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So, what this tells me is that a majority of people are protecting themselves while lifting — and you should, too. Related: The 4 Best Weightlifting Belts in 2018 Worth Buying. Final Thoughts on the Most Common Weightlifting Injuries The Most Common Weightlifting Injuries — Preventing Instead of Curing. Many of these compensations can lead to excessive stress to specific body parts, leading to some very common injuries. Here’s a brief intro to 7 of the more common injuries that can happen in the weight room, with tips to prevent them.

1. Disc Herniation (& Degenerative Disc Disease) Disc herniations are often caused by poor lifting mechanics. Back Injuries Bench presses, rows, and dead lifts are among the most common weight lifting exercises leading to back sprains and strains. Sprains — tears or stretches in the ligaments — are acute injuries directly caused by trauma.

Strains also occur from injury; however, those usually affect the muscles or tendons rather than the ligaments. Detailed below are some of the most common injuries people incur while developing with weights, and easy ways to prevent them. Knee Injuries The knee is generally assumed to be a particularly vulnerable joint to damage from weightlifting, particularly squats or any exercise which puts sudden extra pressure on the leg. The second time it happened, I messed up my back (well, just a little) from bent-over rows, so I already had a little experience and knew to avoid 1.5. I think the injury was caused by lifting too heavy with bad form.

I jumped straight to 3, completely gave up on bent-over rows, and jumped to dumbbell rows. Arm/Leg Injuries: Arm injuries and leg injuries are also common lifting injuries at workplace. There are several types of arm and leg injuries such as a SLAP tear, Achilles tendon, Patellar tendonitis, IT band syndrome etc., which may be.

Common injuries include ligament sprains, muscle and tendon strains and tendonitis. Although pain is a common symptom of these injuries, inflammation and loss of function may also occur. Improper weightlifting technique can cause soft tissue injuries of the arm. Weight-Lifting Injuries on the Rise.

More people are weight-lifting to gain muscle than ever before; women in particular are increasing their participation. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, 34.5 million Americans participated in weight training in. Nonemergent acute injuries, by contrast, are the most common chief complaint at competitions and often either do not stop an athlete from continuing (e.g., small lacerations, mild strains) or result in only a brief respite from lifting (<5 d). By far, the most common acute, nonurgent injuries are muscular strains and ligamentous sprains.

Common Weight Lifting Injuries and Conditions Rotator Cuff Tear. The rotator cuff is a band of four muscles and their tendons that span from the wing bone to the upper arm bone to form a “cuff” around the shoulder joint. When injured or torn from repetitive use or a traumatic injury, the rotator cuff can cause pain and limit the function of.

List of related literature:

Muscle injuries are common in weight lifters, wrestlers, cyclists, and football players.

“Pathology for the Health Professions E-Book” by Ivan Damjanov
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There is, of course, the obvious risk of major injury to muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone associated with the very nature of sports and exercise— when you lift, push, pull, run, bike, jump, throw, hit, block, tackle, and kick hard enough.

“The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain” by Stanley W. Jacob
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Once considered a rare injury, pectoralis major rupture has become more common over the past 2 decades, especially in athletes participating in sports such as weight lifting.

“Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics E-Book” by S. Terry Canale, James H. Beaty
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Muscle injuries, including contusion, strain, or laceration, are common injuries, occurring particularly in sports; about 90% of all muscle injuries are either contusions or strains.

“Pathology E-Book: Implications for the Physical Therapist” by Catherine C. Goodman, Kenda S. Fuller
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Muscle Injury Muscle injuries, including contusion, strain, or laceration, are common injuries, occurring particularly in sports; about 90% of all muscle injuries are either contusions or strains.

“Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant E-Book” by Catherine C. Goodman, Kenda S. Fuller
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The body parts most commonly injured by weight lifting include the shoulders, knees, and lumbar spine.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
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Other causes include falling on to an outstretched arm and hand, a blow to the upper arm, heavy lifting or repetitive work motions.19 Symptoms of a rotator cuff injury include shoulder weakness, pain and decreased ROM.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, Lesley Seaton, Thomas Buckley
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And injuries that were rarely problems before all the bulking up were now common: patellar tendonitis, strained rib cages, torn hamstrings—the kind of stuff that happens when oversize muscles rip away from bones that can no longer support them.

“Gladiator: A True Story of 'Roids, Rage, and Redemption” by Dan Clark
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Lifting heavy items incorrectly can cause many types of injuries.

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Pectoralis major rupture in athletes.

“Managing Sports Injuries e-book: a guide for students and clinicians” by Christopher M Norris
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  • One tip; don’t put too much weight on the bar until you’ve learned the proper execution as eloquently presented in this video. With good form and as you learn to engage the right muscle group, you’ll be amazed how little weight it takes to feel the effect.

  • Just put a chain or a safety harness that will prevent the weights from dropping to somebody instead of these useless human spotters.

  • The guy bleeding out of his eyes makes me wonder if he has underlying high blood pressure. And if some deeper vasculature may’ve been damaged from that intense pressure.

    I can only think it might indicate a higher risk of an aneurysm or stroke. Oof.

  • This was super helpful. I think I started to squat my deadlifts a bit in order to try and save my lower back because of previous mistakes. I feel ready for leg day now!

  • My girlfriend has stared lifting 2 weeks ago and I’ve been searching for a good DL form video to help explain how to do it properly for a while now.

    How the hell did I not find your channel sooner? I don’t know if you have a similar video for all the big compounds out there since this is the first I’ve watched, but I hope to God you do because this has been the best and clearest form guide I have ever seen on this platform.


  • If I get enough views on this video I’ll be sure to put up a Part 2! If you like this video don’t forget to share it with someone you know that lifts weights! ��

  • i feel it in my arms no matter how i do it lmao my lower body could lift heavy but i cant get the tension off of my arms so that limits a lot thats why i dont do them����

  • Thank you so much. I’ve always thought you had to put your hips lower to your knees and push like a squat and I did it the right way and now I feel nothing in my lower back

  • Fantastic video, with clear instructions on how to do it right! Clarity at it’s best, thanks for sharing so many such wonderful videos!

  • Bro I feel breaking records but what is the point if your are crippled for life. Someone else is going to come along and break your record eventually. The cycle continues.

  • Being new to the gym and having only youtube as a coach makes me overthink if i’m doing the exercises correctly and have the right form

  • Listen, I do gym since 18 years and this guy here gave the most straight forward, complete and issue detailed explaination of deadlift and relative problems. Cheers and you got a new subscriber

  • I know how the last guy feels, that actually happened to me recently and my knee was almost touching my butt, it took so long to recover and I have PTSD from it

  • Powerlifting aur bodybuilding यह सारा खेल हैंडबॉल एक स्टोराइट लेने से इनकी हड्डियां टूटी है इसीलिए हाथ जोड़कर आपसे कहते रहते हैं एनिमल एक्स टो राइट कोई भी स्टोराइट मत लो

  • 3:30 the snatch should never be done with weight you don’t have complete control of. Spine shivering stuff. Just power clean. If you can’t rack it back down to the floor it goes. Same earlier for the push press. On a strict press you’re forced to use a weight you can handle so if its too heavy it sits back down on your upper chest. Safe

  • This tutorial is EXCELLENT mate well done. Thank you for posting. It’s extremely informative and one of the best deadlift instructions I’ve come across

  • Probably a silly question but I’m just starting out doing deadlifts, between reps should I put the bar on the floor or is it ok to just go down low then power back up?

  • 8:25 that middle spotter actually tried helping on Closer look. The whole thing would’ve been avoided by lifting in a power rack. No spotters needed then and no crap this this could possibly happen. Dumb sport of power lifting. Use a bloody power rack

  • This might be stupid and I know that there’s like 3 but I want to see American Ninja Warrior injuries and I have a clip here


  • HOLY SHIT, her voice is so damn annoying that I had to watch the whole video in MUTE…

    and she’s also laughing about the accidents btw

  • Surprised some of these with overhead brackets aren’t using a couple of web belts with inertia reels on them. Free motion until it falls fast enough to lock the spool, like a seat belt retractor… weight drops a foot and stops, spotters get it back on the rack, no crush injuries….

  • First time i tried to do a deadlift in the gym next to my pool where my apartment is and my nose started bleeding next thing you know i guess i passed out because i remember nothing after that

  • 2:30 probably has knowledge of possibly passing out and literally heads straight for the damn rack of dumbbells that’s how you know you fried your brain after the lift

  • Legit shittest video ever on YouTube. The most crass and naive American women with a really typically annoying American voice. The clips were all too short and the production was crap. Terrible get off YouTube

  • The human body wasn’t built for this garbage talk to old body lifters you will be shocked at all the health problems they have because of weightlifting ������������

  • So what Ive learned: After a really hard lift, then keep your hands on the bar after a drop. Because you’ll be closer to the floor and also you wont hit your head

  • I was in 5th grade trying to lift 200 (my best was like 120, I know, stupid), and the feeling that you get when every muscle in your body has no idea what’s happening and your brain just goes “fuck it go unconscious” is the weirdest thing in the world.

  • Fake fall 1:27 guy did t even fall he caught hisself but didn’t try to get up bc he realized he was already embarrassed fuck him it would’ve looked better if he got up and laughed it off

  • So exactly what IS this?..is it something that hapens to head?..heart?…brain?…why are these people having “Mini-seizures / passing out” after lifting an excessive level of weight?…and why hasn’t this practice been halted until further research has been performed?….like…human beings are idiots sometimes.

  • the majority of these people dont have lean muscle. Good thing the way i workout ill have a very low chance of getting injured. i go reps rather than hitting my PR every day.

  • The second guy in this video, Brian Shaw, is a 4x winner of the World’s Strongest Man, and is one of the strongest men to ever live.

  • When I was 27(I’m 44 now) while I was lifting weights I sprained my groin. I injured myself so severely that it took 6 months to heal. I’ve reinjured it a few times since then (mainly from shoveling snow) At 38 I switched over to Yoga. It’s a lot less wear and tear on my body and I feel great. Your videos are very interesting, but at times tough to watch…

  • Hey guys, I am just starting out on YouTube. I am highly motivated and I enjoy helping people. What you will see is every day people, working hard, making mistakes, and growing stronger together. Please like, comment, and subscribe. It will cost you nothing for your support and it will be greatly appreciated ��

  • Played soccer for months after I tore my ACL and Miniscus until one day I was walking along a slope and I lost control of my leg completely lol recovered in 6 months thankfully

  • Well… after my back heals up I will definitely be watching your video on the deadlift again!! I’ve been proud of myself working out everyday for first time in my life. I’ve been feeling and looking great until the stupid deadlift today! I literally couldn’t carry my children up the stairs and I’m laying on my side in so much pain. I did 3 things majorly wrong. I so wished I would have found your video before I tried to lift ��

  • Trust me or abuse me, Olympic weightlifting is the most stupid thing you can do to your body. It is not worth the risk, I mean, you can be a very very fit person by combining diff martial arts, weightlifting, gymnastic, calisthenics routines but why the fuck you wanna 300-4000 kgs squats or bench?

  • Great video for competitive athletes but where’s the video that helps the beginner understand proper form when weight lifting. We all lift things that are “heavy”. Most of us don’t know the basics on how to lift anything. Can you give that info. to us i.e. Golden Rules on lifting for the “general public”.?

  • I injured myself once during football practice when someone fell and pushed my left knee inward and it hurt when I got up and the next day I could barely walk

  • I love fails videos and even in fatal fails I don’t feel bad, I still laugh. But in this video all this make me feel bad. This gym fails always makes me feel sick. I dunno, this kind of fail looks like something that the people are actualy chasing to theirselves.

  • At 8:22 do you think he could have injured his left leg as well? Obviously his right leg was the main problem, but his left leg seemed to be twisted a little as he fell too

  • I recently got slammed directly on my left shoulder I heard a loud pop and couldn’t move it for 2 days 3 weeks later and it still hurts while doing some movements the pain is centered on the back of shoulder

  • Apparently, YouTube doesn’t like when I talk to you guys about injuries. Ah well. Be sure to let me know if you have suffered an injury while lifting weights or if you know someone who has suffered an injury while weight training.

  • Ok, nice video and so on and so forth, but the real question i want answered is how the fuck that guy at 0:36 can jump so high? That’s like trampoline level heights, isn’t it?

  • 1. Avoid starting with your hips too low.
    2. Avoid rounding your back as you lift.
    3. Avoid swaying the bar as you pull.
    4. Avoid jerking the weight.
    5. Avoid overextending during lockout. (Pelvic Tilt)

  • 2:54 his friends baited him into picking that heavy shit up. and then he died afterwards looking at them like yall ain’t shit..��������

  • Came here after trying to deadlift seriously for the first time outside a planet fitness and wondering why my lower back hurt so much. First mistake solved it. Thanks man.

  • Since we don’t want to hyper extend the back, does that mean we want some posterior tilt at the top? But at the bottom we start with max anterior tilt, so we continue to rotate them posteriorly at the top of the movement?

  • Take it from a PT, I do not do nor recommend such heavy lifts AT ALL!

    You don’t gain from doing such heavy weights as much as you would with lighter weights (as you recover faster from lighter weights which means you can workout more often), your tendons can only carry so much force and a wrong angle multiplies the force on said tendons tens to hundreds of times, because of the way gravity works.
    Furthermore, when it does go wrong you won’t be doing no workout for the next months or years. You literally loose years of training from injuries, and that is not worth it.
    Like the guy at 0:38. He won’t be doing leg-exercises no more (incl. simple walking), and I fear he will keep that with him the rest of his life.

    Work smarter, not harder.

  • So today I was trying to get a new PR, which I had to stop because I couldn’t do it with the right form. So this guy who thinks he knows everything tells me im doing it wrong and tells me to do ALL the things that the video tells you to NOT do:’D

  • It’s a compilation of human stupidity in action: the proverbial meat head caught on video for posterity.
    And some horrendous spotting.
    At 6: 50 did the fatso have a seizure?

  • When you consider that the cow killed to feed these idiots their beloved PROTEIN is many times stronger without even trying than Eddie Hall could ever hope to be, it puts these needless accidents into perspective. The strongest steroid using 300lb ‘alpha’ is like a weak calf in real terms. And no cow has shit tattoos or wears lycra.

  • Dr. Raynor, you should try working with another youtube channel and see if you can draw more subscribers to yours. im sure there are a lot of channels that could use the expertise that you have and youre a likable person. ive actually seen several channels use this trick to draw more subscribers. you should have no problem getting a lot more. im sure joe scott or scott manley would love to do a video with you.

  • Doc I have a question I play basketball but I’m worried about my achellies because my father snapped both of his achellies playing basketball so I’m worried that my achellies are weaker than the average achellies im 14 and sometimes when playing they start to hurt pretty badly and I stretch so what should I do

  • I would like a last sip of water before I die…probably one of the best gifts you could ever receive…hey the damage is already done

  • 8:03 grip too wide, no body tightness, helper just let’s go and doesn’t realise his buddy needed his arms locked for the lift off and to settle over the chest not the throat. The bar comes down below the chest….i repeat… below the nipples and Paused on the chest with your elbows tucked by your sides not flared out and drive up with a slight sort of hip thrust for some help out of the bottom. You lockout at the top and with fully locked arms send the bar towards what should be a power rack and as soon as the bar hits the rack you lower it because you know its them impossible to miss the j hooks. Safe bench press=)

  • at 3:55 people are like: “oh! is this part of the show?” as if they are waiting to see him disappear and reappear at a different location with different attire and say ‘Tada’

  • this is a definition compilation of all brawn and no brain, why would you risk your life and others around by lifting such heavy weights with no or some pathetic support/spotter team?

  • I’ve never seen someone bleed from their eyes, but I have seen someone burst blood vessels in the eye. It was pretty gross and scary.

    Also. Hernias. No fun.

  • Lmfao!!! This shit is so fucking funny to me! Ya deserve those injuries! That’s your body telling you that it’s not suited for these type of strains! Duh! But ya so brain dead ya continue and die in your 40’s and 50’s from steroid complications or being crushed by weights! It’s good to be strong and fit but in moderation.

  • Hi, I would like to ask a question to the doctor, it has been 10 years since I had my shoulder surgery, and recently I lifted 40kg weight and i heard ripping/ crunchy sound from my operated shoulder. I now feel slight sharp pain in the joint area. Did the anchors come out, or was this soft tissue ripping? Also, as it has been 10 years, are the ropes inside dissolved and are the labrum attached to the bone?

  • I feel sorry for 6:24. Silly equipped crap. The weight is too heavy. You should be able to unrack it yourself by lifting bum to unrack then bum back on bench though help to unrack is OK but you should be able to actually press it comfortably for your own safety and not rely on wide grip belly bouncing. Press the bloody weight

  • What the fuck nobody is there spotting in a couple of these accidents like yea you can do it almost like they want to see an accident happen or death

  • 6:35 wtf? Why did they allow that for a disabled person? Like his bones are much weaker and his arms aren’t fully there wtf??? That place should be sued.

  • Nutrition for healthy strong tendons is just as important as nutrition for strong healthy muscles. You’re only as strong as your tendon allows. Get some supplements and dont be shy to eat the skin off the chicken legs and eat the cartilage too! You’ll thank yourself when you’re trying to deadlift 500 plus pounds and you don’t injure yourself.

  • The dudes that are on some shit that makes your forehead grow don’t react to it happening, and then stare at their arm when the searing pain doesn’t subside.

  • 2:39is the real champion his bicep Was already messed up and he still did it and he bleed ON TOP OF THT I HAVE CRIPPLING DEPRESSION AND I DROPPED MY DARITO IN THE TUB ��IM DEAD ASS

  • all the so call bad ass power lifters and weight lifters will tell you to squat and deadlift…. well i got injured doing them and i got ban from a few forums for trying to warn people.

  • 6:20 But why is he holding the bar like that? It’s safer to put your thumbs under the bar, not on top. That’s why it slipped right out of his hands.

  • My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when the weightlifter’s forearm broke on the bench press. I was not expecting that! Wow! Thank god for spotters! They probably saved his life.
    OMG! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse… that next bench-presser!!!

  • This was tremendously helpful. Thank you so much!The only solution I want to recommend to anyone who wants to gain more height is(Growth Boom Pro)height system..
    This is the only solution that works, although I’ ve tried many products..After I was 23, I gained 5 inches in height in 2 years.

  • Oh god! The one at 6:20 made me cover my eyes and turn away in fright! Those are the ones that I cannot stand and immediately think that they die from all of that weight crushing down on them.

    Edit: 8:00… Jesus… That’s a nightmare.

  • Very good video. Just did my first deadlifts while receiving 1 on 1 advice from my physio. Especially preventing the round back by tilting the pelvis was “hard”for me. Took me like 3 tries and need to be mindful. Mirror was a big help. I did however kept my arse in the sky. Will drop it a bit next time. I now have already 3 days rock hard (muscle ache) hamstrings. I just lifted the bar (20kg 3 reps 10x). 186cm 85kg. This exercise is a keeper.

  • I’m only 15 and I lift at school, but I notice myself and others lifting up their lower back sometimes when benching. I know it might help, but are there specific injuries that could happen?

  • My weightlifting plan includes hoisting a 5 year old into those carts at the store (she’s only 34lbs but I’m rather short, those carts are high!)

  • Very informative, great tips, easy to follow, quick and simple. I’ve been working out and training for a while and I like tutorial videos that don’t drag and create confusion. Great job. You have a like, subscribe and follow from me

  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched tho because I get mansplained and think I’m doing it wrong. Straight back, feet apart, bar under shoulders, contact with legs throughout movement.

  • It would be cool if you did videos dedicated individual strength sports. Here, there was strongman (with the atlas stone) and powerlifting (with the bench presses). Some other sports I’d be interested in you talking about are weightlifting (olympic style) and highland games. Thanks for your videos, they’re always super informative and you always keep them upbeat. ��️‍♀️��

  • hey doc, do you mine giving some youtube advice? You have a very busy job as a Orthopaedic surgeon, how do balance giving us quality content like this, while keeping up with work n stuff. I’m a student and I find it hard to balance stuff like this

  • Hello Dr. Chris, thank you for another fun and informative video! Would you do a video about the worlds strongest man competition and injuries that recently happend? How do you feel about the strong man competitors eating huge amounts of calories (10,000 or more)?

  • I love these videos! I have to look up alot of words, but I love learning anatomy and physiology. I’ll catch up to you in no time doc!

  • Doc what shall i do? I like to play soccer played yestrday and today my legs hurt little bit and today I played again and after i sitted in chair when i stand up my legs are killing me what shall i do?

  • Hey dr chris! I have seen a lot of lifting injuries in the past. Could you review Dalvin Cooks injury. I am a die hard Vikings fan