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FULL BODY FUNCTIONAL TRAINING | Improve your Core, Lower back, Shoulder strength and stability.

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How To Power Clean More

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This Exercise CAUSES Hernias (IT’S VERY POPULAR!)

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3 Effective Power Clean Alternatives Sit your hips back and bend your knees while swinging your arms behind your body. Improve. The power clean is championed as the explosive exercise par excellence by numerous athletes and sports conditioning and fitness experts however, as Patrick Dale says there are more ways to skin the proverbial cat as he provides some great alternatives to the power clean.

As we mentioned, the different types of fat you can carry in your body play a large role in body composition. To dramatically improve body composition, a good place to start is with fat. Reducing fat mass is good for a number of reasons: it helps you to get smaller, places less strain on your body and internal organs, and build up muscle. Kettlebell exercise is an alternative to performing functional power and strength exercises (Otto et al., 2012; Williams and Kraemer, 2015), and like RCT, it has been used to improve both aerobic capacity/power and maximal and explosive strength in physical fitness and sport performance facilities (Chan et al., 2018; Eckert and Snarr, 2016. Your body composition is made up of fat mass and fat-free mass.

You can improve it by decreasing body fat, increasing muscle or both. Any of these changes will lead to a decrease in your body fat. If you’re training for improved body composition, Olympic lifts are a great tool.

Use them in complexes at the end of workouts – you can develop muscle while jacking up your metabolism to accelerate fat loss. No matter how advanced you are as a lifter, you have to use caution before training with Oly lifts. Make sure you can pass the tests of. It should: The perks of eating clean include improved cognitive function, increased energy, decreased digestive symptoms, and more.

But to see benefits like those, Body composition improvements will begin to become even more visible with an increase in fat loss, metabolic rate, muscle mass, and tone. Power clean benefits include the ability to develop explosive strength, build muscle mass and that’s just the beginning! This page explains exactly what this full body exercise has to offer.

But first, it’s important to note that power cleans are a little tricky to get the hang of. So I strongly advise you to study. By the time you complete a working set of power cleans you’ll be out of breath, sweating, and your heart rate will be through the roof.

This creates the perfect fat-burning environment. 3. Improved Posture. Many exercises like power cleans are considered to be functional exercises. 3×6: 80% 1RM: Week 4: Hang Clean: 4×3: 85% 1RM: Back/Front Squats with accommodating resistance: 4×6: 75% 1RM with bands: Week 5: Realization Phase.

Peak power. Intensity can be based on sport demands: Hang Clean: 4×2: 90% 1RM: Squats (Front or Back) 4×5: 90% 1RM – complete as fast as possible: Alternative Lifts: Deadlifts, Hang Snatch.

List of related literature:

The second part of a good cleansing program is rebuilding healthy tissue and restoring body energy.

“How to be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist: Herbal Traditions Expert Formulations” by Linda Page
from How to be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist: Herbal Traditions Expert Formulations
by Linda Page
BNI, 1998

REDUCING TOXINS IN YOUR HOME AND FOOD The first step to achieving a clean body is to reduce your exposure to other environmentaltoxins in your home and food.

“Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor's Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin” by Trevor Cates
from Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor’s Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin
by Trevor Cates
Fair Winds Press, 2017

External exercises such as running create acidity in the body and burn large amounts of vital nutrients from the tissues, while internal exercises such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung can actually conserve nutrients while helping to alkalize the tissues of the body.

“The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health” by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
from The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health
by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
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Many of these postures improve digestion and absorption, and elimination, thus cleansing and nourishing tissues (including the skin), while toning the body, improving posture, and harmonizing movement.

“Ayurvedic Beauty Care: Ageless Techniques to Invoke Natural Beauty” by Melanie Sachs
from Ayurvedic Beauty Care: Ageless Techniques to Invoke Natural Beauty
by Melanie Sachs
Motilal Banarsidass, 2002

gans, and eliminating dirty compounds through urination and perspiration.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
from Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach
by Henry B. Lin
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Improvement is the muscle behind the Commandment of Need like iron to a workout.

“UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship” by MJ DeMarco
from UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship
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Cleansing is not only a basic principle of the Body Ecology Diet, it is an essential life goal.

“The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity” by Donna Gates, Linda Schatz
from The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity
by Donna Gates, Linda Schatz
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Changing Body Composition There are several ways you can change your body composition.

“The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day” by Denis Wilson
from The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day
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For more on incorporating heavy metal detox into your 3:6:9 Cleanse, see Chapter 21, “Cleanse Adaptations and Substitutions.”

“Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys
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You can alter body composition by changing your diet and exercise, but these two should be considered together when making changes.

“Advanced Sports Nutrition” by Dan Benardot
from Advanced Sports Nutrition
by Dan Benardot
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Thanks for the dope content coach. You’re my favorite person to watch/get tips from when I’m in the gym since you train like an athlete.

  • Doesn’t the dumbell hit the bench unless you spread out further? I tried this and I kept having to move my arm a bit out as I pulled in.

  • The 21st century plague sugar, processed foods and sedentary lifestyle.
    Lack of nutritional education in schools from an early age is the main cause of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
    It costs taxpayers around the world billions of dollars in medical bills.
    The main parties contributing and benefiting from human suffering are: unscrupulous food manufactures, multinational pharmaceutical companies, misinformed and dishonest medical practitioners. The scientific evidence of benefits from intermittent fasting and carbohydrate restriction exists for at least 50 years, but is ignored by government regulatory institutions. Fortunately this is begin to change thanks to people like Professor Jeff Volek, Dr Mercola and many other honest whistleblowers.

  • Great stuff! I love using bands to teach pistol squats, bands are great for helping people learn and progress with body weight exercises. KBs are also easy to throw in car and take to clients, I am offering that a lot now in Days of the virus.

  • Why are they not changing the Dietary guidelines?? Is it because the drug companies wants sick people, inorder to thrive.? Are they in cahoots withe FDA or
    big food companies?

  • wouldn’t it be better to keep the knee bent on the bench, one hand on the bench, straight back, the extended leg close to the bench instead of stretched to the outside,, and then pull the dumbell more toward the hip joint, keeping everything close as possible to a center line? PS 7 hernias, worst one from a rock climbing fall of 900 feet to a hard landing. Still lifting weight, preparing for the first serious climb in 25 years.

  • I did this 2 hours ago:

    From 1 to 10
    • Power clean
    • Burpees facing the bar
    • 100 mtrs Row

    I ended up finishing the 8th round and then left the gym. It fucked me so bad that I couldn’t finish it in time. Before that I did heavy snatches, bad idea for sure.
    Love the editing in your videos!

  • Dont fuck with hernias. When you get a bad one, you have electricity going down your leg at random. Almost impossible to sleep. Do everything to avoid one. It could set you back for months if not years, if you do get one.

  • Correct ketogenic approach is best and is sustainable, as you are less hungry with healthy fats… Just after WWII, the first warning were being reported in the news about the Refined-Carbohydrate Disease. Interestingly: In the 1930’s, food scientists realized that refined grains were not providing enough nutrients. Consumers, particularly children, were developing symptoms of malnutrition. (Irony 1) Thus, grain enrichment and fortification became standard. References to “The Saccharine Disease” started in 1956.The FDA, AMA have failed…Simple… The AMA (the most powerful lobby in Washington) and NIH have failed the patient… Physicians have abandoned the nutritional approach to patient diagnostics and medicine, simply because they are not trained in nutrition. A key part of the Hippocratic Oath… “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure… “, has been forgotten …
    70 Going On 100.

  • At around 33.00 re: Saturated Fat. I have to give credit to Dr Malcolm Kendrick 2007 BMA meeting in Leeds. (Still on YouTube) Who showed there was no correlation between saturated fat intake and heart disease. His talk was mainly about ‘The Cholesterol Con’ Stopped looking at low fat products as a healthy choice as a result. With knowledge from here and Dr. Stephen Phinney will be attempting to go low carb now.

  • it’s hard to believe that people are still falling for this siren song. Sure, telling people what they want to hear beef, butter, bacon and brie are health foods is immensely profitable. Atkins became fabulously rich because of it. However, how rational is it for the rest of us to ignore the scientific evidence?

    ‘Overall, the analysis using data from the survey found that those who consumed the least amount of carbs were 32 percent more likely to die prematurely from any cause. This was in comparison with participants who ate the most carbs.

    Also, low carb consumers were 51 percent more likely to die from coronary heart disease, 50 percent more likely to die from cerebrovascular disease, and 35 percent more likely to die of cancer. The associations were strongest among older, non-obese people.

    These results were replicated in the meta-analysis, which found that the overall risk of death from any cause was 15 percent higher in people who consumed the least amount of carbs, the risk of cardiovascular death was 13 percent higher, and that of dying of cancer was 8 percent higher.’


  • So how much carbs should we be eating? For someone who avoids junk foods, exercises, is healthy with a low BMI, does this still apply? Should healthy people cut out carbs?

  • All the studies apply to male genetics. What is the effect on women? I need to know this as following guidelines for men could be totally wrong for women both menstruating and post menopausal?

  • Thanks! I had surgery 5 weeks ago and it was from crazy ab workout that I did because it caused me pain, thinking pain=progress. Anyway, just thinking your rows should be done facing the bench, with a hand on it. That way, the bench doesn’t get in the way and you are completely symmetrical. Love your videos.

  • Good luck telling people to eat low carb. Everybody loves their carbs even if they know it’s not good for them. I have been a nutritionist and personal trainer for a long time and I usually recommend the ketogenic or LCHF approach, but the compliance is very low amongst my clients. I feel like I should add psychiatrist to my resume as well.

  • Awesome workout. Thanks for sharing and cinematically connecting your videos. Makes me want to tune in even more as you grow a series (potentially) ��.

  • I”m not religious but “God Bless”! thank you so much folks for spreading the word on HFatLowCarb…

    and to all those vegans… I’ve lost 60 lbs feel great etc. etc. on this…. sure if I could sustain a vegan diet i’d consider it but statistics show it ain’t the answer for me and the masses of over weight folks around the world… it just isn’t

  • LDL come in two forms. The Fluffy A, beneficial ones that help transporting nutrients to the brain. The Bead like B LDL, have the destructive effect.

  • 12:30 “Ketones allowed us to develop big brains”
    A Google scholar search yields: Your search “Ketones allowed us to develop big brains” did not match any articles
    “Ketones caused big brains”
    Your search “Ketones caused big brains” did not match any articles.
    “Ketones caused brains”
    Your search “Ketones caused brains” did not match any articles…
    And without the quotation marks you find no scientific literature remotely related to the above claim…

  • Robert Mitchener describes in his novel HAWAII how the Hawaiians prepared for travel by eating less and less until they could go for weeks without eating very much. They did/could not carry much with them. Always wondered about the process. Seems so plausible now. Hope I am remembering correctly read the book about 30 years ago. Brilliant, will take it on my next holiday!

  • Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuj6nxCDBZ0 Ivor Cummins, an engineer, who studied LCHF for his own health issues. Excellent presentation of the scientific facts.

  • I NEED surgery for my groin hernia. But thanks to liberal democrat Gov. Cooper who extended the closings and the damned Chinese, I cannot get my surgery now as NEEDED. Cape Fear Medical laid off 300 medical workers because elective surgeries are NOT being done. I DO NOT vote for democrats in the 1st place. I will NEVER vote for a democrat even if the Lord Jesus tells me to.

  • Of course over consumption of carb can’t be healthy.. but what if two groups consuming same amount of calories with different diet? 

    The study he showed at 40:31 is misleading because he is increasing the total calories consumption as he increases carb proportion. This talk is somewhat informative, but also misleading as he only compares “well planned Ketogenic diet vs over eating carb diet” 

    I might have misunderstood his talk, so if someone can give me some feedback, I would appreciate it. 


  • This episode is gonna be really hard.. for you and for the barbell:):D.. The tight bearing is it really can be suck.. BUT… you solved the problem! DAN THE MAN (Y)

  • Nah no and no cookie. I did cf for 4 years I’ve noticed more. You guys are doing rep after rep. Why aren’t you stronger than what you rep? If I unload a truck filled with 30lb boxes do I get stronger? Can I go to a 60 box truck and unload it just as fast as the 30 lb truck? The answer is no. All lifts are important in moderation and correct form. You guys preach form yet you have the worst form. Why?! You ask?! It’s because you’re neglecting the little little muscles. Preaching that this way is good isn’t good enough in todays knowledge. You need your lifting in place your food in place mindset,gear,drugs,habits,socal life, food,food and correct diet. You’re probably doing cl every two days or every week adding weight and it might feel good and perform good but in the long long run you fall short to power lifters,strongmen and even bodybuilding. I’ve seen good cfs to put everything in place and I’ve seen terrible bodybuilders who end up over benching which will break down the chest. It’s about a balance

  • What can you do to strengthen and help an existing hernia I have 3 through my job and have been waiting 3 years for a operation which got cancelled because of the virus so I will probably have to wait a few more years have just started training which does not cause it to pop out but work does

  • SECOND BEST POINT: at 29:34 where he details the inflammatory biomarkers that are improved on ketogenic diets. Many who have taken my course find this aspect the most fascinating of all. While on the ketogenic diet, their chronic back pain, or knee pain, or shoulder pain improves. When they “cheat” for a meal or two, the pain is back. How can just one cheat meal cause pain? It is because a high carbohydrate diet (in certain people such as these) leads to the systemic (body-wide) expression of inflammation through these biomarkers. But a low carb, high fat diet leads to the suppression of these inflammatory biomarkers. 

    Thanks Dr. Phinney for putting the “hard science” behind what so many report as their own “anecdotal evidence!” 

    PS sorry for the double comment.

  • There isn’t half a trillion people living on this planet never mind that many chinese with pre diabetes!!!! He must’ve been tired……Bless! @ 47.50 mins

  • Good instructional workout. This is my first time checking out your videos. You are knowledgeable and you explain the movements well. I liked and subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work and I like you enjoy fitness and helping others get healthy.

  • Great video. What do you think about the 1-arm split snatch? I been doing it with dumbbells for years after developing shoulder problems as the result of the barbell split snatch.

  • Before starting my journey 7 months ago on LCHF, my blood pressure was really high. I have lost 28 pounds. Doctor still insisted on keeping me on my high dose  BP meds. These last weeks  my BP has been dropping to 92/54. I told my doctor I REALLY think I should cut down on my meds!! She says’ You have to start eating more carbs, this is not a healthy”  Mostly because she seen Ketones in my urine  LOL I did not eat more carbs!!   
          Finally feeling so light headed and my heart feeling like it’s going to jump out of my chest, I went to Urgent care.  After that she knew I meant business and to pay attention (  Quack ) decided it would be beneficial to lower my meds:)

  • Man this video reminds me of his early YouTube videos when he was a one man army and recorded himself working out and being focused and not talkative

  • I really would like to see some good studies on ketogenic diet and weight training. Real SKD not TKD or CKD. Muscle gain possible? Loss of strength…

  • I’ve got one right now and it’s miserable…messes up everything especially sleep…feels like I been kicked in the nuts all day��

  • After how much time of the zipper pain does one develop hernia? I got the burn yesterday when i was doing lunges and I’m scared af right now that it’ll grow. Can anyone help?

  • Half a trillion people with pre-diabetes? 7 billion people in the world so I would say that is half a billion people with pre in China

  • Why isn’t this COMMON KNOWLEDGE????? I see hundreds of guys doing this exercise at the gym. How come no one told me anything until this video?? WTF

  • How about doing them without a bench? Using your opposing elbow against the knee to brace yourself? You can still keep an even stance here. Thoughts Jeff?

  • The clean has nothing to do with the bench increase. It’s the press which can be accomplished doing overhead press. And referencing crossshit in Oly moves is a joke. That is an activity that teaches bad technique to do hard movements as fast as possible. Which is a good way to get hurt.

  • You can just stand in front of bench and do it. It is how I do. Or in front of chair. Otherwise I agree it is better have both legs at ground.

  • Never had the burning zipper feeling from a single arm row, couple of times from heavy squat and a heavy deadlift… I avoid super heavy lifts now and just do a few more reps.

  • What kind of flooring is that? We’re expanding from 10,000 sf to 20,000 sf soon and your rubber floor looks different than my mats. Thx. Great video.

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!


  • I never do this exercise on a bench. I always pick up a dumbbell from a rack place my hand on the rack or another dumbbell that’s on the rack and pull, you’re legs are never stretched that much that way

  • ….ahh but the meds do not normalize anything. When someone comes up with: is it sustainable-that’s a cue that they’ll put it on a back burner. A scape goat to not going to change. Love your dedicationgreat presentation.

  • Awesome video!! I’m shopping around for a program and I think I might have just found one. Such a soothing voice to listen to, you make everything sound possible lol

  • BEST POINT: at 26:29 Dr. Volek shows the slide of improvement in biomarkers of the Metabolic Syndrome with ketogenic diets. The question I get most often is “Won’t eating large amounts of fat raise my LDL and cause heart disease?”

    The answer is this: LDL cholesterol is only ONE of about TWENTY THREE known risk factors. Your LDL may decrease, increase, or stay the same. However, the other modifiable risk factors (the ones mentioned in this slide and others) will all improve. Additionally, LDL sub typing (as in the slide) by NMR or VAP will show the LDL type has improved. 

    If I could emphasize one thing to physicians it would be this: LDL is one risk factor out of about 23. Evaluating multiple, relevant risk factors might perhaps give a more comprehensive picture of a patient’s health than just checking and treating one risk factor (high LDL).

  • Just started working out at home a few months ago after not doing any training for quite a long time. I did many bodyweight exercises and have just been doing this for like 3 times after getting some dumbbells and watching a pretty decent tutorial on how to perform this exercise. I started feeling pain exactly where Jeff located it just today and I’m depressed af right now…

  • Hey Dan, which rack setup from Rogue is that in the backround of the video? Really appreciate all the great content you keep putting up. Thanks! Keep killing it for us middle aged guys!

  • I got a sports hernia a few weeks guys, it’s not fun and it can set you back, don’t do any “ego” lifting or try to progressively overload too quick the goal is to get in great shape not increase your chances of Injury.

  • I go to a training program for unemployed youth, the personal trainer AND the physiotherapist wanted me to do it the ”bad” way. I went NOPE and refused doing it that way. they didnt let me do it the way jeff is doing it though smh:/

  • Now I’m feeling strong because I got 3kg of lean muscle in 1 month. I only visited website called Next Level Diet and they provided me with diet plan, training plan with amazing tips. Believe me!!! #*Next Level Diet*

  • Why can’t you move your supporting leg further back behind you instead of moving it out wide to the side? Won’t that alleviate the stress on your groin area?

  • I hate doing front squats with a bar cause if I do the first grip he did it kills my wrists and if I cross it sits on my collarbone which hurts as bad if not worse

  • If the Kettlebell Swing probably caused the inguinal hernia, can I go back doing it (and other martial arts sport as brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling) without any limitations, once I recovered from an operation provided that I got operated by an expert using the right technique?

  • I doubt anyone thrives on a low fat diet. According to most doctors I would be considered extremely fit on a low fat, high carb, diet, but after switching over to low carb, my body feels sooooo much better. Keto isn’t just for people with diabetes or people who are overweight, it’s for everyone

  • So he said palmitoleic acid is bad, and then he said that avocados and macadamia nuts are high in pamitoleic acid so should we stop eating them? I’m confused, I eat a LOT of avocados (and a good amount of macadamias, too). I though they were great for the LCHF diet.

  • Thanks for the tip Jeff I’ll be performing the exercise this way from now on. I haven’t suffered a hernia and now thanks to you I won’t whilst doing the exercise the way you recommended. Thanks again ������

  • Bro, if hes losing views, then either people are dying out here. Or people don’t know whats good for them. Every single one of these videos are God like, and should be getting 20k+ likes, and over a million views per video. This man has granted me GAINZ! Thank you for everything Terron! You’re my idol and my inspiration. Keep it up!

  • Autism???? Please do not claim a diet affects Autism!!! Who are these people do claim such absurdity!!! Autism is not an illness!!!! I am quite angry now!

  • I got a inguinal hernia as a kid (probably from lifting my brother all the time) it got really painful before we went to the operation and It was really painful after the operation, but thankfully I was watching a lot of Asterix so I wanted to do alchemy and I made a (most likely placebo) pain relief potion a few weeks before the operation so that helped me go through the recovery.

  • Yes, stratle the bench, or stand next to the bench.. Both feet on the ground, one had on the bench, or box or anything at the right height. You don’t need a bench for this exercise.

  • Him saying the strain doesn’t cause the hernia, would this be the case for a diaphragmatic hernia as well? If I’m born with a diaphragmatic hernia will weight lifting make it worse?

  • do they have people who follow low carb diets and follow them for say 10 years? or 15 years to see how they bodies react and are doing in regards to cancer rates, and falling off the wagon of low carb diets and weight regain and other things?

  • Great lecture, enjoyed it all. Is it just me or circa 47:47 did he say that “half a trillion” of Chinese could have pre-diabetes? I think he meant half a Billion.

  • Good stuff I had a very bad hernia about 5 years ago. I have done one arm dumbbell rows since this time, but I have been taking them easy, no more than 12 kgs. I will try this and see how I get on.

  • This goes to show just how deprived & shitty the power strength program is in my region. There’s nothing! I just subbed, & I’m working on it. I have some pretty in-depth extensive bodybuilding programs, but I need more power training effectively implemented within these sessions. My clean techniques needs help from someone skilled. I don’t have time for injuries either.
    Check out Pete Egoscue PAIN FREE, book & dvd on Amazon. A lot of great therapies there.
    Low back, I know that story of stretch strain where the muscle gets taffy rubbery from a fish tailing burn out at the bottom of a lift. I do subtle contractions for therapy. Lying belly down Seal Arches 3×10-20, all fours hands & knees Mule Kicks 3×10-20, weighted cable kickbacks can help sometimes more. The last is difficult to explain, you lay down like superman & lift opposing appendages right arm left leg, lft arm rt leg in alternation. It’s saved me! 3×10-20. After that the usual of icebaths, hot Epsom baths, heat packs & myofacial release.
    Good luck!

  • You the best bro. Not one training video you have that’s useless. Keep it up great workouts and genuine encouragement and humble at the same time. That makes a world of difference in connecting with all people. Keep it up.

  • This was one of my first exercises I did a lot in the gym and I developed a hernia, I ended up dropping my old routine for a new one but I never thought this was the exercise that caused it ��

  • Wow looks like an insane work out.. also legs look about as pale as mine… lol ������ also what weight would you recommend for women?

  • Jeff, as usual, is exactly right. 3:28. Twenty five percent of men will experience an inguinal hernia, and often on both sides. Like me and Jeff. Be smart. Listen to Jeff!

  • Why isn’t he looking the opposite side and just keep his one hand at the edge of the bench and perform the exercises???? It will make the exercise more easier and comfertable.

  • I really like the tips and hints on “pacing the workout”. Has a lot of added value for me. Thanks Dan! ����
    Please do more “pacing tips and tricks” for getting a smooth and fast WoD.

  • Didn’t fully understand the wod. I got the death by cleans/Bfb, but did get the step down. So what I did was death by up to 7 reps at 155.
    Rested 2 min

    Did 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of cleans and burpees.


  • I am open to following a low-carb vegan diet, but i just don’t understand how the okinawans did so well when the main component of their diets was sweet potato, which is extremely high-carb and low-fat.

  • It feels like he is just playing with his body when he trains. And that turkish get up he is doing seems great!!
    I’d very much like to train with a guy like this. Same reason I like Chris Jones so much, they’re absolutely killing it. But this is just training on a very sophisticated level in my opinion

  • thank you all once again for your support. if you like video please give it a like.
    somethings been going on with youtube channel lately… a big loss in views not sure whats the issue:(

  • As a statistician who worked on Lipid trials, I was impressed with the presentation of the data Prof Volek used to make his point. Personally I dramatically improved my health when I went on an Atkins diet and limited carbs and consumed less than 50 grams of protein as indicated for my size by Atkins. I also increased my exercise at the same time. Dr. Volek chart of Ketones (shown at 14:46 minutes) shows a dramatic effect of exercize on Ketones, which I found interesting. He does not discuss this issue, but it may help explain the effect of exercise on appetite and weight loss. It may also explain the variability among individuals on low and high carb diets.

  • Where do you fit this in to your training. I am doing a 4 days split. Pull legs push cardio. I do abs and back for 15 minutes every day. And a day off when I feel like it. Last time I did 14 days without a break. I think this is a great workout but where to fit in. I am 60 years old.

  • I can deadlift 4 plates with no problem, but can barely get 225. Seems intimidating to get under the bar with more than 2 plates because it’s such an unstable position especially on a catch. I don’t understand how olympians can power clean 2x, sometimes 3x their body weight.

  • Interesting these studies done in the 1960s showing the power of ketones. The medical establishment probably just ignored it. It can almost be guaranteed that the processed/manufactured/industrialized/ food industries were well aware of it. They just made sure that such things never became common knowledge and they emphasized how important “blood glucose” is for energy. It’s so frustrating that the medical establishment, time and again, appear to be lackeys for industry when they should have had our backs.

  • My Feedback Hmmm… Do an open session one day with your fans! It’ll be Sick. PS I use your routines in the gym n get great compliment lol.

  • bro use boxing wraps around your wrists. I used to get the same thing sore wrists once weight gets heavier. I used to used wrist wraps but boxing wraps are better. I got this tip from Sonny Webster Olympic Weightlifter for Great Britain check him out on IG

  • Terron you are a beast!!! Like to see a video of you and Bradley Martyn Deadlifting and Squating…deadlift and squat some hot women too��

  • It’s insane how all the experienced lifters can agree with Jeff due to experience. Thanks so much Jeff this was in tomorrow’s workout..

  • HI Obi,this is my 1st time watching any of your videos, I enjoyed it. Are you stateside? will you be at the upcoming Fit Expo in LA? like to meet you in person.

  • Ouch! popped a groin muscle. I could see the pain on your face just mentioning it. I’m 55 so I don’t expect to be able to do what you do but you’re an inspiration for me to be strong and safe.

  • When front squatting put your hands as close as possible to your shoulders. That will be much easier for your wrist and the bar better stay at the right position.

  • power clean is brute measurement of athletisism and strength much better than 225 for reps only if the combine nfl would add power clean instead of bench you agree terron?

  • LOVE this. I have had 2 shoulder surgeries and have terrible ROM so olympic lifts are usually out of the question, but I love the landmine jerk variation. This is a game changer, thanks!

  • Can you through up an update on your knee good motivation I am 9month post patella tendon rupture selfish request but shows what a positive mindset can accomplish

  • Now I’m feeling strong because I got 3kg of lean muscle in 1 month. I only visited website called Next Level Diet and they provided me with diet plan, training plan with amazing tips. Believe me!!! #*Next Level Diet*

  • I HATE clean and I think it’s because I have bad form. I need more work on the pull, I’m good with the squat portion. I have already seen some improvements in clean after doing some of these lifts for a couple days.

  • 17:00 There is no need for dietary glucose. We can make glucose through gluconeogenesis… We see a lot of inflammatory diseases improve”

    “HFD-feeding altered the gut microbiota composition paralleled by increased expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and genes involved in gluconeogenesis in intestinal epithelial cells of the jejunum.”

    Lamont, B. J., Waters, M. F., & Andrikopoulos, S. (2016). A low-carbohydrate high-fat diet increases weight gain and does not improve glucose tolerance, insulin secretion or β-cell mass in NZO mice. Nutrition & diabetes, 6(2), e194. Retrieved from http://www.nature.com/nutd/journal/v6/n2/abs/nutd20162a.html

    “HFDs promote intestinal alterations such as increased intestinal permeability [10] and an elevated inflammatory milieu [11]. Both factors are believed to contribute to the progression of insulin resistance [12]. Interestingly, gut anti-inflammatory agents have been shown to protect against HFD-induced glucose intolerance and insulin resistance despite significant weight gain”

    Jensen, B. A., Nielsen, T. S., Fritzen, A. M., Holm, J. B., Fjære, E., Serup, A. K.,… & Poupeau, A. (2016). Dietary fat drives whole-body insulin resistance and promotes intestinal inflammation independent of body weight gain. Metabolism, 65(12), 1706-1719. Retrieved from: ttp:// http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0026049516301081

    34:00 “Why are we concerned about saturated fat, I don’t know…”

    Most people are not, thus the globesity, cancer, and CHD epidemics.

    37:20 “If you have a marbled steak, lather it with butter, some vegetables, wine and cheese… You’re not going to accumulate it, you’re going to burn it as fuel”

    And I heard no reaction in the audience…

  • Obi just wondering if you could give your own personnel advise on your daily meal intake and gym routine that would go along with it thanks

  • Hello Obi, i follow a 5 days a week full body workout routine.Can i implement this workout as a 6th? And still recover properly?I want to work on my functional abilities but i dont find a way to implement them..
    Love your videos btw, keep up the good work bro��������.

  • My favorite slide is at 33:20, showing huge numbers of people in the studies proving that dietary saturated fats do not cause heart disease.

  • The record for your weight class in Olympic clean and jerk is around 480lbs, just to put the impressiveness of the lift you are aspiring to do in perspective

  • Gota go drs next week to check what it is. I did go heavy on rack pulls. I don’t just think this is the only exercise that does it. Deadlifts and movements that you bend at the waist too.

  • Jeff do you have a video about the right breathing technique? Maybe to minimize the inner ab pressure. You know hernia and varicocele is the two terror in sports. And very little information about it. Thanks

  • Hey FRIEND.. I’m a personal trainer in New York City and I use your routines with my clients.. thanks.. anyone who is critical about your form doesn’t understand that everyone’s body is different and we all move differently.. what hurts one person may feel comfortable to another..vice versa.. thanks friend…

  • 1. Kang squat
    2. Cossack squat
    3. KB windmill
    5. KB rack carry
    6. KB rack lunges
    7. KB complex
    8. Turkish get ups
    9. Bird dog rows
    10. Rotational plank

    I think for me it’s going to be two workouts of five each..

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    If you could do more videos on nutrition, Step by step eating to loose fat, I know you already have a video on that, but new ones have more info and always help. Thanks again!!!

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  • If you want some good insight from one of the low-carb high fat’s biggest supporters check out this video with the producer from Run on Fat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PETt43CgHk

  • Interesting. I’ve always done a lot of these and had bilateral inguinal hernias diagnosed/repaired last fall. Correlation vs causation, yadda yadda, but still makes me wonder…

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  • yo Terron I see you’re deadlifting in weightlifting/raised heel shoes. I see alot of ppl advising against it. what’s your take on it?

  • I feel great after doing these. My body didn’t hurt doing them and I have a better idea of where my deficiencies are. I’m still not great at pistol squats tho.

  • Even though the weight was light Jeff counted his reps to be sure he did the same amount later on the other arm no avoid muscle imbalances

  • I love the fact that you show the importance of form in each exercise. These are good techniques to perform to help with balance and gait mobility.

    Continue to keep up the great work. God bless you always!