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Here, we’ve compiled some of the greatest muscle-building calves exercises you can do to add some definition to your skinny legs. Try these on for size. Try these on for size.

Try These Unique Calf Exercises. Try to get 12-15 reps to failure with a challenging weight and do 3-4 sets. Make sure to perform the exercise using a full range of motion and try different foot positions to emphasize a different head/muscle. For this exercise, you just need a bench or any seat and a small, elevated surface for your. Once you become skilled at this, try this on single leg.

Repeat this 3 times. Jump Rope; Jumping rope isn’t just for kids – believe it or not! It does excellent work for toning your calves and giving you an aerobic workout in the process. Try it the grown-up way, with your hands on both sides making small circles to spin the rope. Top Calf Exercise #2: Seated Calf Raise.

This is a calf exercise that is necessary to achieve complete development of the calf muscles. While this movement is similar to the standing calf raise, the seated calf raise will actually target the lower muscles of the calf. Once you’ve completed all three of your exercises, rest for 15 to 30 seconds, then repeat for three to five total rounds. Good for: obliques, rectus abdominis 13.

The dumbbell exercises that work your chest, shoulders, back, legs and abs. The 15 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Building Muscle. All you need to pack on muscle is a simple pair of dumbbells.

6. Step Up Exercise for Calves. The step-up exercise is beneficial to the glutes and lower legs. If you want to know how to lose calf fat fast in 1 week, pay absolute attention because the step-up is one of the most efficient when it comes to losing calf fat. To start a step up exercise, you will need a pair of dumbbell (of the same mass) and a.

Here’s why you should dedicate time and energy to your calf muscles, including a specific calf workout and the best at-home calf exercises and lower-body mobility drills to try. Calf Muscles 101 Your calves comprise two main muscles: the gastrocnemius and the soleus. For people worried about the appearance of large calf muscles, long-distance, low-resistance cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging or brisk walking, may help to develop slim, toned calves.

If, however, you wish to increase the size of your calves, sprinting, weightlifting and running uphill may help. Spanish squats: You will need a resistance band for this exercise. Tie one end to a fixed post and make two loops for the legs.

Tie one end to a fixed post and make two loops for the legs. Set.

List of related literature:

The following calf exercises are effective for developing this stubborn muscle group.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

I also use a wide variety of exercises; not just some sets of Standing and Seated Calf Raises, but enough movements to work every area of the calf muscles—upper and lower, inside and outside.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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Of these, the calf muscles (calf pump) is the most effective.

“Undergraduate Surgery” by A.K. Nan
from Undergraduate Surgery
by A.K. Nan
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Tip: A seated calf raise does not work the entire calf muscle.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
from Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living
by Ben Lerner
Thomas Nelson, 2007

* Recommend a trial of calf stretching exercises; they have been found helpful in a single uncontrolled trial.

“Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management” by Alex Khot, Andrew Polmear
from Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management
by Alex Khot, Andrew Polmear
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Standing Calf Raise 5.

“Complete Conditioning for Basketball” by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
from Complete Conditioning for Basketball
by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
Human Kinetics, 2007

Fifth, catch the lateral sides of the feet and pull them closer to the chest, and at the same time dig the elbows into the calf muscles, pressing the knees even further to the sides (fig.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
by David Coulter
Motilal Banarsidass, 2004

Unfortunately, the calf muscles are quite strong.

“How to Walk on Water and Climb up Walls” by David Hu
from How to Walk on Water and Climb up Walls
by David Hu
Princeton University Press, 2020

This calf exercise was essential for me because compared to the rest of me, my calves were congenitally puny and hard to build up.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

This exercise is specially beneficial in developing the calf of the leg, and will make it feel sore the first few times it is tried.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
from The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more
by William Walker Atkinson
Musaicum Books, 2017

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  • I watch your post’s with interest I think your brilliant and full of knowledge and information the rapport you two have is fantastic you have helped me a lot with your different post’s regarding my injury’s…thank you for your time

  • Very helpful, thank you. Good sensible advice on what stresses unnecessarily joints/muscles. There are lots of great videos by Bob and Brad about good exercises you can see, too. And if people don´t agree with something, they don´t have to take the advice, do they?

  • These are so true n they are better alternates.My back n neck are feeling a lot better since I changed.. Strapping a weight around you I think is also bad but hey… What’s that old saying; learned the hard way ��

  • I agree with you on a lot of these exercises but not all of them. A lot of these movements are fine for people free of musculoskeletal disorders who can lift with good technique. We do have a problem with managing weight loading though, too much too fast, we need to teach self-evaluation and regulation

  • I’m a PTA (2 year degree) with 6 years experience, and I know more than these 2. While there may be a correlation between some of these exercises and RISK of injury, there are currently no studies that show a cause effect relationship between exercises. People, just go to the gym and exercise. 1-2 injuries per 1000 training hours puts you at the same injury risk as power walking.

  • I use the vibrating foam roller “Viper“ Hyper ICE. It’s a great help when you have to “unlock” your soleus https://chasingtargets.eu/nl/product/hyperice-vyper-vibrerende-foam-roller/

  • ive been doing your workouts for 4 months now, ive always been skinny and i hated it, until i got into working out ive gained so much weight on my legs from your workouts, thank you madfit.

  • My question is, I started the cross massage and it is helping. My calve strain has lingered for 4-5 weeks, I had taken your advice around 3 weeks. It is definitely the soleus or tendon below the Gastro part of my calve. I can always find the sensitive part that hurts daily. I have stopped running. I have done some light walking and mostly biking. I have been doing stretches and a foam roller. At what point should a person begin strengthening? When pain is gone? Or can I strengthen it although it seems to be slowly improving but it doesn’t seem to be 100%? Any other advice for me as to if this is the tendon that is irritated? Please respond, I could use the help or just encouragement that I’m going in the right direction although it seems to be going really slow

  • That was sore even to watch for me. Hurt my calf 5 days ago,i have no clue what to do.. Walking with crutches..only can touch floor with tip toes.
    When I’m allowed to stretch or do anything???

  • Hallo doctor I am madhu I am 14 year old and I have a pain in my legs from very long time without any injuries do you have any exercise for my legs pain

  • I like it… I did this workout in my holiday’s bedroom. My little boy is taking a nap. I really appreciate your quick and intense workouts. Keeping doing you do a great job.

  • Great vid guys. You said that the traditional military press is not recommended. Would a standing overhead press with dumbbells, with hands in a neutral position, rather than pronated, be an acceptable alternative?

  • I finally become 40. and I cannot watch all the young trainer training vidoes because they don’t know about what to avoid when getting older. these kind of age thing only can be taught by who already experienced the life.

  • All of these except for the last one were things I used to do stone point or another. The worst part is some of them never felt right and I still did them.

  • 2:07 yep!
    I seen on YouTube one Russian therapist that did this: head up, left, right, left-up, right-up, down, left down, right down. So I did 8 sets of this a few days ago,, and the second day I have pain in the back of my neck If I’m bending backwards my head. Even when I do chin tucks and bend my head just One millimeter backwards, it Hurts, and I’m just 24 yo. These two gentlemen know what they’re talking about! So I’m gonna stick to their advice / advise. Thank you very much Bob and Brad, the 2 most famous physical therapist on the internet.

  • With 1.64 million subs, I daresay the tagline of “most famous physical therapists on the internet” isn’t just opinion, but quantifiable fact.

  • Hey guys
    Thank you for the video.
    Can you please show me good science/evidence you mention at the beginning, that we shouldn’t do these exercises? I believe it does not exist.
    This teaching is very outdatet.
    I am pretty sure that you make this video with you best intentions, but it basically tells us that we cant do anything to our body and that moving is harmfull.
    Furthermore it tells us that our body is weak and fragile. That is not the case. Our body, including our back is strong and very adaptive to what we do to it.
    No movement is harmfull or dangerous. You can do everything too much, that includes both exercising and inactivity, and get pain from it, but that doesn’t mean that you have hurt yourself. Our bodies are designed to move, also forward bending. Yes it puts stress to our back, but that is how we get stronger, by adapting.
    Pain is a very complex and can be caused by a lot more than just tissue damage. Sleep, stress, negative explanations to our body and at lot more can be a factor when it comes to pain.
    Maybe you could do a video about what pain is? Take a look at Lorimer Moseley Why things hurt which is good start getting to know what pain is.

    Mikkel Siert Physiotherapist(and lot of knowledge about pain)

  • Can you please do a video on how to treat nausea that comes with or without back of the scull pain due to C5-C6 herniated neck disk. Is it possible to get rid of this symptom if its getting better and less intense for the past 6 month?

  • If you don’t do barbell overhead presses then you’re doing it all wrong…

    It’s true that doing them behind the neck is bad, but you simply can’t get a shoulder impeachment from a normal and correctly executed press. If so, talk to a coach on how to fox your technique and not about alternative exercises…

  • I mean, obviously this channel is about how dope this guy is, and maybe presenting an eye candy to people interested in the guy, but you don’t know how much I despise the camera takes on this videos, making the effect of motion, and not showing the complete image for a better understanding of the excercise

  • when i sit down and raise my right leg, I have a small pain on the inner outer side of my knee. I also feel the same pain if I walk and change direction but not everytime. What do you think the problem is?

  • I really appreciate your effort for doing this amazing exercises and vido. Thank you so much, and the best like and subscribe for the channel. ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Agree on almost all but the strandard military press INFRONT of you,like come on,Bob’s form is atrocious on it and if you do it properly with shurging your shoulders at the top of the movment and remaining neutral in the spine aswell as having the elbows in ans resting on your lats and moving the bar straight up and down.Im pretty sure it has 0 negative effects.

  • Athletes have been doing these exercises for decades and don’t really have back or shoulder problems caused by them in particular. Injuries and problems are caused by poor form or not having enough strength in specific body parts to handle the exercise putting pressure on the other ligaments etc. It is recommended for someone perhaps over 50 that isn’t really athletic or has back or other problems not to do these exercises but the exercises themselves if done properly don’t cause problems.

  • Hey Bob and Brad, have you considered making a video about bone bruises? Sorry to come on like that, it’s just that I am suffering from 2 bone bruises(in my knees?
    l since January and still have pain that keeps me from being active. Maybe some bonehealing excercises?(sorry Idk that much about physical therapy) I love your videos, you guys provided so much helpful information and even demonstrate it so well its unreal. Keep up the good work guys! It’s very much life changing, thank you so very much.

  • 1. toe reach stretch
    2. neck flexion stretch
    3. full situps
    4. v ups
    5. wide grip push up
    6. tricep bench dips
    7. military press especially behind the head
    8. knee extension
    9. upright row
    10. walking/jogging on only one side of an incline
    11. barbell bent over row
    12. standing side bends
    13. windmills
    14. ‘ass to the grass’ squats
    15. dumbbell standing chest press? punching

    well, sheee’ didn’t expect standard military press to be there

  • My daughter who is an experienced & highly qualified physio in the UK advised me that use of Mechanical Massagers can cause Deep Vein Thrombosis & should not be used. The best way to avoid scar tissue is to gently load ANY strained/pulled muscle until discomfort is felt. Also, unless in severe pain neither to apply ice nor to take ibuprofen as the inflammation is part of the healing process. Finally, having recovered it is important to daily keep up the loading of the muscle that was pulled to minimise a repeat injury.

  • LOL, so much fail. These two guys are in such lousy shape they can’t do a push up, dip, toe touch, or walk around a track in two directions on the same day without risking injury. No alternative exercise offered. Only listen to these two guys if you are in really bad shape or have injuries. Fit people will not learn much here.

  • Good video but I’m not so sure about Military Press. If you take a narrow grip and don’t have existing shoulder problems it should be fine

  • Nothing wrong with doing bend over barbell rows. Obviously don’t do it with crap form or technique, but done right it’s a fantastic exercise and I’m pretty dumbfounded to see it on this list.
    Even when they show it with bad form it doesn’t belong on this list, cause then you can have ANY exercise and say don’t do this, when you show it with bad form, so performing an exercise incorrectly is in no way an excuse to tell everyone never to do the exercise period.

  • This is complete and absolute bullshit. OHP dangerous for your shoulders???? Come on now thats like saying walking is bad for your legs

  • High school gym teachers are not versed in training.At the same time all exercises can hurt you when your not being smart as you do them.Doing something is always better than nothing.All these are advanced movements not for beginners

  • Leg Extension is frequently used as a FOUNDATIONAL rehab exercise with great positive effect. Overheard Press is definitely dependent on the individual’s shoulder health/flexibility. Clearly, a lot of people shouldn’t be doing them.

  • In a world where the vast majority of people are dangerously UNDERtrained, I think it’s better to ENCOURAGE movement rather than stating that certain movements of your body are inherently dangerous. We aren’t made of glass, and movement we PREPARE for can be totally safe.

    1. Bent over stretch.
    With a straight back this is a great way to stretch tight hamstrings. To target the hamstrings people could keep a neutral back instead, but honestly it’s not going to destroy your back to bend over for 15 seconds…

    2. Neck stretch. The point of this stretch is to warm up the neck muscles by RESISTING the hands. It’s not meant to lengthen the neck. This is great for wrestling where your neck goes through strain that necessitates a decent warmup.

    3. Flat sit up. I’d agree that there are better options for abs, but only because this uses your hip flexors instead of your abs. To contract your abs fully you literally need to bend your back… crunches are a rounding off your back to work your abs. Unless you only do isolation work I don’t see how you expect people to do abdominal exercises at all.

    4. Wide stance pushups. Yes this is harsh on the shoulders, but this is an advanced version and can help work those smaller muscles as an additional accessory to pushups or pressing movement that are more pec dominant. If you warmup your rotator cuffs, you can totally do these safely.

    5. Dips.
    Dips literally improve your shoulder mobility BECAUSE of the great range of motion they provide. Of course if the dip is too hard for someone this isn’t ideal, but a controlled movement through a stretch is fantastic. Only working through ranges you can easily reach will stagnate your mobility or even worsen it. If you never let your shoulders move they will he stiff and MORE prone to injury.

    6. Military press.
    Literally just add a little arch, and if your heads in the way still you can use dumbbells instead. Shoulders are weaker than pecs, but that’s why you simply just do less weight on this movement than you would on say a flat bench.

    7. Knee extension.
    I don’t do knee extensions, but again, unless your loading weights you can’t handle in a movement that is foreign to you, it CAN be safe and is one way to completely isolate quads. I prefer squats, lunges, and leg presses, but your knee will be taking force (and recovering stronger) so long as your doing any quad dominant movement.

    8. Upright row. Yeah also not the biggest fan. 1/8.

  • These excercises are really good but I can’t do the Pistol squads, when I get down, I just can’t get back up, I lose my balance and I mostly stay on my toes automatically. What can I do to get it right at some point?

  • Giving a poor demonstration of a military press and then linking that with an impingement concern, is like if I did chin tucks incorrectly and then linked that to cervical spine issues. Their is no doubt that behind the neck presses do pose a high inpingement risk and that is why any qualified individual warns against them, but to write off military presses overall is absurd. Their are many physical therapists with actual qualifications in sports science and athletics training who have pointed out that the military press poses no harm.

    Just because you do not know how to teach nor perform an barbell overhead press, does not mean you should spread the fallacy that it is harmful and leads to shoulder issues.

  • Hi. I have a bulging disk at L4/L5 for 9 months now with terrible sciatica which is helped somewhat with Diclofenac and Paracetamol. My calves are just wasting away because I am unable to walk for more than a couple of minutes without needing to sit for a while before I can continue. Are these excercises suitable me to rebuild my calves or should I be doing something else? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • I play soccer on the weekends I was kicked outer mid towards the front on my left leg and my muscle is really tender…is this kind of the same thanks

  • Are these examples for some 70 year old grandpapas? I’m doing almost all of these exercises and dont have any problem with my joints.

  • I have a bad sacroiliac joint. My doctor says it is out of place. I do some exercise to help that. Now my pain has gone down my right leg. It is excruciating when i first get up in the morning. These look like exercises i can do. I’m not as young as you. Lol.

  • Doc i had my acl and meniscus repair operation a year ago…iam getting slipped nowdays and in mri we found it is bucket handle tear its bcus the meniscus din heal tatsy…doctor is telling to remove the torn meniscus…or this can b cured wit exercises….. plsss tel me plsss

  • Been on lock since beginning of March 2020.
    Ended a relatioship that wasnt going anywhere at the time as well.
    Your workouts have been helping me tremendously!!!
    Thank you Chris!

  • Yeah!,like the man said you don’t need weights for a leg workout,guys that can squat 315 probably couldn’t do this workout,great workout

  • I agree with a lot of what they say but they need to mention loads. Olympic lifts you need if you want to preform athletically with power.

  • It’s kind of hard for me to max out with calf pumps. Unless I’m willing to keep doing them for 15 minutes straight I can’t get me calves to give in

  • im a sprinter,,,but im 44,,lol sooooooo whoops….i am worried calves strain better,,,but sore behind the uncommon area,,,IS the same TREATMENT MASSAGE AS WELL???? im a worry WART,,,thanks YOU GUYS big fan

  • All kiler no filler my legs are on �� ��. No joke thanks so much in just two short weeks i can already see the change in my legs xx

  • Mam, if you still reading the comment, my lower back side of leg hurts most of time, below knee, back side of leg hurts. Any solution for this

  • 3:50 (no es nada… No entren solo buscaba una rutina para pantorrila de cris y la encontre es para saber cuando comienza nada mas xD)

  • This past December I tore both calf muscles at the same time. It was so painful and I couldn’t walk for two days. Literally. Walking was impossible for two days and for the next 3-4 days I could only walk on my tippy toes. Wish I would’ve come across this video then!! This time my injury isn’t as bad, but still doesn’t feel very good. Massaging for just a few minutes already has the muscles feeling better!

  • I really thought this was clickbait at first, but was desperate to fix my calf strain and turns out you guys are the real deal. Great advice and info. Very helpful. Subscribed!

  • That hideous tattooed ‘neck’ of his makes him look like a character right out of a ‘horror film’. Ridiculous maybe he’ll grow out of it one day.

  • Hello darling you are a wonderful young and beautiful and your body is sophisticated Is it possible to give me your Aloser on Instagram because I want to talk to you on an important topic please, please reply me a comment

  • Some of these you should not do, like upright rows; but others are fine, the problem is most people are so out of shape, and so deconditioned they first need to strengthen themselves in order to do some of these exercises.
    Bending over to touch toes, I’m 61 and can bend over and touch my palms to the floor, it causes me no back pain. Nor should it cause anyone pain who does not have a back injury. A person should be able to support their own body through a range of motion, now don’t bend over and pick up a weight this way, now you’re adding a load to your back and could easily cause an injury.
    Neither of these men look like they exercise and move like they are at least a decade older than they are.

    Chiropractors are dangerous, they manipulate people’s necks and it’s been known to cause paralysis and stroke, never let them touch your neck!

  • Chris, you really don’t need to do and isometric video. Well, for me it’s not necessary. I read a comment that you’ve been speaking about isometric work outs a lot lately, but that’s because iso-workouts have been scientifically proven to make you stronger. You did some iso moves in this video. And honesty, all anyone has to do are the reps on one side and then the other like the pistol squats. The Sumo calf raises and wall calf raises can also be easily done isometrically like many of the excersises you’ve demonstrated. Because getting in shape is a goal of mine and because I train in Wing Chun, I need you to keep the videos coming��.

  • Hey man please don’t mind but I think there’s an Error on the intro footage of the Single leg Hamstring Bridge on 8:28. The footage is of Single leg Glute Bridge Calf raises on 5:38. Really appreciate it workouts you post. Thanks

  • I have Metatarsalgia so Im trying to find calf strengthening exercises without using the ball of my foot, or bending the ball of the foot, or add pressure

  • I agree with everything except the first stretch, and bent over rows. I personally don’t like the bent over row though.

    The first stretch including the seated one should be done with a straight back with no bend whatsoever. Most people don’t have the flexibility and get hurt when they do it wrong. That said, there are probably some alternatives.

    Edit: forgot about the bent over rows. These should also be done with a straight back, and bent knees. I like doing the T-bar row instead.

  • You don’t understand how much your videos have helped me and probably millions more. This is legit physio session. You have saved me hundreds of dollars through your informational videos. Experience, knowledgeable, credible and free. Keep doing what you guys do! Definitely most famous physiotherapist on the internet. ����❗

  • I am ”normally” fit, and do many of your workouts several times a week. But I literally thought I was having a heart attack after this one. And when you said it is time for round TWO?! Are you kidding me?? My legs and booty is deader than dead today. But I love it! ❤️❤️ Thank you for doing what you do!

  • New subscriber and Kinesiology exercise science/rehabilitation senior at CSUS! Question, what kind of internships did you guys do to help build experience? Experience is my number one concern and I have such a hard time find any places around me that will accept me as a blank slate.
    Thank you guys so much for your videos!

  • when I retired I dont use my calf muscles much and have developed night cramps in my legs they bring me right up out of bed I get them several times a night what is wrong?

  • Guys please answer me this.. When I lifted as a kid from 13-19 years of age everything was perfect.. Then college started and my joints and tendons started clicking and snapping.. I took a break from November to February then started with pullups, my shoulder snapping… Back and forth a year and a half I’m struggling with this.. I stretched every night nothing.. Seems like every tendon in my whole entire body moving and making noises… What to do?

  • Hey been following your workouts! But when you say “10 reps” do you mean like 10 on each side or 10 total? In the app it’s not always clear. Even in the app compared this video I get a different understanding of how many to do. Love your workouts! Thanks for clarifying!

  • hey can anyone help me?
    i have hyper mobile ankles, meaning they ‘wobble’ (it’s more complicated than that but that’s how it affects me) and certain exercises cause me to go over on my ankle (hard!) and it hurts. can i do the exercises holding on to something? for example, lunges, if i keep a hand on the bed next to me, i reduce my chance of falling over. but i don’t know if this reduces the effectiveness of the workout anyone help?
    thank you!

  • Hot calves lol ‘please’ do not embody fear and resort to sensationalism I feel you’ll know what I mean, your work is perfect as is and remember the tale of the Hare and the Tortoise blessings and thank you both for all you do!

  • What a great video! Thanks to you two, I’m feeling better already! Had to be helped out of the gym today by a pal of mine. I’m thinking it’s a heat cramp, but it could be a tear. Only time will tell.

  • Ok guys… this one is KILLER �� You absolutely WILL be sore after this one… trust me! �� Keep me updated on how you guys did and how the DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) are treating you afterwards in the comments ❤️��

  • I was playing skate board and I was about to fall but I jumped off the skate and pushed my foot so hard on the ground and now my leg is in so much pain but I can walk, please help me

  • Guys, thank you once again, I followed your instructions, my calf pain reduces and make me comfortable, this is my main problem for standing the whole due to my job and it cause me a lot of pain in my both calves, I took a lot of medication especially strong pain reliever and pain reliever Massages oil but it really doesn’t work, I thanks GOD “for locating you guys in you tube. ������

  • Didn’t really take into account the different impact of thr seated and standing calf raise. Thank you for the information, gentlemen! Gonna do the standing raises in the Smith machine because the calf machine does some painful stuff to my shoulders.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Marcus!
    I appreciate your encouragement and ideas, and look forward to renewing my efforts to engage my readers.

  • The first time that i did this workout was difficult, and now i just did it with a booty band and it was killing me; i don’t feel my legs!!!

  • This is bulls**t!! Yoga and few other form of exercises are all about these exercises and i have seen many people get healed by doing these exercises! The spine does NOT get hurt by doing some of these exercises instead your spine gets healthier! The pushup, you just have to do it in a right form, the tricep, you have to do it in a right form. Any exercise has to be done with a lot of concentration and it is all about being aware of one’s body. The entire video is a bunch of crap!! It looks like they are saying “don’t exercise, just stay there, get lazy, get unhealthy, get unfit, it’s great for you” URGH!!!!

  • Can I share my both knee mri results with you guys via email? I had acl partial tear on my right one and now i suspect it is also on the left one.

  • So helpful! I wish PT teachers would teach this to school kids because it looks like they taught us many of the wrong ones. And I am suffering as a result.

  • I go out country dancing every weekend. No health insurance and I MUST heal!! Thank you for this great video. One thing I add is tumeric mixed with Colgate white toothpaste for the muscle rub. Works like icy hot. Gonna tape tonight and see how much I can dance tonight. Very grateful!!

  • I would LOVE to see more knee-friendly & equipment free workouts for booty and full body (no squats, no lunges).��

    I love your videos, you gave me strength and abs!:D (And it’s definitely a bonus that you’re a vegan too �� ❤️ )

  • Thanks Dr Jo, my back pain has been particularly bad but so have my legs. I suspect there’s a connection so I’m looking forward to doing these tomorrow and hopefully get some relief. I did a yoga leg routine before bed tonight and it’s helped quite a bit. Fingers crossed these exercises will relieve my pain and build strength! I can deal with being disabled and using a walking stick, I’m 45 and used it for 8 years, but when the pain is this bad it really gets me down. My husband gets really frustrated because there’s nothing he can do. Thank you so much for these videos, I really value your help and advice xx

  • If done properly, none of these exercises are harmful. The problem is doing them improperly and not keeping your core stiff while doing them. These guys are demonstrating a lot of these improperly.

  • Foam rollers are wonderful, highly recommend those that vibrate. I have one and use it every single day for pain in my legs and hips.

  • Great one! Got great help here from the guys and fun to watch. Calf strain is scary when you first get it and don’t know what to do about it. Thanks!

  • So glad I watched this…I am so guilty of doing every one of these exercises and maybe that’s part of the reason my discs are so compressed and I’m in pain can’t believe it the touching the floor (1st exercise) is so bad…it feels great AND the aerobics instructors teach all of these moves…

  • I run about 4 or 5 times a week and calf strain has put me out for a couple of weeks. When I go back to activity, would it be a good idea to do something like use a rowing machine that’s lower impact, or would it not really be much different from jogging for this kind of injury?

  • Hi
    I strained my calf a week ago today AND I’m still swelling Is that normal. Also I started yo walk today about 800 hundred to 900 STEPS a day. Am I doing the right thing by walking so soon. Really like yours vídeo Is very informative, thank you

  • What about a military press with dumbbells? When you start with the dumbbells up by ones head, and seated against an upright back?

  • Ugh I just tore my muscle on my calf. I can’t put pressure on it to get up ��. I can semi walk around the house but look like a pirate lol. I’m going to keep it on ice and see how it is in next couple days. Can’t afford to go to Dr these days my works insurance sucks lol.

  • The only time I press behind the neck is to do a sotts press. I’m trying to strengthen my upper back and shoulders to learn the snatch. I’ve already learned cleans, but I did agree with your points. I just feel that it makes me force my arms to where they’re supposed to be. This is just me talking on my own personal account. If it’s too uncomfortable for you, don’t do it

  • If you have a calf injury/tear can you continue to exercise on a stationary bike if it does not produce discomfort or pain? Or would that slow healing? I don’t want to get to de-conditioned……..

  • Hello Chris Heria Sir. You Are Amazing. I Am Your Big Fan From India. I Wish I Could Meet You In Future. I Am Following You From Last Two Years And You’re Absolutely Fantastic. Love From India��

  • I’m unable to raise on one foot like you said after hearing and feeling a pop. If I have a tear, what’s your suggestion(s) to repair the tear and regain strength. Hopefully it’s nothing I would need surgery for. Thank you.

  • Hey guys, I wanted to say thank you for the video, it was very helpful. I recently strained my calf muscle during a run, and it has been years since I had to visit the physical therapist for almost the same injury. I could not remember the process I went through years ago, so I watched your video it was a very good refresher of what I need to do to help the healing process.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I’d recommend everyone to check out Barbell Medicine of these dudes who uses fear mongering to sell pillows, matteresses, and resistance bands (lol). Your body is not as fragile as theses fellows tell you, you can adapt to resistance.
    Squatting past parallel is not bad, you can work up to building mobility.
    Nobody does military presses like that, of course its gonna hurt you being stupid. Same as the bent over rows, who acutally does that?
    You’ll have to work with your anthropometry, sure, but its a big lie to say that most people can’t squat.

  • What’s the story with you tubers doing leg workouts and the camera man misses half the shots try to get an upper torso shot in. Jeff Cavalier has the same issues and his no1 in town

  • Is there anything special you can do for plantaris muscle injuries? I’ll keep the cross-muscle massage in mind, but I can’t really find any stretches that will activate the muscle

  • I injured my calf yesterday. I exercise everyday but running is new. I stretch before every run. This time I was playing tagg with the kids and turned to run and felt a pop in my calf. Went to the dr today and she said I busted a vessel. We feel shes wrong but she didnt feel any tears. No kind of scans were done. Will I be safe to do the stretch if it is the busted vessel. I have no bruising or swelling

  • the issue is when to start stretching….even before you get to the aggressive stretches….too soon and you relapse…..might be a good idea to go slow for some time….the massage is great….I figure if you can walk for 30-45 minutes with no pain the next day…you may be ready for stretching…..just my opinion…

  • I pulled my calf and have been doing these cross friction massages. My entire calf feels bruised the next morning. I also now have pitting edema on the whole middle section of my shin

  • I just tried this on a sore calf that always gets very sore after long runs and it released the tension in about 2 minutes. It went from hard to walk to like nothing ever happened. Thanks you two!

  • Thank you. This helped me. Rubberband calves and cable hamstrings are such a pain for trying to sprint. Boom and it blows out. Been this way since I was a teenager. And man the cross-grain massage and foam roller kill!! But they work. Much better.

  • Hey guys, I injured my calf playing racquetball about eight years ago. I did the whole RICE treatment process on it and got it to heal. About four years ago I reinjured it and went through the process again. Now, I have reinjured it again but I am in a different situation because I did so while working (jumping in and out of a truck while delivering packages). Unfortunately I do not have the option of resting and laying off the activity which reinjured me, because I need to get a paycheck. What can I do to safeguard myself as much as possible?

  • I’m a 48 year old female. I have a lump in my calf, toward bottom of calf. And it feels like its torn. Its swollen and hurts downward. I had a venous doppler and it shows no bloodclot. It got better but…JUST as you described it popped again while I was just walking! Uhhh �� it hurts! Why is this happening to me? Am I that old and out of shape? Im limping. Help!

  • Guys, I’m a new subscriber! Love your videos. I hurt my calf yesterday right in the middle of the muscle where you said, WALKING QUICKLY, not even jogging. No pop sound at all, it felt at the beginning like a cramp and I could feel a node. It’s been 30 hours so far, no bruise, moderate swelling, but it hurts when I try to lift on my toes. I can walk but limping or with the foot totally flat. Is this massage you mentioned useful in these cases? I need to be able to walk fine in a week. I may have made the mistake of stretching right away but I didn’t kill myself doing it. Thank you and hopefully I will be lucky and get a response soon.

  • So what if we have a complete tear? I’m 2 days into this, I can hardly walk. The pain is in the described location. I can’t lift myself on my toes at all. Hurts like hell and there’s still swelling. How long do I stay off my feet?

  • This was so helpful, thank you! Found out my back was uncomfortable because my hamstring in one leg was underdeveloped from a knee surgery, these exercises are fire!

  • Holy shit.

    I heard the opening jingle and was like “ah huh, the fuck is this?”

    I just did the cross massage and my leg feels instantly better.

  • Great Video! I’m a dedicated fitness person about to turn 50 with a recent “I’m going die” sciatica event. Your videos are helping me assess my routines! THANK YOU!

  • Bob, your right shoulder blade, I am watching from this video. So correct me. The right shoulder blade is higher than the left or vice versa, if that is so, the tear might be on one side and involved ligaments and tendons. You should have checked your shoulder blade, the consequence will be unpreventable if it is going like that without any awareness. My goodness.

  • Hi Bob & Brad, I was doing calf raise exercises in the gym about 2 days back and although the very next day i was fine and was able to do normal activities with a little bit of a muscle strain which you generally get after a good day of workout but today when i woke up it got reallyy bad and i am not able to move my right leg at all, i have this severe pain just below the knee in the calf area, cant see any bruising but having a lot of trouble walking and even standing. Dont know if its a muscle tear because i didnt feel anything happen while exercising that day. if you could give me some advise it would be very helpful.

  • Thank you so much! I either sprained or tore my calf yesterday and couldn’t put any weight on my leg or flex my foot. After following your instructions I am back to walking almost normal today!

  • The first time I tried this some weeks ago, I actually CRIED while working out. It feels sooo good to proudly say that today I did it actually enjoying it!! Thank you MadFit:))

  • THIS IS MY FAVORITE WORKOUT! i do it at least 2-3 times a week and omg, it’s so effective, it never gets easier hahaa the lunges KILL ME EVERYTIME! I love your workouts maddie!!!1

  • I’m 42 last September I tore my left calf again (last time was 2012) I put on weight over the winter through lack of mobility I’m down 30lbs now from walking on the treadmill but I still get anxious running! It reminds me its there with sharp pains if I push it too hard, will I ever play soccer again? ����⚽️

  • every time I run it feels like the back of my calves bones are gonna snap BOTH OF THEM and it’s been Happening for 2 months now:(

  • Thanks so much for this video. I’m in lockdown with no access to doctor or physio. Your video has helped me to rehab myself ������

  • I got re-rupture of left calf muscle after a 4 weeks of rest and second football match, not the first. After I saw this video and starting a massage, as you recommended, it immediately got 50% better even more! Wow, guys thanks for this highly educational and funny video!!!!

  • This was really helpful, I’m not even 18 and I was wondering why my back hurt so bad after I did things like Russian twists and toe touches. what I took from today was that contrary to my previous and popular belief, back problems are not ¨for old people¨.

  • My pain is at the top where you said it doesn’t happen as much. The anatomy is called THE MEDIAL HEAD GASTROCNEMIUS. the tendon at the top of the inner calf muscle. Behind and below the knee. But like you said.. it did get better and then reinjured.

  • Hi guys! When will be better start with Transversal Massagge? 5days after feel small strain/tear? 10days?

    And same question for the eccentric work, start it when normal streching is free pain?

    Thanks a lot!

  • So the real question is, what do you do first when this muscle strain happens?
    Do you rest for a couple of days?
    Do you start massaging the area?
    Do you start these kinda exercises right away?

  • I am 37 years old. Two days a go, I heard/felt a popping sound in my left leg, specifically in the back of my left knee pit, as I was walking to the train station from work. I had some immediate discomfort but actually no pain. My body immediately adjusted and began to shift it’s weight to my right leg. So I have been hobbling around for the last two days to and from work. I find that when climbing and descending stairs my range of motion is still normal but my regular walk has changed into a slight limp on the left side. I think it might be plantaris tendon rupture. There are not many videos anywhere about this kind of a tear but the one video I found on youtube did say that it is a vestigial muscle and that eventually it will go away and my normal walking gait will return. Since you are both Physical therapists can you verify this and also will your 20 minute massage work in the same way?

  • I recently got injured in the calf! I got kneed hard while running and it hurt real bad but I kept on playing, it’s been about a week and I can barely stand straight. Is this normal??? Is it muscle Tare? Please reply

  • Bruh fr get out those shoes for this & move the feet to both side thats whats helped me & eccentrics & pumping the muscle also you can stretch the calf by going up to the wall for that incline

    Im not certified tho one day i will be i just saw in a book how our body moves & it clicked that we dont work the muscles that bring one side of out foot up enough

    Stretch often im good now & was “walking like an old man” 4 days ago

  • I was playing baseball and got a calf strain (felt like someone threw a ball at it). Dr. said its a partial tear. I want to get back to playing in about 4 weeks before my season ends. I just ordered the CM5, can I start massaging it even with pain still present?

  • Check my new foam roller wheels training! Try sitting in a chair with your heel on the roller and cross the other leg over… then push it fwd with your foot.. it pulls your leg outward ������

  • My calf “popped” yesterday while doing heavy prowler sled sprints. It really hurts badly. How do I know if its a sprain or a tear?

  • I hate repeating exercises in workouts. So. Boring. There are hundreds out there, no need for repeating in a 15 minute video.
    Also, she stops before her timer, way to motivate. ��

  • Thankyou very much for your help every time in night only my legs pain
    Saw I do whatever you tell us to do
    After that my lags was not paining

  • I’ve been having leg pain for 5 days now and started exercising and doing physically activities to loose weight from just under 2 weeks now and dont have a resistant band. Is there suggestions I could do please?

  • El primer ejercicio lo practicaba mi abuelo en su juventud, yo nunca pude hacerlo y no creo poder hacerlo ahora,lo intentaré jajaja.buen video

  • Tips for people who don’t have the cardio power: If you need to take a 3-5 min break after thr first round, don’t be afraid to do so. Better to recover some stamina than have to stop in the middle of one of the exercises. Also, what I did in the second round was 1 slow rep for every 2 reps Maddie did. As some others have said, be humble with your workouts. Slow down when you need to so you do the exercises properly

  • i’m just here because i went to tumbling for the first time in three months but then i burned my feet from being barefoot on the blacktop too long so my legs were sore and my feet are burnt so now i’m trying to get at least a little bit of pain to go away lmao thank you for listening to my rant��

  • I caught three that I was doing wrong. Glad I watched this one!
    I also remember that years ago a podiatrist told me that running was the worst for the knees.

  • I don’t. Have enough stuff to do half of this.that doesn’t sound right but I’m looking around and its right. Which is probably a little sad. Lol

  • I had a frozen shoulder for a long time which my doctor in England couldn’t help me with. After watching a video on this channel within 6 weeks I was bench pressing again thanks guys

  • Thank you Dr, Jo a doctor who cares enough to put out a video out. My side knee was burning so bad and I did the exercise it lessen the pain until my doctor appointment PUSH UP Dr. Jo

  • hey dr jo, can you do a workout routine video using the flexbar only, for elbow/forearm issues, please? That would be awesome, I have one and I’m not sure how to use it:). Great video for legs, I used today after a long work day.

  • I just Loved your workout man day by day am learning new exercises from you…….��������keep motivate me like this…….n lots of love you from my side you though crazy����

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