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Kris Gethin Explains High-Volume Arm Training

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High-Volume Arm Workout | Kris Gethin

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Build Massive Arms with Kris Gethin and Branch Warren 1. Stop Wasting Your Time in the Gym. People love to brag about long training sessions, but how productive are they, 2. High-Volume Workouts for Long-Term Success. Having changed it up, he now feels better throughout his workouts, and 3. Kris Gethin’s 7 Part Plan for Big Arms 1. Prioritize Triceps.

Triceps account for two thirds of arm mass, so you can’t ignore them! Even if bicep development 2. Pay Attention To Your Form. Arms are probably the most glaring example of people using bad form to try and lift 3. Don’t Just Go. Arms today!

Let’s get to the gym and get it done so we have time for the other important things in our lives. Kris Gethin’s Pre-Intra-Post Supplement Stack. You may think you know all there is to know about training arms with supersets. Trust me, you don’t. I don’t either, which is why last year, I saw the need to bring my arms up.

I felt the same way about my delts, as I explained in my last article, Kris Gethin’s High-Volume Shoulder Builder. Machine Preacher Curl 3 sets of 30, 20, 10 reps, resting 30 sec. after first set, 20 sec. after second set. 3. Rope Press-Down 3 sets of 10, 15, 20 reps, resting 10 sec. after first set, 15. KRIS GETHIN INSTINCTIVE ARM WORKOUT Music by Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard.

Build BIGGER ARMS without 12:16. GET SHREDDED FAST | 4 TIPS TO GET RIPPED QUICK Duration: 4:46. Kris. Kris Gethin trains you with daily free workout videos, during his 12 week transformation program burn fat and build muscle to sculpt your ideal physique! Kris Gethin’s 12-Week Hardcore Training.

Originally from Wales, Kris Gethin has established himself as one of the most versatile fitness entrepreneurs in the industry. Before founding Kaged Muscle, Kris competed as a lifetime natural pro bodybuilder, placing as high as second place in the Natural World Championships. As a personal trainer, his clients have in.

A big thank you to GASP and Destination Dallas for letting us train at your kick ass gym. CRAZY ARM WORKOUT Understanding Carbohydrate Sources & Timing With Kris Gethin Duration: 3. [ad_1] When you get two bodybuilders like Kris Gethin and IFBB pro Branch Warren together in the same gym to train arms, you’re bound to witness and soak in some no-fluff training wisdom. Both guys admit there are endless ways to approach your workouts in terms of load and intensity.

With years of training and [ ].

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On the subject of push-ups, Biles can do a whole lot of those, along with an arsenal of tricks made possible by her strong, muscular, swoldier-worthy arms.

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  • ay man I just wanted to let u know I’ve been watching u for a long time since I was 13 I’m almost 16 and I am healthy jacked and feel better than u and it all started watching ur abdominal assaults thanks again brochacho

  • Rest 5 to 10 minutes between sets. Make each set the best ever. See what happens. This guy is cardio lifting. That’s why he is so out of breath.


  • Sounds just like everyone I grew up with in Dallas. Wonder if he is from my home town or even went to some of the same gyms that I did in the 80s? I lived everywhere from University Park to Plano.

  • You grab a lot of dumbels and bars, i mean 4 dumbels and 2 Z bars come on dude, that could be anoying for some people in the gym:/

  • What up Big B hey big fan here out Wasco California. You think ten sets of ten rep handstand push ups and 10 sets of 20 rep dips otta be good to gain size in tris and shoulders
    thanks Brandon take it easy

  • great tips one thing when your bulking at 20x bw in lbs and want to cut at 10x bw in lbs do you go straight down to that drop or gradually work your way down to that level seems drastic to drop straight down would this effect hormones and the like

  • You the truth man,awesome video:) Idn if its me,but why is like everybody obsesed with biceps if they want bigger arms? Look at people like Mark Bell, Steve Gentili, Eric Spoto (or powerlifters in general), they have big (Eric has HUGE) arms,yet they do 0 or very little at best bicep work… it is just funny when i stumble upon gym bro saying they want them big guns and all they do is 80 % biceps and very little tris. O btw does anybody know the beat in thte intro, hits hard as FUUUCK

  • Hi Mark, I’m 65 and last 6 years enjoying all your videos! You are the best! Highly recommend all your videos for all my friends!

  • Swinging way too much, bend the knees and stand with legs shoulder width apart to rake tension off lower back. And what happened to his left bicep vein? Did he blow a vein or somethin? It looks really bad…

  • Just curious, you mention with the cable kick backs about not going to full extension etc. due to tendons etc. but what are your views/form on say normal tricep rope extensions? Would you go to full lock out, or there abouts for this exercise?

  • i lost 45lbs doing your 12 week hardcore trainer plan to get ready for my wedding. the best worst 12 weeks of my life. i was sore everyday and put in everything i had into it and got back everything i wanted. THANK YOU! Your new supplement line is incredible and I am looking forward to trying them all out!

  • Thank-you for the arm tips. Question… when doing arm drop sets do you include the High Rep sets that day, or do you do a day of high rep sets only day? how many days between rest between arm days? Thank-you.

  • kris first time to tune in like your down to earth approach and teaching style. like your honesty -i.e. need to lower weight next time etc..

  • Hey Chris. I’ve tried these 3 exercises not thinking much of it at 1st, but at the end I had such an insane pump I couldn’t fix my shirt collar. ����

  • 19″ arms? Maybe near 18″ that inch is a very big differance. Big isn’t everything especially when you are in this incredible shape.

  • Ever since I incorporated your Super Dropset method of Rope Curls+Pushdowns I gained so much size on my arms,I wish I was tracking my arms at the time but still doing it today! Anyways Brandon awesome video!

  • Good stuff I’ll try your techniques… Bit of feedback…Any chance to loose the music in the background…it’s so distracting and pointless…sorry

  • Exactly bro… but I’m very confused. I need to increase my caloric intake to gain size but on other video of yours you said to reduce the caloric intake aka deficit to be ripped and have the 6 pack abs… so basically it’s substituting big arms, big legs and having big belly ����

  • yo chris..��.. dis video series is really appreciated cause i used to skim through your videos to the training parts to get some advanced tips… thanks champ… looking forward for the CALVES workout video

  • Is this bad what I’m doin, the recommended calories for me is nearly 3000 a day, I eat around 2000 give or take but I eat around 180 grams of protein at a body weight of 130 pounds?

  • Thanks for the valuable info. Quick question about tip #3.

    When do you do you those high reps sets to confuse the muscles? on the same workout day? let’s say, you do you do a dropset then go to working out triceps and then go back to biceps by doing a high rep set?

    I am following you?

  • Great exercises. I understand it’s a circuit workout, which would be awesome if you have a home gym. I would bunch these into supersets AT the gym so I’m not hogging all the weights. Hate it when someone has like 5 dumbbells in front of them.

  • Is this to much for upper body workout if done twice a week?

    Flat Bench3x(6-12 reps)

    Barbell Rows-3x(6-12reps)

    Incline bench-3x(6-12reps)

    Lat pull downs-3x(6-12reps)

    Military press-3x(6-12)

    Barbell curls-3x(6-12reps)


    I see alot of upper/lower programs where its nowhere near as much volume:/

  • ► Shop Kaged Muscle Supplements: https://bbcom.me/2twPEfR
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    | Gethin’s Sleeve Splitting Arm Workout |
    1. Superset: 3-4 sets, 15-20 reps
    a. Machine Preacher Curl
    b. Machine Dips
    2. Superset: 3-4 sets, 15-20 reps
    a. Cable Biceps Curl
    b. Overhead Cable Triceps Extension
    3. Superset: 3-4 sets, 15-20 reps
    a. EZ-Bar Skullcrusher
    b. EZ-Bar Curl

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    | Follow Kaged Muscle |
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  • Another great tutorial Mark. I really appriciate all the tutorials you’ve given me. I’m 61 and I can really do what you’ve shown. Since coming back to life after being a diabetic for 12 years these videos have really helped. Thanks again and keep doing these videos. Cheers.

  • You don’t know the secret to huge arms, cause you don’t have them. So, how are going to tell others to make a gain that you are lacking!!!!

  • I’m 6′ 7″ tall & 191 pounds, that equates to 3800 calories to gain, damn that’s a lot of food each day. I don’t think I’m hitting that at the moment but am steadily gaining a bit of weight. How precise is this 20x your weight in pounds calculation?

  • Hey man I’m 165 pounds and when I multiply by 20 that gives me 3,300. But my maintenance is between 2,300-2500 so would a calorie surplus of 200 not be more ideal like to consume 2700 a day?

  • Great vid Chris. I’ll tell ya I do those drags on the cable and they are fire, bi’s feel like there gonna explode they get so pumped, I like to finish my workout with reverse curls on the straight bar cable drop setting with perfect form to complete failure. PAIN lol.

  • So what’s more important the protein intake or the surplus of calories for bulk. What if I’m hitting all my protein grams on a slight deficit

  • i have a belly and i been strugglin trying to lose it..how the hell am i suppose to lose belly fat if i intake all those calories.. im 5’6 weight 160 eat around 2000 calories a day i workout 6 days a week my only problem is my belly should i start eatin super clean and cut down on calories?

  • Really good tips there. I’m told they really work. I wonder, have you ever done statics? You keep the weight. When you’re close to failure on set 2 or 3, you freeze halfway thru the last rep and just hold it there. And you keep resisting even as the weight slowly goes to start-position. Wonder what you think of that.

  • I really respect Kris for his lifelong dedication to fitness & good health. Don’t be bummed by negative comments you’ll always have that. A little body english is something that comes with experience. Huge difference between that and poor form. Kris always preaches mind-to-muscle connection. Thank you Kris. More from the Kaged Muscle team soon please!!!

  • So much hate and unneccesary critisism. He knows he uses momentum he even discusses it. Not a single one of you is putting yourself out there like he does, and making a career of it, but you’re very quick to critisize. For what? Online validation from strangers who also think the same asshole shit as you? He’s been doing this for years. I got some good ideas from him here and there, every little bit of knowledge helps. If you don’t like how he trains watch someone else.

  • Some good & usefull advices there �� tried some of the tricks even for other body parts to give a new impulse for the muscles to grow and I can confirm that’s working! Thanks for posting, you both are doing a great job �� I like this channel, keep posting. All the Best ��️‍♂️

  • Hi Chris sir,I’m from india and I’m big fan of your… I like the way you workout.. so sir can you make a full video of bicep and tricep with sets please please………

  • 1) incline curls and at the end bring your elbows up a little like an uppercut
    2)cable drag curls
    3)sit on a bench and curl with a barbell and do half rep by controlling it when it goes down

  • I just subcribed to your channel. I like how you explain the process. I have a question, I’m a slender guy & I would like to look a bit thicker. What do I have to do?

  • Thank you very much for the advice & sharing what works for your arms.:). I’m trying to get fit.
    I can help it but to look at your tools ⚒ in the wall. Also all the slick tires. ��.
    Drag slicks??? What car do you race???

  • Inspiring! I would love to see more clicks like this. This gives me a confident plan going into the gym. (Intimidated going in) especially…watching Sunshine!☀️✨Girl power!��

  • Nice video Brandon. Damn at Body weight in pounds x 14 I start to loose weight faster than what I would like… the lowest I went was BW x 13 and I ended up loosing around 20 pounds in 12 weeks. I couldn’t imagine at BW x 10… QUESTION!!! Does your current BF% influence that 10, 13, 14 whatever factor?

  • The workout is not bad.. actually is very impressive, but I think that he’s doing bad… he looks like that he doesn’t have control of the weight…

  • I dunno whats wrong with me
    But pressing is what is growing my bicep
    With like 1 curl movement a weak
    I think I’m still a year away from a consistent arm day

  • Hell yea bro this is what I have been waiting on. My genetics is straight legs and my arms haven’t grown in almost 5 years as far as a peak. I’m hoping this helps!

  • Check out this method for building huge arms at home… 

    It’s one of my favorite “workout secrets” to growing my arms while working out at home… 

    Because let’s face it… 

    Who doesn’t love a good pair of muscular arms, right?

    Check it out in today’s new video and comment below with your thoughts on the workout!

  • I’m 68 and been lifting for 55 years and i’m gonna start lifting lighter and more reps. Lately I’ve been feeling it in my joints especially in my shoulders. This has been very informative thanks Dave

  • What’s this guy have 18 inch baby guns lol. This video was supposed to help me get sleeve splitting arms ummm no. This is a babies arm workout everyone. For all of you that liked this video you must be rookies and little people.

  • At gold’s gym I usually warm up in the parking lot with heater on in the car..followed by 3 sets of waiting for the gymshark leggings girl to take her last selfies that’s going to really grow her Instagram follower count. Yeah it’s that busy

  • Brandon my workout a week is one day biceps the other day triceps the other day chest and the other day shoulders and the other day legs and cardio. What do u think i should change? Workout both biceps and triceps in one day and chest with sheoulders the other day?

  • every time I watch one of your vids I get so motivated, but then I realize you’ve been training for 15yrs…its gonna take forever to get results

  • Thanks you very much for your videos. How many set for muscle? one set of bicep curl, 10 repetition of 30-20-15 pounds how long to rest and how many set? I stated like 4 months ago and I built a gym in my garage just before corona virus and I bought most of my equipment on Walmart and Amazon, at that time it was really cheap. I highly recommend a Lat machine that is great for tricep and row, it is simple and do the job really nice. I bought for $129.99 in Amazon, now it is $359.99. Hopefully when the gyms open again iprice will be normal.here is the link. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07739ZV24/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • Never mind drop sets, tell us about that cool NASCAR looking hot rod in your garage! lol… Just kidding; great info re how much weight to drop, that piece of info is often neglected

  • When doing curls, keep your body still and just use your arms to move the weight. You are all over the place mate. Tighten up that form bro!

  • That’s pretty useless IMO for those lacking bi’sall reps done within the mid part of the range, i.e. no stretching or peak contraction

  • man I was just thinking about bicep and tricep then I go to my subscriptions and see this video. jeez the timing right? I have a question… I want to get bigger arms but I don’t want to get fat man, I don’t know what to buy to eat other than fast food and junk and shit to get 3k calories a day to gain mass. I don’t want to have to pay for someone to tell me what to get either lol can anyone help me out? how do you get your calories in without fast food and without gaining tons of fat??

  • Instead of saying, ” ‘I don’t care’ how you do it..(or whatever)”, why not reword it to, ” ‘It doesn’t matter’ how you do it..” Because if you don’t care, then neither will we. Which is too bad, since you give good content. Also, i think that you do care, otherwise why ask for a thumbs-up & subscription. Like exercise, words have power. And there are people who listen & care what you say. Besides, like your fitness tips, its not that hard to implement.

  • What’s up Brandon been following you for some time now and your one of the few sources I trust I’m trying to get a physique close to yours I’m 200lbs 15% body fat….I been trying to figure this out for sometime now please help…should I lose weight/fat and then build the muscle or should I just focus on building muscle?? is thier really such a thing as bulking and cutting and what is the correct way man please help I’m tired of spinning wheels I would gladly appreciate the knowledge bruh!! Thanks In advance!!

  • Looks like you have a lot of negative feedback so I’m sure you don’t want more. I will say bodybuilding is all about Angels and pivot points. As you curl I’m seeing about 93° to 40° with lots of swaying. I think you’d get better results lighter weight better form. Just saying

  • Lot of upper body momentum. Not a pro workout. I am a bodybuilder but never done workouts like this. Take weights light to moderate and do reps with standard posture mainly focus hitting on muscles. Why swaying and swinging?? Why so??

  • to bulk we do times 20 and to cut times 10? I mean im 200 pounds now around 12-15% bf, if i want to get bigger i would need to eat 4,000 cal and to cut i would need to eat 2,000 cal. thise numbers are a little excessive in my opinion cuz my arms went from 15 1/2 inches to 16 inches and i was eating around 3,200 cal per day. Some ppl might need more or less cal than me to see results since we are all different but i just think that if i was to eat 4,000 cal i would probably reach 20% bf real quick

  • Good advice oh, thank you. I used to do that when I was younger and then know I’ve been doing more of a tricon workout. I think I’m going to go back to the drum sets for a while even though I’m an old fart

  • Bro this video is amazing! I been getting bigger shoulder but my arms is like they hit a a dead end lol I’ll fallow your tips and see what happens.

  • Everyone saying he moves to much on his curls, actually sometimes cheat curls can be good because it allows you overload the muscle.

  • I’m a woman, multiplying my weight by 20 seems excessive. If I take in 3000 calories, I will gain fat. To me it makes more sense to multiply lean body weight by 20… Does your advice apply to women as well?

  • Kris “swings” a lot, and Lya does not. I heard, please correct me if I am wrong… that is not ok to swing, you can hurt your back!!

  • All your live streams are a day behind me. I did my shoulders and then you live streamed a shoulder workout. Yesterday I did my arms and now this. I can’t win lol