something you can improve, which I know you prob already know, and that is your back. Get a wider back. Looking good, but would have looked even better with a wider back

  • 2:00

    so when you say do Bench Press on Monday, should I just do Bench Press only in that workout or should I do other workouts also?

  • This guy the way u works out and the way he looks is so different I would be shredded the work out he does if I do but then again I’m just chilling eating chips �� ����

  • Hey TappBrothers, Thanks again for another great video. I would love to hear what you guys are up to on a day to day basis, It’s great that you guys are constantly helping other people to Improve, But what are you guys doing to improve yourselves at this stage and what kind of progress are you reaching for? Would love to hear from you.

  • Hey Jeff, what if the gym doesn’t have a cable machine where you can adjust the cable arms? The machine that my gym has, the cables are so far from each other. Any substitutes?

  • You need to externally rotate your hips so you can recruit muscles for stability during the squat and to prevent the shaking that this guy had when squatting. Just a slight tip for improvement

  • Baseball players. Here is why. I was watching Nomar Garciapara comment after a Dodger about a play the opposing center fielder made. He said that he thought Baseball players are the best athletes. They have to be able to run, jump, hit, throw, and catch. I agree with him.

  • I’m glad to hear I am on the right track. Most of what you recommended I already do. Couple points I can add in to my routine are a coordination day and additional strength excercises on top of my regular sessions. Thanks again so much for sharing!

  • Sorry to disappoint but in order to get a physique like Ronaldo, you really do need to consume 0% alcohol, plus your diet plan will become a routine, to say the least. What that means is that your daily food consumption will generally be similar, you will certainly eat very much the same thing a few days out of the week. And that’s really the point here, the food you are consuming is the fuel your body needs, just like driving a luxury, European car. Such a car demands a specific type of fuel and regular maintenance, correct? What if you neglect that maintenance, use much cheaper fuel and oil for engine performance? Trust me, that luxury car will no longer be a luxury! Fitness is definitely a mainstay of Ronaldo’s lifestyle as a whole, but eating properly means less about satisfying your taste buds and having “comfort foods” but it means significantly more to keep that machine performing at its finest during matches throughout the year. And as the old gym adage goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!” And the part about alcohol, please check out Jean-Claude Van Damme’s opinion on it. His amazing martial arts physique is evidence of zero alcohol consumption 😉

  • Did squats last night and my hamstrings are so sore.. been exactly 24 hrs and earlier it wasn’t sore until the exact 24hrs.. Feel like I’m bout to fall down and feel weak.. I’m I sore or pull something? There’s no pain just feel my legs like shaking when standing and scared to squat down for something or even move my muscle

  • What exactly was so bad about Brad doing the 12mph? Is it that he should’ve increased more carefully somehow, and if so, how? We have to challenge our muscles!

  • Can you please do a body breakdown on South Indian actors Arun Vijay and Vikram please…It will really help people with South Indian genetics.Please reply

  • Can someone explain what a hiit workout is. Is it like going fast while jump roping then slowing down then stop and rest and repeat

  • so I can stay up til 2AM, eat fast food, drink nothing but red bulls, blow up at my coworkers and embrace road rage, and still develop an “athlete physique”? that’s fooking awesome! you’d think by now we’d have learned you need more than exercise to reach your “genetic” potential –

  • Hey Brad, how do I know if it’s my hamstring or sciatic nerve that’s causing me issues? The outer r left side above my left knee can’t handle a run for longer than 2 miles. Came on after I ramped up to 7 mikes this spring.

  • Anyone any ideas what to do with a hamstring tendon which keeps rubbing on the outside of the knee joint (inner knee). Assume it means the muscle/tendon are too tight but how do I stretch this. My hamstring muscle pulls quite often so it may explain the condition better

  • Just subscribed to you guys thank you. I have a question. Short story I pulled both my ham string on each leg one after the other. 3 weeks later I felt better and I did a sprint then pulled them both again. I’m a workout finatic in the gym and I’m worried about how this is going to affect me. Will I be more susceptible to pulling hamstrings in the future even after proper hydration and stretching before working out?

  • also with genetics, it plays big in muscle insertions. You cant train to move how your muscle is inserted. You can only build off the cards youre delt with. As well as genetics may make it easier or harder for individuals to make gains. Overall, good video keep up the grind

  • Hey everyone. Im learning about adfl.y and there this thing called Flat Belly Fix. Its no 1 in the list of fat lost. Help me out by clicking the link?

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!


  • Do we start or end the muscle group or workout with this type of isometric? I know there’s an athlean x video from years ago advocating a normal isometric focusing on the middle or upper portion ROM for warming up before doing your actual first set but with this starting at the lower/starting position would we still use this type of isometric as a warmup or finisher? I would think finisher since you’re in the more vulnerable ROM and the muscles wouldn’t be warmed up yet, or maybe it is still used as a warmup since it’s still iso…Would be awesome for Jeff to respond but on the likely chance that isn’t the case I would like to hear others thoughts on this as well.

  • Dont lisen to these people chatting shit about ‘face gains’, the people saying this shit are probably some skinny fat loser hiding behind his keyboard. Keep doing what you’re doing man, you look insane! Maybe get a haircut and a line up on the beard and youll be slaying all these hoes my g

  • Learn the benefits and find instructions in this blog post ➞ http://bit.ly/athletic-physique-exercises

    Take our free physicality quiz and discover your physicality type ➞ bit.ly/physicality-quiz

  • MMA over Gymnast for sure, if only for the speed component.

    Gymnasts can look better and be bulkier depending on their focus, but the speed to make moves on an opponent and the endurance to last multiple matches in a night are too strong an advantage.

    That said, there are many kinds of athlete and many specialties. Nobody has it all over anyone else in every way.

  • Are you people really implying that a physique like his cannot be attained without using steroids? C’mon

    Speaking of glute activation, when I first got my squat over 300 and my DL over 400, I still didn’t have much of an ass and I just blamed genetics. I hurt my lower back and wasn’t able to squat or DL heavy for a month or so. In that time, I relied on much lighter weights with different stances to keep my lower body exercised without reinjuring my low back. I started doing goblet squats and KB DLs (108 lbs) and doing high volume sets (20-30 reps) of hex bar squats and DLs at light weight (135). doing those lighter rehab exercises was the first time I ever actually felt my glutes engage. After that it was really easy to make the mind muscle connection and my glutes caught up very quickly in size. I still do a double take when I catch my reflection in a storefront’s glass as I’m walking by because my glutes finally fit the rest of my physique.

    When my upper was thick and my legs were thick but I had no ass, I just looked kinda weird, unfinished. It took me doing those lighter weights to allow my undeveloped glutes to fire. When I would lift heavy, my legs would just do all of the work.

  • 5 days a week? You don’t know shit. He has 1-2 trainings a day with Juventus. And sometimes he works alone and not with the team. On his restdays which are most likely to be on a sunday and No he doesn’t, he probably does a lil cardio and some other work. You should follow more before even making a video. He’s the hardest worker out there. And you’re saying he trains 5 Days a week… smh and a football match isn’t 3 hours. You Don’t know shit.

  • mine been tight since i started back running/playing football a week ago and yesterday i was playing with some youngins tryna shake and bake and it got real tight. most sore it ever been

  • Massive thank you fot this video. Found this 6 days after my hamstring tear. Started massaging and it doesnt hurt at all. Stretching is hard though. It feels like im pulling a nerve.

  • Stop eating junk food, cut out sugar and bread. Eat clean and only healthy products. Train hard (full body) 3/4 days a week. That’s it, nothing supernatural!

  • A weakling like me sees this video and says to himself… so there’s this new thing called photoshop.
    Realizes that he has no clue how to photoshop

    Welp here we go… rip

  • Interesting because I just started gymnastics thinking my Karate training (8 hrs a week) would give me an edge and vice-versa…The first newbie gymnastics lesson seemed easy and I had awesome time but was absolutely wrecked for the next few days.
    It seems martial arts is about fighting an opponent right way up and gymnastics is about fighting gravity whilst upside down….A whole different set of muscles.

  • I have made diet plan including
    And obviously Carbs like flour, rice or potatoes. Is it enough for building natural

  • I did a handstand and didn’t stretch and when I got down I had a sharp pain but it didn’t pop or anything but it hurts when I bend my leg

  • What exactly is Episoketren System? How does this thing really work? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular training program.

  • Im on my 3rd Day after a hamstring pull. I found my foam roller. And it startet hurt during the double leg cross. How should it feel during a recovery?

  • Basketball of course. Lebron James is nr 1 athlete.. his body strength, speed, endurance, explosiveness is better than any MMA or gymnast physique.

  • Hey fellas, just released a 30 Day Challenge that you can download for FREE. It’s the thing you want if you’re looking to skyrocket your confidence and get that dream body


  • I am super insecure about my body I use to be very skinny now I let my self go and look very fat I have a good enough weight to put on a good amount of muscle I will be back in 6 months to let you guys know my progress

  • Please answer this, I’m completely clueless, is my hamstring pulled? Because when I raise my leg it hurts and if I stretch my splits, but I don’t see any bumps or pain when I’m walkin.

  • So pretty much. Do boxing. I started doing it and i felt so much more athletic because boxing is litteraly all of these methods of training

  • I love the YouTube ad that had to play before this vid would load: Starsucks showing off one of their new holiday treats a little bit of coffee mixed with tasty and wonderfully colored excrement!

  • I was in academy for correctional officer and we had to run I felt that sharp pain boom I was limping for about two day but I’m stretching more and it’s helping the soreness go away so it’s healing

  • Amazing video. I love the demonstrations and explanations, anyone could understand. The workouts are so comfortable. A+ with 5 stars!

  • Idk if I pulled or strained my hamstring. I’m thinking I strained it because when I was deadlifting i felt a popping sensation in my left hamstring. It’s not the worst pain, I can still walk with a slight limp, and I can still bend my knee with no pain, but there is some discomfort when I straighten my leg out or if I try to bend over and pick up something. Gonna use these tips and hope for the best

  • In England it’s called football training eat well train smart circuit training pull ups press ups sit ups stretching exercises light weights for endurance not heavy probably get injuries plus lose quick movement got to keep fast twitch

  • Bullshit������ he will not live passed 85 to much strain on his heart. What is going to do live till 100 and shit in a nappy well done.

  • Don’t forget to wax your entire body, avoid eating anything with taste like a pizza or burger and…well those pimples on his quads came from some where ����.. usually injection sites of not so legal substances.

  • I need some help guys. As a 20 year old semi-pro athlete I badly tore my left hamstring. Despite completing a very thorough rehabilitation overseen by high level physiotherapists, it still gives me trouble now as a 33 year old. I also re-tore it to a similar extent at 31 and I can always feel it whenever I push my body when exercising. What should I do as I find it very hard to remain fit with this issue and would hate to be dealing with it for the rest of my life?

  • 5:15 play with the ball for range (day 2,3,4) (few minutes three times daily)
    6:48 massage with your hand (if it gets worse you’re not ready) (two to three minutes)
    8:37 roll on the foam roller (cross the legs if it isn’t deep enough while rolling both) (three to five minutes)
    9:53 play with the ball for strength (10 repetitions) (three sets of 10 after getting stronger)
    12:25 go up and down up and down up and down

  • many people think about it, how hot he is or what a great body and all that.

    i am the only one who think, why all these muscular guys do have bigger butts than me lol:)

  • I hear a lot of Farting, is that a result of the work out, or his diet???, I suppose having a great body has its drawbacks, Phirrrrrt, Phirrrt,.

  • bruh did you just tell newbie lifters to design their own lifting programs based on what they think is their weakness lol?

    this guy is a joke…and doesn’t know what genetics are…

  • i’m a dancer and i literally cannot take any breaks and not stretch ���� idk what to do at this point both of my hamstrings are so incredibly strained that i can’t even get into the splits, when normally i have a pretty decent oversplit

  • Can you tell the diet used by Hollywood stars how can they get that absolute body within weeks which a normal person can’t do even within months

  • I didn’t pull my hamstring but I hurt it. I finally go my splits down to the ground and when I did my hamstring hurt sm! ty for this video.

  • I still can’t stretch without re injuring myself and it’s been eight years. I stopped track for the season and never did therapy for the injury. I just stopped working out and never got back into it because the injury would come back every time.

  • My senior year of high school and I just got into football last year. I am the fastest in the county (not that it matters) and my coach’s saw a lot in me last year and want me to play this year because they think I can go to college from football even though I was on the bench. I went to run for conditioning and my hamstring was swollen. Now I can’t even straighten my leg and my first game is in 4 weeks. ☹️

  • Wtf bro the first thing you said is that you care a lot about simmetry, you are not!! Wtf look the diffrence between your chest and you arms is huge, im sorry but you are not����

  • hi, brad, bob great video, on hamstring, issues, obviously, know your suff, suffered, 2nd hamstring, pull, 10days ago, started, back today, jog, can manage 3mile slowly, then, feel, tightening, stop immediately, whats, your advice, on progression, here, full recover, please reply wits end, most running, injuries, get over, this hamstring, pull, nightmare, as walking, without any, discomfort

  • This is my split

    T-flexability and coordination
    F-speed, agility, endurance
    Sat and sun are rest days

    Is this a good split

  • i dont eat a lot i weigh 160 im 5’11 my body has no definition to it but i look skinny when i wear clothes can someone help idk what to do

  • Can you tell me if it’s my hamstring or my Lower back? Sometimes my lower back feels fine but there is A-sharp pain in the back of my leg sometimes there’s no pain in my leg but my back is very sore

  • Bro one doubt I m skinny fat will this workout help me.I more fat than scrawny.

    Workout plan
    Tue 30 MIN full body workout using DB
    Thurs 30min FB workot with DM.

    Can this workout help me to get CR7 physique.
    Plz reply bro frm India.

    I need to start from Monday.

  • This wasn’t covered in the video I injured my hamstring stretching it. It felt like a nervy pain right through the leg from the calf to the hamstring (when I Dorsi flex) since then I have pain in the lower of my hamstring where the tendons are behind the knee.. I feel Pain when I do nordics. What do I do??

  • I hurt my hamstring about 6 weeks ago., at first I thought it was sciatica, but my physio says its my hamstring, it hurts right up at the top of my leg where it meets my butt! Its still very sore, I did stretch it initially but now I’m trying not to. My problem is I don’t drive and live halfway up a mountain. Its really painful everytime I walk uphill or upstairs, its ok going downhill or on the flat. Any suggestions please, Its driving me mad. I’m 71 years old, reasonably fit amd flexible. Thanks.

  • I havnt been able to move properly in years im sure its hamstrings so I’m using a roller a few times a day thanks guys your wizards

  • I pulled my hamstring playing “soccer” 2 days ago and I never get injured, I think it’s pulled anyway, i tried to play on but when u tried to use the leg I kinda folded to the floor in pain, hope it isn’t a tear

  • Alcohol ditectly impairs your vo2 max. Try sprinting on a day with 0 alcohol that week and a day where you drank mpderately the day prior. Huge difference.

  • You only get bigger when you get stronger…. cotracting muscle and mind muscle connection wont do shit for you if you are a weak natural

  • Greetings!
    I’m writing to ask you for a retract your takedown request on my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbLJqkiSfxg
    I used the footage that belongs to you on the background of my own video, while I was talk about how abdominal muscles work.
    I’m sincerely apologise about using your footage and kindly ask you to retract the claim.
    Respectfully, Sergey

  • I had a bad experience with a deep tissue massage where the massage therapist tried to break up a big knot in my upper hamstring. I think he may have strained it due to the sharp, stingy pain I feel.

    I didn’t notice the pain much until I went to the gym and did some elliptical the next day and did some stretching. Now, the next day, I notice the pain regularly.

    I can walk but I have a bit of a limp. However, due to my public transit commute into the city for work, I cannot avoid walking all together.

    So my question is: how much walking is too much walking in those early days?

    Thank you!

  • You should do a video on diet and maybe sleep because I know those are very important aspects to get strong and lose fat. Great video btw!

  • What if you contract muscles in each rep you go while training, I think it will help shredding too, because the point I see here is squezing them muscles. ��

  • I popped the back of my hamstring by walking up the stairs in my house. I felt a pop behind the inside of my knee. I’ve done this many times because I’m an aerialist and have a lot of scar tissue in my left hamstring. It usually takes a few weeks and then I’m fine. It’s been 6 weeks and it’s not better. I don’t get the sharp pains much anymore but I get burning like someone lit the back of my hamstring on fire. I don’t know why so I’m afraid to get back to exercise. I’ve never had this before. It’s so weird. I’ve been rolling it with my foam roller but don’t know if it’s time to work on rehab exercises yet or not. I’ve done the rest and ice, etc. Any idea why it’s burning?

  • If you drink alcohol you will never get body like Cristiano Ronaldo. Before giving me any curse like a illiterate person, go get some information on alcohol and then you can understand if you have common sense.

  • Mine hurts even in my calf. Is that a common issue? The last time I only recovered after riding my stationary bike for several months.

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  • I’m underweight but I lift heavy and train hard and it a lot what should I do? For the past few weeks I only gained 1 kg and my daily workout routine is go to the pull up bar and do 10 reps 2 sets after each set I rest for 1 and a half minute and do Chin ups 15 reps 3 sets then I will come home and do shoulders with rest every sets for 15 minutes, I will then get a plate(7kg)and put on my back then do 5 reps of diamond pushups and then do 30 regular pushups.After all that I will usually eat a lot of meat and rice and my day is done I’m 5feet and 11 inches but only 60 kg ffs

  • Step 1: Do high intesity workout for the part of body you want to get shredded.

    For example (for legs):
    high knees 60 seconds (100% effort)
    60 seconds rest
    squats with jump 60 seconds (100% effort)
    60 seconds rest
    running 60 seconds (100% effort).
    Repeat 2 times in a row.
    If this type of training gets easier, you need bigger effort. If it’s still easy, train longer.

    Step 2: Survive

    Step 3: Get the right nutrition
    This kind of training burns ALOT of calories while and after the workout, so eat enough carbs, not fats, so if you’re on ketosis, don’t do this kind of workout.

  • Life is to short for aesthetics. You only live once. Love, laugh, be yourself and don’t follow the crowd. The one truly amazing thing about the real you is…there’s no one else like you on the planet. You’re unique, you’re original. Be you.

  • Genetic’s is key bro.. You’re muscle insertions and muscle belly’s are excellent… What I noticed about people like myself and you is when we do exhaust our genetic potential we feel top dog preaching. Don’t get me wrong everybody has a chest and six back but six pack may not be even or chest not as full. Great video!!!!! Giving hope and motivation for others to exhaust their genetics to see where they stand.. I’m 195lbs 6’1 with full muscle belly’s and nice muscle insertions but only have a 6 pck no button abs or caped shoulders I have definition but not like yours lol

  • Great video! Morning exercise is very important… I challenge myself to do some sort of exercise every morning or evening especially during this quarantine

  • Any advice for someone who has psoriatic arthritis? I’m 32 and way underweight. I quit smoking and now I’m working on quitting excessive caffeine consumption as well. I haven’t had any soda or energy drinks in two weeks and soon to be no coffee.