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The Official Bench Press Check List (AVOID MISTAKES!)

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Why You SHOULD And SHOULDN’T Bench Press

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Why I Don’t Bench Press Anymore (UGLY CHEST SYNDROME)

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Why You Shouldn’t Bench Press (do this instead)

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Why I will never bench again!!

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Why I don’t bench press

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Why SOME Lifters Will NEVER Bench Press 315

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But I’m going to break my rule just this once: You should never bench press with your feet up. When asked why trainees (especially at the beginner and intermediate levels) should never Bench Press. #10: Not Overhead Pressing. You should be doing plenty of overhead pressing to further strengthen your shoulders, triceps, and upper chest.

And by strengthening these 3 key muscle groups, your bench press will also get stronger in the process. The overhead press is also important for maintaining healthy shoulders. If all you do is bench press. What works or doesn’t work for one person should not be applied to everyone else 100 percent of the time.

But I’m going to break my rule just this once: You should never Bench Press with your feet up. Step back from the flat bench press for a few weeks, introduce a similar compound barbell exercise and you’ll likely come back to the flat bench press ready to make strides again. Remember the movement is most important, not the exercise itself.

Making progress in the push pattern doesn’t hinge on the success of your flat bench press. Before you add any weight, try doing your bench press with the lightweight or an empty bar in the following manner: Focus your energy on using your pec muscle only. Keep shoulders back and down.

10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Bench, Squat & Deadlift 1. The bench press is bad for your shoulders It’s no mystery that the barbell bench press wrecks your shoulders. Putting 2. The squat will kill your knees and back The traditional barbell squat has been called a knee and back killer for. I’m not sure how many people could work this type of system into their workout. Plus by only bench pressing every day you are seriously limiting other muscle development by not doing other exercises.

Also the lack of tricep work would more than likely lead you to develop a serious sticking point on your bench. The average weight most adult men and women can bench press depends on age, fitness level, and other factors. Younger men are typically able to bench press more than older men, and men, in general. This is why I am not rallying against the bench press, especially if you A) are a powerlifter and B) just love to bench press.

But from my experience, and that of my peers (I realize this is anecdotal), it can be an unnecessary evil for athletes, strongmen, and people that are just looking to get bigger and stronger. After curls, the bench press might be the most vilified lift among functional training enthusiasts and some in the weightlifting community. First, I like curls and I couldn’t care less about people doing them, whether for reasons of performance (yes, there are legitimate performance reasons for curls) or aesthetics, as long as in the latter.

List of related literature:

8 The 10 Absolute Worst Muscle-Building Myths and Mistakes

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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One strength training authority who crusades for fifteen to fifty rep squats and deadlifts as a ‘safer’ form of training has a list of injuries worthy of a Purple Heart: torn knee menisci, multiple pec tears, rotator cuff tears, an arm fracture…

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
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I made as many, but Willkie didn’t have to lift weights too, to lift 250 or 260 overhead night after night in the one arm bent press.”15 Surely he noted Willkie’s death four years later

“Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell” by John D. Fair
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I was benching 185 lbs. eight to ten times, leg pressing 500+ pounds, and wearing a weighted belt for dips and chinups.

“Walk-On Warrior: Drive, Discipline, and the Will to Win” by John Willkom
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Safety While it is perhaps the most effective exercise for increasing upper-body strength and power, the bench press is not without risk and should not be performed without experienced spotters who can help with the weight should you lose control or fail to complete a repetition.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
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In truth, before the Incident I had been pushing just over a 400-pound bench press.

“Monster Hunter International, Second Edition” by Larry Correia
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I knew that I should have tried to do a few to warm up, but I just didn’t want to know what I already knew: Doing 10 reps of 115-pound thrusters was not something yet within my reach.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
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Test 5: Bench Press (Maximum Repetitions) Equipment: Bench press bench, Olympic barbell, weights, and collars (secure collars on barbell before lifting) 1.

“Complete Conditioning for Basketball” by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
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Each of these caveats was a warning to lower bench and to bar.

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Eight reasons why smart folks surround themselves with dumbbells:

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
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  • I’ve got a bench in my house and the rack is positioned where I feel comfortable putting my hands so If I put my hands on the outside of the rack my grip feels too wide and if I put my hands on the inside my arms have not got adaquite space to complete the exercise

  • Funny this is the topic. Started my work out two days ago w bench. Got to my last set and pop pop. Pulled my upper left pec. Hate bench!

  • But on a serious note… I respond generally well for all three muscles when I bench BUT i get shoulder pain (old rugby injuries)… should I completely throw out the bench? Or are there some tweaks I can do?

  • i tried bench pressing once and it doesnt feel any good, despite doing proper form i couldnt feel my chest as good as doing dips and push ups, its too heavy on making the arms and shoulders working on stabilization, while in push ups and dips the core do this job

  • The shoulder and rotator cuff only kills your arm or tore pec if you do not retract your shoulder or do not tuck your elbows in. You also seem to say that with the bench you have your elbows flared is a bad thing which it is not as if you had it to in then your triceps will dominate the movement so your strongest positions is close to the middle also you push it upwards away from you over you line of your rotator cuff keeping it safe and strong.For when you are doing your bench the goal is to load up and lift as much as weight as possible safely, the chest may not get the best stretch across your chest but it doesn’t mean you should abandon it lol, it still allows build your chest the fastest to break more muscle fibres. With BANDS OR DUMBELLS you clearly do not life as much so that better overload effect is not there. With your logic to you would need to actually give up over head presses and dips as you elbows also do flare out wards so this is just not right….. tell me what you think anyways! Athlean x states your not losing your gains anyway

  • You should probably quantize that “under 180lbs” means *under 180lbs of lean mass*. I weigh 160 @ 12% BF. So 140lbs of lean tissue. Bench max is lower 200s. 3yrs of training experience. I’ll never hit 180lbs of pure lean tissue (without drugs)….but I can definitely get above 180lbs, if solely “weight” is counted instead of FFM. Been that heavy before. A fat/thick torso doesn’t add 100lbs to a raw bench, unless your grip width is insane and your arms are short.

  • I respect his opinion…truly….but I dont give a damn…
    I think men and women have come to accept the look he chooses to reject.

  • This seems like a pretty bad idea. Placing your shoulders in abduction, with the humerus internally rotated, under load is a very easy way to impinge your shoulder.

  • Don’t get fat just to reach a simple pr goal. IDE recommend an average bench of 225+ I feel good past that and don’t need more strength

  • Hit 365 this year but i had to get to 220 lbs so he is right. But im dun going heavy for a few months at least on bench cause i have a pec strain

  • I am 6 foot + 4 inches tall, and have a 6 foot + 8 inch wingspan. If I weighed 180 pounds I wouldn’t even be able to bench 185 ��. Obviously I’m much taller than average, but I found that my optimal strength building bodyweight weight is around 215 pounds

  • Yea. Size is pretty much the golden foundation to strength success. I would say, especially for a 315lb bench in particular, any guy 200lbs or more will eventually reach a 315lb bench if they continue to push themselves. It would be almost impossible for any guy under 200lbs to bench weight as heavy as 315lb. They are just too small. 315lb bench is serious weight and only for men classified as heavy weights. The only exception to a guy under 200lbs to be successful at a 315lb bench is steroids. If things are done right, meaning the natural way, there’s just no way for them.

  • There is no danger of doing the bench press as long as the person is following the correct technique and is not dropping the barbel in the negative phase. Also, the weights should be chosen appropriately you must not shake and struggle too much while lifting. The ligaments and joints are damaged when you go through extreme heavy weight lifting, probably 80% or above of your max weight.

  • i weight 160lbs. on sitting chest press i hit 270lbs x10reps. just starting lifting 5months ago. and im vegitarian for 2yrs. at this rate is it possible i can hit 315lbs before the year is over?

  • It’s been a year since I was on this vid but I wanna let u know to keep an eye on your heart rate, u can be healthy af but death will happen suddenly in your sleep at ur age, if it’s slow get it checked, 65 is the dead zone

  • I hit 270 bench at 155lbs. At 5’7. Body weight isn’t everything. And no I don’t skip legs. I do Well over two times body weight on squats and deadlifts

  • It would appear that he knows what he is talking about…if you want to learn how grow good tomatoes you talk to the farmer not the grocery clerk..Im going to set up a program with the exercises he said.. Thanks

  • Well that’s sad. I guess I won’t be pushing any crazy numbers on the bench, I’m 150. I’ve only been lifting for about 8 months, but still. I’ve put on a fair amount of weight, as well. I’m much thicker than I was at the beginning of the year. I’d be surprised if I ever get anywhere near 200 lbs of mostly muscle. I’d be damn impressed if that happens.

  • Why lift at all? It’s hard, it hurts and you look the same the next day! Then one day you find your heavy is now your light. Your clothes are tight in all the right places, loose where you want them to be, and you no longer hurt. Question answered.

  • I feel like for some people this just comes naturally. The stronger you get the hungrier you get the more you eat the more you gain.

  • That’s why there’s another guy who does 5 sets with 15 reps every time. And he does 3 to 4 different variations. And this guy have a really buff chest. His is 2 times bigger than yours. He is proportioned all around. Not that your doing anything wrong. But everyone has there way to do things

  • Bull cap it took me about 6 month to hit 315. I bench about every other day and with arm training too. I’m only about 175lbs pretty well build mostly upper body strength.

  • need to see your pecs so we can see how well developed they are a before and after pic would do, otherwise, it’s just words coming out of your mouth…pretty meaningless, bud, and not at all motivating…

  • 315 has always been a huge goal for me. Never been more motivated to do it. I weigh 162 @ the moment and i’ll be goddamned if im going to blame my bench on that. Ive seen 135 lbs wrestlers put it up, its not impossible

  • To be honest, I feel like any average male can bench 315. It only seems like such a big number because of the oversaturation of shitty programs and ideas in the lifting community. Too many pussy workouts out there that people expect to get strong on when they are only using like 10% of there 1RM for 3×10 lol

  • Im doing 2x inclune bb press and 1x benchpress per week. should i switch the incline bb with incline db? what a the pros and cons for those excercizes

  • I just realized I was overlooking some key points in my bench. My elbows were wrong, my grip and finger placement was wrong. Thanks for the correct information.
    Also, I have been increasing my bench weekly by 10 pounds. I think I might have pulled a muscle strain in my abs. It hurts when I bench. Should I just work through it and keep benching or take some time off to let heal?

  • The human upper body is designed for pulling movements at a ratio of about 2.5 times more than pushing movements. Very often too much emphasis is put on the chest in relation to pulling or rowing. But you will never see me benching to the neck as you describe because that is not the ideal pathway to move the bar when lying on a flat bench. The potential for injury is too great to be worth the benefit as there are plenty of good exercises that will more than sufficiently build a chest.

  • I was able to get there at a bodyweight of 195 and at age 52 (5′ 9″ and 16-17% body fat). Following a high volume powerlifting program and eating approximately 3000-3500 calories a day. Took me a year to get there and I had been lifting prior to that.

  • Watch PUMPING IRON. Arnold and Franco taking turns bench pressing and spotting for each other on the bench. If you bench ONLY, I think you are making a mistake, but most of the big guys built the foundation for their pecs by benching.

  • Disagree. Yeah the more you weigh the more you can lift sure. I think that’s common sense but I think it has more to do with genetics, body structure, leverages, programming etc. knowledge will get you a long way. I struggled with bench for a long time but I started programming and benching more frequent and I’m at 305 now after being stagnant for years. Was the knowledge more than the weight and I’m 175-180

  • I weigh 176lb and l can hit 225×14, but for some reason, l cannot hit 315×1, l am very close but l have difficulties at locking out the weight at the top. And according to the website StrengthLevel.com, my estimated one rep max should be 330lb, lol go figure. By the by, l don’t know how often can l go for one rep max, what’s the best way to go about it? Can someone help? I have been following 531 program for the past 4 months now and it’s been doing wonders for me. l have gotten a lot stronger following this 531 routine. As far as one rep max goes, l go for it every 5th week after my deload week, in the meantime l go for rep PPs. However, l am not sure if this is the best way to do it or not?

  • Hi Jeff! Did you have a surgery after your ac joint was popped?? I’m asking because I’ve injured the AC joint in bike accident two months ago and till now I can’t bench press. Greetings from Poland.

  • I’m 5′ 4″ and 190 lbs I’m benching 345 personally I think if you eat right and keep increasing weight you can do it,alot of people go to the gym and do the same exercises and do the same weight, I’ve always like to lift heavy,so its definitely possible.

  • I’m at 175lbs so 80kg I weigh my 1rp max 120kg not to bad but yeh I see what you mean I find after 100kg find reps more grindey as my weight not huge but I’m short stocky guy my sqaut deadlift improve every week can easily do 140kg sqaut 5reps with out belt

  • Better activation with inclines,declines dumbells..Dumbells allow for more variations easy on elbows wrists.Vince Gironda discouraged it way back then.

  • That’s odd! I weigh 170ish and have been well over 315 for years now. I will say when I was 190-195 I did bench more weight consistently but I can do 350-360 regularly. I must be a generic freak…. ��

  • He may or may not be taking steroids what is it to anyone if he is using its his life he does what he wants,dont get why people have to be negative and judge people that use steroids you all act like its affecting your life if he did a great job at building him self bravo dont care what he takes and in 39 yrs of working out he can get that body with out steroids and Even at his age if his test is low and he never stopped working From when he started he will always have that body by eating good and traning hard high calories and carbs and protien and he will always keep that body plus hello creatin does the job to just bc someone gets buff a Little or like him you all Jump the gun ya his on steroids yall stupid get in the bodybuilding world and learn how things really work out.

  • Bench press is mostly a back exercise, your chest does work but most of the power comes from the back and from the triceps, this is why working with lighter weights will lead to a better chest activation and to really increase your bench you also have to train your back

  • Ain’t even gonna watch the video, just gonna comment.

    If I couldn’t do flat bench press heavy. I would probably stop lifting althogether.

  • Some ppl are stronger then others for sure but body weight has nothing to do with it you just were born weaker then that other person & nothing you do with change that… either you were born with knockout power or you weren’t you can change that.

  • Yeah, I suppose he includes steroids instead of bench press. But in all honesty, he is right about the bench press being an unnatural movement and an inferior exercise to build the chest (if that’s your goal). Most practice the movement in order to get better at it and that’s all I had to say about that. Nice tan btw.

  • #Truth bench press is just a overall power movement for upper body strength. Most average gym people don’t understand that concept and struggle with chest development. Its pretty sad people think this guy is on steroids lol. Its expected when you have a above average physic, when most people In the world struggle getting to his level. I go to the gym and see people who been going for years with no change and think I’m on steroids cause I have a six pack ��. trust me most guys out there think any body who’s lean has a well developed physic is on steroids �� no joke. Nice video my man bench press is needed once a week for power but for chest development does nothing for you lmao

  • Novice is benching two plates? Better email exrx.net then to tell them their strength standards are wrong, i.e. too low. Because apparently as Dom said: the minimum for bench pressing is a plate. If you can’t bench a plate, you shouldn’t be bench pressing at all.

  • at your age it is actually smart to juice up a bit. You increase testosterone in your body since it will drop a lot at your age (not calling you old mate! But you’re not 20 anymore!!). The morons are the guys that juice up starting in their early 20s and keep doing it until reaching your age.

  • Brother long time I made any comments. I can’t bench heavy any more due to shoulder injuries, this is the latest routine I use: pec dec 3×12 bench press to my upper chest on a slight incline 3×8, flyes with cables 3 x 15-20. I’m a fast trainer I keep my rests 30-45 seconds. Go for hard contractions on the pec dec.

  • Your right with steroids all you have to do is breath for gains so why bother with the single best muscle building compound movement for upper body…ya that would take real work. What a waste of time lololololol

  • This has to get more popular. Too many wanna be’s i need to explain to why i dont bench. Arash Rahbar also says he doesnt bench because it’s inevitable that the bar will move with one arm doing most of the work

  • I was going to say, hey this guy doesnt have a developed chest (but obviously better than mine) but I realized you are 65 yo, and for that age you look amazing, also you seem to be off season and yet you look very ripped, congratulations! and thank you for uploading the video

  • Love the neck press. It’s a great exercise. I can’t do it on the Smith though, doesn’t feel right. I always use a free bar. Couple these with Gironda dips and your chest will look great

  • Dips are amazing for chest development. You can do them without gym equipment. All you need is 2 chairs back to back or something similar.

  • That like the dumbest press ever. If you drop the weight or have any accident when doing that “neck press” your windpipe would get crushed straight away and the chances are you would die within seconds. Don’t upload such bullshit advice. There are allot of kids that will try this and out there lives at risk

  • So if you want to be 180 or more to have best chance of benching 315, what body weight do you suggest to be, at minimum, to achieve 405 bench?

  • i dislocated my shoulder benching with bad form and it took a long time to recover. now i am always paranoid my shoulder will pop out again and i feel it moving around when it shouldnt. It hurts. Bench with good form.

  • He probably gets a lot of poontang. Girls like muscles the way guys like tits and ass on girls. But with bench press it pumps my chest good. But everyone is different.

  • I gave this a thumbs up a few months ago and wish I could give it another thumbs up today. Excellent explanation.
    If Mr. Algieri told me I would get stronger by jumping off his barn, I would do so without hesitation!

  • Wow,there are a LOT of very jealous people in the comments section that have to resort to the steroids insults.

    I’m a 41yo bodybuilder and have NEVER taken any steroids in my life and yet i get accused of taking them,I’ve even had people shout out steroid related insults at me whist they drive past,and that’s when I’ve been walking with my children,pretty sad that people can have so much hatred towards someone they don’t even know.

    It use to annoy me when people done this but then i would be accused of road rage,so in other words you have to take the abuse or it just strengthens their so called argument LOL

    I now just take any steroids digs at me as a compliment,as i must be doing something right for people to think i must be on drugs to get to the size i am.

    To the guy in the video,keep up the good work and don’t listen to the muppets who have nothing nice to say,they are just bitter that you more than likely are in better shape than they are,as they probably spend more time slagging people off than they do working out.And to top it off,most of them have never even uploaded a video,probably too worried to show themselves.

    Just noticed your video where you were visiting Weston,my home town! small world.

  • Stop listening to these idiots everything with bodybuilding is different for everyone for me heavy incline bench presses work my whole upper body aside from my lower abs and lower back

  • You got on the treadmill next to me monday, i was thinking this guy is incredible for just coming to the gym again and not being traumatized. ouchy!!!!!

  • I have been following these workouts for a few months now and the golden nuggets of knowledge that you give are incredible!! Most importantly, they are based on how the body actual moves and functions. Love it.

  • Me personally I have another reason for not putting clips, it’s because when I first started my right dominant side was stronger so I won’t put clips to make sure I’m not pushing more with my right that my left and now it just become a habit

  • Bench press 12; Incline press 12; Decline press 12; cable flies 15. Its all about mind muscle with Time Under Tension. I also change my hand placement through out the lift. Power lifting has a different effect on the body vs body building my personal opinion. Thanks for the videos. I enjoy your content…

  • If your upper chest Is proportional to your lower and middle chest then your chest will look like a plate of armor. I don’t think bench press gives ugly chest I think what gives bad chest is focusing too much on middle and lower chest gives that ugly look

  • first comment ever on youtube, this is funny, telling people stop doing bench press because your chest will get too thick when we all trying so hard to get bigger. if you are natural and you agree with that, lol. if you are weighting over 200lb on stage which a natural guy will never achieve, yeah take the advice.

  • 100 percent true…I did bench for years and chest didn;t really look good…started doing cable work….lower mid and upper and pec deck….chest exploded in alll the right areas upper, inner and giving it nice width

  • i’m 15 and i’ve been working out since 12 i used to workout home till i was 14, you look very experienced and know what you’re talking about, i see many other teen youtubers that say a lot of bullshit and end up making people hurt them selves like i did yesterday.
    Turned the notifications on����

  • Im 59. I love pushups but use a smith machine for bench but no super heavy wieght.Lately I have been doing a lot more dumbbell work for my chest. Seems to be working fine.Still cant say enuff about pushups with swivel handles.My grip strengh has improved using the handles instead of hands flat.Allmost 60 and proud to take off my shirt anytime��✌

  • its still a bench press just a different variation…been weight training 45 years… there are many ways to bench press including reverse grip wide grip close grip..incline,decline etc…I just do pushups for chest now…again there a re dozens of variations for pushups also…

  • So ironic. I’ve been using Steve’s method for several years now and I bench 345 at 177lb and I’m not lean either. I’m 19% bodyfat at 5 foot 8. I also do legs. My squat is 425 and deadlift is 475

  • Some folks are trying to sound smart by telling Steve he’s wrong. He never said this is the Absolute situation for everyone who is 179lbs. Listen Very closely to Everything he says instead of trying to look smarter than him. MOST average guys who train in the gym and are not famous athletes will struggle with 315 if they are lighter guys. I killed myself for more than two decades with intense dedication and couldnt hit it.

  • bench press does not build a bigger chest. It’s a strength exercise designed to lift maximum weights. It’s great for front, triceps etc. For chest, na.

  • If I’m a woman who can do like 5 pushups in a row on a good day, and never done bench press, should I add any weight to the bar, or will the bar alone suffice for the start?

  • Hey Jeff so when I bench press and whenever I do like heavy weight it feels like I pull my ham string when my feet push off the ground so how can I fix that?

  • Dude has no, scapular retraction, no arching, and his elbows are approximately perpendicular to his body ie flared. And he complains he has shoulder pain. Also, flat benching is mostly for lower chest or midchest whatever you wanna call it. For upper chest, you must do incline bench press.
    But of course, I’m wrong, he is right. Because, he’s a guy on internet with a camera.

  • I have the same problem with my shoulders when benching. I dont want to stop benching, but my shoulders really hurt! and its such a deep pain

  • If you build muscle naturally you won’t overdevelop any muscle group. The body will build as much muscle as it could and will end when you reach that natural limit. It’s only people on steroids that will get that overdeveloped look.

  • That’s why I just do push ups. 60 in the morning, and 60 in the evening. There is a good reason why the military use push ups in their PT, that’s because they work. Weights do not work the stablizer muscles. Push ups do.

  • I definitely got stronger as i got heavier. Ive actually reached a happy medium but i have lots to learn. Check out my recent bench press video.

  • Easiest way to get there is by eating right and frequently but also one technique that works the best is do low reps(3-5) 90% max 34 sets. You will not get there with high reps from my experience. Once you hit five reps on each set same weight you increase while eating a healthy diet and 4 meals min a day.

  • I call bullshit. Especaily for us natural builders all i hear is stop benching stop military press stop overhead dumbell exstension stop squats. Screw all that. If your not going to do it right then yeah quit while your ahead

  • I’m surprised he didnt discuss leverage because I’m sure a 6’5 guy weighing 220 lbs will have a tougher time than a 5″ 8 175 lbs guy with short arms. The tall guy has the weight but the smaller guy has the leverage. Maybe that’s the anomaly you see when much smaller guys bench more than you would expect.

  • I hit 330lbs on bench press senior year of high school and I was only weighting at 200lbs. weight doesn’t matter how much you could bench. I have a buddy that could do 315lbs for 15 reps and if he only weights 180lbs. So saying “you have to be 285lbs to hit 315lbs is false”.

  • honestly, and this may depend on bench pressing style and body structure, I haven’t found bench pressing builds the pecs that much, I’ve always felt it way more in the front delts.

  • The no clip at home is good. I push reps of heavy weight been stuck before as my wife and kids are not going to be able to spot me lol. Dump the weight had to do it before. Great safety tip. He has no much knowledge of lifting, nutrition, strength and cardio training I have been watching his clips for years at 47 take all the help I can get. Thank You.

  • I’m trying to the user weight thing. I saw a bench it said user weight is 300lbs, total weight capacity is 610lbs. Is is it saying if I weight 300lbs it make no sense buying the bench because the bench would not be enough to support my weight, and the weight on the bar?

  • I use to do these when I was in my 20’s whenI use to read old school mags, then my rotator cuff got damaged.. Not a safe Exercise, Bio mechanically puts a lot of strain on the rotator cuff and in an unnatural position. You need to understand that none of these greats were physiotherapist, they were just guys that experimented, its why its called “bro-science” I don’t bench either and your neck press it still a bench since it requires you to “press” and your back on a “bench” The function of your pectorals is not to press, regardless of what angle or how close you put it on your neck. Your shoulders and triceps are still pushing first b4 your chest gets involved. The function of your pectorals is to bring arms together like a hug, If your motion doesn’t replicate that then you aren’t working your chest the best possible way. Bench pressing for chest is like doing pull ups for arms.

  • I remember a guy at the gym at my college back in the early 1990’s in Scranton, Pa. When he benched, he arched his back so much, his entire back was off the bench. We called him “Overtrainer.”

  • The muscles will be willing to build with moderate load that you could go up to 16 reps. Heavy load will give stress to your mind and other parts of the body, no good for building muscle you are targeting. It’s better you go direct to the subject you are presenting, short and simple one not related to your personal information… Tq bro..

  • I can vouch for what he says about it making you chest muscles unbalanced. I remember for like 8 months, all I did was flat bench. My lower chest is way bigger than my upper chest. It looks like I have boobies. I don’t plan on quitting bench any time soon, just make sure you balance it with some upper chest exercises.

  • For us small guys I just pressed three plates twice yesterday and I weigh 185. So there’s no question that weight helps, as does feeling energized at the gym, but I know a lot of people who press three plates and weigh well less than 200 pounds. I’d say reps on lower weight (I focus on two plates (do sets at 10+) )to build up strength, then when you’re going for three warm up a plate for 20-25 reps, then 225 for 5, 275 for three, one at 295 and then spring for three plates. I’m not arguing with Steve Shaw. I’m just saying not to despair if you’re smaller person like I am.

  • One of my buddies is 172 and has benched 370 and he is roughly 8% bf. A lot of strength comes from genetics. Some people will never have a big bench while some it comes super easy. Yes hard work will get you towards your genetic limit. My bench honestly sucks. At 208 I still haven’t benched 315. Now I mostly focused bodybuilding and haven’t done a powerlifting program, but still fairly weak in the chest when it comes to singles. I’ve always been naturally strong in legs where I just reached a 450 by 5 (usually the lowest I go in reps) on squat but Most men will never reach a 400lb squat. For the average person (not a natural at powerlifting) it’s gonna be your genetics deciding if you reach those bench marks. Along with the work you put in of course

  • This is a cool video! I’m @ 310lbs and I truly weight 143lbs. It is kind of cool that I’ll be in that small group of men ( I’m 16) who have benched 315. Instagram tyler_pierce_16 (for proof) lol would you give me some advice for what kind of protein I should take and how much protein in food and supplements I should consume a day?

  • My favorite, and in my opinion one of the most functional and beneficial chest presses is the flat/incline/decline dumb bell press.

  • Thanks man I’ve stopped for 4 years and I was a pro back in the day but.know I’m getting back at it.just wanted to freshen up and take out the Flows I had thanks again

  • Don’t think any exercise has same effect on everyone. Too many execution variables and individual genetic responses.
    I actually think bench is and ineffective chest builder due to limited ROM, opposite to dumbbells.
    Flat bench also has high rate of injury because too many guys get caught up in heavy ego lifting and end up damaging themselves.
    Other way it’s an over rated exercise.

  • Maybe if you put an arch in your back and pulled those shoulder blades together you might feel your chest. Even with the dumbbells your shoulder are rounded forward

  • Omar, im from Brazil, and i am a great fan of your vídeos and your work. I have one question, i have an inbalance on my tríceps and biceps of both arms (also, the rest of my upper body), i right arm dont stretch at the 180° degree angle (maybe 170°) and my letf arm is good. My question is: in this case, what i need to do to correct this imbalance? Tks a Lot! Keep up the good work! Peace and eat your vegetebles

  • The advice on this video isn’t wrong, it’s good advice and I’m perplexed as to all of the negative comments from close-minded people. Bench Pressing definitely has its benefits but it’s better for developing out and out strength rather than developing aesthetics, anyone who knows anything about training knows you have to mix it up and use all of these different techniques to develop the chest area.

  • Bench press ain’t bad except when bad form has been applied too long, tendonitis and rotator cuffs start to deteriorate. Also, age is a factor. Believe me, I’m almost 48 and my left shoulder is fucked from years of heavy lifting at work and gym

  • Well yeh that’s right benching a lot gets you that lower part of the chest bulkier, but some people like & want that. For those who don’t then you should be more aware & follow whatever you just heard on this vid

  • I had same problem with my BD, I didn’t feel chest enough. I started using wider grip(like powerlifters) and I stared feel pecks then… More narrow grip > triceps, Incline > more shoulders in my opinion.

  • bro its amazing.. bringing back old skool techniques.. nobody talks about it.. to build quality mass without steroids.. thumbs up bro.. great work

  • My good bench don’t come from benching. Matter of fact I don’t bench much. And when I do it’s really good and solid. I get my good bench from doing push-ups.

  • You are confusing non aesthetic with simply not having pec muscles.you have single handedly made me more confident with my own routine.thanks bro.

  • Thank You! This is a helpful video. I liked the idea of using the barbells on the floor at the oblique angles to engage the lower chest.

    In future videos you may find that you get more positive feedback if you edit out some of the excessive narration and get to the exercise routine more quickly. However, that being said, I still think it was an educational and worthwhile video to watch.

  • It was so frustrating trying to get to 315. I trained like crazy and was able to get up to 180 lbs and only could max out at 300. I didnt want to get any bigger than 180 and didnt like how i looked so i dropped 10 lbs and thought i’d never be able to do it, but yesterday at 170lbs i was finally able to get 315 up

  • Yallll need to listen better, but the type of person that is sitting on Youtube behind a faceless Profile Trolling is likely not equipped with much common sense… So here goes, I never said bench press isn’t an effective exercise to build the chest. I have benched my whole life until recently… what I said is that if you only have a limited amount of time to train each week for chest (say 60-90 mins for many busy people)… I think you will get more chest gains from the 2 supersets I show you in this video, based off of scientific literature of top rated chest activation exercises, as well as maximizing the amount of time the muscle is under tension each set (strAtegic supersets maximize metabolic stress phase of hypertroph). Follow me on Instagram @TroyShred Thanks Fam!

  • I am 54, haven’t benched in 15 years. I can rep 100lb dumbbells. not sure why but just went back to barbell and I struggle with 155 lbs!!!!!!  I know its “new” to me but its crazy how weak I am.

  • Great video, but the only problem is you over explain it and make it a little confusing for new people, also the grip, if you use open palm grip I have found it helps you lift more compared to closed palm.

  • God people are retarded. Let me make it real simple for you one example. Same example I have heard from any credible fitness person. Bench is a great exercise for building strength and a strong chest. Exactly why so many recommend doing the big 3 to gain a foundation of strength. Dumbell press because there is more free range of motion stimulates your chest better therefore getting more aesthetic gains rather then crazy amounts of strength. He is telling you the aesthetics side. Choose your side or do both like I do. Heavy Bench for strength shape the muscles with other exercises like dumbbells fucking biased close minded non common sense having tards in the comment section I swear. It’s really not that hard to think with your brain you dumbasses just shut the fuck up put your own biases and beliefs aside and look at things at face value holy fuck you people are dumb as shit I got to get off YouTube

  • He is onto a point. Naturally, the beefiest part of the chest is the lower chest. Most guys work chest because that’s the first question asked when people know you workout. To generate the most force to bench, you have to activate the lower chest as much as possible. Guys usually do this by arching their backs a lot to activate the strongest part of the chest. When all your training is on the beefiest part of the chest and NOT the rest, you only exasperate the difference, making it look unnatural and not as good.

  • Nice and agree sir should i bench press everyday cuz my friends does benchpress for warmup so they told me to do same I told them we need rest for chest muscle to grow more am I right sir?

  • I’m 16 and weigh 190 and can bench 305 I feel like a can cut 100 calories from my diet and eventually weigh 180 and by the time that happens I can crush 315.

  • So quick random question but am I increasing the stress on my chest when i really think about squeezing my chest when i bench, rather than focusing on triceps for example. I feel the DOMS the next day in a different way when i keep a hard mind focus on my chest. Im just worried about popping my chest. But its a rational fear.

  • My coach instructs me to grip the bar with my hands as further as possible for maximum chest muscle activation. Is this approach bad?

  • I think there’s something to this, but given that you were benching for many years before doing these, would it be fair to say that people in beginner/intermediate stages should be building a foundation with the bench press? I think there are many exercises like this, where fitness personalities say “do x for y result” because that’s what they did at the end for finishing touches on their physique, but the fact is that a beginner doing the same thing can’t achieve the required volume or technique to mimic the result. For them, the best gains will be heavy compounds from the big six plus accessories. Or do you think your results could have come similar or faster had you not first built as far as you did with the bench?

  • You form was definitely whack. If you felt it more in your delts. Also If you bench whilst on a flat bench you be in a natural decline position if you arch and also brace your core. So you have to couple the flat bench with a incline bench press. Herp derp.

  • i wrenched something in my neck (possibly strained a trap somehow?) doing the bench a few days ago. this is 1 session after adding another 10lbs. first time it went fine, just doing 4 sets 5 reps at 150lbs (estimated because im still in the process of replacing the secondhand low quality plastic weights i started with which can be a bit inconsistent). but the second session 2 days later put me in some serious pain, which has faded by this point. i am going to dial it back 20lbs and just concentrate on form.

  • Good stuff Daniel! I was fortunate to have trained at Vince’s, Bill Pearls, Golds and even Jack Lalanne’s in the 70s and 80s, was a great time and being mentored by those guys was amazing!

  • Barbell exercises are highly overrated for bodybuilding. You don’t need them to build muscle and there are always safer alternatives. But people are morons and want to look tough and shit so they put all the plates they can on a barbell and do whatever exercise.

  • Wow I just got my first bench and dam I was doing it all wrong thank you so much so helpful i could have hurt myself so bad. Now I know better

  • i’m watching this cause yesterday i did my back and bicep before school like 7 am, and just cause i wanted to get a little pumped i did some bench press in the end, it gutted for the rest of the day and it’s still hurting… so i’m going to be resting today, i did some research and bench press is actually really fucking dangerous so i’m thinking about dropping it

  • This is bad advice. Please don’t listen to this guy. Keep on bench pressing — just like any other exercise though— make sure that you’re using correct form. ��

  • Vince gironda gym didn’t have any squat racks or uprights on his benches… just like the modern-day planetfitness… it was Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Columbo that popularized the powerlifting style of bodybuilding that is prevalent today!

  • I already have a big chest as a beginner but the strength isn’t there yet. Feels like such a good compound exercise for me. Not fussed over hypertrophy just trying to improve strength.

  • Wow, I’m just at the 2 year mark of weights & with cardio evenly. This new video/tutorial for beginners/novice sounds just the right thing for me, at the moment I only do some floor DB presses which is safer & I get a fuller range of motion with the floor behind my elbows. I’m always able to do full arm extension at the top but not all the way at the bottom because I get very weak there after only 2 thirds of a set, please if you know what’s the reason for this?

  • Sounds like a horrible idea. You did your reseach, and I respect the idea of building a physique like the guys from the past did. But Tom Platz used to hack squat with just the tip of the foot to create a bigger stretch, it worked great for him, doesnt mean normal people like us wouldnt absolutely explode the knees if we try it. Also, aside from the injury risk, saying that a big chest give you a block look and its not aesthetic its just stupid. I am sorry, it is. Arnold and many other had giant pecs and were aesthetic as fuck.

  • Its obvious that you Stretched the Video so that you come to 10min.
    Dies all thus Money and Fame even makes you Happy?!
    I doubt that.

  • Outboard Eavestrough comin at you with the beginner calves training program to get those puppies up to a solid 7″ for the low price of a loose bag of creatine.

  • I’m 5’8 26 years old and six months ago is when I started back lifting weights for the first time in 7-8 years. I WAS 325lbs half a year ago……yep I was a complete tub of lard guy lol. I was only able to rep 225lbs for 2 max when I started. All that weight didn’t help me at all though. My weight gain was pure…..fat and not muscle. Very embarrassing. I was extremely weak for that weight. But this was the exact same time I started my weight loss journey. I started drinking only water and intaking at a maximum of 2,000 calories a day while doing cardio exercises and weight lift training like crazy. Avoided sugar and still got a lot of protein. Fast forward up to today and I went from 325lbs to 245lbs (80lbs lost….so far). Still got another 45lbs to lose but I’m now able to rep 225lbs for 12 max, 275lbs for 5 max and I was finally able to hit a 315lbs bench press about 2 weeks back. I mean yeah I’m still a big guy but I thought it’d be damn near impossible to still actually get stronger after losing so much weight. Like I said though I was mostly fat. And I’ve gotten considerably stronger since I’ve been shedding fat. I was gunna just say “fuck it I won’t lift at all while losing the weight because what’s the point if I’m not gunna be eating enough?” So….I kinda came to the conclusion that body weight will always matter on the bench…..but only to a certain extent. Definitely not entirely. I had zero benefits on the bench being that fat lol. It all kinda depends on how you gain weight. Like you said “controlled”. And I know damn well my weight gain wasn’t ��

  • I’ve always thought that bench press was overrated and that OHP was the best barbel pressing exercise.

    I also find weighted pushup variations to be far superior over bench pressing as well. You work all the same muscle groups, but get far more core activation and stabilization benefits.

  • I’m way stronger at the bench than my friend, but he has much bigger pecs than me. I’m limb dominant and he’s torso dominant. I have huge triceps but I’m sure my big triceps don’t let me bench 220 after just two years of lifting.

  • Man as a tricep dominant guy I really envy chest dominant guys. It’s much simpler to isolate the triceps if they are lagging rather than the chest (and much safer on the shoulders). Trying to address a lagging chest is a bitch

  • I weigh 156lbs & can bench 315 x 4 no problem old PB is 225.. I’m lift 4 days a week & eat 4000+ calories a day SO I MUST BE ONE IF THOES FEW… @cT fletcher has guys benching 315 that don’t weigh 180lbs… In all that’s a pretty broad statement I know mma fighters that bench 315 @ 135lbs so….

  • Makes sense to me! I felt like I wasn’t targeting my pecs but more so my triceps and recruiting other muscles rather than focusing on my pecs. Thanks man for not making me feeling crazy and truly understanding the movements in exercising. I know its an industry standard for helping develop pecs so every one says but I agree with your logic.

  • John Hack 181lbs 512lb bench. For me when i was 180 I couldnt hit 315 but I saw a 170lb kid hit it last week. Depends on the lifter and how the train. I will say that body weight does effect bench though

  • Awesome videos that u r making. This is quarantine time and it will more useful for me tanq. i got a fat body and now am working for 3 hrs per day.

  • My arms are a lot longer than Jeff’s but when I do the first step my hands are more in to where my pinky is probably 2 fingers inside the knurl marks. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Been lifting since Oct 2017 and I’m starting to find out which exercises I respond better to. Even doing them correctly, your body will respond more to some movements more than others. It’s honestly kind of fun figuring out how to fill in the gaps!

  • I started weightlifting at 65. I am a writer hunched over at a computer for hours a day. So I gained muscle and now I am 69. I bench 255 today. I continue to make gains. I don’t want discouragement. I want encouragement Omar. My goal is 315. I lift 370 on an incline bench matrix machine. This is fun.

  • I cant get the bar all the way to the chest for some reason. Not that im not strong enough but i just cant make that movement for some reason. Same goes for pushups. Someone have the same problem?

  • I can vouch that building big pecs is a bad idea. I built big bubble pecs in the early 90’s, and they looked good when I was 17 because that was the Rambo look guys wanted then. Now, they sag, and I cant get a tight chest even though I am still in good shape elsewhere and train all angles of chest. Maybe I stretched the skin too much in my prime, but Father time isn’t kind to huge pecs.

  • Again, another roided up guy. Yeah sure looks great, but once you stop the illusion is gone. Mate great body, yeah I’m sure you work hard blah blah blah. But take away the test and your like, we’ll just like me ���� so fuck this bullshit steroid rubbish. It’s a joke.

  • Question about full extension at the top of the lift. Is there a benefit vs almost full extension with slightly less weight? When I do DBs with slightly less extension it feels like it targets the chest better than full extension does. Thoughts?

  • Seriously I’ve been searching for a video like this forever. Now I know exactly how to line my body on the bench. Thank you so much!

  • incline bench works and it hits your whole chest and I have made gains and I have had surgery where I have a huge scar down the middle of my chest it was open heart surgery and they split you open and you have your muscles of your chest cut apart and you really need to work hard to bring it up like push up which the military has you do every day and they get in the best shape of their life guys in prison who work their chest every day have great chest and can bench with anyone and we are all different the best thing to do is try it what works for him may not for you and that is why they call them workouts and not the workout you learn through trial and error like anything else

  • When I was 19, I weighed 190. My max was 305. For a couple years I couldn’t break that plateau. So I increased my calories and got up around 235 lbs. After that my power shot up tremendously. I went as high as 280 lbs and was bench pressing 455. Then I cut weight back down to 230 and that brought me back down to 405. So weight does matter. Take note that all this body weight transformation happened within a 12 year span.

  • Hey bro, I tried that superset, mixed with the “around the world” dumbbell exercise, making it a triset…and it was awesome!! Good info.

  • I think bench press is great up to a certain point, if you are maxing out at 300+ pounds it gets dangerous and isn’t worth the injury risk in my opinion (I know from experience, never needed surgery but have had triceps tendonitis on both sides and messed up my left shoulder a few times, I just don’t go heavy anymore and do 6-15 reps per set rather than 1-5 like I used to)

  • It was actually called the ” Guillotine press ” which was created by Vince Gironda. When done correctly, It is a excellent movement. One time in college, I went to heavy on this movement and injured my clavicle so be cautious. Thanks for posting, Daniel.

  • Im barely starting and im hearing people say they are starting on 10 pounds. Im starting on 15 pounds, is that ok? Or should i pull back to 10 pounds just to be on the safe side.

  • Arnold bench pressed all the time so therefore your argument is highly invalid so shut up and don’t give advice on working out cause you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Anyone answer this question? So I have pretty much zero elbow pain when I bench heavy, lifting heavy in general feels much better, if I try to do volume say over 4-5 reps I get elbow pain. Could it be form breakdown? Should I just stick to low reps heavy weight on compounds?

  • The absolute worst thing about Athlean X and Jeff…

    Is getting a horrendous knock off discount dollar store version of Athlean X advertised before the video. Some scam company called “Vshred” or something like that. That guy is a complete and total clown.

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  • I injured my shoulder from the flat bench a few weeks back, so I’ve incorporated cable flys, dips, incline dumbbell, and landmine presses as alternatives. To be honest, I’m beginning to see some results from this. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to the flat bench again.

  • Bro I have a question like do you train people your like really good at breaking down the technique and proper to do whilst teaching people

  • I stopped doing Bench Press about a year ago, wasn’t seeing much results from it and been doing weighted dips (leaning slightly forward) and it’s going great for me, noticeable chest and triceps growth. I also use skullcrushers for tricep development.

  • I’m an mechanical engineering student. I never really cared about my health before. I like that your channel shows the science behind exercise. Now I like learning about the science of fitness and applying it. I now see human body as a machine. I like machines.

  • You asked “How many total sets of bench did I do last week?” Last week I did 16 sets of bench between flat bench, incline bench, dumb bells, and bar bells. I also did 4 sets of cables.

  • Just a question are negative reps on a bench good for you? I see people do them but ive always stuck with the 90 degree angle because I don’t want to hyper extend any of my joints, and i wanted to know if there is any gain from doing it with lighter weight or anything like that