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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Barbell Squat Reason #1 Your form sucks and you lack professional help A properly performed squat has the potential to be a rather technical exercise, especially for those lacking experience, body awareness and muscular control. The barbell squat is commonly known as the king of all lower body exercises. As great as it seems to be able to do what everyone at the gym around you is doing. I want to fill you in on a little dose of reality when it comes to living and training pain-free.

Whether you suffer from debilitating low back pain or you have dealt with low back pain. Get Stronger: 7 Reasons You Should Never Neglect Squats This link opens in a new window The simple barbell back squat, and the many squat. For some people, squats can cause knee pain. If you feel an uncomfortable joint pain every time you squat, you should probably avoid the squat rack for the time being and consult a physician. (You can also do a variation called front squats, holding the barbell across the front of your shoulders.) During a deadlift, however, the barbell rests on the ground instead of on your body.

So although both exercises require a lot of core stability to perform properly, the squat ultimately puts a lot more stress on your body than the deadlift. There will always be a place for the standard barbell in every workout routine. Yet when it comes to the squat, many trainees struggle with safety—and effectiveness—for various reasons: poor positioning, limited mobility, past injury, you name it. This is where specialty bars can come in handy. Why Prince Harry and Prince William ‘run hot August 19, 2020.

4 Reasons Why Every Lifter Can Benefit from Unilateral Training such as; barbell squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, snatches, and cleans, just to name a. 4 Reasons You Need To Box Squat 2018-01-13T08:59:08-06:00 By Dr. John Rusin | The box squat is one of the most underutilized tools in the gym that has the ability to rebuild your squat pattern from the ground up while adding a safe spark to your explosive strength and power work.

I bet the first time you all try GOLDEN RULE #1, it will change your squat life forever! All about them simple and helpful tips! Now show me your gains Natio.

List of related literature:

Second, never squat without a safety rack or experienced spotters.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
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What are the most common mistakes you see in a barbell squat?

“Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World” by Timothy Ferriss
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If you’re new to the barbell squat, I recommend you start with the low-bar position and only go high bar if it’s too uncomfortable.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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11) and avoid high-force exercises that involve deep knee flexion angles (i.e., deep squatting, kneeling past 50°, and extensive stair climbing).

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However, both conventional squats and dead lifts performed with a standard barbell are associated with increased risk of back and knee injuries.

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The main point I want to make here is that moving improperly—say, excessively rounding your back in a deadlift or allowing your knees to cave inward during a squat—puts unnecessary stress on your body.

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Glassman argues that these warnings are ridiculous and that being able to perform a squat where the crease of the hip descends deeper than the line of the knees is crucial.

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Squatting with the barbell is not included in this analysis.

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This is without question the most difficult category 1 movement because it synchronizes two techniques: the press and the overhead squat.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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One strength training authority who crusades for fifteen to fifty rep squats and deadlifts as a ‘safer’ form of training has a list of injuries worthy of a Purple Heart: torn knee menisci, multiple pec tears, rotator cuff tears, an arm fracture…

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
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  • Will this help women aged 50.? I. Was offered a place to train for eventing but although you dad could afford it his / my mum who had me to get his money refused. She threatened to divorce him for everything if he sponsored me. So he sided with her and kicked. Me out. Life’s a journey and mmy autistic son is my world. I am possibly autistic I’m a brilliant horsewomen (wish I could have kept working but my sons needs came before my career ) I am old now. And needs to get fit because I can’t even walk up hill to our corner shop but boris has made sure people like me had our benefits cut to literally a tiny amount that can’t even get me to visit my aunt on her 95th birthday in Scotland I. Can’t heat my house because I can’t afford the rent top up or council tax. When my son was Born there was no council tax or bedroom tax. People weren’t forced to. Pay extra rent because your tiny. House had a storage room 5 foot by 6 foot the door s in a place that stops a bed going in the room other than a tiny cot or crib. A toddler bed makes the door unsafe in the case of a fire. My son has been vomiting everywhere since they cut my money because I can’t feed him the home made pizzas he can stomach. He was born with pyloric stenosis and autism and adhd and dyslexia and he is in continent. I don’t know how to survive in this right wing era. Please any advice on how I move forward and give him a better life will be appreciated. My parents disowned me in 1982 when I was 11. Talented at horse riding and flute playing and art. I was offered a place at st Martins college it’s probably findable. I don’t know but all I know is I am a 50 yr old who wants to make life better for my son.
    My husband suffered stomach cancer and died in Jan 29 2001. I know I can do this. I know squats are probably easy for most people but I’m going to do this and get a better life for my son.
    Don’t judge because he’s an adult. You have no idea how autistic he is. Everyone who knows me believes I and him are exactly the same. I seen a doctor for 2 and a half minute and she said no. Girls don’t have autism, only one in millions does. I have 3 kids all 3 diagnosed autistic. Not one of there dads had autism. And I got different boyfriends because I believed they passed autism on through their genes. All have multiple kids now and none are autistic. All were tested. Please tell me this will get me fit and it will get my now 23 yr old fit and maybe give him confidence to go out there.

  • IMHO the only reason to be using a straight bar for DL or squatting is you’re a competitive PL or WL. If one is PL for fitness…I’d just stick to using a “trap bar” for DL (..fireman’s carry..etc.) and a “safety squat bar” for back squats. Less chance for injury and workout pretty much the same muscle groups.

  • At first I came to his channel for fitness advice and now I come for the comments �� I was joking in my head “LOL he probably recommends face pull to improve squats” and alas, he actually did

  • Love this video Jason.

    I recently started Wendler 5/3/1 and really enjoy the program but I hate that I don’t squat every workout, which is fucked up because 2 years ago I probably wouldn’t have touched the routine just because it made me squat.

  • I did traditional barbell back squats 3x per week consistently for 10+ years. I never had any issues with my knees, lower back, hips, or mobility.

    But what did me in eventually was bicep tendonitis. The pain got so bad I couldn’t even lift my arm. We’re talking blinding, searing, vomit inducing pain. Even then I still wanted to tough it out.

    But it got so bad I couldn’t do any other lifting. So the SSB wound up being a god send. It’s the only bar I squat with now. When I have tried to return to traditional back squats, the tendonitis flares up every 4-6 weeks.

  • You know why? So many personal trainers say oh no don’t let your knees pass your feet. Then people develop this. They say get your butt back and do not let your knees pass your feet over and over. Why do they tell people this. Ive developed injuries where i wouldn’t have naturally if I listened to myself and how I feel.

  • pls, help me. i used to train my total body, then switched into push pull leg upper lowersplit and start running in free days. i used to do squats before but now my knees hurt and not only squat, lunges or reverse lunges too. also my knees hurt during running. i had this problem 2years ago because of football and age too. can anyone help me? should i stot working out??

  • This stuff is more techo than it looks but wouldn’t it be better to use the bar or the bar+10kg 2X5kg until the movement is correct.

  • Barbell squats really are very important fo almost any sport. I’m a goalkeeper and since I started lifting I improved my performance in jumping and running quite significantly. But my question is: Are dumbbell squats a good exercise too or should I always use a barbell when squatting?

  • I have been on your novice program for three months and have seen results as expected in my upper body so far… However, I still can’t squat anywhere near parallel with good form, but I wanted to and ended up hurting my lower back. It’s been a couple weeks and I’m healed now… So should I just continue working on my form and not squat until I can hit parallel? Or should I squat as low as possible without lower and upper back rounding? Also FYI I have literally dedicated these last three months to hip and ankle mobility, stretching, and practicing squatting almost everyday trying every variation possible. I’m naturally pretty flexible and am 5’8″… Any advice would be appreciated

  • Functional purposes in millions of years (what has to happen over what doesnt) to get a task done..Picking a load up from the ground like a killed animal..To get to waist are these choices..Which movement gets it done A} Can it get there walking? or B) Can it get it there bending & straightening the hips & knees or the act of Squatting..Answer.. B) Of course..Now once its thrown on top of shoulder wrapped front & back..What has to happen to get it done..Continued below:

    Which has to happen when a Caveman has to transport the killed pig or any object like carrying that object to put on a wagon or a destination for slaughter at the destination..What has to happen over what doesnt happen to get that done..A) More squatting to get from the one destination to the other distance where Caveman wants to transport it there & thrown on the ground or say up onto an object like a wagon above hip level..Or B) Walking with the killed pig wrapped around front & back of one of his shoulders & then when gets to his destination, can even just throw the pig off his shoulders without squatting or simply hitch an object without squatting onto a wagon if its above hip level..Answer B) There will be just walking once on his shoulders, no more real squatting..

    So when I see a girl hook a hook to the back end of a car & its below hip level (or near), & she raises the back end of a car by bending & straightening her legs & hips to do so,its attainable for a strong woman like that Video..But ask her to put on a squat rack 2000 lbs & raise it bending & straightening the hips, even just 2 inches below a complete standing position on safety pins, it cant be done..Now ask someone to simply hold weight on even where a barbell back squat is & no squatting, can hold pretty great weight..Maybe some strongmen can hold 1500 lbs..No squatting though..Possibly walking a little with it..However, straightening of the knees & hips, squatting in other words..Greatest lift is even more than the walking with the greatest load where a barbell back squat is located or even the most weight a human can do just unracking weight off a squat rack..Again, near the hips or below or evenly distributed across the back at an upward angle some..Again, backlift record lift 5340 lbs or hip & harness lift 3515 lbs & the hip lift 2520 lbs..Barbell back squat is only about 1200 to 1300 lbs..The barbell back squat is not the best congruent exercise for the legs..IMO

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  • I struggle so bad with squats and can’t hardly do a front squat even after months of mobility training and proper warm ups. Totally would give this a try

  • On running, very much agree. I am following the Novice Routine and went for a 5K run after having not done any real running for a month, found I my time was 3 minutes faster.

    I encourage all of the people I know who go to the gym to get some squats in.

  • I have seen people doing hip belt squats on a hip belt squat machine. Is it better that regular squats? Can you please make a video on that explaining why or why not we should be doing it? I know this is an old video but I watch it time to time to make sure I am doing it right. Thanks for all your videos and good stuff.

  • hey Scott, thanks for the great vids bro, I have a quick question on this one….when the strong men do this lift they tend to hold the bar in a wide grip, on the curved ends of the bar….tried them myself for the 1st time today and that felt more natural for me, I wanted to know if you thought that hand grip matters with this bar, I managed to get low with no probs and also my knees dont seem stiff after so all good… thanks for ypour time bro, bless

  • What can I do about my knees “popping?” They “pop” when I flex my leg forward or when I stand up. When I sprained my right knee I wore compression sleeves on both knees, even after my sprain healed. I am over 50, so is my knee issue a nutritional issue, age, or lack of exercising properly? This only began recently, I’d say about 1 month ago after I began exercising again.

  • Squats are life. It doesn’t matter what your lifting background is be it Strength sport, athletics, gymnastics or bodybuilding, Squats should be implemented where possible. Be it front squats, back squats goblet squat, they are welcome and recognised within all lifting backgrounds

  • This brought instant relief to my knees when doing squats. Thank you sir! I just started working out and was wondering why squats hurt my kneecaps so much. What a great video.

  • Squats are an antiquated exercise, deserving of the graveyard. If you want to do them for sport competitive reasons, that’s fine. Your (Jason’s) justifications are related to performance. This justifies their use of them for athletic carry over, but this does not justifiy their use for aesthetic reasons. By the way, have you considered boxers don’t squat. I’ve been around enough of them, including helped train pros to know. In fact, they’re deadly afraid of weights in general (although this is slowly changing to some extent), and old time trainers strongly disuaded their use. I myself felt as strong as a bull with a push/pull/legs split while boxing (I didn’t listen to my coaches, as I knew what to expect as to prior experience), but not because of squats. How do I know? I did them irregularly, sometimes replacing them with leg press and some weeks I didn’t work legs at all. And I gained 34 lbs in 3 1/2 months when younger (no drugs, no steriods). So no. Squats are not magical, in my opinion, at least as far as for muscular gains over and above anything else.

  • Squats are just not a good exercise full stop in my experience. Certainly not for quad development. I’ve got excellent form but still, squats gave me issues with my knees and hips so I had to stop doing them. They also never made my legs bigger!

  • Hey scott I was off my game today and bombed in the squat rack. My legs gave out and got dizzy, so the bar fell to the safety bar. Then as im dizzy I start pulling the weight off on the one side and yup titanic all over again. I feel like such an ass lol. but my legs are killing me.

    I was doing time under tension ( safety squats ) in the squat rack then my legs gave out right when I felt dizzy. it was weird. like a melting effect –

    I was also doing heavy shoulder press along side heavy squats. Probably a bad idea.

  • I really like goblet squats, and this reminds me of them.

    I’m going to start doing these to get around the issues with the goblet squat (such as limit on how much you can hold in front of you in that goblet position comfortably).

  • Tom Platz & John Grimek are 1 of the few that their spines adapted to heavy barbell squats throughout their whole lifting career..So there are some that can adapt..And if 1 gets great mileage until pain starts, at anytime, simply try something that doesn’t hurt or now works better..Tim Muriello on his YouTube blog Leg Press Vs Squats Real Talk was a record squatter, could squat 500 at 17..Now at 33 or so, he can’t do them anymore..Bad lower back pain & not good pain he mentioned..USAWA specializes in odd lifts from the 1700s..Like backlifts & hip lifts..You can YouTube 2475 x 15 backlift to see what a backlift is (I like that lift slanted a tad upward going forward) & type in USAWA hip lifts or 2400 lb hip lift & 2650 x 10 to see a hip & harness lift..So everyone can squat for a base & then if pain develops after 10 years for ex., simply one can rotate into other big strength lifts.. Or hopefully if like Tom Platz, you can barbell squat for life..There are that can..

    But for every Tom Platz & John Grimek, there are others that experienced some injuries..Louie Simmons, David Tate, Ed Coan, Lou Ferrigno, Ronnie Coleman, Brandon Lilly,George Hechter,Priscillia Ribic (who was the top female Powerlifter), in 2009 to name a few that had injuries..People have had replaced hips,herniated disks & replaced knees & fusions of the spine..Also, I recently looked up Donnie Thompson in July 2014, one of the greats just to see if he has an injury from barbell back squatting..Sure enough, and I am not good at winning the lottery, he mentioned of an injury when I looked him up at that time.. He mentioned he had a bad rib cage injury he mentioned from barbell squats..On YouTube, he was very pleased showing his hip belt squats..And saying he has no pain from them..Good for him..While probably the greatest Powerlifter of All Time had his hip replaced about the age of 48, Kevin Fast backlifted 22 women off a platform at about the same age..Just switch up & adapt only if your body reads that calling..If it never does, keep barbell squatting..That means your spine with technique was able to adapt..

  • this is actually incredibly helpful. but its also very important to consider all the other 100 reasons why your squat might be shit.

  • Hi, do you think the 5″-from-the-wall ankle flexibility test can be shortened for larger feet?

    For any given lower leg length, the longer the foot then the more angle needed to reach the wall.

  • I had NO IDEA I would get so many benefits by progressing on my 5×5 Squats doing your novice program.
    Will look at them from a whole other perspective now:)

  • Love the vid, but should I not have access to a box right now would setting the safeties on the rack to where I can get into depth and have the bar rest on it, then pushing up be an effective substitute in breaking up the eccentric and concentric phases of the lift?

  • It would be interesting to do a video on Michael Jordan. Around 30 years old he started lifting for the first time and put on a bunch of mass, probably like 40 pounds and was a lot slower and couldn’t jump nearly as high after. Maybe it was age or maybe it was the extra weight.

  • Thnx for the video but wouldn’t it be better to do the wrong ways without weight on the bar I don’t want you injuring yourself trying to help us

  • Hope you enjoyed this one! Comment below what other exercises you’d like me to cover in this fashion��!

    Study links are below:

    : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11676731

    : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1322908/
    : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/224038910_A_Biomechanical_Comparison_of_the_Traditional_Squat_Powerlifting_Squat_and_Box_Squat

  • guys help i got a knee injury from pistol squat and it hurts when i try to bend and walk upstairs and down, my right leg is fine but my left KNEE hurts really bad, it hurts around above knee. PLEASE HELP

  • I understand what jason is saying, but I don’t understand why these benefits don’t carry over to a wise variety of other lifts like lunges, Bulgarian split squats, step ups, pistols etc?

  • It’s really a preference thing. Someone people use it, others don’t. If they want to change up a bit, they switch back and forth. If there is no downside to the safety barbell and it offers the same benefits than your traditional barbell, then go for it. I will do this on my leg day. One day i will use barbell and next leg day i will use safety barbell, and so on. Who cares what others think. It’s about YOUR legs. If safety gets you powerful legs, then so be it.

  • I’m gonna be honest I absolutely fucking hate working legs and box squats have cured my hatred for leg day I can box squat 385×3 now I actually got my legs to grow with me having to hate life and getting off the toilet for the next 4 days lol I’m a deputy and I can’t have my legs feeling like rubber for 3 damn days if I have to chase someone��

  • Thanks for the video. I have a question. What is your opinion about the Draper top squat and how does it compare to the safety squat bar? Thanks

  • Hey Scott, are you still bringing out videos for the versus series? Finding them really informative. Would love to see a rear lunge vs front lunge

  • One day I will record people doing squats in my gym for a laugh… Most the time they just lean their knees as far forward as they can until 2 o’clock and stand up again ��
    Think they are ‘solid’ for having 160kg on their shoulders and have never once engaged their glutes, and barely engage their quads.

  • OMG! Hilarious disclaimer!
    I used to squat exclusively low-bar style. After years of this, I felt my shoulders were becoming my weak link and the limiting factor for adding weight to the bar. The SS bar completely eliminated my shoulder pain from squatting. I only squat with the SS bar now and I have almost forgotten that I used to have that nagging shoulder pain.
    Another great video. Thanks!

  • Scott, here’s an interesting problem I’ve been having. I’ve been doing barbell and safety bar squats (front and back) for quite awhile and use about 150 lbs. and also leg extensions/curls, too. Yet, I’ve noticed when I go up the stairs that it is still an effort (I’m 74). It’s as if squats don’t help in the real world. I have the same weakness when trying to run up hills. And I do hip thrusters for the glutes, too. They are weak.
    The other day, I tried doing single leg squats with just bodyweight. I need more explosive, springy power for the shotput and discus events and slow squats weren’t helping. Man, my legs were shot for a couple days. I also got a better pump in my legs than from the other leg work. I warmed up with two legged squats and gradually moved over to doing partial one legged squats (half squats) and making them into jumping squats. Someday I’ll do full squats but for now half squats are good enough for the shot and discus. It’s amazing how doing an isolation exercise like single leg squats can affect a limb so differently than the normal two legged squat. I guess it’s the same as the difference between barbell curls and dumbbell curls. The barbell equalizes the stress between the two limbs and makes them work in unison. The isolation single limb exercise brings forth all the weaknesses that that limb may have and was being compensated for with the barbell exercise. As my legs get used to the single leg squats, I’ll use my (up to) 60 lbs weight vest that I got from Dick’s Sporting Goods to increase the resistance. If I get any stronger than that, I’ll have to use my hex bar or try the safety bar. Hope this info helps someone.

  • Too much forward lean onto the front of my feet, should i do box squats until my a learn to lean back again?? i never have this problem with a weight lighter than 110Kg (I know thats not alot)

  • Loved the music. Is it okay to do box squats with a normal barbell on your back instead of a SSB bar like you’re using and also doing it on a bench if you don’t have a box?

  • Excellent video! Starting to experience knee instability lately due to low back SI injury and new clicking in two places in the knee of the injured leg. Only relief is bending the knee and kneeling to sit on leg. This video seems to reiterate that glute max or medius is weak so will have to attend to those as a way to stabilize knee. Thanks for the info.

  • staying upright does not offer a mechanical advantage… most people can squat 5-10% more weight when low bar squatting, since the more bent over position will recruit more muscle fibers in the posterior chain, and because most people have more muscle mass on their backside than frontside, they will use more muscle mass the more bent over they are, and in that way, theyll be able to low bar squat more weight. It will place more weight on the lower back, but muscless in the lower back, can be trained, just like every other muscle in the body, to adapt to the increased stress. Together with prober breathing and breacing, and perhaps a belt, this will make a more bent over squat superior to an upright one. With that being said, the safety squat bar is still excellent for people with shoulder or lower back problems

  • No offence, but you are squatting wrong dude..!!! you have to dip until your thighs are parallel to the ground and not any lower than that. If you did this with heavy weights, you would have injured your back.

  • Every time I say Barbell… TAKE A PRE-WORKOUT SHOT! X-D
    Squat Safety Bar Link http://www.gronkfitnessproducts.com/ (15% Off “mindright-15”)
    ( 0:38)3 Easy Tips To Eliminate Deadlift BACK PAIN & LIFT MORE WEIGHT! | USE THESE NOW!
    ( 2:14)Squat: High Bar Vs Low Bar Which Builds More Muscle? More Strength? (Great Warm-Up Tips!)

  • If I “pull” myself down wouldn’t I cause back issues by creating too much downward momentum to be forced on the back at the bottom?

  • Jeff why do some people move their hips backward when they come up? Example Lauren Fisher goes down and up in a straight line when back squatting. With Brooke Wells you can see her hips move backwards before coming up. Is it someone’s build or is it a mistake?

  • Frankly, I was blown away to see that you felt you needed to make a video to defend  the barbell squat. I see why now, but I was just dumbstruck by the title. Why the hell would bodybuilders not value the squat? Squats will put meat on those stems nice and quick. As an overall leg developer, I don’t see how they could possibly be devalued. I agree; they’re the single best lift in the fitness world. I suck at ’em, but that doesn’t make them any less obviously superior. I swear I’m one of maybe 3 or 4 people I’ve ever seen in my gym at the time I go who ever does squats in the rack. A few people fuck around on the Smith machine, but they never touch a barbell to squat with.

  • Thanks for the breathing advice. I got some bad advice over at Athlean X. Now I hold my breath when squatting heavier.
    Thanks Scott

  • I squat to a bench depth (regular gym bench, around 18 inches high). when my butt touches the bench, i get back up and i badly need the bench as a reminder of adequate depth. Can you plz confirm if a regular gym bench height is low enough for squats? if it’s not then i have been doing half squats for all this time.. sigh

  • By the way, I have a love/hate relationship with squats.  I hate doing them because they are tough but can’t deny how well they work.  I have not had another exercise give me these types of results for my targeted muscle groups,

  • Great, as if the scanty-clad women in tight clothing wasn’t bad enough, now I will be getting x-rated thoughts whenever I think about doing box squats: 0:37 smh

  • When i try to squat i get a sort of shooting hip pain, researching I’ve been told it’s because I’m not performing my squats correctly, but the only time I get this pain is when I’m preparing/in position for the barbell squat, can anyone perhaps point me in the right direction?

  • I don’t disagree that most people are not interested in the sport of bodybuilding, but I do think many, if not most, average gymgoers are interested in the aesthetics of their bodies. In fact, I would venture to say the millions of people across the globe who are going to the gym on a regular basis are not going to improve their performance in a sport but rather to simply look good or look better. As such, while I agree the squat shouldn’t be devalued, if the interest of a lot of people is improving the aesthetics of their lower body, it makes sense to point out there are other methods of achieving muscular development in that area.

  • HI Scott, love the video. It goes against everything i had been told. I want to know if doing your technique will make my pelvic floor condition worse. I don’t lift heavy.. no more than 135 lbs 6-8 reps and 3 sets. I’ve had the pelvic floor tightness for for 2 years but am eager to start doing squats. I got it from doing dead lifts. thanks.

  • Serious (probably stupid) question: if the ultimate goal is to have vertical bar path, does this mean squatting on the smith machine is optimal?

  • I hurt my back a few weeks ago and for the first time in many years I’ve had to go several weeks without squatting. I anticipated the loss in leg strength but was surprised how much my upper back and core strength has decreased as well. Squats really are a full-body workout.

  • I disagree with the point you made about people wanting the performance aspects from the squat. The majority of people are in the gym to look good at the beach. Not body building but a similar mentality. That’s why so few people do squats and stick to leg press. That and people dont like to worry about form.

  • I used to be muay thai fighter. I trained with some the best the world (no bullshit) and Im telling right now straight up not one of them did any form of weight training.Impulse generated from a kick or punch is essentially entirely due to technique and speed. Not saying weight training cannot help a tiny amount but its not a very big factor I used to think the same as you but after doing physics at university and doing a lot of courses on mechanics I see now how its flawed logic in this case.For running or wrestling. I can definitely see the advantage of weight training.

  • My gym just got one. And I squated for the first time in 23 year, because of knee problems and I rep’d 200 lbs my first day. I’m super excited about this. This bar is the bomb

  • this is not what the Army told us

    in AUS you need to do courses on fitness and nutrition and when squats its always half way because anything lower than the knees and you are disengaging the muscles

  • Hmm im having mixes feelings about squats and non bro splits. For the past year and abit I have only done fullbody and upper lower splits. I got extremely strong in my main lifts but I am now extremely bottom heavy. I weigh 101kg and am fairly lean and have massive legs but my upper looks like it belongs to a 70kg person _. Im going to give bro splits a try this year hitting only legs/squats once.

  • Used this safety bahhh bell tonight at a gym. 1st time squatting ever. I was most impressed with the aforementioned bahhh bell!!!

  • coach, do you think that box squats could be a better option If someone is coming off a lower back injury rather than regular back squats?

  • Just for sharing.
    Risks of squat: Worsen hemorrhoid, pudendal neuralgia pinched nerve, spinal cord injury & rectal trauma. Enough to cause you to go for surgery and long holiday. Facing difficulties to poop everyday. You ll only can lie on the bed and forget about your muscle building plans and body is going skinny and losing libido. You want to eat but you ll not dare to poop with pain. How about your work? Medical bills? Taking painkiller everyday? Who can taking care of you? Previous efforts and cost on muscle building is burnt.

    Make sure you do squat properly or else it cost a lot….

  • I like to squat and I bodybuild. If you squat you can build abs, and a whole better stronger body. it goes right along with what a lot of bodybuilders want. However i prefer bodybuildng over powerlifting any day. Like i would rather do a lot of sets and work on how i look, that boast about some i rep max. 

  • Your videos are really fascinating with the level of detail and the amount i’ve learned. It didn’t take me long to decide to sign up for one of your programs w/ the quality of free content you already put out.
    One question though, those animations you show with muscle movement, where do you get those from? These type of videos make me really interested in the musicle groups and how they work together and those animations are terrific, and would like to know the source of them so i can learn more please.

  • Honestly this is not what Louie had in mind for box squats. These squats are squatting down to a box/bench. A true box squat the lifter sits back to the box far enough to keep the shins perpendicular are even past perpendicular engaging the glutes and hamstrings more. This form on this video isn’t what a box squat truly is.

  • I hope you do realize that your box squat form is incorrect. You are sitting down oppose to sitting back. When you sit, your shines should be vertical to the ground or even a little further back but never forward as you have them in this video…if you don’t believe me, checkout west side box squatting technic with Dave Tate… sit back, back, back not down..

  • That’s why if you use weight that is centralized nearer to the top of the spine, I say walk with the darn weight folks..Its more congruent exercise than squatting at that location & if you bend & straighten your leg & hips, loads are best near or below your hips (functional more in human nature) or across the entire back angled up a little forward like a backlift..

    At one time I would say a backlift was very functional for millions of years as long as the wheel has been around for millions of years…Well before AAA & steel jacks, before asphalt roads & even gravel roads..As Louis Cyr once said at 17, when his horse drawn wagon got stuck in a mire or small divet in the dirt road, he backlifted it out of it, about 1 ton of weight..Simply put he used the human body of the biggest joint (the hips & largest bones, the femur & so forth) & muscles as a car jack to his advantage before we had car jacks of today & believe it or not, that was the way mankind got stuck wagons out many times for millions of years..

  • I have hiatal hernia and acid reflux, i often have abdominal pain after doing squat so is there a way for me to squad without having acid reflux? I really dont want to stop training legs

  • This was a perfect video for me to learn to squat with a barbell. Explained everything to me. Loved it. Will execute these on my next leg day. Thank you

  • Hey, is this varations as good for quad development as the regular squat? Do you relax leg muscles down the box? The shin must be vertical? I have knee pain but i want to begin to strenghten and grow my leg muscles. Thanks!

  • Started lifting in December, but just started squatting on Monday. Did it just like you said, first exercise in the 5×5. I simply feel great, and I feel my gut is finally shrinking. Thanks.

  • Hey Scott! Absolutely love your videos. They are my go-tos when I’m not sure about a movement. Won’t even bother with anyone else’s. Got a question. If I’m recovering from a hamstring injury should I still go ATG? Thanks! Iddy

  • After trying hip belt squats & backlifts, I built my legs up greater in size than when I did barbell squats & deadlifts..And greater lean muscle mass too..But most importantly, no more lower back pain..So why would I go back to barbell squats..So I can experience more pain & worst results again..That makes no sense..Also, because the 2 lifts has a higher horsepower of kinetic force than the barbell squat as far as record lifts, I ask why as well..That’s like a salesman trying to sell me a lower horsepower engine over a higher horsepower engine & expect the car to go faster

  • could you do a video about bent over rows where you demonstrate the exercise and give tips? also do this for other exercises like the dumbbell row (i also have problems with that), the overhead press and good mornings. I guess a lot of people would also want one about the squat, bench press and deadlift, but IMO there are already a lot of good videos about those lifts.

  • Great video Scott. The question of ditching the traditional barbell for squats really depends on your individual goals. For powerlifting, obviously you hav to use a regular bar at meets. However, the SSB is a great variation or accessory movement to train, especially when you’re feeling beat up. Many powerlifters will use the SSB up until 2-3 weeks prior to a meet, and find they have made gains in the regular squat and deadlift because of the benefits you’ve mentioned. For those that are competing in strongman, the SSB can and should replace the normal bar as the movement more closely mimics several strongman lifts, with the weight being in front you. I’ve been using the SSB in my home gym for two years now, and at age 53 and three shoulder surgeries, this thing is amazing! Never tried the Gronk version, but I’ve used both the Titan SSB v2 and the SS Yoke from Elite FTS.

  • Did some the other day:/ first time for years.. I try again in few days again / found a good weight to start with.. and try to get better form/ thanks for vid Jeff / yea I even meaning to check my form //. Think I did ok thu.. will do better in few days thu @Marcus

  • For weighted goblet/ dumbbell/ barbell squats, is it okay to straighten your legs (locking knees) after standing at the top position? Should we or should we not straighten our legs at the top

  • I’ve just recently bought a safety squat bar, will squatting to parallel yield all the benefits you talk about or are you talking about full squats?  I could go slightly deeper but I always allow about 1-2″ margin of safety to prevent rounding to be on the safe side but my squats are genuinely parallel.

  • Just when I think I finally got the squat form down I see this video. Man I’m having so much trouble with squats dude I don’t know wtf to do. I struggle with even just the bar, I don’t know why I’m so weak. Deadlifts are also a problem for me but pretty much everything else is decent. It just feels so awkward and uncomfortable.

  • my best leg gains came from the full barbell back squat, the movement is difficult to where you don’t need a lot of weight to get the benefits, I spent a year doing leg press at a small neighborhood gym that had a leg press and no squat rack and I can honestly say, no contest, the leg press mixed with leg curls and leg extensions didn’t give me anywhere near the muscle on my legs that the squat did.

  • I was one of those guys that never squatted for a long time. Once I started doing them, the quads finally started growing all over. The leg press I pretty much renamed the ass press! (as that’s the only place I feel it) If you do them right you don’t even need to do them heavy to notice leg growth, let alone if you go heavy with them. After years of not doing them, I can attest to their effectiveness! I don’t do normal deadlifts though, I just lift at home and the floor ain’t gonna handle me dropping the weight if I have to. (never deadlift if you can’t afford to drop it if something goes wrong) I just do lighter weight higher rep Romanians, plus Hyper extensions for lower back. (and it’s not like the squat doesn’t work that too) I can’t really attest to the normal deadlift, but for me squats, bent over rows, bench press, dips, pull ups/chin ups, and RDL give me 90%+ of my size, as they are all so effective. Notice what all of the big mass builders have in common? You are lifting a bar or your body directly against GRAVITY ;)……and in one of the four basic body movement patterns. (upper body push/pull, lower body push/pull)

  • Nice video. Thank you. Folks like you help us stay body healthy while some other evidence-based gurus show us how to potentially ruin our back.
    Keep up the great work

  • I was getting pain in the lower groin while performing squats so I was searching for the breathing technique on YouTube and nobody told about this so thank you scotthermanfitness for telling about the proper breathing technique

  • even if you do body build, squats are still kill. For god sakes why isolate every single muscle in your leg using machines or isolation movements when you could just squat. Squats should be half or more than half of your leg routine if you are intact a bodybuilder.

  • But when i do it with a 10kg bar with no weights, i get pain in the wrist especially right wrist. Even the form is right. I think i am somewhere wrong especially in holding the bar. Jeremy, Can you please guide why it happened so?

  • 5×2 with an 8 count down. What is the percentage of 1rm on this? I would love to add these, just wouldn’t know around what % to start with.