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Milo continued this strategy for the next four years, hoisting the calf onto his shoulders each day as it grew, until he was no longer lifting a calf, but a four-year-old bull. 3. The core principles of strength training and how to build muscle are encapsulated in this legendary tale of Milo and the bull. Strength Training: The Core Principles.

Greece was perhaps the earliest adapter of strength training; they integrated swimming, javelin throwing, and jumping into their cultural practices. In the 6th century, Milo of Croton was claimed as an iconic character of physical strength when it was rumored that he carried a full-grown bull across the city and to his home. Growing up in Greece, Milo had always admired the Greco-wrestlers training in Croton. They were universally admired by the townspeople, possessed unbelievable strength and had bodies carved out of granite. Milo’s admiration for such men was so strong that from a young age he made the decision to become just like them.

But the real story of Milo Began in Ancient Greece. In the 6th Century BC there was a wrestler from the city of Croton in the South of Greece. Milo was a six time athletic victor at the Ancient Olympic Games held every four years, he won the boys title and then the men’s title for 20 years. There was a great Greek wrestler, Milo of Croton, who would defeat opponents with his crushing embrace during matches. He claimed to have gained this strength by carrying a calf every day.

As the calf grew heavier Milo progressively grew stronger. You don’t need to buy a calf to grow stronger, but you do need to follow in Milo’s footsteps. “The secret of getting things done is to act!” Dante Alighieri I have adopted the name Milo of Croton from an ancient Greek olympic wrestler. It is a name synonymous with strength and will power, and the personification of progressive overloada vital ingredient for successful self improvement.

Milo lived in southern Italy over 2000 years ago. As a boy and then a man, he was an Olympic wrestling champion 6 times in ancient Greece. He also won at the Pythian Games 7 times, at the Isthmian Games 10 times and at the Nemean Games 9 times.

Milo’s strength was legendary. A new calf was born near Milo. I’ve mentioned the myth of Milo several times on my old website, GUS, but I was inspired to go into it in-depth by a short entry on the website Health and Fitness History, a very good website which explores just what its name relates.In this entry on the history of strength training, there is a brief description of the Milo of Croton legend.

Croton(e) is a small town in Southern Italy, which was also a Greek colony in the ancient times (6 th century BC). The town was known for producing excellent athletes who dominated the Olympiad. The last big name of Croton was the best renowned wrestler in antiquity named Milo.Milo of Croton was an Olympic winner six times in a row.. He also won many other prestigious athletic titles.

Milo of Croton, Milo also spelled Milon, (flourished 6th century bce), Greek athlete who was the most renowned wrestler in antiquity.His name is still proverbial for extraordinary strength. A greatly honoured native of Croton (now Crotone, Calabria), an Achaean Greek colony in southern Italy, Milo led the Crotoniate army to victory over the Sybarites (Greeks from Sybaris, also in southern.

List of related literature:

Although Milo of Crotona is viewed by many as the father of modern weight training, in fact he was doing something completely different.

“A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth: How to Treat Your Injuries with Powerful Healing Secrets of the Great Chinese Warrior” by Tom Bisio
from A Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth: How to Treat Your Injuries with Powerful Healing Secrets of the Great Chinese Warrior
by Tom Bisio
Atria Books, 2009

Many strength coaches love to tell the story of Milo of Croton to illuminate the merits of progressive overload.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Lifting more and more weight caused an overload on Milo’s muscles and helped make him strong and fit.

“Fitness for Life: Middle School-2nd Edition” by Corbin, Chuck B., Le Masurier, Guy, Lambdin, Dolly
from Fitness for Life: Middle School-2nd Edition
by Corbin, Chuck B., Le Masurier, Guy, Lambdin, Dolly
Human Kinetics, 2017

Lifting more and more \ weight caused an over> load on Milo’s muscles ‘ and helped make him (“Q strong and fit.

“Fitness for Life: Middle School” by Charles B. Corbin, Guy C. Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin
from Fitness for Life: Middle School
by Charles B. Corbin, Guy C. Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin
Human Kinetics, 2007

Milo was not intimidated by his training; therefore, he trained as just another part of his daily activities.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
by Gray Cook
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2003

Sometime in the final years with Milo, Calvert had lost interest in the whole notion of lifting weights for good health.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
by Randy Roach
AuthorHouse, 2008

And Randall Strossen’s Milo (a name with York connections) publishes the same kinds of articles on strength athletes that made Strength & Health so appealing several decades ago.

“Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell” by John D. Fair
from Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell
by John D. Fair
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

In contrast, Milo of Croton was renowned for his unbelievable strength, which was developed by lifting a growing calf over his head every day of his life according to myth.

“Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance” by Thomas F. Cash
from Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance
by Thomas F. Cash
Elsevier Science, 2012
from ancient times when Milo would each day lift a growing young calf, demanding more from the muscle each day has been a basic principle of resistance training.

“High-performance Sports Conditioning” by Bill Foran
from High-performance Sports Conditioning
by Bill Foran
Human Kinetics, 2001

You see, as sure as the calf was growing, so was Milo’s strength and stamina.

“Jon Courson's Application Commentary: Volume 3, New Testament (Matthew Revelation)” by Jon Courson
from Jon Courson’s Application Commentary: Volume 3, New Testament (Matthew Revelation)
by Jon Courson
Thomas Nelson, 2004

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  • In the 19th century people used barbell with hollow globes at the ends.
    They could put a little bit more sand in the containers each day and at the same
    time try to get more reps. That sounds about as efficient way to
    progress as possible.

  • This is so much more productive than many of these videos bashing fitness/bodybuilding pros, keep this kind of stuff flowing, much appreciated

  • Those pictures you showed of Bill Pearl were taken in the 1960s when he was on D-BOL. If you look at pictures of Bill Pearl from the 1950s he noticely smaller. You should have showed pictures of John Grimek from the 1940s

  • Muscles don’t just respond to tension. They respond to tension, metabolic stress, and damage. A sweet-spot of these factors likely exists that maximizes hypertrophy, and the ideal combination might differ between individuals.

  • i told the tale of Milo to one of my college buddies during college. I told the story and said at the end verbatim: “Do you know what happened to Milo?…..He got big as fuck.” Now he wants to name of his sons Milo as a middle name

  • I read somewhere that Arnold used to take dianobol like they were skittles without measuring dosages. Did he use any other anabolics or fat burning drugs?

  • The reason is their energetic lifestyle, lack of gluttony, and wrestling. Sparta was especially known for their obsession with becoming strong, so much infact that the women specifically exercised to nourish a healthy child, which did also come with more rights than Athenian women. It’s paradise, a city that involves around physical activity. As for Athens, wrestling and the same amount of available food, despite lacking weights, wrestling required moderate strength. Really, if we want to become more like the Ancient Greeks (in my case literally, I’m Greek), we have to abide to our old lifestyle, with less gluttony and more physical activity, and no I don’t mean “Yoga” or walking more, I mean lifting, wrestling, anything that will make us stronger as humans.

  • They ate clean. No greasy foods and where always on the go. Training and fucking. So yes. I believe they trained the body but clearly didn’t whack that weasel

  • Jason, could you make a video on Marc Lobliner Comes Clean About His Natty Status
    Unless i missed something in the video he is saying he is only on trt and hgh

  • If you have most of your life a healthy diet, exercise or worked hard like back then,you sure would have a strong good looking body.
    Being lazy back then meant you are a 0 and you got a 0

  • What would be “better” overload in this example?

    ex: doing 1 more rep in each usual 4 sets of 12, or doing 1 more equal set (5th) of 12?

    Regards, Jason

  • And what the guy who made this video failed to meantion that people like Eugen Sandow built their bodies to the point THEY actually replicated the look of the greek statues there by proven the Greels could have gotten those physiques

  • I always believe that if you are not strong in those times you were not able to reproduce and that’s why they were built like that, like their hard worker fit parents…

  • I had read somewhere that the sculptors had probably used some of the laborers that worked in the marble quarries as their models for the muscular male statues of the past; makes sense, since these guys would have been lifting, pushing and pulling very heavy objects during most of the day for a living, which would make them muscular. Apparently, the ancient artists only chose from the best physiques. Not sure if this is true though, just something that I had read once upon a time.

  • sounds alot like max-ot program from ast. used that program for the better part of my training yrs. I got incredibly strong, but found higher volume works better for aesthetic goals.

  • Fitness was a huge part of their culture. The two things that the Ancient Greeks highly valued was knowledge and physical fitness. Which is why the Olympics were invented.

  • One thing this video forgets to take into account is genetics and natural selection, like Darwin said, survival of the fittest. Technology of today has afforded us to increase our numbers at the risk of inferior quality of humans.
    It’s no wonder that we have so many beta males running around today, with the potential of reproducing and further weakening the species.
    Only wars and pestilences are the remaining factors that weaned out the weak and feeble out of the herd.

  • Mesomorphs with great genetics. All food was organic back then. Bodyweight exercises and isometrics have been instinctively done by physical men way before Charles Atlas.

  • The Greeks had to do incredibly hard training especially the soldiers. They were constantly moving and doing incredible fits of strength

  • As someone from Africa I have to disagree with you. I have seen 18 year olds who work in labour intensive areas built like a Greek god. For example people who work in mines or farmers. Without Technology or cattle for farm work, it requires a lot of heavy lifting known as the farmers walk which can and will turn you into a Greek god. This is from what I know and from what I saw

  • oh my god.. you are preaching the exact same thing as all these “fake gurus”. Its progressive overload with a weight you can handle. Thats what that whole milo story is about, progressively overloading and getting stronger/bigger over time.

  • about thier penisses small
    my one is same size as this ones on sculptures..but thats not in erection
    in erection is one more time 13-14 cm wich is awarge

    small penises cann be longer few times in erection when ”big ones” get just hard..:)

  • You’re wrong about the light weights not allowing for muscle growth. Professor Attila created his light weight system based on the Ancient Greek aesthetic, Sig Klein and Eugene Sandow both used this and gained strength and muscle composition.

  • Good presentation in your video however I totally disagree with your findings. Research Eugen Sandow. He proved the Greek ideal was possible and wholy achievable.

  • I took multiple history classes, and you are right. The Greeks believed in idealism, some people may have looked this this, but the majority of people didn’t. These sculptures were exaggerated. They got the idea from people who did look this this, but a lot of the time, the model for the sculpture didn’t look as ripped as this. Sometimes there was no model also, again since the Greeks believed in idealism, they wanted to create the perfect figure, which was tall, ripped, had curly hair, and was young, in their teens. It would have been really hard to find someone with those specific qualities. That was the ideal image that Greeks wanted, they were more concerned with idealism than realism. People here are saying false information with no previous knowledge of the subject. I actually would have thought the same, but I took some classes to gain some knowledge, I would not have commented with a lack of knowledge though.

  • What about metabolic stress doesn’t it cause hypotrophy and build muscle,so you can build muscle with high reps with the right diet and cosistensy

  • Milo, as he was young would have grown bigger Anyway, even without the bull. But imagine if Milo started at 30yo and carried a baby bull for years until the bull got big.. do you think Milo would have grown too? Or would he just have gotten stronger but not bigger with real muscles? After his natural growth was reached, at 30, as an example… would it have made any difference to carry the bull?

  • The small penises in statues is for modesty there were also statues with penises in the size of their legs for those who worshiped lusty goda

  • this is irrelevant Jason, but I been watching most your videos back to back and you said you had 18 inch arms I’m not calling u out on it just curious what exercises do u use to train arms, because I been training my arms 3 times a week for 3 years and its no where near 18 inches

  • People often forget how much genetics plays a role. If you go to countries in west Africa you will see men who look like they were training for years, but there not and they often have diets that lack of a lot of the nutrients that you are expected to take to build muscle.

  • Dude it’s the mind muscle connection. When will people learn that they can even get ripped by merely using 15 lb dumbells and eating clean and being more active.

  • You should do a little more research…And by “little more” I mean A LOT MORE. Obviously not all Greeks were jacked but the ones that could actually train (see the rich 1%) of course they were and they did use progressive overload (as Milo’s story depicts). Dumbbells were hardly their main equipment!

  • Dude have you been to the army? No weights. Push ups, pull ups and various core strengthening exercises plus logs etc. You can accomplish this body type by using your own body weight. Just imagine that a hoplite body armour was weighting approximately 30kg and they were wearing bit while fighting, I thinking that would require some muschles.

  • Great video, I’ll be implement this progression in my workouts (going up to the 10 sets and then add 2,5kg/5lbs to each side of the barbbell)

  • Documentaries of greek human physique that I’ve seen said they did not want to show a “penis” cause it shows the lack of what they originally wanted to shoe off… the human male physique/body/muscles. The guy that made this video seems alittle gay..

  • Are y crazy. Why are you even making a video about this. We have hypertrophy training and strength they mabe did 100 reps with 9 kilos dumbells.Dah

  • Jason, me and a friend have been doing your novice ICF routine since the beginning. What’s the next step for us? and everyone else in the same position as we are.

  • I like the symmetry that your advice talks about adding 10% to the bar once you’ve converted 5 reps to 10, and also the Likes on this video are 10% of the views.
    I’m going to give your advice some thought. I’ve been doing these pendlay rows for 20 reps like a fool.

  • I am familiar with Croton and its connections to Greece. No wonder so much effigies relating to Greek culture is always represented by muscular statues.

  • That’s really interesting and informative. Thanks for giving us these type of valuable Info.
    So to get stronger progressive overload is necessary.

  • +JuggernautFitnessTV Hi I’m running your 5×5 novice program but I have a question.In workout B there is CGBP or dips to choose but i really want to do both because i did calisthenics recently before this program and really like dips.What should I do please?

  • jason can you combine your idea of hitting a 5-10 rm and then taking off 10% of the weight and do 2 more reps and do that until fatigue for extra volume work?

  • The most interesting part was where you reduced the value of reduced rest times. Damn! That destroyed a lot books, routines, personal trainers, articles etc.

    One good examples was a routine I have found effective in the past. The 4 day full body routine found in Big Beyond Belief. Would it make sense to avoid any routine where the rest periods go below 90 seconds? Is there a rest period below which it becomes negative, does that change for isolation vs compound movements, what about rest-pause?

  • Jason, can we mention that the studies also show that there is a negligible difference in size gained between low reps and heavy weight and high reps moderate weight? The difference being that going purely for strength and size against muscular endurance and size. As a practitioner of both my only complaint is the pain threshold you have to endure for high reps to get to failure. Unfortunately my job requires I don’t gas out in seconds of work. But either way works well if you’re disciplined.

  • Jason are you making a third program? I ran your 2 programs and my body is used to it…… Any twists I can do to either program if you’re not making a third? Mix them both up? Run them both together?

  • I notice that every weight lifting magazine is about doing unrealistic routines of pro bodybuilders of the past with decades of training who are also on heavy amounts of drugs to recover, and people get fooled into doing these routines thinking this is what they should be doing. Probably the guy isn’t giving away his routine anyway, just laughing at you for believing it

  • 123 it is called a grower and the ancient greeks prefferred smaller penis sizes…. but that does not mean that those penises are small….. evolution??? men in modern times like big women becasue the butts are bigger and somtiems even the breasts are bigger… this is why…. it is not becasue she has a body that can successfully make a child….

  • With what everyone is already saying on comments, I just wanna add the fact that, also, the levels of testosterone then wasn’t like it is now. Now testosterone has reached the bottom, however, then, they were hitting the roof. (I’m just saying it, but it cannot not be true.)

  • Ngl that’s bs you can do 300 push ups a day and you’d be jacked in 3 months high reps do build muscle ask any prison inmate ever those mf are HUGE

  • That poor bull. You know at first he protested. “What the hell is this motherGet off me. You sunuva-” But eventually he’d just calm down. “This dude’s just gonna keep on with this. Ain’t he? Y’know, it’s not so bad being carried around everywhere.” And then he slaughters him? “Yeah, I could get used to this. Oh, he’s putting me down now. Just as I was starting to like it. Hey man. What are you doing with that axe? C’mon, it’s me. Bull. Hey man. Just take it easy! Hey! NO! NOOOOO!” And thereby Milo was responsible for the world’s most confused bull and his day of incredible ups and downs.

  • Also the medium height of a greek Man was about 163 cm, consider that genes where pretty the same at that time because the ones that were raffigurated in statues were the aristocratic ones

  • I agree not all Greeks looked liked those statues, but somebody had to look like that to create that image. Because how else could they have been so precise with details only from imagination?

  • Jason, what about increasing training frequency as progressive overload? Thanks man really informative channel, always thumbs up before watching!:)

  • What do you think of 5,3,1 warm up sets, and then as working set do 5 reps, lower 10%, do 6 reps, then lower weight 10%, do 8 reps?

  • In my opinion the reason is because there wasnt much to do back then so the main thing was building your body but now people have work and have technology

  • You build muscle by destroying your muscles, could be with high reps, and high weight. There’s no Goldy locks progression zones, 6-12 reps is a joke. The Greeks ate a balance diet rich in carbs, fats, and proteins mind you nothing was processed back then. Today’s world everything is processed in a package….. If you eat a balance healthy diet grass fed beef, pastor raised meats organic produce stop eating process foods. Exercise everyday destroy your muscles by either lifting heavy or doing high reps aka until you physically can’t bear to lift. Don’t count your reps it’s nonsense, if you’re filling bored at home don’t beinge eat do push-ups sit-ups and squats. Take a multi vitamin, don’t drink out of plastic, eat your fats esspecaly if you’re a male it raises your testosterone levels. Try not to thinking about stressful things it raises Cort levels aka fat building hormone. Remember it’s a life style, and we only get one so make it your best.

  • God’s aren’t human, devine features that are out of this world no flaws like humans, come to reality people you are ugly, if you look like that as a child you’re going to look the same as you will older, a leopard never changes his spots

  • ΜΙΛΟΝ Ο ΚΡΟΤΩΝΙΑΤΗΣ the greek hraklhs no2 ΜΙΛΟΝ is the god of step by step muscle power to push up more kilos ΜΙΛΟΝ EAT TO DAY 28.000 KCALORIES……

  • You forgot one important thing….they where always most of times at war…thus, marching and carrying equipment for long periods of time…and also, they kinda trained a lot for fighting, hence the physiques.

  • What differs the greek physique from the current gym physique, is that they had much thicker/wider arms, back, shoulders and chunky/wider core, all that on what would be considered a moderate to high bf nowdays, while gym physique is too focused on V tapper and low bf, small waist line and bigger chest IMO looks feminine, specially the chest, if you pay attention to the statue from the thumbnail, the pecs almost look like 2 extra big packs from the abs

  • Just like in today’s society, there were ultra rich Greeks who dedicated all of their time to building their bodies. They had gyms, spas, saunas, etc. They ate extremely well and had plenty of leisure time. This video is extremely inaccurate!

  • agree, this is a great way to progress. I do this now. Even if I can only add 1 rep to the FIRST set, and all later sets are the same..that’s still progression. Then the next week add that rep to the second set, yada yada. It works.

    You don’t even have to do it EVERY workout can throw in some different rep schemes inbetween. But it’s a great way to progress instead of trying to just add weight to the bar every workout or every other workout. Slow progress seems to be more sustainable, I think.

  • The greeks sculture are not idealistic. It is possible watch martial artist and greco romanian wrestlers today. They are not all shredded but their bodies are similar to greek sculptures.

  • Jason, That’s what Bob Hoffman and his cronies called “Double Progression” cause both weight and reps progressed. I wish that someone had explained both that and resets to me when I was just starting out. I’d add 5 pounds—or 2.5 pounds and I even tried 1.25 pounds ac couple times—every week until the week came that I couldn’t get my reps…Then I’d get discouraged and miss 2 or 3 workouts and then I’d go back to the starting weight and start over—since I’d obviously done something wrong….Then I was constantly changing my routine around. Any strength gains seemed incidental to my training. This is from 6th Grade through my Junior year of High School…..RVM45

  • What is your best tip if i wanna get big arms if im on a intermediate strenght program? Dont question why i want big arms just answer if you know and want to:)

  • We’ve Fallen pretty far from Grace LOL. Every time I hear somebody think that it was just imagination and people were actually real small back then, I just shake my head. If people didn’t look like that they wouldn’t have known about it right? How would they know what popping veins and muscle striations in all the individual various hard to get muscles in the back. I’ve lifted for a very long time and I promise you those muscles are not easy to get at least for men nowadays. To know all those muscle groups existed those guys must have been really ripped.

  • Back than man had higher testosterone levels thus more muscle mass genetically.
    Today with sedentary lifestyle and low test levels man are just flabby weak versions of their ancestors.

  • Would I be able to increase my deadlift from 120 kg to 180 until the middle of June? I’m on your 5×5 program, obviously there are too many variables for you to say over the Internet if I will be able, I’m just asking if this is a realistic goal, I sleep 8-9 hours a day, and have a good diet, plus I’m still on my noob gains on the deadlift lift

  • Hey bro can we follow same workout like milo of croton because we have a calf.. And tell me what type of exercise we can do with our calf. Plzzz dont ignore me plzzzz bro plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz make video on my topic plzzzzz plzzzz

  • This kind of dumbell were used to do jump, a 5 repeat jump with both legs. So it wasn’t used as our actual dumbbells. But peoples were training wrestling, pankration, running and military sword fighting. There were caring sandbags and rocks so able to have such strong body. Not a bodybuilder body but more a wrestler, mmartist body.

  • Jason, your views on the old school diet then? Surely they weren’t as meticulous and obsessed about their diet as people are today about macros? Such as finding out the specific amount of carbs and fats they required. Or were they? Are you going to cover that as well?

  • Well in ancient Greece they had a concept of progressive gymnastics
    they also invented calisthenics
    Of course the statues weren’t just like the real greeks but the greeks surely weren’t underfed or had no muscle

  • So anyone really had that kind of body… oh wow, then, when the time machine is invented, I’ll travel to the Ancient Greece and they will worship me as a god:v

  • How did they exactly know how a chiseled human body looks like if one of them never had such body in the first place. I call this bullshit. They obviously had people who did intense work training to have a body like that.

  • Let’s be real people in Scotland have been picking up massive stone boulders for hundreds of years you think the Greeks weren’t doing exercises like that.

  • Do you really think that its an impossible feat that they would have used bigger weights, really? And also dont know why you think they were trying to survive

  • The best system for building mass. The old stand -by is best. 3 sets 8-12 reps is best. 5 reps is a little too low. Pick 5 exercises. Whole-body work-out every third day is best. Very simple. I keep coming back to it. And it is indeed the best. Don’t fall for fancy routines. Stay basic and simple. Only add weight when you can do 3 sets of 12 reps. Then drop back to 3 sets 8 reps or so. That is the magic of the over-load principle that works so good.

  • I have to comment on the Greek statues. Scientists are now convinced that the classic sculptures were actually real-life athletes whose bodies were used to create plaster casts, so the greeks did indeed achieve these kinds of physiques with their methods. Here is a quote and a link:

    “For years, classical Greek sculpture was believed to be a perfectionist fantasy an impossible ideal, but we now think a number of the exquisite statues from the 5th to the 3rd Centuries BC were in fact cast from life a real person was covered with plaster, and the mould created was then used to make the sculpture.”


  • On a 3×5 would I structure the rep PR on my first set? If i go all out on my first set, how will I be able to get all my volume in the following?

  • this video is very stupid not going to lie who says they worked out like we do today you forgot about alot of key points do you really think they could find out how defined a person back, chect, abs can be by imagining it oviously not you also forgot about body weight excercises and even just sparring as a greek solider they way they were trained and eveything i believe most of them had buffed bodies(like the greek gods)

  • Is there a particular book you like on the history of lifting? Not sure where you got info about methods from ancient Greece evolving into Russian techniques, etc.

  • It’s funny how u refer to this story while talking about how progressive overload doenst work. U basically state that getting stronger is not progressive overload

  • well i have read that eugene sandow took mesures of greek statues and trained to get his body like those statues he was the first person to set a measurement as a goal so he was the close body to those statues

  • The Russians learned from Paul Anderson. He started the heavy squatting to supplement the weightlifting making it possible to squat clean and squat snatch heavier weights. Before that they did the split clean and snatch.

  • wine in ancient times was much less potent than today, it was produced and consumed because there often wasn’t potable water available. Similarly if he truly did carry a bull it would not be like a modern heifer, it would be similar to a smaller ligher wild animal for a comparison horses in those days were too small and weak to ride and that is why chariots pulled by several horses were used instead, it would take centuries of selective breeding to produce horses large and strong enough to carry an adult wearing heavy armor. And the same is true for cattle.

  • This has to be a troll of course the entire populations are not huge but even amongst these so called malnourished villagers there are some jacked people you clearly basing your information of what the media portrays and cherry-picking your info you sound like a clown from the gear weapons try swinging a Viking sword or moving blocks for pyramids you would be yolked too ��

  • Hypertrophy does NOT only happen in rep ranges of 6 to 20 and does NOT require large weights. Go back to Eugene Sandow, the guy who first put the words “body” and “building” together. He actually visited those statues and measured them and developed the exercises to match them. And he succeeded. He recommended weights in the 20 pound range for body building.

    Now get up to date and go watch a Jeff Cavalier video. He’ll tell you about metabolic workouts for muscle gains.

  • I am a greek my self, yet I believe we should not glorify spartan/ancient greek methods or even believe they look like their marble counterparts.

    As a matter of fact we should resist the temptation to glorify ANY ancient training method no matter if it comes from Greece (sparta), India (gama etc), japan or from where ever.

    Those people knew only 1% of what we know now about exercise, nutrition, recuperation etc.
    Furthermore, they had very limited equipment that not only reflected but also perpetuated their lack of knowledge.

    Last, I believe that all ancient, modern and even contemporary civilizations overexaggerated TREMENDOUSLY the feats of their local heroes. Spartans were not like greek sculptures just like today’s gym goers are not like anime characters. Samurais did not cut arrows with their halberds, strongman of old did not lift 2000 pounds with one arm above their head and aikido masters did not disarm 4 riflemen. It is all myths perpetuated by their impressable, naive followers.

    If those claims and results were real we should have observed them more and more often as time goes and, as a matter of fact, see them surpassed. It is no coincidence that those claims and impressive feats stop being mentioned when we enter the era of raw data and proof (photos, sanctioned tournaments, video cameras, televised fights etc).

  • i agree that it could be possible that they might have not been as built as they portray themselves in the sculptures, but look at prison inmates they are built…..

  • But does this method last in the longrun without plateaus? What about the Laws of acomedation and changing the exercises frequently???

  • what do u do when progressive overload starts to stall out though and plateau essentially. I dnt wanna have to keep eating more and more all the time and gain 10lbs to bench 20 lbs more.

  • This is kinda stupid. Lots of old poems described rowers have having massive V tapers from their lat development. Stone lifting was a thing. And training with weapons such as swords, maces and hammers acted like leverage resulting in a much stronger and more developed forearm and shoulder than those today.

  • Jason, can you do an informational vid or anything that can help someone from getting well much faster from mononucleosis, if you have anything scientific on antivirals, could be anything, for those who train this sickness ist he devil itself, thx

  • there where no steroids back then so they trained hard i mean they created the olympic games they knew aesthetic how can you imagine muscles that you never seen but they exist calves forearms etc i mean its like 2020 made every muscle is on point and exists hellenes amazing country and race creators of everything

  • Exactly, the so called ‘sculptures’ we built in around 16-18 century and were based on pure imagination and whatever evidence artists had of the greeks.

  • My body is similar to the Greek statues because I eat the traditional diet of legumes grains and vegetables that ancient peoples ate mostly. Roman gladiators ate barley and beans predominantly.

  • weren’t the old school lifters also athletic back in the day as well. like they were able to do gymnastics maneuvers and whatnot…