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The Best Fat Loss Workout Plan For Men Complete Overview

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Entire week weight training routine simple and effective

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Top 5 Day Workout Routine For Man

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5-Day Workout w/ Nicolas Iong

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Day 1: Chest + Triceps Day 2: Legs + Biceps Day 3: Rest Day 4: Shoulders + Triceps Day 5: Back + Biceps Day 6: Rest. The following 5 day workout routine is based on a 5 day split. Using this routine, you will train one body part per day for duration of 5 days. This routine will allow you to maximize your training while allowing for optimal rest and recovery times.

The idea behind a 5 day split is that you dedicate each of the 5 days to a major muscle group. So, on chest day, you will dedicate your entire workout to training chest, and will perform around 6 – 8 exercises for this muscle group. 5 workouts weekly with one main muscle group trained at each session.

Cardio to be performed at the end of each workout and once on a non workout day. Push/pull principle will allow muscles additional rest and recovery. Mid to high repetition ranges to ensure full muscle stimulation. We’ve designed this five-day program for hard workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and active recovery on Tuesdays and Thursdays. DIRECTIONS.

The hard workout days are constructed as circuits. You’ll do each circuit three times, without stopping for rest at any point (unless noted, as with the planks on day 5). A typical split would be like this: Day 1: Legs/Abs Day 2: Chest Day 3: Back/Abs* Day 4: Rest Day 5: Shoulder/Abs* Day 6: Arms Day 7: Rest. This 4-day, intermediate program adds additional sets and reps, as well as more complex exercises, to jumpstart new muscle growth.

Advanced workout routine Share on Pinterest Hanging leg raises. Cable Curl – 4 sets of 8-10 reps; Concentration Curl – 3 sets of 10 reps; Reverse Barbell Curl – 3 sets of 10 reps; Advanced Workout Routine For Men. Now it’s time for us to take a look at the more advanced workout routine. As mentioned above, the 5 day split workout routine is an advanced workout program that I think no one training for less a year or even two years should attempt.

A routine where you train 2 muscle groups per session with more rest and less volume like the 4 day split workout routine is ideal for the most non professional weight lifters. If you’re looking for a complete 90 day step-by-step workout program for men, look no further than ATHLEAN-X – THE definitive guide to building your better body. CALL TO ORDER: 888-4-ATHLEANX.

List of related literature:

This routine too can be done by working out all the body parts in a single day (3 days a week), or using the push-andpull method of training (4 days a week), or doing a single body part a day (5–6 days a week).

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McLester J, Bishop P, Guilliams M: Comparsion of 1 day and 3 day per week of equal-volume resistance training in experienced subjects, J Strength Conditioning Res 14(3):273-281, 2000.

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In that case, you can pair pecs and lats on day 1, quads and glutes on day 2, delts and arms on day 3, and hams and glutes on day 4, as in Example 1 below.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Men: Do Quick Sets for each muscle of your upper body every 5–6 days and your lower body every week, and you can literally watch your belly shrink and your muscles grow.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
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You may wish to compare such a four-day program to three-day workouts to evaluate which is best.

“Complete Book of Throws” by L. Jay Silvester, Jay Silvester
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Alternately, the workout could be split over three days: on Day 1 work legs and shoulders, Day 2 biceps and back, Day 3 chest and triceps.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
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You can divide body parts in a three-day-split routine in a few different ways.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
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You can also get all my workouts in my book The Year One Challenge for Men (www.biggerleanerstronger.com/challenge).

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
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Four-Day Split Program This program may be used by the beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete.

“Complete Conditioning for Basketball” by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
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The three-days-on, one-day-off routine trains each muscle group twice in an eightday period.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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  • great timing for this highly instructional video, a specific workout schedule focused specifically on fat loss, so glad your shared this.

  • Really appreciate you doing a detailed breakdown of your workout plan, I’ve definitely been missing a few things. This can work great for women as well, me and my wife have been doing these exercises together and she really enjoys it too.

  • Last day of this program tomorrow. Went into this with low expectations since my previous training has given me almost no gain worth mentioning.
    This time though! I changed my food habits, no alcohol and followed this challenge every day.
    Weight is only down with 1,5kg as I hoped since I was not heavy, just lazy and had more of a beer keg than a six-pack.
    Now my chest is wider than my belly and the abs are showing for the first time in 20 years.
    Thank you BullyJuice for this opportunity! I must confess, I had days I hated you 😉 It was all forgotten the minute I looked into the mirror and saw the daily progression though.

  • I’m going to post my results ✨
    Don’t worry I’m not gonna disappear like other people ⭐️
    I’ll post updates on my body every 7 days

    Day 1: DONE ✅
    Day 2: DONE ✅ (did a bedtime workout too)
    Day 3: DONE ✅
    Day 4: DONE ✅ (Bedtime workout & Ab Workout too)
    Day 5: DONE ✅
    Day 6: DONE ✅
    Day 7: DONE ✅
    Week 1: I didn’t see any significant changes, but I just feel better and healthier ✅
    Day 8: DONE ✅
    Day 9: DONE ✅
    Day 10: DONE ✅
    Day 11: ✅
    Day 12: DONE ✅
    Day 13: DONE ✅
    Day 14: DONE ✅
    Week 2: ive been eating healthier as well. I feel skinnier and healthier, and people have been telling me I look thinner

  • Respected Alex,You have indeed done a Great job,by posting this Video here.May I please have your e mail id & would you Care to guide me,by e mails/online tutorials,as I would like to learn,as I feel the Guru OR Mentor is very very important. Please tell me,can you come live on Skype,too,as I can NOT afford PAID online classes.Thanks & Regards,Shrinivas Sant,Nasik -India [email protected] aol.in

  • Been doing bodyweight for a while now, light bicep curls with 20 pound dumbells, and have built a solid foundation for weight training, graduated from home workouts an hour or 2 a day to weights, I’m beginning next week, I just needed a routine to go off of, I’m going to do this one, I’m aiming to gain 15 pounds of muscle by mid Q1 February.Wish me luck everybody, will be updating on this, IG: enrique.wrk, tips would be much appreciated.

  • Is there a better feeling than eating a pizza without a guilt knowing that it wouldn’t mess up your fitness plans? Next Level Diet, thank you for everything!

  • Jus wanted to say this is the workout plan that got me to my 8% bodyfat goal, with a solid amount of muscle gain 4 years ago,
    Thanks for your help, it was literally where it all started for me

  • I have allergies on many foods and It is hard for me to find a diet that doesn’t include particular foods. Then my friend sent me link to the website called NextLevelDiet where I can get personalized meal plan only with food I select. My fitness journey has just started, what about you?

  • Hey, to get where you are now have you always gone 8-12 reps with 4 sets? or would you recommend doing lower sets to start with to gain strength and then progress on to higher reps?

  • Try gym workout app with 200+ gym workout & plans and free for all guy:


  • So, I’m a sophomore football player trying to gain muscle for varsity next year, I play line so I am not trying to lose any weight just gain and build muscle would this be effective for me?

  • Thanks for mentioning the pedometer that’s on phones. It’s definitely easier than going to get a smart watch. I always forget to carry my phone when working out though.

  • BullyJuice! Please create a new playlist from scratch and add all the workouts as listed in this video. The one you’re linking to in comments is messy and cluttered with non related stuff.

  • Bodybuilders hide their insecurities behind a rough and solid facade, but from the inside they are like scared cornered animals……I feel sorry for them.

  • It’s crazy, this is extremely similar to Brad Pitt’s Fight Club routine. I don’t know if the articles I read are accurate about what Pitt actually did, but this routine is almost identical to what the articles said.
    If anyone knows Pitts actual routine for Fight Club or Troy please let me know. I’ve read a lot of them, but I never know if they’re accurate.

  • Heres a playlist with these videos in order (except for the fact that you cant add the same video twice)

  • Hi guys I’m a young dude, never been to the gym to do serious training, I’m wanting to go and this is the best video I’ve seen that is a full weekly routine without all the talk and advertising. Im currently 5’10 and about 160lbs, I’ve always found weight gain difficult.
    I have a few questions as I’m a total novice to gym training. So any advice would be really welcome.
    1: how do you no how much weight to lift without overloading or being too light? Is it trial and error?
    2: can you train legs twice a week like on a rest day like Saturday/Sunday?
    3: with his routine and a good diet, protein shakes etc, how long would it take to see some results of bulking up.

  • This might be tooo much…no rest days? Arms and shoulders back to back days? Won’t my gains be lost overworking? Seems like way too much

  • Im bored of calculating calories intake and BMI. NextLevelDiet website does it for FREE. They also provide personalized training plan and diet plan with amazing recipes.

  • Girls don’t like skinny boys! Get muscles like me. I got 3kg of lean muscle in one month. The secret is website called NextLevelDiet, because I followed their 30 days meal plan. IM FU**ING STRONG NOW!!!

  • This video about the best fat loss workout plan for men was great! I learned a lot new things and definitely recommend checking it out.

  • Wow It’s a great ideas of fat loss. It’s is awesome workout plan. I like it very much. I have lost 15kg. Thanks for sharing this great awesome helpful video.

  • hey, since covid-19 i’ve been trying to workout and stay fit but it’s been almost 2 months and i don’t see much change. I workout 5 days a week but i still don’t see results and i was wondering if this routine really works, pleaes let me know

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve been looking all over for a video of a full weeks workout and this ticks all the boxes.

    Great video. Thanks

  • Hi guys ��

    I’m doing this for almost 1week and it’s really damn good.

    Can my girlfriend do this also? With more less weight of course. Thanks ��

  • I am a girl but interested at this program but Im a lil scared if my shoulder would be wider than my bf can someone ensure me to do this workout?

  • Yes, your plan not just effective but also quite practical for my daily schedule, i will use it in my work out time table from now on..

  • don’t do this, he’s clearly on roids therefor this workout routine wont work for natural athletes. Do a fullbody routine instead!!!

  • All the links by day:
    Day 1


    Day 2


    Day 3


    Day 4


    Day 5


    Day 6


    Day 7


    Day 8


    Day 9


    Day 10


    Day 11


    Day 12


    Day 13


    Day 14


    Day 15


    Day 16



    Day 17



    Day 18


    Day 19


    Day 20


    Day 21



    Day 22



    Day 23



    Day 24



    Day 25



    Day 26



    Day 27



    Day 28



    Day 29



    Day 30



  • Wow! I just found website Next Level Diet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can’t wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

  • I was thinking of buying another gaming chair but kept having second thoughts because of the price but ultimately I picked the anda seat gaming chair and I am very glad I did!

  • Was here because of covid19

    Has successfully completed 2 weeks and have done the 15th day
    And I see me getting into some shape not much tho I can see my triceps and leg muscles better now

  • I did this workout this week to Monday to Friday and I can so feel the effects. So much better than my last which was pretty much a mix every day. Thanks for this mate!!

  • Here is a link to the PLAYLIST with all of the workout videos and more in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRhPacpcZ6Y&list=PLjngT6yRRZHPsjj-CIduSL9FpclppM9qm

  • Website called NextLevelDiet is the best for your body transformation. I lost 20kg by following their diet plan (I also had cheat meals) and training plan.

  • Thanks for all this vids just doing your work at already loss over 60pound not in much time at my lowest I been since high school.. just add your ig veryy nice bullys also

  • Just discovered this. Been doing my own workouts I’ve been compiling off Youtube but I’m going to give this 30 day challenge a shot, seems straight forward enough. Thank you!

  • Monday CHest
    4 sets incline bench press 10-12 reps
    4 ses incline bench press 10-12 reps
    4 sets flat dumbell bench press 10-12 reps
    4 sets cable flies 10-12 reps
    4 sets inline cable flies 10-12
    4 sets seated pec fly 10-12 reps

    Teusday Back
    4 sets lat pulldowns 10-12 reps
    4 sets lat lat pulldown close grip 10-12 reps
    4 sets seated rows 10-12 reps
    4 sets machine seated rows 10-12 reps
    4 sets T-bar rows 10-12 reps
    4 sets cable pulldowns 10-12 reps

    Wednesday Legs
    4 sets of leg press 10-12 reps
    4 sets of leg extentions 10-12 reps
    4 sets of flying leg curls 10-12 reps
    4 sets of seated leg curls 10-12 reps
    4 sets of calf raises 10-12 reps

    Thursday Shoulders
    4 sets seated smith machine military press 10-12 reps
    4 sets seated dumbell press 10-12 reps
    4 sets front dumbbell raises 10-12 reps
    4 sets dumbbell fly 10-12 reps
    4 sets upright rows 10-12 reps
    4 sets dumbbell shruggs 10-12 reps

    FridaysBiceps and Triceps
    4 sets dumbbell curls 10-12 reps
    4 sets preacher curls 10-12 reps
    4 sets cable bicep curls 10-12 reps
    4 sets rope pushdowns 10-12 reps
    4 sets behind the neck tricep extensions 10-12 reps
    4 sets v-bar tricep extension 10-12 reps
    4 sets sitting arm curls 10-12 reps

    3-4x A week Abs
    4 sets hanging leg raises 10-12 reps
    4 sets decline situps 10-12 reps
    4 sets side bends for obliques 10-12 reps

















    Push ups





















    Push ups

  • Completed the 30 day plan, I was seeing results throughout the 30 days however I’ve been bloated/constipated for a week now ��Looking forward to start the next one ����

  • i did the 2nd 30 day challenge first and i’m really happy with the results! i’m not gonna stop now! i found out that working out makes me feel good/ better about myself. i’ve always been skinny but these are helping me build muscle in all places! i’m gonna do this one now and hopefully more if he makes another.

  • Your workout plans are awesome. Daily activity is the key to losing weight I think. You cover just about everything in your videos for being healthy.

  • Here is a Google Document of the bully juice 30 day plan⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://docs.google.com/file/d/1id_QizDCmq3QI1xyLlaHfxg8kV5qZ_qA/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=msword

  • Buddy, I am in my 60’s and have started following you. Thank you for your advice. You are very knowledgeable. I hope it works. I will let you know in a few months.

  • Iam trying to get the 1 day meal plan and the 24 min work out. I went to the site’s several times and still have not received them.

  • Day 18 & 19 are confusing me, should i follow the thumbnails in the schedule or whats written in the description box ��, in the schedule there is no V cut this week����‍♀️

  • I can’t believe I found this website. NextLevelDiet completely changed the way I look at diets. When I started following their diet plan, I realised that diet isn’t something you should be scared of and it can easily fit in your daily routine.

  • Great information for people looking to get lean. I was always told that muscles are built in the gym, but abs are made in the kitchen.

  • I’m planning on doing upper body & lower body days. On upper I hit all muscles on 2 exercises, same thing with lower.
    Saturday/Sunday rest

    I don’t know if it’s okay but I’ll see soon

  • Honestly if you’re a beginner (skinny guys)do a full body
    Work out:
    -start off with a 30 tread mill walk and jog the last 5 minutes just to warm up
    -start off with chest do 0:42 with 60 sec in between each set
    -then do 2:03 with again 60 sec in between each set
    After that move on to BACK
    -Start off with 3:42 (60 sec in between each rep)
    -Then do 4:08 (60 sec rest)
    After that move onto LEGS
    -Do 8:17 (60 sec rest)
    -Then 8:45 (60 sec rest)
    After move onto SHOULDERS
    -Do 10:47 (60 sec rest)
    -Then do 13:00 (60 sec rest)
    After move onto BICEPS
    -Do 14:01 (60 second rest)
    -After 14:28 (60second rest)
    After that move onto TRICEPS
    -Do 17:18 (60 sec rest)
    -Then do 17:44 (60 second rest in between each set)
    Then do some ABS
    do 18:44
    then do 18:26
    Then end off with 10 minutes of tread mill just to make sure nothing remains tight
    Do this work out 3x a week with a 1 day break in between each workout day to let the muscles heal

  • Wonderful video about Men fat loss workout plan. I believe that the workout plant will be effective. I will try to follow this workout plant to loss my fat. Thanks for sharing this guys.

  • Would you still gain if you work on one single muscle group a week?Example chest monday.Then chest again next week????! PLZZZZZ HELP!!!!!!

  • Following this plan for the last four weeks. Start of week 4 I upped the weight and dropped to 4×7 reps. Plan is to drop reps again come week 7 to 4×3 reps max weight. Week 9-12 go back to 10-12 reps and check progress.

    Thank you for sharing. This really has got me into a better routine and feeling better than I have in a decade!

  • Thank you for this helpful video! I sit at a desk most of the day so I can really use this structured workout plan! I really like Dr. Balduzzi’s plan and all his tips I’m also going to get that pedometer and aim for 5000 steps a day at least.

  • alright guys ima try this out. im not overweight just have a little stomach and wanna tone up my body. gonna rest a day or 2 but i’ll keep you updated no bullshit

  • I have always had problems with belly fat. After just one month of following diet plan from NextLevelDiet, I can almost see my six pack. Don’t wait, take your plan now!

  • If you want to lose 20kg like I did, you need to visit website *Next Level Diet*. They provided me with 30 days plan meal, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and transfrom your body!!!

  • I followed this program and combined it with a proper diet. I lose back fats and gained some muscles, for a person like me who doesn’t workout this a great start! Thank you so much for this

  • This seems like a really good workout plan as I’m looking to lose a lot of weight at the moment, going to begin using this very soon, great video

  • THANK YOU. As the other comments here stateyou got right to the point and made it easy to understand with demos. BRILL video thank you

  • I have lost 30kg over all bodyweight but my lower belly fat is not going away. Any Suppliment list for the lower belly fat distruction