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6 Bodybuilding Rules You May Need to Break We’ve all heard the “latest and greatest” from Joe GymBro about the practices you MUST employ if you want to gain muscle, lose fat, increase strength, or attain Greek god status. The purpose of this article is to analyze common OCD muscle building practices and determine if they’re impactful enough for. Bodyweight limits for master men’s classic bodybuilding competitors are the same like for senior classic bodybuilders (Point 3.1) 3.4 There are two categories in men’s world level Games Classic Bodybuilding competition, currently as follows: a. Up to & incl. 175 cm b. Over 175 cm. With the following bodyweight limitations: Up to & incl.

162 cm. If you change your competition suit from prejudging to finals and the judges deem it not to conform to the rules you will be directed to leave the stage. No Exceptions.

Competitors are not permitted to alter the fit of the posing suit by hiking it up in the back or by pulling up the sides at any time while posing on stage. So, Give yourself a break! After 8-10 weeks of hard training, take a whole week off and enjoy other activities life has to offer.

Spend that time you would be in the gym catching up on chores, enjoying the out doors, or go shopping, whatever makes you happy. You will be doing your mind and your body a great service by doing so. As you gain more experience, you can build up to whatever is the “optimal” program. Remember, it’s important to stick with the fundamentals and take them to higher and higher levels if you want to succeed.

The videos, podcasts, and posts on the thread delve much deeper into this topic. 4 / Less is More—Really!To increase your chances of success, I’ve provided seven rules you should never break when it comes to your training and nutrition.

Learn and follow them, and you’ll make significant progress in your efforts to build both size and strength. and you’ve got a good start to a clean bodybuilding meal. Another protein blast can come from a post. The Only Rules You Should Break In The Gym, You Won’t Believe Number 3. As cliché as it might sound, the rules are meant to be broken.

The gym isn’t one of the safest places to be in so you need to be careful about the rules you’re going to be challenging. Taken pre-workout, they can also help decrease delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) so you can get back to training hard faster, and they reduce mental and physical fatigue during a workout.[4] The most popular and science-backed ratio for BCAAs is 2:1:1—two. Below are five common training “rules” you should break every now and again.

This isn’t a permanent rebellion against the establishment. It’s simply a list to reference to when life throws you the old plateau pitch. Breaking the Bodybuilding Rules Rules # 1 Always use free-weight barbell exercises for all body parts. Yes, the barbell.

4. No best time for cardio. What we did: Bodybuilders edge towards doing cardio on an empty stomach as it burned more fat. What we should do: The fat-burning rate of the body is independent of whether you have eaten something or not.

As long as your stomach is not heavy from food, you can do cardio whenever you want. 5. Not all supplements are.

List of related literature:

In the space of just two weeks, I could cover the three federations that controlled all the bodybuilding competitions.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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8 The 10 Absolute Worst Muscle-Building Myths and Mistakes

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There are several basic rules that should be followed by natural bodybuilders to avoid excessive muscle loss during a pre-contest diet.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
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Also, if you plan to compete as a natural bodybuilder, check the rules of each particular organization to see what is allowed and what is forbidden.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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These people are great examples of what bodybuilding can do because, instead of looking for shortcuts and drugs to make them champions, they stayed with the basic concept of training hard and concentrating on healthful practices.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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Any discussion of bodybuilding would be incomplete without mention of the contribution of Joe Weider and his magazines Muscle & Fitness and Flex.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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The only natural limitation the hard-core bodybuilder – he for whom the slogan ‘No Limits’ is not just the logo on a brand of gymwear but also a kind of religious belief – will acknowledge is what he reverently terms ‘genetics.

“The Subcultures Reader” by Ken Gelder
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For the most part, guidelines like these were originally conceived for the average individual, and so may not be sufficient for hard-training bodybuilders who are seeking to maximize their genetic muscle-building potential.

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
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Bodybuilding does have some do’s and don’ts of its own, though, and we’ll take a closer look at those as well.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook is carefully researched, clearly written, and extremely thorough.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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  • I did any alberta show and let me tell you the guy who got first was doing bodybuilding posing, squeezing his pcks together. fists clenched and every muscle engaged. not to mention he was not good looking or well kept at all. I was certain it was between me and the runner up but no…..this guy was hugging the judges and knew them all and was kissing ass. its all politics sometimes. regional shows are always rigged and first always gets 2nd or third. its the national shows that you get judged better. not to mention the judging panel was full of bodybuilder roid heads so im not surprised they judged him like that. im was just unhappy because me and third in the pics had the widest shoulders and back and smallest waist compared to him.
    if you’re going to do a show make sure you suck up hard cuz that’s how you win. not every show. some are reputable but most of them are rigged that way.

  • Bro ive got good abs, should er,chest n so. But my waist is too small. So, do u think I can can participate at men’s physique??I’m worried about my waist..

  • She left me for her ex!
    She said she loved me she said I was her best boyfriend ever I treated her right gave her everything attend her and met her family i did my hardest everyday!!! And she just left me like I’m nothing she chose him over me she blocked me �� how can someone say they want a future with you talk about marriage then leave you instantly

  • Maybe it should be called a “unanimous” score instead of a “perfect” score…. Because what if you got a “perfect” score then came in in even better shape the next year… I am a genius.. you’re welcome… I’m sure they’ll change it now and I won’t get credit.. political bullshit.

  • Bro, that was the best explanation I have ever heard… Seriously. Very informative. I had no idea the placement was added up and the low score wins like golf. Good stuff. Love your content.

  • My daughter drives me her mother left me yes I have a baby face ik but I’m not some boy and not even her leaving drives me just the fact that she just walked away with my daughter as if she was nothing to me brought the flame to my heart heart and it burns with rage but I use that anger to push me when I’m about to do my last set and it’s fucking killing and whatever Im doing feels like I just can’t do it I reach deep down and fucking finish that set I will be better not only for me but for my daughter I don’t wanna be the fat dad who can’t even play with his kid or make it passed 50 anyway that’s what drives me lads keep grinding boys

  • I was ready to marry my girlfriend i had just bought the ring. She broke up with me 2 days before my birthday (Christmas). I begged pleaded, nothing worked. Decided it was time to work on myself, I joined a gym and had no clue what I was doing. I would cry in the car to the gym, sit in my car and tell myself that this was for the best. She had told me she fell out of love and nothing could ever change that. the realization that nothing I ever did would bring her back deflated me. Everyday I would wake up in the bed we shared, now alone i would go about my day feeling empty. Feeling like i was just living a meaningless life, every day was a cycle. I was low and I mean low. She started hanging around a new guy… i found myself only being mentally free while i was at the gym. I started making excuses to spend more and more time at the gym. I am a few month into the break up but It still hurts. I guess life is hard, guess that is the beauty of it? I dont know it still hurts to think about. It still hurts to know that she will never come back and that i wasnt worthy of love. the same love i gave her.

  • Bitches love you if they think you can do something for them. If not then you are useless to them. So treat these WHORES the same way!!!

  • Hang on a minute!..Here we have a fit,healthy,attractive looking young woman who lifts weights and goes to a gym regularly and is consistent at it…Must be a lesbian then! lol

  • As I’ve mentioned before.
    The relaxed poses are any thing but relaxed.
    And unsightly.
    One thing to stand tall and square (like the old days )
    But to have the arms & legs splayed out looks stupid.
    Please address this Nick.

  • Damn. It hurts so much. I can’t sleep. Its been more than a month. She was my everything. Left me saying we don’t have career together. 5 years together. It hurts so much. I just fucking workout like I wanna die. Helps me to get sleep. You all are not alone. Let’s show them our worth..

  • Phil had a perfect score of 10 but Ramy and Bonac scores were all the way in the 20s??? No disrespect to Phil but I didn’t think he looked THAT perfect. It’s like they didn’t even judge Phil at all….weird

  • Hey Nick, I was wondering if you know Adolf Burkhard. Hes a german youngster with a huge ass tricep. maybe you can do a video on him someday:D

  • Keep busy, go gym twice a day do what you need to do man. I got cheated on after 6 years.. lmao I quit my degree halfway to pay her way for her education and dreams, yeah I’m a dumass I know. I was shattered, fetal position and all. I worked so much to get my mind of it, i worked worked worked and slept in my car between two jobs and shifts and destroyed myself my mum would wake me up and drag me into bed that’s how tired and fucked i was.. Workaholic. I saved diligently and got a nice sports car and bought a house etc in the following couple of years. She came crawling back, she saw me out one night in the city couldn’t belive her eyes.. you dress like this? You’re alot bigger now.. house car? wtf? Babe talk to me.. And I didn’t say a word and kept walking. Time Is your enemy, just keep busy and it will subside.

  • Please do a video on a guy’s Instagram named cbunda he’s an absolutely insane 17 year old bodybuilder who did a few competitions at 16 and looked absolutely insane. Btw love the vids always interesting!

  • I’m all about lifting weights. I’m all about getting in shape. I’d even say I’m a fan of body building.

    But god damn, body building is such a bizarre life choice. There’s nothing even remotely healthy about it. ��‍♂️

  • Shame everyone has to black themselves up with fake tan to stand a chance of winning. Can you imagine the uproar if they all had to whiten up to win a sporting event?!!!

  • The “symmetry” round is a joke. If it was truly judged on how a bodybuilder looked “relaxed” then Phil heath would come last in that round every time. Phil looks like crap in his “relaxed” poses. Narrow, bunched up, and a really poor skeletal structure. Standing next to taller, wider competitors he compares really badly in the lineup, and doesn’t stand out at all. Give Phil the other rounds because when he poses all hell breaks loose with his round full muscles, but standing “relaxed” no way!!

  • 1:33 2:09 That moment you realize Dexter murdered everyone and the IFBB is rigged lol. Or at the very least biased to taller guys.

  • My story is no different from all of your guys I lost my girl to another guy I still get to see my kids but I go work out at the gym to let stress out and to look better for the next girl ima get and when I find another girl ima treat her 10x better because I know the pain of heart break and I wouldn’t want nobody to feel that pain atleast not from me stay positive fuck a bitch and look for a real woman

  • On the note of symmetry, how come they don’t care whether abs or symmetrical or not? Yes I know it’s based on genetics in term of shape but so are other muscles.

  • When I really need that extra motivation for a new PRI dig deep into all my anger, all my rage, and all my hate to pull it off. I do this by remembering the emails I found between my ex wife and the guy she was cheating on me with. Works every time; but the emotions brought out can be extremely overwhelming. I’ll only do this when I truly need to though.

  • I just lost my best friend of my life and my girlfriend in one month…. I got no Friends I got nothing left, everything was great it was the best Moment of my life….

  • I’m an active duty marine overseas in japan. My wife joined the navy and was cheating on me at her schoolhouse with other navy personal. i caught her cheating and she accused me of assault because i was going to rat her out. Probably has been the hardest thing I’ve gone through. She still hits me up every other month or so trying to talk to me. The gym has been my medicine. Do not let someone else control your life and your future. SELF PRESERVATION IS KEY

  • Not only are the physiques regressing, the “posing” is a joke.
    0:31 Branch Warren doing dumbbell side laterals, feet 2 feet apart.
    And none of them today can go through a routine to classical music, transitioning between up to 30 poses like
    Arnold, Zane, Corney, Mentzer, Dickerson, Makkawy, Clairmonte etc.
    What now? Waddling about the stage, hands in the air, or hand cupped at the ear, having to prompt the audience to some rap shit.

  • My girlfriend left me without saying much, I was down and felt like killing myself because I believed my life was shit and was never going to find someone like her again. Then she came back into my life for a while, I was so happy. Then she cheated on me and was fucking someone behind my back. It took me 4 months to get over it everyday thinking about killing myself. Now I feel like I never wanna love again.

  • They are judged by who has the most social media followers and who has sucked the most corporate dick. We know we know. The sky is blue and Castleberry is a lifter of questionable plates. I thought 2018 would bring new stuff to talk about:/

  • I messed up bad I had a gf and she was cool she was chill I would be a little insecure because she would talk to other boys a lot I didn’t treat her like a queen like how I was supposed too. Anyways we broke up like last week and I just feel like shiit I can’t do shit like how I used too

  • Got dump three weeks ago,starting hitting gym everyday and no days off. It’s been amazing experience overall. I never give up myself,now I’m working for da future

  • This video really highlights how fixed bodybuilding actually is. How Phil gets a perfect score from all judges despite looking pregnant on stage is beyond me.

  • Someone once said if you want something very badly set it free” if it comes back to you, it’s yours forever” if it doesn’t! it was never yours to begin with…

  • Well, Today was the final break on my relationship, I was the one who committed the mistake i fucked upm sincerly i messed up. I love this girls endlessly, i havent ate, i cant sleep without waking up with her on my mind and my heart feeling like its shattered non stop. I had hope but once again its useless. I wrote letter did what i thought was right to try and have her forgive me, but i messed up i disrespected her and she felt really bad, she lost all her love for me on one day. I am going through a financial crisis, i live with my parents but cant pay rent, almost lost my car, my phone my insurance all gone, It’s hard im trying to stay strong but i have no energy, if anyone knows anything please im willing to take risks to be who i need to be. I hope someone reads this…

  • Thanks for the good info Nick! How does a person become a judge in IFBB? Or at any level, is there specific training? I’ve often wondered what qualifies a person to do that.

  • Nobody gives a fuck if you were heartbroken,also nobody gives a fuck if you have muscles, imagine how many fucks are not given if you put these two together

  • Brothers.. i know it hurts. I felt that too. But Use it as a motivation. You got to show who is better. The next time she see you. She is going to regret. That is what i am doing right now. You don’t want to be weak. If you are a real man. Stand up and work for it. If you are weak you brain wil be weak too. You got to train that. You got to train to say i can do it and i am going to prove it! Good luck my brothers..

  • These are outstanding tips Maik, often overlooked or not even known by many trainees, especially the newer guys! For so many bodybuilders, it’s all about just getting the weight up, with little to no thought about the form or the principles you reveal here. If one slows to think about what they are doing, and incorporates especially your first two tips, they will really increase their muscular gains considerably. It’s all about thinking with the brain, and not the ego!

  • my fiance who ive been with for 5 years who i also have a 5 month old daughter with broke up with me 2 weeks ago, ive been doing no contact with her aside from when it involves my daughter. ive started working out and i want to make myself even better both physically and mentally.

  • I’m so glad I found this video in my recommendations. It’s as if the universe wanted me to watch this because I’ve just been crying and stressing over this girl has been playing mind games with me. Thank you for this ����

  • From a side angle, Dennis wolf makes them all look small, he even makes jay cutler look small, massive frame, awesome bodybuilding genetics!!

  • My fiance of 5 years who I have a 7 month old daughter with left me a few months ago. Every day my mind is at war with itself and some days it feels like I’m losing that war. Never have I felt this amount of pain and doubt. Feeling unworthy and lonely. It’s made me a better person but the price for it feels like it was far too much at times ��

  • Relationships are not worth the effort. All women suffer from Hypergamy. Their Hypergamy ruins nearly all long-term relationships and they cannot love men unconditionally. For us men there’s only one solution: MGTOW and the red pill!

  • Got my heart broken the 2nd time this year. That’s it. Not anymore. From now on I’m only focusing on my goals. Fuck everything else, only thing that matters is my goals, me and my family.

  • Just what I need. I can’t do the nice talks. I need straight forward talk. No bullshit! Just raw! Still in the beginning stages of this ordeal but I listen to these videos whenever I can’t take it anymore. I ended up dropping to my knees and unable to get up. From time to time I still drop to my knees because sometimes I feel like I can anymore. Gym has helped me so much! If I’m sad I go. If I’m mad, I go! If I’m happy I go! So fuck that, I want to become numb to heart break. I want to be the happy person I was before all this happened. I need to find that guy again but it’s going to take time. That happy guy is in here somewhere, and when I do find him, he will come back better than ever. Great video! Some of us need to hear things that way they are and not sugar coat anything. Thanks again.

    Ozzie ����������������

  • I am so grateful to bodybuilding because it has literally saved my life..I was cheated on, got suicidal and only going to the gym and spitting away all the pain and anger that way kept me moving and helped me eventually earn my worth back. Bodybuilding community is also incredible, don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for my gymbuddy Luc who kept pushing me when I felt like giving up. I am alive and I can help others���� https://youtu.be/Iz-vVFk6NoE

  • 2:54 You got symetry wrong. Symetry is the correct balance between biceps and Delts for example. Or between traps and lats. The traps have to catch up to the lats in order to have good symetry

  • Haha. The Rock in the back on the last picture. Speaking of the The Rock, You should make a video on whether The Rock could of been a body builder or not.

  • How do I deal with losing the girl I love because of my stupid actions? Now she’s fallen out of love with me because of my attitude towards her I mistreated her when I felt depressed I dragged her down. Now I’m even more depressed and miss her because I realise my mistakes

  • My ex broke up with me 2 months ago, I got more times to myself so started to take the gym more serious and lost 25 pounds so far. It feels nice when you make gains but sadness still come and go but my friends are always here for me. My advice is to move on and focus on yourself (i know it sound very cliche) but gym made me feel more fitted to do more sports and I always feel like I’m improving myself everyday. You just naturally find more fun hobbies when you focus on yourself. So go improve yourself cuz they aint worth thinking about anymore. I know it is hard to move on but LOVE YOURSELF

  • Dear brothers.. i myself.. 10 years in relationship and last month i proposed my gf and she says nothing.. it hurts my feeling.. best part is im still a man of profession (lawyer).. i tried tinder and getting attention from lots of women and what i do.. instead of having a date.. i asked each of them what makes men attractive… I learnt alot through tinder..

  • My relationship ended about a month ago, I’ve been through everything with this girl. She was there when my father passed and was the only person I could trust. She’s moved on now and I haven’t yet. What hurts the most is seeing her with another guy that now makes her happy and I no longer do. Hopefully I get through these last 3 months and I’m off to boot camp.

  • 4:07 wtf dude this guys chalked sayin ud let a man piss on u n shit broken hearts are for the women any mans clme close its the same me, try sum

  • It’s been 5 months since my breakup. I’m in the best shape of my life, strongest I’ve ever been and lemme tell ya boys it gets better just hang in there and focus on yourself.

  • Man i feel like.. she is travelling to another country for a year and comes home 2 days Every 14 Day… and When she finally Got home she only Got time for me like 3-4 hours… she didnt priorize me High enough so i broke up even though i still love her… so hard right now

  • You want to hear what I have? I have someone I loved leave me before I left on my deployment to Afghanistan. 4 months in, away from anything that would help me get over it. Nothing but my mind and weights and the count down until I get back home in 5 months. Weights are heavy, but not doing anything and letting your mind slow u down is heavier. The greatest work out is getting through it all, even if the light at the end of the tunnel never comes at least your striving for a goal, keeping yourself busy, getting stronger.

  • They are judged based on who’s the most genetically gifted that’s it. Can’t work hard for that one. This is given that everyone is allready well conditioned and all have the same size ratio wize. You can’t hit the weight heavier and move you’re triceps insertion point that your mom and dad gave you. If anyone thinks other wise… remember that you’re suposed to be an intelligent human being. Don’t forget that one.

  • Hey so um my ex came back, missing me. She feels bad for breaking my heart and is jealous that i got with other girls. She invited over at night and I went to go see her, we cuddled and talked for hours, she invited me over again the next night. She said she missed me and it seems like she still likes me too. I hope this goes well, but ik it might end badly. I think/ hope she sees my worth and I think she does, but idk.

  • What if the guy broke your heart and the only choice you had to do is leave him?! I left the gym I stopped doing everything for him he didn’t want me leaving to the Navy now after I made a choice I am going back on track to do the things I love.

  • My girlfriend of 2 years has left me out of nowhere, 1 year it was long distance and id stay up till 4am helping her with her depression, and anxiety. I gave her all my time. She moved to london, and we met 5 times in 8 months, she didnt wanna see Me and i tried so hard, she broke up with me. I took her back as she called and said she made a massive mistake, she threw it in my face a week later. Ive just been told she has someone else. Im broken

  • me too guys, girl told me I would make another girl happy, not her, then I thought i could win her back, i thought she was the one for me, then I saw her passionately greeting and kissing another guy, never felt such anger, pain and tears before

  • I was dating this girl, she was the love of my life. My first love, I was the happiest I have ever been. I thought I would be with her for a very long time. We started getting into arguments but we would over come those and it made us stronger and a couple. Then she started to hide stuff from me, she started acting different and it hurt. I missed the person she was, but I let it go because I loved her. We got into a bad argument and we broke up, 3 days after we broke up I was told she cheated on me all of the time. It broke my heart. She started seeing the guy she cheated on me with 4 days after we broke up. It put me in a depressed state of mind for a few months. I would not get any sleep, I had many of sleepless nights. I couldn’t eat or anything. My family and friends were worried about me but I told them I knew what I was doing. I started to run every morning and started working out a lot. This breakup made me the person I am today and I couldn’t be happier. This break up was the worst part of my life but it was also the best because I am in better shape than I have ever been before. Sometimes in life things will hit you and knock you to the ground and you think you will be stuck forever. But these are the things that make you a stinger version of you. Keep your head up, everything will work out for you!

  • The title is not exactly true.. break Ups don’t make body builders.. depression does.. it can be anything, anything where it feels like you don’t feel good about yourself or what you have become, a failure and some people live this way for a long time (me) but body building improves us.. it shows us we are more than what we think we are.. it gives us confidence and most of all it makes you love yourself.

  • Let’s take a pledge that once we all get through this
    We will never make anybody else our life and never love someone more than our work and our life

  • My girlfriend of 2 and a half years and I are hitting a rough patch right now. We want things to work, but it’s looking a little dicey. She’s always been my “why” for improving myself, but recently its amped up with this rough bump in our relationship and has motivated me in the gym

  • Very helpful, concise, and succinct. I think you’ve defo got the right balance of information, and general Vlog stuff. Competing, next week so this has definitely helped.

  • So TRUE. My overweight ex of 5 years left me for a guy 13 years younger than me… I picked myself up and now I’m working out every other day at the gym and getting SHREDDED. Gained 1.5″ on my arms and calves so far, lost 1″ off my waste as well. She hit me back up to “work things out”. That just made me go harder! Thanks for the motivation bitch!

  • Bros, each and every one of us deserves better. The pain is real but use it as motivation. Become a better man, sharpen who u are and in the end your gonna be better for it. Past 10 days was hell but you will get through it. Heal, improve, forgive and move on.

  • My fiancé left me and showed me the absolute worst parts of herself. 2 years later, I’m in love with my new girlfriend, have 2 great jobs, going back to college, and working out again. It gets better guys, I promise.

  • The IFBB did a trial in the 1979 Grand Prix shows where after each round the judges would hold up score cards, to let the competitors and audience know the scoring, the fans loved it yet they never made it permanent……

  • I hate this feeling of heartbreak that burning feeling in my chest the anxiety, but I am going to the gym first thing cause of this video ✋��

  • Had a relationship for almost 10 years. Had plans to marry her and kids and shit… I was a chubby 6 foot 4 guy with 120 kgs. Couldnt do 1 pullup.. She cheated we broke up… 5 months later:
    Im now at 93 kgs can do 10 reps of wide, narrow, commando and what not type of pullups. I ve never looked that good.

    It will get better

  • 20 months down the drain loosing who I thought was the love of my life and just out of nowhere it ended and she cares not to fix it. The gym is my salvation right now and motivation.

  • Bla bla bla. Heart broken? No one outside can do that.u were a pussy In the first place.Now u build a great body and try to impress girls stupid pile of shit


    I just got Broken up this January and all my Recommendations are about these.

    And the Horrible part is… She’s right. And I don’t Fucking want this video to be Fucking Spot on.

    It Hurts. A LOT.
    I have Major Anxiety Attacks & she’s Happier without me and I’m the Opposite, That’s what Kills me. Haven’t Eaten well, Slept at all and Thought straight.

  • No pain, no gain, when your heart is broken you can litterally push your body through boundries you cant hold for possible. It fuels you with anger and frustration. I miss that dedication, that drive were I needed to push myself to the limit, completely broken to even sleep at night. I dont miss my ex, but I miss the pain she gifted me that got me so much result the past year. Im happy now, comfortable, weird to say, but I feel my workouts got sloppy and shitty. Not the same intensity. Need to go out there and get rejected or something.

  • All my relationships ended badly. My first relationship ever lasted 9 months and I Got left because she wanted to date my friend instead of me. And she did, and dated for 6 months had to see them around campus, eating lunch together…. next relationship had to break up because her parents didn’t want her dating a Native American, she started seeing another guy 2 weeks later. Been cheated the next relationship, luckily I figured it out right after I broken up with her for another reason but it still hurted to think about. Just recently been through another one because she wanted to work on herself…. being through all that within the span of a year was hard, it is hard. To this day I still think about that pain they all caused me. The gym is my escape. I’ve been hearing it will get better… I take that as it gets better by learning to be stronger, more tough and getting better at being more independent in life. Being happier with your self then let others be your happiness. And going for your goals and achieving them is far more satisfying then doing something for a girl and making them happy.

  • So I known this girl for 15 years now.
    These past months I worked hard to be with her.
    Got her trough verry rough times.
    She told me she liked me loved me and all and I told her the same but as in today after not been able to speak to her for a week she told me she met someone and became happy.
    After all the sh*t I just pulled her trough.
    First it made me angry, it made me sad, it made me completely f*cked up in my head.
    But after all these emotions it made me more motivated to put all this negativity into my workout and workout even harder.

    I decided to make myself a better man mentaly and physically.
    And one day she will see what she lost today.
    But I will not stay down I only go up.

  • I really needed this. I was with a girl for over 5 years. I found out she was seeing a co worker after I ended it for her being physically abusive. I’ve been in the best shape of my life with stress relief at the gym. Thank you for this video.

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  • This is one of the most important videos on bodybuilding. This info has to be studied, analyzed, and then implemented into every exercise. Mike you surpassed yourself with this video and I have all the respect and appreciation for you.

  • Not everyone has opportunity to go trought that, but i think that one of the hardest and best treainings for your body and mind…it hurts but trought time it will pays off

  • There hasn’t been a relaxed posing round since the 80’s. These clowns are in a virtual lat spread in the front and rear relaxed and a side chest/tricep from the side. Take a look at the relaxed from the 75 Olympia if you want to see how it is supposed to be done.

  • Thank you for the motivation it’s hard but i need to let go. It will never be the same. I need to get up and go further. It’s over.

  • Very good information. You know, randomnly thinking..Tony Atlas used to be a pretty jacked guy.

    Here’s another set of two The Barbarian Brothers, I still remember them. Speaking of movies I also remember Dorian Yates playing in the movie The Mask lol.

  • I jokingly refer to the gym as the temple for divorced and/or shorter than average height men. But no matter what brings you there, when you commit and see your gains, you love yourself, and that’s a better than any other love out there.

  • Please add a link in your description of t-shirts. You wearing while working out. Red and blue t-shirt please I loved it. I’m waiting sir pls

  • thanks for this video:)
    also if anyones struggling with heartbreak you are not alone, i’m posting everyday on my channel the journey from heartbreak to happiness, hope it helps if not stay blessed and choose love

  • You were fat n happy with her n she prolly left you for someone fit so you train to make her regret what she did and become way better than the guy she left you for

  • The fact I can watch this and I feel nothing, not an ounce of motivation to get my ass of the sofa and atleast do some push ups says alot about me.

  • These guys work out to become the top 20% women chase after but getting this buff makes them in to chads that pumps and dumps them.

  • Had a rough break up it lead me to drink and do everything wrong until i had that conversation with her and she said i deserve the pain and i deserve to hurt. She told me she loved me and said thats the last time ill ever hear it. No matter how much i told her it hurts all she said was good. Working out is my only outlet and this drives me

  • My heart break got me soo bad. I work my muscles out till I cry. I am broken I want her to see me a different person. Am gonna get another girl but I want that pain to go away.

  • I say I say I say if a bitch breaks you then you must go to church my brother. Go to church and pray. Go into the church of iron and worship the god of pain for there is no sweeter relief and blessing than the burn. Aaaaaamen, muthafuckas.

  • Thanks nick for doing this video. Very informative for me especially as a newcomer to the sport. Great video’s and content and well told☺.

  • I really need to here this!! I am going through a horrible break up that I may lose my daughter over! I’ve been with this girl for 3 years and just found out about a month ago that she was seeing another guy on the side. Well that side guy just so happens to be my daughters real father who has had nothing to do with her up to this point (she’s 2 now.) I stood by her side when we first got together and she found out she was pregnant from him. I have raised her from birth and given everything that I am to this “family.” And now I may lose absolutely everything! She says I won’t lose her but I’ve caught her in literally countless lies, so I truly cannot believe anything she says. She talks and treats me like shit even though I STILL try to keep the peace for my daughters sake. Unfortunately, we still live together and I have to face this horrible human everyday. I would understand if I ever treated her like shit, talked to her like shit, ANYTHING. But their is no reason for it, which is the hardest part! A break up is one thing, but to potentially lose my soul that is my daughter… I truly hope that nobody ever has to experience this. I should’ve just left like any other man when she found out she was pregnant.

  • I seriously just was doing my thing and I came across this. For the last 6 months I have been working out because of a breakup with my ex. This is a truth that breakups make bodybuilders

  • can I just say that everyone in the comment section rn is an absolute legend motivating each other and making us feel amazing

  • Do this for yourself king. Breakups mean there was something u and your partner were lacking in a relationship, bodybuilding aint gonna fix that.

  • Women simply don’t like fat on guys, they won’t tell ya’ that but it just isn’t appealing����
    maintain low body fat or die hard trying…

  • if you can dedicate yourself to the betterment of your own body, health, and mind by confronting and securing goals within the gym. THEN A RELATIONSHIP WILL SEEM LIKE CHILDsplay.

    eating a proper diet, working out everyday of the week, and having the discipline to take those ice baths in the morning to start the day is much more difficult than rolling over in a warm bed in the morning to fuck your girl before starting the day.

  • It interesting to see how bodybuilding is judge. It like golf. People. Say it far. Which is. Why people stop doing it. But Football players play golf a lot so do body builders do that 2

  • I can totally relate to some of those… My girlfriend has mentioned that she doesn’t want our day to be ALL ABOUT fitness… But that becomes a challenge as a Bodybuilding Enthusiast (hopefully future Natural Competitor) AND a Personal Trainer haha. We try though,…

    I also know that weird look you get when you ask someone if you can use their microwave cuz you’ve gotta heat up your 3rd meal! haha