10 Minute Ab Workout


10 min Abs Workout for a Flat Stomach | Get ABS this 2020

Video taken from the channel: Chloe Ting


10 MIN AB WORKOUT Back & Neck Friendly / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

Video taken from the channel: Pamela Reif



Video taken from the channel: Chloe Ting



Video taken from the channel: Alexis Ren


10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack

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10 MIN BEGINNER AB WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

Video taken from the channel: Pamela Reif


10 MIN AB WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

Video taken from the channel: Pamela Reif

My client transformed her abs and you can too with this 10-minute abs workout. We’ll have five exercises, which you’ll do for 45 seconds each. Then, there will be a 15 second rest in between. We’ll.

We’re going to do a 10 minute ab exercise. Five exercises, one minute each, and do two rounds of that. So we’re going to get started with a simple crunch. Lay on your back.

Most important thing. 10 Minute Abs Exercise Routine: Home Ab Workout Fitness Blender’s 10 Minute Abs Routine targets the entire abdominal panel, and obliques. The abdominal and obliques exercises in the home routine below are combined with cardio intervals to keep your heart rate up and help burn. Getting a six-pack takes months of dedication to training and proper nutrition, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every day sculpting a perfect set of abs.

Truth be told, it only takes about 10 minutes per day to set your midsection on fire — but only if you have the proper program. No sitting, laying down, or crunches in this Standing Abs Workout. 10 minutes of core work. No equipment needed in this bodyweight ab workout! ����SHOP MY COOK. Sign up for our newsletter: http://goo.gl/UwnMd Subscribe: http://goo.gl/qR0gi On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to st.

Warrior Balance (Left Side) — 30 seconds Do as many reps of each exercise as you can in the allotted time. Repeat this circuit a total of four times for a. JOIN MY 30 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE: https://www.alexisren.co/ it was late when i filmed this so excuse my giggles and imperfect technique haha I try to do this. Use this 10 Minute Abs Workout to focus on strengthening and toning your midsection. This workout can be used by itself or you can use it in addition to another routine to get some extra abdominal work.

Though you only go through each exercise once, the 45 seconds straight for each move is more than enough to get a good burn. The 10-Minute Ab Workout. Beachbody On Demand is the only way to access 10-Minute Trainer.

But if you’re not member yet, you can still get an idea of what Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer workouts are like.

List of related literature:

Even then, your ab workouts shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
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MAIN MOVE IF YOU CAN‘T HOLD Slde Plank THE SIDE PLANK FOR IE 30 SECONDS, hold for 5 to 10 seconds, rest for ‘ Lie on your left side with your knees 5 seconds’ and repeat as Stralght’ many times as needed ‘ Prop your upper body up on your left to total 30 seconds.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
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An abdominal routine that makes your abs burn does not necessarily train your core: it just helps you get really good at an exercise while lying on your back.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
by Gray Cook
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If you can do these slow, controlled ab crunches for more than about 90 seconds, you’re ready for the most demanding, isolated ab exercise that normal humans can perform.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
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It consists of 21 exercises (three for the back, thighs, and abdomen, and two for every other body part) and should be done fast enough that your workout covers no more than 90 minutes.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
from Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia
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I always perform at least four ab exercises twice per week when getting ready for a COnteSt.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
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Includes two incredible methods for massively intensifying your ab workout with Power and Paradox Breathing

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
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Crunchy Sits: Perform 15 crunches, rest for 30 seconds, and then perform 15 more.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
from Belly Fat Diet For Dummies
by Erin Palinski-Wade
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But I have another confession to make: When I was younger, I often skipped those last 5 minutes of my step class that were devoted to ab exercises for one reason: They consisted solely of crunches.

“Flat Belly Diet!” by Liz Vaccariello, Cynthia Sass, David L. Katz
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In this scenario, make sure that the ab workout doesn’t exceed 7 minutes and the glute burnout doesn’t exceed 3 minutes.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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  • this is my first day doing her workout (after completing Chloe Ting’s one)
    can someone teach ke how to keep my le-legssss in air like thattt jdnsnsqjhsowoqjs

  • i have been doing this for a week now. first day was a little tough on the abs and then second day was fine and by third day i could do without any pain. love this workout. better than other workout channels, definitely/


  • I thought there’s some more after the plank!�� I am literally happy when I realized it is done.�� Whew! Your work outs are really challenging for me. It sweating me out like a faucet and I love how you do it without any signs of exhaustion! You’re captain marvel in real life!��

  • Just a thing for all of you to keep in mind. To keep strengthening ur abs you have to use FITT. Iether increase the frequency so how often you are doing the workout. Or you can increase the Intensity of the workout, or the time you are doing it or the type. It’s great if you do this and workout and it does get you abs but if you can already go through this entire workout and your and don’t really burn you should change one of the components of Fitt.
    What I do is I do it once a day and I switch it up between all of her ab and 6 pack workout and sometimes I do yeh Ryan Graham 7 min ab workout because his has exercises for 1 min instead of 30 seconds. If you want to keep getting better you can’t just keep doing the same thing.
    Another thing you can do is go to her Instagram where once a week she posts workout routines for the week and you can choose to workout 30 or 45 mins with different difficulty options and that includes an workouts that are switched up.
    Hope this helps if you read it all the way. This is the only way to get really ripped abs. Pls like so others can see this too.
    Sry if this is badly explained I can answer any questions you have in the comment section.

  • ♥︎ hope you enjoy this “Beginner Version” of my Ab Workout:) 
    Let me know if that was a little too easy, just right or still a little tough?
    Aaand what other Beginner Workouts do you wish for?


  • I’m new I’m new I’m new, my hands are trembling huff what a workout!!!
    Sweatimg like hell already!! Thanks, thank you sooo much������

  • Ok I will do this starting now
    I gona do this for one week:”)
    I will say the results in 1 week so stay tuned:3
    Edit1(Day1):Hello ok..this is me after doing all of that almost diying
    Edit2(Day2):My Abs buuuuuuuurn:’v
    Edit3(Day3):I see changes UwU but huuuurts

  • Does anyone else struggle with form for the leg workouts???? Cuz I physically can’t have my legs straight at any angle larger than about 30 degrees

  • ok i’m gonna do this! like this so i can remember to update you guys

    1st day: way harder than i expected and my abs and arms are on fire but i feel good!
    2nd day: super hard because i’m already sore but again, a good workout.

  • I’ll be tracking my progress
    Day 1: it hurts I definitely feel it but no progress yet
    Day 2: I’m definitely very sore and I feel a little bit of progress (this day will suck just saying)
    Day 3: I’m definitely starting to see more progress I can start to see the definition
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • Doing results: (keep in mind I am a high school athlete and eat clean and organic)
    Day 1: pretty hard but I want abs!
    Day 2: did this along with my swim dry land workout and I am sore!
    Day 3: starting to see definition and 11 line abs
    Day 4: did along with dry land workout and am noticing a middle ab line along with the 11 line abs. So so sore!
    Day 5: workout is getting easier and I noticed more definition and hourglass shape abs

  • I usually struggle during her workouts but this one I looooove! I’m able to do it without any breaks and I look forward to doing everyday. It’s only day 3 of this workout but I feel like I’m seeing a change really quick I’ve been eating healthy and I really feel good about my body after this workout. Thank you Chloe!!����

  • Im here during the 2020 quarantine lol like we got anything else to do but sit around…i think NOT watches video 1 sec in*curse these legs…im…im not good at this but…i will not be underestimated of the power of my ABBS!!!*loops video,works out till the end of quarantine

  • Day 1 Done. (it was so hard wtf)
    Day 2 burnt so bad and i was kinda sore but i did it because i love the pain lmao
    I’ll update here everyday that i do it
    i just started this yesterday and imma do it for about 2 weeks and switch to her other video because i don’t want to get used to it
    Starting measurements:
    Weight 47 ish kgs or 102 ish pounds
    Height 5’2
    Waist 25 inches
    Day 3 Done. Still v tough but i took lesser breaks.
    Day 4 I’m sorry i skipped, I’ll try it twice tomorrow.
    Day 5 done, just once tho because i was super unmotivated.
    Day 6 skipped, i did a diff workout because i was getting used to this one. I’ll do this tomorrow.
    Day 7 done. waist is 24.8 rn
    Day 8 skipped.
    Day 9 skipped (i normally work out only 4 or 5 times a week)
    Day 10 done. (very low impact version because I’m super unmotivated)
    Day 11 done
    Day 12 done
    Day 13
    Day 14
    i accidentally deleted the previous comment lol so i commented it again

  • Day 1: I keep on pausing the video. I just can’ttttttt. My tummy is feeling the burn every second. How come Pamela doesn’t feel anything?

  • You’re body is without a doubt capable of doing this. Doing ab workouts is for the most part zoning in into your own ‘bubble’. You can adjust little things such as doing leg lifts instead of a jack knifes and working your way up when you feel confident enough to. You gotta believe in yourself xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Day 16 lean thigh challenge video 3/5 done
    Not doing the plank challenge one today will just stretch as I don’t have time right now to add another video

  • yall lets goo
    day 1 this is my first time doing this and it BURNED i took multiple short breaks, and my neck and shoulders
    hurt. planks were probs the worst.
    day 2slightly easier, planks were the worst:’)
    day 3i do see some changes, somewhat easier. planks were easier. i took less breaks this time.
    day 4my stomach is flatter than usual, planks and kicks were the hardest. same difficulty as day 3.
    day 5i was unmotivated today btw same as yesterday
    day 6oops i forgot to comment. it was good same as day 5.
    day 7aye week one done!

  • Right now my stomach is very not flat. When I sit down yiu get like 4 rolles. My stomach is fat and pretty round. I rly hope this without can slim it down
    Day 1: ✅ it was really tiring. but I was honestly looking forward to the next day

    Day 2:✅ It was hard. Many people say it gets easier tbh it doesnt. My whole body is sore. I took soo many breaks but I think this is kinda motivating. I want to do the next one just so that i can get closer to the end and not fo this anymore.

    Day 3:✅ ok im shook. I just did today’s workout and honestly I see some really faint abs. I’m super proud of myself honestly I know it’s only 3 days but I see some really quick and good results. I have also been eating clean maybe some snack here and there but mostly clean. Dont give up guys I know it’s tough and I still take some breaks but it feels super good when it’s over

    Day 4:✅ ok omg my stomach is so much flatter, I still have a little roll but I have 3 days left of the workout. I’m going to be honest some things were easier this time. I think everybody should start doing this it works out surprisingly well. 3 days left here we goooo
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

    I’m going to do this for a week and when I’m done I’ll see if I want to continue or not

  • So far during this quarantine, I’ve finished her Flat Tummy Challege, 2 Two Week Shred Challeges, and her 35 day Hourglass Workout. Now that I’m on day 3 of her Intense Abs program, I’ve realized that this video is so much easier to do! Basically, what I’m gonna say is that the work is worth it. I didn’t realize how much stronger my body was compared to four months ago, and I’m so happy that I stuck with it even though it sucked majorly, lol. If you just started now, major props and good luck to you! If you’re like me, also major props to sticking with it! And thank you Chloe for posting such an amazing workout ❤

  • Okay so I’ve done this workout now 5 days in a row, and I just realized some important things:
    1) The planks have felt easier because I’ve hold my butt too high. Now I know why they say this one is a killer…
    2) I just realized what you are ACTUALLY supposed to do with spider plank when I rewatched the video after my workout and compared it to mountain climbers. You can’t easily see what’s happening from side shot and that’s why I’ve done mountain climbers instead. I did wonder what’s the difference…

  • ✨please like to keep me going✨
    I am doing this one everyday for as long as I feel like it along with some other full body and butt workouts.

    Day one took a lot of breaks but finished it.

    Day two I wasn’t sore and I took a little less breaks.

    Day three break day