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5 Crazy Core Exercises. 1. Frog Sit-ups. What’s that you ask?

Unless you’ve heard about Vince Gironda. If you have, you probably know everything about it. The Iron Guru 2. Barbell Floor Wiper. 3. Weighted Planks.

4. Dragon Flag. 5. Weighted Leg Raises. Related: Build a Powerful Core with the Core Strength Blueprint. Are you ready to have strong, thick, functional abs?

Then it’s time to change your line of thought when it comes to abdominal training. Test yourself with my Top 10 Hardest Core Exercises. 1. Weighted Plank. I consider the plank to be the single most effective core exercise.

Best core exercises: try these for quicker six pack gains, improved balance and better posture It is a high-intensity exercise, after all. You’ll see that even 15 seconds of mountain climbers. Strengthening your core muscles helps stabilize your body and support your spine.

Here are 10 exercises to try, whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned pro. If you hit them hard enough, you’ll probably see some great improvement in definition as well! Cranking out endless crunches is one way to go about core training, but there are so many better and more challenging moves you can try without ever having to leave your living room. Give them a shot!Try one of these 5 core exercises during your next ab workout to carve up your core!

Most conventional core workouts are performed using your bodyweight only, which isn’t a bad thing. You can get a great core workout from more traditional bodyweight movements, however, adding an implement to your core training will up the ante on your next ab. 5 core exercises for total core strength and holistic health Try to hold the raises for a full second count before lowering them. I’m not saying you’ll be able to dodge bullets like.

The 41 Hardest Ab Exercises to Challenge Your Core Strength Keep your knees bent and lift your left leg out to the side until your thigh is parallel to the floor — you’ll look like a dog visiting a fire hydrant. try moving the weight to your shoulder then straight overhead or to the other arm. How strong is your core? Coach Myers shows you 10 on the hardest core exercises and challenges you to see how many you can do!

Give some of these a try and l. Hold the weighted bag straight up for 1-2 breaths, then lower it back into the starting position. Try to do 10-12 reps. These exercises are an optimal way of working the major muscle groups in your arms, neck, and upper back.

You’ll notice how the muscles stretch as you do each repetition. Overhead squats are also beneficial to your core muscles.

List of related literature:

I provide seven core exercises to choose from that are fun but challenging.

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
from 52-week Basketball Training
by Chip Sigmon
Human Kinetics, 2003

All these exercises require a high degree of core stability and body awareness for safe execution.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

All of these exercises share the key challenge of maintaining stability of the spine and pelvis, with the spine in a neutral or slightly arched position while one or both legs move through space.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

These five exercises are by no means comprehensive.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

6) Begin easy proprioceptive and balance exercises: lift opposite leg, shift weight back and forth manually, toe tickle.

“Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation” by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
from Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation
by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
Wiley, 2017

These exercises can only be performed with the help of passive resistance or with the help of postural reflexes.

“Schroth’s Textbook of Scoliosis and Other Spinal Deformities” by Maksym Borysov, Marc Moramarco, Shu Yan Ng, Hans-Rudolf Weiss
from Schroth’s Textbook of Scoliosis and Other Spinal Deformities
by Maksym Borysov, Marc Moramarco, et. al.
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020

These aren’t exercises you have to set aside special time to do; they’re opportunistic exercises you can practice often in your daily life.

“I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation” by Ilchi Lee
from I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation
by Ilchi Lee
Best Life Media, 2017

ROM exercises in anatomic planes of motion follow anatomical body positions for flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, rotation, plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, eversion, inversion, pronation, and supination.

“Introduction to Physical Therapy for Physical Therapist Assistants” by Olga Dreeben-Irimia
from Introduction to Physical Therapy for Physical Therapist Assistants
by Olga Dreeben-Irimia
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2010

I have termed these the essential eight resistance exercises.

“Successful Coaching” by Rainer Martens
from Successful Coaching
by Rainer Martens
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

These would probably be all fours exercises.

“Pregnancy and Childbirth E-Book: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork” by Suzanne Yates
from Pregnancy and Childbirth E-Book: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork
by Suzanne Yates
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

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  • I LOST 40lbs!!! You ask how? I visited website called NextLevelDiet. I selected only food I like and they provided me with DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS and HEALTHY RECIPES.

  • Tried the Quadruped Crawl and it is awesome! Gonna run it with L-sit and Hanging leg rises.
    The other two will have to act as reference for the time being…

  • Great video and timing, just finishing up the daily practice about switch to ab work before doing some strength training! All while in a fasted state, here in Boston. THANK YOU SS!!!

  • Dude I love so mouch those videos, I started out training and love so mouch that you show so mouch variations of exercises and who are easy and hard, tnx

  • Great video. I appreciate the sets you are teaching… well done.

    Btw, what video/phone/laptop camera do you use. Looks sharp. Same with the microphone

  • I’d need three takes just to say “specificity” without tripping over my tongue let alone doing these exercises. Well done Emma, great video and great pronunciation.

  • And I realize form is key, but curious if still, you’ve ever experienced back pain due to these (or other) of the exercises you do?

  • Excellent video Garbo, and the PDF is a great add on, I’m wondering is it a great idea to do this for all videos you do thanks again, keep up the great work

  • Hey, Strength Side. I found you way back when you first posted ‘bulletproof knees’. I followed your deep squat tutorial. After about a year I can say that for the first time yesterday I did a deep squat without the need for any regression or holding anything. I want to say thank you so much for these videos. You also inspired me to get gym rings, which I enjoy working out with. My knees are now so much more bulletproof than they ever have been before. So I’m definitely going to be following these bulletproof core tips. Hanging from a bar is literally one of my favorite things to do ever

  • That’s insane Emma! I can only do a 45 second plank. I will try some of these. I’m still nursing a broken and torn wrist so I have to use the hand weights on the floor. Thanks for these exercises. Diane

  • Hey Josh are you constantly practicing intermittent fasting? You definitely have some gains so I was wondering. Are you on any surplus? BTW amazing content!!!

  • The best ab workout out there! With the quarantine, I was really looking for some advanced exercises because I usually train the abs with weights. Thanks a lot

  • Thanks for this great core workout! I thought it would be too difficult for me but I saw my core wasn’t bad indeed. Plus that’s more efficient and it does’nt hurt my back like most core/abs exercices I do.

  • I tried the wheel yesterday, only rolled with my knees on the floor, my shoulders are killing me today, so sore from that, will try it on tip toes when I m recovered

  • Why is the crossbody crawl so difficult? Out all the excercises that is the one I struggled with the most. All though I do have the balance of a two legged moose.

  • solid list. but for many your form is pretty awful. hate to be that guy, but if youre going to suggest these movements its important to let people know how to properly do themor to even just say ‘this is a more technical movement than youd think, id advise other resources to better develop an understanding’ dragonflag certainly is deserving of this list, though you should better explain how its essential to never bend at the hip and maintain a straight line with your body throughout descent and rise engages quite a bit of posterior chain.
    standing rollouts also are deserving of this list but you’re doing them far from correct. quire scary form honestly. there should be absolutely zero bend in your arms. anything short of perfectly straight arms takes tension off the core and makes it into a diff movement. youre also violently bouncing your body off the floor. please be careful. having control is vital and if you cant control yourself, then you don’t yet have the strength
    there’s definitely a solid amount you left out, though I suppose at a certain point they could be classified as high level gymnast moves, and are purposely left off. but to any who are curious, once dragon flags become easy routine you can advance into front levers, and of course even more difficult planche and human flags

  • Do u tense your glutes when performing the hanging raise? Or do u purposefully only use the muscles of the anterior side of the body

  • Not sure if this is good for your back/neck or not, but I’ve been doing dragon flag progression, seems like a leg raise progression that tears up the transverse.

  • How the f can I do a dragon flag (at least isometric) but still not more than 7 pullups even tho I’ve never trained my abs but have been doing pullups for almost a year now xD

  • For anyone asking for a backflip tutorial here you go. The only one I could do in the video is the backflip because it’s the easiest. If you can do one on a trampoline grab a mattress and do one on there once you can land consistently throw the mattress to the side and try one on flat ground you should land it no problem. Good luck!

  • I thought leg raises are normal, I get good amount of reps, but it always burns, you can also put your hands to the side of your head.

  • Been enjoying the various exercises shown, have incorporated them into my workout routines, but they have definitely challenging and stressful on my core. How often should one incorporate these these style movements into their core workout routines?

  • Now its time to work out ���������� I’m following a long can’t wait for it to start! I’m hyping myself up while this advert is playing ��❤��

  • I use THENX app for calisthenics. Bulgarian split squats, Pistol squats and crab walking with a doubled-up inner tube just above your knees are all good for gluteals. A medicine ball is good for core exercises too.

  • Pumupunta din ako sa gym para mag leg exercise at mag squat at abdominal.malaki din ang naitulong sa akin sa pagbibisikleta.nakakatagal din ako sa mga mahahabang ahon.salamat GCN sa inyong pagdagdag ng kaalaman sa aming mga baguhang nagbibisikleta.

  • matt sure cant do even 1 of these.why? coz his glute, core muscles n nerves r specially well trained in any extreme weather conditions only for one taskLAUGH

  • Holy smokes! Burpies are hard enough and you just added a Swiss ball to it. I’m going to give this a try. I used to do an exercise called an Alligator. You start in the plank position hold for 5-10 sec, extend one arm to the push-up position hold 5-10, extend the 2nd arm and do a push-up. One arm down hold, 2nd arm down hold and repeat.

  • 0:02 Dont put hands behind your neck. Keep them next to your ears. Hold your head back and align it with your spine.
    0:08 Keep your head aligned with your spine. There is no reason to tilt your head forward.
    0:15 Keep your head on the floor.
    0:21 Dont look down. Keep your head in neutral position.
    0:24 put your head back on the floor. Look straight at the ceiling at 90 degrees. Relax your neck.
    0:29 Dont put hands behind your head. Dont tilt your head forward. You are putting too much stress on your neck.
    The list goes on and on. Stop tilting your head forward. You are putting too much stress on your neck for no reason.
    Keep your neck in relaxed position at all times on the floor or aligned it with your spine. Dont till your head forward at any given time. It serves no purpose and you are only adding unnecessary stress to your neck.

    0:57 Good! Head straight, you are looking forward. Now do this with every exercise.
    1:00 Put your head back on the floor, relax and look at the ceiling.
    1:19 Why are you tilting your head forward??
    1:29 Stop looking down. There is no bacon on the floor.
    1:37 Thats perfect!
    1:41 Wrong again. Dont tilt your head forward so much. It serves no purpose and you are adding unnecessary stress to your neck.

  • Ok, I’m humbled now. Actually, I was before, this just reinforces it. I can’t wait to see “GCN Presenters Challenge: The guys do Emma’s core workout”

  • This is such awesome content! I am doing the beginner core exercises you posted a few months ago. So great and so important.

    I have a request. Could you do a video or series of videos from beginner to advanced for various core workouts that we can use for core workouts from beginner to advanced? The core is so ignored and technique is so important. Seeing Emma doing the movement is so much better than reading it or hearing it described.

  • Emma forgot talk about saftey like wearing a face mask or helmet before attempting some of these exercises, for us mortals at home:)

  • not sure if someone hasn’t already added this exercise…but I’d include an inverted push-up to counter the press-ups exercise. Lie on back under Smith machine barbell / squat rack etc, feet on exercise / swiss ball, legs straight. Reach up and grab bar shoulder width apart. Pull yourself up (sternum to bar) to count of 2, hold for 2 then lower for 4. Keep core tight/engaged. Progression raise bar, single-arm, one-legged etc… START with no swiss ball if you are not able to balance. Vary this exercise to incorporate isometric holds for grip strength etc… and then roar like a lion.

  • These are some great looking exercises. I’ve been doing the L-Sit on parallettes (just recently got the strength to do it) but I’m totally gonna ad in the other exercises you show.

    It’s all about that functional strength!

    New to the channel but I like it a lot, good job dood!

  • Great stuff here, mate. I grew up working out. Thank my mum for that. She would wake up at 5AM to workout with Jack Lalanne back in the day. I was 5 then I’m 55 now. In 2013, I popped an umbilical hernia, but never got surgery or the mesh. I just pound my abs to hopefully hold everything tight. In 2016, I cycled to the 14,130 foot summit of Mt Evans. We only have 1 body, so it’s in our best interest to take care of it.

  • Hey man, just saying during quarantine I’ve been doing this video everyday 2 times (morning and night) and just wanna say thank u so much for keeping me in shape

  • Hard core and awesome, there is only one reason GCN got you to do this the other presenters can’t. Your awesome…… PS other GCN I can’t do these either do feel to bad ��

  • What’s the best way of improving balance? Whenever I do a swiss ball class everyone is balancing on them serenely, whilst I’m the only one struggling to balance on all fours or frantically windmilling my arms and falling off…

  • OMG I have to tell you what I got a couple weeks ago an old Nintendo Wii with balance board and Wii Fit Plus! I always kind of wanted to get one but the original price was just too much; however the whole package 2nd hand at $40 was much more palatable. Let me tell you, the game may be overly cutesy and Japanese, but after a couple weeks I genuinely have better balance & coordination. It’s not a core workout, just simply exercises of Balance and Coordination. Fantastic stuff.

  • Hey man really enjoying your videos, would love it if you would do a ELBOW HEALTH VIDEO!!! It’s a common enough injury I’m sure you’d get plenty of views, and I’d love to see how you’d address GOLFERS ELBOW preventing pullups, mostly a weakness starting in the shoulder blades?? Any advice to would be sick!!!

  • Almost an endless amount of core exercises but to add to the above (Google them):-
    1) pike-pulses (compressive core strength)
    2) Jefferson curl (spinal mobility)
    3) Hollow body holds
    4) “Suitcase” carry

  • this is very informative, love it and he is killin it, will use this for myself as guide. but just wondering if he could’ve used a yoga matt or something else other than that floor rug �� lol coz he be sweatin like crazy doin this awesome stuff n that rug will get soaked on his swear n start to smell funky just sayin.

  • Thanks Emma. I’m really quite lazy when it comes to ‘core’ work, relying on riding the bike to take care of all aspects of my strength/ fitness. However, as I want to improve my overall performance this year, I need to get myself motivated. These exercises look like a great way to build some solid core strength before the season begins. Happy New Year from a very snowy Munich.


    I would really like to know how you structure your week
    (like for example when do you put in your mobility work?… do you have a whole day for that? )

    greetings from germany ����

  • Looking at little rough in the eyes lately homie.. do you take any herbal supplements to give your body those micro nutrients? Love your content nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.

  • Which of those (and the other vid) dont cause a lot of strain on the lower back? I love a core challenge but hate lower back pain. So the roll-out is out of the equation for example. Oh, and pls no bro-science as in (low macho voice here) “y0u gotta train those abs to fight your back pain”:-)

  • The hardest ab exercise for me is where you put a slip disc underneath your feet with your toes on it. You are in a plank position but with your arms extended. You then walk on your arms with your legs trailing, but you have to keep them from moving side to side. This one always makes me hurt everywhere in my core.

  • Hi Gabo, thanks for your videos and professionality. Could you please do a follow along video for the overhead mobility of shoulders? I have problems in the hollow body with overhead position and for the handstand as well. Thank you for your time.

  • I was staring…I mean watching so hard, that I forgot to do the exercises �� Thanks for the videos, I am a newbie, so it will take me time to even move my body to do the planks�� Gorgeous abs, you must work hard������������and you seem dedicated.

  • Miss Emma, thanks for additional core exercises. Very timely for my winter workouts. These will be added to my routine, as I have noticed a difference in my riding with only one month of core training. More please…

  • I like your shoes Emma. I have recently been looking at getting a pair of soloman s/lab ultra to test out before my century run in sept. obviously you can’t give your own opinion on them through the comments here as they arent a sponsor partner. I just wanted to say that they looked great, although i don’t understand the reason for the hole in the sole.

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  • I did see Amanda Sobhy the professional squash player kneeling on a Swiss ball and holding out a plate weight at arms length and slowly twisting side to side.

  • Do this and more core work in general! I’ve been dealing with hip and knee issues due to muscle imbalances and core work is the key to keeping them away.

  • Emma, great video. While watching you perform the seated squat, I noticed medial deviation of both your knees indicating gluteus medius weakness. May want to look at that. Keep up the good work and make all the boys give this workout a go.
    By the way, I am a physio.

  • Thank you so much for this upload and the last few uploads on training: still need to do the most recent cycling session but I am on a weeks break until Monday; great range of exercises, can also be done with the TRX too. I like the single leg bench squat jump: as it is really fast and explosive and functional; if you kept the reps low e.g. 2 reps,1 minute rest between sets, it would be speed training:;:)). I see a lot of development potential for the exercises to build upon such as: single leg bench squat jump knee tuck; which means you raise the jumping leg knee to meet the other in the air, another development would be to briefly hold the knees in the air:::))) or have legs straight for the chin-up screen wipers you get the idea. Keep up the good work.

    Peace and LOVE

  • Easy:
    0:48-LEG RAISES
    0:53-KNEE RAISES

  • Thanks Emma! These seems great core exercises! Too bad I don’t have a swissball and too broke to buy a gym membership but I’ll look up other exercises that don’t require any equipment.

  • Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but how exactly do you raise and lower yourself? Do you… A) keep a stiff straight lower body, while your arms and lats do the raising and lowering (kind of like a lat pulldown where your lower body is the weight) and your upper back “rolls” back and forth across the ground, or B) keep a stiff upper body, i.e your lats and arms are there to just keep a stable base, and your core is doing the lowering and raising while trying to keep your lower body straight, and your upper back doesn’t shift at all?

  • Very good simple workout… Perfect because realistic ������. This boy make natural fitness and I’m sure that he have real Slavic power ������ greetings from ����

  • Good exercises but on the pushup part of the “burpie” you should keep your arm angle closer to a 45 degree rather than 90 to reduce strain and keep the work on the pec muscles. Same goes for any pushup or horizontal press movement.

  • Emma you have just a great character and personality that comes through on these videos. You are so professional and talented but you are so honest and kind and sensible. Thank you!

  • OR, you could lift weight, and get these results in a third of the time. The main thing is nutrition. Eat less for a couple weeks, and you’ll see results. That’ll motivate you.

  • If you’re SERIOUS about improving your performance, then you REALLY need to hit the gym. Deadlifts, SQUATS and goodmornings with a HEAVY barbell will shred your core and improve your athletic ability x10.

  • i made this app for the calisthenics community, check it out, hope you like it:)

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    Your belly it takes 3 hours a day 15 minutes
    Stand up pedal 15 sitting gets rid of fat fast there are 30,000
    Valves in your legs that need to be exercised that’s the only way
    Mechanically the body
    Can get those valves
    To exercise helps heart
    Pump blood helps body send fat burning
    Hormones to your
    Gut to destroy fat ������

  • Greetings Gabo! Amazing routine, is there a way you can make a similar video focusing on shoulders?
    Ive been focusing on a upper/lower split for a couple months now, and for the upper body I typically only do Pullups/Rows and Dips/Pushups. I don’t train my shoulders in isolation, and I’ve noticed that sometimes when I push myself in a set I will get a bit of shoulder pain / popping for a little while. I’m thinking it might be because my shoulders are weak since I only hit them indirectly. Any advice?

  • Hi, I want to have the body of my dreams, and I want to start seeing some dramatic, immediate results without the use of a gym, but with the possible use of bars at a playground (calisthenics) and/or a pull-up bar. Currently, I have established consistency and am confident that I can maintain it. However, what I want now is a workout I can be confident in, someone or something I can follow and know I will see the results in my physique in the next 6 months given adjustments to my diet. Will your program do that for me? If I follow your program, consistently, pushing myself each day, and eat a clean diet, will I see results? I want a workout I can be confident will create significant results.

    It’s been years since I worked out, however my old workout is easier than ever despite having been extremely sedentary for several years. I worry I’m not losing weight even though it’s only been 2.5 weeks. Should I be worried? If I keep going am I bound to lose at least a few lbs?

  • Alternate if holding is too boring for you,
    1 min plank
    1 min of leg raises
    1 min of crunches
    30 second side plank both sides
    1 min more of leg raises

  • Him: if you’re able to get through this the entire 5 minutes, there’s no repetition.
    Me: whaaat? I’m not even half way through and I already took 13 breaks!!

  • I normally mute the entire video becuz i workout in my office at work. but With this video I had to unmute it @ 5:02 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • I was avoiding watching this video because I knew the exersices were going to be difficult but they really work. I have sore muscles that I did know I had. Lol. Thanks Emma…….for the pain. Your still my favorate. ����

  • I love this channel, it literally has a workout for everything, I looked for a back workout and I was like no way he has on and I see it, I love it

  • I noticed calastetic work outs make you look better faster but also all of the pools are closed this summer. So I’ll hang onto this but there’s no need to rush. ��

  • After doing it for a couple times, I don’t know if my mental toughness or strength got better but I defitneley can say that I do each exercise now without resting at all.
    Before, I was sweating a lot also

  • I started doing these 1.5 month ago not being able to hold a full minute of plank, now I do 3-5 sets of this workout every day:-)

  • Pro Tip: squeeze your butt throughout the process. It will improve balance and the maximum possible blood pressure goes to your abs

  • 0:38 that can’t be wiggo in the dark blue top standing in the background, can it?

    btw Aldi has those exercise balls on sale right now

  • Ive seen almost all the at home workouts and i use them on a daily basis. Theyre good for at home the gym or anywhere. Mike is a helluva inspiration also

  • Since being 15 i stuck with 200 press ups and 150 sit ups daily and it has payed off with toned abs i recently started doing this as i was use to my routine and i really notice that its making a difference cheers

  • Those are pretty easy. Plank twist (with arms) and hold for 32 breaths all three positions, then finish with 128 pushups. Hang upside down from knees over pullup bar, do crunches with one (or more) 45lb plates held to chest. If you haven’t puked yet, 128 alternating front kicks as fast as you can with forearms held up covering head.

  • Would help if you suggested how many reps or seconds on each and if you repeat the routine over a few times or do what Heria does and do the old “Train along” clips

  • ?? Im a 16 year old basketball player 6’0 and 140 lbs looking to gain weight. I have ON whey protein and am wondering if i should drink a glass everyday after a basketball practice (intense conditioning and cardio) (5-6 days a week) or if i should save it for days I go to the gym which is either 1-2 days a week. Or If i can drink it regardless if i’ve done nothing that day??

  • Nice training, but am I wrong, or is it the job of the abdominal muscles to hold and move the upper body. Almost all of these exercises always had leg movement, right? Quadriceps?

  • The first video of him got 3 million because people tought they were strong. Now they tried 3 of those and failed, this is why this video is not getting at that 3 million yet…. They got scared Coach Myers… U scared them hahaha

  • Oh the Swiss Ball, my nemesis. Great video. I will try some of those. My hard set is lie on your back. Place your heels on the ball. Then roll up and touch your toes (or as close as possible), roll down and repeat.

  • Those tuck blanche dips weren’t even full range of motion. you are supposed to lock arms out at end. makes it way harder on your shoulders and its also not much or a core exercise.

  • Dude is a moron, you never go that fast when working out, more controlled slow motion is more beneficial then going fast through your reps. SMH

  • Part 1
    1. Weighted planks
    2. Ring layouts
    3. Barbell rollout
    4. Walk-outs
    5. Barbell situps
    6. Plate layouts
    7. Barbell climb
    8, 90degree
    9. L sit pullups
    10. Medicine ball wheel barrel

    Part 2
    1. Dragon flags
    2. Bumper plate rollout
    3. Heavy med ball sit
    4. Steering wheel
    5. Back extension
    6. Chinese triceps
    7. Paunch dips
    8. Rope climb
    9. Inverted rope climb
    10. Standing ab wheel

  • I have never heared of these but so far just by watching I like the rope climb down, the med ball and the……Chinese push up. That dragon flag is everything! Ill try these out one all ab days

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  • I showed Dragon Flags to a friend of mine who was in really good shape, but he still ended up getting a hernia from them, so be careful.

  • I guess those seven dislikes are from people who were disappointed because he didn’t give the number of sets and reps like in the first video.
    Don’t get me wrong, I myself liked the video.

  • Great form Emma, and good exercises. I recommend you (and everyone!) tries the swiss ball ones on a TRX (no afflilations, just love it as an exercise). You can get a longer movement and therefore more constant core engagement with a TRX while maintaining the instability that makes these exercises so effective.

  • 06:15 reverse crunches
    07:10 hollow body raises
    08:26 side hollow body raises
    11:00 contralateral plank crunches
    16:30 knee raises (on dip bar)
    17:04 side knee raises (on dip bar)
    17:35 crossed knee raises (on dip bar)
    19:58 knee raises (on pull up bar)
    21:01 side knee raises (on pull up bar)
    21:39 crossed knee raises (on pull up bar)
    24:26 knee hits
    27:35 side flexion kicks (with band)
    29:33 side chops (with band)
    33:06 superman lifts
    36:56 side plank hold
    38:26 elbow plank hold

  • Just watched the previous Video and was kinda bummed that I already mastered all of the ones in it, guess you still got me some work to do in the end though! can’t wait to do these.

  • Any tips on how to progress from a standing ab wheel? I’ve been doing it for quite some time now, and i need to take it to the next level.

  • when doing side hollow raises you might find it better to use your top arm to (gently) support yourself so then your lower arm can stay extended and move up and down with your body

  • When doing knee raises I only raise my legs till it’s parallel to the floor but I can’t flex my spine and posteriorly tilt my pelvic.So is this a mobility or flexibility issue or is it related to lack of strength? And what should I do to fix this?

  • you’re a good lad Gabo. You’re putting a lot of highly nuanced yet clear information out there in a field which is absolutely chock-full of crass generalisations and complete bullshit. I think you’re helping a lot of people and you deserve to do very well from it! hi from the UK

  • Gabor, nice video and very good contents. I subscribed your channel and have been doing your yoga classes, too. I am from USA and a fencer (sport) so these video assist me in building stronger core and flexibility. Stay safe and have a good day bud!

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    given me some ideas at home.

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    What are the muscles involved in 1 legged crow and jump back from sitting Ashtanga style, if you know what I mean…? I have a pretty strong core but I feel I lack pectoral strength.., do you have any suggestions?

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  • Emma as I am a Gentleman I only call you a machine…..in my mind is that the truth is that you are the same as I think that I am….an animal, but I can’t tell you the truth ��

  • I carry a lot of extra weight that I’ve always found difficult to lose but, I trained as a yoga teacher (ERYT 500) and through an interest in QI Gong and Pilates, I find I already know the majority of exercises you teach… mainly because it’s just the real authentic way to maintain a fully optimal body, because truth is truth…

    My point is, you look better doing these exercises… you’re certainly more graceful:D But I can still do them. So no one needs an excuse to do these exercises…. I’ve done them and variations in tiny spaces and outside in the snow.

    All you need is the motivation. Which is why I enjoy these videos…It inspires me to get back into it while I wait for my mountain bike to be serviced!


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    I am now actually implementing it in my own routine.
    I can see You’ve been putting in serious work with this channel, so I just wanted to let You know that Your hard work is very much appreciated and You should keep going at it. It’s amazing, brotther. Amazing!
    I wish You and Your team nothing but the best, man!

  • What is up guys =) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
    Let’s begin this year stronger than ever!!!!! Here is the time stamps to avoid my long rants 😉

    Love you all!! (ALMOST 100k:D:D:D) edit: 100k already! ������������ THANK YOU!


    1. Reverse Crunches 6:14
    2. Hollow Body Raises + Hold 7:09
    3. Side Hollow Body Raises + Hold 8:23
    4. Contralateral Plank Crunches 10:58

    DIP BAR:
    5. Knee Raises 16:29
    6. Side Knee Raises 17:03
    7. Crossed Knee Raises 17:34

    8. Knee Raises 19:57
    9. Side Knee Raises 21:00
    10. Crossed Knee Raises 21:36

    11. Knee Hits 24:25
    12. Side Flexion Kicks w/ Band 27:34
    13. Side Chops w/ Band 29:30

    14. Superman Lifts + Hold 33:04

    REPEAT x3-4 Cycles!
    Then Move on to the Finisher =)

    15. Side Plank Hold 36:53
    16. Elbow PlanK Hold 38:24

  • What’s crazy is the standing AB wheel is the only one that is easy for me. Bumper plate one kicks my a.. good stuff. Got work to do! Happy New Year.

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