5 Moves to master Cannonball Delts


CANNON DELT WORKOUT Old-School Bodybuilding

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The Perfect 3 Exercise Shoulder Workout for Capped Delts

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Build Huge Shoulders All 3 Heads!! (FRONT, MIDDLE, REAR)

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The 6 Best Delt Building Exercises (YOU’RE NOT DOING!!)

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Video taken from the channel: JayCutlerTV


Top Tips For Perfect Cannonball Delts | Just The Tips | Tiger Fitness

Video taken from the channel: Tiger Fitness

5 Moves to Perfect Cannonball Delts Broad shoulders set us apart from mere mortals. The roundness; the squared up look tapering so perfectly into a lean, aesthetic waist. Chicks dig that stuff (and dudes dig it if you’re a chick).

It makes you look powerful, even in a business suit. You command attention and are the ALPHA in the room. 5 Moves to Perfect Delts! | The Most Balanced Shoulder Routine | Tiger Fitness Duration: 5:33. JAY CUTLER MY BEST TIPS FOR CANNONBALL DELTS (IN DETAIL) Duration: 13:18. The following workout is broken down into three phases and is the perfect workout program to take your delts to the next level.

The first phase sets the foundation for stronger and sturdy shoulder muscles.. The second phase builds on top of the first phase and will help you continue to build your shoulder muscles and shoulder strength. 4. DON’T FORGET THE FRONT DELTS.

Front dumbbell raises or using a 45-pound plate will work the last part of the shoulders. This is another exercise where keeping the weight away from your body will work the muscle to its fullest. 5. SHRUGS – DAY 1 OF 2. The starting superset on this day is a duo of drop sets.

For the seated row, you’ll use a wide grip bar from the lat pull-down machine. Grip the widest straight part of the bar, pulling it to just above the bottom of the pecs, or around the nipples, pausing at the contraction. Now we move onto the often neglected rear delts.

I do around six sets total, a superset consisting of Bent-Over DB Laterals, or Incline Rear Delt Raises. Again this is your choice, coupled with Face-Pulls, also for 3 total sets, no rest between exercises, and only 45. The Four Primary Mechanics of the Perfect Cannonball. Here we go, science! If you want to understand the perfect cannonball, you’ll want to understand these 4 primary mechanical concepts.

Form Drag: As an object travels through a liquid (in this case your pool) there’s. Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to be complex. When I was experimenting with my approach to shoulder training, I cut out what was an entire session dedicated to building cannonball delts. My plan was to do 5 sets of 20 for side laterals and 5 sets of 20 for rear delt flies on the pec deck. To provide your delts with the very best chance to grow, consolidate your other muscle groups into a few workouts so you have time to train arms on their own day.

For a period of eight weeks, follow this split: Day 1: Shoulders; Day 2: Legs; Day 3: Back and Biceps; Day 4: Chest, Side Delts, and Triceps; Day 5: Rest; Day 6: Repeat Sequence. It’s pretty hard to tell if your penis is exceptionally attractive to the opposite sex until now that is. A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine gathered 105 women to, in addition to other research goals, determine exactly what “factors” (things like cosmetic appearance, shape of glans, pubic hair, etc.) were most important to [ ].

List of related literature:

To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

Try the Scott press that helped Mr. Olympia Larry Scott in his quest for cannonball delts.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2001

To focus the movement on the delts, concentrate on proper form throughout the body.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

All bodybuilders strain for the look known as “cannonball deltoids.”

“Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder” by Samuel Wilson Fussell
from Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder
by Samuel Wilson Fussell
Open Road Media, 2015

These include side-lying external rotation, low row, shoulder extension to neutral, serratus punch, robbery.

“Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete: Getting Back in the Game” by Bruce Reider, George Davies, Matthew T Provencher
from Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete: Getting Back in the Game
by Bruce Reider, George Davies, Matthew T Provencher
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

bar with an overyour upper hand, shoulderarms, bend your width grip and let elbows and curl the bar hang at the bar as close arm’s length in to your shoulfront of your ders as you can.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

• Evaluate for supraspinatus weakness by testing resisted abduction with arm in 30 degrees of forward flexion from 90 degrees of straight abduction, with internal rotation; impingement test by forward flexing arm in internal rotation.

“Netter's Sports Medicine E-Book” by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric McCarty, Craig Young
from Netter’s Sports Medicine E-Book
by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

Muscles Developed: Biceps, brachioradialis, and brachialis Action: Lie down on the bench with the head by the weight stack, the bench press bar above the chest, and place the

“Fitness and Wellness” by Wener Hoeger, Sharon Hoeger
from Fitness and Wellness
by Wener Hoeger, Sharon Hoeger
Cengage Learning, 2006

Liſters add weight While the bar is secured in the rack, then move it onto their shoulders and squat, increasing explosive strength in the back, legs and glutes.

“How to Buy and Sell (Just About) Everything: More Than 550 Step-by-Step Instructions for Everything From Buying Life Insurance to Selling Your Screenplay to Choosing a Thoroughbred Racehorse” by Jeff Wuorio
from How to Buy and Sell (Just About) Everything: More Than 550 Step-by-Step Instructions for Everything From Buying Life Insurance to Selling Your Screenplay to Choosing a Thoroughbred Racehorse
by Jeff Wuorio
Free Press, 2010

FIFTY SAYS|“If your shoulders are tight,then thisis harder than itlooks.It’s a crucial move for opening upyour shoulders and otherupper­body musclesfor better growth without injury.”

“Formula 50: A 6-Week Workout and Nutrition Plan That Will Transform Your Life” by 50 Cent, Jeff O'Connell
from Formula 50: A 6-Week Workout and Nutrition Plan That Will Transform Your Life
by 50 Cent, Jeff O’Connell
Penguin Publishing Group, 2012

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  • Jay is such a cool dude!
    I’m going to start purchasing his products
    Just because he isn’t mean or conceited
    And is very grateful to his fans like ME…

  • Bertha?!? Marc, Alyssa is going to chew you out when she sees this video! lol On a more serious note, I like to train Back and Shoulders on the same say some weeks

  • Dumbell shoulder press really throughout is the best bang for your buck when it comes to longevity and quality. Also seated laterals.

  • I’ll throw in some Cuban Presses. That exercise works pretty much all of the shoulder. And I’m not 100% but I do believe it helps in injury prevention.

  • Guys im 16 years old have dumbels and barbell is there any good routine for full body for begginers at my age without machines? i dont want to powerlift and stuff now but i want to workout and see atleast tiny results (you know im 16 its about six pack mostly xD). But yeah a simple workout for begginers would be awesome:P

  • The first few times you said ‘hamstring day’ it sounded like you said ‘hamster day’ and I got excited cos I thought you had started doing G4P.

  • Happy to see the PES love…they are one of the few companies I trust to produce the highest quality products backed by scientific research and in the appropriate doses….and for great prices (especially on the Insider)…

  • Hey Marc, I’m 79 years old, 52lbs, and 4’3. I want to compete in the Olympia this year and win. I also don’t want to train more than once a week (it interferes with my bacon grease chugging contests with my cats). Can you give me a good training regimen that would turn me into a 1977 Ford Pinto? Much appreciated. Future God out

  • I was blessed with legs…. My chest is naturally big but was definitely a slow point in strength. I’ve never neglected back… It’s the first thing noticed by women

  • Trust me, train with this tank and you will not go wrong. Upmost respect for you and your videos. I have watched tons of weightlifting videos, but all they teach you is the exercises to do and how many sets and reps. You on the other hand show people how to lift properly, where the gains are coming from and on which part of the body and give details on where you are going wrong and how to put it right. Keep up the hard work.

  • Hello am 48 year man from somalia. Sorry for my bed england. I selled my wife for internet connection for browse “4chat” and i want to become the goodest user like you I browse with 1980 dell computer on brazil server and i get 0 dubs. pls no copy pasterino my story.

  • I agree with you completely on reverse pec fly for rear delts.  I see quite a few people walking around with gorilla shoulders where their front delts are far more developed than their rear ones.  That then rounds the shoulders and puts them at greater risk of getting shoulder impingement.
    I don’t agree with Upright Rows being a good exercise though.  Whenever you do it you are simulating a provocative orthopedic stress test called Hawkins-Kennedy that is used by medical professionals to check for signs of shoulder impingement syndrome.  When you do the upright row exercise, you are essentially jamming structures in your subacromial space between the Greater Tuberosity of your Humerus and your Acromion of your Shoulder Blade.  If you rub those structures enough it could lead to those structures being irritated and impingement syndrome and then a full blown rotator cuff injury.

  • Marc what is your view one handed rear delts flys (with cable) and leaning away lateral raises with dumbell? Did them two and other variations for a long while. Had to drop shoulder presses because of a little shoulder injury from benching on a smith machine 1 and a half years ago. But i think i’m confident in doing shoulder pressing again, but limited because my gym hasn’t got a rack to set a shoulder press workout so i have to clean and press a barbell which is something i did in the past. Great video man and hope to hear from you Loads of respect from the uk!

  • I’ve always loved PES, using Alphamine right now and have used Norcodrene as well as Alpha T2, and gonna use erase 8 weeks out from my comp. I can vouch they’re one of the few brands out there that has legit researched ingredients in their products

  • If you’re not genetically bless just tren hard, anavar give up. Lol I know that’s an old joke but I’m pretty sure there is no hope for most people to get those round bowling ball delts.

  • Great info! �� I usually do the upper back,chest and shoulders in the same workout,which is not ideal i think. Have to separate shoulder workout and maybe take triceps with that.
    Plus i always try to do certain problematic areas in every workout like abs and arms in general
    And some leg movements. Used to do this HST type of method too when i was a bit lighter but i wasnt eating enough.
    now my weight is about 235lb 14 % fat,ive never liked being like too ripped,its just a personal opinion Lol and started eating steaks and chicken n rice like crazy again it really gains good weight real fast ive noticed. Great to hear about The Gym project. Very nice.

  • Marc your humor in this video is deadpan, except you’re not emotionless but rather pumped up. Everything you say you’re hyped up but your face is bleak of emotion. This could be a whole new subset of dry humor haha. Jokes aside keep up the work g!

  • I’m new to fitness but extremely committed, dedicated and excited. I’ve been working out 6 days a week training each muscle 2 times a week, my question is can I work out each muscle 3 times a week. I work for typically for an hour and a half at each sitting.

  • I cant “beat” my son down to the gym 150kilo fat and pc nerd age 22
    Even your closest you just cant reach at times all he has to do is follow my workout and diet wish i had a dad like that when i was young, would be connected to him like a tail

  • I’m genetically gifted with capped delts. I only have to trained them every other week or so to maintain. However, thank you for injecting some new exercises into my routine!

  • DAVE AND JAY, is it possible to get a full day of eating video on Jay? I think we have all seen the before pre workout drink and meal at the Asian place, but just if we could see the entire day. Like does Jay eat carbs before bed etc? Thanks so much

  • Great shoulder workout, allways love workout shoulder wout I got great shoulder great resolts, thanks Jay much love from Palermo. ����

  • My most favorite body part to train! Thanks for mentioning that every workout won’t be great. When I have a workout that I think sucked, I feel terrible and think I just wasted my time. Very inspiring vid! Thank you, Jay!

  • We need walls on the borders too. Even Communist CNN erected barriers around their building today and they do their best to destroy our country.

  • What’s weird is I train shoulders once a week at least, lately I’ve been trying to do it more often because it is definitely my weak point. It sucks having a decent chest and decent arms and then having no shoulders at all, it literally just throws your entire look off. Well anyways I was doing the 2nd workout today, the side lateral raises and I did a little variation. I used a lighter weight that I could do full range of motion with only because I did it at home and that’s all the dumbbells I had, but I did 3 sets within 1 set, the first set of 10 or so I would go 1/3 of the way up and the 2nd set I would go 2/3 of the way up and the 3rd set I would go all the way up slow and controlled and I did 3 sets of that, just from that alone I felt a burn so intense in the side of my shoulders that I have never felt before. It was weird because I feel like I have done that many times but maybe not in that variation.

  • If I was jay I would stop training arms and legs for 2 years and concentrate on getting a smaller waist and wider shoulders,he still young,look at mike o Hearn,still looking great for his age

  • I dont know what it is
    Every since Jay acted like a pompous ahole on his John meadows video its hard to take him seriously. John is a genuine dude, trying to pass good info. While Jay is like I’m that guy. ��

  • Shoulders press! Where is the full video….I couldn’t see how he position his back? Did he sit straight or did he put his back straight!? Who was the videographer fck in his ahole goddamn that videographer doesn’t have any ideas about bodybuilding.

  • He has some great quotes I will always live by! I always hated when I was younger and I was trying to look up stuff about jay cutler all the time and he wasn’t the first one to pop up. It was always that dumb football player..

  • The fact that he works out at a public gym and doesn’t mind being interrupted multiple times by admiring fans speaks volumes to Jay’s character.
    Two years ago I was in the best shape of my life, 5’ 6” 178 pounds 3% body fat. I got sick last year with my Crohnes disease coming back and had lost all my energy, I couldn’t eat solid food for 3 months, no veggies no fruits, and then this past October I had to have 16 inches of my small intestine removed. I lost 50 pounds i look like shit, I have a belly now cause once my stomach felt better I started eating like crazy but not eating right. I finally got the motivation to start working out again, I started up two weeks ago but I am pathetically weak now and it’s very discouraging and depressing. Now that I’m 40 I don’t think I’ll ever get back to where I was 2 years ago but I hope and pray and for now am committed to not only get there but go past where I was.
    Jay has been a tremendous motivator to me and I hope one day I get to meet him.

  • You have taken pics with me. Made me look scrawny as hell. I remember you saying Nooo you don’t do 3-7 reps for size. Always same. Always 10-12 for size.

  • Amazing retired physique! Looking helathy and fit. Thank you for these videos, i am literally looking these videos and then i do my shoulder day, the same way as you. Keep rolling these videos ��

  • He’s the greatest ever, honestly. Great great guy, well-spoken, articulate, care for his fans, still trains a lot, still eats healthy. He’s a once in a lifetime human being.

  • I like watching body builders train because of the form the use when performing these exercises. It’s absolutely perfect. Form over weight kids. The weight will come.

  • love the video,, I was wondering if your left bicep had atrophy or if you had a tear from earlier training days, or maybe its just the way the shirt looked in the video, any chance your can make a video on how to avoid muscular tears and how to keep the muscle tight but mobile, my youtube page is savagenetx if youd like to have a look im just getting back into it

  • You should know upright rows the contraindicated exercise it caui scapulathoracic bursitis and shoulder impingement. Upright rows places you are shoulders in a biomechanically incorrect position causing possible injuries in the future when constantly repetitively doing this exercise.

  • Jay’s 601st thou comment! Knew about Cutler from competition.. started watching his youtube vids after catching the ‘o’hearn, wheels, cutler’ workout vid.. Jay’s got great advices.. doesn’t really mention the joint overuse wear from lockout, but it’s smth to consider.. but its smth he encourages not to do indirectly.. he just has loads of exp. in the gym to maintain.. straight dope. Thanks Jay!!!

  • Thank you! For a woman into natural body building, Linda Hamilton’s delts in T2 was my goal, but hard to achieve. This video really helped me build my upper arms

  • It may be basic exercises, but it isn’t simple to structure and use them correctly. Amazing video John!
    I learned 3 new things today.
    Thank you ����

  • Wow. Just started watching you and I tried this for my delts and got the hardest contraction I ever have before. Keep up the good work John.

  • Great tips here! You read me like a book on this topic in reference to dead end movements that just don’t render maximum results. This, in my opinion, is why a professional physical therapist and trainer like yourself Jeff, REALLY is one of the most vital resources for improving workout strategy. Your Superior knowledge of anatomy and other areas really shows here as it does in many of your videos thanks so much!!!

  • Jeff strikes again! Just when I was reaching a plateau with the other athletes exercises. After two frozen shoulders I’m trying to build back some size and strength and almost 52 years young.


  • Thank you Jeff, once again and again! Those are all exercises that are protecting joints and make muscles work at their best. Especially the hip huggers, those are the best i’ve ever tried for rear delts! I’m always following you, Jeff, and all the crew:)

  • Hip huggers and underhand rear delt raise are too risky for me as I know that the shoulder joint capsule is weakest anteriorly and inferiorly.

  • I’ve been watching these videos during my workouts for the past few weeks! I have seen insane results in such a short period! Awesome videOS, KEEP EM COMING!!!!

  • Just came across your channel now and i like it.My problem is that I battle to gain volume on my muscle and also cant get my left shoulder to become stronger i can pull weights but battle to push weights with my left shoulder.How do i sort that out? I used to be able to bench 110kg and now i battle with 50kg my left shoulder became so weak all of a sudden and i dont know why.

  • I watched all of your videos. I’m 40 yrs old. I have Nagging pains in my knees. Do you have corrective exercises that target the stabilizers muscles around the knee. Matter of fact can you do a video of corrective exercises series. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • So I watched this and what I heard was “make a workout out of these 6 exercises.” My delts, are sore, for the first time in I dont know when.

  • Incredibly awesome!!! Thank you so much for all the excellent material brother. I’m seeing muscles I’ve just not shown before because of your detailed unique material. Stimulus response bam!!!:-) Changing the game one lesson at a time. Class is in session. (-:

  • I used to try Jeff‘s tricks to feel my mind-muscle connection and I have to admit that every time I feel my muscle burning and working even if I’m not using any weights or dumbbells. Keep Going Jeff ������

  • IF….i have not said THANK YOU verbally then please consider this my verbal and escribed ‘ tHANKS Bradda Man’, from Maui. I’m get’in bigger cos o you, Cosin.
    Much love at 61 yrs old, J

  • Just making up exercises for a video now. Only one that was half useful was the pants one. But even that was basically a shrug lol

  • Holy shit. The dumbbell butterfly raise destroyed my middle delts. I’ve never had doms after shoulder day but I do now, for the first time.

  • You mad genius!!! Just destroyed my rear delts working them heavy!! First time they have been sore without my traps along with them!

  • Jeff, what do you think about the classical archery sports exercise “bowstring tension” with the resistance band? This exercise literally burns out the target shoulder blade muscles and rear delt.

  • DUDE HOLY SH*T BRUUUHH‼️‼️������������������������������������������������������‍♂️������������������������ THIS video and YOU are just amaze-balls!!! One ofif not THE BEST& most thorough, amazing vid on this breakdown!!! You ROCK!! THANK YOU! God bless!

  • I would say your focusing on delts that much isn’t “vintage” at all.
    It might be good, but in no way classic.
    Take a look at Arnold, the reason his chest was so big especially look at a front lat spread, is because his delts arent as big as his pectorals.
    Take a look at that PLEASE thats why bbs today look like they have very little chest surface area compared to classic bbs

  • 5:40 13 years of train (20072020), and I belive that i’ve never train that part of muscle! LMO! My strange shoulder form was be explained! uhahuahua somebody shoot me T_T

  • Hey john, I just came across your videos within the last few weeks and I realized that I really wasn’t feeling much doing my back exercises. This video was eye opening and as soon as I did these and focused on squeezing the muscles I could REALLY feel it.
    Thanks John!!!!

  • I boxe 3x a week and feel that my shoulders are knackered throughout the week so when I lift I avoid shoulder related exercises. I know this is not the best way to go about. Is there any advice you can give me about doing complimentary shoulder exercises for people who boxe a bit?

  • My shoulders are bony. If I do these exercises then will I gain muscle mass in my shoulders and stop them from looking bony and sticking out.

  • So basically what you’re saying is that I have 0 delt mass and that I should start working on them tomorrow morning using this in depth description of how and why? Thank you.

  • So glad that YouTube is popping up these older videos for me. Even though I know these exercises; it’s good to get a reminder when I feel I’m getting off track on certain muscle group growth. Thank you.����

  • Your the man John wish I woulda watched some of your videos a long time ago u showed me how to use perfect form which gets much better results and different exercises

  • shoulder and delt workouts always give me a snapping/popping problem that gets painful but goes away after I stop lifting for a couple months

  • Jeffs content has tremendously changed my perspective on working out. I’ve been taking fitness somewhat seriously (probably not enough honestly) since 2018, but I’ve been consistently exercising since 2016. I’ve never been in horrible shape, but I was decently overweight from senior year of high school all the way through college graduation, so ages 18-24. I was 210 with almost no muscle at my heaviest and I’m only 5’11”. I was depressed, lethargic, and junk food addicted. Fast food at least twice a week, candy all the time, snacking late at night you name the trap, I fell into it. I eventually decided I had had enough. I started eating less and occasionally going to the gym. I felt at the time that anything would be preferable to over/binge eating and that I’d be skinny, I didn’t really care to be muscular, so I avoided weights and did mostly cardio. Unfortunately that attitude came with its own share of issues, as I started to notice that I was now tired *all the time*, and I was often hangry. I knew deep down that I definitely wasn’t eating enough, but I didn’t know any other way at the time. I thought that this must be the “easy” way to go. Well, in the end it just made it harder to stay on track and I looked skinny-fat. I plateaued sometime in 2017 and started desperately trying to add new exercises to my routine to lose more weight (mind you I only weighed 147 pounds at that time, so I should have been focusing on shaping my body rather than any kind of weight loss) after hearing from an athletic friend that its less about quantity and more shocking your body, which he was partly right about… but whatever seems to work for him did not work for me, and my nutrition eventually started to slip again as I lost hope gradually. I stopped going to the gym, and actually turned to sex as a coping mechanism. That led me to meeting my wonderful girlfriend, so it wasn’t all bad, but dating put a few inches back onto my waistline. About 6 months ago, I discovered the Athlean channel and since then, I’ve lost fifteen pounds that I gained back, and gained five pounds of muscle mass. I cannot recommend this channel enough. Jeff is a damn genius, with his advice I fixed my shoulder pain that I’ve had since junior year of HS. Huge props to Jeff, thanks for all the hard work and for providing such great advice and information for free for people like myself to benefit from

  • As always John, you never let me down. I got a few miles on me now, but when I have the energy and want to get after it I always turn to your vids. 3 exercises, to the point, not complicated, explained well in a down to earth approach, and effective. Thanks again John, you’re the best.

  • Just finished this workout minutes ago and wanted to comment ASAP. This is tremendous!! I’ve never felt my side delts fire like they did today. Thanks John for your incredible information. Love your channel and appreciate all you do for us.

  • Just tried this routine today..OMG…Shoulders burning…thanks very much. Love it…new subscriber from UK…cant wait to try out more of your routines..48 and going strong ��

  • my question is someone like me, who has had his left elbow torn out of its socket and split in half and after a yr of physical therapy I lack 30 to 35 degrees in extension making it hard to work arms shoulders etc. evenly what do you suggest.

  • Hey John is exercise 2 a duel front/side delt? Or does it just light up the sides only? I learn so much from you so thank you for these videos. I’d kill to have you for a coach!

  • Just tried those heavy partial lateral raises at the END of my shoulder workout. Could only get 2 sets, but. Wow, nice pump. Gonna revisit that

  • Great stuff! Would you recommend seated partial side laterals to avoid body momentum from kicking in? Or would you keep it standing?

  • I kind of disagree with partials…Till 30° there is no tention on muscles…In any case if your goal is the “failure” do as many as you can with full range of motion and good form and keep less time for rest between your sets…

  • 1st exercise: YOUR SIDE DELTS GOING TO BE ON FIRE ��

    2nd exercise: YOUR SIDE DELTS GOING TO BE ON FIRE ��

    3rd exercise: YOUR SIDE DELTS GOING TO BE ON FIRE ��

    4th exercise: ⚰️

  • Two years ago I had reconstruction on my Right Supraspinatus… All three of those exercises were prescribed as part of my rehab… They also wanted me to keep my elbows out in front of my chest for any and all presses. The first exercise… they don’t want me going full range of motion unless it is really light weight. (by the way, I’m now 57 years old)

  • Should I put the overhead press exercise after the side delt raises? My front delts r much bigger then my side and especially my rear delt, that ones lacking… I was originally going to do this months ago, however, someone told me the overhead DB press was a more compound lift so I done it first, before my side delt raises. What do u reckon I should do?

  • To be honest i was very impressed bu Ronnie Coleman.
    But since he start to sell srink tonic he lost it.
    Plus lies about genetic bull shit.
    Jay is really honest.
    I never caught him about lies.
    If you don’t want to tell it I respect you but don’t lie like Ronnie at his last potcast with Joe Rogan.

  • im suprised you used these excersices for shoulders. how about heavy sitting military press, heavy barbel upright row and front lateral raises? all with 6-8 reps except lateral raises you can use 10-15 reps. what do you think about that @mountaindog1? military press for overall shoulder development and pushing strenght, upright row gives you insane wide delts and lateral for some front mass

  • That’s a nice property Jay you’d have a lot of room for the gym yard pool for the dogs to run and you could video all the progress

  • in that body weight side lat raise you will get more activation if u press your wrist into the ground while making a fist. This tech also works with many other exercises…. You concur Jeff?

  • Not one of your vids that I didnt learn something new. Experience and open mindedness makes you the best body building guru! Kudos

  • At 2:00 where are jay shoulders,arms look to big for his narrow shoulders,I may have to train you jay,I’m the holy grail of shoulders and upper chest

  • whats about the kick back for triceps? Does it feed the direction for the rear delts as well, cause the arm is going a little bit up and obviously behind the body too?

  • Shoulders are fast twitch muscle.In order to get big shoulders they need to be pumped with fast reps.This is the main reason people dont have big shoulders even after years of training.

  • I love those moments in your videos for example with the cock confusion, bertha, and how many fckn supplements do i have on this desk when youre actually questioning yourself like wtf are you doing marc

  • Shoulder press arms must be in and a low weight alternate. They wont get as big but will reduce rotator cuff grind. Lateral raises impingment best to do light. Id say shoulder shrugs help a lot and thicken traps.

  • Thank you sir. I took a couple of your shoulder workout vids and put a workout together and ran it tonight. Felt great, the partial reps had a big impact. Thanks for the quality content John!

  • Rear delts looking good. Hopefully you saved someone from getting injured from not balancing their muscles. I jacked my neck up before from having heavy weight in front of me all the time for my job. Lost 20 lbs. from loss of appetite andresistance training. Took 6-7 months to rehab my neck at home.

  • Is this what John would actually do if the chips were down?? I’m not sure, he didn’t say it enough times haha jk great tips! Will have to try those heavy partials

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  • I’ve always found the partial range of motion in all shoulder exercises to work the best because it eliminates all the scapular support assistance from your traps.

    If you want to know how much it makes a difference, go nuke your back on a pull day, then do a full rom shoulder: you’ll start feeling crazy pain in your back when the traps and scaps start trying to assist past 60% of the movement that’s wasted effort you’re could be focusing onto the muscles you want to grow.

    True for almost every isolated movement, as a matter of fact, as almost no muscle was made to work alone.

    Full ROM through your compounds, partials for your ISO’s. It will help development in both strength and size.

  • Hi john, im really enjoying your video’s, im from wales in uk, glad to subscribe, at 52, im kind of an ectomorph build, muscle gains pitiful, nobody would think i do any more than walking! but sadly fat gains have the edge!!, but i’ll keep going, i guess giving up wont help’) best wishes.

    by the way your son is dam good with the yo yo,cheers.


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  • I like these side delt variation exercises.. I have a small infraspinatus tendon tear/right shoulder, so any pressing exercise, barbell, dumbell, even machines.. aggravates the hell out of my rotator cuff.. so I simply don’t do them. I recently turned 48 and have to really focus on smart training.. Thanks John, these tips and uploads are gold ����

  • Hey Jay, we have a question… My buddy and I have been training together since corona virus at my house but since I let him train differently now (more repetitions and drop sets) he has been having a lot of problems with his forearms that are not fast recover enough. Can you advise us what we can do best with this? I think his forearms are overtrained but he is not going to do anything for a week!

  • 00:37 to 01:21 “this is what I would do with no cameras” or if someone asked me how to get capped delts

    why you are the number one gym dude on youtube with anything related to lifting. It’s not about camera time and being the flashiest on YouTube. You delivery content that you would do yourself. You respect your subscribers by providing the truest experience and only info that is true to the gym. All this free information you have helped many people. Over 30 plus years of gym experience in your life impressive

    Thanks bro

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  • Should we begin with the part of the shoulder you wish to build up first? Could you begin with rear deltoids first.. then side, then front??

  • You are stronger on the top, trust me. That’s the whole reason for the chains. As you push higher and get stronger, more chain is lifted off to cope with your strength curve.