10 Unwritten Gym Rules You Must Understand


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The Unwritten Rules of the Gym

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The 10 Unwritten Gym Rules You Must Know There are a core set of rules that should be adhered to in any gym. Be polite. Be courteous. Wipe down your machines.

However, if you have been going to a gym for an extended period of time your subconscious has no doubt become aware of certain unwritten rules that are never spoken of. These are the. 10 Unwritten Rules of the Gym 1. ALWAYS re-rack your weights. This is the number one bug that really annoys people that work at the gym, as well as 2. Wipe sweat off the machines. No one wants to share sweat with you so wipe it off as soon as you’re finished with the 3. Be proud to show your.

1. Re-rack your plates and your dumbbells. Never, never, never leave 645 pounds on the leg press or your dumbbells 2. No curling in the squat rack. The squat rack is for squatting.

Never insult someone who actually trains legs by 3. Perform a sniff test before entering the gym. 10 Gym Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know The unwritten rules that allow us to work out in harmony When you start fitness, you notice that people seem to follow certain rules. If you are new in the gym world, here are 10 of the unwritten gym rules: Never Drop the Weights There is no reason as to why you should drop weights.

If you are unable to lift a load, it means that you are using too much weight and you should use a smaller weight. This might also be especially true if you’re a newcomer to your local gym. But like every other social establishment, a gym too has certain rules, although they are unwritten. When you’re in a classroom, you know you shouldn’t speak when the teacher’s talking. At a restaurant, it’s considered polite to tip a certain amount after your.

Going to the gym is increasingly becoming an activity most people are taking to in other to keep fit. While this is encouraging, it has its antecedent negatives of people abusing the gym. Here are. 20 Unwritten Gym Rules You Must Follow Wipe It Down. After performing numerous sets the bench is bound to be covered in sweat, blood, and maybe even tears.

Walk Away. The individual has either a) gone to another area of the gym to do a superset, b) is getting water, or. This is a major *eye roll* moment for many of us.

If you are so keen on taking 50 selfies in front of the weights, that’s fine. You do you, honey. But consider this: it is a total waste of your time and money if this is all you’re doing at the gym.

Plus, you are most likely in everybody’s way. The gym is not your own personal selfie. Don’t leave water bottles, wrapper, chalk or anything on the floor.

Bring a garbage bag with you and put all your thrash there. Leave the equipment and work area the way it was before you came. Respect Personal Space. People need personal space so keep some distance apart.


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  • If you are wearing headphones and I’m not sure you are done, I will wait for them to move and I’ll ask them once if they are done with the machine.

  • 3:03 worste place I experience ppl never putting weights back is by far the leg press. These assholes leave the plates either all on the machine to take off or all over the floor. And I’m just gonna wait for one that isnt a hot mess to use to use it at all. Such a holes.

  • In my gym a guy left like 8 plates on each side on the leg press and an older lady wanted to leg press without weight right after the guy.
    So i had to help her… if only that guy put the weights back

  • And the people who do like ten exercises at once and got a bunch of equipment and occupy like half gym? Omg I hate that kind of people

  • I almost googled: “Air boxing”, but realized you are talking about shadow boxing:-D
    Sometimes I jump on the box for my vertical jump training after squats and thought you were referring to me XD

  • I disagree with the shadow boxing. I personally don’t do it but it keeps your heart rate up. People do stare at air boxers but it’s away to lift and do cardio at the same time. It doesn’t bother me so I could careless

  • The only reason you should talk to someone with headphones in is to congratulate them on their sick pump or how bomb that last set was!

  • I’ve never been welcome in Gyms. It’s like a weird click. Anyone who’s not buff gets pushed out. I’ve been bullied out of two Gyms now. All because I’m brand new to Gyms and I’m that over overweight one.

  • I was on my last set before on cable curls.
    And thus guy came over “you done yet?”
    Because of that, I did 2 more extra sets, and took extra longer rests��
    Like I was just there for about 2 minutes, and he asked me in the most impatient tone
    So i said “sorry, got 2 more sets” and took my sweet ass time��

  • Staring always makes me think my form is bad. I had an older guy staring during my 3pl8lmao deadlift and I was really confused.
    Was the guy interested since noone really deadlifts in my gym? Or was my form bad?

  • the air boxing thing is kinda up for debate, im trained in muay thai and i get curious sometimes between sets if i can still do throw a perfect jab or kick between reps. it just feels good on the muscles honestly.

  • Put your weights back… and put them in the right order… cannot stand when the rack goes 12kg… 14kg… 20kg… 16kg cos someone was too lazy to put their weights back in the right place!

  • This is why I don’t go to gyms I do insanity/kick boxing, run 3 days a week and eat clean. Ive got more lean doing that then going to a gym.

  • I’m probably one of the “smallest” guy in my gym. I’m 17 and like 140 lbs, and while most people know me well in the gym, but its always funny when someone new to this gym comes in (a big guy) and I’m doing deadlifts he wants to hop in and of course I’m okay with that. I’m a powerlifter so the fun begins when I put on 330 for a top set and my guys chin drops to the ground

  • Ok haha what if a girl is stretching and she is on her phone with headphones in and you wanna ask her for her number when is the best time to do that

  • I’ve been a member at my gym for 10 years, longer than most people there, those guys who come in and only do bicep curls, and dead lifts multiple times a week stare like I don’t belong. My biggest pet peeve in the gym.

  • The thing that always drive me crazy are dropping the weights and dropping the machines! That CLANK! I’m not impressed by how much you’re lifting I am made painfully aware you are lifting more than you can control!

  • Must admit, i do the boxing martial art moves in the middle of sets sometimes. I go to the gym because i want to be stronger for my martial arts, and sometimes have the movements on my mind.

  • I ask how long until you’re done when the people are camping on the equipment forever and playing with their cell phone. Then they usually wake up and do their last set.

  • First of all,thank you for informing us��I am 1,85 cm,i am curvy size 12 -14( uk),i am 31.Do you think i can do somenthing in the world of modelling or should i be very young and very skinny?This was my dream but somehow i lost my self in the way and i never tried or maybe fight enough for my dream and this will be the biggest regret.��

  • I’ve ended up watching some women doing their legs in amazement! I can do about 5% of what those women do! XD I’m sure they thought I was just getting horny. Not always the case, ladies

  • Your jokes and info are kinda everything… just sad they came with the Lord’s name in vain. I’m out. I’m sure you don’t care, now.

  • 1. Dont ask about pay rates
    2. If you booked a job and your over 18 dont bring your parents or any other distractions
    3. Never ask when your getting paid
    4. do not be a diva
    5. don’t ask the photographer to see the pictures only if they offer you.
    6. If you walk down the runway don’t smile unless they tell you to.
    7. Make sure to stay clean and practice good hygiene.
    8. Dont chew gums on set
    9. Don’t eat while working unless they offer food
    10. Do not take criticism too harsh

    Thank me later

  • What’s wrong with asking how long you have left at least if it’s a barebell exercise where sharing the machine is hard, i completely agree on on machines where you use a pin to change the weight, like just share it. Personally I’ll do sqauts with 3 mins + rest, so i completely understand if people who need to use the sqaut rack wants to know if i they should wait for me to finish or just go do something else.

  • The worst offense is putting the weights back, and putting them on opposite ends of the rack, or putting one at the end of the rack, and hiding the other somewhere within the middle of the rack ��

  • The gym i go to is great when it come sto most of those things. Everyone reracks their weights, clean up after them, don’t block maschines etc. BUT.. and that ruined my mood yesterday.. somebody drank out of my bottle. During a pandemic. And i didn’t even see somebody that had the same water bottle. I just worked out until was too thirsty and then left.

  • The gym I go does not have a bench press area with safety bars, but the squat rack does so if no one is using it I’ll use it solely for that purpose. I’m too paranoid to go for a heavy set or maybe even a pr with no failsafe

  • The guys that go “only pussys use belts” are either dead or have spinal damage….gloves tho…yeah I like my hands getting tougher with raw grip…just makes more sense to me…

  • The guys who ask you how many sets you have left and then proceed to stand right next to you until you’ve finished!! If I wanted an audience, I’d join a powerlifting gym.

  • Omg BuzzFeed u have 12M subscribers that’s the most subscribers i have seen in my entire life!!!!! Seriously how do u get so many subscribers!!!?!?????!!??!

  • I hate the people that block the dumbbell rack to look at themselves in the mirror doing their curls or lateral raises. Move out of the way

  • My take on the 8 rules as someone who has been hitting the gym 5-6times a week for 7years.
    8. Towel = Mine. Well to be honest if someone’s towel is on something they usually use it. If they are somewhere else then just tell them to piss off.
    7. No judging unless you’re bigger. This one i agree with, its such BS. If someone is doing an excercise in a way that might hurt them, just ask them if you can give them advice and if they knew. Some people might not know that they’re doing something wrong because nobody told them.
    6. Using that from across the gym. These are just the douchebags who think they’re big. Terrible people
    5. The smith machine is shit. Well you can’t compare a smith machine to a normal exercise. The balance taken off means a huge increase in weight(25-30% on bench in my case for example). Is the smith machine bad? No, but you should never compare a smith bench press to someones normal bench press.
    4. Heavy plates only. People who tell you this are probably the same people who hurt themselves or take ages to progress. Progressing in any way feels good even if its with 1,25kg/2,5lbs plates. Progress is progress.
    3. Spot everyone. As Simon said only spot when someone asks for help. The only other exception is when you see someone is in trouble. Like when they are stuck under the bar and look like they are in panic(wait a second or 2 since some people take HUGE pause reps).
    2. No gloves or other equipment. I personally don’t like gloves, they will make your hands soft and make it harder to lift without them when you want to. Other equipment is helpfull and only helps you to reach certain points. A belt for example helped me to break my squat record i got more confidence with the weight and easily squatted it beltless.
    1. No full bottle. I have never heard of anyone doing this. If anyone every is annoyed by you filling your water bottle, take a little longer on purpose to piss them off. 30seconds isn’t going to hurt your workout.

  • I also do my gymnast stretches at the gym and yesterday I accidentally made like a im in pain laugh…(because of split stretches and like 2 guys came running if i was oki♥️����

  • Yeah once I was in the gym and I saw these two girls on their phones on the large balls you’d often use for rolling or balance just talking, and you have to get these little wrist bands before you go in so people know that you’re supposed to be there, they didn’t have those.

  • The only time I stare people down is when they treat the squat rack like it’s a curl rack, shrug rack, deadlift rack, row rack, overhead press rack, etc. Them mofos deserve to get a death stare!

  • You don’t need to grunt. Look, when I’m lifting my heaviest, I feel like groaning really fuckin loud because it’s exhausting but guess what, I ��don’t��need��too�� and neither do you

  • i write as gyms across most american cities have re-opened following a relaxation of our months-long covid-19 shelter-in-place orders. my fitness club is still encouraging safe distancing and other measures (e.g., mask wearing, temperature checks at the entrace, wiping equipment after use, etc.) and this is ushering in a whole set of new rules and etiquette. some of the guidances you discuss here are fine under normal circumstances, and are more urgently relevant these days. i don’t need someone chatting me up two feet away. most are cognizant of that sort of protocol, others are blase.

  • If you deadlift 400kg and you grunt you probably need an ambulance right after the lift.

    I would suggest not grunting at all. When lifting heavy loosing air by grunting or breathing out is making you unstable and therefore being weak and when lifting light its just not gonna help you? So why grunt?

  • I never get the “don’t curl in the squat rack”-argument. The argument is always: You can take the barbell and curl somewhere else to free up the squat rack. Well, if I take the barbell away, what are you gonna use the rack for?:D

  • Does anyone know that feeling when you randomly catch eyes with someone and then for the rest of the workout you somehow always look at each other? Like awkwardly

  • I once set a bench up with the back vertically to do seated arnold presses, went to the water fountain and when I turned around a guy goes “hey are you using this?” I’m like nah dude I just moved the bench and set it up but no I’m not using it

  • I leave my keys by the bench while I walk and get a paper towel and some spray. If you wanna move my keys and lay down on top of my sweat before I get back… I guess that’s your business.

  • Omg the spot thing happened to me like 2 weeks ago. I max my bench at 315lbs and and this day I only had 225lbs on it and I was going for 10 reps. On my 8th rep I started to get a bit slower but still moving and some guy runs up behind me and grabs are bar and slams it back. I literally got up and yelled “I had it, you just ruined my set”

  • My gym has 2 spots for deadlifts/squats. And there is a woman that is ALWAYS at the gym, like it’s actually frightening, every time I go to the gym, no matter what day or time, she is there. I have been going to the gym 4 times a week at random days/times for like 4 months and she hasn’t been there maybe a total of 5 times. And she always occupies one of the dealift spots to do her crossfitt/yoga/idk exersizes. Sometimes she will occupy both of them at the same time, she claims them as her territory. Like she’ll put up benches and bars to do different stuff and alternate between the 2 spots every set.

    And sometimes her boyfriend is also there with her, which also always occupies one of the spots the entire training session, and he fucking stinks of sour sweat, it actually makes me gag. I don’t know how she doesn’t notice it and is able to be near him (they even hug sometimes as they are both soaked in sweat) Yesterday I had to ask to get to use one of the spots and I had to move the bench that they had put to to benchpresses there. You know instead of the actual bench press bench that was unoccupied, or the smith machine.

    And this isn’t just my experience, my mom and sister go to the same gym and they report seeing her there every time they go to the gym, it’s kinda a meme at this point.

    Honestly I think she should get her own official section at the gym, beacuse she basicly alredy has one, and that way the rest could do their fucking gym sessions properly.

  • No, no no Saying heyyy (especially to a guy) means you’re into him and to girl (if you are a girl) also makes you look way too desperate

  • I was once in the gym when I first started. I was doing pull-ups on the assisted machine. I was doing my set and some guy purposely said behind me “I’m waiting for this kid to stop fucking around.” That really made me not wanna go to the gym anymore. I hate the asshole gym jerks

  • I’m a little shy but in front of really buff guys it really shows so when one guy ask me if we shared a machine between repetitions I just walk to the other side of the gym

  • I HATE it when other people at the gym comment about my gloves. At least once a week someone does it. People in certain fields (medical or anything with firearms) cannot afford to get blisters or calluses on their hands. When holding a firearm, a callus can alter your grip and therefore your aim and/or the pain from it can throw off your concentration and therefore your aim. As for the medical field, some of the medical tools (scalpel, for example) are very small and need to be held in a precise manner or you fuck someone’s life up. Even outside those scenarios, maybe I want to keep my hands feeling nice after a workout or I just like how they feel. If I’m not harming myself or you, leave me alone.

  • 1:07 Towel=Mine
    2:23 No Judging Unless…..
    3:48 If someone says “using that” you must listen
    4:48 Smith Machine is s**t
    6:14 Heavy plates only!!
    7:11 Spot everyone now!
    8:18 No gloves ever!!
    9:28 No filling up!!

  • im pretty lucky as im only 14 years old, so its not like any grown up guy is gonna mock me for how much i lift, and the jealous looks from the new adults(Sometimes pretty big guys) who bench a lot less than me is pretty fun too

  • “If you smell like a used diaper wrapped in burnt hair” Made me laugh
    the part where the portly guy left a puddle of sweat on the machine….EW!

  • I remember when I just started out and didn’t know much about weightlifting, I was 16 years old and doing barbell curls, normal curls and some 40 year old guy came to me angry and said “that’s not how you do it” he said LET THE BAR DOWN LET THE BAR DOWN so I put it on the ground, he took it and started doing fast ass curls like the fastest he could do he said that’s how you do it and put the bar down and went away to continue doing his machine assisted shrugs. Now that I’m not a total beginner, I realize that he was just an asshole that doesn’t even know what he’s doing.

  • Air boxing…..belongs in a boxing or mma gym or at least a gym known for having fighters train there. Ant other reason is strictly hunger for clout.

  • close grip bench on the smith machine is like my Favorited triceps workout, and i always get weird looks in my school gym for it. these same people will do push ups in the middle of the fucking walkway, its infuriating.

  • Eh I mean the towel or phone on bench thing really isn’t that big of a deal. Just ask the person if they’re using the bench (which they obviously aren’t) and 9 times out of ten they’ll say something like “O no man all yours sorry about that” and get it out of the way

  • Haha i think axactly the same thing about people that don’t rerack theire weights. F-ing kids, you’re mother isn’t here to rerack for you.

  • I remember once when i did a pause rep with dumbbells on benchpress and some random dude came and started pushing on my elbows. I got soo mad and told him to fuck off. I later said sorry for getting so mad��


  • Gym pet peeve #1: gym employee with be moving in my space while I’m doing a set to put a machine, bench, plate, whatever tf else back in its storage space. Why should my workout suffer for some a hole that didnt put away their crap when done? Lady, give me my gd space….

  • last week I saw a girl on the leg press who kept locking her knees out. I wanted to keep quiet, but I couldn’t help myself. She thanked me and she really didnt know what she was doing because she was used to having a personal trainer. As long as you stay friendly and tell them you don’t want them to hurt themselves, it won’t be a problem…:)

  • That one guy who snatches your plates when you walk away for 10 seconds to fill up your water bottle. You know what you were doing

  • Another unwritten rule: If you ask someone how many sets they have and they say “Ah, you can take it I can do something else” don’t be a complete prick to them. They’re doing you a favor by letting you take the machine.

  • Actually I’m pretty glad that one of my gyms big guys came to me and told me what could i do to have better form in benching and my bench max rised almost 10kg from where it was

  • Pf only has Smith. Yeah its way easier to lift on them id say like 20-25 pounds easier but its way better than sitting on the couch.

  • Am I only one who would like it if people would correct me, when I´m doing smth wrong as long as they are not arrogant or talk too much? I think it would be a better if the people helped each other, because the stuff obvoiusly doesn´t care if people do stuff that actually can hurt them at least in my gym. I would have loved it, if people would have corrected me in the first two years or so, because I had such a bad form and it took so loong to learn how to have a proper one. Really could have advanced way faster if people pointed out my mistakes to me or gave me some advices…

  • THE GROANS ARE THE WORST. When women are in the gym, sure, they give some grunts. BUT SOME OF THE MEN IN MY GYM GROAN SO LOUD AND OBNOXIOUSLY

  • I have a good method for the towel thing, just put your towel on top of theirs, when then come and complain that it is their bench because they put their towel on it, just say ‘well then I own this bench and your towel because my towel is on it’ 50% of the time this always works

  • I was at the gym and this guy had his towel on one of the dumbbell flat bench, no worries I’ll just put on of the incline ones down. I’m doing dumbbell press and get off to get another weight. He proceeds to use the now exactly same bench as the one I’m using WHILST his towel is still on the one before. Like wtf mate

  • So funny, the Smith machine one is so true…. At my gym everyone just avoids it I think so they don’t get scowls from others. I think next time I will try every exercise I can on it… Haha

  • I find the ‘don’t spot anyone’ advice kind of strange. I’d rather risk someone being mad than someone dying.

    Also as that guy who jumped in, more than once: It’s pretty damn obvious when someone is burning out rather than simply struggling a little and I have never had someone be angry.

  • I’m sorry, but if I see someone with such bad form that it’s potentially going to injure them I will absolutely say something. As the people who work at the gym often do not see this as there are many people and even moreso, they often lack the knowlegde and motivation to do so. Lots of people working at gyms just do it as a job, not because they want to help people. Health if more important than ego. And you can say something without being an elitist jerk:).

  • Why are you using machines tho? I mean, you aren’t a beginner, you should have moved on to free weights only long ago, well, there are some exceptions, only a few machines are actually useful later

  • There is something I never understood. Why do you get so bothered by advice? You could actually hurt yourself if you do it wrong. Or your work out could be useless

  • I just met some guy like that! He was using free weight miles away and I wanted to use the empty leg press machine, there weren’t any weight loaded or anything, not even a towl on the seat, and he came to me (when I already started putting weights onto it) and pointed to a bag beside the machine and told me he was using it. He was just doing lift on the other side of the gym! Ruined my whole workout mood.

  • I was doing drop sets yesterday of reverse flys for rear delts and I wld go from that to a superset with shoulder press machine. Well after i did my drop set of reverse flys which i had 25,20, and 15 lbs. Dumbells some older guy(its always an older guy who thinks your not allowed to have more than one set of dumbells) comes over and just takes my 15 lbs. Dumbbells i take my earbuds out and say your just gonna take those and not even ask if I’m done, in which r he replies do you need them, and since he was older (I was in a good mood might’ve acted differently if inwasnt) I said yes I do but go ahead take those and I’ll get another set of dumbell but I wld appreciate if you asked me next time. Some people think you arent allowed to superset or dropset or something

  • I now am motivated to say “problem? ” To the first person I see who looks annoyed with me filling my water bottle. While 2 metres apart ofc:).

  • So I’m 14 (if that matters) and I was at the gym for the first time since quarantine started. I was doing triceps that day, and it was time for me to do push downs on cables. There was only 1 cable open so I decided to go to it. Well apparently this one lady claimed it, but she was no where near it. She was probably on the other side of the gym, but apparently her phone was on the floor, but it wasn’t even at the machine, it was by the wall on some dumbbells.

  • I’m shaking trying to get the last rep. The bearded smelly guy walks up to you and asks if you are done with the equipment. DO I LOOK DONE???

  • The unwritten rules of public restrooms please

    1. Dont touch anything
    2. Don’t flush the toilet with your hands
    3. Don’t crawl under the stalls
    4. Don’t talk to each other
    5. Don’t criticise about some one pooping loudly
    6. Open the door with a paper towel

  • Does anyone else have problems with ‘my gym is better than yours, therefor I’m better than you’ kind of people? For fucks sakes, you pay 4x more than me for services you don’t ever use, congrats.

  • Love your comment about Smith’s machine….I workout alone with no spotter so I’m a strong fan of it. Better safe than having the shit drop on your neck in a bench….

  • Ive trained and worked at like 10 different gyms and ive never expierenced any of these “unwritten rules”?
    What kind of a shitty area or gym must u be training at

  • There was a douche nozzle at my old gym that was using a bench for working out, and he had a towel, his water bottle, his workout log, and his phone sitting on the bench next to him. In a similar vein, at my older gym I was using plyo boxes in my program, and they were stored right by the personal trainers’ office. They would leave the office and put their clipboard and water bottle on the plyo boxes like they were the desk inside the office.

    I get a kick out of the guys that have a spinal reflex to spot. I’m in a rack with the safeties set properly, and I fail a lift. Guy next to me practically jumps out of his skin to come over and help me. I calmly set the barbell on the safety and get out from under it.

  • I’m a receptionist at a small gym, and we are desperate for subscriptions, but when a guy doesn’t put back his weights after 5 goddamn warnings, I kick them out give their money back and kindly tell them to piss off! We don’t need cunts in our gym. I only kicked 2 person out, and it surprisingly worked wonderous for they were also the grunting guys, and it made the atmosphere so much better that a lot of newbies came after their friend recommended our shitty cheap gym.(This happened 1 year before COVID)

  • How do you take 45 seconds to fill up a water bottle. I would consider 30 secs to be more than enough time. I could probably fill my bottle and wash my hands with soap in 30 seconds…

  • My pet peeve..Why can people put weight on the bar or machines, but cannot take it off and put them back. One day I had to help a lady take off six plates off a leg press that some meathead left on there. Why!!!?????

  • Using a locker without a padlock should be a bannable offence in the gym. They aren’t expensive and we don’t have time to check unlimited lockers for an empty one.

    No padlock? Welcome to banworld, buddy. Big up, Simon

  • Main thing I’ve learned in the gym is never leave your equipment until all sets are done, then move to the next machine/free weight.

  • Well I can see why people do the first one when the person using it doesn’t wipe down their equipment and leave the sweat on it, they leave their key or bottle or whatever on it to clean it, not everyone is like that

  • This one guy was sitting texting and talking with his friend at the same time. There was no weights on the squats so I was about to put weights on then use them. He said he was using that so I left. God I wish I wasn’t such a nice guy.

  • Badly smelling people of both sexes are revolting! Agreed! But there is one thing I hate even more!: comments on ones age, shape, figure or stamina! Why??? For the feeling of being younger, better, stronger?

  • I wish people would clean the gym where i have athletics more often bc we srart doing laps and everytime we run past it i gotta hold my breath bc it stinks so horribly. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not an athletic person, in fact i kinda hate doing athletics but still

  • Hahaha, the grunting happens with the same kinda guy at my gym doing like 30 Ibs on cable chest flys, so obnoxious. I literally make less noise squatting 405 than he does shoulder pressing 20s.

  • I agree but i do not agree with not helping someone out… when someone is dead lifting with a back that’s as round as a ball i’d rather help him out..

  • Don’t fking look at me like I have 5 heads when I use the equiptment! Yes I am 11 and going to the gym too, yes I do cardio alot, and yes when I lift, it’s only about 10 lbs. But I don’t judge you men, trying to impress all the women at the gym, I have eyes, I could see you turn up the treadmill speed we a hot lady walks by, and yes, I see you grab a heavier dumbell when you see a skinny girl grab a yoga ball. So please, keep your eyes to yourself.

  • 2 reasons I stopped using the gym.

    Leaving weight plates everywhere including sweat puddles.

    Talking to friends around the equipment and NOT letting others use the equipment.

  • Every decent gym should have a chairs in some corner for the ones who came just to text, sit and do nothing. So they don’t waste useful space

  • People who play crappy music when they work out. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? When you work out, play music that is reasonable for those around you.

  • my gym has a sign all over the place saying “If you cant put your weights back because they are too heavy for you, please find one of our female staff to put them away for you”

  • I have a question. How do I get over my fears of going to the gym. I always feel so awkward and that I stand out a lot. And I hate making too much noise so I avoid running on treadmills since I have a but of a heavy run. I’m pretty weak and always feel like people are watching me even when they’re not. And I’m so concerned about using a machine wrong and embarrassing myself l, that sometimes I avoid the ones I dont know. Leaving me only able to use a couple. It helps when I’m with someone but i cant always find someone to go with. And i really want to get in shape, but because of this, I cant stay motivated long enough to

  • Some folks have a bad smell due to medical issues. They have the right to use the gym too. The “big” folks are the ones that NEED to be there. Thank the gods they are trying to get healthy or better themselves. They need the trainers, and the enclosed places to feel safe, unbullied and ok to even BE trying to better them selves. Those that are healthy or not over weight can work out at home or outside with out the self concouse anxiety and depression of exercising.

  • If you have showered that day but you still have stanky pits, wash them pits with rubbing alcohol and reapply deodorant. If your crotch is leaving puddles, it’s time for YOU to leave.

  • These are actually pretty easy lmao I can follow these for sure and I wrote you on your Instagram page a few weeks back I love this channel��

  • I agree about wiping down the equipment, but I also think that it’s not a big deal to just wipe it down before you use it. I do that anyway, unless I actually see the guy wipe it down.

  • I hate it when you use foul language. You are better than that. lol, I noticed they cut out some of the more offensive ones. Sorry, just a sensitive old lady here. But I love your channel.

  • In Japan we’re not allowed to bring our phones in the jym. We leave it in the locker. I think every jym should have this rule. You’re either there for working out or for annoying others. No one dies from not having they’re phone in their pocket for an hour.

  • How about little old ladies using the gym like a circuit, leaving their towels on a machine you would like to use….FOR AN HOUR!!!

  • There is a guy that goes to my gym who grunts very loudly and says “f**k yeah” after he finishes every set and constantly looks around at everyone to see if anyone is looking at him
    He always look angry so noone even talks to him

  • Rules.6-12. Stop hogging every piece of gym equipment. No obnoxious loud grunts it’s a gym.not a porn set.skimpy outfits.over doing it to the point of not being able to put your arms straight down at your side.having out of control children at the gym. Misuse of gym equipment.

  • Yes, I don’t like it when people stack their whole bar with 10kg plates to reach like a 100kg. Use 2×25 + 2×10 +2×5 kg plates. Ofcourse it looks cooler but please don’t so other people also can use some 10kg plates.

  • So many times I been the gym and girls had full face of makeup lol and leave sweat and hair all over the equipment!. Clean it after you have used it!!!!!! As well as girls standing there talking instead of working out.

  • Some guy who squatted 1.5pl8 for a bunch of reps then tried explaining something to me when I was warming up on 1pl8lmao.
    Just jumped to 3pl8s and he soon left.

  • People who listen to gangster rap music with out headphones and people that leave a sweat puddle trial where ever they go…have you ever slipped and fell in one of these gross messes…no…count yourself lucky �� this is way I work out at home now

  • I occasionally went to the gym when I was younger and I hated it when guys kept hitting on me, saying stuff like “c’mon everyone knows girls only go to the gym to get dates”. or people who think they have to talk to someone else and “make a new friend” while exercising. no, people go to the gym to work out, not get a date, not talk to some weirdo stranger, just work out. those 2 types of people are the reason I hardly ever went, and the reason I stopped going all together.

  • In addition to put your weights away, put them where they belong. There are so many people absolutely notorious for putting the weights, which started out meticulously organized, and turning it into a total cluster#&(*

  • “How many sets do you have left” is a reasonable question. Especially if our gym is not very big and “working in” is not feasible. I.e. I need to do bench presses the guy using it is only doing 135lbs but I need to lift 225lbs “working in” is not goin to work. I do not mind when the opposite sex watches me at the gym.

  • Those people that take up all the 5kg and 10kg plates instead of using the heavier plates cus they are too lazy. For example they will warm up with 10kg each side then add another 5kg then add another 5kg then take one 5 off put on another 10kg etc. They will have 3 10s and 3 5s on each side and there are no 5kg or 10kg plates left in the gym. They could’ve just used 2 20kgs and a 5kg plate each side but they have to use up more plates than they need and everyone else has to wait for that one person to finish

  • someone walked in with a cologne it stinks so bad she was running beside me on the treadmill. i could not breath properly because of the smell

  • I saw at least a middle school boy going at a snails pace on the treadmill and reading a book I don’t wanna sound mean but it looked weird

  • Oh, and just excuse yourself and ask if they will be finished with the equipment soon. Or better, use another machine. Every gym I have been to has a lit more than one over every piece of equipment. They also have different types that effectively work out the same muscles.

  • Why is it that people that make videos feel the need to bleep out the F-bomb but don’t worry about taking the Lord’s name in vain? I enjoy your videos but not when you curse.

  • People have been getting on my nerves at the gym. Some of the guys sit at a machine next to me literally to stare at me. Then some actually come up to me telling me how often to train when I didn’t ask for their advice. Or the Trainer that I ask him to spot me and next thing you know he stays next to me for my entire workout. When I’m taking a break after an intense hit, some of the guys see it as a moment to randomly introduce themselves to me with a handshake. And yes leaving the heavy weights on the machines really drive me crazy, because taking them off is a workout in itself. During peak hours is a nightmare I don’t even go.

  • I hate it when people put weights up wrong so you cant see the number on the weight and you just have to assume how much it weighs before you grab it.

  • 1= It’s NOT A DATING SERVICE= Go to the Gym to workout and Get In Shape And Or Stay In Shape And NOT to Show Off And Or Pick Up Dates 2= It’s NOT A COMPETITION= Know What ONLY Your Body is capable of and Stick With That, It’s NOT A Competition Between You And Everyone In The Gym3= DO NOT Objectify And Or Judge Others= Which Includes Betting On Others Expense And Or Talking Behind Them Behind There Backs Etc…..4= And Finally= Stay Back= DO NOT Stand Too Close To Others When They Are Working Out Even If They Are NOT Listening To Personal Music On There Device, because Some Body Might Get Hurt Such As Yourself. And Or You just Might Scare Them Half Way To Death, and that won’t work out anyone:)Bonus= Try To Stay Fit And Have Fun:)

  • my gym is 80 % elderly people they often sit on equipment doing jack shit
    than i ask how many sets left and than i say ok no worries i can do something else in that time
    but just to get those elderly people there asses moving
    (yes still stuck on sub in that gym)

  • Its cute Matthew Santoro is giving gym rules. Bro do you even lift hahahaha. I agree with your rules. But if youv been going to the gym that long and look like you do. I just dont believe it. Your capable of so much more man. Those guys are just daring somebody to lift em. Its funny to us cause you struggle to carry our weights. We lift em with one arm like nothing. Get over it.

  • I really like your channel, but your language has become…. ’embellished’, I guess you are picking up the way some Americans talk, unfortunately. Just remember not all of us find the need for such ‘colorful’ language.

  • I see a lot of people sitting on the machines in front of the row of televisions just sitting on the machine watching television not using the machine so the rest of us have to go around them, skip said machine, hover creepily til they get the hint or tell them to move, it’s annoying as fuck.

  • That’s why I dont go to the gym but instead workout at my house. I either have the same equipment or most the time better then some gyms. Dont have to pay a fee and even better dont half to deal with other people which is the best part

  • Most gyms in rush hour are meat markets… men tend to follow women around and stare at them and that includes the staff!
    If you don’t want to be stared at don’t be a distraction… don’t ask anyone for advice they came in of the Street just like you!
    Don’t turn your gym into a social club!

  • Please explain ‘sharing the equipment ‘. Are you talking about between sets? Wouldn’t that mess up that exercise? I’m fairly new to working out. I was between sets (30 seconds) and some guy asked to use the dumbbells I was using. I showed him some sitting on the rack in front of us, same weight, and he got snippy. I would never intrude on someone else’s workout like that. Am I on the wrong track?

  • #5 My gym used to not even have a bench or squat rack, so my only choice was to use the smith machine, and i was too poor to pick a different gym:'(

  • I see girls (and a few men)….THAT DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY’RE DOING!!!..and I cringe when I see how some are doing the weights!!! But I’ve heard over time “don’t give unsolicited advice ” so I just hope a gym personnel will come by and help out, and on OOGLING, LOL, there’s a few hot girls but I only see them in those few few seconds when they walk past me,I don’t follow them with my eyes. And on men staring at me? I just look up to the t.v. or ceiling or act like I’m fixing my music or something until I do my next reps/set, have absolutely nothing against gay men(if any of them are) as I do understand their admiration of the same sex, no ones tried approaching me,because while I don’t give the tough guy leave me vibe(don’t have to),I do show respect and am helpful around my fellow gym members and I think they see and feel that.

  • Maybe I should open my own gym and set the rules like a dictator. Don’t follow the rules, you have to go.
    I know that this will end up having less clients, but I think there are more people out there that would pay to be in a gym like that. Less crowded, so more of a convenience to get all you work done.

  • Since spotting people is out of the question a lot of people are soon gunna learn what them metal bars that you can attach to the rack are for

  • This isn’t on here, but another unwritten rule thats leaves a big impression: bring only maybe 1 friend to your shoots. You’re there to do a job and the less spectators the better. By no means though, let this compromise your safety. Togs talk about this ALL the time in the industry.

  • the second i grow 6 inches and develop an outgoing personality at the age of 23, i will become a model and swear to follow these rules!

  • That’s true be normal never be on your phone never add makeup on during a session never start combing your hair or having coffee don’t wear cologne be clean

  • I hate when people start lining up for a machine while I’m still using it especially if I just started my set. If a machine is taken I guarantee there is another machine or a free weight exercise that will work out the same muscles or you can do a different workout while you wait don’t stare at me like a creep.

  • omg this explains so much. like when i did photoshoots that were then to be chemically developed i ALWAYS, rocked it. so freaking hard.
    i dont think i made the link that because i was able to look at the photo and modify my vibe and it probably made it less, consistent? and get less different shots?
    i remember saying word for word like: you have one chance to go good on a polaroid or film. literally my best ever face portrait was made on a super oldschool square frame camera it was broken i remember him telling me: okay i can only see you from upside down ‘ and the photographer bless his heart we did. omg the DOPEST work ive ever done. with anybody.
    so much good adrenaline. i miss doing my photoshoots omgggg

    definitely subscribing btw xo

  • Thank you for the insight! I’ve wanted to model for so long, and I kept letting people talk me out of it. Now I’m ready to do it, though there’s a lingering fear that I’m too late: I’m no longer a teenager, I’m only 6′, and the types of things I want to book are Gucci, Dior, etc. But, it’s one of my deepest dreams, so I’m giving it my all! My ig is @josrul feel free to show some love. ��

  • Great advice. An aspiring editorial model. Learning the model biz is so complex. Follow on IG: @ladieslovedez I’ll follow back ��

  • In Sweden everybody is using head phones. Ofc you should never ever talk to people mid sets but between sets you always ask how much they got left. I don’t understand this ”unwritten” rule. If people just stay clear of me when i’m in mid set, or if i’m getting hyped for a big lift etc. then i don’t mind them asking at all. Maybe it’s different in Sweden. Only time we ever talk to each other haha.

    I got another unwritten rule though. ”Don’t flex in the mirror”, do that shit at home pls. Looks ridiculous.

  • I don’t have any of these problems literally. I workout in early morning and usually there is this 1 other guy or no one at all. The only problem i have is, when i come into gym early, and some of the racks still have the weights on them from yesterday, that is the only thing that pisses me off a bit.

  • I disagree with the second point cause I have heard a lot of stories about bad photographers taking advantage of models when they’re alone, be safe guys

  • I’m an inpiring model. However, i’m only 15. What age would you recommend starting at? Also do you have to be a certain height? Im 5,6. My Ig handle is @maddie_lear.

  • I’m 5’10, 145lbs, and 16 years old. A lot of people have told me I should try modeling but I don’t think I am tall enough. Should I try or is their no point?

  • Hi…. I’m Himanshu Chaudhary. I’m 21, 6 ft, and started my modeling carrier a year ago. Right now, I’m doing masters in Environmental Sciences. I don’t get time for the ramp-shows but anyhow I’m continuing my modeling passion. Checkout my Instagram I’d: @_himanshu_24
    Thank you and I really this channel.

  • I just applied to a few modelling agencies today and honestly, your videos have been great to learn the ins and outs! Are there any other tips you can give to newbies?

  • My friend uses “K” way to many times and it’s so freaking annoying. Our conversation would go like this:

    Him: I think it costs too much
    Me: Well I mean, it’s at a good price. I think we should get it for next month ya know?
    Him: K


  • If i shouldn’t put lol unless something actually made me laugh then I would never put it at all. Like seriously, how funny can we find a text unless it involved us anyway?

  • When people read a text but don’t text back. So when you go to see if they have read it yet and they have 7 minutes ago. Like if you read a text but
    don’t reply if it’s like a question or just plain anything; your a jerk. It’s so rude, yet so many people do it. Once you read a text message, it’s like telling the person ” I’ve got your message but I just don’t care enough about you to reply cause Im more important than our friendship”

  • I start my conversation like this

    Greetings kind sir, are you prepared to listen to this 1 whole essay of me talking about greetings and why it is important, yes? Okay then

  • i watched this show called american vandal and according the protagonist the more letters ”y” u added to hey the more sexual it became

  • “You can only text twice without response”
    No. I’m gonna spam them til they hate me, as long as I get my answer. My cries shall be heard.

  • 1:16 Don’t Grunt!
    2:47 Put Your Weights Back!
    4:18 Don’t Air Box!
    5:35 Wearing headphones? IGNORE THEM!
    6:37 Don’t Move People
    7:37 Don’t Be Weird & Stare!
    10:04 Share The Weights!

  • Rules 9 and 10 are locker room rules but still.
    Rule 9. If someone says “hi/bye” when entering/leaving the locker room say it. You never have to talk to that person, except that 1 word.
    Rule 10. Don’t walk around in locker room nude for like half an hour.

  • I send atleast more than 10 separate messages to my bestfriends. It’s actually normal for us. If we send only 1 or 2 messages it means we’re upset or angry about something��

  • i’m an aspiring model, support me by following my insta @stella.portfolio
    thankyou guys i’ll follow back just comment black heart emoji on my last post.

  • the one about dont send too many is so true, i have this friend (he is also my crush and he said he liked me:) and when he texts to reply he sends like five different texts like this:

    him:Hey hows it going?

    him: im good

    him: i hope every thing is good

    him:with you i mean

    him: lol
    me: im good thanks for asking.
    and what i really thought when i received these texts (oh my gosh why cant you just put that into one text?!?!!)