45 Degree Leg Press Machine – An Entire Guide With Form Tips


How to use the 45 Degree Leg Press

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Leg Development Ideas: Seated Leg Press Tutorial (Includes Tips on Feet Positioning & Pad Angle)

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45 Degree Leg Press. Your complete how to guide with Tips.

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45 Degree Leg Press Machine | A Complete Guide With Form Tips | Tiger Fitness

Video taken from the channel: Tiger Fitness

The 45degree leg press machine targets the quadriceps, a muscle group comprised of four heads (Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Intermedius, & Vastus Medialis (Internus). [1]This exercise engages the gluteus maximus, adductor magnus (inner thigh), and soleus (calf) to assist in completing the movement. 14. 45 Degree Leg Press a. Main Muscle group: quads b. Secondary muscle(s): calves, glutes, hamstrings c. Equipment required: machine d. Experience level: beginner e. 45-Degree Leg Press.

Leg press is a basic, heavy exercise for the entire leg and especially for the quadriceps and the gluteus muscles. This simple movement is a good confidence builder for beginners who are preparing for more functional leg exercises, such as the squat. It places little stress on the lower back (an advantage over squats) and is suitable for.

The 45-degree leg press is a safe and effective way to exercise the major muscles groups of your legs. The leg press is a good alternative for people who are unable or uncomfortable with. Leg Press Exercise Guide – Muscles Worked, How-To, Benefits, Tips And Variations The leg press is a machine-based resistance training exercise that you can use to build lower body strength and muscle size. Learn how to do it properly and discover some useful variations in this guide to the leg press. 45 Degree Leg Press Machine | A Complete Guide With Form Tips Leg Press Tips: Feet Placement, Form, Jay Cutler’s Training Tips: How To Do A Leg Press Correctly Duratio.

Proper Leg Press Form: Quick Review. Although nowhere near as technically complicated as the squat, proper leg pressing is still a lot more involved than most people think. Here’s a quick review of the key form tips I’ve outlined above to help you execute your leg presses with the highest degree of effectiveness.

used Precor 45 Degree Leg Press For Sale Duration: 1:12. Used Gym Equipment 45 Degree Leg Press Machine | A Complete Guide With Form Tips | Tiger Fitness Duration: 2:59. Tiger Fitness. Your body position is a seated one in which you’re either completely upright or, more often, on a 45 degree angle (hence why their also known as seated leg presses). Horizontal presses use a wide range of mechanisms to produce resistance.

Many use a plate-loaded platform on guide rods, similar to vertical leg press machines. The Fix: First, make sure your knees are bent at about 90 degrees, and move your feet up so that your shins are parallel to the floor, she says.If it helps you to visualize the correct posture, “it emulates a squat,” says Woll. Then remember that the back of your head and from the middle of your spine all the way down to your hips should be flush against the bench, she says.

List of related literature:

To make this exercise more effective, do the movements in a 4-count sequence1) step to side, keeping hips and shoulders square, 2) lower body into a squat, 3) stand, 4) drag non-lead leg in, placing feet together.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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Step 5: Instruct the subject to get into the leg press machine with his or her feet on the footpad (figure 11.5a).

“Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology” by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
from Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology
by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
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When performing the leg press, the depth of the movement should entail not allowing the knees to be bent at greater than a 90-degree angle.

“Concepts of Athletic Training” by Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C. Mangus
from Concepts of Athletic Training
by Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C. Mangus
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In addition, if abdominal strength is inadequate to control the lowering of the legs in step 4, bend the knees sufficiently after the V position to allow the feet to contact the mat.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
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I discovered the merits of this exercise through Steve Reeves, who found it really beneficial when getting his legs into competition shape.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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  • Your legs are a little high up, dude. This channel must useless. Lol. And you’re locking your legs out every time, which takes a lot of stress off where it’s supposed to be and stay. You must have some pretty dumb followers.

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  • Now that is one badly constructed leg press, i wonder what they were thinking when they created a seat that puts the lumbar spine in a static flexion.

  • His feet should be much higher on the platform to prevent the knees from extending out over the calves. Don’t break 90 degrees. Might end up with good quad development, but not good for the knees.

  • important: dont lock the fukin knees
    i get anxiety when i see my friends do leg press in school gym i try to teach them as much as i can xD


    There is this gif of a woman LITERALLY folding her legs “the wrong way” around using this machine. Don’t look for it.

    No matter what the weight is NEVER LOCK YOUR KNEES!! If you can’t get on this just don’t use this machine. Don’t. Do a combination of variations of squat, abductions, you are good to go. It is it not worth it

  • 100% agreement, excellent video Marc. I can’t stand the “ass to grass” crowd… It’s dangerous to go deep on a leg press and even on a squat, but this is all individually dependent on the person’s structure.


  • Put your feet way lower on the platform and push the backboard down to the lowest position and you can go super deep without rounding. That’s how old school bodybuilders in the 80s and early 90s did em (back when bodybuilders still understood basic training concepts like full range of motion)

  • I do this without any plates, and keep my legs straight, this way I feel my back pain disappears. I am a female.
    Is it wrong way to do this machine or should I keep more distance between feet and stretch my legs outerwards.

  • My view is that you’re extending your legs too much… Locking you knees on extension. Doesn’t this put unnecessary pressure on the knee joints? Thanks.

  • funny, the guys are saying,, getting a lot of good result with these techniques, and all i see in the video are legs like sticks,, or seagulls,, quite funny,,, but i do agree with some of the points,,

  • True i hate when people lock out thier legs drives me nuts u see them bending their kness backwards when they push rhe weight up to the top lol i allways stop keep tension on the quads and youuuuu we ll feel it after

  • A trainer at my gym told me to only go down a few inches or you damage your legs.
    But it made the leg press so easily. I could stack 200 kg like that n my legs are nothing.
    But I guess that was wrong.

  • Leg press doesn’t mean shit. So many people can do a ton of weight on the leg press, but when they get under a squat bar they can’t do shit.

  • Tried the leg press last night and the toughest thing for me was not locking my knees cause I kept wanting to fully extend. thanks to this video I now know how to do it right:D

  • Jay Cutler looks amazing here even though he’s smaller! His legs actually look beautiful. It’s great to see a former top bodybuilder looking like this rather than wasting away.

  • My gyms so shit when a steroid head gets on leg press all other members just stand around doing nothing cos there’s no weights left!!!

  • your a professional I’m just average guy but every single other video I’ve seen always says legs shoulder width apart yours wasn’t and the very first rep you did actually all of them you locked your knee’s????? again I’m average guy your professional

  • I usually do 3 heavy sets at half depth, then 3 light sets at full depth.
    Start off with 720 pounds for 10 reps, then do 810 for 10 reps, then 900 for 10 reps. If I feel like it, I’ll do 1,000 pounds of plates for 7-10 reps at half depth.
    Then I’ll switch to lighter weight at full depth. 540 pounds for 10 reps, 630 for 10 reps, then 720 for 10 reps.

  • I started doing leg presses but my balls kept hitting the platform….I got used to the pain and now I basically use my nuts to sort of bounce the platform up as I explode upward. All with very very strict form of course. If your nads are small you can get a fuller range of motion. Great video. Signed: Max Swolegainz

  • Guys im new to this workout, I keep rewatching the section where he compares locked and unlocked knees and I have no idea what he is talking about can someone pls explain?

  • I have a quick question im hoping someone can help me with. I just started really working out like 4 times a week for last 2 months and was wondering if being able to leg press 410 3 times with good form is decent for someone my size. Im a smidge under 6 ft (jerk nurse straight up told me 5’11 3/4″ -_-) and 183 lbs.

  • my complex’s gym is all i have access to and they only have a basic horizontal leg press. Can I still get any gains on that thing? any tips?

  • Great to see some vblogs with form tips Mark, but you didn’t really talk much about various feet positions… how to target different muscles in your legs!? Thanks

  • I cannot for the life of me keep my heels glued to the footrest, heavy or light, doesn’t matter, my heels always lift off slightly as my knees bend before I push the weight up. The only way I’ve found to combat this, is to place my feet higher on the footrest, with my toes actually sticking over the top edge, but I’ve read this position actually involves the hamstrings a lot more, while I’m trying to target the quads… and also according to this video, it’s dangerous lol

  • Can someone please tell me why my range of motion is so little on the leg press (even with zero plates on) yet I can squat fully depth no problem. Driving me crazy!

  • You can use different foot positions to target the muscles differently high for hamstrings low for quads and close foot for outer quad
    These guys are full of shit with ZERO leg development!

  • I do all the things properly on leg press but my heels always lift up slightly when I go deeper, my feet are up high on the plate too. I am 6’5 with 36” inside leg so have long levers which is crap.

  • Is this really a necessary video? I mean, how many people really manage to do a leg press incorrectly? Why not how to do a squat or deadlift correctly?

  • Hi Marc can you do a tutorial on how to do the leg press to target hamstrings?
    When ever i try doing it i feel too much strain on my back.

  • Very recently I broke my PR. My knees were and still give me a good deal of pain now. While I can do every exerise fine I still can not physically do the leg press. I wish I knew proper form.

  • I see people at the gym loading up the leg press with tons of weight and then I wait to see how they perform the exercise and they always do it wrong lmfao, they slightly bend their legs and call it a “rep”

  • You should tell Ron Williams not to tell us wrong stuff then, he suggested the best way to build the legs is spreading them along the plate….. im so confused now, who’s right and who’s wrong? I hate this crap, and you guys are both champions on what?, oh yeah, on confusing people…

  • It’s not just putting yourself in a dangerous position. As soon as your back rounds and the butt lifts up, tension leaves the quads and hamstrings and shifts to the hip flexers. Last time I check the leg press is to build the quads and hamstrings not your hip flexers

  • Somehow I’m a bit scared of this machine. The abdominal pressure it creates coupled with the crazy loading it allows you to means I think (and I’m not sure ) it could be detrimental and make you prone to hernias


    I stole this from another poster and just added a bit. Anyway Jay does have amazing legs, calves as well.

  • Where should you place your feet when you want to work your legs equally but the foot plate is curved in the middle at my gym? I’ve been placing my feet right in the middle but my curve

  • We have a fitness room at my school that has a lot of weights and leg press machines and people have broken their legs multiple times but 2 more years and I can use it

  • Hi, I’m new to working out and I’m searching way to use equipment correctly. Is picking your knees basically straightening them once you push out?

  • I would like to add: dont get up too fast. I stay “seated” for 15+ seconds after a set. If i dont do that, ill get a sudden rush to the head that could lead to temporarily passing out

  • really helpful tips to prevent injuries… only thing i do differently is that i try not to lock out fully extending. Need healthy knees for basketball. Thanks Marc, keep it up!


  • The best leg press technique is one that is safety focused and geared towards protecting your knees and ligaments, so you can do this exercise late into your life. In addition to being a good muscle builder it’s a great cardiovascular exercise. Probably its best benefit.

  • I am 63yr old female. Don’t laugh. LOL I want to make my legs stronger. How much weight do I start with? I have used this machine before, but wanted to know proper technique. Thanks so much

  • Been doing this exercise since 2015 but I’m always searching for that “perfect” form (for my body) this helps for sure Thanks ����

  • 1:52 so we are suppose to do it like that. I thought you’re not supposed to let your knee touch your chest? And even though, If I still feel a burning feeling on my thigh does it still count that I worked on them?

  • yeah I worked this exercise as shown watching this video at gym today. my legs really feel tired now. now it’s time to eat. thanks buddy for the video. really appreciate M&S

  • Proper form means so much. Even though I’m over 50 and under 200lbs I can rep 5X my body weight due to presses and squats done properly over time.

  • I’ve been told you have to push off with the heels of your feet so it doesn’t affect your knees the gym guy told me pushing off with your heels makes the muscle grow in your butt and quads he said pushing it regularly Can mess up your knees

  • So many roid heads in this comment section. The same type that try to make people feel bad because they can’t lift as much as them, like they benched 400 their first day. Gimme a break.

  • i’m too paranoid to even knee lock, I fear that my knee suddenly goes the other way and shatters, i think many will know what video i’m talking about…

  • so word on the street is my sled leg press weight is pretty good for my size. 275lbs 6’2″ and my sled press is 988. Good video dude! I really get worried sometimes with how I see people do this

  • Thank you so much for the tutorial!
    I’ve been intimidated to use weights at gym due to risk of using wrong technique and causing possible injury. Really appreciate this video!! Thank you guys!!!

  • 0:58 WTF was that,I think 1/1000 rep.lol he is using type IIx muscle fibers and not the IIa muscle fibers,that will give nothing but killed knee caps.The IIa is what gives you power.

  • Pushing through the toes increases quad activation. Basic biomechanics. High wide feet = hams + glutes. Low feet and close = quads. Neutral = quads/hams

  • I am a new sports youtuber in Korea. It’s a good exercise video. I will subscribe to your channel. If you watch my channel and subscribe, it will help me a lot.

  • At 350 for pre-work out i would also hold my head, but at 2400lb’s i hold the safety lever.And use my full calfs and quads legs to push weight not lower back from safety and i have tummy in stiff form to support my groin.Your tummy was in soft mode?Are you using lower back to get it of its safety?And then transferring the power to quads and calfs?

  • hey guys I’m a young kid who just uploaded my first YouTube video on my YouTube Channel. Please go check it out let me know what you guys think, I am trying to become someone in this world thanks!