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5 Best Shoulder Exercises You’re NOT Doing!

Video taken from the channel: ATHLEAN-X™


5 Chest Exercises You Should Be Doing

Video taken from the channel: Mike Thurston

If you’re looking for the best shoulder exercises outside of the overhead press and side laterals to build your delts, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, I’m going to show you the 5 best shoulder exercises to help not only get bigger delts, but to increase the weight on the exercises you’re already doing. The dumbbell squeeze press is a tremendous exercise for building functional strength and hypertrophy in the chest, triceps, and shoulders.

The combination of the constant tension, metabolic stress, and high levels of mechanical tension make it an effective variation for bodybuilders and strength athletes alike. I highlighted this unique movement in “7 Best Shoulder Exercises You’re Not Doing.” You can also perform it using a dumbbell, but it works best with a kettlebell due to the grip. Similar to the landmine shoulder-to-shoulder press, this unique exercise shifts the weight so that one arm is the primary mover and the other is secondary.

Consider alternative triceps exercises. 5. Single arm rows In general, this exercise is not a bad exercise, but it is easy to perform it incorrectly. If you perform this exercise, initiate movement from the shoulder blade and use a weight that you can control through the entire movement. Anatomy of the shoulder. No 5: Press Up.

My final favourite shoulder rehab exercise for this piece, is the good old press up, for a number of reasons. First it’s a great all round upper limb strengthener, and not just of thr anterior shoulder and chest as known, but its also good for producing high levels of activity in the posterior rotator cuff which is commonly. Mistake 5: You’re ignoring chronic shoulder issues. Set yourself up for success by pairing shoulder-press movements with be sure to routinely stretch and release the muscles of the chest. The rotator cuff consists of four small muscles in the shoulder joint: teres minor, infraspinatus, supraspinatus and subscapularus.

The rotator cuff muscles work together to stabilize the shoulder joint during bench press and other chest exercise movements. Shoulder pain while bench pressing is likely due to weakness in the rotator cuff muscles. Solution: Touch your chest to the floor. (And check your ego at the door.) If you can’t touch your chest to the floor and do a proper repetition, see Mistake #5.

Mistake #3: Not maintaining a straight line from head to toes. Don’t do the worm! Your whole body should move up and down together. If you’re being held back by stubborn bench press shoulder pain that won’t seem to subside, this post will outline 8 tips you can apply to get back on the road to bench pressing pain-free. 8 Tips To Eliminate Bench Press Shoulder Pain #1 – Do A Proper Warm Up.

The dumbbell squeeze press, on the other hand, incorporates both functions. You’re pressing, but because you’re actively squeezing the dumbbells together (hard) throughout the duration of the set, you’re really kicking things up a notch. I’ll typically use this exercise as an accessory movement on bench day, after I bench.

List of related literature:

For most people cranking the body around with the shoulder changes the posture from a spinal twist to something that combines hip prying and triceps brachii massage with three movements of the spine— forward flexion, lateral flexion, and twisting.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
by David Coulter
Motilal Banarsidass, 2004

Execution of Movement—Flex elbows, lowering chest toward floor, hold for 3-4 seconds (exhale and inhale during the hold), return to starting position pushing through and rounding upper back to include serratus anterior.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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Note: The most common faults associated with the push-press include driving your knees forward, overextending your lumbar spine, pressing the barbell out in front or behind your body, flaring your elbows out, and internally rotating your shoulders.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2015

Because the exercise is performed while the shoulders are internally rotated, it is very important that the elbows do not come higher than the shoulders (no more than 90° of abduction) because of the risk of shoulder joint impingement.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

Mistakes to correct are rounding the shoulders when leaning into stretch, bringing the chin into the chest when stretching, allowing the knee of the leg on the ground to bend, and bouncing into the stretch.

“Noyes' Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes E-Book” by Frank R. Noyes
from Noyes’ Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes E-Book
by Frank R. Noyes
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

Shoulder abduction, external rotation, and extension are slightly limited because of the stooped posture.

“Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book” by Sandy Fritz, Leon Chaitow, Glenn Hymel
from Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book
by Sandy Fritz, Leon Chaitow, Glenn Hymel
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Generally, the person should start with a compound movement first, such as the bench press, which uses both the shoulder and elbow joints.

“Optimal Muscle Training” by Ken Kinakin
from Optimal Muscle Training
by Ken Kinakin
Human Kinetics, 2009

This being the case, the magnitude of the upper body press has a great influence on the subsequent motion of the early pull-through and on susceptibility to shoulder pain.

“Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen, Robert C. Manske
from Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
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This rotation should be timed with the exhalation such that at the end of the movement the elbows are level with the shoulder and the forearms are facing forward and up Exhalation ends.

“Hara Diagnosis: Reflections on the Sea” by Kiiko Matsumoto, Stephen Birch
from Hara Diagnosis: Reflections on the Sea
by Kiiko Matsumoto, Stephen Birch
Paradigm Publications, 1988

The upper chest will be controlled in extension if the scapulae are positioned and stabilized in the down and back position by the action of the middle trapezius, rhomboids, inferior trapezius, and serratus anterior.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
from Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult
by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

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  • i came here to proov my dad wrong he kepy saying standing caple flies work yo neck and like no its yo chest boy

    now im kicked out of the house for proovin him wrong bruh

  • What kind of roids are you on? I am a skinny-fat guy and I have been exercising for about 4 months and the gains are not even noticeable. My chest looks like an average skinny fat guy’s chest. All I eat is 100 grams of protein per day + fruits and vegetables.

  • My problem is my biceps and triceps are starting to outgrow my pectorals. Each time I do a pectoral exercise, my arms are exercising too. I want bigger arms, but I want my pectoral muscles to catch up too. Anybody have any advice?

  • I’m new to working out in this way. I’ve always stayed fit and flexible through dancing and gymnasticst. At the age of 49 I’ve realized I’m losing muscle. Are these exercises for both sexes and will they affect my flexibility? I apologize if my question seems silly. I truly dont have any experience in this area.

  • while bulking how many calories do you guys burn off in a gym session? is it important to burn off as many calories as possible or felling the body part burning?

  • my chest is what inspired me to start lifting, it was my first muscle that developed without working out yet lol. that and my thighs were a little toned but from riding bicycles

  • Is it ok if I leave about 2-3 inches of space between the bar and my chest when I bring the bar down before bringing it up again?

    P.s. I have pretty long arms and am already doing the full rom imo

  • Advice needed:
    So if I do 3 sessions per week, M, T, & F. On each session would I try to d EACH of these till exhaustion? Or just pick 3 of them and do those 3 exercises to exhaustion? Like what is the best weekly routine and how to fit these all into it. Since I need to be working on 3 different muscle groups per session I just need advice on how much of these chest exercises to do per session?

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  • I had years ago infection on a tendon on my shoulder, which caused calcification on said tendon/joint (or that what was told by the doctors). I had excruciating pain on my shoulder about where Jeff draw with the black pen. Felt like I had knife pushed into my shoulder from that spot. I couldn’t lift my hand above my belly when standing and couldn’t cross my body with my arm. Had to have cortisone and painkiller injections couple of times directly on the spot (oh boy that hurt!) + pain killers to ease it off.
    I still have every now and then pains on my shoulder. I don’t feel any pain when using my hand, but sometimes when I lay down I can not lay on that shoulder as it feels so uncomfortable. I have recently started exercising, but looks like now my shoulder gets more often irritated. I don’t know is there anything to do, as the calcification can be scraped off only by having surgical operation (which of course will be the absolutely last treatment when nothing else helps anymore). So for now just trying different kinds of exercises and hoping for the best. So very grateful for all the different options to try out. Hopefully I’ll be able to find exercises that suits me. Would be very discouraging if training will f my shoulder up:/

  • Today at the gym I did a combo of a workout you possted earlier, a deadlift and then walk with the weight. I’m 73 and did 5 reps with 100 lbs and a walk but on my deadlift I paused just below the knee before I went up….that little pause was killer when you don’t rest before you walk with the weight! Hope you understand what I did!

  • Lol Don’t have permanent space for at home gym equipment… only have space for dumbbellsthink perfect, lets watch this video. first up weighted dumbbell dips on a rack. lmfaomaking it think we just need the dog leash
    well guess you’re welcome for the one click… moving on

  • Hello Jeff, I am currently mid PT qualification gain and I would like to thank you for the constant flow of information and knowledge of how the human body can improve and better it’s self. By learning through my own course and taking on your advice and techniques I have learnt a phenomenal amount of ways to development the body and how it can adapt and overcome certain plateaus as such. You are a a credit if not an elite within your field. Thanks for your all your quality training methods and if you ever visit the West Coast of Scotland, Enjoy mate.

  • I have bad shoulders and watch a lot of YouTube videos on how to lift with shoulder pain and by far you have the best video explaining everything in detail and making it simple to understand. Thank You

  • Is it better to do a whole body work out a few times a week or better to hit specific body parts one specific days once a week? Also,,, what are super sets? I’m brand fire new to lifting. Thanks in advance for any advise✊��

  • No offense, I don’t think barbell overhead press by sitting on the floor is a good idea. Actually this is a compound movement which involves different joints and muscle to stabilize the barbell, I.e. legs, core etc. On the contrary, if this is working on a Smith machine, this would be good, coz the cable on this machine assists on stabilizing and balancing the barbell, it makes this as an isolated movement.

  • 1:09 Z press (core)

    2:21 Dumbell scoop press ( front delt)

    3:08 Jammer (dumbell push press / thruster) (power)

    4:23 Cheat lateral

    5:17 Dumbell Urlachers (rear delts)

    6:30 rap around rear delt row (rear delt)

  • You are the first person to inspire me to workout and you never run out of good stuff. I started from the old times garage lookin underground home gym of yours where you record your own video and your handy dandy adjustable dumbells. Face pulls all the way hahahaha

  • I have shoulders bc I combine dumbbell barbell with kettlebell not mentioning sculpt yoga. I love this!!! Few I have never seen & I’m a gym rat. Thanks so much! I’m trying ur routine now no rest period. Arnold would be proud. Thanks for sharing. Love the shirt. Where can I get 1? I want 1 for myself & for my 2 yr Labradoodle. U should him with a headband on ������

  • Jeff: Hey jesse try saying “wrap around rear delt row” 5x straight.
    Jesse: says no
    Me: wrap around rear delt row, wrap around rear delt row, wrap around rirrelrow…

  • When I do the scoop press, my left shoulder makes a grinding/popping noise. There’s no pain with it, but I feel it should not be happening

  • Hi ATHLENE-X great video informative science backed. I am a welder. Can you PLEASE provide me with the name of the manufacturer Is it called the MATRIX? Maybe a short vid of what it looks like and I shall make one. I do not have the money to buy this kit thank you.Richard.

  • i love how detailed Mike is with his instructions and detailed information on each muscle. if you dont understand the exercise or the muscle as many videos DO NOT explain, than injury and no understanding is accomplished. i will always go to Mike Thurstons exercise videos because he takes the time to educated us not just throw you into a weight. THANK YOU MIKE!

  • So I’m trying to gain weight (and mass), but I’m also trying to loose some belly fat, and I’m very confused on what my nutrition should look like.

  • Vince, I have a problem working in a local gym. There are several guys who are power lifters BUT every rep they do in their sets, they literally drop the weights each time. My line of thinking…is that it’s not necessary. It’s bad form and if you can’t set it down, for each rep out of the set, than it must be too heavy to do properly? Am I crazy? I’ve had customers complain about the noise and I myself get bothered by the loud dropping that is repetitive, after each rep. I just think they should drop the weight by 10lbs so they can set it down. Because their muscles shouldn’t fatigue after every rep…even if they’re just doing drop sets…I wouldn’t hear the dropping weight onto the floor for 15 minutes. Am I wrong? I need help! ASAP.

  • Jeff I wanted to ask what’s your opinion on doing the Lu Xiaojun plate raises for shoulders? I am trying to balance my shoulders as someone who recently started doing Olympic Weightlifting

  • Did the dumbell scoop press today. A killer exercise, way better the routine shoulder press. You know you are doing a good exercise when all the trainers at your gym are eye balling you. ��. Big fan Jeff. Thanks

  • Great instructional video. I will try these all out as I am full on it as Covid-19 has taken its toll with 4 months being off the gym

  • The last two months ago and have the time, but it would like us know when to go back in touch, but it would like us know when to go bj999 9b99999999999999999 b 9b 9999b 9999 99 9 b b bb

  • I think I need some help. Whenever I try to do any of these I don’t really feel my shoulders. I either feel the tension on my back or my neck but never in my shoulders. I tried these for a few days but the only soreness I feel is again on my neck and my back. Any way to fix this?

  • Thank you Mike for your detailed educating exercise videos. I love how you explain each muscle in detail and the exercise. You have motivated me and changed my exercise routines because of this. If you could please include exercises that can be done without a universal weight machine like the shoulder fly. i mimicked the fly press with dumbbells but i dont know if this will in fact target the right muscle? Love your videos. Thank you

  • Alot of people have the forwar-leaning shoulders. Is it not a good thing that the shoulders go back when you are lying there on the bench?

  • Been watching a lot your videos on shoulder mobility exercises and stretches. Those stretches combined with the exercises on this video has almost eliminated my shoulder pain

  • Yes I so agree nomore kids keep up the impractical joke sweet 16 will be here before I know it and we both will get implanted birth control. Lets just say talk is cheap.

  • Jeremy your absolutely the best of the work out channels. I always struggle connecting with my chest during the bench press. Tried your tips in the video today and my chest is on fire bro. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  • Been doing same excercise last few days my body familiar with my routines. So i decided to try this video out damn my shoulder feels like balloons ������������

  • This was very helpful. Real examples of machines or weights and then the face to face how to discussion. Love how real you are and humble to say things like “use light weights” etc. Too many people think they have impress everyone in gym resulting in injury. Thanks again. ������

  • I have been working my shoulders for so long and never seemed to get results. When I started doing these exercises, I noticed a big difference within a couple weeks! This guy is awesome!!!

  • I’ve been doing the seated shoulder press completely wrong with having my back upright and I can feel it mostly towards my back and sometimes have slight pain in my back. Thanks for the tips man ������

  • Mike, its called locking out and it was invented in 1950’s bro. You got anything to offer that we dont know anything about? Not sure why you are yuotubing dude. you’re one of the smaller guys in the gym

  • All this time I thought that the reverse fly machine was meant to work the rhomboids. i’ve going back way too far and only doing it right on my last one or two ‘cheated’ reps. I’ve now double checked this elsewhere and I guess you’re not making this up. Glad I watched this video. Thanks man!

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  • What do you mean weak part? I like to push my body everytime and I’m constantly adding weight to my sets, also training 2 times per week chest and arms.

  • I started with Jeff’s one arm cable for lower chest solution, then popped into those power push ups. Only did 10-10-6 of the pushups. Chest blown up.

    After three more exercises, not that anyone cares, sprinkled in some upper traps, then hit up a leg workout of Jeff’s.

    Any of my 40 year old ego was lowered after the leg sequence. Ha.

    Thanks, beast (Jeff).

  • I travel a lot for work and usually hotels only have dumbbells and some sort of basic cable machine. This series is amazing and I thank you.

  • This is so helpful. I’m in decent shape, lifting weights for past 30 years. Poor technique lead to a labrum injury and I often feel pain when doing certain exercises. Jeff does a great job of providing options and explaining the science behind it.

  • I really be wanting to try the exercises where you get done with one and go right into the next…but everybody be in the way…lol…

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  • Working as a security guard I get free access to a nice little gym! Instead of sitting on my butt for a couple hours might as well put it to good use

  • Best video that i found you are really intelligent boy.
    About shoulder injury and mistakes this is only your video make. Ne helping
    Thanks you so much

  • so should i do this a a shoulder and chest workout or should i just do my shoulder strenght and muscle strength section for one and seperate for hypertrophy

  • Yea i don’t have room for a barbell but I do have a dip setup hanging around. Is it just me or are some of the expectations unrealistic. Even the paid workout programs need an empty gym if you were to do all the workouts.

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  • Perhaps a stupid question: is there any downside to targeting several goals in one workout? As in starting out by targeting strength and finishing off with metabolic or hypertrophy for the same muscles? Or do you have strength day and metabolic day?

  • jeff i work out a lot but I have a gap between my pecks can everyone close this gap or is it genetic thing? big fan keep up the good work bro

  • Weighted Dip 1:40 2:27

    Push-up w/ plyo tap 4:16

    Eccentric Floor Fly 5:35

    Dumbbell Benchpress 6:57

    Dumbbell Benchpress-up 8:19 9:13

    Pec. Minor posture-correction exercise 10:37 11:22

    Dumbbell UCV raise 12:14 / ‘low approach’ 12:51

  • Ok ik this is an old video but, when I perform the exercise at 10:10 my arms begin to feel tingly. Is this due to my peck minor already shrinking? And should I continue to do this exercise. Someone please get back to me.

  • The shoulder trick looks helpful for me, gonna try it today, along with some twisty pushups, and those stand up dumbell lifts off the bench fr. Thank you for the knowledge!

  • Top guys like Roni Coleman or jay cutler are living in dark age that’s what I can say they totally perform all wrong and bad angles �������� after watching this video all pro bodybuilders are stupid �� in workout ��️‍♀️

  • Exercising is so addicting especially when you can create your own style or variation of a basic form. It’s just like martial arts.

  • I never understood the cheat lateral until this video. Never really had it explained but always saw someone doing. The pause at the top and controlled negative explanation really ah ha’d for me

  • Great video man. Gonna share this with my clients. It is easy for a lot of people to mess up form on these and take tension off of the muscle with unnecessary movements.

  • Wen u rest ur back on the seat behind u.. u tend to get a support to push the weight up and on the other hand the rest of the muscles which are engaged in the action will be resting.. isn’t it…

  • This is excellent information. I am a Tai Chi instructor, an Advanced Practice Nurse and health enthusiasts. I cannot understand how anyone concerned with health and fitness can dislike this YouTube clip.

  • Thanks for the eye opening tips about common mistakes made while doing certain exercise… I will keep in mind that I won’t do these mistakes when I do my shoulder exercises….

  • Thank you so much buddy………i was having continuous pain in my shoulder………now I know I was doing almost every exercise the wrong way.

  • Well, man… You could see so much more ridiculous movements at the gym, than that:D starting with swinging, half rom with way too heavyweights, some skinny guys with gymshark outfit doing weird iso exercises found on youtube, ladies doing squats and making guys jerk off in their mind, drinking protein right away every set, bicep curls with 28 kg engaging every muscle on their body, but bicep:D

  • Cool bro, thanks for sharing, taking some amazing Organic CBD Edibles now, pro athletes use the, better pump, better recovery, no stress, sleep like a baby…. watch our video!

  • Jeff can you let me know whether the first exercise is at all dangerous for a herniated l4 and 5 disc, and a prolapsed L5 s1 disk (that has been surgically cleaned up)? Thank you.

  • Hurt my rotator cuff benching with bad form over time. I’ve been doing everything you shouldn’t be doing: absurdly wide grip, flat back, bar touching the top of my chest. Thanks for the tips!

  • Thank you for the informative stuff. I have a problem with the 3rd exercise (front raises). The exercise with the dorsum of the hand up may cause impingement of the shoulder, instead we can try the exercise with the thumb up.

  • Many thanks for this video instruction which made 100% sense to me as I listened. You’ve prob saved me from causing shoulder injury.

  • I like your body shape not too buff it just alright. Not against buff guys but usually the guys I see on the gym are too buff like a monster.

  • Thanks.. from india �� i did the 1st mistake mentioned in ur video and got my shoulder dislocated in year 2018 �� i ve started going gym this feb 2020.. came across ur video when searching for shoulder exercises.. i didn’t know tat we should keep our elbows bit fwd while doing shoulder press.. got a chance to rectify my mistake after seeing ur video..��

  • Man speaks the truth. Now have shoulders I have to baby because of years of doing the very thing he pointed out. This man has the physique I have worked towards. A fit, muscular body. Keep up the good work bud. BTW great hair!!

  • Ok i need help with my workouts…. so usually im doing chest and tri’s one day and back and bi’s the next and i repeat i want to do legs but i feel like if i add another day that im losing progress on the others… is that ok to basically do each one 2x a week or should i introduce leg day in my chest and tri or back and bi day thanks for the inputs

  • Wow great tip here to avoid shoulder injury and u can really feel that shoulder squeeze. I’m new to working out so thanks for all this help.

  • I have been going to the gym for many years, recently I started following vshred, I really can feel the difference. We really need to think about getting the exercise perfectly done not just thinking about lifting heavier. Thanks for sharing the great videos

  • Hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know in the comments below what other topics you’d like to see, and don’t forget to follow me on IG ( https://instagram.com/jeremyethier ) for more content! Cheers!

  • I tried tucking in my shoulder blades but then I lost all contraction in my chest and benching felt really akward and overall uncomfortable. Help?

  • Jeff when performing a hard exercise always looks like hes meeting god, begging him to let him into heaven and expressing his thankfulness and amazedness but only with his facial expression

  • What a revelation. I’ve been doing it all wrong since forever. I even gave up doing the bench and moved to the assisted machine press. Thanks a lot for the information. Wish I’d have come across this earlier

  • I did this with existing shoulder pain. When I implemented all these rules guess what?. no pain!!! Even though I feel shoulder pain even when I just move around, leave alone bench pressing incorrectly (like I used to). Thank you so much for this video! It literally saved my health and my workouts!! I would get so frustrated that I can’t bench press and complete my workout plan!

  • Bruhhh you forgot about foot placement… because not having your feet in the right position correct/ flat on the ground has a lot of effect on your strength as well?!

  • Hi Jeremy! Your workout guidelines r just perfect! I cannot find anything better in the net.. thanks for such precise inputs for all! Kindly suggest a vegetarian diet for muscle building!

  • I can pinch my shoulder blades with the bar at the bottom but I can’t seem to keep them pinched when I’m pressing the bar upwards. Anyone else have this problem? ����

  • I’ve stopped doing dumb bell lateral raises. Switched to a machine, get locked in and it really isolates the head like nothing else.

  • Feell so sorry for my self. I’ve done this mistake 4 years ago. My shoulder just is not the same any more. If onely i knew how to do it currectly… to the young gys, be carefull this is crucial

  • 4:12, if you do it like on the picture below, is it only shoulder injury risk or you do more shoulders than chest? Or you still developing chest but less effective as number 1? Or this is just about preventing injury thing?

  • thank you for the workouts jeff i always struggled with mid and rear delts i tried all kinds of exercises but i never really felt them i tried out the urlacher 5:18 and as i was preforming it to quote myself,,OMG HOLY SHIT WTF OMG HOLY SHIT” i have been working out at home for a year now and at the GYM for 3-4 months and i have never felt my shoulders so hard before than you jeff

  • Jeremy man thank you for this video. I stopped working out because of shoulder pain. I stumbled across this video and tried your benching method. My shoulder did not pop once and it was pain free in my motion. Once again thanks man!✌��

  • Whenever I perform the bench press, the weight feels more on my front delts, and I constantly hear the shoulder joints popping. Will try this today, see if it works for me. Thanks for the info.

  • Please.. In future make all videos more practical like this… Not more theoretical… This video is really nice and easy understand… Thank you so much….

  • I don’t suffer shoulder pain from bench press earlier than I changed my technique and I have pain in my shoulder in my last two workouts…..your second point is where is was lagging my traps are very close too the ears..
    Thanks a ton ������

  • Mike, I have issues with tennis elbow and outside wrist pain-do you have any tips for that issue? It really affects my ability to train. Thank you.

  • Hey there! I was trying the exercise in 6:01 (eccentric flies) and tried to copy the form exactly with relatively low weight (25 lbs), but as I was doing it, I felt a click in my shoulder and although it wasn’t painful at the time, it’s been about a week and half and my shoulder has occasional tinges of pain. I stopped all exercise after that happened. Any ideas as to what I was doing wrong, or what kind of pain I’m experiencing right now?

  • I wish I had watched this video before hurting my right shoulder during bench press with incorrect form. Now there is a month and it still hurts. If someone knows any proven and working exercises for fixing that please provide link

  • I can’t thank you enough. I have been struggling with shoulder pain for the last few months. Despite being able to bench a fair amount of weight I was doing it completely wrong. Placing excessive strain on my shoulders which eventually led to a mild impingement. I tried stretching, using the release ball and various other exercises. I followed your instructions and could bench a lot more and pain free. I’m elated. I need to get used to it and unlearn what I’ve been doing for the last 2 years. Thank you so very much. I can finally bench, something I love doing. Just need to work on the arch since I got that part wrong. Thank you so much.

  • hi jeremy, what can you say about my elbow,cracking everytime now during bench press and push up, dont know why, it never did. its been two years. i tried diffrent angles,diffrent width,diffrent possition,can give some advise?thanks.

  • Hey @Jeremy Ethier I’m having this problem where I’m having trouble with my right side. I know what to do, but I physically can’t. And I’m fairly confident in this statement as my left pec is growing by my right shoulder is bigger. Something I’ve noticed is I’m severely lacking internal shoulder rotation(?). If I’m lying on my back with my upper arm 90 degrees in relation to the body, forearms up in the air, rotating my elbow so that my hand gets closer to the floor I can only get about half as much on the right as I can on the left, and simultaneously having trouble keeping the shoulder close to the floor. Basically I can’t put the left chest closer to the ceiling than the shoulder joint, and I feel this is my problem. Right now I’m trying to use light weight to push the hand down while resisting it in the shoulder to keep it back and down, but I’m not sure if this is a good course of action. Any input is appreciated (by anyone reading this!)

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  • I have such a weird issue. I feel pain from both but for different reasons. My left hurts when i curl and my right hurts when i bench

  • I just get this pain that gets worse throughout workout. It’s nothing that’s as described in the video. Im worried it may be an overuse of the joint and loss of lubricant fluid

  • So if the problem is the bursitis or even the ac joint, is it supposed to get better over time with “rest” (witch I mean just trying not to pop it the best I can)

  • amazing! Your presentations are far superior to any I’ve searched online and watched to try and diagnose a problem with my right shoulder.. I’ve learned so much from your videos on shoulder pain! Thank you!!

  • Jeff great videos, they are extremely helpful. I am a professional cage fighter. I don’t lift weights often at all but I believe I have the labrum injury you pointed out at the beginning of the video. Do you have a video that just addresses that injury? How can I start fixing the pain that I’m experiencing there? It mainly hurts when throwing multiple jabs quickly for example if I try to double jab or triple jab. The pull back motion followed by a quick thrust really irritates it.

  • I like to do them faster sometimes maybe for a set, or 2. Maybe half reps but weights dropping fast and ascending faster for like 9 reps. That gets my shoulders going everytime. I slow it down because I know it isn’t safe to do every set like that because as lifters know shoulders are a more delicate area, but the weights dropping fast and thrusting up faster really puts it in you. You should all try it.

  • I was diagnosed with distal clavicle osteolysis. Pretty sure it’s present in both shoulders. Any advice when dealing with this and training?

  • I have the labrum pain but I already do dumbbell press on the floor because I don’t have a bench. It’s affecting me so much that is creating a VISIBLE difference between the pec on the “good side” vs the one on the “bad side” ��

  • hello i have a question. i workout sholders 1-2 days in week. when i whorkout i dont have any pain. in second day i have litel tenderness and in 2 days after workout i have little pain when i roteit arms. in 3 day pain is smoler and in 4 pain is gon. what should i do?

  • So i just hurt mine this morning. My right shoulder I workout 5 or 6x a week. So I need to figure out how to keep doing my push ups. That’s when it hurts the most. So what could that be of I can even do a push up now?
    P.s love you VIDEO!!

  • Hello!! I have been following your channel for long time.. recently I got some shoulder pain by doing push-ups and 3D shoulder workouts.. Ofcourse 3D shoulder workouts from other channels in YT.

    Now, I am scared to do push-ups or any shoulder workouts so that I won’t make things worst than now.. kindly suggest what kind of shoulder workouts I can do..

    FYI, I always use 15lbs dumbellshome workouts.

    Thank you,

  • so I have an impingement, where the bicep attaches through the shoulder. I was told by a physical therapist to stay away from a bench press and military press. am I going about this all wrong? I’m 414lbs and in bad shape. trying to drop a lot of weight but I’m very out of shape.

  • Thanks for this video! I’m 42 years old. I dislocated my left shoulder in a fight when I was 20, damaging the rotator cuff. This caused my shoulder to pop out of socket every time I tried to throw a punch or do anything that put stress on the socket. Eventually I was dislocating it in my sleep just by lifting my arm over my head. It sucks waking up to a dislocated shoulder! I ended up having rotator cuff surgery, and had to have everything that was stretched out, tightened up. I was unable to use my left arm for three months, then had painful physical therapy to get range of motion back. I have not worked out with weights consistently since I was in my twenties, but I have stayed in pretty good shape by working hard pouring concrete and erecting steel buildings for the last 20 years. At 42 I’m getting back into weightlifting thanks to my 16 and 12 year old sons. I am already close to benching the same weight I benched in my twenties, Muscle memory is an awesome thing! I have been experiencing some shoulder pain though, enough to make me question my ability to continue lifting. I believe your tips are going to help me stick with the program! Thanks!

  • Yep…AC joint pain and thats exactly why i injured it by trying to keep my bar to low on chest as i thought i was creating a more efficient motion but u guess i went to far and at same time quit my more natural method of widening my chest. Thanks again [email protected]!

  • I get shoulder pain at the back of my shoulder rotatot cuff (if i am right) and shrugs i hope i Will by rewatching this Can get netter at knowing my muscles

  • Very insightful thanks. Looks like I have a laborum issue. Had for a couple of months now, slowly receding as I have dropped the weights, still comes and goes.

  • Just came across this video, thank you very much for this valuable information. I noticed these last weeks some pain in my shoulder during bench press and dumbbell bench that has continued to get worse. You identified the problem as the Labrum and I look forward to moving into floor presses for the next few weeks until things heal.

  • I got the black marker issue by doing knee archer pushups either wrong or correctly while my shoulder wasn’t ready for it or not properly warmed up.

  • Would you reccomend doing the Z press with Dumbells or is is better to do them standing? I like the idea of gettinng the core invloved with the Z press but I am working out at home no barbell. Thanks

  • I have a different problem in each shoulder ��
    My takeaway is keep elbows at a 45° and i dont need to get my elbows below my back…

  • Many thanks Jeff, I haven’t been able to bench press due to shoulder pain since the beginning of March. Bringing my chest up solved the problem. You’re the best!

  • I have been lifting wrong my entire life…thank you very much for your entire library of educational videos..I am fixing what is wrong and getting the best results and gains…thank you sir..God bless you sir!!!

  • Hey Jeff I have a weighted vest and some dip bars on the floor of my gym so not wall mounted like most bars, I was wondering if I could use a weighted vest to do my dips in instead of a plate or dumbbell between my legs,thanks Mike.England

  • Best video I’ve watched on shoulder pain! I’ve always had the impression that my shoulders aren’t equally on the bench but I’m lying a bit more to the right which leads to more instability in the right labrum and tadaaa, the pain… Now I know how to train around until the inflammation and pain is better and then take more care of my position. Thank you!

  • I’m a doctor. His knowledge of anatomy is pretty much spot on. Although I’d recommend someone with bad shoulder pain to get checked out first before continuing doing a bunch of bench press.

  • So do you recommend surgery for Slap tear?. they want to detach the Bicep and reattach else where that way later once healed it won’t hurt when I lift anything.. or should one continue to work out?
    I have two tears slap tear. Rotator cuff is okay.

  • Been watching your videos for a while now and I came across this one today because of my shoulder problem. Ur tip of arching my back to prevent my shoulder from rolling forward has instantly solved my shoulder issue. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • i wish i watched that video 3 years ago, Jeff! you are Dooooope, i hurt my shoulder 5-6 years ago doing dips on the rings and the doctor said i have a long bicep slap. and if i did not watch this labrum part today i would still be living in my lettuce of not knowing what is happening in my shoulder. i notice that bench press was gone drastically down and my push ups as well despite training to being those numbers up.
    Im gonna start that DB press right away and working on the ring push up on knee to strengthen that balance and stability again.

    now the big question, you think it s too late for an operation since probably the tissues are too short or stiff in the shoulder now?!!!

    any opinion guys is welcome

  • So I’m suffering tennis elbow and I’m struggling to find exercises that doesn’t feel uncomfortable and if I find alternative ways to do them, the next day can feel like I’ve injured myself more (as in more stiff through the upper forearm) also back of shoulder/ trap tends to seize up too. Anything you can help with please as I feel I’m going 2 steps forward and 4steps back….I also have an active job where I’m using lots of different muscle groups too.

  • I’ve been working out for almost 2 months and I’m seeing a small amount of gains but my left shoulder is getting bad. I couldnt finish my bench press sets today and I’m so discouraged I could scream

  • Great advice. I’m suffering from shoulder impingement. Hurts to incline press or overhead please. Using this advice I’m able to train chest again. Thank you

  • Thanks for the video. I have found that with even a light weight on barbell presses my shoulders hurt but I can go heavy with dumbells with no problem. Maybe it is because I can rotate the dumbells to a 45 degree angle as you mentioned that opens the spaces in the joint.

  • This is really helpful, thank you! Would u have any advice as to how you can do bodyweight exercises when having shoulder injuries?

  • Thanks Jeff.. GREAT Video.. Explains some of my pains.. One thing to add. If you’re trying to lift heavier than you’re capable, you’ll get the afterworkout discomfort. I have to redo-check my ego at the door and progress slower is my key. I’ll be lowering my weight until I can get comfortable and then slowly progress,.

  • Excellent video. I am an MD and can vouch that the information is accurate and helpful. Orthopedic surgeons tend to offer surgery, whereas some injuries can be ameliorated without surgery especially in nonprofessional athletes or non athletes.

  • When you realize that exactly what he stated not to do…you are doing smh at 9:45 I was pissed off at myself for making most of the key mistakes he showed us so I’m real fckin glad I watched this video of his!