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Here are the 10 most common mistakes people make while training their core: Exercises like situps and crunches generate too much flexion and bending at your core, which worsens your posture and fails to use your core as it was. Popular Core Training Mistakes 1.) You Are Doing Too Much Bending. If you like to do crunches and sit-ups, you are generating too much flexion and bending at your core. While doing these exercises are not bad, keeping your midsection stable and straight will improve posture and help you use your core as it was intended.

Core training mistakes and how to avoid them. Training core and muscle stability is unlike any other form of training. It differs from improving strength or building endurance and, therefore, has a few tricks to it. No wonder why many athletes make mistakes or skip it altogether. 10 Core Training Mistakes!

2016-12-19 Extreme Training, Foundational Programs, Moderate Training, Strenuous Training, Uncategorized. We talk A LOT about the core here, for good reason. It is a REALLY important concept to understand. Sure, some will snicker or roll their eyes, but after going through a few spinal surgeries I can personally vouch. 6 Core Training Mistakes To Avoid The XF Blog | Xperience Fitness | Excercise Health Tips In The Gym Motivation.

Your core is one of the most important parts of your workout, as it affects both your upper and lower body exercises and your daily life. As a trainer, it has been the primary focus for me personally, and I ensure to make it one for. The 5 Most Common Core Training Mistakes. 1. The Crunches and Sit-Ups.

For many, core training is all about doing crunches and sit-ups till the abs wither in pain. However, it is more than this. It is a misconception that crunches alone would enable you to have the core you have been dreaming about.

Studies have found that people tend to make very similar mistakes during their strength training regimen, which usually remain unnoticed. But it is important to figure out these mistakes in order to avoid injury during your training sessions. Here is a list of the most common strength training mistakes that should be—and can be—avoided: 1.

10 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym This link opens in a new window; This link opens in a new window Instead, get the core training out of the way early by incorporating the same moves in. Every coach, magazine and “athlete expert” has their own version of the top training mistakes to avoid. Here below is my pragmatic view based on my own mistakes over the past 30 years, as well as my experience as a sport-endurance coach over the past 10 years.

Avoid these 10 endurance training mistakes Posted by James Eacott on 23rd Jun 2020 Google how to train for endurance and you’ll be shown countless methods, with arguments for and against various training systems – it’s your job to work out which best fits your life and your goals.

List of related literature:

In short, try to eliminate major asymmetries or restrictions before moving into core training; but if you decide to start core training with limitations and restrictions, use stretching and foundation drills to complement the core training.

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In part 2, I highlight common faults associated with specific training movements.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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Core training is paradoxically one of the most popular yet misunderstood phrases in the fitness world today.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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What training errors must be avoided?

“Spinal Cord Injuries E-Book: Management and Rehabilitation” by Sue Ann Sisto, Erica Druin, Martha Macht Sliwinski
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Cooper (1998) suggests that training can instil safe practices into habituated work routines, thereby reducing the incidence of skill-based errors, such as slips or lapses.

“Occupational Health and Safety in Construction Project Management” by Helen Lingard, Stephen M. Rowlinson
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Some of these mistakes simply make the exercises ineffective; other goofs can result in serious injury.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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✓ Postsurgical activity precautions: avoid lifting heavy objects (more than 10 lb) for the first 6 wk or as directed, be alert to and rest after symptoms of fatigue, get maximum rest, gradually increase activities to tolerance.

“All-in-One Nursing Care Planning Resource E-Book: Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Maternity, and Psychiatric-Mental Health” by Pamela L. Swearingen, Jacqueline Wright
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The worst approach of all is simply stopping training when the training set error begins to flatten out, hoping that all is well in weight space.

“Practical Neural Network Recipes in C++” by Timothy Masters
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Many of the mistakes that people make come from just not fully digesting the material before they start training.

by Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA
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Inexperienced clients are often taught machine exercises and free weight assistance exercises first because these require less skill than many of the core exercises (31, 107, 124).

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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  • Lady you have to check this out


  • could you please also show more stretch exercises? i have heard once that exercise make our tallness short and low. is it right? i need more stretsches to fight this matter. tnxs dear Hanna����

  • thanks so much for your content!!! it’s not like any other fit girl just blindly posting her workouts
    your videos are super informative, loved the one about interval training on a treadmill too, tried it and it was amazing I was freaking dripping sweat

  • Very informative and enlightening video thank you!!
    I’ve been doing planks and was wondering I’m starting to look pregnant again ��‍♀️ thank you!!

  • Could you please do some correction videos that are modified versions that could still be affective in workouts for beginners/overweight/backache people?! I love what you show but it’s still hard for me still to do things correctly and was hoping you can modify workouts to where it’s not cheating much while still feeling the burn.

  • Thank you for your information.I got closed my gap with ur exercise��(thank you so much& reliving my back pain also),but when I stopped it came back�� why?Can we do running,jogging,skipping with diastasis recti.pls reply��

  • Tack så för dina videos Hanna, du är grym! Älskar att du visar vanliga misstag också, eftersom det är så lätt att man gör fel i början när tekniken inte är klockren. Jag har tränat på gym i några år, men hade aldrig någon som visade mig eller så, vilket gjorde att jag inte fick så mycket resultat. På senare tid har jag börjat träna crossfit och lärt mig SÅ mycket. Tränar på gym också, och blir så mycket roligare när man vey hur man testar olika övningar och ser att man utvecklas. Dina videos hjälper så mycket! Så informativa och även realistiska och relaterbara. Du verkar vara så genuin����

    Ta hand om dig! x����

  • I have seen a lot of people place their hands under their butt while doing leg raises. Does this provide extra support for the lower back, or is this something we shouldn’t do? Love your videos!

  • Hanna these tips are great!
    I just did the obliques on the bench but instead I use the sofa arm in my hose and I really felt it!
    Hanna, please I need to know if adding weight 5/lbs or 10/lbs on my abs workout is not good?
    I’m doing it by putting the weight disk on my lower legs and bringing my knees back to my chest.
    Thank you Hanna, you look great and I love the smooth and friendly way you explain the exercises.

  • I applied your breathing/tensing tip and I can already see a difference. Could you please do an exercise for breast firming?? ����

  • my youngest of seven kids is now 6. i DR this since my 6th child. i was going to get a tummy tuck instead. plus i have an umbilical hernia that my doctor says it is just some fat tissue. should i get a tummy tuck instead or just do the exercises?

  • Your are my favourite youtuber till now!! Your content is amazing! Please keep making more of such videos..n you are really cute as well ��

  • I should’ve watched this before I did my workout ���� My biggest issue is breathing. I feel like I inhale and exhale during the wrong parts of each exercise and tend to I lose my rhythm

  • I don’t do all of these exercises, but for push-ups I can incorporate the recommendation to rotate butt down and strengthen abs on the plank. I have heard it elsewhere that anterior hip rotation, or pulling down the butt, increases exercise effectiveness and is better in general.

  • Hi. I’ve been trying to do the lying leg raises but I keep arching my back. Even as I lay down to star the exercise there is a gap between my back and the floor. Do you have any specific tip I could use to fix this?

  • While being underweight my whole life, I always enjoyed watching workout videos on YT.. I’ve been doing so for years. I FINALLY reached a healthy body weight (after 2years of struggling) & I’ve started going to the gym this week! So your wrong/right videos are so helpful!

  • Hi, I like all the exercises, but I don’t understand the explanations in English well. I would really appreciate subtitles in Spanish. Thanks for you job!! a greeting from Spain.

  • Hi thx for this video. I’m experiencing hand numbness and elbow pain as I do my 2 min planks. Been doing planks for almost 3 months. Thx for any help. ��

  • Hello i have a question when I start a plank in only 1sec my whole body start shaking a lot like i mean a lot am i doing it right?��

  • If I had broken pelvis and tail bone in the past and it still hurts a bit,is it safe to do planks???That’s what I m interested in.

  • Dr.all along I have been up with all the other exercises which are not the best for a diastisis recti till I came across your video today and tried the ones you recommended. How long will I do these exercises to get fit.

  • I’m literally dying, not literally but push ups and planks are so hard I honestly feel like giving up �� I’m almost 15 year old, 6foot 0 inches,and 201 pounds which is a good amount overweight but not obese, any tips to do pre-push up, pre plank or how to lose weight the quickest and easiest way because it’s so hard to carry my whole body weight, if I was 160-180 it would be much easier so you have any tips to get better at them or lose some quick weight so that I can actually do them?

  • I have been faithfully doing the exercise and could already see some results. Some YouTube videos are so ridiculously fake, they promise you perfect picture bodies doing very little exercise. I find your videos very real. I can see results but it takes time. This is the real world..

  • There are not a lot of women in whom I find value on fitness related channels. For that matter, there are not a lot of men in whom I find value on fitness related channels!Yours is an extremely significant exception to that. Thanks for your straightforward and scientific approach. It’s much appreciated!

  • I have DR. When in bed, what is the best way to get up without affecting the DR? Roll on my side then push myself up? That is how I’ve been getting up.

  • I would appreciate your advice very much
    I have hip pain in my right side and l am asking you what is the best exercise l should be doing
    I walk and l do floor exercises for my back and legs but what should l be doing to relieve hip pain.

    I am 50 yrs with weak core muscles from a car accident years ago…
    I am thinking a hip replacement is what l need.
    Can you give me a exercise l should be doing, thanks so much, you make it all look so easy…

  • Excellent video thank you! Should I avoid exercises like bent over rows with dumbbells or pushups? Are deadlifts ok? Just thinking along the lines of what you said about the pressure in plank position. Thank you.

  • Hollyyy, thanks god I found your Channel, you’re amazing, I have a question, do I use weight to build a bigger butt? And how can I reduce my waist??? I have not waist, I want a little waist, I look like a square

  • I watched almost all ur dos nd donts booty or leg excercises and I see why they hav been no change in my body,I do all exercises wrongly.almost all����

  • Big thanks for the tip on the heels. Truly felt my core engaged and I could keep my heels together, instead of shoulder length apart. Plus shoulders/elbows were less fatigued

  • Thank you Cori! Great info as usual, I learn new things all the time from you! I did not know about the elbow positioning or heels back, and I’ve been practicing planking a lot so I’m very excited to implement this!��������

  • What purpose does driving back through the heels serve? I feel like I work my abs more when I shift my weight forward so that my feet are more vertical. Thank you for all of your amazing content. I think I’ve watched every single one of your videos and use them regularly.

  • I wish I had known about this 8 years ago when I first had my son! I’ve always noticed since that I seem to have a harder time activating the right side of my waist as well because while pregnant he used to sit more to my right side alot of the time. Is it still possible to have this condition 8 years after his birth?
    I started proper exercises for the condition about a week or 2 ago and am already noticing some differences ����

  • Thank you for uploading this wonderful useful information so early! Do you get up at five am every day? I learnt something again today, simply awesome!������

  • I have never been taught how to properly do one till now but other than my shoulders being more even with my body and a bit of my lower back going down I had it solid for 1 to 2 minutes

  • Omg training is so complicated. Everyone says a different thing. Atlean X dismantles the basic plank…. I don’t know wtf to do anymore

  • I have seen many do’s and don’t’s about the plank exercise and I can tell you one thing for sure, I have found a lot of contradictions from one video to another. If you don’t want to get confused, there is one simple rule……….Don’t push yourself too hard……everyone’s body is different from one another……….Just try to get in to a basic comfortable plank position…you can modify a little bit but understand your body first…….Push is hard but Don’t push it too hard.. There you go

  • No lie you help change my whole workout..i had a gastric sleeve a 9 months ago and it was ruff trying to get back to the gym after years of being away..after i found your channel my workout has totally changed.. because of your abs tips i now have actually abs..yes its under alot of loose skin but im so excited to know that its starting to come through..i have much work..but just know you changed someones life for the good in this crazy world..and btw my wife is now doing your abs workout..lol she says your a bugged out but she loves your workouts lol..thank you so much for changing our lives over here..

  • I have been doing plank at an average 4 days a week for the last 1 year. I started with 20s and now sometimes I reach 55s but mostly for about 40s.
    My aim was to reduce belly fat. I am 45 year female 5’2″at 80 kg with most obese at the stomach and hips.
    But I have not benefitted even 0.00001%.
    Can you tell me why????

  • I’m so confused on why you can’t do it for over a minute. In middle school we used to have competitions in PE FOR 3-5 minutes at a time.:/

  • Heard so much about this exercise, I thought I’d give it a whirl. After watching this, there’s seemingly so many ways you can hold yourself off the ground WRONG. I think I’ll struggle with knowing for sure if my back is straight. I certainly don’t need more back problems.

  • Scientists: We still not discovered how to slow time.
    *Me do a plank
    *Starting to vibrate like a nokia phone
    *Look at the timer
    *It’s only 5 seconds
    Also me: Those bastard lied to us

  • I do a 5 minute plank after every workout but I can keep good form. The reason he said not to plank over a minute is because it can be harder to keep good form.

  • I can plank for 3 minutes straight without curving my body. Can I allow myself to be proud then? lol. That’s for sure an improvement since the first time I did this, 30 seconds almost killed me.

  • Ok so I feel like there is misinformation here, or maybe I’m abnormal but like when my legs are together I can plank for 5 min, when it’s apart I can only do it for 2 min.

  • Great advice, thanks. PS. seems to me that you need to reduce the depth of your top banner on your website it consumes more than one third of the space in my browser.

  • Wait HOLD UP!
    everything is excellent but at the end he screwed up!
    YOU CAN NOT DO A FULL BELLY BREATHS WHILE DOING A PLANK! it truly makes no sense because this promotes relaxation to the nervous system and will cause struggles and confusion within while you Are are trying to maintain tension… in fact you you should not ever breath this way when you are working out in general! The only breath that makes sense while you are Working out and trying to build tension with the core is the PILATES RIBCAGE BREATH. For anyone to even argue slightly with this would sound foolish. Smh

    WAY TOO MANY So-called fitness professionals Have so many confused ideas about how to breath during certain work outs.
    Btw I was NASM Certified personal trainer… one who studied So much I only got two questions wrong on the test of about 150 questions!
    (Just so you know who this correction is coming from)

  • Nice tips. Holly I’be been working out at home for about 3 months only. I have been working on my abs but I still don’t see much results. Is it possible to get a flat or toned belly from home or do you think I should hit the gym and add weights to my workout? I want a real answer because maybe I’m wasting my time working out at home..?

  • I’ve been doing planks at the end of my workouts but I think my form is wrong because I don’t feel it in my core. My knees take quite the hit as well so I could really use these tips. I’m afraid I’ll have to stop doing planks otherwise to take the burden off my knees.

  • Hi. Am currently participating in a Personal Trainer course in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m benefitting from the lockdown of the Corona Virus, and am working on my portfolio. BOY! COURTNEY’S LINK IS A GOD-SEND! And her dog?? ��SO, PERFECTLY CUTE!
    So, hopefully I’ll keep you posted on my progress…. I’m SO MOTIVATED, NOW!

  • Yeah I agree with comment #3… I’ve been doing T25 workouts 5 times a week and it works out your abs everyday. Where as before I use to work out my abs once a week. Total difference, everyone has mentioned my stomach got thinner.

  • Hey I just found your channel and I find it really helpful, but i have a question. Do you have a boob job? Nothing wrong with it, just wondering because I wanna get abs but most girls (not every) who have really toned bellies don’t have breasts because they don’t really have fat and I don’t want to lose mine… thanks for ur help.

  • If I’m already doing it, I’m still not sure if I’m doing it right cause I don’t have a mirror, so I can see my reflection, where I do these stuff.

  • For those who can’t be bothered to watch the whole vid:
    Mistake 1 cheating ab muscles
    Mistake 2 not breathing correctly
    Mistake 3 not training ab muscles enough

  • Your tips are actually very useful! I’m so glad I found someone who doesn’t repeat the tips that everyone else is already talking about!

  • I delivered my baby 3months ago naturally; my recti gap is about 1-1.5of my fingers, can I do plank with side twist by engaging my abds?

  • I love how u explained that…plz also clarify sth for me…If some one have first degree prolapse…and diastasis recti…Both…at the same time….can the person still do these exercises….would it not aggravate the prolapse condition

  • I have enough fat on top of my muscles that I cannot tell whether I still have a diastasis recti. It’s been 21 years since I had my youngest child, and I have had periods of working out a lot faced with other periods of time when I didn’t work out at all. I’d like to do this right this time and continue it for the rest of my life, but I don’t want to start out by not healing an old injury if it’s there. Since I can’t feel it would you recommend me going to a physical therapist to determine whether I have it or not?

  • hello a question I have one side of my belly more marked than the other, but I do the same repetitions for each side as I can fix it ����

  • I never knew that this had a name or even that there was a solution to reducing DR… after 8 yrs and 2 CSections, at 52, is there still hope for me..? Or do you think i should see a PT or surgeon?

  • I never knew this when I had my two children 32 years ago, so I’ve probably really wrecked my abs and didn’t know it. But when I wore a bathing suit recently, I noticed some awful doming. I hope it’s not too late to correct to some degree anyway.

  • Everything was beautiful ’til I get to the side planks. ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️ Ugh, wasn’t aware my hips and butt were soooooo heavy!!!����������!!! OMG, this is not going to be easy! ��������������!!!!!!

  • Thank you for this information. I’m just getting back into working out and trying to get healthy and someone mentioned diastasis recti to me today after I was done complaining to them about how my stomach hangs while I’m on all fours doing yoga and I’m almost positive that that is what I’m experiencing. This is the first video I’ve watched regarding the topic so I wanted to ask, is this exercise okay to do while standing up? For example, I’m standing at work for hours a day, is it beneficial to activate those muscles in a standing position?

  • Im a 65 yo male, How do I check to see how wide a gap my DR is? Is there a certain test Cat scan, ultra sound? is there a specialist better suited for DR? ty

  • Thanks alot i have subscribed after watching now,i have doing the wrong exercises. Am glad i got here. I will start the write ones

  • I have been doing sit-ups for the past week and it has started aching since I haven’t exercised for years. now it aches when even breath strongly. Should i give it some rest before starting these exercises?

  • I am a male and I think I have diastasis recti. I have been exercising for the last one and want to lose my belly fat. But I’ve read somewhere that you shouldn’t skip rope or run if you have this condition, can you please clarify on this, it’d be much helpful. Thanks.

  • I have been doing pilates with crunches, sit-ups and planks for the last 4 years! I have DR and chronic back pain. Thank you for the information and I hope this will change my life!

  • Hi! Very informative video. I was wondering if you have a recommendation on how many reps and sets a day should be done of these? I have 3 kids and only got DR after my last baby.

  • I’ve had 5 kids, all 9 and 10 lbs and I’m a small framed woman (5’7 120 lbs). After my first 4 kids I didn’t know much about DR or how to heal it, so I did all of the “wrong” ab exercises. My 5th baby just turned 1 and for the last 6 months I’ve been doing these “correct” DR recovery exercises you suggest. It’s definitely helped, but hasn’t completely healed. I’m wondering if it’s even possible for me to completely heal DR at this point or only improve it? How long should I keep doing the DR exercises and avoid the “regular” ab exercises and expect to see improvement? How will I know when to go back to “regular” ab exercises, or should I never do those again?

  • Iam 75kgs want to reduce belly. And diasis recti exercise can I do along butt and thighs exercise what would u recommend the exercise to reduce.

  • So how long is the best time for planking? You said 20 seconds is enough? And how frequent a day to do this “20 seconds plank” ideally/minimumly?

  • Hey Jared… Will these exercises really help get rid of DR along with the lower belly hanging pooch… I’ve simply given up.. these exercises along with a decent diet… How much time do you think it will take for DR to go away.

  • Im so glad I found this video, my baby is 1 year old and Im back into my small shirts and size 4 jeans but for some reason the “mommy pooch” wouldnt go away. I was doing the wrong excersices for sure!

  • I can always tell when I’ve done the plank correctly. I definitely shake and when I get home I feel my core tightened. Today was my first day back in the gym since Friday last. Somehow I tweaked a nerve in my knee and it cause me great pain for a few days. So, I let it rest, per doctor’s orders. Went back to today. Low impact. Did planks for far less time, but since I have to engage my knees to support myself, I am going to find some variation to maintain my accomplishments in the gym. I am headed to physical therapy for a few weeks. But I am good. It happens. Also congrats on the ads for your merch. Will definitely buy some soon. Thanks‼️

  • I have a daughter and when through c-section during chilbirth. I don’t know about DR until yesterday. Then i try to examine my abdominal muscle and i think i have a normal gap (nearly a finger gap). For this case do you think i still need to do this kind of routines or i can safely do normal routine?

  • This is awesome.I have a 4 year old and still suspect that i haven’t healed from DR. Have worked out as usual so don’t know if i did more harm than good! I wish to start this routine at least now. Could you please tell APPROX. how long it takes to heal DR while following this routine?

  • I am now 3 years past my 2nd pregnancy and had a small separation but didn’t think it was DR but I was doing all the wrong moves for 3 years now and that small separation has not changed and I have a small mom pooch or loose skin. I have been doing workout programs with weights and strength training with short cardio bursts and I am worried if I continue I will make my DR worse or never heal, is it safe to do weights and cardio like mountain climbers etc. while doing this challenge? I want to still do my workout program I am currently doing but I want to just fix my DR as well.. any advise on what is best?

  • Hi jared and camille. I have been doing these D.R exercises religiously for 4 weeks and noticed my shoulders tense up when i do them ( eg. dying bug ) is this normal? I try to relax my shoulders but it’s easier said than done! On another note, I cannot explain how grateful i am to you!

  • Hi..I have one n half inch gap.two years since by c section for 2 nd kid..
    I am doing exercises for diactesis recti since a month..gap has reduced..but have bulky abdomen..
    What’s the matter???

  • I am beyond overjoyed I found your channel. It’s amazing how little we discuss that a lot of women have this issue. I had so much weight to lose I didn’t even realize until maybe 5 months ago that I had DR. Here I was doing all these exercise wrong exercises and accerbating the situation. I am now doing the correct exercises and can feel my gap closing. Thank you for all you do and thank your wife for always helping out in your videos. ����

  • Thank you for this. I have never been pregnant but had multiple surgeries in 16 years ago when I was 25. I have a a long vertical scarf on my tummy 15 cm above my belly button and the same down under. Do you think I have this DR condition? I am not overweight, have never been but certain type of abs exercise just difficult to do.

  • One of the top if not the best workout tutorial on YouTube. I will be checking my form and breathing again to make sure they are correct. This video ensures I will get the maximum benefit of the workout. Thank you!

  • Calimovement states, that you should activate your serratus anterior and keep hollow body position, but you are saying vice versa, so whom we can rely on? I think the both options are correct, but which is used for what? Can someone answer this question?

  • Hi Holly i think youre work out demonstrations are very detail and intense. I love them so i liked and subscribed in a hurry. Thank you Holly!!

  • The regular plank is hard enough for me right now, but I won’t try holding it for a minute anymore. 30 seconds with proper form does get the shaking going.

  • How frequently and how long should you do these exercises? Any hope for a 58 year old with DR who had the last of her 3 children 21 years ago?

  • I don’t Thank you very much sir, I have been doing wrong exercises all along. I ve had 4 c-sections, my last is 5 years but my tummy is still big. I ll try these out

  • This is a really small thing, but I love at the end when you said to like and thumbs up “cause it really helps my channel,” no one else explains it that way. Anyway, great video!

  • Hello. I suspect I have DR but will talk to my doctor about it when I go to my 6 week check up. I have way to much belly fat so its hard for me to tell if there is a separation or not. But i have noticed that when I do these exercises (crunches, sit-ups and planks) my belly looks bigger the next day. I will try these exercises and see if I notice a difference. But i have a couples questions.
    1. Do you recommend using a waist trainer to tuck in fat?
    2.how long does it take for those muscles to go back to normal?

  • Nice information. I had exercise daily but not work yet n my belly size now 34 inch I wont to close my gap my baby is now 2yr so give me suggestions for this

  • I am a male with severe (4 fingers) diastasic recti cause by lipodystrophy. How can I burn this fat without doing crunches and situps?


  • Hey you guys this is awesome I’d never heard of the DR til yesterday think that’s been the basic issue underlying a ton of my issues for the past 10 yrs. I love how you teach though so I will follow how you have her doing them…ONE question though, can that side plank aggravate any SI joint pain since I have issues there? It doesn’t look like it but wanted to ask. Thanks so much! God bless:)

  • I was doing wrong exercises.Now doing these right ones and really getting result.I had not taken care of myself after my child birth 16 years ago. Still your these exercises working.Thank you.Thank you very much.

  • I watched this video over a week ago and wanted to apply the techniques I learned from it. I was able to with my coach, tonight during my warm up for boxing lessons. The cupping the hands and elbows out to help support the shoulders, tremendously helped my form. Thank you for sharing this tip. I feel a lot more confident during a plank.

  • Hi, I am mom of 2.5 year old. I lost all my Pregenancy weight but not the fat around my belly. Initially my Diastasis recti gap was 1.5-2 fingers wide. Now I don’t feel it much maybe 0.5 at navel. So my question is, can I start doing squats and crunches again to reduce the excess fat around my tummy or it will worsen the Diastasis recti gap?

  • Heloo..video is good with explanation..i am a mother of 2 children..i am 3 months postpartum now..i had normal vaginal delivery with mini laprotomy tubectomy following delivery..can i start these exercises now….???

  • I’m hoping to get a response. I only realized as of recently that I may have diastasis Recti as I have a two finger gap. I’ve been doing an ab challenge for a little over two weeks before I found his out. Is there still hope for me to close the gap? I’ve been doing so many crunches etc hoping for a flatter stomach but i now see I’ve been doing the wrong thing.��