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Workout Description 1. Dumbbell Squat 3 10 2. Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift 3 10 3. Bent Over Dumbbell Row 3 10 4. Dumbbell Bench Press 3 10 5. Lateral Raises 2 8 6. Standing Dumbbell Curl 2 8 7. Lying Dumbbell Extension. Day 3 Dumbbell Step Ups three sets of 10 reps Pistol Squats two sets of eight reps Bent Over Dumbbell Row four sets of 12 reps Arnold Press three sets of 12 reps Bent Over Lateral Raise three sets of 15 reps Zottman Curls two sets of 12 reps Close Grip Dumbbell Press two sets of. If you’re looking for a 4 day dumbbell only routine, try this one.

If a dumbbell only workout sounds like your cup of tea, you’re at the right place. This routine is designed for those who want to build some strength, build some muscle, and use only dumbbells. So now you don’t have any more Effective 3 Day Dumbbell Only Workout Read More ».

Here are four routines that fall under the 3 day/week training frequency, as well as the 3-day full-body workout. Push Pull Legs (PPL) Chest + Tris / Back + Bies / Legs + Shoulders. The 3-Day Full-Body Workout Routine. With all that out of the way, here’s what the training program looks like. I’ll talk more about why it’s set up the way it is in just a moment.

Full Body Workout 1 Bench Press 3 sets x 5-8 reps Lat Pulldown 3 sets x 10-15 reps Squat 3 sets x 5-8 reps Leg Curl 3 sets x 10-15 reps. Full Body Dumbbell Workout Details. I want to outline 3 different approaches that I think will work well.

An actual full body dumbbell workout where the entire body gets trained each and every workout. A 2-day split dumbbell workout, where half the body gets worked in one workout and half the body in a second workout. When all you want is a quick and dirty fitness workout to target your full body in as little as 3 days. You’re here because you want a 3-day full body workout. The quicker and dirtier the better.

You want to kick start a new fitness regime, or turn up the heat in the last few days before a big event. Flat Dumbbell Presses: 3 sets: 10-12 reps: Seated Pulley Rows: 3 sets: 10-12 reps: Dumbbell Shoulder Presses: 3 sets: 12-15 reps: One Arm Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets: 10-12 reps: Seated Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets: 10-12 reps: Calf Flexes on Leg Press Machine: 3 sets: 15-20 reps. Thank you!JosianAnswer: Hi Josian. 3-Day Dumbbell Workout Plan for the Upper Body.

Saturday, June 27, 2020. Contains 50 of the most effective dumbbell exercises! 7 workouts, a goals and guide cards. If this is done as your main full body dumbbell workout routine, I’d say you could do it 3-4 times per week. By Kim Nunley A three-day dumbbell workout schedule is an appropriate lifting frequency for building strength or size in your upper-body muscles.

This training schedule.

List of related literature:

Alternately, the workout could be split over three days: on Day 1 work legs and shoulders, Day 2 biceps and back, Day 3 chest and triceps.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
VeloPress, 2014

You can divide body parts in a three-day-split routine in a few different ways.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
from Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies
by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
Wiley, 2004

Microcycle 3 increases frequency to 4 days per week employing an upper-body/lower-body split routine.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2020

I used a routine that combines the double split routine and split routine in a six-day workout.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing, 2017

Intermediate: 3 (whole body) or 4 (split routine) days per week c.

“Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards” by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
from Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards
by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
Springer Publishing Company, 2011

This routine too can be done by working out all the body parts in a single day (3 days a week), or using the push-andpull method of training (4 days a week), or doing a single body part a day (5–6 days a week).

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

• Use the 3-body principles to craft a workout that you can perform at different times of the day, or in different places.

“Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening” by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, Marco Morelli
from Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening
by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, et. al.
Shambhala, 2008

For instance, a two-days-a-week program could have a heavy day and a light day, or an upper body—lower body split routine could consist of two heavy days (one upper body day and one lower body day) followed by two light days.

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
from Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning
by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
Human Kinetics, 2008

In this type of structure the workouts are on unspecified days; that is, the rest day is not the same each week.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

I usually train three or four days doing a split of upper-body and lower-body compound exercises.

“Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World” by Timothy Ferriss
from Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World
by Timothy Ferriss
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017

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  • I play basketball and want to build strength and get a bigger frame, how do I manage to keep on the weight I gain and the strength I gain while still playing basketball about 2-3 times a week?

  • Awesome video Mounir! I loved the graphics and you had great narration. Keep up the great work, looking forward to watching this channel grow.

  • I recently got back into the fitness game after a long period of bad times. The confidence boost that I got after finishing this workout series for the first time was incredible! I’m feeling exhausted but definitely, this is one hell of a workout. Thanks brother for this one ����

  • I would have the babies facing forward while doing goblet squat holding them as weights, otherwise if they suddenly make a kick it would be a total disaster.

  • The science of Bulgarian:

    Lifting everyday, Bulgarian lifting:



    Here’s the New Age HIT and HVT guy. His girlfriend is a PhD I like to watch both of their channels. He did put together an effective system I like and I created phase shifts long before. He mixed HIT and Bulgarian lifting together at full body a day 3-6 days a week. The other difference with his HIT than on average besides Bulgarian is that he has 3 sets a lift. He also has a beginner routine to work up to his HIT full body 6 days a week routine. I compiled my most recent articles before watching any of his HIT videos, and I made no changes to any of my articles. My articles and comments are always set in stone. He and his PhD girlfriend have a good energy. We’re like in the same collective consciousness pool I noticed with certain people on the web and YouTube years ago like Matt Stone, Clarence Bass, Scott Abel, and others. Some of them was from over a decade ago, some of them it’s more recent.



    Here is a key video of HIT from Jeff Nippard:


    His HIT workout routine:


    I talked about HIT with the ideology to mix it with Bulgarian training but a lot of people may like to go straight to modified Blood and Guts full body routine close to failure 3 sets a lift at first (Blood and Guts is really high volume training). HIT is good for going back in weak point training for 10 lifts, 1 set a lift, a full body routine 3-5 days a week. Their body plateaus at it at 3 days, then they go 5 days, at a plateau go back to 3 days to see if lifts get stronger.

    Then switch to 5 sets a lift at 10 lifts, 5 sets a lift, 50 sets a day for 3-5 days a week. This is the Bulgarian principal to program a much higher recovery and programs a steroid effect of muscle fiber growth science by going full body 5 days a week gets into only for Bulgarian lifting.

    This science is true for athletics which is why athletes do the same workout full body routine 5 days a week and training athletics full body 5 days a week, as it builds specific muscles to their specific athletics of the muscles they work everyday. 7 days a week is not recommended and the body will break down at 7 days a week which is the weakness of how Bulgarian is taught.

    In HIT or HVT the person wants to go to 30 rep max sets (slow twitch muscle fibers) each set close to failure first also with dumbbells and machines. Then they can adapt quickly to 12 rep max sets close to failure (each rep is 80% of 1 rep max), and 4 rep maxes close to failure (each rep is 94% to 95% of 1 rep max). 12 rep maxes are best known for that muscle hypertrophy appearance in Type IIA muscle fibers, but 30 rep maxes really program coordination, strength, endurance, healing, form, and recovery. 4 rep maxes are best for total strength in Type IIB muscle fibers.

    Workload and total accumulated weight lifted when added in all reps and sets of a 30 rep max are really high. Why not 100 rep maxes? 30 rep maxes is about the heaviest range for slow twitch muscle fibers, any higher reps than that just takes longer and doesn’t challenge the strength load. 12 rep maxes get the most muscle hypertrophy compared to 6-8 rep maxes. 4 rep maxes are better for total strength than 1 rep maxes.

    A calisthenics alternative HIT workout is also good but calisthenics to this degree is harder, so many may need to do good with weights before going to calisthenics months or even years later depending on what level of experience and muscle development they are at. Do calisthenics separately than weights, one or the other in separate phases. Calisthenics to this degree is more thorough than how calisthenics is practiced by most.

    I’ve gone near to failure every set and was able to get it to where I would have 5 even sets a lift of a HVT 200 set full body 5 day split routine. It didn’t start out consistent, I worked up to it such as 30 rep maxes. Then I could lift as heavy as possible of 12 rep maxes close to failure for 5 sets straight a lift. It didn’t start out even like that, so my last few sets in a 30 rep max would get weaker I started out light anyway but as I go back to those lifts the next week they improve alot to where they eventually equalize. It took some months but the lifelong progress is so much quicker and so much more efficient.

    That means go strict as non-cheat lifts, a lot of pros and big athletes will use momentum and cheating on all of their non-cheat lifts and make it look natural which cheats them of what the movement really has to offer. They have a lot of injuries. Because it’s done this way this often, even most advanced lift like this and don’t know proper strict lifting and what it offers they have no idea of it.

    Additional videos:







    Jeff Nippard’s other recent HIT videos:




    13-14 lifts

    1. Calves/ Calf Raises *

    2. Lower back/hips/glutes/quads/hams/ Hip Thrusts*

    3. Upper abs/ crunches or ab machine or ab twists

    4. Lower abs/ leg raises

    5. Neck/ neck bridges or neck machine*

    6. Grip/ weights with grip machine regular grip or reverse grip or hammer grip

    7. Shoulders/ dumbbell shoulder press or clean and jerk also reverse grip *

    8. Forearm/ wrist curls or reverse wrist curls

    9. Chest/ dumbbell incline bench press or dumbbell bench press or dumbbell decline bench press also reverse grip *

    10. Tricep/ dip machine

    11. Bicep/ preacher curls or dumbbell curls or hammer curls or reverse curls

    12. Upper back/ pullups or pull downs also reverse grip *

    13. Lats/ heavy T-Bar rows or cable rows

    * or lunges as second priority, third priority is deadlift, and finally squats or hack squats. Leg Press comes much later. Those alternative movements focus on certain areas moreso but for HIT stick to one lift a body group. You can add another lift to work the lower back if you don’t do hip thrusts, which is the lower back extension machine.

    *You don’t have to do neck every time the neck can get really tired. Do the movement, plateau at it, and take a break for some workouts.

    * You can also grip bar wide, regular, or narrow for shoulder press, bench press, and pullups/pull downs, regular most of the time, for bench press narrow grip is thumb distance grip from the center divider of that side, wide grip is gripping right outside of the outward divider. For squat or deadlift you also use the wide, regular, or narrow stances. Narrow has an impact too it’s just narrow kind of odd but doable and a new challenge. Wide is sumo stance study Stephanie Cohen youtube videos on sumo deadlift and sumo squat. On squats go ass to grass if you can. Leg Press has 3 stances too just figure out footing without hurting knees. Going higher focuses on hams, going lower focuses on quads.

    At 14 sets this takes 19 minutes to complete. A superset session would take 10 minutes to complete. A circuit would take 5 minutes to complete.

    At 70 sets this takes 94 minutes to complete. A superset session would take 47 minutes to complete. A circuit would take 24 minutes to complete.

    A 87 set full body HVT Blood and Guts modified routine I created would take 116 minutes to complete. A superset session would take 58 minutes to complete. A circuit would take 29 minutes to complete.

    Only go ass to grass if you can do it parallel otherwise it defeats the purpose. Only go as low as possible at parallel. It could take months to get to ass to grass, and if you can’t get to ass to grass what really matters is quality depth at parallel.

    Further reading of some different routines, supplemental work, nutrition, and supplementation also read all of the comments:




    Greatest strength feats of men and women mentioned in these:



  • So glad I went through so many channels as I m looking for a 3 day workout this one made sense and more easy to follow. I m slim want to get muscular and bulk.

  • If not a beginner and done this workout for a while, should you include more days during the week? Such as, instead of 3x a week, up to 4-5x a week??

  • Can I add some push ups into this workout? If so, when should I do them and how often? I have been doing this basic program for a month but I feel like adding some bodyweight exercises could benefit me more.

  • This is one of the best, if not the best, full body dumbbell workouts out there. It seems a bit shoulder heavy. Could toss in one more chest movement but otherwise I feel satiated and spent after this workout. Thanks!

  • This video has great information, but I am not sure about the best diet plan which i need to work with, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard some people mention awesome things about Custokebon Secrets.

  • What exactly is Episoketren System? How does this thing really work? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this popular training course.

  • Nice video, thank you. Question: if I am doing running for 25 minutes (intervals) on treadmill before this exercise, do you still need to do the first one, walking lunges, considering the running is working the legs?

  • All the workouts you show are essentials and will help build muscle but I think this combo will be much beneficial: 1 compound exercise + 1 isolation exercise. For exemple, dumbell bench press + dumbell fly for chest. Pull up + bent over row for back. Overhead press + lateral raises for shoulders. Goblet squat + bulgarian split squat for legs and glutes. That will do 6 sets for each muscle a day and 18 sets total for the week.

  • Hey guys if there’s anyone who did the workout and got a nice change in his strength and physic please comment below and let as know.

  • How do I get that on my phone? Is there an app that y’all have? When y’all have a cell phone you’re scrolling through it how do I get that?

  • Bro thank you I’m doing football and before I was weight lifting and training like a bodybuilder, but I wasn’t trying like an athlete thank you so much

  • I have a question regarding Complex 3. Is this two rounds in total (first round with right arm and then second round with left arm) or two rounds with each arm which makes it 4 total rounds?

  • Hey wot if I wanna do the exercises every day with no break ever?is that healthy/effective?
    Edit:how much rest should I take to get the most out of my efforts

  • Bhai daily Exercise karne ke baad Shareer me Vajan badane ke liye din me 3/4 baar khana khna jaruri hai yaa fhir Sirf 2 Waqt khane se bi vajan badega Aur ek baat Bhai Gym karne se body banegi Yaa fhir Powder/Capsule khane se hi body banegi bhai plz replay��

  • Great content but this is not just for beginners this is for the natural bodybuilder. Steve Reeves did full body 3 days a week. This full body 3 times a week is optimal for the natural bodybuilder.

  • i do have a slight problem my knees pop they have done that for quite awhile since i started exercising i’m not sure if my form is right i notice my knees do that when i took martial arts awhile back

  • Ive have come to think a 3 day system like this is the way to go starting out & I think I’ve found a proper split for my crazy schedule.
    Sunday rest
    Monday full body
    Tuesday cardio & core work
    Wednesdayfull body
    Thursday cardio & core again
    Friday full body
    Saturday core only
    So far its seems simple, easy to remember, & consistent. After I’ve gotten stronger & start to level out I’ll change to push-pull-legs.

  • I got a simple one, wrote it in 1 minute:

    Workout A:
    Squat 5×5 (superset with latheral raises 4×12)
    Bench 5×5
    Barbell rows 5×5 (superset with any triceps exercise 4×12).

    Workout B:
    Overhead press 5×5
    Pull ups 4×10
    Dips 4×10 (any bicep exercise 3×15)
    Deadlift 5 reps

  • 1:05 squat 4 sets for 4 reps at 80% of 1Rm one week then 3 sets for 6 at 75% of 1RM

    3:30 Incline dumbbell press 3 sets for 8 reps

    5:10 lying leg curls 3 sets for 8 reps

    6:15 lat pull down 3 sets for 10 reps

    7:15 ez bar bicep curls 3 sets for 12/12 reps drop set

    8:00 hanging leg raise 3 sets for 12 reps

  • Thanks for this video. Just got back to the gym after shoulder injury. One year off upper body due to injury. Great way to start back.

  • Watched videos from both buff dudes. Created a upper lower split Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday. Today is Wednesday and I feel that serious burn. Thanks for the home workout motivation ������️‍♂️

  • I have got back into working out again I searched apps and the net all wanted ongoing fees and not specific to those who are rejoining the game or just starting out again for the cost of a burger and fries (In Australia)you get a PDF easy to follow program cant recommend these dudes enough.

  • I’m a newbie, i guess that’s what you could call me. I started hitting the gym for a month and a half and love it. Down 13 lbs and want to try this full body but I’ve fell in love with the gym so idk if i can do 3 days a week. What about 4 or 5?

  • IMO you create your genetics. 100 years ago everyone was tiny except for some really good classic boxers and really good strongmen. IMO you can be the best without genetics, and I think simplifying it with the proper scientific principals will achieve that. Most guys even the top rung never quite figure that out while a few get to the top of the field. Even the top bodybuilders are weak in so many areas outside of their bodybuilding. I’ve met top overall guys in sports.

    I know guys that can eat Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Brian Shaw, and Lee Priest for breakfast in the dozens of guys of a specialized training routine and those bodybuilders are some of the toughest and strongest far beyond NFL football players. What takes Lee Priest and Jay Cutler 15 hours a week to do in a Mr. Olympia routine, these guys can complete in 2.25-3 hours a week with maximal poundage 12 rep max shock 180-240 set superset 3 day split full body routine who average lifting amounts of 600 pounds daily in bench press, squat, and deadlift also with very strong backs and throwing/punching arms. I am well aware of what Lee Priest and Jay Cutler are completely capable of including of Jay Cutler when he did sports in high school, and his cementing and farming working all day.

    I know weaknesses from short to tall in height. I know tall guys who figured out how to overcome those weaknesses and train like the best monster mesomorph power houses including guys like Lee Priest who has much less height, also meaning the weight doesn’t travel nearly as far per each set because of his shorter legs and shorter arms, and these tall big guys have all of his strengths multiplied even more so.

    It’s not will power, if you focus on will power for this you’ll get injured, it’s pacing and conditioning technique that has to be specially explained and most people don’t know about it. The strong guys I mentioned average over 6 feet tall and around 300 pounds bodyweight.

    Such as for long arms and long legs just like any length of limbs full range of motion, full concentration on both positive and negative, no rushing a lift, lift lighter and focus on completing all reps, and all sets equally instead of sacrificing reps, sets, and lifts for poundage. You’ll find by going lighter weight like this your strength catches back up and you end up strengthening a lot of other related muscle groups. 30 rep max sets are excellent for this.

    That means go strict on non-cheat lifts, a lot of pros and big athletes will use momentum and cheating on all of their non-cheat lifts and make it look natural which cheats them of what the movement really has to offer. They have a lot of injuries. Because it’s done this way this often, even most advanced lift like this and don’t know proper strict lifting and what it offers they have no idea of it.

    I talked about HIT but a lot of people may like to go straight to Blood and Guts full body routine at first (Blood and Guts is really high volume training). HIT is good for going back in weak point training for 10 lifts, 1 set a lift, a full body routine 3-5 days a week. Their body plateaus at it at 3 days, then they go 5 days, at a plateau go back to 3 days to see if lifts get stronger. Then switch to 5 sets a lift at 10 lifts, 5 sets a lift, 50 sets a day for 3-5 days a week. This is the Bulgarian principal to program a much higher recovery and programs a steroid effect of muscle fiber growth science by going full body 5 days a week gets into only for Bulgarian lifting.

    This science is true for athletics which is why athletes do the same workout and training athletics full body routine 5 days a week, as it builds specific muscles to their specific athletics of the muscles they work everyday. 7 days a week is not recommended and the body will break down at 7 days a week which is the weakness of how Bulgarian is taught.

    It doesn’t replace high volume training. Then when going back to high volume training muscle recovery is much better, and overall more muscle is activated and worked as a type of weak point training. Calisthenics was a form of this HIT program I suggested as harder than weights. The faster someone plateaus and masters each HIT phase including calisthenics the faster they work back up to high volume training. High Volume Training can be done full body a day 5 days a week too but it takes much longer and takes an advanced level development so it has to be worked up to most advanced won’t find a reason to do it long term but may find it useful in temporary periods.

    The time can be cut down with supersets or with circuits, advanced is using the dropset method I mentioned along with it. This goes far beyond where the best of Mr. Olympia have taken it, and I’ve met dozens of guys that went far beyond the level of Lee Priest, Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, and Jay Cutler in a rare specific Football lifting protocol done by dozens of the best for decades by a coach and it isn’t that well known. It’s saying a lot to go far beyond them there’s fitness and conditioning levels far beyond them and those guys are known as the industry’s best.

    Some jacked cut pro heavyweight bodybuilders will show how much lighter their lifts are compared to everyone else around them in the gym on video because they’re focused on hitting the muscle instead of using momentum so on some of the light lifts they’ll go really light to hit that exact muscle group. Even in their heavier lifts they go much lighter because they go without momentum, for compound lifts in machines and free weights they still go heavy but without momentum. Some big lifters cheat alot but they also complain about injuries, but they don’t feel like they hit the muscle group like they could. Cheating takes the muscle outside of it’s range of motion so it doesn’t work the muscle.

    That’s why I say cheating periodically is good, but it defeats the purpose if you do it all of the time. Think of it this way, once you maxed out the capacity you can cheat which only takes a few tries what’s the point to keep doing it if you already maxed the growth capacity from it. Cheating can develop some new build strength. I trained with a pro heavyweight bodybuilder who cheated all of the time so I’m already good at it, and I found cheating should only be done temporarily. I can appreciate the exactness of each lift and what it’s meant to do.

    But you never hear about the experts talk about the importance of consistency in reps and sets and lifts workout to workout. Lee Priest was different as he had great consistency in all reps, sets, and lifts every routine. Jay Cutler is the same way.

    Those two sacrificed poundages for reps, sets, and lifts to be highly consistent every routine. They’ll go a little lighter to make sure all of their sets are equal. I’ve gone near to failure every set and was able to get it to where I would have 5 even sets a lift of a 200 set full body 5 day split routine. It didn’t start out consistent, I worked up to it such as 30 rep maxes. Then I could lift as heavy as possible for 5 sets straight a lift. It didn’t start out even like that, so my last few sets would get weaker I started out light anyway but as I go back to those lifts the next week they improve alot to where they eventually equalize.

    That means go strict on non-cheat lifts, a lot of pros and big athletes will use momentum and cheating on all of their non-cheat lifts and make it look natural which cheats them of what the movement really has to offer. They have a lot of injuries. Because it’s done this way this often, even most advanced lift like this and don’t know proper strict lifting and what it offers they have no idea of it.

  • Thank you for this video man. I’ve found myself getting complacent with my dad bod since I’ve had less time to get to the gym, but this I can manage at home. Also really nice to have a video that is straight to the content and doesn’t spend 7 minutes plugging ads and begging for subs

  • I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. NextLevelDeit proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  • Been following you on insta for a while now, as usual always informative and precise. Just a suggestion, for any newbies like me who don’t go to the gym, can you suggest full body workouts that can be done at home. Keep up the great work!

  • What can I do to replace leg press on day 2? My gym doesn’t have a Leg press machine. Also with the replacement do I still do 3×10-12

  • Hey man great video on my 2nd week now. Would you aim to keep the weight the same over the course of the week e.g. squats are 4th Monday but 1st on Friday, should I increase the weight Friday as its the 1st exercise? Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot for helping us by making helpful videos like this for us…
    I have a little question???
    1.sat(chest,shoulder & back)
    2.sun(Abs & arms)
    5.wed(full body workout)
    7.fri(lower body)
    will this intense workout routine really work for me??

  • Does the drop set on biceps mean each set is dropped or just the last set?
    And it means 12 reps at the top weight and 12 reps at the lowered? Should the drop set weight be a certain percentage lower or whatever weight is needed to reach 12 reps?

  • I just saw your videos regarding the full body split, but now I’m confused, because this video is about focused full body training, but your Jan 25th video talks about full body (non focused), targeting all muscles (1 exercise per muscle) every day. So which one is better? and what are the advantages of this vs the other full body split?

  • This has to be one of the best workout you’ve ever produced, and that’s sayin something! Definitely gonna try it!
    Kudos, and keep up the good work

    Ps: your whole family is adorable

  • Hey guys! Any good idea for an alternative to the bench? I don’t own one and right now it’s a little difficult to get one were I live. Cheers!

  • For my full body workout I just do Back-Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Press( flat and incline) 4 sets each.
    And then add a separate arm day with shoulders the alternate day.

    Should I keep doing it or change it?

  • About to start this programme and looking forward to it:) one bit I’m not sure about. weeks 1-3 says day 1 then rest then day 2 then rest then day 3. Is that week 1 done start back the day you started or do you keep going? i.e is it a 3 or 4 day work out in the week?

  • Buff Dudes I am Single can I perform this Workout series or get an Girlfriend, get married have baby and then perform this routine?

  • I love the full body routines! and there are few channels that refer to them properly, I subscribe! Thanks for the contributions, greetings from Mallorca (Spain).

  • I’m gonna give this a go thank you only thing I can see ill have trouble with is the chin ups I cant lift my own bodyweight yet any suggestions on an alternative I can do to build up to chin ups? Maybe the pull down bar?

  • The flipside of cheating and why people do it.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5-R-TICKSw&app=desktop I believe he has cheating movements, also called using plyometrics, explosive lifting, and momentum, like Brie Larson exploding the weight up during hip thrusts.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMLEopVAzEE Only relevance of this video is he highly recommends cheap soft tissue work. I never needed it but I did calegic wrestling and yoga and then getting into maximal poundages of weightlifting and cross training. I am also exact and precise on all of my movements none of that annoying out of place movements during a lift. I did do foam pad rolling here and there I was good at but I didn’t depend on it.

    Here’s a trainer that uses momentum and cheating, which got Bradley Cooper a lot bigger for his role.

    He only has a limited time window to get the maximum growth in his clients. That’s why a lot of coaches teach to cheat, and why a lot of big bodybuilders cheat. It can give massive build strength to the whole body in a short period of time. I recommend cheating phases but much later on when everything is thoroughly built first as it all comes fast anyway. If I had to work in a time window I can see why momentum and cheating are used so much. But unlike this video I got strong legs without cheating, and I can do hip thrusts back on the ground no bench no pad in a solid motion no quick explosive moving, and I can do it with over 400 pounds for a dozen repetitions or so in each one set for a few sets with regular rest in-between sets after practicing it for a few weeks no roids. The secret to getting them so strong, pound it out in a full range of motion with high sets and you get the most growth. I found most people that do this movement incredibly weak willed and lazy and they think they’re the “experts” on it. I only spent a few weeks on this movement.

    The reason for no cheating, no explosive, and no momentum is to make sure to wake up and incorporate all muscle groups for useful conditioned strength. This makes you much more powerful in real world movements. If you don’t condition the muscle it can’t be used and isn’t developed. Then you do cheating to add momentum to add new build strength to that movement, so now you have momentum to add way more impact in real world movements multiplying what it can do. But without that conditioned muscle strength you can’t properly access this momentum. Mixing both together is really powerful including in bodybuilding but pros have a hard time properly teaching it, everyone wants the poundages but it ruins their muscle building as a free for all to where they have no real consistency or legitimacy to their lifts, and it ruins their recovery and consistency in sets and proper poundages.

    Other advanced bodybuilders use a mixture of conditioned muscle, rapid controlled movements, and cheating for muscle building as an advanced concept. I only recommend cheating in temporary periods, as once the body plateaus at it then it can’t get much more growth from it. If it’s done too long the conditioned muscle disappears removing proper muscle building. So in the long term no cheating in most routines is recommended. In athletics cheating is a fundamental aspect such as explosive lifting and momentum in olympic weightlifting movements that goes to sports, acrobatics, and gymnastics. In calegic wrestling and football a person needs to cheat and explode when in a game or match in a lot of movements. It’s all interrelated. That’s why cheating is such a high priority in lifting in sports.

  • Well how you detailed it out super simple but like the detail I’m going to try this myself one of the only videos on YouTube that I’ve searched for this split that makes the most sense in this the most concise and to the point

  • 1. Walking Lunges 3×8-12 0:57
    2. Dumbbell Rows 3×8-12 2:00
    3. Chest Press 3×8-12 2:36
    4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3×8-12 3:14
    5. Dumbbell Bicep Curls Alternating 3×8-12 3:54
    6. Dumbbell Tricep Extension 3×8-12 4:16

  • I wouldn’t recover from this routine. I’m 43 and my back and joints would be on fire. Currently I’m doing an A B Full Body workout that looks like this. A Leg press squat leg curl pull up row pull down bench press dumbbell press push up. Workout B I reverse the exercises. 2 sets per exercise with 4 days recovery in between. I’m still doing to workouts a week, with about 12 sets of 5-15 reps per body part. The only way I could increase the frequency is to drop my sets and focus on lower body one workout, then upper the next. Just wondering what you think?

  • Hey bud great workout whilst we are all stuck in isolation:)
    Any idea when you’ll be getting restocked or new stock of shirts. Bought a few and love them but you always seem to be out of stock now?

  • hey, would you suggest trainers over running shoes for someone whose workout is 80% weight training and 20% cardio

    or do they not matter at all (in your opinion)

  • Brilliant job Mounir. Congratz on your youtube channel. Will be supporting your work in this platform too, youtube fitness community needs fresh faces like you

  • How painful the chest or shoulders be when doing the bench presses??? And how much weight should be add daily basis?at moment I do feel feel resistance when I’m on the 12th reps but when I start the bench press it’s pretty much easy. How much weight so I add to give the things that the muscle starts ache as I don’t want to kill myslelf too. Pol

  • I have done this routine for 1 month and i have made weekly strength gains like never before, thanks a lot man wish i found this sooner. Also for workout B what if we i removed the front squad and dumbbell bench for a regular squad and regular bench for same reps as workout A?

  • Thanks for this video. I’m not strong enough to do squats yet, but all the other workouts I can do and this will be super helpful for building a foundation XD

  • direct and informative!! very nice Video

    maybe consider to change your name. “iWannaBurnFat” seems kind of…. unprofessional. But thats just my opinion ��‍♂️ your legal name would do better maybe ��‍♂️��‍♂️

  • I used 6 kg and 4 kg dumbbell because I am still a beginner. But this totally killed me. I finished this in almost 1 hour. I am planning on doing this again on Friday or Saturday. Thanks

  • Transferring some support from your IG fan. Always supported by evidence based science. I like how you went straight to the point and did not waste too much time talking in the intro. Question about using this alternative in comparison to single muscle exercises. Is it a significant difference in the results of gaining muscle in doing full body workouts? Again great video! Keep it up!

  • I got my diet plan from NextLevelDiet and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can’t wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.

  • This workout is from our DUMBBELL ONLY PLAN ( GRAB IT HERE: http://bit.ly/dumbbellplan ) If you’re following along, good luck and feel free to find more of the videos in this series in our “Dumbbell Only” playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTf-ZXYjmIgYFBDAWnIxKCE3IJVBezqYx

  • Walking Lunges: 1:20
    Dumbell Rows: 2:05
    Chest Press: 2:40
    Dumbell Shoulder Press: 3:18
    Dumbell Biceps Curls Alternating: 3:46
    Dumbell Tricep Extension: 4:15
    Time Stamps for people like me who need to see it multiple times to be sure they’re doing it right haha

  • I love you guys and your channel so much! I’ve been following you guys for over two years now. Fell off the bandwagon once I went back to work after being a stay at home mom for over a year. Now that they shut our salon down till April 30th I’m pretty much a stay at home mom again �� Time to focus on being a buff grrrlll again and potty train my 2 year old. ��Wish me luck on both journeys and stay healthy!

  • This is pretty intense but the click bait qualification of “Ultimate” implies that it is complete which it is not. A few other movements could have been blended into the routine. My recommendation concerns standing overhead presses and back injury. Andy is using 70 lb dumbbells for several of the overhead presses and is doing that weight with ease and not suffering from pressure in the lower back. It is most important to not feel like the weight is not forcing you to overly arch your back or sway to one side to compensate for a weakness or improper swinging of the weight. For the less advanced, a couple of weeks of seated overhead presses can help you find the correct weight while having the safety of the chair or benches back support. Than go for the advanced stuff.

  • Using the kid’s slide as an incline bench, this is big brain mode!

    All the stores closed for me to get some extra dumbbells. Using a broken 32lb weight (with 4 8lb weights on them) & two bags full of 16oz waters (roughly 15lbs each).

    I feel like Rocky training for Ivan Drago.

  • Nice vid dude i been doing full body 3 days a week 3 to 5 sets per compound lift made best gains and strenght of my life. What i do is bench press. Squats. Rows. Shoulder press and curls. I keep it simple and easy and it hits every body part.

  • Great content. However, I curious on why you don’t have any biceps or triceps exercises in this plan. Is it because they are being worked with the other compound movements? Just interested in your theory and thought process. Thanks

  • What do you think about do 2 leg days as the same as with the torso?
    I wanna have a real good legs.
    Do you things this is too much?
    How I could organize both days of legs?
    Thank you so much, I suscribe.

  • I knew which foods I need to eat to lose weight, but I didn’t know how much. Diet plan I got from NextLevelDiet contains portion sizes for every meal. Fantastic

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  • I love the dumbbell only program, currently at p3d3 here. This full body phase was awesome, kicked my ass at the beggining. By the end of the year I should have a buff baby too to use as gym equipment as well.��


  • I’m 51 and I’ve done this about 5 times and believe me it’s way harder than it looks, I don’t do the get up sit ups (neck issues) and only do 1 set at the end not 2 sets. Not sure if it’s really for 51 year olds. ����

  • Can you please, please address what you mean by “forward and OUT” when doing the walking lunges. It looks like your front leg is at a very slight angle when going forward instead of completely straight in line.

  • I’m a beginner and i want to follow this. Can you make a video/suggest a video of all those workouts done with the right technique?

  • I’m a smaller guy and have been doing this routine for nearly a year now, 3+ times a week as suggested.

    Thank you so much for being the ones to finally cut through all the elitist, macho, baby oil crap, for us people who are just beginning, and providing something simple and tangible to provide clear results, without overcomplicating a single thing.

    It has changed my life.

  • You said this is for beginner right? But it’s hard to get the form for these compound exercises and quite intimidating also. And does the deadlift require a belt and which type do I do?

  • Welcome to YouTube Mounir…. currently using your upper and lower body routine with great results….always a fan of your no BS approach to fitness

  • Why do only 10 reps if you can do more? Stopping before you’re fatigued or have form failure doesn’t maximize the benefit of the exercise.

  • thanks for the video I really appreciate your work! but I have a query

    I’m 25 years old, I weight around 220 lbs and I’m 6 feet tall! I have moderately muscular build with a significant amount of body fat, 29% body fat to be precise. I wanna lower this body fat percentage significantly, like around 15-20%, while avoiding loosing any muscle mass. will this routine help me fulfill that goal? kindly let me know

  • I only have 25 lb dumbells and I was able to do this all 12 reps besides the shoulder press (Only 6) anyone know exercises I could do besides shoulder press to strengthen muscles used there

  • Watches three videos in row, doesn’t have to touch the volume. Sal starts talking first thing in this video and immediately have to turn it down��

  • I think Jeff has enough muscles depending on his size. So in my opinion he shouldn’t be doing too much heavy lifting unless he want to be look like Ronie Colman for the next 3 years.

  • Great video. Just a quick question if anyone can answer I will appreciate it. How do I know what weight I will ned to use? And how do I know when is time to use higher weights.
    Thank you

  • I just did this workout and I dig it. What are your thoughts on substituting the dumbell lunges with dumbell squats, and chest presses with pushups, in terms of how well they incorporate with this workout and the overall effectiveness

  • Jeff Nippard, I bought the high frequency total body training, and I want to make sure I get the ecopy and the hard copy. How do I do that?

  • The only one I can’t do is the split stance as my floor sounds pretty hollow and also as soon as I finnish my regular exercise I immediately start this and times vary from 1 hr flat to 1 hr and 20 mins depending on how tired I am

  • Does Custokebon Secrets really help to lost tons of weight? We have read numerous good stuff about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • A kind gentleman local to me was getting rid of an old set of dumbells for nothing, after the gym has been closed for almost 4 months this is just what I needed to make the most of them!

  • Dude you should have consumed Whey Protein instead of beer while doing lifting weight �� Perhaps because it was hot outdoor, while inside the gym they got AC or fan��

  • Omfg this is the most fucking helpful workout guide. Like honestly its so simple and so easy to follow along thank you so much man keep it up!!! Got yourself a new subscriber

  • I like this program. I do something incredibly similar ( been training about 8 months). But there is something missing here. We have a push-pull-legs protocol that is missing a vertical pull movement.

  • Thanks for being an amazing resource in my fitness journey as well as others! I just picked up my copy of the full body program and excited to see the results that will follow!

  • The Science Applied series is back!! I’ve got 4 more full body workouts on the way over the course of the next month or so that will give you guys a great idea of how I set up my workouts on my new high frequency full body split. In case you missed it, make sure you check out my last video explaining the rationale behind this set up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTxO5ZMxcsc Also, I’m planning to film a Q&A tomorrow on full body training, so if you have any questions feel free to drop them below. Peace!

  • Been looking for something exactly like this that details out a complete plan for me as I don’t know what the hell to do in the gym. Lol thanks bro!

  • Fave workout channel. No over thought bs. Explanations and reps. Simple. I’m 50 with 3 sets of dumbells and look like i own a gym. Initially just wanted to gain healthy weight but now just addicted to the pain. Mental health largely depends on this. Imho.

  • Would warm up sets be included in the working sets? Or should we immediately be going into the working sets with the working weight?

  • Maybe it’s just me but if you wrote your program out like a workout instead of a five paragraph theme it’ll be easier for me to do the work out without actually having to watch your video over and Pausing all the time.

  • Very nice video! Congratulations! Definitely going to give it a try to the routine. What would you suggest to train the days in between? Some cardio and isolated exercises?

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  • Been doing the 5×5 for two months now. Switching to this now and including unilateral work to hopefully sort out the muscle imbalances. Then going back to the 5×5. Wish me luck y’all.

  • Full Body Gainz! Been rocking this workout for 2 weeks now… loving it. I lacked a structured workout prior ( I am very much a beginner) so this is perfect me me at this point. Thanks man, keep rocking the great videos!

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  • In the months ahead: So many broken common household items, furniture, door frames, damaged walls and broken windows. Not to mention all the makeshift meathead injuries!

  • Fish oil works pretty well for muscle soreness
    Blueberries make me feel more clear and solid
    Light jogging helps me recover faster
    Beets, spinach, and water give me a huge push in the gym
    For bulking I use blended oats, raw broccoli, eggs, and olive or coconut oil.

  • What’s a good alternative to lounges? Would some form of squat be appropriate here? I’m asking for those instances when space is really limited.

  • I’m gonna try these workouts, need to change it up. I like to check out different videos on workouts to stay motivated and actually get results.

  • Thanks for bringing up the limit of time. Super helpful for a guy like me who sometimes needs to get a workout in during the peak times.

  • question as a beginner; I assume cardio is preferred on the 2 days not lifting? Didn’t know if anyone factored in other workouts as the weeks progressed. Thanks

  • Started this workout plan today. Thanks for this man. This time last year I was pushing 300 lbs. Joined a gym in March doing push/pull/legs 3 days a week and started doing intermittent fasting and I’m down 45lbs. I’ve fallen off the wagon this last month partly due to vacation, 4th of July, and just being lazy, but the biggest reason is my elbow. My elbow has hurt so bad after lifting weights it kinda pushed me away from wanting to do it. It hurt especially bad after pull day. Putting ice on it and maybe some ibuprofen the next day got me through it but it just kept getting worse. So I’m hoping a full body exercise a few times a week will be easier on it since I’m not focusing only on push and pull twice a week. Anyone else have this problem? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks again for the video. Very helpful.

  • So I think I recently plateaued in my maxes, I workout once in the morning for powerlifting, once in the afternoon during my football athletic period (which is typically 8-12 reps for every exercise) and then after school I do my own workout (low reps heavy weight until failure). I also try to eat 150 grams of protein per day and 3500 calories. Does anyone have any tips on nutrition or on a workout to do after school that would continue muscle growth?

  • I do full body workouts every other day something I don’t understand why he is only telling people to do 1 exercise 3 sets 8-12 reps then move to the next

    I’ve always been taught during full body exercises you need to do a minimum of 3 different exercises per body part 3 sets with a minimum of 8 reps going all the way up until you feel the burn and starting to tire then rest and repeat the next set till you finish that workout then move on to the next work out for that body part??

    For instance

    Chest: Dumbell chest press 3 sets minimum 8-? Reps

    Dumbell butterfly’s 3 sets minimum 8-? Reps

    Mid chest press 3 sets minimum 8-? Reps

    Bare minimum do 3 different exercises per body part and more if possible?

  • DAY 1:
    Goblet Squats 3×10
    Bent Over Rows 3×10
    Bench Press 3×10
    Shoulder Press 3×10
    Roll Outs 3×15

    DAY 2:
    Farmer Squat 3×10
    Prone Row 3×10
    Inclined Press 3×10
    Seated Shoulder Press 3×10
    Plank Twists 3×30

    DAY 3:
    Step Ups 3×10
    One Arm Rows 3×10
    One Arms Press 3×10
    One Arm Shoulder Press 3×10
    Otis Up 3×15

  • awesome _used to follow your how tos on my iphone in the gym now in lockdown looking to your videos to get me through! i know a bit, have studied personal training, am a fit 54 but still find something new in all your videos thanks!

  • If total volume is matched does it even matter what kind of split we do?
    I mean we train a muscle 3 times a week to get more volume in right?

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  • Looked easy until I tried it was good I’ll try it for a week but there workouts I couldn’t do I just pause the video and do one Ik ��

  • I’d say the only thing I’d change is the way he did the abdominal roll out. He’s working his hip flexors more than his abs. Shouldn’t bend at the hips like that when you’re coming back in

  • Best full body weight training workout. Took me 1 hr 10 mins to finish the whole workout on the first day. Let’s hope I get better and take shorter rest time. ��������

  • 5 days a week eh. What should guys who work physically demanding jobs where they burn thousands of calories a day do? I’m smoked every day I get home. Tried working out before work, after, just a constant struggle lol ��‍♂️

  • Great video! I am no expert but have an exercise physiology degree and so I appreciate how evidence based your presentation is! I always prefer full body vs split routines but get overwhelmed with choosing exercises. Im going to incorporate your recommendations! Thanks!

  • I still think a push pull legs split would be better organized, and easier to maintain. This routine seems all over the place, and looks confusing

  • In my 60s and doing this. 10lb DB seated press 201 reps. 20lb DB seated press x 100 reps. 30lb DB seated press 40 reps. 40lb DB seated press 10 reps.

  • Hey guys, I’ve been doing this for 6 weeks now, I’ve seen lots of changes to my body but I haven’t weighed myself yet. I really enjoy these exercises and using dumbells, is there a following programme from this one that you recommend after this programme.

  • If you ask me, it’s really hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, but website called Next Level Diet is great for that. They also calculate your BMI and calorie intake for FREE and provide you with diet meal plan and training plan.

  • ONE QUESTION PLS the workout routine was perfect for me until the rollouts. up to this point i could do all the exercises, it was challenging but i barely made it, but rollouts seem to be impossible for me? i cant do even one, is there anything i could do instead of them? maybe its my weight, im quite tall and overweight, but i seriously cant do one rollout, especially after all the previous exercises. am i just a beta weak ass dude that should start with taking walks in the park or what? its so dissapointing and i dont know what to do honestly

  • Another complete, and productive training video; plenty of very valuable tips, and advice! Clear instruction, and practical ways of working out with dumbbells.

  • i Just have 1 question. is this a good workout to follow to pursue fast weight loss? I usually just go back to P90X to get back in shape fast.

  • I workout at home my workout area is a tv room about the size of a really large walk in closet i dont have room for a bench is there a way to do a bench press without the bench? would laying on the floor work good enough?

  • The problem, for me at least, with going as low as possible on the squats is the worry about f-ing up the knees rather than the mobily in the hips. I’m too careful with my knees ever since I messed them up doing non weight lifting related activity.

  • Loved the intro using the kiddo. I put my son on my shoulders and do back squats with him. Also loved involving the entire family and creativity of the exercises. Keep up the great content!!

  • I can’t do Squats with any type of Barbells because my shoulders are messed up. Is there any way to do Squats with heavy weights without having a barbell on the back? I love doing Squats but I can’t do them with barbells and just doing more bodyweight versions isn’t cutting it for me…

  • Question please: would it be a good option to work out every day, 3 exercises per day? Or is it better ( safer? ) to do all six exercises 3 times a week? Thanks

  • I just started deadlifting and my form is great. I want to encorporate it in my 3x a week full body workout but I found my hamstrings are super sore. And I’m not sure if I should do it once or twice a week. And when should I sqaut?? I also have been doing hip thrust 3x a wedk

  • So my only dumbbells at home are 25lbs. Am I good to say do 4 sets of 20 on the bench instead? Will more reps and less weight work? (I’m relatively new to this)

  • I do 14 exercises in a full body workout for 3 set of 15 reps at home with a barbell dumbbells an some weight plates for different exercises is that too many exercises

  • I am a complete novice to lifting, I purchased the plan, I have my dumbbells & bench ready to go. I did my first P1D1 today using 8lb dumbbells & a 10lb kettlebell for the goblet squat.When I was done my legs were jello & I fell asleep on my living room floor for about 20 mins. My dumbbells are not round so I couldn’t do the rollouts, I did a couple of plank holds & 3 sets of 10 ab crunches. Any other suggestions to replace the rollout?
    Thanks for the great workout. Looking forward to day 2 and onward.

  • hey bro I’ve been spending countless hours trying to find a solid routine to follow theres just too much info out there and youtubers contradicting each other just subbed and liked your video as you go straight to the point and finally made me understand what split and rep/set ranges work so thanks for that! I’m going to give this a go but I was just wondering if we need to train our core as well separately or if these full body workouts are enough?

  • Seen a lot of videos and I didn’t like the trainer even when they had good advice. But I like this dude. And I learned two new moves watching this and I now know my bent over row had bad form. I knew I wasn’t doing it correctly and now I need less wieghts because that shit hurts so good. Form is everything.

  • Its still amaze me just how some people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets even though a lot of people with it. Thanks to my personal pal who told me about it. I have lost a ton of weight.

  • Hey great video. What would be a good alternative to squats? I had a meniscus tear and surgery 3 years ago. I would think that 3 years would be more than enough to do some basic things but squats still regardless of the weight. Some days I could do some heavy ones (relatively) and some days body squats feel uncomfortable. I can do leg press without any pain. Is that good enough or should I add another excercise?

  • Hey, just wana know, I allways do some core after my workouts, with these new ones that you teached, I should continue to do that right?

  • Hey bro thanks for this. For the 3×12 lunges, do we do 12 reps per leg or is 1 lunge on one leg equal to 1 rep? I’m literally in the middle of a workout right now XD

  • I already did these but I do them in a circuit. Same reps and sets. What’s the difference between circuits and doing each individual excercise sets and reps before moving forward to the next excercise? If you could give me some detail. Thank you

  • Love the series keep it up, currently doing push pull leg split with bands in the backyard that might be something you can show us too!

  • I really, really struggle with the walking lunges. I have some arthritis and torn meniscus. Any alternative, maybe don’t go down so low? BTW, I’m in Phase III, end of week 2 of MAPS starter.

  • Oh crap this is more intense than my normal workout I feel kinda intimidated ngl

    It’s my rest day rn and I was looking for a new routine

  • Hey Dude just came across your Channel: love your simplistic approach and how informative you Are. Exactly what I was looking for. No gibberish and straight to the Point. Im 232 right now: my Goal is 200. Thank you Brother.
    Subscribed. ��

  • I think its great idea to get people started doing DB work. That addresses strength imbalances left to right before they move to the Barbell and try heavier work

  • Great video, thank you so much for the informations.Would you like to tell me the sound name of the background, please? i’d like to use when i go to the gym.:)

  • Im skinny fat and was going to start a full body workout to gain muscle but i also wanted to add sprints on an off day to burn fat, is this overdoing it?

  • Excellent video. One note about the goblet squats and that is I see most people doing this and leaning forward and pushing up through the toes rather than through the ankles. The same with leg presses. I think most beginners need to be reminded of this.

  • So do you not do any warm up sets? You mention you warm up and then go into your squatting so do you not do warm up sets for each muscle?

  • Bulgarian squats off the deck. That’s a single leg move that hits hard and works on balance too. Love what you all are doing. All 3 of my boys have been training with me here at home. My 11 year old put on a circuit training last night to the neighborhood kids next door. Burpees squats, mountain climbers, sprints. Him and the 7 year old want abs so bad. Lol. Keep up the good work.

  • that’s awesome, but where’s I would put biceps and triceps and abs workout? plz explain it Precisionly.
    fan from beyond the iron days ��✊

  • I would love to see a resistance band workout from you guys. Sadly, I live in an apartment so getting dumbbells is not ideal.


  • Hey guys! I am starting this from today so I will update you guys.. a little background information about me.. I am 18 years old.. I weigh 70KGs/155Pounds.. my height is 5 foot 7
    Day 1 ( 1/7 )
    I completed it and it was difficult and was out of breath ( I used 2 x 7.5 KG dumbbells )
    Day 2 ( 2/7 )
    I did everything the same.. this time it went much easier and I loved it
    Day 3 ( 4/7 )
    It went easy again.. all good �� also took 1 day break to rest my body..
    Day 4 ( 6/7 )
    this time i got used to it.. i feel like i should go for the heavier dumbbell now
    Day 5 ( 9/7 )
    Took 2 days break so I can take rest and I started with heavier weights this time.. 2 x 11KG dumbbells.. was hard but managed to pulled it through ��
    Day 6 ( 13/7 )
    Did the same took some break off
    Day 7 (19/7)
    Needed rest for my muscles so I could start once again
    Day 8 (21/7)
    Went good!
    Day 9 (24/7)
    Now I feel like i can do this everyday.. it’s easy but tiring
    Day 10 ( 27/7)
    Now I want to go for more heavier weights but I feel like I am not ready

    Ok I’m done.. I can see my muscular growth in my body.. I just wanted to experiment this workout for 1 month.. now I am planning to do the one punch man challenge

  • I love this workout! I am for sure a new subscriber! I wasn’t able to do the Rollouts cuse of hex dumbbells but I thought of the idea to do 3 x 10 of renegade rows instead to attack the abs the best I can!

  • Illness, meds, surgery & months of recovery have left me in the worse shape of my life.

    I am a big fan and your tips on IG have helped. So I will try this 3 day routine for 8 weeks and see how it goes. I want to get back in shape and trust your methods.
    PS, funds are low due to months of med leave so I have to take this route.

    Thanks ��

  • I got me a trainer and welcome to the full body workout… Mon Wen Fri.. A Variation of the workout… Super sets…. Tri sets and giant sets… All workouts are intense for one hour…. My workout journal is getting huge because so much different workouts l been doing…. I love Mondays too see what the trainer has for me… Getting stronger burning the fat building the muscle…

  • Great video! Like and subscribed.
    One question. I do all of these already, but only one set of each, which together comprise one circuit. I do three circuits. I have heard a lot of good things about circuit training, basically it mimics compound exercises.
    Good or bad?

  • The iWannaBurnFat YouTube channel is finally here!

    I really hope you enjoyed watching my first Youtube video. With this Youtube channel I want to reach a broader audience by putting the main concepts I discuss on my Instagram/blog into video form. Like my other content, I’m taking on an evidence-based approach to give the most reliable & useful information I’m capable of giving.

    About the full-body routine, I also quickly want to mention that there is nothing magical about full-body training. It’s just 1 way you can organize your training volume. But if you only have 2-4 days in a week to train, I’d argue full-body training is one of the most effective training structures.

    Feel free to leave a reply and let me know what you think about the first video! Any feedback or suggestions for future videos are welcomed and appreciated!

  • Ok, my hubby is a mind pump freak. He says I should be going lower on the shoulder press, full range of motion. I said no, I’m doing it the way he said��

  • Watching this video for the second time I’m realising just, how good it is. So much information and visual cues, as well as knowing what’s going in behind the scenes, in the body so I understand why I need to move in a certain way. It satisfies my ‘what’, and my ‘why’, which is really motivating. Thank you.

  • I’m consistenty doing this program. I’m currently at the 2nd Phase, day 1 and will do it tomorrow. This was a fun but intense workout tbh. I’m doing this program every other day. To make it more interesting and challenging, I did a Ladder set (start at 10 reps) and its really rewarding.

    Btw, I’m doing my 30 day no days off workout challenge. Its my 11th day today. Motivate me and wish me luck

    Thank you for the program, Buff Dudes!

  • this man is the definition of a king his life is literally my goal already got the body just gotta maintain it and work on other important things

  • Just started this last week. I’m adding a set to each exercise and super setting the squats/presses and rows/shoulders. It’s surprisingly taxing and I’m loving it.

  • The prone rows are great, can do just prone rows without the bent over rows, the former are safe for the back and easier to get the form correct.

  • The good thing about babies is that they REALLY provide increasing resistance. Next week, he weighs just a little bit more than this week.

  • As expected very good job man! Appreciate your effort, great result for first video. This channel is destined for high levels Im sure!

  • I’m 51 and I’ve done this about 5 times and believe me it’s way harder than it looks, I don’t do the get up sit ups (neck issues) and only do 1 set at the end not 2 sets. Not sure if it’s really for 51 year olds. ����

  • Hi Jeff! Ive made a new workout routine where I do total body workouts 3 times a week. Ive counted the amount of sets and concluded that Im doing total of 28 sets on monday, 28 on wednessday and 25 on friday. Do you think my workouts are too much volume per session? Keep in mind its total body so the sets are divided among all musclegroups+ im not a beginner lifter, ive been lifting for a while with ups and downs(7years) so my body can withstand some punishment. but im still unsure if im not getting to much volume on those days. what do you think?

  • Wondering why Jeff hasn’t uploaded anything on the fake weights issue. I know Jeff ain’t got time for that he’s too busy helping us get more gains!

  • 3:00 goblet squat 3×10. 5:30 DB rows 3×10. 7:40 bench press 3×10. 8:40 standing shoulder press 3×10. 10:55 Ab roll out.

  • Second ever comment and in the first 20 subscribers ��. Love your instagram, remember me when you get 1 million subs ��. Great info and content