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5 Muscle Building Mistakes 1. Focusing on Isolation Exercises. This is a large issue that affects most of the bodybuilding community. We tend to 2. Not Having a Plan. If you want to get from point A to point B, you need to have some idea of how you’ll get there. If 3. Overtraining.

Okay, I. Eat that many calories consistently for a few weeks, track your progress, and adjust accordingly. Building muscle is by no means impossible. I’ve done it. My clients do it.

So if you’ve been struggling to do it yourself, don’t fret. Run through the 5 mistakes above, see if. Muscle cells can only repair themselves during rest, so working muscles too often actually causes muscular deterioratio—the complete opposite of the desired size and strength gain.

General rule: If you’re working for size gains, give muscle groups at least four days between sessions. Luckily, I got help. Learning from coaches and mentors, I gained over 40 pounds of muscle and completely changed my life. Now it’s your turn. 5 Muscle-Building Mistakes (And solutions) MISTAKE #1.

YOU DON’T EAT Enough Food. Every guy tells us that he “eats a lot” but still can’t gain weight. We even said the same thing for years. But.

But one of the best ways to achieve results the fastest isn’t to ensure you’re getting everything right but rather to evaluate what you may be doing wrong. The following list represents nine of the most common training and dietary mistakes that people make as they work to build lean muscle and torch more bodyfat. Allowing stronger muscle groups to take over a movement pattern is the fastest way to miss out on gains in the muscle you target.

Your front delts are all too willing to take over a shoddy bench press, for example. Learn how to really focus in on a muscle, and you’ll see an instant boost in how your workouts feel and your body grows. The gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you’re new, but heading in with a training program that fits your goals and seeking support from a like-minded community can be real confidence builders that help take guesswork out of the equation.. Gym Blunder 3: Using Poor Form.

Improper form is the biggest mistake that cover model Kathleen Tesori sees being made. No matter what you do, how you train, or what you eat, you’re still going to have a muscular physique. For the rest of us, however Lady or dude, if you’ve been working hard to build muscle and you have seen little to no progress, you have probably fallen victim to one or more muscle building mistakes.. Not seeing muscle gains can be quite the painful experience, without a doubt!But before you start filling out that training log (and splitting your sleeves), make sure you don’t succumb to these these common mistakes that can destroy your workouts and kill your progress.

One pound of muscle contains 2500 calories. At max speed, you will need extra 5000 calories to build 2 pounds of muscle. While it’s hard to build muscle without putting on some fat, if you are putting on more fat than muscle, you are eating too much.

There’s no reason to eat 5000-6000 calories a day unless you are on steroids.

List of related literature:

8 The 10 Absolute Worst Muscle-Building Myths and Mistakes

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Statements like “I want my arms to be bigger,” “I want more size,” “I want to be more sculpted,” or “I want to change my body shape” suggest that the client wants to follow a program that will result in muscular hypertrophy or increased tone.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

The biggest mistake is thinking that multiple sets and reps or the isolation of a certain muscle group are needed.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
by Gray Cook
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2003

Sure, strength training and muscle building are fantastic tools for aesthetics, symmetry, musculoskeletal development, and even slowed aging—fundamental goals that will be addressed in later chapters.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Muscles keep you young: Building muscle can literally turn back your genetic clock.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

The second task is sheer necessity, since no one exercise is enough to fully develop even the simplest muscle.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

Further, 10 new sidebars highlight specific topics of interest to gaining lean mass.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2020

Specifically, we’re going to go over the seven most common diet and training myths and mistakes that keep people from effectively building muscle and losing fat.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

Only the last five contribute meaningfully to muscle growth.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

To build a foundation of muscle, this phase uses a total-body approach to training.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • My problem is I have extremely large breast and it makes lifting difficult because they get in the way. Any modification you can recommend.

  • I love your focus on proper posture. I am going to really focus on that when I do shoulders as I believe it will avoid pinching in the shoulders. Also the pinky up rule and I am going to adjust my dB rear flyes so the dB are not facing each other, but head to head like you show! Thank you! I adore your accent and the way you say things lol! So cute! ❤️

  • wow I stumbled upon this video and I am so glad I did. I workout 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day, body building, pole dancing and spinning. For the last year I have lived this way and ate very little and saw no results. I am not fat but I still have a good amount of fat on me and it frustrates me. for the past month i have been on extreme caloric deficit to get rid of it because thats what I do when i want to lose weight.. And still not seeing results. I can’t wait to try these methods and see how it changes. Thank you so much <3

  • Thank you so much. You are helping me stay motivated with your positive attitude & energy. I am so grateful that you show the proper way to perform the exercises with correct form & technique.

  • A couple of points:
    1. Doing weighted exercises with internal rotation of the shoulder is generally not recommended for the health of the shoulders. So you DON’T want to rotate your pinky up with lateral raises.
    2. The Upright row has been shown many times to also not be good for your shoulders. The risk outweighs the benefit. This is an exercise that is best avoided. It’s only stuck around so long due to “bro science”.

    I’m not sure what Hanna’s qualifications are to give out advise, but ask any physical/sport therapists about the above and they will confirm. Do your research ladies! You want to make sure you are avoiding things that can have negative consequences in the future!

  • Jeff Cavalier is saying exactly the opposite of what you are saying: Thump up at the lateral raise because of shoulder impingement if you raise the pinky, dont do upright rows for the same reason and don‘t do front raises because the front delt is trained enough anyways, instead to face pulls for the rear delts. I kinda believe Jeff, because he is a professional trainer…

  • Your videos are great, I was wondering why my progress had slowed and now see I needed to tweak a few things I was doing wrong. Cheers!

  • do you need to drink any water after dinner/ anytime leading up before bed? i thought it was best to ‘keep your minerals in’ to be able to sleep well over night and have as many minerals as possible. is this flawed thinking?

  • Question: Dr Been, thank you for your excellent educational presentations. Given your warmth and natural teaching skills (and endearing diagram monsters!) would you consider putting together a short presentation (no limits!) that a parent might use to help teach children the basics of, say 1) what is a corona virus? Why this one has a special name… 2) why/how does it make our bodies sick? e.g. respiratory, vascular, multi organ failure SIMPLIFIED! 3) what special thing about children’s bodies helps protect them vs adults? 4) best practices for hygiene, when at school, home, shops, outdoors (if necessary…like on hikes etc vs playground. Basically, important basic but accurate educational ‘teaching tools’ that could help minimise fear and strengthen understanding to combat multiple distressing media headlines and hype.

    These are just ideas….happy for your skilled mind to build on them! Might be something to consider as downloadable, for a small fee or donation basis?! I would be grateful, but no pressure! Already, what you HAVE put out is remarkably helpful. Many many thanks. You are a gem on the Tube!

  • I have doing all the don’ts lol �� like literally she just did my whole workouts!!! Now I gotta do it the correct wayyy!!! Thanks ��

  • I’ve got crazy guns now since I started doing your videos. I was 80 kg when I started in October 2019 and now it’s 2nd December 2019 and I’m 68 kg. My abs are popping, cut, guns, booty, the lot. Thanks honey. I’ve even got people coming up to me at the gym asking me what they should do to lose weight. I told them to follow your videos and eat clean. I am cut in all the right places. Thanks gal ����❤️

  • Hi Hanna.. really love your workouts. They are so helpful especially to correct the common mistakes that we all tend to do time and again ��

  • if i lived in the same town i would love to hire you as my personal trainer. you somehow manage to motivate my lazy ass to work out again. but since my pull up rack is in front of my office desk youtube also does the job. thanks for making working out look fun again.

  • Love the explaining, but personally I would like it better if you just film more of your total body when doing exercise, to specify, I want you to show me full body posture, not only the area we are talking about… Otherwise, great and interesting

  • Hi hanna iam 34g and iam suffering here to find workout for chest to reduce my size i have very fit body but my chest is very big for my body can u help me please thank u..

  • Very good tricks. Concentrating on your advice is very difficult because of the annoying music. That’s where the real competition is: Trying to hear what you are saying. Thank you

  • That is very nice you are trying to help others. I agree with the portion where you are pointing out not to swing the weight but to controle the weight.

    Granted there are times it is ok to swing at an varying degree. Such as squeezing out one or a few more repititions. Other wise it should always be under controle.

    I will say that many of the other tips really come across as things you think people should do, as opposed to what the science says.

    The first problem you pointed out. With people raising the shoulders with contracting the trapezius. As far as isolating only the shoulders, deltoids, and not involving any extra muscle, at any time of the lift.

    There are Kinesiology/Kin.(Sports and Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology degree programs) and ( Physical Therapy/P.T., and P.T.A./Physical Therapy Assistance programs) which have books on the mechanic of each muscle and their movement. I seen it some times in an Biology Book, but rarely.

    Personal Trainer Certification programs should also teach this, but not to the same level as the other books mentioned. Primarly the Kin. and P.T. based books the best. I have several books where that is the only thing it address. Well it goes in more depth such as insertion, orgin of each muscles, the nerve it is associated with as well as the branches which lead to that single nerve. It will also go through the different joint movements and some basic biomechanics basics.

    Good luck and keep helping. I hope I had helped in some way.

  • Your are doing superb job..
    I was watched only videos of your CHANNEL and
    I have learned so many things about WORKOUT. THANK U DEAR for doing Such a Great JOB..

  • I thought upright rows are bad because you have internal rotation I see soo many videos saying they’re great and so many that say they’re horrible UGH

  • am i the only one who binge watching hanna’s videos and taking notes? Dear hanna, thank you aloooot, you are changing people’s life��

  • Loved the video! A few things though… upright rows (no matter how strict your form is) are the best way to give you shoulder impingement! Also, using the pinkies up method during lateral raises will also cause major shoulder issues, such as impingement again which leads to injury over the long term. 
    Thumbs up during lateral raises are a good alternative and so are high pulls instead of upright rows for shoulder health.

  • Dr Mobeen. This video clarified the impact of Corona Virus proteins entering the nucleus. So my understanding is the proteins inhibit the release of INF beta. Is it possible then that since Interferons are responsible to some of the flu like symptoms, blocking of INF bets may contribute to the asymptomatic prevalence we are seeing. In reality is it a sign that the viral proteins have already muted the innate response and are actually multiplying and damaging unchecked?

  • Импортная Погремушка….берется объяснять упражнения, в которых она просто ничего не понимает….это видно по её мышцам плечей….

  • Yooo this video is super helpful like omg I just came back from the gym after a shoulder workout and I feel a huge difference now and I feel freaking amazing!!! Tack så mycket and much love from Russia❤️

  • You’re the best for explaining the proper form!! And yes the lateral raises are my favourite too but I was definitely doing them wrong! Thank you thank You ☺️

  • do you follow Phils workout regimen where he works out once or twice a week i think but goes hard on his session that last 20 to 30 min?

  • How often do you do cardio? Because I’m just afraid that I’m going to have to go the store during this pandemic to get more food due to burning too much

  • Yo man love the videos. I’m struggling to do pull ups. I’ve trained scapular for months and I can do hangs for over 30 seconds. I also make sure I push my shoulders back to lock in my back but I can barely get two. I can bench 225 and lift pretty heavy with everything else but pull ups have always been a no go.

  • I got alot in 8 months. Progress slowed when i would over train skills, but i pushed so hard, now i feel like im made for this! The planche is not hard its more of a draining type of thing but once u get to that level u have unlocked the beast in you. I have power to 2-3 do a 90 degree pushups. check me out sometime n turn up stay safe

  • Bless Jake. Always offering a different perspective. My question is. I’ve been doing the beginner progressions like assisted chin ups etc and my question because I’m on the lower rep range I’m not sore the next day yet during the work out I’ve really really put in work. So does soreness matter? And what leg workout could you suggest with knee pain? I got quad tendinitis and even though I’m going through the therapy I still would love to do strength work but with lesa, stress on the knee. Thanks

  • Very entertaining and informative as always mate number 2 was definitely one for me until a few months back, definitely seen more progress since focussing on a select few skills.

    You have a tutorial on tuck planche pushups? I know you have one on tuck planche.

  • I always end up with a smile on my face after watching one of your videos! It has something to do with your optimistic outlook on life and seeing how coordinated you were jumping rope, because you were even able to look around at the ceiling and not fall on your face with that rope spinning all around the place!

  • Thanks for the video bro. When we deep squat, our knees go out and over toes? So our knees have to spread outward stretching the groin open? I found others saying knees straight forward is best? What is your opinion? Your trainer in the photo had his knees outwards and over toes!

  • Sir, thanks for ur update on covid study��it very helpful in this situation n understanding d different inner body conditions of patients����

  • Another great video mate!! Big ��. Hopefully doing the 2018 shred challenge and my white collar boxing event should give me everything I need to win! P.s the back is probably 100% now. I was hanging 40kg doors (88pounds) last weekend and I feel fine! You can’t believe how excited I am to get back into the gym!!

  • Some guys are so unnecessary with their rude comments!!! Grow up Mitchell Mottz Allen, I hope you get some real negative feedback for your ill manners.  Jess Im guilty of all key points in your video!!!  My biggest problem, which I hope you or the community can give some feedback on, is Mindset when it comes to a little of what you fancy does you good quote!  As you know I have lost 8 stone in weight and that has required alot of dedication and some for me real discipline.  My problem that im currently working on is my focus, I deny myself of all treats as Im so focused in achieving my goals, but like the Easter Holidays, I lowered my expectations to enjoy some reals treats and I was like a women on a mission!!! Rather than totally enjoy the overindulgence, it became a free for all!  It was like my mindset said well you dont know when you will get to eat this against so go for it and eat as much as you can physically take.  I thought after 8 stone I would have learned how to handle indulgences!  Im fine whilst refraining, but struggle to get back on the right path!  My 4 day back holiday has stretched the a full week and Im very disappointed in myself. Any tips!!! xx

  • I eat more food daily than I ever have my whole life and I’m in the best shape of my life. I exercise daily and eat about ever 2-3 hours up until 6:00. Small snacks and 3 meals. Eating really is key!!

  • Thanks Jess, I am sure the majority of women will agree that a low calorie diet will get you the results, but not for long term. For long term results real clean food works and quality exercise not full on cardio. It’s all about balance in food, exercise in life to achieve happiness. Living lean. Sure intermittent fasting works, but will it make it is not sustainable long term and it most certainly will not make you happy. Vegan-Paleo it doesn’t matter it’s all about the quality of the food you put into your mouth, you can get good results from either food choice.

  • I thought I was doing everything right for years but I wasn’t able to lose any weight due to several serious health issues & all the medications I’m taking. I’ve been a vegetarian for several years now & 2 months ago decided to add a tablespoon of pure protein to my daily soy milk to enrich my poor diet a little bit, next thing I know the scale went down within the first week! I don’t know why but I guess my body was too weak to burn normally.
    I was also obsessed with the scale numbers but not anymore, I may be losing weight slowly due to building sexy muscles but I’ve lost much size & that’s way better.

  • She said 250 calories below your BMR, but that is just wrong. It should be 250 below your total consumption, which is your BMR plus calories from lifestyle and exercise

  • Great info Jess.  It all makes sense.  I use to eat not enough and would fall for the low calories, low fat junk.  Learned a long time ago, to eat real food and to feed myself the right amounts.  I always was scared that if I did then I would gain it all back in 2 days.  Your mind is half the battle.  Once you let yourself go, it gets a lot easier.  Thanks for the vid.

  • I have done all the mistakes in the past and it makes such a difference when you follow good advice!! My training improved massively and I look way leaner and more importantly healthier:) Love your videos (in the 3 channels including your beauty chanel). You both are great! Than you for helping so many people. Xx

  • According to the official statistics, South Africa has turned into one of the greatest epicenters of Covid-19 in the world. Since the beginning of April to the 12th July, the cumulative number of infections in South Africa has doubled about every 14 days. On 12 July 2020, 264,184 cumulative cases have been recorded, slightly more than double the 131,800 on 28 June, 14 days before. South Africa was firmly on track to record half a million cumulative infections by 25 July. Community spread appeared unstoppable. At that rate of increase, 1 million would have been infected by 8 August, 2 million by 22 August, 4 million by 5 September, 8 million by 19 September, 16 million by 3 October and some 32 million by 17 October 2020. That would represent 53% of the population of over 59 million people. The daily number of new infections should then have dropped off steeply. On that trend, over the first two weeks of October, between one and two million new infections were likely to occur daily.

    However, on 13 July, the number of new cases dropped significantly by about 1,440, or about 11%. The day before, the 12 July 2020, sales of alcoholic beverages were prohibited in South Africa, creating a false impression that the ban was the cause of the drop in numbers. However, this is false, because the normal lag period between the introduction of a new, effective measure and its effect was completely absent, clearly identifying it as fake. This trend of a reduction of new cases continued daily and appeared to become progressively stronger. The result was that, today, 19 August, the official cumulative number of cases in South Africa stands at 592,144, instead of about 2.23 million, had the ‘trend’ of doubling every 13 or 14 days continued. There is no rational reason for a ban on liquor sales to cause such a sudden, steep drop in new cases, hence the conclusion is that, over the three-and-a-half months before 12 July, the numbers have been manipulated up, as were the numbers on recoveries. Death numbers, on the other hand, were manipulated down:  https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/national/2020-07-29-excess-deaths-soar-to-more-than-four-times-official-covid-19-toll-mrc-data-shows/.

    The question is, why have the number of cases been manipulated up?

    Early this year, South Africa applied for an IMF loan of US$4.3 billion at a very low interest rate. On 27 July, the IMF publicly announced that the loan was granted https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2020/07/27/pr20271-south-africa-imf-executive-board-approves-us-billion-emergency-support-covid-19-pandemic. Most likely, South Africa was informed of the grant earlier than the public announcement, perhaps around 12 July? Clearly, the numbers in South Africa have been manipulated up to impress on the IMF an urgent need for funds to fight the epidemic in the country. Most of the funds are likely to land in the pockets of corrupt people in positions of power and their family.

    A further question is, what is the real motive for the ban on liquor sales?

    The answer is that the ban on liquor sales will most likely drive many liquor stores out of business. The liquor trade is seen as lucrative, easy business. White owners of such businesses are exempt on a racial basis of financial assitance to weather the covid storm, including the IMF funds. Many of these businesses are likely to be bought up at bargain prices by black politicians, their family members  https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2020-07-31-ace-magashules-sons-each-bag-a-free-state-covid-19-contract/amp/?_twitter_impression=true, and other black business people, perhaps using some of the IMF funds paid for other contracts where contract prices have been loaded https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/news/covid-19-sahrc-set-to-probe-gauteng-health-spending-amid-corruption-claims-20200730

    And  https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2020-07-30-province-to-disclose-ppe-procurement-details-to-avoid-corruption/

    And  https://mg.co.za/coronavirus-essentials/2020-08-06-the-ppe-scandal-that-the-treasury-hasnt-touched/

    Fraud and corruption assume many a guise. The South African government is rotten through from top to bottom and doing the population a grave disservice by spreading false information to serve the aims of people in power to enrich themselves. Never miss the opportunities a good crisis offers, they say.

  • The “cytokine storm” post viral onslaught is the killer here re SARS COV 2.

    And is responsible re alleged “auto-immunity” carte blanche, and has been forever.

    The “IMMUNE SYSTEM” is super-sophisticated and never attacks itself, your video has proven.

    When “CELLULAR DEATH” is this profound, all the ” body” has left is a fight to the death option.


    COVID 19 has demonstrated that, in that it`s subtle presence/ onslaught “debris” requires persistent immune response akin to auto-immunity flares.

    There is always a pathogen of sorts the immune system it is trying to take out.

    FINDING THE OFFENDER is where pathogen targeting/immune regulating technologies need to be focused now.

    No human should live chronic symptoms from any culprit which instigates life-long suffering anymore…

    Solutions abound, time to implement them ASAP.

  • Dr.Been… Apologies..I somehow sent you my question about Ivermectin..befor I finished my sentence which was to THANK YOU+++ for your extraordinary contribution to both health & science

  • Those are a realy good guide how to do. Thank you much.
    But why are thinking Hanna could play in a Lara Croft movie….


  • As soon as the patient becomes positive, he must be oxidized regularly. whether or not his body is coping up with the situation. It will avert critical stage of covid19.

  • I really like your video, please help how to resistances at home without tools, because I don’t have much money for the gym..��

  • Dr Syed. Do you have an opinion about whether RLF100 (Aviptadil) would be more effective than inhaled nebulized Budesonide or Ciclesonide for outpatients with mild COVID-19? 
    Thank you for your work creating and delivering these lectures.

  • Just discovered you and I can not tell you how much you have inspired me!! I am sooo grateful for your techniques and explanations to those of us less knowledgeable about fitness. I feel like I have a personal trainer with your tutorials! Best wishes with your up coming motherhood and much love and respect from Alaska��

  • Calves and abs. God knows I skip the fuck out of them. I should focus more on those two. Maybe moving calves around to the middle of my workouts

  • I had an interesting experience today as I was driving. A cigarette smoking pedestrian was walking about 200 feet or maybe more on the opposite side of the road, at about that distance he exhaled a cloud of smoke that went up and over the road by the time my car reached the “cloud” it was already gone but my car was filled with a powerful stink of cigarette smoke. Are the aerosolized odor/smoke particulates analogs or comparable to viral particulate? Thanks

  • If you are serious about understanding the current coronavirus situation have a look at these FACTS as illustrated by an unbiased engineer, Ivor Cummings, on you tube:

    To truly understand the current coronavirus situation. A “Caseademic”.
    Published 13 Aug 2020.
    Note: The originator of the coronavirus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, says it is not suitable for use as an indication of Covid 19 due to its lack of specificity.

  • .Re-open the USA and the world … now. 
    .Use daily low-cost at-home personal self-administered 15-minute COVID antigen tests (e.g., E25Bio)  … self-quarantine if infected.
    .Cure infected people at FIRST symptoms as outpatients with inexpensive Budesonide (nebulized) + Ivermectin ( or, Hydroxychloroquine) + Zinc + Azithromycin + Vitamins

  • Is it possible to be exposed to the corona virus…have our innate system fight it off.. test negative for AB but still have T cell memory

  • One huge mistake I was making was eating a late breakfast. I learned with my nutritionist that you have to eat breakfast within the 1st hour of waking up. Waiting after that time slows your metabolism because the body thinks that it won’t be fed so it goes into starvation mode, or probably I should call it survivor mode. This advice has worked immensely, so I want to share it.
    This is a great channel. Congrats!!!!!

  • I’ve said this several times but you Dr Mobeen Syed are an inspiration to healthcare workers! Thank you for your significant efforts to spread knowledge on COVID19.

  • Question…. We are told RNA viruses are characterized by a high mutation rate.
    Is it also common for an RNA virus to have a “proofreading machine regulates replication”?
    …. reading that article made my head spin, I got lost in the detail and sources.
    “SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus with limited proofreading capability of correcting replication errors”
    “researchers heavily rely on DNA sequencing”
    “bioinformatics tools”
    Is this just a sales pitch for ‘MicroGMT’ or is there something unique about SARS-CoV-2 RNA proofreading?
    I can understand computer copy/paste, then checksum to compare the copy with the original.
    How can RNA proofreading be any more intelligent than just copy/paste… i have heard that the SARS-CoV-2 proofreading can determine and promote a more contagious variant. Is that even possible?

  • World health Organization: Time line by 2 different doctors. The WHO needs to be held accountable https://youtu.be/fxhZ2Z-Y4ls
    Reference books from past Corona Virus: https://youtu.be/LOHtpFATzlI

    Who is Director General Tedros? A politician not a medical Doctor? With very close ties to China. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/breaking-who-director-general-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-was-reportedly-ranking-member-of-terrorist-organization-and-china-puppet/

    How China influenced this.

    CDC time line, Dr Fauci knew chloroquine worked in 2005

    facts are here.

    When they suppressed the news about HCQ in March, I figured out that there was something fishy about this disease. They had a cure and nobody needed to die anymore. I thought everything was over then.

    The facts are clear HCQ works it saves lives, Main stream media the CDC, FDA and The WHO need to be charged for crimes against humanity. They helped spread the virus early, they blocked known treatments and supported trials they knew were fake. NY,NJ and California sent known Covid patients into nursing homes. Millions lost jobs, lost there homes for a virus that 99.7% live with out a vaccine.
    Your voice maters

  • Given that COVID-19 outcomes appear to be highly correlated to serum ferritin status, is the ferritin higher before the disease, or does ferritin rise as the disease manifests?
    Utility of Ferritin, Procalcitonin, and C-reactive Protein in Severe Patients with 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease @t
    Most people think serum ferritin measures iron status. It does not. Ferritin is synthesized IN the cell, NOT in the serum, and it only enters the serum when it has lost its iron inside the cell and ejected into the serum. According to Sir Douglass Kell, PhD (literally knighted for his work on iron), ferritin is a sign of liver pathophysiology. It measures iron-based liver damage.

  • Hey Scott, I don’t know who else to ask, every fitness Youtuber I know it’s either on gear, or vegans, or using fake weights so I don’t expect they have the I.Q. required for an answer. They’re just a bunch a conmen scammers.
    Question about body’s instinctual adaptation.
    If I do pull ups, (long term), how will my body preferentially respond:
    1) It will build the stimulated muscles
    2) It will start producing Leptin in order to decrease my appetite and thus decrease my body weight. (a lower body weight will implicitly make doing pull ups easier since fighting gravity requires such a tremendous amount of energy).

    Now, the question is, will this be a 50-50 even option the body is going to go after? Or what would the body’s preferential choice be?

  • I’m born and raised in South Boston (got the accent and all); after listening to Scott talk, I can’t believe my friends can stand this accent. But still good info!

  • I was always unhappy with my calves, until I started doing my calf raises more slowly, incorporating holds at the top and actually remembered to take care of my soleus. I still have a long way to go, but I am finally seeing results.

  • If any of you guys want to learn how to make a protein shake without supplements come check out my recent video it’s kinda like the fitness addicts but not completely idiotic

  • I tried the seated calves training, but because of the weight, the place where the bar was touching my legs was pain more than the calves itself. How can I fix it, please? Thank you.

  • i really feel bad for him. when his channel has less subscribers, he got more views but now he just gained some thousands of views even his subscribers are in Millions

  • Scott, I am wanting to use cheat and recover method to train, can you give me some guidance, exercise selection is my problem as I am training from home and all I have is power blocks, can’t communicate well on YouTube as I am blind, how might I communicate with you about this
    Are used the method last year with excellent results, but I had the gym and all the equipment to fall back on, the weights I have a suitable for the appropriate rap ranges, it’s purely exercise selection I’m struggling with
    Muscle groups like shoulders, arms et cetera are fine, it’s mainly back I’m struggling with, don’t have a pull up frame so relying on rowing

  • A Big �� to you Sir!
    Can we give thanks to Governor Cuomo of NY at the DMC Convention whose basic agenda so far has been the following:
    Most COVID-19 deaths in the nation.
    Allowing over 10,000 death by allowing the elderly back into Nursing Homes and does yet apologize to one of the family members.
    Supports defund the police.
    Having the highest homicide and mugging in the country since Mayor Dinkins.
    Inviting his rich friends for drinks and BBQ.
    Complete support for the Marxest BLM Movement.
    Allow rioting and looting.
    Allow protestors to not wear mask and potentially increase the number of Covid 19 cases.
    Oh just for got more New Yorkers are leaving the City in droves.
    I don’t think your getting a A+ this year

  • Hi so I just started working out a month ago and I’m just curious, can I do the standing calf raise with dumbbells? I dont hav a barbell

  • The only downside I’ve noticed about having big calves is, I wear a size 13 shoe…but my calves make my feet look small �� great video

  • In kinesiology class my professor told us for calves plyometrics like box jumps and jump rope will be the most efficient because the calves have such a great mechanical advantage

  • Dr. Been, there is a petition in the White House: “Hydroxychloroquine should be used for the prevention and treatment for COVID-19”
    Please help to make it survive.

  • I liked the point you made about having to lower the weight due to muscle damage. I did chest today and on my last set I could barley do 35 pound dumbbells lolol

  • Not many of us are as blessed as Rikki with amazing calves. I mean seriously, if girls are walking behind him down the street saying DAMMMMMN… It’s not the glutes… its the calves. haha

    But all jokes aside guys, building great calves just takes dedication. Of course gentics will play a role, but that doesnt mean you can’t improve what you’ve got! So instead of saving them for last, try doing them first. If you make them a priority, then they will get the attention they need to grow!
    GUARANTEED GAINS “FREE PROGRAM DOWNLOAD” https://muscularstrength.com/guaranteed_gains_sign_up_FREE

  • In other words: stop bullshitting in the gym.
    And I would add: stop focusing on numbers. Lift as heavy as you can and still be in a rep range of 6 to 15 and do as many reps as you can. Either go to failure or like 1 rep short of failure but if you leave 5 reps in the tank, you’re bullshitting. If you could do 5 more reps, that’s a warm up set.
    And if you can do less reps every set: congratulations! You have successfully broken down the muscle. People are so fixated on some number like “4 times 8” that they basically do 3 warm up sets and randomly stop their sets after 8 reps because their program says so.
    The same goes for sets. Why stop the exercise if you still feel like you could do another set? Fuck your program. Do as many sets and reps as you can, push the muscles to the limit. And then go home and eat like a maniac. People don’t make gains because theyre not training with nearly enough intensity.

  • I was reading about artesunate and artemisinin antiviral and anaphylactic proprieties and wondered if you think these might show some promise in covid? Thank you for all the hard work you do. You are my hero and I am grateful there are people like you in the world.

  • Just go on a lot of hikes, bike a lot (youll get them calves, and everything else…. genetics sadly xd)

    cos I dont train them, I just do these two things a lot

  • I’m one of those genetically cursed in terms of calves �� (gifted abs though ��!) I’m learning so much with all your videos! I’m the kind of person that always needs to know the “why” because only when it makes sense to me, I do it right! Thanks Scott for your high quality video content and good sense of humor ��

  • If im doing calves exercises side by side, i cant even lift myself up with my right foot with no weight. Probably cause of some injury. What should i do to reinforce it?

  • Scott. Do you like the dumbbell Seated �� Raise? I know, “if it’s is all we got, do it” but I was just curious about your opinion on them.

  • This video came along at the ideal time for me. Oh and thanks Scott…I’m now addicted to Jed North stuff. Going on my 6th tank and 5th pair of shorts. Used your code for all.

  • I’ve been subscribed to you for years and I just wanna thank you for your genuine practical no BS content. There’s so many fitness channels on YT now and I can always trust to see legit stuff from yours unlike the fake natty fad stuff from others. Thanks man!! Love from Perth Australia

  • For slowing down your raises, I suggest a “2×4 rule”
    Take 2 seconds to raise
    2 seconds to hold at top
    2 seconds to lower
    2 seconds to hold at bottom

  • Thomas I hope you read my comment and pray you respond. I wish I could ask my Dr the question but most freaking Drs. DO NOT believe in fasting. Mine tells me you have to eat fruits and vegetables never skip breakfast and I will not allow anyone to brainwash me again into the breakfast is the most important meal of the day BS! My question is, does jigsaw magsoothe break your fast? I have clinical stage hashimoto disease and I take Np Thyroid (desiccated pig thyroid gland)and it messes with my quality sleep. So because I know my immune system is the culprit here and sleep is extremely important to better my immune system. I needed something to help me sleep. Melatonin was causing sleep paralysis and felt like I had hangover. Now jigsaw magsoothe is amazing. I have never slept like I do with jigsaw magsoothe. I don’t toss and turn, I don’t wake up…it’s amazing. My worry is that it’s breaking my fast because it has malic acid, organic raspberry flavor( for tartness)monk fruit extract (for sweetness) natural flavor. But I’m love it, it has 200mg magnesium glycinate, 130mg sodium, 180 potassium. What are your thoughts, please let me know. I was hoping you’d talk about this product in this video but you didn’t, do please let me know, thanks!

  • Nice video but your lateral raise is wrong. Having your pinky face upwards is putting ur shoulders in internal rotation which is shortening the space in your shoulder. You might not feel pain today but long term you gonna damage your shoulder. Also scrap up right row. That will also dead your shoulders over a long period

  • Great tips Scott. I’ve been training a long time and I still tend to forget these simple effective principles. Thank you so much.

  • The youtuber Jeremy Ethier debunks the first point made here, showing that using longer rest periods between sets actually create more muscular growth due to the fact that you can move a greater amount of total volume in each workout:

  • Starting with too heavy of a weight is a big mistake… that’s what most people do… causes joint strain… what’s needed is when you’re able to go up in Reps that’s when you need to do then go up in weight on subsequent sets… it’s best not to do stupid sets!

  • Calves is my finisher when I do lower or upper body workout. I do 1 min for each calves when I’m in the last seconds I can feel the burn.

  • Hi Scott, good video thanks. I have a question for you regarding training frequency. I want to grow my arms. If I train my biceps and triceps every days versus every second day, will I achieve better gains? Have there been any clinical studies done to address this query?

  • Mechanical Tension is not self explanatory. You did not make this video easy. I guarantee you these 3 mistakes are going to continue happening. Thanks.

  • Hey guys, I’ve recently started hitting the gym after getting a job in an office, I’ve become ‘skinny fat’ (oh dear) I’m sitting around 141 pounds at the moment, ideally I’d like to be around 160-165. I know I need to be in a caloric surplus to put more weight on and turn it into muscle, but my question is, do I need to be in a surplus all of the time? For example, say I’ve already burned 1500 calories without exercise. I’m about to head to the gym after only consuming 800 calories, would you recommend being in a surplus before working out? Or does it not matter as long as you end the day in surplus? Thanks in advance

  • Okay I have a good question. What I do Is do multiple different kind of work outs a day at a time. Example. I start off on bench then I do skull crushers then flys then sit ups then wrist curls. Then rinse and repeat. So am I missing out on gains by working out more muscles at a time? I go way over 90 seconds before I do the same lift again. I would be grateful of your feedback

  • The stop clock idea just kicked my ass. Apparently I’ve been taking too long of breaks. I couldn’t complete a single third set without mini rests when I shortened my breaks.

  • Agree. I have that experience. When I felt impossible to finish the rest reps, just stop for a some seconds and I could finish the work.

  • This entire video is FLAWED from start to finish. Studies are conclusive with that total work volume is the indicative factor of muscle growth. Short rest time theory is bs proven wrong in several studies, not just one study. /watch?v=nbCDr0q_I_o this video explains everything. I appreciate your work Scott but please take this video down because it is spreading misinformation.

  • Good talk Scott! Just want to send you some love and happy New Years! Been following you for nearly 10years lol. Oh does the time fly.

  • It’s called “progressive resistance training” for a reason. If your weights are not getting heavier, it’s a safe bet your muscles are not growing either. Yates did 1-2 working sets to absolute failure using intensity techniques (forced reps, negatives, rest-pause, partials…you name it) after warm up sets. He mostly did 6-8 reps…slightly more for legs. He hit each muscle group once per week. Coleman did mostly straight sets, but he trained even heavier that Yates. Most powerlifters are pretty darn muscular, they’re just not as shredded as bodybuilders on stage. Bodybuilders and powerlifters have a whole lot in common. As for damage, the negative or eccentric portion of a rep causes the most muscle damage and soreness. So…do take full advantage of the lowering portion of each rep. You can hold (static) more weight than you can lift (concentric) and you can lower (eccentric) more weight than you can hold.

  • Hey man, thanks for these tips. Solid and PROVEN advice. I used to know these things but forgot them. Your reminder will make a difference. Also the 2 stretch/flex muscle building tips I didn’t know but they are obviously correct as well because I happen to watch a training videos of Jeremy B who recently won 4th Mr O Men’s Physique and in said video his trainer made him flex his delts after a punishing set. It’s obviously working for him. Solid advice man. Stay excellent my friend…… EP

  • Woooow, you straight up JACKED these concepts from T-Nation. I found an article with EXACTLY what you’re talking about…

    come on man be original.

  • wait for big body parts is 18-24 working sets per week or per day you work that body part? like can i do chest twice a week, 10 sets both days for 20 total?

  • I train mine Dogg Crapp style: raise up, hold 5 seconds, low it slow and hold 15 seconds. Only need 1-2 sets with 12 reps ea set and that’s it. heavy as possible. nothing beats it

  • Hey Scott, you got me into working out 6 years ago. Two years ago I fell out of my daily routine due to life changes and now I can’t seem to find the motivation to go back. I forced myself to go for three months straight recently but didn’t see any gains and really didn’t enjoy it because my heart just wasn’t in it.

    Could you do a video on how to regain motivation after a long break and maybe the best “comeback” workout for those that may have achieved an intermediate level but have since lost most their muscle tissue through inactivity?


  • My calfs and legs overall are pretty strong and big since I did a lot of running related exercises, Even after 4 years of zero exercise.

  • Hi scott… I have been watching most of your videos and its really helpful. Now, i watch lots of abs exercise videos from you and others and I am confused. If you can help me out I will really be grateful. I forgot it was you or some one else who said that we need to treat our abs just like other muscle and we need to give rest for them too. So My questions is as we have different parts of abs.. Do we need to hit them on different days like upper abs on monday, lower on tuesday and so on that way the other get rest on certain day? Or is it fine to hit all the abs for five days a week?

  • Dude this guy’s voice is either fake or forced. If you watch his videos from two years ago and compare his voice to this video is definitely different. He sounded less of a douche back then. I’m serious check them out. He has changed his voice to make that bharrr sound more noticeable. What a fake

  • Hi bro, I got some question for a long time but I don’t know who I should ask. I’m 5’9″ and 85kg. The question is should I do some fat loss before I do my routine for muscle build? I working out 5 or 6 day a week and 60mins to 90mins a day of building muscle. Please kindly guide me. Thank in advance. ����

  • Heya Scott. Remember a while back you talked about slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers and the training method required for them individually? Well, I’ve learned about myself that my gains, physique and strength all go up when I do MORE working sets, meaning I’m more towards the slower end. Anyway, keep up the good work and merry christmas.