10 Quad Exercises for Bigger, More Muscular Legs



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Quad Exercises You Should Try #1 – Bulgarian Split Squat. The Bulgarian split squat is a great exercise to engage one leg at a time. Place one leg on #2 – Bodyweight Squats.

Bodyweight squats can be done anywhere, so these are a great choice for those just starting out. #3. 10 Quad Exercises That Make Leg Day a Whole Lot Spicier Keep scrolling to learn more about your quads’ role in your overall body strength and what exercises can help to strengthen them. Even beginner lifters usually have a pretty good idea how to pump up the “show muscles” like the biceps and the pecs. Attaining six-pack abs is fairly straightforward, as long as your body fat percentage is low enough.

But ask a beginner what quad exercises can build big, powerful quad muscles, and you’re usually going to get two answers: “squats” or blank stares. 1. LEG EXTENSION. The objective here is to pre-fatigue your quads and flood your knees and muscles with as much blood as possible. This will warm you up and improve your mind-muscle connection so. Quadriceps Muscle Anatomy.

The quadriceps femoris is usually just referred to as the quadriceps, quadriceps extensor or simply the “quads.”The name means “four-headed femur muscle” in Latin. This is a vast muscle mass that incorporates the four predominating muscles on the front of the thigh. In addition to recruiting more muscle mass into the movement, multijoint exercises generate greater release of the muscle-building hormones testosterone and growth hormone. The amount of muscle called into play is critical on leg day because there are so many large muscle groups involved: the glutes (three muscles), quads (four muscles. Single-joint exercises like leg extensions should never be confused with major mass-builders for the quads, but at the end of a demanding thigh workout extensions can isolate the quads to exhaust every last muscle fiber.

Because extensions are single-joint movements, there’s no added contribution from the hamstrings or glutes here. 8 Best Leg Exercises for Men to Building Bigger, Muscular Legs. There is nothing like the sight of big, muscular legs which look great both dressed and naked.

Here are the 8 best leg exercises to put on some serious muscle mass fast.Lets turn those toothpicks into real legs. The Routine: Squats 4 sets x 8 reps Deadlifts 4 sets x 8 reps Walking lunges with sandbag 3 sets x 20 steps Unilateral Superset Single leg step ups 3 sets x 12 reps Single leg hip thrusts 3 sets x 12 reps Seated leg extensions 2 sets x 20 reps Seated leg curls 2 sets x 20 reps Standing calf raises 4. The first mistake has to do with your exercise execution.

What most people don’t realize is that you can actually make minor tweaks to the way you perform your leg exercises. In doing so, you’ll shift more of the tension away from the glutes and hamstrings and onto the quads. This enables you to prioritize your quad development during your.

List of related literature:

Legs (including calves) Let’s go over each one by one, learning the anatomy first, followed by the best exercises for developing each.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
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However, these lower-body exercises—which include squats, single-leg squats, split squats, step-ups, and sled pushes—do a lot more than develop bigger, stronger quads.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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For example, the thigh program trains all three major muscle groups (knee extensors, knee flexors, and the adductor muscles) using nine different exercises to increase muscle mass, develop definition, and change the contours of the body.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
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Alternate legs for a total of 6 to 8 reps on each leg.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

REPS SETS (seconds) REST thighs Dumbbell Lunge (bodyweight only; one leg this page As many as 4 No Rest

“The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Fourth Edition” by James Villepigue, Hugo Rivera
from The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Fourth Edition
by James Villepigue, Hugo Rivera
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I’ll explain how to vary any thigh exercise slightly to focus on different muscles in your quads, which will shape your legs accordingly.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
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A good idea is to work a single joint muscle first (for example, the quadriceps) by doing 8–12 reps and then doing a multi-joint (compound) exercise to re-fatigue the muscle targeted by doing 4– 5 good repetitions.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
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REPETITIONS: Work up to 15 reps on each leg.

“Explore Europe on Foot: Your Complete Guide to Planning a Cultural Hiking Adventure” by Cassandra Overby
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The larger numbers would be obtained for leg exercises that involve lifting body weight.

“Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals” by Joseph D. Bronzino, Donald R. Peterson
from Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals
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Leg Extension (Quadriceps) Thisisanisolation movethatisgood for developing the look of your quads.

“Stronger, Faster, Smarter: A Guide to Your Most Powerful Body” by Ryan Ferguson
from Stronger, Faster, Smarter: A Guide to Your Most Powerful Body
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  • Thanks guys it really helps is there anything else I can do I tore everything in my knee and cracked it during a football game so if there’s anything else I can do to strengthen my knee that’ll be great

  • I do squats and I loose oxygen and strength I end up feeling fatigue. This is what happens when doing legs. How come? And what can I do to not feel fatigue after my first squat set? Thank you.

  • Oh my god thank you for your work. ;-; i have to do home physical therapy or get surgery on my knees. Ill be using these videos to help my therapy

  • Just a constructive comments!
    U are a very credible trainer. I watch your video from time time..
    The way you demontrate your tips could even be better if you try to Speak Slowly and Clearly!!! Other than that u are a fantastic Trainer!!

  • Steve, you always do a great job teaching the WHY for each movement and coordinating safety for injury prevention! Thanks for being a great teacher!

  • Hi
    I had an accident in which my patella was broken. And now my quadricep is shrunk and i cant move my leg in 90 degrees. My thigh is become shrunk. Plz help me what can I do? My age is 25 years and I am so depressed

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  • Can anyone help me with my knee injury? I have to strenghen the quadriceps and I musn’t bend the knee like im squatting. Is there any exercises that worked with you quickly? And how long does it take to strenghen and stretch them both? Im doing cerain exercises but they’re taking for ever! Pls I miss running: (

  • In your body transformation programme, is there any separate day for leg or abs?? Can you brief here how th workouts r designed in ur programmes.

  • I was 13 and 5’10 when I saw this vid and it kinda helped. All of a sudden I got a surgery and lost a lot of weight. I’m 14 and 6’0 now and I look more like Slenderman
    (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

  • Great videos Jeff. I wonder if you could design a programme for a hardgainer based upon only being able to do three workouts per week due to work and family commitments? Not all of us have the opportunity to go the gym 4/5 times per week.

    Keep up the good work.

  • just know this all takes time so in a week if you don’t see progress then that just means you needa push 10x harder and keep doing it

  • should you still put your feet at an incline even if you have the flexibility to do this squat without your heels coming up? I can maintain the same posture on the squat without my heels lifting as they dont feel as if they need to pull up when i squat to the lowest level. Any advice?

  • I have a question for you I had back surgery, so wouldn’t the deadlift be out for me. And second question is there something wrong if i do a squat and I hear my knee popping/cracking sound. It’s not a grinding or a crunchy sound?

  • Funny thing is he has a guy who trains him yet he still has skinny legs. You figure by now he would have bigger legs and and gain muscles. I swear 5 years from now he still look the same or just have a little muscles.

  • Jesse is a great inspiration for hard gainers. I’ve noticed over time the changes to his body. You got slim built guys all over joining a gym or buying
    Equipment, and with this channel we all benefit from good sound information.

  • Thanks for this video! It’s just what I was looking for. Would you recommend using a weight disc, if a slant board is unavailable in the gym?

  • Anybody have any suggestions for a warm up before this? Ended up hurting myself doing archer squats after about a month of doing this. Best leg workout I’ve ever done though

  • I do this next time I in gym..few days off now thu,, had good bike pump day today.,legs feel good,,yea Jeff those some great leg exercises.,I like the leg lunges and I been thinking of squats bar,,haven’t done one since my back ops. So yea I may start with few low weights see how I go this week..just been haveing new gym and getting ust to that this week..and new gym a better fit for me..as it’s a lot quieter and more private..had issues at last gym with people there who I just don’t like..it was thu. Me off my game most days // so more focused now /////will start to try put some weight on bar and body,,thanks videos great @marcus

  • Going to try these workouts 4 times a week for a month — and update you guys on my channel.

    I’m 19, black, 140 lbs, 5’10.
    subscribe to get updated with my progress

  • That photo at beginning of link is lies. The shorts strings are in exactly the same position. Becoming a someone begins with truth.

  • Hi. Excellent vid. What is the height on that plyo box you’re using? I’m 5’11”, I want to make sure I buy the right height, not too high, not too low. Thanks for sharing!

  • I am four weeks postpartum and sustained femoral nerve damage during my delivery. After delivery, I had lost all ability to extend my left leg. Now, I can extend my leg to 55 degree extension. I find this video to be very helpful with tips to strengthen my quad while waiting for my nerve to continue repairing. My neurologist says I have 3-6 months before I have full function of my leg again.

  • Stress eats away at leg muscles, reduce your stress and you can skip leg day more often! Also too much leg day increases stress! ��

  • I don’t want to sound like a hater or a smarta**, but I thought that pistol squats are about putting a straight leg next to the lifting leg while the straight leg doesn’t move until you’re done with the set

  • Not to brag but,I’ve been training legs for just over 6 months and my legs are bigger and more defined…gained a good 4 inches on my thighs

  • As specialist, I do believe Custokebon Secrets is good way to lost a lot of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it’s going to work for you too.

  • If you have knee cap tracking issues already and your knee cap clicks when bending, what can you do to strengthen the vmo without irritating the kneecap and tendon?

  • So excited for you with your workout clothing line! And I love your exercise selection for the video! The Lying straight leg lifts and squat hold heel raises are super creative and look so effective!

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many people lost their weight with this popular lose weight secrets.

  • Just did 270 pounds leg press 10×5 quarters are BRUTAL!! �� Thanks now time to finish the rest of this monster training #teardropgoal

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several great things about it and my sister lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • Man he said in one of his leg videos that quarter squats is the key to getting bigger quads. And here he’s saying that quarter reps won’t help.. Dafuq��‍♂️

  • In this video.. we are holding in deep squat position..than in that position where should we feel the pain in muscle..
    Because I’m feeling the pain in groin..is this right?

  • You are my hero. I’ve been struggling with finding thorough quadricep focused workouts that work the primary quadricep muscles after the gyms closed. Thank you:)

  • The first of all i watched this video just 0.57 seconds till you said absolutely stupid sh+t bench lungesthis exercise is known as bulgarian squat…so long dude im stopping to watch your videos

  • My outter sweep is looking nice. But the rest??? So I clicked��
    I need to go to home depot and make a slant board. By the way I was here 8 months ago found my last comment.��

  • Thank you for showing me how to get out of a chair with arms the right way. I haven’t progressed to getting out of one without the help of my arms. That will help me when I am at the kitchen table.
    I am glad you have put these videos on Youtube. My legs and arms are very weak. These videos will help.

  • Hi Sir, my father had brain stroke on the left side almost 9 months ago so please, Can you tell me the exercises for right foot and fingers after brain stroke (right side hemiplegia)

  • Does anyone know why I always throw up on leg day, never on any other day, is it a conditioning problem because there is more of an energy output with legs?

  • Doc, I’ve had two knee surgeries for a torn ac and a torn meniscus, now it’s been 5 months post my second surgery I never did professional therapy I did it at home, there’s a big difference in the size of my quads and I suffer of chondromalatia on the injured knee. I’d love to know if theses exercises can help my build a stronger quads and make the chondromalatia go away

  • Sorry but there’s no EMG data to suggest that any exercise or foot/leg position impacts usage of different Vasti in the quads, the quadriceps have four heads where only one of them (Rectus Femoris) also crosses the hip, so you could differentiate exercise selection for the rectus fermoris since it has two functions (hip flexion, knee extension), whereas the other three heads, (vastus medialis, vastus lateralis and vastus intermedius) only cross the knee, they can only act as knee extensors, and this is unaffected by leg position, all in all if you want a bigger vastus medialis you have to get bigger quads…

  • Hi both of you, sir I was met with an accident 3 months back and had a fracture on my left femur and had a surgery in which IM mail was inserted in my femur bone, now I can stand and walk with the help of a cane but when I try to walk without can I started limping and pain in my knee, left leg does not have strength like my right leg… Can you please help me to recover from this? Eagerly waiting for your response, please respond!

  • Helpful AF
    I’m was struggling to build up my quad strength due to my knee being dislocated and after a week of doing these exersices I already feel better keep up the good work

  • How often do you get Jesse to train legs in a week and for how long (for example 3 x 1 hour)? Also, what’s the time difference between the transformation pictures and the amount of calories he is eating?

  • Good idea to slant. I have to round my back to go below parallel. My acetabulum shape limits hip flexion (no complaintsmy knees are about 30 years younger than they should be…).

  • Everyone I see at my gym; men, women and teens go too heavy and have crappy form on the squat. It’s painful to watch really. So many doing 5 &6 reps for what? Lighten up and shoot for 12-20 reps… the burn is addictive!

  • I SHOULD do all of these exercises to improve my lower body ” chicken legs ” cause I’m tired of being built like an upside down bowling pin.��

  • I’m happy to see my inner and outer leg muscles coming in. They were flat and skinny last year. I can finally start wearing shorts above the knee.

  • Great work��….I have complete PCL tear before 4months…And haven’t went for surgery yet…My quad is very weak… should I do all these physiotherapy u have showed in this video??..please reply……

  • Knees not going past the toes is a myth. Highly recommend knees over toes guy and the athletic truth group for anyone that wants to build real quad strength past just being able to walk and stand normally again. Good video overall but knees should ing fact go over the toes if you want to get your quads stronger and eliminate pain.

  • It’s awesome how Jeff is sharing the spotlight with Jesse, making him another face of the brand. And Awesome how Jesse is EARNING that by working his butt off.

  • Thank you very much for this amazing video, I loved the first exercise, I need to train a client to do leg extensions and I don’t have access to an extension machine.

  • Thanks for sharing the knowledge God has bestowed upon you, based on your hard work over many years of practice.
    I have had a Proximal Femur reduction surgery (was run over by a speeding truck coming from behind). I was at my wits end with my PT Instructor having unable to help me lift my left leg (the injured one) from a lying down position. I will try your techniques surely. Thanks.

  • Sir i am having swelling in my ACL please suggest what type of excercies should doctor suggested me to do quadriceps and hamstring excercies is it true i am from India sir please reply it’s 8 months old swelling

  • Hi Lucy, just a quick question? I am currently in the proccess of making my own fitness channel here on youtube.. i have been following you for quit awhile now here on my other account and on Instagram.. I was just wondering if I could have your permission to give your channel a shout out?? Thanks��

  • I had acl sugery couple months ago and recntly i had a meniscus injury so my therpaist recommened for me to work on this muscle the most. thanks for the video man

  • Love this, have you any favourites and advice for core strengthening excercises you can do at home? Thanks Bob & Brad, love from Greece

  • Hey Tanner! I am new to the gym and I’m looking to do a 3 day split. I’ve heard about your PPL split but I’ve also been told that a 3 day full body workout is also good because you hit each muscle multiple times a week as opposed to once if you do PPL. Which one do you recommend and why? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • That first exercise is golden, i don’t think any fitness channel on youtube has it (BIg or Small). You basically turned a resistance band into a front quad machine. Like and subbed!


    *Tanpa jeda istirahat.
    *Mulai dari kaki yg lebih lemah, lanjutkan dengan kaki yg lebih kuat.

    1.[ 01:33] Pistol Squat atau [ 02:40] Slow Step Up
    2.[ 03:15] Archer Squat
    3.[ 04:03] One Leg Glute Ham Raise
    4.[ 04:31] Jumping Lunges atau Normal Lunges
    5.[ 05:05] Deep Squat
    6.[ 06:18] Single Leg Calf Raises

  • Hey Guys, we hope you like the video. Don’t forget: You do every exercise until you reach fatigue, before you continue with the next one.
    After you finished all 6 exercices you completed 1 GIANT SET. If you want to do more than 1 Set, rest about 3 Minutes before you start with the next one.
    We recommend anything between 1-3 GAINT SETS.

  • хорошие упражнения, для ребят с изначально не худыми ногами конечно) тем у кого цыпльячьи ножки это не поможет, нужно идти в зал и приседать со штангой

  • Say no to constantly doing leg day, cus it’s fucking stupid, if u do sports or general exercise at a good rate, your legs will be strong and good.
    All these people doing leg day, fucking disgusting disproportionality.

  • Great exercise and you do not need expensive equipement to do it. I have L3 protrusion with crural pain. Now the pain is off but this left me with important weakness on my quadriceps and with loss of about 20% of quadriceps mass to one leg. So in the last weeks I struggle to rebuild that muscles. When I was young I built that muscle with many years of bike effort so now is not easy to rebuild. I am 45 years old and over weight. All equipement I have in my home are a big ball and a wood medical stall bars. So your example of exercises are very good for me. Thank you for being so helpful and generous.

  • Hi Steve, thanks for worthy video. I need to strength my vmo more than vastus lateralis because of my knee problem. So I need to isolate vmo, during exercise. Is it possible to succes this with your methode?

  • I am just a roockie, but isn’t it harmful for the knee to do the leg press in this way when the knees are going way past your toes?

  • Will definitely give the step ups and jumping lunges a try. I really want to build big legs because I have “twig” calfs and my quads are pretty small still. It’s annoying though since I have bad knees so it hurts to train legs. Anyway again another great video, thanks.

  • Love your Videos! ������
    Could you please do a follow along Video?
    For example, each of these 6 exercises, for 15 reps.

    That way we don’t have to forward and pause this video so much ��

    Thank you ����

  • I thank you personally for this giant set exercise. I haven’t been able to workout my legs for like a year, until I stumbled upon this beauty. Yesterday I gave it a shot, now my legs have that sweet hurt feeling. Danke schön für das. Appreciated.

  • I got more mobility improvements by using this exercise. From a squat to (BW deadlift/toe touch), reaching out to the sky like to stand tall. Basically stretching to be more taller is the purpose of this mobility exercise. Originally you have to start from seiza. But I modified to being used as prone technique.

  • Been using the tension stockings but ankle and foot are still swollen 6 weeks after quad surgery. Any suggestions on reducing the swelling?

  • Gday from Australia, I would love to get your advice and guidance on my next part of my back injury rehabilitation, I have suffered lower, middle, upper back and neck issues for two yours since a work place injury. I have spent two years in physio and hydrotherapy with no improvement. So essentially its a long term injury. The next stage will be epidural injections, cortisone injections and extensive work with physiotherapists and special trainers to get me to where you are physically. As I will not be working I will be doing my recovery as a full time job for 3,6,12 months. Do you have any contacts, friends, colleagues here on the gold coast of Queensland who have the skill set like you do but also the body like you do who I can employ to train me back to strength, core, flexibility, agility, form and function to start surfing again!!! I need your help. I will look forward to your swift reply. Much respect and appreciation, Damo from Australia

  • I see I need to create my own PT guideline videos with a SeaHawk in the Background:) thank you for all the Great Videos!! in PTA school You two are much funner than the books!!!

  • Dude i don’t know if its ur workouts or genetics but u have some great legs…. And as a guy who cant grow my leg muscles this was def helpful����gonna try this

  • How often should one do this workout? Everyday? 2-3 days a week? Can you work on legs (calisthenics) every day you work out, say 5 times a week?

  • I did 40 pistol squats
    40 side lunges
    40 lunges
    40 glute raises
    40 calf raises
    1000 skips in skipping rope
    100 squats with resistance of 7.5kg

  • When you say to do an active deep squat, does that mean to slightly press upwards from your feet?
    Rather than just squatting low and basically sitting there.

  • Sir, i had a knee effusion before 5 months, and from the last report before 1 month i had a small lateral meniscus tear..!! During this period my affected leg becomes thin as quadriceps gone week…!! So can i do this exercise? Or it will damage my lateral minescus?

  • I don’t understand y some people like the way buff huge legs look. Me personally I think there disgusting, runner legs or lean toned legs generally look better.

  • You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat. By following stupid diet plans, I was primarily losing muscle mass. Oh god, how dumb I was? You only need correct diet and some kind of training, and the best thing is that you can find both (and much more) on website called NextLevelDiet.

  • Thank you for this video. I have a grade 2 MCL sprain along with osteoarthritis and really needed some beginner exercises for my quads (my other knee has had patella-femoral arthritis for years). These I can do!

  • Hey they bob&brad.. i just had and arthoscopic surgery on my knee about a month ago. Can u guys tell me wat would b the firsth exercise i should starting doing to gain strengnth in my quad?

  • Doing the single leg exercises would mess with my OCD as one of your legs would be getting more rest than the other and potentially less growth ��‍♂️����‍♂️��

  • i already lead the pack in volleyball when we run. and i can run for 2.2 miles before i start to get tired but i really wanna build up my legs������‍♀️

  • Thanks both! I’m a physio associate practitioner from the uk! Hence the name. Been subscribing for more than a year now you guys are my hero lol! Do you mind to do shoulder rehab exercise for rotators cuff injury! Thank you guys!

  • I really like this channel. You are bigger than me, but don’t look like you’re cheating with drugs. You make it seem attainable. Thanks for that.

  • Kinda meathead. Full depth squat is debatable for vastus medialis activation. I shouldnt go all the way down for healthy knees. See some olympic lifting vids for another view

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (do a google search) help me lost tons of fat? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • Great video!:D
    I have a small question. Is it possible for you guys to (may be) do a small video about being bed ridden for a long period of time. I feel like there’s not much out there about longtime depression and the muscle weakness that comes with it.

    Thanks for these videos!
    Have a lovely day:)

  • Look at that legs…….that is what we called perfection……the color of your legs and the muscles are so matching…..i cant take my eyes off your legs bro

  • I find your videos very helpful. I have 3 disc protusions. L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1. I have had very severe episodes of backpain with severe sciatica. I couldnt even move my body. After physiotherapy and medications i am now able to walk. I still get pain every now and then. I walk for about an hour everyday and now i am noticing severe knee pain (on the front). Will these help my knee? Thank you in advance.

  • For the step ups…a good way to make sure you’re not lifting off the toes is to use a weight plate or something similiar on the floor have your toes just over the edge and then you have to use the raised leg to push through and get yourself up. If you dont have anything to put your feet on just curl your toes upwards this makes sure you don’t use them to lift off tip-toe..
    Most folks that regularly do weighted step ups wont even be able to perform this movement at first but it is proper form. Once you can do this you can progress to weights:-)

  • Thin people have to go a little lighter in weight, up the reps & do at least 5 sets until fail to build muscle, especially legs.
    I added 2 inches to my 20″ thighs in under a year. It was easier than heavy weights & produced results. I’m 5’10” & 160lb max

  • Short answer: YES ABSOLUTELY

    Long answer: Kind of. Not really. I mean, a little….but, listen..you’re out there getting stronger and that’s what counts. I am dating this girl who calls me chicken legs. We went to the gym together to fix this problem. I hit the squat rack, and she reverse cowgirled three men in the parking lot by the dumpster. I know about the reverse cowgirl because I watched from the car. I couldn’t get out of the car because my legs were too sore after going too hard in the gym. When she got back in the car she just looked at me and said..”pussy”. Then she spit in my face and snored all the way home. I am in my car still because I cant move….from the soreness, you understand? I just watched my neighbor, Tom, and the mailman go in the house. I think we know where that is going….
    From now on, I’ll do bodyweight exercises.

  • Steve, love your work brother, but there is no such thing as a VMO, There is a VM, ‘Vastus Medialis” but there is no evidence of a ‘Vastus Medialis Obliquis”, none of the medial fibres have any oblique orientation so it doesnt exist, only Vastus Medialis