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This pump is going to feel like a bone-crushing handshake. It is alive, screaming, and ready to deliver you some serious gains in this routine. The Ultimate 3 Day Workout Routine Here is a sample schedule: Day 1: Chest, Triceps, Calves, and Abs; Day 2: Back, Biceps and HIIT; Day 3: Shoulders, Legs and Abs.

Day 3 is a high-volume workout designed to induce serious hypertrophy. Because it’s so intense, you’ll do it on your last training day of the week, giving your fried muscles maximum time to recover and build. Having two consecutive free days may. Working out three days per week is by far the most popular way to workout. While each routine has stated workout days ofMonday, Wednesday and Friday, any other three nonconsecutive days each week can be used.

You can just as easily train on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays if it would be better for you. Be sure to program at least one full rest day between training days. Mass Moves Routine You will only be lifting three days per week. (Yes, only three days per week.) Each workout should take you about 60-70 minutes, door to door. 3 Day per week training routines are excellent for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders to pack on muscle mass.

They target biggest muscle groups, allow perfect recovery and hence result in best muscle gains. The professional bodybuilders might make you believe that only 6 day per week blood and sweat drenching workouts work. The 3-Day Full-Body Workout Routine.

With all that out of the way, here’s what the training program looks like. I’ll talk more about why it’s set up the way it is in just a moment. Full Body Workout 1 Bench Press 3 sets x 5-8 reps Lat Pulldown 3 sets x 10-15 reps Squat 3 sets x 5-8 reps Leg Curl 3 sets x 10-15 reps. @Larnce.

No it’s not prefereable. This is the 5-day volume plan condensed to a 3-day routine. This is for people who can’t make it to the gym 5 days a week.

So they’d still cycle the routines like so 3 Day Volume 3 Day HIT and so on. So don’t replace the HIT cycle.with this. Frank Zane’s workout routine is a 3 day body part split focused on muscular hypertrophy. This bodybuilding program uses high volume training sessions to break down muscle fibers and force a growth response. It is best suited for intermediate to advanced level bodybuilders.

Workout Description 3 sets of 10, 4 sets of 12, most training systems out there are what is known as high volume. You use several different exercises for 3-4 sets of moderate rep ranges like 8-12 in hopes to break down muscle tissue, so you can use nutrition and supplementation to recover and grow. That works well because of the low volume of the workouts (essentially 4 work sets and 10-12 total sets per session).

But with a higher volume approach, you can’t have those six weekly workouts and recover as a natural lifter. Volume and frequency are inversely proportional. That’s why with this system, training three to four days a week is best.

List of related literature:

For these reasons, I designed bodybuilding workouts for three different training splits: 3, 4, and 5 days.

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The three-day split builds on the premise of the two-day split routine.

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Microcycle 5 increases frequency to 6 days per week employing a traditional bodybuilding-style split routine.

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Is it beneficial to train six days a week, or should a drug-free bodybuilder train just three or four days?

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When designing a split routine, you need to follow two basic rules: Hit each muscle group at least twice a week, and don’t work the same muscle group on consecutive days.

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I used a routine that combines the double split routine and split routine in a six-day workout.

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include 8 to 10 separate exercises (with 8 to 12 repetitions of each) focusing on all major muscle groups and that are performed 2 to 3 days per week.

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To achieve this look, training transitioned from three weekly full-body workouts to five to six days a week training a single body part daily with high training volumes.

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Trying to do all of this work in one workout would be a killer, especially since some of the same muscles are involved in training different body parts, and if these muscles get too tired and don’t have

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Alternately, the workout could be split over three days: on Day 1 work legs and shoulders, Day 2 biceps and back, Day 3 chest and triceps.

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  • Hey mike help me out,I’m starting out,and I was wondering which 1 is gonna be better for muscle gain,full body or split body routine and how often

  • Make it simple. Stick to the 5×5 just add more weight. Then add the extra reps to max out on your final set. If ur doing 12 reps then it’s too light add more wieghts. I love my 2.5 pounders. I can down stack with Precision.

  • i do 9 sets per exercise only doing compound exercises for upper/ lower. The only muscle i do individually is chest. 6’5 240, in my 40’s and never looked better.

  • Dumb question but if I wanted to hit my back 18 sets per week, is that all over or can I do 18 sets spread out for traps, 18 for mid, 18 for lats and 18 for lower? Same goes for chest with upper, mid and lower too.

  • From not my personal experience but from what I have seen the best results are through steroids. No argument end of see you later thank you very much

  • The easy thing is to just train like a nutter and do it 4 times a week then you don’t have to keep on going to the gym and remembering every little thing it’s fucking annoying I’ve gone back to doing this my self is so much easier than doing that shit too complicated,

  • Very informative Mike. I pretty much live by your videos and the tips on form toh give have improved my workout session a million times over. Cheers boss ��������

  • Love this advice man gotta give this man props” for taking his time and not being selfish “ and keeping all this important information to himself! I wanna have a body like this too!!! So for all the people who will never give love to anyone doing all the hard work to help us” keep the negativity at a minimum! Becuz it doesn’t do much good at all! So mad props Mike!!! Keep pushing and pumping out only fresh new info for all of us who want to gain only the best Gains!!!! ��������������������������������

  • Hi Mike, I’m am just finished an economics module and it was refreshing to see it applied here. The point of equilibrium is my goal.

  • Hi. I started a new job a few months ago and I’m working 13 hour days (not including travel). I am literally exhausted by the time I get home. I have Sunday and Monday off. Can I still make gains/benefit working out twice a week? Many thanks in advance!

  • I’m just wondering does these sets per workout include warm up set or build up sets before working weight or is this just working sets

  • love your stuff mike but its sounds all too complicated, surely its better to get in the gym fatigue the muscle with good form squeezing and contracting the muscle etc going to maximum failure. then get the fuck out and recover

  • Food for thought. Good video. It is the type of video that I have been looking for, but at the same time, it is worth further research and considering that book recommendation.

  • been taking the advice from this man, I am 50 and training slowly and seeing results. I use this mans videos for extra info. Thank you

  • Hi Mike
    Mad love from South Africa
    In my opinion you the best fk what the naysayers say
    I love training full body coz I see the best results with it. I’m 48 but in good shape and size. What’s considered overtraining on that regard and how many sets should I be doing per week?

  • I’ve been going to the gym for about 6 months now, mainly going 3-4 times a week with rest days doing full body workouts, now I go every other day but if I slack off and have 2 rest days in a row I feel noticeably weaker as opposed to having one rest day, I almost feel like I could cope going everyday

  • Theres another guy I’ve followed on Youtube that says High reps for tone and low reps high weight for build is bs. Essentially saying 1 set of 10 reps at say 30kg is 10×30=300kg overall…. 2 sets of 8 reps of 20kg is 16=20=320kg overall. So figuring that be true. Can you not work out a rough weekly estimate of the amount of total overall weight you want to lift and spread that out?.. So for example Squats you want to do 3000kg in a week spread over 4 sessions. Can you not do 1 session on 3 sets of 10 at 30kg being 900kg. Session 2 less time because of work 1 set of 10 at 30 being 300kg, 1200kg total so far… Session 3 2 sets of 15 at 30 being another 900kg 2100kg total and 4th sesh 1 set of 15 at 60 for 900kg bringing it to 3000kg for the week.

  • For me it’s weird everything grows when I train less I train 4 times a. Week and arms only twice a month and they grow more compared to when I did arms once’s a week meaning 4 times a month

  • I don’t know what is overtraining
    I just love to work hard.
    That makes me better each and everyday not getting lazy even thinking to ignore.����

  • Thanks for the advice mike especially the cycle thingy..I lift for quite some time and I’ve heard abt this cycle stuff but I dont really know what it is until I watch this vid..thanks ❤ no.1 fan from Brunei Darussalam

  • 1 muscle group per day ignores body clean up and rest. Fine if you’re young, or juicing, but really doesn’t work into your 30s. I’d always suggest 3 times a week all body. Old school works.

  • I train on average 4 times a week, try to do 5 but ends up being 4. I’ve always just done chest one day, back the next. Is that the completely wrong thing to do then? I’ve been training for 7 months so am still a bit of a virgin to it all…

  • 3 times a week to failure is best if your a natural body builder, I tried 5 times a weak, but couldn’t recover, started loosing muscle.

  • Hey, I am a 70 year old female and have been lifting weights since I was about 28 years old! Lots of surgeries, kidney transplant in 1998, 2 hip replacements, gallbladder and complete histerectomy, a gorder removal from thyroid. Now, at my age I workout 3 days a week, self taught. Having a problem with arms and the flab. Any tips? Lorraine H.

  • Dorian Yates aka, The Shadow. So called because he never attended exhibitions or many other competitions just the Olympia. And then he was gone…:o)

  • It would be good to see some full routines that would train every muscle group in a week. Personally I ain’t the best with consistency so I aim to do all muscle groups in 1 day though I am still something of a novice as yet perhaps I wont be able as things progress?

  • 6:51 what is that called? Does it work out the same muscle groups as a regular squat? I cant do regular squats, too much stress on my left knee, i have chondromalasia (degenerative cartilage) but i can probably pull off the exercise at 6:51.

  • Dear haters: if Mike is on gear I guarantee he’s using hormones to optimize his health and keeps his intake management tuned in accordance with the best science. I also guarantee he’s healthier than a “a natural” because of this. Steroids have a stigma based on those that abuse. USE DONT ABUSE AND YOU WILL LIGHT THE FUSE… YOU CHOOSE TO LOSE AND THATS YOUR MUSE

  • Ok Mike. If one were to workout 6X/week, let’s say chest Monday, back Tuesday, legs Wednesday, then all over again and rest on day 7, would you say for chest Monday and Thursday the exercises would be different? For instance, Monday would be pushing exercises and Thursday more pulling like fly exercises, etc.? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed so even tho a great video, you may have to dumb it down more for people like me.

  • I appreciate your advice Mike. My nervous system was scrambled from brain surgery, so I suffer visual issues, balance issues and harmonious cognitive issues which present many problems especially when it come to working out.
    I am disabled and thus I have each day free which means I can train morning and night.
    I would be what you consider to be a pussy trainer but here is what I currently do. I dont know the terminology but I try to do set of twenty each. So twenty arm curls but at the same time I raise the two dumbbells up high. Twenty squats with two ten K dumb bells, I raise both dumb bells up and out wide, trying to work my triceps, I have a work out tower and I attempt to do ten dips, twenty legs raises, and I try to do pulls up, can only do about five of those cause im so weak…. but with assistance I can do three sets of twenty.

  • The guy comes across as a gent,is handsome,buffed up and giving us an insight into his lifestyle and world.He is giving us free info just learn and enjoy.

  • Looking at this, the most optimum way, is doing 2 muscle groups in one session, each having about 5 exercises each. Of those, having 3/4 sets.

  • Mike what about your CNS becoming beat up by the over use of chest in the week even if it is only a few sets per session, and doing other body parts the same would just fuck up your CNS no???

  • Lots of people who never trained properly blaming him with different accusations guys open your eyes if your natural this is the only way you can put a decent muscle mass on I’ve been triaining for last 12 years I’ve tried so many different splits few very intense the recovery play a big part even the diet comes second if your body is not recovering properly the content of this video is worth years and years of experimenting

  • im new to the gym but i have done home calestenics and used to do parkour. i was my lightest at 5″10 132lbs from gaming for hours and forgetting to eat letting my addiction over take me. 5months later ive been pushing eating and the past month in a half ive been going to this gym and now im at 140lbs. i havent really gotten bigger than 140 before and my goals 150+lbs. i do benchpress 35 each side round 6 reps for 3-5 sets. then some dumbells to More target arms and usually do weighted squats but thats it. ive noticed more definition as im pretty lean my chest is better and shoulders. but im not sure what else i should be doing. i go like 2x a week or so as i feel like i need to fully recover before going again. i rest for 3-4 days. im ill be 21 in 6months, i was working out with this kid i met through a friend for almost the full month but he dosnet go anymore. i think my forms good on majority of things excpt dead lifts are hard to get right so i dont do them right now. im constantly pushing myself to eat more my family dosent cook most of them are vegan and i find myself going out to eat instead of sleeping with less calories in. my second month or so of gym. i tried each body part for a week or 2 but i didn’t like it because i felt like i really wanted to train legs or arms or chest when but it wasnt the day for it so i rather go more fill body or more of this or less of that.

  • All the haters going on about steroids. You still have to train and eat right when taking steroids. The work still has to be done. It’s just gets you there faster. The child like comments on here are clearly from people who have been going to the gym for most of their adult lives and still look shit. Maybe you should listen to the free info being given by Mike and change the way you train and more importantly the way you eat. Clowns