10 Unwritten Gym Rules You Must Understand


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The Unwritten Rules of the Gym

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The 10 Unwritten Gym Rules You Must Know There are a core set of rules that should be adhered to in any gym. Be polite. Be courteous. Wipe down your machines.

However, if you have been going to a gym for an extended period of time your subconscious has no doubt become aware of certain unwritten rules that are never spoken of. These are the. 10 Unwritten Rules of the Gym 1. ALWAYS re-rack your weights. This is the number one bug that really annoys people that work at the gym, as well as 2. Wipe sweat off the machines. No one wants to share sweat with you so wipe it off as soon as you’re finished with the 3. Be proud to show your.

1. Re-rack your plates and your dumbbells. Never, never, never leave 645 pounds on the leg press or your dumbbells 2. No curling in the squat rack. The squat rack is for squatting.

Never insult someone who actually trains legs by 3. Perform a sniff test before entering the gym. 10 Gym Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know The unwritten rules that allow us to work out in harmony When you start fitness, you notice that people seem to follow certain rules. If you are new in the gym world, here are 10 of the unwritten gym rules: Never Drop the Weights There is no reason as to why you should drop weights.

If you are unable to lift a load, it means that you are using too much weight and you should use a smaller weight. This might also be especially true if you’re a newcomer to your local gym. But like every other social establishment, a gym too has certain rules, although they are unwritten. When you’re in a classroom, you know you shouldn’t speak when the teacher’s talking. At a restaurant, it’s considered polite to tip a certain amount after your.

Going to the gym is increasingly becoming an activity most people are taking to in other to keep fit. While this is encouraging, it has its antecedent negatives of people abusing the gym. Here are. 20 Unwritten Gym Rules You Must Follow Wipe It Down. After performing numerous sets the bench is bound to be covered in sweat, blood, and maybe even tears.

Walk Away. The individual has either a) gone to another area of the gym to do a superset, b) is getting water, or. This is a major *eye roll* moment for many of us.

If you are so keen on taking 50 selfies in front of the weights, that’s fine. You do you, honey. But consider this: it is a total waste of your time and money if this is all you’re doing at the gym.

Plus, you are most likely in everybody’s way. The gym is not your own personal selfie. Don’t leave water bottles, wrapper, chalk or anything on the floor.

Bring a garbage bag with you and put all your thrash there. Leave the equipment and work area the way it was before you came. Respect Personal Space. People need personal space so keep some distance apart.


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  • If you are wearing headphones and I’m not sure you are done, I will wait for them to move and I’ll ask them once if they are done with the machine.

  • 3:03 worste place I experience ppl never putting weights back is by far the leg press. These assholes leave the plates either all on the machine to take off or all over the floor. And I’m just gonna wait for one that isnt a hot mess to use to use it at all. Such a holes.

  • In my gym a guy left like 8 plates on each side on the leg press and an older lady wanted to leg press without weight right after the guy.
    So i had to help her… if only that guy put the weights back

  • And the people who do like ten exercises at once and got a bunch of equipment and occupy like half gym? Omg I hate that kind of people

  • I almost googled: “Air boxing”, but realized you are talking about shadow boxing:-D
    Sometimes I jump on the box for my vertical jump training after squats and thought you were referring to me XD

  • I disagree with the shadow boxing. I personally don’t do it but it keeps your heart rate up. People do stare at air boxers but it’s away to lift and do cardio at the same time. It doesn’t bother me so I could careless

  • The only reason you should talk to someone with headphones in is to congratulate them on their sick pump or how bomb that last set was!

  • I’ve never been welcome in Gyms. It’s like a weird click. Anyone who’s not buff gets pushed out. I’ve been bullied out of two Gyms now. All because I’m brand new to Gyms and I’m that over overweight one.

  • I was on my last set before on cable curls.
    And thus guy came over “you done yet?”
    Because of that, I did 2 more extra sets, and took extra longer rests��
    Like I was just there for about 2 minutes, and he asked me in the most impatient tone
    So i said “sorry, got 2 more sets” and took my sweet ass time��

  • Staring always makes me think my form is bad. I had an older guy staring during my 3pl8lmao deadlift and I was really confused.
    Was the guy interested since noone really deadlifts in my gym? Or was my form bad?

  • the air boxing thing is kinda up for debate, im trained in muay thai and i get curious sometimes between sets if i can still do throw a perfect jab or kick between reps. it just feels good on the muscles honestly.

  • Put your weights back… and put them in the right order… cannot stand when the rack goes 12kg… 14kg… 20kg… 16kg cos someone was too lazy to put their weights back in the right place!

  • This is why I don’t go to gyms I do insanity/kick boxing, run 3 days a week and eat clean. Ive got more lean doing that then going to a gym.

  • I’m probably one of the “smallest” guy in my gym. I’m 17 and like 140 lbs, and while most people know me well in the gym, but its always funny when someone new to this gym comes in (a big guy) and I’m doing deadlifts he wants to hop in and of course I’m okay with that. I’m a powerlifter so the fun begins when I put on 330 for a top set and my guys chin drops to the ground

  • Ok haha what if a girl is stretching and she is on her phone with headphones in and you wanna ask her for her number when is the best time to do that

  • I’ve been a member at my gym for 10 years, longer than most people there, those guys who come in and only do bicep curls, and dead lifts multiple times a week stare like I don’t belong. My biggest pet peeve in the gym.

  • The thing that always drive me crazy are dropping the weights and dropping the machines! That CLANK! I’m not impressed by how much you’re lifting I am made painfully aware you are lifting more than you can control!

  • Must admit, i do the boxing martial art moves in the middle of sets sometimes. I go to the gym because i want to be stronger for my martial arts, and sometimes have the movements on my mind.

  • I ask how long until you’re done when the people are camping on the equipment forever and playing with their cell phone. Then they usually wake up and do their last set.

  • First of all,thank you for informing us��I am 1,85 cm,i am curvy size 12 -14( uk),i am 31.Do you think i can do somenthing in the world of modelling or should i be very young and very skinny?This was my dream but somehow i lost my self in the way and i never tried or maybe fight enough for my dream and this will be the biggest regret.��

  • I’ve ended up watching some women doing their legs in amazement! I can do about 5% of what those women do! XD I’m sure they thought I was just getting horny. Not always the case, ladies

  • Your jokes and info are kinda everything… just sad they came with the Lord’s name in vain. I’m out. I’m sure you don’t care, now.

  • 1. Dont ask about pay rates
    2. If you booked a job and your over 18 dont bring your parents or any other distractions
    3. Never ask when your getting paid
    4. do not be a diva
    5. don’t ask the photographer to see the pictures only if they offer you.
    6. If you walk down the runway don’t smile unless they tell you to.
    7. Make sure to stay clean and practice good hygiene.
    8. Dont chew gums on set
    9. Don’t eat while working unless they offer food
    10. Do not take criticism too harsh

    Thank me later

  • What’s wrong with asking how long you have left at least if it’s a barebell exercise where sharing the machine is hard, i completely agree on on machines where you use a pin to change the weight, like just share it. Personally I’ll do sqauts with 3 mins + rest, so i completely understand if people who need to use the sqaut rack wants to know if i they should wait for me to finish or just go do something else.

  • The worst offense is putting the weights back, and putting them on opposite ends of the rack, or putting one at the end of the rack, and hiding the other somewhere within the middle of the rack ��

  • The gym i go to is great when it come sto most of those things. Everyone reracks their weights, clean up after them, don’t block maschines etc. BUT.. and that ruined my mood yesterday.. somebody drank out of my bottle. During a pandemic. And i didn’t even see somebody that had the same water bottle. I just worked out until was too thirsty and then left.

  • The gym I go does not have a bench press area with safety bars, but the squat rack does so if no one is using it I’ll use it solely for that purpose. I’m too paranoid to go for a heavy set or maybe even a pr with no failsafe

  • The guys that go “only pussys use belts” are either dead or have spinal damage….gloves tho…yeah I like my hands getting tougher with raw grip…just makes more sense to me…

  • The guys who ask you how many sets you have left and then proceed to stand right next to you until you’ve finished!! If I wanted an audience, I’d join a powerlifting gym.

  • Omg BuzzFeed u have 12M subscribers that’s the most subscribers i have seen in my entire life!!!!! Seriously how do u get so many subscribers!!!?!?????!!??!

  • I hate the people that block the dumbbell rack to look at themselves in the mirror doing their curls or lateral raises. Move out of the way

  • My take on the 8 rules as someone who has been hitting the gym 5-6times a week for 7years.
    8. Towel = Mine. Well to be honest if someone’s towel is on something they usually use it. If they are somewhere else then just tell them to piss off.
    7. No judging unless you’re bigger. This one i agree with, its such BS. If someone is doing an excercise in a way that might hurt them, just ask them if you can give them advice and if they knew. Some people might not know that they’re doing something wrong because nobody told them.
    6. Using that from across the gym. These are just the douchebags who think they’re big. Terrible people
    5. The smith machine is shit. Well you can’t compare a smith machine to a normal exercise. The balance taken off means a huge increase in weight(25-30% on bench in my case for example). Is the smith machine bad? No, but you should never compare a smith bench press to someones normal bench press.
    4. Heavy plates only. People who tell you this are probably the same people who hurt themselves or take ages to progress. Progressing in any way feels good even if its with 1,25kg/2,5lbs plates. Progress is progress.
    3. Spot everyone. As Simon said only spot when someone asks for help. The only other exception is when you see someone is in trouble. Like when they are stuck under the bar and look like they are in panic(wait a second or 2 since some people take HUGE pause reps).
    2. No gloves or other equipment. I personally don’t like gloves, they will make your hands soft and make it harder to lift without them when you want to. Other equipment is helpfull and only helps you to reach certain points. A belt for example helped me to break my squat record i got more confidence with the weight and easily squatted it beltless.
    1. No full bottle. I have never heard of anyone doing this. If anyone every is annoyed by you filling your water bottle, take a little longer on purpose to piss them off. 30seconds isn’t going to hurt your workout.

  • I also do my gymnast stretches at the gym and yesterday I accidentally made like a im in pain laugh…(because of split stretches and like 2 guys came running if i was oki♥️����

  • Yeah once I was in the gym and I saw these two girls on their phones on the large balls you’d often use for rolling or balance just talking, and you have to get these little wrist bands before you go in so people know that you’re supposed to be there, they didn’t have those.