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4 Approaches to Fitness and Rest Times That Are Foolproof When we look at a workout, we see sets and reps. Something often overlooked is how much rest between each set. 4 Foolproof Approaches to Fitness and Rest. by Anthony J. Yeung. July 27, 2018.

No Comments. Share it: When it comes to your workouts, it’s not just the sets and reps that matter in the gym — it’s also how you rest. The truth is the time you take between your sets affects your results. Rest should be based on what you’re trying to.

For the first time, you’ll be splitting your workouts into one of two body parts. This allows you to up the volume and creates a more challenging stimulus. As the sessions are split. The plan for week 3 follows an upper and lower body split to allow sufficient rest time.

1 day ago · A post shared by Charlee Atkins, CSCS (@charleeatkins) on Aug 4, 2020 at 6:16am PDT Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat for a total of 4 rounds. The classic bodybuilding approach is to train each body part once a week, so train them ‘only’ 52 times a year. This could work well for some but it is also worth mentioning that it might take. Continue for the prescribed time (8-10 minutes), and then take the suggested rest.

The Weighting Game. This rule should be set in stone in your head, but it always bears repeating: Choose your weight based on the rep range for each set. Use the heaviest load you possibly can that will let you get every last rep done with perfect form. If you’re aiming to build strength, rest between sets is key, and normally, that means a lot of dead time in your workout. Let’s say your bench-pressing.

You may take 60 to 90 seconds between. Again, it makes perfect sense. How Your Primary Goal Influences Rest Times. The final major factor influencing rest times is your specific fitness goal. You see, rest time between sets can be classified 2 different ways, complete and incomplete, and.

Another way to assess your aerobic fitness is to time yourself on a 1.5-mile (2.4-kilometer) run or jog. The following times are generally considered indicators of a good fitness level based on age and sex. A lower time generally indicates better aerobic fitness, and a higher time. 1 day ago · Orlando City players better be in the best shape of their lives, because they’re going to need every bit of fitness for the Lions’ upcoming stretch of matches.

The regular season resumes Saturday night in Miami with Orlando facing a run of five games in a 15-day span. The Schedule Setup. The Lions will face Inter Miami on the road Saturday night, then will play every third day, on average.

List of related literature:

1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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But a transition from controlling to more autonomous exercise motives (e.g., valuing the behavior) is likely key to adherence (Ingledew, Markland, & Medley, 1998; Pelletier, Fortier, Vallerand, & Briere, 2001).

“Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exercise” by Glyn C. Roberts, Darren Treasure
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Fourth, physical fitness appraisal, exercise prescriptions, regimens, procedures, equipment and exercise, and diet log books articulate this doctrine as well.

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8) Focus your mind on each exercise.

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4) Precede and follow passive range‐of‐motion exercises with massage of the quadriceps, biceps, and gluteal muscles for 5 minutes.

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(a) A protocol entailing eight exercises using 5RM and 3-minute rest periods between sets and exercises.

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Three terms were differentiated: fitness (i.e., status of body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular fitness, and flexibility), wellness (habits and practices that promote physical, mental, and social well-being), and fitness wellness (habits and practices that promote fitness).

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7 Choose three water-based fitness activities and discuss common technical errors that occur in each of them.

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4 Make exercising associal as possible by involving friends, family members, or others with similar medical/health conditions, so it becomes more difficult to cancel planned workouts.

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For example, make a measurable goal be to perform the Life Plan Basic Health Workout at least three times per week, with the goal of adding another day in two weeks before moving on to the Fitness Workout.

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  • In the early sets almost no rest is needed… as the weight gets progressively heavier… the rest period needs to get progressively longer…. you don’t want your breathing to become a limiting factor! You also have to allow for the ATP recovery time!

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  • Dude, too many numbers. The amount of editing required to get this across, and you know what you are talking about, shows how confusing it is. Old school Layne with his whiteboard or a graphic illustration please. Begging!

  • Following so many second rest protocol… is not very conducive… the early sets your rest period would be too long… the later sets the rest period would be too short!

  • I’ve been experimenting with this because I am forced to workout at home. I treat the entire time I’m home as a workout period, and my goal it to get as many reps on the target movement/muscle at the end of the day as I can. I may take 5 minutes, or maybe 30 minutes of rest, but at the end of the day the volume is high. I also try to add a rep next time I work on that muscle or moment

  • Bro you really look Like Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. You should play him if there’s another Live Action for Resident Evil films. You have the strenght and Agility.

  • Please answer thiswhat is more recommended for fat loss,high intensity training with lower no. Of reps or low intensity training with more reps??

  • Athlean X is saying resting more than 60 seconds is too much. That’s just crazy of me. I need at least 2-3 minutes on heavy compound lift. Maybe I’ll do 1-2 mins on smaller isolation movements

  • OMG I came too early to this video….will go back to Chris’s abs, chest, and other workouts for beginners and back here probably after a year…..


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  • Lifting heavy… lots of rest. You are trying to develop power (5-10mins)

    Lifting light… little rest. You are trying to develop definition and endurance

  • Love the stuff this guy is giving away for free! You sir, are up there with my fitness god aka Jeff Cavaliere.
    You are covering some of the basics he did not (or at least I’m too dumb to be able to find out), helps a lot!

    Subbed and love from Malaysia:)

  • Love your content. I don’t do weights so I’m glad I discovered your channel! This is so good with my boxing training and it would be nice fighting and being a calisthenics athlete. Thank you sir:).

  • Great post, thank you. This all gets so confusing very fast. We’ve been told that one way to increase intensity is to decrease rest time between sets forever. The folks in my gym who take a long time between sets (4-10 minutes) are typically not health conscious power lifters who don’t break a sweat. On the flip side of reducing intensity by waiting longer between sets is that when I rest longer I can use more weight, which then increases intensity and that is good. However, I personally prefer short rest times to keep my heart rate up and get a cardio effect from resistance training. I like that you pointed out its not black and white. For example, I naturally take longer rests between sets when doing squats due to the amount of exertion/effort involved with legs and it being a compound exercise. I guess this is another reason why most circuit training is not with continuous compound exercises, or even super sets for that matter. Smaller muscles tend to not benefit from very long rest periods because they recover faster.

  • @Jeff Nippard. You say that the grounds for 3minute rest period being better than 1minute, is because of the chances for decreased total volume when using lower resting periods. That however doesnt actually answer the question of whether 1minute rest period causes more metabolic stress and increases hypertrophy, which I assume is the theoretical grounds for the “old school” paradigm. Theory and practice are often two seperate things, and i understand an impact on total volume is highly likely in the case of shorter restperiods, but what are your thoughts on this matter in a theoretical and physiological view, in the case where the total volume is identical?

  • Sean, can you please comment on a push-pull workout? Bench press rest pullup rest etc. What should be the rest period between these movements? Thanks!

  • Shoot yourself on video from the front view (caddie view). If your head drifts back on your backswing, and then forward on your downswing you’ve found the culprit that is damaging your consistency. So, the most important thing is keeping your head still, which in turn creates a consistent bottom for your swing arc when the club meets the ball.

  • Yeah I time my rest periods lmao. 2:30 between upper body compounds. If I’m feeling extra fatigued though I’ll just rest longer. Over 3 minutes for squats though and my heart rate still gets to 170bpm at the end of my sets, squats are crazy

  • In study1 the long rests were 3min.
    If a set takes 1min, then 3 sets take 1+3+1+3+1=9min
    With a rest period of 1min you can do 5 sets in that time!!

    In the study the groups made the same nr or sets, so it is not showing what this guys think it is showing.

    Also, take into account that if you reduce rest to zero it becomes a lovely dropset. Dropsets are undoubtably intense and time efficient at least.

  • Interesting. As a layman my question is: does this not contradict other research that stated it is not about high or low reps, but just the number of hard sets when it came to hypertrophy? E.g. 3 X 10 taken to failure with a 10 min rest would give a far higher volume load than 3 X10 with a 1 min rest taken to failure. Both workouts have hard sets. But if volume load is the way to go long rest periods are far superior.

  • This tip is pure gold. Saved me three strokes today after practicing it for 10 minutes before the round. Having a baseline chip (free throw) just makes so much sense. I always felt like I was inventing the wheel on every chip. I can’t wait for a full swing instructional DVD. Keep up the great work and continued success on your golf journey.

  • Hi Sean. I follow your channel since a few days. I am an experienced bit older lifter. Can you make a video about time of rest between training sessions and de effects on the results? (Muscle gain) Thanks. Ger from the Netherlands.

  • Nice vid! Just a question, what if you’re looking to mix things up and shock the body, would you think there would be merit to changing the rest time intermittently, or just make other changes for muscle shock, like grip or angles, instead.

  • I know i cant do such workouts but i still keep on seeing these workouts. Seeing him doing workouts make me feel i m losing weight��

  • Wait. This is a workout people are supposed to follow along and do? I thought it was just a view-only superhuman strength freak show. ��

  • Havn’t you heard of rest pause training?! You’ll never get a better pump.. But it involves proper taking it to failure which most people don’t really understand how to do… There’s no right way, I know highly successful bodybuilders that swear by rest pause..

  • I used this method twice yesterday. Once from 23 paces (8 iron) and once from 33 paces (7 iron). Each time chipped to two feet and got up and down.

  • I appreciate these types of videos. They’re very informative. The problem, however, is that there are just so many videos on this topic, and they all differ in opinion. There are also so many conflicting studies on the internet. I say we should all just self-experiment and find what works best. For me, I tend to rest about 2 to 3 minutes between sets. I can lift heavier and do more sets this way. It has helped me gain muscle. Shorter rest periods burn me out so quick that I end up feeling as if I could have done much more.

  • do a proper 3×8 with 80sec rest is different than a 3×8 with 40sec rest. the factor is to force supercompensation. sprinters (100mt) perform shorts sprint 30mt and 30sec rest than 30mt and 30sec rest etc. after 40mt 30sec rest etc till they reach 100mt (starting standing up) and partial recover. after this training you could easly perfom a 3×8 with 100sec rest with way more load. shortening rest your cardiovascular system has less time to recovery so your cardiovascular system will improve its capacity in feeding the muscles. this mean better muscles vascularity, best performance. if you performe one set and the other 3 min later there is no way to improve your veins heart and cns capacity. hypertrofy is a complex adaptation, not only a muscle fiber enlargment. you need to enlarge all the system. like on roids athlethes.

  • Chris, or anyone with experience, I have a question regarding the beginner introduction program, part one. Do I complete all 14 workouts in one sitting/workout session, or does each workout require mastery and therefore a prerequisite for the following workout? Thanks for your time and forgive me for my ignorance.

  • I thought he just did a vid on periods a couple vids ago?? The title was something like >> “Should I change my diet and training… ” anyway, science is confusing stuff lol.

  • Using a system that involves both long rest times and medium/ fast rest times could be optimal for growth. All muscle fibre types could be targeted for greater mass /endurance/strength and power.
    The most important thing is controlling volume based around protein synthesis and cortisol especially for natural athletes.
    Also controlled heavy at lower reps 4-8 is better for type 2 muscle fibres.

  • Is there a limit to how long rest periods can be before they become counter productive?

    Like say I decide to really spread my workout throughout the day and have a volume quota for the week

    If I do 1 3 sets of squatting/ bench ever 4 or 6 hours for example
    That might help me fit in more overall volume for the week with possibly less fatigue

    Would it be reasonable to expect more hypertrophy as a result from that approach or would it negatively impact gains?

  • I Won’t lie before I listen to this mix, i can just only running for 5 minutes, but after I listened to this, i can run at least 10 minutes straight away even want more!

  • Name-Aditya gawali
    7 August meri harnia ki surgery hui he sir me bodybuilding karna chahta hu aab me kia karu how to start bodybuilding now me aab kai karu plzzzzzzzzzz sir help me out in this problem plzzzzzz make video on my problem and explain full information kia me ab bodybuilding kar sakta hu mene sabhi fitness you tubers ko meri problem comments karke batay but kisine replay nahi diya/na video banai i hope sir you make video on my problem
    my age-18
    love you sir i watch your all video I’m your subscriber

  • Like most things associated with lifting, it’s just another case of “don’t overthink it”. Isn’t it good to use all different lengths of rest periods, depending on the day and type of workout? Intensity matters more than anything.

  • That neck tattoo is just awful!! Seems like u have Smthng choking you all the time! Sorry my dude but feel suffocated just looking at u!! �� outta here, guna get some air!

  • land 8 iron 1/3 of the way, it will run out 2/3, land 6 iron 1/4 of the way it will run out 3/4 of the way, it will save you many shots a round

  • Cool! After watching a similar video i started to rest for 3 min, but for time management purposes i alternate different muscle exercises and count the time doing exercise B as rest for exercise A, and then when i get to A again i dont have to take much rest since something like 2 min passed since last A rep. Is this strategy ok?

  • If I do those weighted dips I can rest for 10 days but this man only needs a simple “HUH” for his rest and he goes to another one.Damn!

  • 24 sets is my target each session.
    3 min rest time between sets.
    That still puts my workouts at a hour and a half.
    Any more rest than 3 mins is too much to be effective with the time I have.
    Upper / Lower 4 days a week.
    Add a 3mile run and stretch session on the off days as time allows.
    Run is done day before upper and two days after lower.
    Ab work part of the lower days.
    This puts it at about 8hrs a week total for all workouts.
    Two weeks strength followed by one week with high reps.

    Deload for a week but through in a bit of calisthenics with extra stretch and run.

    I recommend this for people who are naturally large.
    Without working out I can stay around 250-270lbs.
    Even eating how I want while training like this I stay at 250lbs.

    Hard gainers may want other options.

    Home gym is a must for time savers.
    30 mins to the gym and back 4 times a week is two hrs more you won’t get back.

  • Btw Jeff you are the best at info and such but anyone else noticed that he puts a less than symbol when he means greater than. > really should be < my guy

  • I should be happy to realize I’m allowed to rest more but at the same time resting three minutes instead of one means I end up spending 48 extra minutes at the gym.

  • Ok you got me man, your content is very good straight to the point and I dont think you could deliver it any better, omar, and the rest look out there’s a new guy in town

  • Gm bhai agar aapne MISSION INDIA FIT k lia channel start kia toh ads(MONETIZE)�� karne ka kya matlab. �� main purpose kya tha aapka info dena ya subscribe k baad paisa kamana

  • Short reply:yes, all studies show that, and if you combine it with 7-10 sets of 2 to 5 reps and eat and sleep you get huge and strong fast, so the lift heavy, eat a lot and sleep is correct it only does not take into consideration the rest which is equally important

  • Guru bhai pls make a video on complete workout by pair of dumbbells only. Because there are many people in India who deprived of Gym in there area. Ya fir they may can’t afford Gym. This should be added in your #missionfitindia program

  • So to save time can we do ABCD ABCD ABCD each been different exercises that uses different muscles? In that case how minimum should we wait between each set of different exercises? Or is there a reason to do AAA BBB CCC? Especially if I prefer not to wait so long?

  • Reg park used to rest 2-3 mins (or more sometimes) between sets. Didn’t do him any harm. It all depends. For cutting I rest shorter, no more than 60-90 secs between sets but I do a lot of rest pause sets when cutting, going for as many reps as possible on each set. For mass and strength my rest periods are longer and I keep to more straight sets.

  • The resting period between sets makes sense, but there are certain trainers that say if the resting period is to get your breathing and heart rate to little normal, then the muscles tend to cool down (which I find a bit strange) and one may end up with muscle injury. Any input on this please?

  • What do you recommend when doing unilateral exercises though? Rest between each arm/leg, or after one complete set, or do you consider working the other side as your rest?

  • And here we thought that we should limit the workout time to only 1 hour…
    But then I was never a fan of 30 second to 1 minute max rest times anyways.

  • Thanks Sean for the great vid talking about this. I always hear people talking about training techniques, but I never hear people talk about the most basic thing (& VERY important) of rest between sets. Many years ago, I bought into the whole 60-90sec rest, was always glued to the stopwatch, and applied the exact same time tricep extensions and squats. I eventually discovered on my own EXACTLY what you’ve just talked about which makes way more common sense. So it’s nice to hear someone finally bring this aspect of training to light!

  • Really helpful! Since following your advise my loads have increased! Thanks I was led to believe from PTs that 60secs rest Max was right and I was struggling

  • Is it okay for the heart to rest for 3mins? I feel like after 3mins my heart rate turns to normal and on the next heavy compound sets my heart will beat faster straight away..

  • Time management….I would like to see a study on the difference between 90 seconds and 3 minutes, i have used several different times but just due to the volume i do i have to keep it at 90 seconds or i would be in the gym for too long. Or i would like to know if doing 2+ different exercisee in a row giving you longer than the 3 minutes would also be beneficial. for ex. if i did bench, rest about 30 seconds and then do a bb row and rest 30 seconds then do a squat. Then back to the bench because about 3+ minutes would have passed, what are you thoughts on this?

  • My rest times have naturally evolved into exactly what you said. Originally I had everything 1:30 and realized my bench & squats were suffering, then I tried 3 mins and just ended up bored w/o enough time for enough sets on my curls etc.. So I naturally evolved to have different rest times for different workouts.

  • Sir Ji me bhi gym chalata hu or Sir ek baat Puchhi thi ki ladki ki body Sahi ho matlab Patli Ya Moti na ho to Uske beast size kese badaye or Kon sa supplement Sahi rahega kyoki exarsise to proper ho rahi hai but work nahi a raha plz help me

  • This is awesome info. Thank you! I typically use 2min to 2:30 rest for my heaviest sets, for the purpose of combining an elevated heart rate with getting the volume in. For my lighter sets I use 60-90 seconds. I’ll have to up the weight and extend the rest to try out what you’re saying!

  • Hoping Sean sees this resting between sets and supersetting push and pull (pull up, press up), if you rest 1 minute between each exercise, does that count as 1 minutes of rest, or like 3 minutes between each pull up set?

    I guess it’s a question of your heart rate too.

  • For short shots that I have to spin I use my lob wedge, or sand wedge, open it up and slide right under the ball. I’m pretty good at that shot but found that I was always trying to spin the ball too much when I was faced with these longer chips. That’s why I worked out this system.

  • Great video, I love the fundamentals series! What do you mean by the word “pump”? I never understood that. Does it refer to some emotional state? Some state of your body? Is there a scientific word for that?

  • For some reason, this kind of music helps me work and study much better than the lofi-hip hop that’s supposed to be help you to work or study. thank M8

  • Hey Jeff, when you say 10 20 sets per muscle (group) per week do compound movements count towards that number? For example, when I do chin ups I work both my biceps and lats. Do all the sets count towards both muscle groups equally? So that 8 sets of pull ups a week counts towards 8 for biceps and 8 for lats? Whereas an isolation exercise such as the curl, counts only towards bicep sets? Or 8 of bench press or dips count towards 8 of pectoral and 8 of tricep sets? I’m assuming this is what you mean but I’m looking for further clarification.

  • would you take a mimi rest of maybe up to 30 seconds between the opposing sets of your superset? do you lose anything on the back end of the superset without some rest between the two movements?

  • Been following you for awhile now. You have great content and its great to see your subscriber base has grown a lot. Great stuff man! Keep rolling out good content

  • I’m one of those that need more rest time in between sets. I’ve done the 1min, 2 min rest times and to be honest I felt weaker the next day and continued. I tried longer rest in between 3-3 1/2 minutes much better performance and strength.��

  • Longer rest periods will allow you to use heavier weights if you’re doing straight sets… everybody’s heard of a superset… those are your pump sets you will use less weight!

  • When i bench press heavy I Always rest 5 minutes and ive gotten great gains. Ive been adding 3 reps in 1 week thanks to your tips man thank you!

  • 3 minutes is just way too long as rest time between reps in a workout. If I were to do this then my workout would reach 2 hours easily. I think 2 minutes is the key, unless you’re lifiting some really heavy weights.

  • Great video and I agree. I enjoy short rest times and always get bored with longer rest times. Just me but I enjoy it with more heart pumping. Almost like cardio and weights lol

  • The problem with take your time idea is that most people are lazy as fuck and a 5minute break can easily be 15min then the person thinks wow i spent 3 hours in the gym for 5 years with no improvement

  • I agree with the concept of regenerate strenght to maximize performance but isn’t short rest time a way to increase metabolic stress, witch is another important factor to stimulate muscle growth?

  • Sir plz tell me some people ask that if your goal to fat lose don’t take whey protein imidiate after work out. Plz sir guide me m confused.

  • This is so awesome this has helped me to loose all the extra weight and now i am on my way to fitness, max is the mannn! i was inspired to start health channel. keep watching!

  • Sean…if I’m doing an upper/lower body combo workout, can I do my upper first, rest 1 min…than do my lower body, rest 1 min and alternate. That would give me about 3 min in between each. Is that appropriate?

  • I’ve been training shorter rest for years about 1:30-2 min, the moment I started resting more I’m able to do much heavier weight, more reps and overall seeing better results with my body. Sucks I didn’t do this since I first started training but it’s good I realized this now and I can benefit from the gains to come!

  • Most people prefer longer rests because they have to be the POS that sits on the bench looking at their phone and pissing off everyone else

  • A question: I am trying to get quarantine abs currently I have a lean body and love handles. How many times a week should I train core to get the best results and achieve abs?

  • what about training every day but say i can do 8-12 reps of a weight per set do 8-12reps all day long but say wait half hr or twn-15mins and go again, all day and keep the muscle active?