5 Landmine Squat Exercise Variations for Leg Muscle Tissue


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To add landmine exercises to your current fitness routine, plan on doing them two to three times per week for 20 to 30 minutes. For each exercise, do three to five sets of 8 to 15 repetitions. The more common barbell version can present challenges for some lifters because of the front rack position, but the landmine will allow you to get the same stimulus and bypass that issue. This hits just about every muscle in your body and can really smoke your lungs if you want it to.

Elbow-Out Landmine. Landmine Single Leg Deadlift: 3x6 each side The single leg deadlift (SLDL) if a great exercise to develop strength through the posterior chain as well develop single leg stability and balance. 2. Landmine Front Squat (Lumberjack Squat) + Press. I’m a huge fan of this exercise because it forces you into an ideal squat position. Even newcomers have trouble messing up the form on this one, as the landmine naturally pushes you onto your heels with an upright upper-body position.

Spice up the king of all exercises –– squats –– with variations that’ll hit your muscles from new angles and contribute to huge new strength gains. Landmine Front Squat. Front-loaded squats target the quads and, because of the anterior positioning, also hit the delts.

Using the landmine allows for more natural grip positioning. DO IT: Keep the bar at chest level. As you squat, sit through the heels, maintain.

Once you have the ability to do landmine exercises, which ones do you choose? There are dozens of solid choices. Here is what I consider to be the top landmine exercise for each muscle group. Since butt-mania is at an all-time high, we will start there.

1. Best Landmine Exercise for Your Butt: Single Leg. At STACK, we’re big fans of landmine exercises. You can build lower-body strength and power with variations of your favorite exercises in ways that simulate how you use your muscles in. The landmine front squat is a great lower body exercise. Unfortunately there are several common issues lifters frequently face when performing them. Here are several unique variations to work around that and make the landmine squat even better.

Top 5 Landmine Leg Exercises -1-Legged RDLWhen using the landmine to do this classic single leg landmine hamstring exercise you have the ability to add a.

List of related literature:

Landmine Single-Leg Deadlift 3 × 8 reps on each side 7.

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Compound multi-joint exercises that employ large muscle groups (e.g. deadlifts, squats, bench press and chin-ups) should be used 4 sessions per week, with training intensities of 75–85% 1RM varied throughout the mesocycle in a non-linear fashion to elicit a hypertrophic response (Wernbom et al., 2007).

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The last combination, which you will complete on day five, is slightly different because it puts two compound exercises back to back—one for legs (squats) and one for shoulders (dumbbell shoulder press).

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Can progress through double-leg squat to single-leg squat × 8 to 12 reps × 2 sets.

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This is especially well-suited for deconditioned or untrained individuals.213,214 For example, in severely burned children, we have successfully implemented the following order of resistive exercises: bench press, leg press or squats, shoulder press, leg extension, biceps curl, leg curl, triceps curl, and toe raises.

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Most recently, Merrigan and colleagues (55) randomized recreationally active women to perform 3 to 4 sets of the squat and leg press either as compound sets or using a traditional approach.

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indicate that the total number of repetitions performed at a certain percentage of the 1 RM depends on the amount of muscle mass involved (bench press versus triceps extension) and whether it is a single or multi-joint exercise (leg press versus leg curl).

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  • Please feel free to correct me but doesn’t anyone who really knows squatting tell you not to wear cushioney, healed shoes? and do they also advise to have the weight on the heels and mid-foot rather than on the forefoot? This guy appears to be breaking all the so called ” rules “

  • Great video, knew there was more exercises for the legs but the life of me I couldn’t think was any new exercises.

    These are going to be ideal when I do my home gym in the winter

    Great work

  • Im 56 still training however inevitably age and past injury catches you up big problems with knees mcl strains etc so gave up training legs have used these exercises has recommended by yourself awesome started sensibly but have built up weight no pain and now can train legs again thank you

  • i use a low bench as in the vid.So much safer as i touch the bench going down,and can just rest it down on last rep.That was a good tip.

  • I do love your videos. They are super helpful and inspiring to change my workouts. How did you get the confidence to workout in tights like that though?

  • Question on ass to grass and rom. There is so much contradiction. Please clear this up for me….I really thought ass to grass was the way to go for mass building…..

  • The one and only problem I have with this (and it’s more of an issue of my own) is that when bumping up the weight, it becomes really heavy to lift. I can get 155 up on that, but once I hit 4 plates, it’s a struggle to get it into a position to squat. Squatting 180 is easy, but getting it up to my sternum so that I can commence the landmine squat is the difficult part.

  • For those who use the two legged version, do you switch the side the bar is on half way through or alternate each set? Because im assuming it puts more pressure one leg.

  • Sweet! I’ve been looking for someone to properly explain this exercise properly and you’ve done an excellent job. Jefferson squats were my favorite but I’ll be incorporating these soon. Horse legs or bust! LOL

  • Fantástico!
    Great job!
    I’ve been following you for some time now and you maintain your high standards and then raise them, all with a smile and great knowledge.
    Thank you!

  • I just love the way your workout Erin! I will be working out with you from now on. Love your physique so proportional and just beautiful. Thank you for sharing all your videos!!! They are ALL great!

  • Does this target the quads or glutes more? Because every time I do legs I feel like my glutes get more work and they grow and my quads don’t:(.

  • I have been bored with my workouts so watching your vids has definitely given me some renewed motivation and inspiration to tweak my routines. Thanks for providing such great info! BTW i just received your cookbook as a birthday gift. Cant wait to try out some recipes!!!��

  • Damn Landmine was what screwed my lower back, shame I loved it.
    I’d just done 4 sets Thruster after 4 sets Deadlift at 30kg, lowered the weight and ����wham lower back completely locked up.
    When it’s healed though I’ll admit I’m gonna return to it.����
    But you’ve done some variations I’ve not thought of here, great advice thanks allot.����

  • I’m new to your channel and love using the landmine. I tried out the sissy squats version as my gym does not have the actual machine. Loved it, thank you for the tips!:)

  • So glad i found your channel. I just got a landmine for my home gym, but so far I just use it for back day. I’m always looking for new workouts, especially legs, so this is great! A new way to do good old standby exercises

  • I came across your channel and enjoyed it immensely. You have a nice way about you. Anyway, I immediately decided to do this superset and was feeling great. On my last set, I accelerated the bar up to my chest and pow, hit myself right in the naval. And I have a relatively flat stomach! Hilarious and a lesson learned. Thanks for the advice: I subscribed and will definitely follow regularly.

  • This is a pretty good video. Each one is a good unique idea. And I like the “circuit” idea using the one piece of equipment. Good stuff. Will try for me and for clients.

  • Found your channel yesterday, tried this today… it was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. I squat, box squat, goblet squat still enjoyed changing things up with this.

  • Omg this is great why have i never thought of this.

    This also keeps the shin and back in great alignment, to take shear force off of them. Will be trying this next leg workout.

  • So, apparently the landmine hack squat is a shoulder exercise, to judge from this video.

    Hint: Tell your cameraman to show the body parts that the exercise is supposed to be targeting.

  • Fantastic idea Jeff I did a Programm Allready. Think I pay up for the rest and become a member. It’s worth every cent I was a trainer myself, you’re a pro

  • Love the sissy squats. I didn’t think I would have the confidence to do this at my age, but I did, and I love it. You empower women at every level. Strength is empowering at every age.

  • Jeff, nice idea, but… The whole construction doesn’t seem to be safe. I imagine my legs slipping and my chest ( or head) being crushed under that barbell. As I have a very good imagination, I’m even frightened by the exercise)

  • Yo that workout is the truth bro,
    oh and Big bro just jumped on my phone to shoot 1st vid, more to vids will be up soon. ready to build some Champions. Got a Rebel T5 CANON CAMERA to shoot in the future, learning to use it now. later catch you on the next lift.

  • My leg workout is only landmine squat and trap barbel deadlift and there both good in joints and hit different muscles as there main agonists

  • Thanks for the great tips. I have horrible leg strength and form due to injuries and bad posture. I think these exercises will help me regain strength and mobility. The explanations were simple and included helpful items to keep in mind in order to do them correctly. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks again.

  • Good video and an exercise that really works, I love the landmine exercises. Shame your heads on upside down and you have white legs though!

  • 4:45 you’re using your knees as the pivot point of your entire body weight plus the additional weight of the bar. If you didn’t go below parallel you’d be ok but unlike the squat there is no forward lean here and so none of the weight is bared through the hips.

  • I love it Erin, my friend who I work out with have back problem, this will be excellent for her. Thank you always, you are Amazing!

  • Hi Jeff, I´d like know about leg excercises that do not put too much presion on the lower back, because I have a back problem, and when I do squats they just kill me, but I want to train my legs properly.

  • Thank you for your video. I like how you use the landmine to do Bulgarian Split Squat (BSS). I can see that potentially using the landmine to do BSS would help me greatly with balance. I find it hard to perfect my BSS as I have a balance issue. Every day, I am learning from you:) I look forward to leg day:)

  • I’m excited to try this once I have trust going back to gym ����. I have mass on quads but this totally will hit smaller muscle groups. Lock down doesn’t give me these luxury of more equipments lol

  • Didn’t think the sissy squat did anything until woke up and my calves were sore! THANKS! I appreciate how innovative and meticulous you are.

  • Squats no good for me yet..with my head injures..makes me unbalanced and very dizzy so I go old school again //landmines they always work well for me

  • Nice vid man! I have one question: In one post on ig you said that we should seperate weights and cardio. In my case i train 4 days a week (upper/lower split) and i want to do some kind of conditioning for example sled work or medball stuff. Is it possible or does it make sense to do like sled draggs/pulls/marchesfor like 15-20 mins to boost my strenght endurance and my areobic fitness after my leg workout because i can only train on these 4 days the week. Would this be bad for my muscle building routine? If yes how could i incoperate these kind of conditioning in my routine? Thanks for your videos on instagram and keep going creating this nice content:)

  • Amazing content. Extremely underrated Youtuber. She deserves a lot more exposure than she has, I am so happy I stumbled upon one of your videos and I am now officially subscribed. Your workouts are cohesive, actually make sense and give me a challenge. Plus you are incredibly sweet and pleasant! Keep this content coming.

  • I did this today an it was great I was able to get through it fast and did most of those (I’ll work up to the full routine) so much better and faster I’ll be doing this at least two times a week

  • this exercise is awsome
    i work out at home and dont have many options for working out legs since i dont have a squat rack
    i usually do belt squats (slighty elevated) in a german volume training style (10 sets of 10) since iam limited with the amount of weight i can put on the belt
    but this exercise looks like a good alternative to the belt squats

  • Again, only half the top half was filmed. On a squat, I wanna see how you set up and sit in the bottom of the squat from the floor up. Please fix. This isn’t much help when I try to do this in the gym.

  • I am so glad I ordered the landmine attachment for my XM 365 rack because these landmine workouts look amazing for legs! Thanks for sharing.

  • This looks good I want to try this. I have a power rack, what’s the most weight I can do in this lift? I hate regular squats, can I get to 300 pds in this, Is it easy to get off the ground in a power rack? Will holding that much weight be a limiting factor.. tks

  • Nice video, iv got a leg day tomorrow and everytime i do normal squats i fuck my lower back up and it takes me out of action for weeks. Iv obviously not got the good form i thought i had. I will drop the squat all together i think and just do this variation, looks much easier on the back. Genuine thanks though, you may have just saved my back and still get big legs!

  • Jeff!   question please. I have a leg press machine in my back yard. it’s the one where the weights are stacked, and you adjust the weight with the metal pin. So you sit in the chair and press. I worked out yesterday, and my knees a little sore?  is this weight pressing bad for knees?  advise needed. thanks!

  • Awesome advice. I’ve been genetically cursed with small quads. Work out at home now and been looking for alternative quad exercises. Already have the same machine, so I’ll be giving these a try. Thanks dude!

  • Hi Erin! Did your landmine legs with my gf. Ka Pow! We love it. I got the good shakes walking to the car! Love the channel and the workouts! Thanks!

  • This is, hands down,the best exercise that I’ve been using for quite sometime. No one else, at least to my knowledge, at my local gym never uses the land mines aside from me. Very versatile piece of equipment, I never go a day without using it at least once.

  • Man i get so many new workouts from your videos brotha. This is something I would never think of man its awesome. Keep it up man keep grinding you’ll be at the top soon.

  • I try this workout in my last leg day training and this is best squat I ever do, no pain at my knee, thanks for great information brah…

  • I’m a sixty year old guy who has mobility issues that do not allow me to hold the bar on a back squat. I’ve been doing the kettlebell goblet squat (I workout at home and have a bar but no rack). This exercise will now allow me to do little heavier squat. Thanks man for the great tips!

  • Wow! I watched this video while I was getting ideas for my next leg work out. I tried the land mine sumo squats and my quads,hammies, and booty were on fire!! Thank you..

  • Cancerous. Why would anyone do these exercises? The Original versions of each of these exercises are superior. The only benefit is that there no spotter needed, other than that, range of motion is compromised. Truly dogshit

  • Erin you’re like the perfect woman, you look like a sculpture. Your form is impeccable too. Never even thought this piece of equipment Could be used for so many different exercises, I normally just use it for shoulders, chest and back. Thanks

  • Though it’s a great exercise to target your glutes and quads but what targets the quads on a whole different level is facing the other way around and turning it into a landmine variation of hack squat. Make sure to go ass to grass when you do that and trust me, you will feel the burn��

  • From Instagram Fitness4spirit. Your channel is very motivating and your an amazing trading I’m for sure going to try this workout on my leg day ����♥️✌️

  • oooh thats a great one. esp for me cause the hack squat at my gym is too heavy. not geared for women at all. but this exercise i could do

  • Good stuff.

    Although Mr. Athlean X says Sissy Squat is THE worst leg exercises one can do:/

  • I want to start doing these when I am having lower back problems and can’t squat normally, do you have a set/rep routine to recommend for the landmine superset shown in the video? Also, I can’t deadlift anymore because of my back. Can you recommend any hamstring routines for someone in my situation. I normally lift legs pretty hard and don’t feel right unless they are totally destroyed walking out of the gym, so a hard workout would be appreciated, thanks for posting your videos.

  • I don’t mean to be a dick but what’s the difference between this and a goblet squat? Oh I know, the goblet squat is better, more ability to move, more core involvement, don’t have to worry about leaning and getting in an awkward position. Better yet, fix your damn ankles and hips and do some fuckin regular squats, there are lots of ways but I doubt brahs bother to look that up.

  • Thanks a million, I was looking for alternative movements, because I cannot do front or back squats. My upper body always seem to go too far forward.

  • I’m not ready to get back to the gym yet, so all my workouts are at home. Trying to find a substitute for squats as I don’t have the equipment for it at home. This looks promising.

  • I’m so grateful I found your channel. I was hit by a car resulting in nerve damage, a shortened Achilles, and flat foot in my L leg. Doing leg workouts is always a challenge. But this workout works well for me!:)

  • SHOW SOME COMPASSION GUYS ON THE CAMERAMAN & CAMERA WORK. I know it could have been better, but the guy handling the camera is just a normal individual like all of us. He is not a professionally qualified or trained CINEMATOGRAPHER. Of course the guy in front of the camera jeff is an expert in his craft. I am a little disappointed with Jeff because, once he knew after seeing that this particular video was not good in terms of the things in focus onscreen, then probably he should & could have done it redone it once more. ANYWAYS, THE BIGGEST ROOM ON THIS PLANET, IS THE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!��

  • Love the landmine squat in your programme, and yes it smashes my core. I am smaller than you, 5′ 6″. This was bang on trend for me as I wondered whether I should be a bit closer. I shall have a play. Cheers mates, keep up the good work!

  • Yes, good landline variations thanks. Only one I dont quite see point of doing is the Sumo DL. Just do the DL….? For the unilateral work the landmine is cool because enables more work on the main target muscles without balance as a limiting factor…..such as this vid’s 1LRDL….makes a lot of sense to do that way, rather than falling all over the place with a dumbbell or cable

  • Erin, your videos are superb! Beautiful and extremely educational. And thanks god, absolutely devoided of all the fluffy and futile media stuff! You are a beautiful, serious and competent professional, and I thank you for honoring the time and intelligence of your viewers, as well. Best wishes and my gratitude to you.

  • Erin new to your vids came across them when researching land mine exercises just ordered an attachment for home. gym.You put me in a state of mind of wishing it was here already.Your info is great,thanks

  • Wow even after looking through a 100 videos, Im stiil finding new stuff or (old) If you like!!
    Thank you jeff for awesome work even after all these years! 2018 by the way

  • Thanks heaps! I’ve been looking for workouts I can do that are safe for my lower back. (Ruptured discs.) These seem perfect! Looking forward to any other variations you have for workouts that are safe for post back injuries.

  • I just want to say that I love your videos. I love how you can do many variations with one equipment and not have to move around all around the gym. I also love how you break down each proper movement so that you don’t hurt yourself and that you are actually targeting what you’re working. Keep up the great work! ��

  • Hello eric..great fan of yours..i need to build my glutes and thighs..can you guide me through it..and what diet you follow to get flat stomach.

  • I love it I alwz wana some modification to basic exercises like squats leg press and lunges to do some variation in workouts its good enough to carry on on alternate week days for legs awsmmmm brother love from india

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