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3 Muscle Building Myths Destroyed Muscle confusion. The bodybuilding practice of trying to “confuse” your muscles by switching up workouts and training techniques. The goal: stimulate or re-ignite gains. All kinds of gains. Muscle building confusion.

The bodybuilding practice of reading too many articles and watching too many videos. Let’s dive into some of the most frustratingly common muscle-building and fat loss myths that unfortunately still prevail to this day, especially among inexperienced trainers. The bodybuilding-fitness industry is notoriously full of misleading information and advice everywhere you look, so always stay on your toes mentally, think critically. #5 – Your muscle turns to fat if you stop training. Anybody who’s had to take time out of training has this fear.

They look in the mirror and start to slowly see their mountainous muscle recede back into their body. Cue the panic and pain of a lost physique. If this were two hundred years ago, you’d probably say your muscle was turning. But in order to build muscle, you need to allow enough time for the muscle to recuperate fully (ie. let the lactic acid buildup in your muscles dissipate and ATP levels build back up). In order to make muscles grow, you have to lift the heaviest weight possible, thereby allowing the maximum number of muscle fibers to be recruited.

Myth 6: Exercises like cable crossovers, leg extensions and triceps kickbacks create striations in muscle. In my 25 years of bodybuilding I have read at least 5,000 articles written by professional bodybuilders, and this is one of the most common pieces of misinformation put forward. According to this myth, certain exercises like flyes will only tone the muscle and not build mass. This concept is absolutely wrong.

Although, compound movements are best for building mass, the isolation exercises can also be as effective. Myth #3: The best indicators of a good workout are how tired you are after the workout and how sore you are the next day. This is a myth my most dedicated athletes still have a tough time dismissing. Most hard-working individuals equate a good workout with being exhausted and sore. Muscle Building Myths.

1. You must eat large amounts of protein to build muscle. Whilst an adequate amount of protein is essential for protein synthesis in the body and thus muscle growth, in general the amount needed is nowhere near as much as most people think. Let’s take a look at the top 3 muscle building myths.

Muscle building myth number 1: It has been said: it is not possible to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. False. In fact, the two processes go hand in hand, and you cannot have one without the other, just because the exercise, any exercise, will transform fat into muscle. Protein is the raw material that helps you build muscle.

Once digested your body breaks all protein down to individual amino acids. The facts are that you need a variety of protein in your diet in order to not shortchange your workouts. MYTH DESTROYED!

Eating more than 3 meals a day will make you fat.

List of related literature:

8 The 10 Absolute Worst Muscle-Building Myths and Mistakes

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  • Would be a little more easy to trust everything he’s saying, if he had also stated some of the negative side effects to a high protein diet, even if the effect was small.

  • “A way to improve”. Well, you are good enough. Muscle or no muscle. Just because you are working towards more muscle, you are not “improving” yourself in any way. If it’s for a job, it’s for a job. If it’s for vanity, it’s for vanity. But it’s not a personal improvement. Going from unhealthy to healthy is an improvement. Going from fit to ripped is not an improvement. Careful with words, or certain words you borrow, hear or use yourself will slip insidiously into your subconscious and start affecting you.

  • Seanthanks for making this video, I wish I would have known all this years ago. So many myths and it causes a lot of stress when you’re starting out

  • My friends are shocked when they see how lean i’m getting while consuming sugar every single day. Im literally having an espresso with white table sugar as i write this. I will have a few more throughout the day. I’ll also have my daily dose of haribo gummy bears right after my workout as i’ve been doing for 15 yrs. As far as body composition is concerned, the deciding factor on whether a person loses or gains weight is energy balance just as Layne said. I know this firsthand to be a fact. I have friends on ” keto” diets that seem baffled when they see me and my progress. They do not base their keto diet on energy balance. They are not taught this simple but vital truth. They are taught to avoid the evil carbohydrates and they will become lean and shredded. some avoid carbohydrates therefore unknowingly decreasing overall calories and lose weight. They pretty much get lucky as they do not count calories but just happen to be in a caloric deficit after removing an entire macro group.I can have the same success and better by simply eating in a caloric deficit while keeping my protein high ( at least a gram per pound of bodyweight daily. people think im Juicing, its hysterical. I say they are the ones juicing by drinking the “magic koolaid” of keto and all tbese other “only way to get lean” methods. Im pissed that i did not know this simple truth earlier. Here it is people: subtract about 500 calories from your maintenance calories daily. of those calories eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. the remaining calories fill with carbs and fats. If your consistent month after month you will lose bodyfat. Dont forget to train hard too;)

  • Dr. Norton will you please do a video about saturated fat and the ApoE4 gene? I have a family member who has dementia and I’m concerned about consuming too much coconut oil or animal fats because of this gene. I’d also love to hear more about Neu5gc…there aren’t many videos that cover this and it’s been a concern of mine for a few years. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Data to ‘suggest’ Helps to, may do, might do, etc etc….. hmmmmm Whatever works for you is always best, 1-1.2 g per lb bw nattys, 1.5 + for juiced up lifters is a good starting point i feel

  • Great video. I have been lifting weights for 50 years. Gym rats keep asking how is it I look so good at 67. The myths that Sean talks about are all correct. But try telling all the kids that. If it’s not on an app and they believe all apps then it can’t be true. It’s unbelievable that most Gym goers still believe all those Myths to be true. Good advice cheers.

  • Great video, thanks. Do the myokines lower systemic inflammation? I think I read somewhere that they did that, but I didn’t understand how. Really hope you have this guy on again Omar!

  • That editing was golden. Definitely gonna check out his channel! Some inflammations are straight up shitty though… I’ve been struggling with costochondritis for years and it’s a real pain in the dick

  • The best diet is… HIGH Fiber + High protein ) it will fill you most! Clean eating is for health, but for weight lose it does not matter, this guy is right in all aspects ) Tested myself, i gained weight with clean food and lost with junk! So it’s all about Quantity! If you eat 2 Snikers a day, you will lose weight, if you eat 1 KG of Oats, you will gain:)

  • Wonderful explanations of what are really just common sense concepts. Unfortunately, most people aren’t exposed to this type of thinking because there are billions of dollars to be made from people over-eating, over-dieting, and overthinking what they eat in order to feel superior (Google orthorexia, it’s fascinating). You won’t see people like Layne in the mainstream media because if everyone took a common sense approach to eating, as Layne explains, the country would be fit, happy, and content; and there’s no money to be made if everyone’s content.

  • Sean to find out how much different kinds of food contain calories I use Nutrition Data site
    Is this good enough source to find out how much does different kinds of food contain calories or do you reccomend something else?

  • Isn’t there nothing wrong with dairy n meat? (antibiotic context) estrogenic nature?What about the whole estrogen raising foods causing /promoting fat gain thing?Not talking about insulin cause you’ve already told that doesn’t affect much.
    Do all these doesn’t matter when it comes of fat loss n also good health, if the macros were tracked as you say in your videos.

  • So what are you recommending for fiber targets and protein targets? When it comes to grams how many grams per body pound. Right now I am trying 1g per pound and I’m still having a hard time consuming all that protein.

  • I am all about living your life and not going crazy with diet/fitness. However, you are spreading some pretty dangerous messages. Ok, antidotal, but Damon Gameau kept the same calories and ate what’s considered healthy on the standard American diet and had many issues including gaining fat. Calories or not, there are too many studies that out there that warn against the health effects of sugar, processed food (you and everyone else knows what that means in general common) AND that a calorie is not just a calorie, ie duh fiber is very important.

    If you just trying to lose weight or make gains, fine, but market it as such. I realize you are making a living, but damn.

  • I do fasted cardio mid day because it extends the fast and I feel lighter and less hungry after thus allowing me to extend the fast till evening.

  • Great video, more of that! BUT: it leaves the question unanswered, when negative inflammation accures, how to avoid it and how to deal with it while the least amount of gains is lost. When i slapped my delts to the wall and they suffer from negative inflammation which leads to 4 weaks of pause… the gains are breaking up with me T.T

  • It’s interesting what you say but for me it’s undoubtable that ingredient quality is paramount. I guess “clean” is different for every person, some people are more resilient with diverse food sources, what I’m saying is anecdotal but I can’t throw away the fact that I often feel sick when I don’t prepare my own food from scratch.

  • So taking anti inflammation medication is bad? / does what in this process, stops the immune system “cleaning up” Everyone i know takes ibuprofen to reduce inflammation!! Should we or not?

  • It you can eat it until it’s coming out of your nostrils with no detriment, like dark green leafy vegetables, it’s a clean food. If the food provides a good amount of nutrients without a lot of calories, it’s a clean food. If you have to limit it, or reduce portions of other foods to make room ( in your macros ) for it, it’s not a clean food.

    Kale is a clean food. You can’t have too much Kale.

    Carrots are a clean food, you can’t have too many carrots.

    Ice cream is not a clean food as it should be eaten in moderation. It’s loaded with calories and has little nutrients.

    50/50 beef is not a clean food because even though it’s a good source of Iron, zinc, protein, and vitamin B12, the fat content jacks up the calories.

  • People get inflammation and get ill if they spend to much time eating too much without proper active lifestyles to burn what what they eat, its all about moderation its quite simple, how is so complected for people these days. Food is fuel for energy when it comes down to it, if you dont use it, things go wrong, if you over load a car with fuel but leave it in your garage for ten years it just goes rusty so it becomes an old banger..

    Mind you though i dont agree with everything you say, if you eat the wrong type of food such as processed food on a daily basis, you will get ill in older age, you have to eat real food and many many things they make these days in factory’s are not real food because the properties are all different to “food” and you say everything is chemicals but you cannot ignore the fact that everything about chemicals is all about the properties of chemicals, you cant jut say everything is a chemical so any food is ok, ok i know you are trying to simply for a high percentage of people that think the word chemical means man made because that is how they where conditioned to think of the word chemical, but organic means carbon based yes, but it is the word used for food that hasnt been messed with by man made chemicals which have been proven to have undesirable effects on living orgasms, you have missed quite alot of scientific evidence based like sugar spikes caused by food high on glycemic index like sugar itself which intern causes inflammation to the interior lining of the arteries etc, infact you totaly contradicted yourself, after talking about high fibre, and talking about the sugar in friut. You ignored the glycemic load detail which is very important to general health not to mention other co-factors, you are basically saying you might as well eat sugar if you want but that is damaging to people in the long run specifically because of fiber content, there is plenty of proof, which slows absorbtion of glucose into the blood and thus minimizing sugar spikes, glucose is acid, that why the body perfectly fine tunes it, thing like high fructose corn syrype etc is uncontrolable so these sugar spikes eventualy cuase inflamtion,,, Fibre stops as many spikes= less inflammation= less inflamation caused by “oxidation of the glucose molecule” and so no colosterol is need to be sent out by the liver to try and heal the inflammation in the first place, why is this? its because real food generally doesn’t cause internal inflammation.. So i will stick by what logic tells me anyway..

  • Not to be “that guy” but higher octane gas doesn’t perform any better or worse in your car, unless your car is designed for a higher level octane. The octane level just determines what temperature the gas ignites. It will run the same if your car was designed for the typical “unleaded gas”. Now going lower octane, may be a problem if your car needs higher octane gas.

  • I tried Primal. Couldn’t stick with it. I like corn, legumes, and rice but I’m not allowed to have them.
    I tried Keto. Couldn’t stick with it. I like fruit too much and it’s too challenging to get carbs that low.
    A few months ago I invested in a food scale and started tracking calories and macros. Best move ever. Flexible dieting is the most sustainable nutrition approach I’ve done.

  • Such a good vid! Long term adherence/lifestyle change is the number 1 needed component (along with cal deficit) for shedding fat and keeping it off. Flexible dieting sets the stage for that like no other.

  • Great video bro,but i have a ques to ask,first u said that u should be doing just 5 games in a day then u said u all should train 2 muscles in a day, would it not become 10 exercises in a day if we train 2 muscles in a day, should we do 10 games in a day?

  • Nope you’re wrong sir lol, I’m living prove that fruits don’t gain weight. I cut completely on white cocaine sugar. My allergies went away completely. Look at Dan the Regenerator he has no body fat. He eats a lot more fruits than me. Sorry!!!

  • I trained without any supplement for over 5 years. Good results. Then I started taking a small amount of protein powder with milk twice a day, adding about 50 grams of protein a day about 3 months ago. I did notice a rather big difference. Body getting leaner, injury less often, recovery MUCH faster. I weigh 160lbs and I take about 80-110 grams of proteins depends on the food I consume other than the powder. I am content with this result and I will never, ever ramp up intake to what so called sports professionals suggest. Taking 1 gram per pound is just scarily unnatural. I doubt any race in any historical period had access to that much protein…

  • Sean I’ve been watching your videos since you started bro and you never disssapoint! Keep it up and hit up Joe Rogan for that podcast

  • My mom use to say “eat everything in moderation”.

    I think the amount we eat is definitely key. And like you said carbs are so easy to overeat on so the simple thing is to fill your stomach with other more calorie dense macros and have carbs complement your dish.

    The fitness industry has really confused people. My wrestling coach is absolutely jacked and ripped all year round. I asked him what he eats he said alot of protein fruit and vegetables. He said he eats bread and rice but only small portions. There was nothing suggesting specific calories or foods but what I have taken away is the following.

    1) Eat nutritious foods that are high in fibre.
    2) Eat a good amount of protein.
    3) Be flexible with the rest but don’t exceed your daily calorie limit.

    I like this approach because it becomes a lifestyle choice rather than a temporary diet.

    Thanks Doc!

  • I think Nick should speak a bit faster, it seemed like a slower version of google translate. Of course the video part was full of knowledge, but it could last half what it did by talking in a more natural way. It made me wanna close the video because of how much time was being wasted. Also, great information, I love knowing how our body works, but it’s a youtube video, you should put in some advice, for example you could tell:
    1. When is inflammation too much?
    2. What to do if inflammation gets beyond the good levels?

    I hope you’re gonna get better soon, I miss a channel like yours.

  • Hi Lane, veeery interesting points. However, not everything is about IIFYM… do we agree? I miss data about, minerals, vitamins… forget about “clean” food. Why not first things first??! Healthy food. You sometimes overcomplicate things in order to simplify them later on…

  • Another great video, Sean! Just to clarify some aspects about the “myth” #15. Actually the recent studies are showing the benefits of IF and it’s not just about practicality. It’s not overpower but it can boost fat loss because of longer periods of low insulin levels, control of blood sugar, improvements in insulin sensitivity, autophagy, maintenance of muscle mass, regulation of hormones like leptin and so on. The problem is that a lot of people think that you can do IF and eat whatever you want without considering calories in vs calories out. Yes, do IF in a surplus and you WILL gain weight. Calories STILL MATTER and IF is not going to open the forever dirty bulking heaven’s door.

    The point is that IF combined with a structured diet with a caloric deficit will be more effective for fat loss and muscle maintenance than just doing caloric restriction, according not just only by the recent studies, but also from the tons of people that apply IF. I’m not saying that caloric restriction alone doesn’t work, but when compared with IF + caloric restriction, the last one offers more benefits in general than just sticking with eating less more frequently for example. I’m currently doing IF 20/4 protocol on a bulk (20h fasted / 4h feeding window) and the results in my body recomposition are noticeable.

  • No no no… we all want to hear about where you first heard about the myth, what you were doing at the time you heard it, what you were wearing at the time, where you were at when you heard it, and what you had eaten for breakfast that morning when you heard it, along with 2 or 3 funny old time stories of when you had talked anther bodybuilder to about these myths like every other fitness channel. Trying to be funny, but honestly thank you for the providing information and not fluff ����

  • clean eating to me simply means eating fruit, vegetables, pulses, fish and meat… eating processed food, pizza, kebabs etc etc… sure, you might lose weight eating whatever you want provided you’re in a calorie deficit, but surely, losing weight isn’t just about body mass, it’s about health and vitality… a calorie deficit based on eating sugar, saturated fat and salt might lose weight…but your insides wont be very healthy over the long term

  • Thank you for these videos… as an RD, I can truly appreciate the science and links for your used references. I’m learning information from you every time I watch one of your videos.

  • Dr. Norton, what about the nutrient density of some foods vs others? Would it not be optimal for athletic performance to make the majority of your calories come from micro-nutrient dense foods if your goal is to maximize athletic performance?

  • Is this video necessary? When you hit your calories, macros, micros and fibers there is a little room for so-called crappy food anyway. A small amount of whatever processed crap won’t have a noticeable impact on anyone’s health even if consumed daily for the rest of the life.

  • I don’t often have inflammation in my hips or glutes but it’s good to know that I’ve teared down the muscle fibers and that it’s a good thing. Thank you for the video!:)

  • You say carbs have calories, but so does protein. And fat has over twice the calories as carbs. Low carb diets burn a lot more fat than high carb diets. I know because I’ve done both. So that’s not a myth. Also, vegans cannot build the quality muscle that non-vegans can( unless the vegan takes steroids and the non-vegan doesn’t). A vegan will NEVER beat a meat-eater in any physical contest. That’s another nonmyth

  • Taking bcaas helps people deficient in meat protein (vegans). Bread spikes insulin through the roof. The list of inaccuracies goes on.

  • Whenever I think about giving up,, or disillusioned at my progress I come back to your vids because I forget that nothing that requires work and dedication happens over night… thx…

  • I’ve just joined. I was concerned about my kidney. I’m on immune suppressants. This video is great. I only lose weight on protein diets.

  • You’re always deserve for good comments bhai, because of you only, I have now a good physique. I always watch your video whenever I feel demotivated, you’re really an inspiration for me. God bless you bhai.

  • Hey, PhysioNIC! I’ve been a subscriber of his for a while after seeing him comment on one of your videos Omar, nice to see him on the channel!

  • Bhai apke baat me dm h.
    Bhai plzz ye check krdo me fatloss or muscles gain chahta hun..mera rutine dekhlo plzz bhai.
    Monday=chest & tricep
    Thursday =chrst&tricep

  • Bhai aap mistake aur workout aur diet ke baare mein videos bante ho par aap jo workout ke samay back pain shoulder pain body pain ke upar video kyu nahi plz make a video on lower back pain kyu mera kamariya ka lollipop ho gaya hai my small request

  • A few topics I would really appreciate clarification on would be;
    CNS recovery (how, how long, etc)
    Training frequency/training splits (currently full bodies are being hailed as the Supreme for nattys)

    Nice video on inflammation, 30 seconds at the end to help apply the knowledge would further increase its usefulness.

  • Hello bro main khata bahut par lagta bahut thoda hai Aur Ager main jyada khaane lag jaun weight gain K liye toh mera pet Sabse jyada nikalta hai Aur ager thoda Khaana kam kar Du fir Vaisa hi ho jaata hu mujhe samjh nhi aa raha main kaise body banaun????

  • You are absolutely wrong about intermittent fasting. Fat loss is all about insulin control, calories are not the driver at all. This is now a done deal scientifically and what you are pushing is beyond bro science and into meathead science

  • What about the food industry food researchers that design food so that we want to eat more of it?
    You’re sending us like fat lambs to the slaughter if you haven’t addressed this issue

  • I hear you say “CICO” over and over again in your videos, and you cite numerous studies that show that if you control for calories and protein, that there is no difference in fat loss (of which I have no doubt), but the hypothesis of some of the keto community (I know that some simply do not believe in CICO) is behavorial: Eating a keto diet makes it easier (for some) to create and maintain a calorie deficit due to the satiety that fat provides and to keeping production of insulin low, particularly when keto is paired with intermittent fasting. This has been my experience and that of many others, but I am not sure whether that has been tested or proven in a controlled study. Have you seen any studies that test this hypothesis?

  • It would be better if the info vids were structured by giving a foundation in the beginning so we can better understand all that advanced vocab and terms

  • bro i m watching u from long time from #lahore
    I m 16.8 yrs old,i do home workout daily and i want to join gym,but i heard from people n i also think that local small gyms r not good! r local gyms really not good as big gyms? plz reply me clearly i m so confused

  • There are so many of these debunked myth I disagree with out of my experience. I know what the science says but for me they are just guidelines, results are what matter. For example, I disagree with myth 6 and 7 because my results say otherwise. I’ve tried it many times and for me fasted cardio burns more fat, and I measure my meals.

  • 2:23 if you want to go straight to the informative video.

    Big thanks to Nick for doing this video, I think this is probably the most digestible way some of this information has been presented (editing on point). Inflammation isn’t some monster when it comes to building muscle. In fact it is a necessary part of muscle growth.

    If you want to see more videos from Nick on the channel, like the video and leave a comment below what you want to see next!

    Subscribe to Nick here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj3p_1jOCJXB_L_we-DjLbA

  • Myth: Flat bench press will give you an overall, great, aesthetic chest. What’s gonna give you that is incline presses or any exercise that targets the upper chest!!

  • When you realize the things that matter most are the basic fundamentals (Intense Training with enough volume, small caloric surplus, 7+ Hours of sleep per night, 1.25g of Protein per lb of LBM, enough water)

  • muscle confusion ties in with instinctive training… example bench press followed by incline press followed by flies… some people never change that they go month after month year after year… instinctively something has to change… change is what muscle confusion is… you’ll then make progress again… when your gains stall, repeat the process… there’s infinite number of combinations!

  • My approach to diet is to just get most of my protein and fiber “out of the way” first with greek yoghurt, chicken, veggies etc… and then fill out the rest of my calories with whatever I happen to have in my kitchen, which can be anything from cheesecake to fruit.

  • Check out my latest upload! I’m making a giveaway pretty soon @ 200 subs! Giving away some 11’s space jams, dont miss out!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbfYsDC5Vto&t=55s

  • 2.2 grams per kilo? But does this also apply to a person that is overweight? I weigh 96 kilo and that would mean that I would eat 211 grams of protein a day! I now eat around 80-115 g/day and I would really struggle to eat much more than that! Isn’t there a limit when a person is overweight???? I mean..what about people that weigh even more than me? Shouldn’t I count on the weight I want to be instead? Like 68 kgx2.2=150 grams. That sounds more plausible to me? I really want feedback on this, thanks!��

  • I think that clean eating took form because of the keto dieting craze. I admit that for a lot of people, we need something easy to stick with and don’t want to track everything every day. This is where “clean eating” keto works for a lot of people. Especially non trained individuals. Mostly because of lower calories because of the foods they eat, but my point is that it gives people an easy set of parameters that cause them to lower their calories through depriving of carbs (which then takes out “bad carbs”) and it seems like a miracle. With that said, I was a keto bodybuilder for quite a while and it did keep me losing weight quickly. Since switching to flexible dieting, my strength went way up, but my fat loss has slowed considerably. I do have to track everything which is quite a pain but necessary now. Of course, one could attribute this to my now 11 percent roughly body fat which slows things down no matter what diet you eat. Good video Layne and I do understand how nothing is truly clean, but what I have trouble with is the “there is no bad food” thing that some people promote. I think subtracting my quality nutritional meal for 8 cookies would equate to me eating “bad food” for that meal. This would keep me in my calorie range of a deficit perhaps. I just don’t work well this way, and need to stick my crap food for my Saturday cheat meal window.

  • In my opinion I feel as Sean’s list of myths aren’t actual myths but are more of practices that only apply to the elite level bodybuilders who are looking to achieve that nearly impossible less than 7% body fat range with shredded muscles. I’ve heard the science behind some of these and they do hold some validity but you don’t need to take up in these practices if your just a regular dude looking to get in great shape.

  • Sean, I’m a subscriber. Please speak more about your myth #13. Not sure I agree with what you say here, but I’m fine with the other 19. Are you saying you can build the same size muscle with 25 reps of 135 pound bench press versus 8-10 reps of 225 pounds?

  • I agree with you on everything except for the fasting and carbs myths. Insulin has a major role in weight loss and weight gain, and it’s a myth to say that only calories matter. If you disagree, feel free to inject yourself with insulin, see if you don’t gain weight.

  • whats`s cracking guys Oh Maurice off here back with another video in this video today we have a special we have a channel you probably havent Heard until now but you should!!! im gona train calves from now on and its for you boys and girls!!!!!

  • I’m glad to see that you put to rest the notion that six smaller meals is superior to two or three larger meals, and also that idea of eating later in the day leads to increased fat storage. There are many instances of old gym myths that continue to survive and confuse newer lifters (and even seasoned veterans who are still living by them). It is also good that you discuss the erroneous belief that spot reducing and achieving greater definition by doing higher rep ranges is not based on reality,. This one, as you said, has been around forever, and I recall being taught this idea back in the 1970s when I was still new to the sport. EAAs (essential amino acids) are the way to go if someone wants to supplement protein with a particular commercial product yes, BCAAs are one of the most misunderstood and ineffective methods for muscle building currently all the rage today. I am amazed that lifters are still being taken in by manufacturers who hype BCAAs, even with all the evidence speaking to the contrary oh well, that’s the way they make money, based on customers who do not do adequate personal research before spending their money trying to build huge muscles. One thing I have been studying lately is that whey has an amino acid utilization percentage of approximately 17% (meaning that 17% of the whey product is being used to build muscle, while 83% is being utilized for energy expenditure), and by comparison a properly proportioned EAA supplement has an AAU percentage of 99%. Has your study shown differently Sean? Thanks for your expert testimony here in this presentation!

  • Yes brother… I’m 13 and now I have 2 boarders of abs(just boarders��),which I made without any type of calory tracking app.. Or protein shake or any suppliment, honestly I didn’t even know about suppliments��ya honestly……

    Thank u for guiding us ����and we will always support u ��✌️

  • Great video. Does this topic relate to increased gains after a over reach period? If so how? I am interested in this topic in general perhaps a good
    Video topic for the future. Cheers.

  • I believe what he’s saying is in the context of training and muscle damage for muscle building, inflammation is good. Makes sense. In the context of joint, organ or gut inflammation, that’s obviously incredibly bad. Keep a good diet of healthy foods, regardless of your chosen ratio of protein/fat/carbs, make sure they’re coming from healthy natural sources so you avoid the negative inflammation and immune effects, but don’t be stressed with eliminating muscle inflammation from training. Cheers.

  • Eating when metabolism is low (evening/night) leads to fat storage if more calories are taken in than needed for your night burn rate. That’s biology 101. Come on.

  • I guess the problem with “processed foods” is just that they’re often higher in calories and people don’t even look at the calories count. It’s just way too convenient. Having only whole foods stored in my house means I have to get up and cook them, and sometimes the thought of “having to cook” makes me realize I’m not actually hungry, just bored.

    The strategy can be different for everyone and that’s why so many different diets exist, but end goal is still caloric deficit if you want to lose weight. That’s what I believe at least, and I’ve just lost 20% of my body mass so I’d say mine worked for me.

  • Hi Sean,what are problems caused due to not hitting protein goal per day or eating almost only half percent of the required amount every day..Does it slows down results or does it shrinks our body or not build strength…

  • I did 100 bicep curls with a little more weight than usual but it’s been two days and my left arm is still inflamed also quite tender.

  • I’m sorry english is not my first languague so I’m confused, inflammation as in DOMS? because else it sounds like inflammation as in… injury for me, as in a pain that muscles have for longer time because of a mistake in the gym or whatever… Help?

  • OMG his voice is so dull. He reminds me of one of those boring teachers you dread having for a certain subject in school. Put some pep in your step.

  • What about cold showers and forms of cryotherapy, how do they affect inflammation? Lot of athletes use those methods for recovery, a video on that topic would be interesting.

  • Protein is important but if you take more then you need is just throwing money away…this numbers he’s giving us does not relate to everyone…

  • What about when it comes to a lean muscle bulking phase? Will then the split between carbs and fats change according to the individual?

  • Muscle Confusion workout:

    Lateral raises 3 x 10
    Sumo deadlift 5 x 5
    Hammer curls 2 x 20
    Jump rope 20 minutes
    Leg press 3 x 15
    Pushups 3 x 3

    Do this everyday for 6 months. You’re welcome.

  • I have a question that might not be related to the topic… What is the best barbell brand for powerlifting and olimpic weightlifting? I appreciate your comments!


  • Calf training is not needed?

    What if you were being attacked by a lion and it bit your foot, and the only way to break its jaw is with your mighty calf power!

  • As someone with an auto immune disease, will that slow my gains and recovery overall? Since I’ll tend to have a weaker immune system. I will say that thanks to my healthy lifestyle, lifting, diet, and excercise; my immune system is pretty decent still.

  • I’ve watched many videos from you and think all these issues have been covered. But it’s always good to review good info. Thanks!

  • Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to follow on Instagram as well where I dispel plenty of other common fitness myths as well as provide consistent daily tips and updates you’ll definitely find helpful: https://www.instagram.com/sean_nalewanyj

  • Agree that fasted cardio isn’t beneficial. Personally, fasted cardio affects the performance during the workout… in a depleted state, it is so much harder to last through the workout. Anyone else experience that same? Hence, I don’t see the purpose, if the goal is fat reduction, its just caloric deficit.

  • Why is this pussy who looks like he never touched a weight in his life spouting out dogshit advice which advises against doing what everyone bigger than him does? And more importantly why do people buy into this nonsense? This video doesn’t have anywhere near enough dislikes.

  • I don’t know bro you red my comment but fir v i was saying that to you really yar you are doing good job bro ������
    Aaj aapne jo btaya apne video o koi nhe btata supper bro…

  • Guess ifbb pro level bodybuilders should adapt to this it fits your macros lifestyle as well. Good luck staying satiated while being on very minimal calories when getting down to sub 8% bf. Going to take a lot of mental fortitude.

  • You always set the record straight. I will never understand why people think if you just touch one chocolate all your gains go to waste and fat builds on overnight its absurd and this nonsense needs to stop and ive been saying this for a long time. You always know your stuff!

  • Is there a link between diets meant to get rid of systemic inflammation and reducing the local inflammation induced by weight lifting? It would be my thought that reducing inflammation via diet, if that is what is causing systemic inflammation, should have little to no effect on the inflammation caused by muscle breakdown.

  • Bodybuilding causes a depletion of your nutrients…. that means your vitamin deficient… which has an effect on your digestion and your absorption rate… it’s about recovery time and it should start as soon as you can… or else your progress can stall!