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Improve Your Front Squat Rack Position

Video taken from the channel: Alan Thrall

5 Front Squat Tips to Help Increase Your Max It was 534 days ago when my training forever changed. For those who don’t know much about me or the craziness that ensued more than a year ago, my training style had a total rebirth. Learn the proper barbell front squat form from Men’s Health fitness editors Ebenezer Samuel and Brett Williams. The exercise strengthens the.The front squat is a fantastic alternative to the traditional barbell squat.. In this guide to front squats – part of our Strength 101 series – we’re going to be covering everything you need to.

Load a barbell onto your front side, resting it on the front of your shoulders, crossing your arms, and gripping the bar. Do a wall squat, 7 Benefits of Doing Squats and Variations to Try.Variations of the squat can include weights, like barbells or dumbbells, resistance bands, or yoga balls. The front squat can have a high barrier to entry given the mobility requirements, as well as the motor control and coordination to hold a barbell on the frontal plane of the body. But never fear, this article will take you through five top tips to help you improve your front squat technique. The front squat differs slightly from the back squat due to the barbell placement in the front rack position.

By doing so, the load is displaced in front of midline, requiring a stronger upper. Front Squat Foot Position. Once you step back from the rack, it’s time to set your feet and prepare for your first rep. Start with your feet between hipand shoulder-width apart with your. On the sets of 5 repetitions, perform your Squats at 60% of your max.

For the sets of 4 repetitions, do 65% of your max. For the sets of three, do 75% of your max. Try a staggered-stance squat.

This stance removes the mechanical demands of the bilateral squat because it allows one heel to lift. It takes some practice to figure out your new balance point, but this variation can be very effective at improving squat depth. Try a split squat or lunge-stance squat. Tighten Up Your Grip. If your grip on the bar is loose, then your arms, shoulders and upper back will be loose.

You need to have a death grip on the bar to create tension across your entire upper body. The harder you grip the bar, the more tension you’ll have in your. It’s ineffective and causes bad form.

You can’t see your back if you Barbell Row in front of mirrors. And you have to look up which over-archs your neck/back and can hurt them. Even worse is to Barbell Row aside of mirrors and turn your head to check your form.

This twists your neck and can hurt it. Videotape yourself to check your form.

List of related literature:

The main point I want to make here is that moving improperly—say, excessively rounding your back in a deadlift or allowing your knees to cave inward during a squat—puts unnecessary stress on your body.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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Lower the body to a full squat position, keeping the arms straight and moving the hands down between the knees (b)

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
from NSCA’s Guide to Program Design
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
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To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
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(2) Using primarily the muscles of the back, lift the bar upward until it touches the upper abdominals, then lower it again, under control, back to the starting position; then immediately start your next rep.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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3 Keep moving your arms forward as you lower your center of gravity to a Half-Squat position with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle and your rear horizontally aligned with your knees, or slightly below.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
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  • Hi JTS, I have a problem with initiating the squat with the knees. I am a tall lifter 6 ft and when I initiate the squat with my knees they go well past the my fingers, and I look kinda of a frog. Is there any way to solve this? I have been googling like crazy, but I cannot find an answer

  • Danzig, misfits, metallica, pantera, slayer in the last four vids. This is literally my workout playlist. You should make an untamed spotify.

  • As a woman I find much more use in your videos than anyone else’s you really know how to explain things thoroughly and properly you saved my deadlifting form. Thank you!!

  • I might have missed a few videos but it looks like you got some nice lighting for when you’re talking to the camera, very nice very nice. Lookin spiffy brother.

  • I love back squatting, but i have bad squat genetics. I’ve got long femurs, and I’m anatomically restricted in my hips, causing me to butt wink so that I cannot safely ATG, and I have really big ankles (not meaning I’m fat, but that the bony part on top of my foot goes really high), which makes it harder to dorsiflex.

    I’m gonna switch to front squatting. Since the bar is further in front, it’s easier to stay upright.

  • Lol I actually came to see if you had some secret but I love that the answer is just “front rack more” because that’s the truth and what I used to tell my players

  • Always listen to the dusty old guy in the back of the gym for tips. Those guys have real tried and true knowledge. Thanks for this!

  • ive been watching all your videos on programming, they are all very helpful. You have made videos on strength blocks and peaking blocks. Can you please, please make a video on a hypertrophy block, thanks

  • Whenever I front squat I feel like the weight is sitting on my collarbone and it hurts like hell especially when i squat 225 and more can someone please tell me what to do? Do i need to grow bigger shoulders or traps or am i doing it wrong??? Btw I front squat with my hands like a cross. Like cory said first!

  • Great advice, no need to watch any other front squat video. The only other bit of advice would be to point out that it’s perfectly ok and natural for extra outward rotation causing the knees to drift wider apart thus allowing the upright posture in a front squat.

  • Question:
    I wanted to take some time off heavy weights for a bit because it exhausts the shit outta me.
    So I started doing front squats. I watched a couple videos on the front rack position but i still don’t seem to get it. The most powerful position i got into was with the bar on top of my clavicles and touching my neck, but it hurts so much i can’t do multiple sets with anything higher than 225. Is this supposed to be that way and I’ll adapt or am I just not getting into the right position(I heard the bar was supposed to be on top of the front delts). Thank you if you take the time to answer.:)

  • Two main reasons I watch this channel. 1) Killer lifting advice. 2) Killer playlists. Twist Of Cain, Her Black Wings, Dig Up Her Bones, Unsung. Fuckin awesome!

  • I was in an awkward front squat position the other day and I felt like my fingers had tangled themselves up. I started becoming anxious about it and catastrophising. But then I told myself to shut up and carry on. So I finished my set and I was fine. Obviously you don’t want to ignore extreme pain or discomfort because it’s there for a reason, but at the same time you should be able to gauge when you’re being dramatic.

  • I frequently squat in underwear that has big crotch holes but they get bigger when I engage the muscles out of the squat hole and it rips even further. Really blows my concentration coming up and I hear rrrrrrrrrrriiiiipppppppp…Tldr; Holes in pants prolly okay, holes in underwear no.

  • You should have your whole hand wrapped around the bar. Look at any good front squatter like Ilya Ilyin or Dmitry Klokov. Don’t hold the bar with only your fingertips. If you can’t, use straps to keep it in your hands.

  • No, this is not how it goes. Instead it follows the logical proven pattern: shit in shit out. If you start doing so.ething wrong, you adapt to it, yes, but doing it wrong does over time not make it right. So yes, if your wrists and shoulders are killing you when front squatting than stop doing it, or use grip extensions etc to make it less painful. Wrong kind of pain is neither good not acceptable

  • Need more crotch, a lot more crotch. Also, do your shoulder breakers before you front squat, at least give your shoulders a chance to open up beforehand.

  • Hes right about pain management for sure. At the moment im trying to reach a calisthenics goal of getting a ring muscle up, and training my false grip is super uncomfortable and just straight up feels a little painful but i know if i work into it and get used to that position ill have that ring muscle up soon enough because im light enough and i have the strength. Just gotta get that technique down.

  • Is it possible for some people to have a build that does not allow proper front squats? It sounds like a bad excuse to not do front squats, but truly it seems that my clavicle is higher up on my chest than normal. When I was a beginner (about 5 years ago) I just blamed the fact that I had no upper chest, but at this point I have a 425 squat and cannot handle more than 185 on a front squat because of the the severe pain of the bar pressing against my bone. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • Seems like an aesthetic thing if you’re not doing Olympic lifts. You can do a front loaded squat from a landmine unit without spending any time on developing shoulder or wrist flexibility. Your body doesn’t know the difference when it comes to developing leg strength.

  • My problem is when I squat I tend to lean forward slightly & lift my heels up to push the weight up because I might have a fear of falling backwards if that makes any sense…

  • Rack walks are fantastic for that too. Also, if it actually is “killing your wrists”, you can attach some lifting straps to the barbell and use them as handles until your mobility is better.

  • This is really convenient since I’m soon adding front squats as my secondary squat exercise because I know I’m terrible at front squats and want to be better.

  • How to improve your front squat rack position? Throw the front squat in the trash and do Zercher squats instead. (Unless you are an Olympic weightlifter of course).

  • 99% of the people are much better off just doing regular squats. This is not movement for most people. Honestly Olympic weightlifting is so hard on a persons joints its not something a normal person should do.

  • If i do low bar squats 3 times a week (9 total working sets),
    is it a good idea to add front squats in my routine without removing any back squat as an assistance exercise???

  • Hey Alan, my front squat 3RM is 265, and my back squat 3RM is 355. Should these 2 lifts be that close in weight? Could this indicate that i need to work on my posterior chain more to improve my back squat?

  • Hell yeah brutha! So in swole 2.0 program can we just swap back squats with front squats and follow the same protocols called for or will the protocols change if doing front squats?

  • I’ve literally just started doing front squats as ultimately I want to have a go at olympic lifting. This is a great help! Thankyou! I too thought the problem was my wrists!

  • Why the fuck do y’all say it’s a quad dominant lift yet your coach Zack Telander tells people to push hips out first and keep the knees above the foot?

  • I thought my hand position was wrong but it felt comfortable and it’s the same grip as the guy in the video is doing but even without the straps I can comfortably hold it in place.:D

  • man i wish i lived in any other area than north east PA. nobody and nothing here that knows nothing. i been on my own since birth. fuck this dump

  • Hi Mr. Meadows I have a quick question. I am 14 years old and am trying to build my arms more but it seems like for a very short period of time they get bigger but then they seem to get smaller and I am confused why, I have tried many training techniques such as drop sets and super sets but they don’t seem to work, I was wondering if you had any tips for me, I also only have access to dumbbells and bands but I use both, Thanks.

  • Hi John. Does doing 20 mins liss cardio post workout beneficial? I am 46years old and dont want to come to the gym just for cardio. I am doing a 5 day bro split. 4 exercises of 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps. Thankyou John. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  • I saw someone post “why does Alan always tell us to train on time at the end fo his vids?” on a recent upload and now I can’t un-hear it.

    And now nor can you.

  • I’ve recently began oly lifting again and FS are obviously a huge tool in that regard. I used to do FS California style, now I’m trying to do them properly but my flexibility sucks. Any tips/stretches to help me on my front rack position? Thanks team. Liked the vid a lot btw

  • first time I watched this I couldn’t see what Colin was doing wrong (I’m a novice with front squats, only started about a month ago). Then watched this vid with Dr. Quinn Henoch https://youtu.be/UDLrAbTpjUg, so helpful

  • Any thoughts on the upper arms having to be parallel to the ground? Is it necessary to achieve it? Because I can never get my arms up that high no matter what I do but for the most part I don’t have much issues front squatting other than not being able to fully grip the bar.

  • Thanks for the information. I had to come back and review the form again because I wasn’t quite getting it. My foot positioning and decent seems to be ok, but something about the bar positioning and grip is screwing me up.

  • just in time for a birthday leg workout. you guys are awesome! just hit 225 on bench, trying to increase my numbers on the 3 lifts!

  • Hey Alan, I just wanted to thank you for making these videos. I’m not a bodybuilder, I’m just a guy working on getting in shape at 51. A lot of this stuff I’ve never done since high school, or never at all. So having you be so thorough and clear (and funny!) is a REAL help. Keep rocking the vids and thanks again.

  • Great channel John. If not the best fitness youtube channel ever. You can not imagine, how much advice from people like you help us teens and young adults. I am literaly consuming facts each video. Keep it up man

  • Level 2.5 Practice downward dog. It emphasizes thoracic extension, hinging at the hip, stretch the posterior chain from glutes all the way to ankle flexion.

  • By 2021, Alan’s videos will be 30 seconds; a 10 second intro, 5-10 expletives that somewhat resembles coherency, and finish with some gargled yell about being on time.

  • My wrists don’t even bend enough for me to do press ups on my palms, I have to do them on my knuckles…. but you can always do front squat with the “cross hands, fingers on opposite clavicle” (what ever it’s called) method!

  • Great video, great tips, you guys really are the best. Please keep em coming. You’re a fucking monolith in the strength world.

    Very off-topic but I’m reading up on the CrossFit®®® L1 training guide, and I came across this gem on page 11:

    “The Olympic Lifts, a.k.a., Weightlifting
    There are two Olympic lifts, the clean and jerk and the snatch. Mastery of these lifts develops the squat, deadlift, power clean, and split jerk while integrating them into a single movement of unequaled value in all of strength and conditioning. The Olympic lifters are without a doubt the world’s strongest athletes.”

    The last sentence is what irks me. Totally unsubstantiated. Wondering if you’d care to comment.

  • Man, Mental part IS a significant portion. Also, going hand in hand with the mental process, timing is also critical. If you’re telling yourself YOU CAN DO THIS, and you position yourself for the lift, you’ve already started the process so don’t back down from that.. GO. GO. GO. So, when your nuts are showing during your squat.. Just be proud and sew it up later.. LOL.

  • good to know the elbows aren’t supposed to be straight out/forward. no wonder i used to almost black out when i tried getting them as high as possible.

  • Total front squat noob here, is normal when i front squat I feel the bar chocking me at the point when I exale it cause me to cough? and eventually lose the position.

  • Your ears must have been burning Sunday. I was lifting with my buddy Sunday and he was showing me how to front squat for the first time. And of course I said those same things about it hurting my wrists!

  • Hi! Thanks for your tips, although my main problem is I feel like the bar is crushing my throat when I have my elbows up and holding the bar correctly, so I end up using my hands to pull the bar more anterior when I front squat for reps, but that is really hard on my delts and I feel like my delts give out before my legs do. Do you have any suggestions for that?

  • bitchn shirt!!! You said to do weak point accessory training after the big compound movement, you did every muscle associated with the front squat. I don’t see any weak points in your front squat so do you figure you’ll hit them all?

  • Solid video. My front squat is shit. But I have my form good enough now, plus good squat shoes, that I am comfortable trying to increase my strength and my max. This looks like a good way to go. Assuming I front squat once a week, plus an additional day during the week where I deadlift, how often should I do this routine, where I go at or near my 1 rep max? In general, how often do you recommend a person maxes out on lifts? I never do it. The closest I get is 3 reps on deadlift or OH press.

  • Make sure you check out the whole playlist with Dave Tate: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNAUreWTt_SghWOesxKjv5EWY33p1qNr0

  • Thanks for the Fantastic powerlifting tips… Most importantly great yo-yo tricks, it reminds me I have to go walk my dog.. LOL��..

  • Love hearing from both of you and wish I could get yourself or Dave to be my couch. So reassuring and calm with many avenues of getting shit done without over complicating things.

  • I’ve been at it for a long time and have higher than a 1000 lbs total… I’ve learned more in the series than I have in the past five years.

  • I just wanted to get some advice. I am 170 lbs and just did a 255 lbs front squat and just started this exercise for the first time ever in my life about 6 months ago. I am going to aim for a double bodyweight front squat. I wanted to know if a double bodyweight front squat as a natty is considered strong as I just train in my garage at home as a hobby but am starting to wondering if I should start taking this serious.

  • E

    shoulder up and forward, barbell should be in contact with throat
    think big chest
    DONT roll shoulders back
    lead with the chset as you stand up out of squat

    handgrip right outside shoulders

  • Hi Jonh,

    Wow, absolutely brilliant video! Awesome technical explanations from Dave, the guy’s a legend! I’m so excited to watching the deadlifting video when it comes out.

    Big thank you for making the video.



  • What u think is the best for improving upper back strength? My weakness in the front squat is my upper back (between scapulas, medium and inforior traps).

  • Awesome video. I have one question about high bar squat though (they are somewhat similar). During ascent should you keep your knees forward or move them backwards (lock them out) simultaneously with hips? I think keeping knees forward and locking your hips before your knees could cause too much load on your knees and potentially raise risk of injury. What’s your point of view on that?

  • I’ve been trying to bring up my leg strength after realizing my high bar back squat was only about 70% of my deadlift. In your experiences, if I run my current program for a few cycles with front squat instead of back squat (I’m doing 531) and just use back squat variations (i.e. pin squat) as assistance work, would that be effective for bringing up my back squat numbers?

  • Can you show us what you mean, bar off the back?? There is low bar & high bar technique and I can not visualise what you try To say…the Side you say?

  • The problem I have with the front rack position is that my arms are short and thick with full muscle bellies. Consequently my forearms press against my biceps limiting how far I can bend my elbows. The bar ends up in my hands 2-3″ above my front delts. Needless to say. this isn’t conducive to front squats or cleans, although I can/have preformed front squats in the crossed arms rack position.

    PS) Military Presses off a rack aren’t a problem, since then my elbows are pointing down rather than forward.

  • I love that Dave Tate can talk about a squat and I feel like I learn 10 new things even after I’ve been squatting for >10 years. Legend.

  • A lot of people suck their stomach inwards to prepare for lifting, when really you’re supposed to do the opposite. Push your stomach out, then breathe air in. That’s how to stay tight in your core.

  • Really informative can’t wait to get back in the gym and squat properly again definitely lost some mass in my legs not being able to. Train them. Properly in lockdown ��

  • Anyone know what kind of pants/leggings/PeterPan’s he’s wearing? I have DoYouEven pants, and if i squat or even sit in a chair, my gluteus maximus gets exposed

  • Dave is seriously amazing at explaining. Whenever he talks about a lift and the proper way to do it, it feels so clear in my head and i wanna go right into the gym and try it out!

  • Hi im 50 and want to go back to training. My weak spot are my legs, can you make 1 video for the elders?:) I want to make my legs big, so please make a video for beginners for legs, who are old also lol

  • interesting point about the elbows slightly out and down. i’ve always been trying to get them high as whenever i reach my max weight it feels like the bar is a little forward which upsets my balance and i miss the lift. probably a technique than strength fail

  • john please make a video like this for traps! its the most underrated and hardest to train muscle for sure! thete is not much good information out there just the usual useless average shrug stuff,,maybe some supersets would be very nice to try..something new..

  • Thanks for the informative, straight-to-the-point video! I only recently discovered your channel and am really impressed.
    A maybe silly question: In the examples when Colin’s technique diverged from ideal, was it done on purpose in order to illustrate certain points for the video, or were they bad habits or ‘mistakes’ that he was doing naturally? Just curious to know more about how advanced lifters like Colin have to still keep working on refining their technique. Thanks.

  • Any advice for getting into this front rack position or improving mobility generally? Experience quite a lot of pain in the wrists when front squatting, thanks.

  • I can listen and always learn from Dave. I understand how he describes everything in depth always. Always keep it real. ☘️ Thanks always John ��

  • Interesting how Dave Tate recommended beginning with torso movement out of the hole. Starting Strength explicitly says not to do this. But hearing Dave’s wisdom im going to try it now.

  • Unless you are an Olympic lifter don’t even bother front squatting. Olympic lifters have to front squat to condition themselves for standing up with a heavy clean, being balanced in the bottom of a clean and building strength and explosive power in the bottom position coming out of the clean. Body builders don’t need to do it,power lifters don’t need to do it. It is a movement specific to olympic lifters. Any leg strength can still be built using back squats.

  • Extremely nice video from the pedagogical point of view. Even if fundamentally I already knew all of that, I feel like my understanding of how all those pieces come together has hugely increased in just a few minutes.
    That’s particularly good for somebody who is not even an Olympic lifter.
    On the other hand, the stretch progression is a bit rough for beginners who are just learning Front Rack 101. For most men, getting to level 3 will already take months of intense drills.

  • I figured I would never be able to front rack with any comfort. My front squat has improved so much due to your drills. This is the best video explaining the front rack position on YouTube! Thank you so much!

  • I would also advise people to firmly grab the barbell and therefore close their hands instead of allowing the barbell to rest on their fingertips. This tip has helped me a lot and improved my core and shoulders stability while front squatting. Check this out: https://youtu.be/4EPq413rkpo

  • If you have problems with your grip on the Frontsquat just use Hookgrip ( no Joke )

    and yes i also hate that “Sport shorts” especially in weightlifting shops arent made from stretchy fabric
    gotta find the right one and wear it till it smells like a sewer

  • my advice to the people is to remember that you are not stretching the wrist, you are just bending back the fingers and letting your natural shelf hold most of the weight. sometimes on good front squats, i am only attached by the index finger on each hand

  • I’ve just started weightlifting from this October. I can comfortably front squats with 80 kilo for 85% @ 1 rm with my bw being 56 kilo. But when I add more 5 kilo or more i start getting knee pain even if my form is correct.

  • Quick, got point across, power rack used correctly,( a lot people do outside the rack) & I thought filmed, plus quality information… > WAYNES DOMAIN

  • Dear god, I have goosebumps right now. I had to post a second comment for appreciation of Dave’s immense knowledge, there is no replacement for that level of experience. You’re ability to translate your experience and make it “click” is unheard of.

  • I have had some trouble with my squat for the last couple of years. I dont know where it comes from since i have hit personal best a long time ago without it happening. Lower back hurts like hell when i do them. Dont know if i squat high bar or low bar. I guess high since its more common. I realize it must be because when i go up i dont lead with my shoulders and i trail all the way up. I try to focus on it but i dont see results. Any tip regarding that?

  • You make me laugh. I makes sense and helps me understand from another part of the profound and wise technical aspects that I trip over sometimes. I don’t over think things when I watch you.

  • my problem is not wrists it is the fact that the bar is directly above my windpipe and I can’t breathe at all. Plus the bar doesn’t rest on my front delts as my clavicle is quite thick. Also Brian Alsruhe seems to have his elbows pointing down rather than forwardis this because he is a tall fella or is this his technique?

  • Good luck for competition

    I’ve always struggled with front squat regardless of the type of grip I use

    Who has to take those big heavy drums down the stairs when you get to top

  • I’ve got tight ankles and calves but the front rack position is not my problem, i hardly achieve depth in my front squats and therefore don’t feel it in my quads.

  • My flexibility is totally fucked up, I can’t front squat even without weights. I always tend to either bend forward or even fall forward. Basically I have zero range of motion in my ankle besides normal walk. Probably has to do something that I have shortened calf muscles which are compared to the rest of my body pretty big and strong. Any advice?

  • i learned benching from dave’s videos like 10 years ago…. He is so clear and knowledgeable… so many ‘youtube experts’ are peddling bs here… thank god for D.T. coaching and continuing to teach the gospel of IRON… loved watching this…

  • So i start to do front squats and i knew i am doing something wrong so i decide to look on your chanel and find this vid. I saw this exercise whit hands on the wall and i am thinking “cool i will start to do that exercise”.
    I came to gym and i find out that i cant do it hahaha i was like wtf i squat 200-240lbs and i cant do one with full straight back i am in shock XD.Thx Alan for this.

  • i have tendonitis in my right knee, how could i heal?

    i do vodoo floss/lacross ball/foam rolling

    can someone can help me i really want a 200kg squat and my heaviest single is 185kg from 8weeks ago

  • tip #1 not having a fucked up knee
    tip #2 being built for a squat
    tip #3 having genetics
    tip #4 having the time and money in your life to squat
    tip #5 being this negative

  • when i front squat heavy it feels like im gonna pass out, even when i just unrack it. how do i prevent this so i can keep front squatting

  • I have s wrist injury that won’t allow hyper extension. I’ve always done the cross arms. should I do it with straps or stock to just back squats