10 Minute Ab Workout


10 min Abs Workout for a Flat Stomach | Get ABS this 2020

Video taken from the channel: Chloe Ting


10 MIN AB WORKOUT Back & Neck Friendly / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

Video taken from the channel: Pamela Reif



Video taken from the channel: Chloe Ting



Video taken from the channel: Alexis Ren


10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack

Video taken from the channel: XHIT Daily


10 MIN BEGINNER AB WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

Video taken from the channel: Pamela Reif


10 MIN AB WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

Video taken from the channel: Pamela Reif

My client transformed her abs and you can too with this 10-minute abs workout. We’ll have five exercises, which you’ll do for 45 seconds each. Then, there will be a 15 second rest in between. We’ll.

We’re going to do a 10 minute ab exercise. Five exercises, one minute each, and do two rounds of that. So we’re going to get started with a simple crunch. Lay on your back.

Most important thing. 10 Minute Abs Exercise Routine: Home Ab Workout Fitness Blender’s 10 Minute Abs Routine targets the entire abdominal panel, and obliques. The abdominal and obliques exercises in the home routine below are combined with cardio intervals to keep your heart rate up and help burn. Getting a six-pack takes months of dedication to training and proper nutrition, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every day sculpting a perfect set of abs.

Truth be told, it only takes about 10 minutes per day to set your midsection on fire — but only if you have the proper program. No sitting, laying down, or crunches in this Standing Abs Workout. 10 minutes of core work. No equipment needed in this bodyweight ab workout! ����SHOP MY COOK. Sign up for our newsletter: http://goo.gl/UwnMd Subscribe: http://goo.gl/qR0gi On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to st.

Warrior Balance (Left Side) — 30 seconds Do as many reps of each exercise as you can in the allotted time. Repeat this circuit a total of four times for a. JOIN MY 30 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE: https://www.alexisren.co/ it was late when i filmed this so excuse my giggles and imperfect technique haha I try to do this. Use this 10 Minute Abs Workout to focus on strengthening and toning your midsection. This workout can be used by itself or you can use it in addition to another routine to get some extra abdominal work.

Though you only go through each exercise once, the 45 seconds straight for each move is more than enough to get a good burn. The 10-Minute Ab Workout. Beachbody On Demand is the only way to access 10-Minute Trainer.

But if you’re not member yet, you can still get an idea of what Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer workouts are like.

List of related literature:

Even then, your ab workouts shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

MAIN MOVE IF YOU CAN‘T HOLD Slde Plank THE SIDE PLANK FOR IE 30 SECONDS, hold for 5 to 10 seconds, rest for ‘ Lie on your left side with your knees 5 seconds’ and repeat as Stralght’ many times as needed ‘ Prop your upper body up on your left to total 30 seconds.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

An abdominal routine that makes your abs burn does not necessarily train your core: it just helps you get really good at an exercise while lying on your back.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
by Gray Cook
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2003

If you can do these slow, controlled ab crunches for more than about 90 seconds, you’re ready for the most demanding, isolated ab exercise that normal humans can perform.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
from 15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
SelectBooks, Incorporated, 2017

It consists of 21 exercises (three for the back, thighs, and abdomen, and two for every other body part) and should be done fast enough that your workout covers no more than 90 minutes.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
from Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing,

I always perform at least four ab exercises twice per week when getting ready for a COnteSt.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Includes two incredible methods for massively intensifying your ab workout with Power and Paradox Breathing

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2000

Crunchy Sits: Perform 15 crunches, rest for 30 seconds, and then perform 15 more.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
from Belly Fat Diet For Dummies
by Erin Palinski-Wade
Wiley, 2012

But I have another confession to make: When I was younger, I often skipped those last 5 minutes of my step class that were devoted to ab exercises for one reason: They consisted solely of crunches.

“Flat Belly Diet!” by Liz Vaccariello, Cynthia Sass, David L. Katz
from Flat Belly Diet!
by Liz Vaccariello, Cynthia Sass, David L. Katz
Rodale Books, 2009

In this scenario, make sure that the ab workout doesn’t exceed 7 minutes and the glute burnout doesn’t exceed 3 minutes.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

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  • this is my first day doing her workout (after completing Chloe Ting’s one)
    can someone teach ke how to keep my le-legssss in air like thattt jdnsnsqjhsowoqjs

  • i have been doing this for a week now. first day was a little tough on the abs and then second day was fine and by third day i could do without any pain. love this workout. better than other workout channels, definitely/


  • I thought there’s some more after the plank!�� I am literally happy when I realized it is done.�� Whew! Your work outs are really challenging for me. It sweating me out like a faucet and I love how you do it without any signs of exhaustion! You’re captain marvel in real life!��

  • Just a thing for all of you to keep in mind. To keep strengthening ur abs you have to use FITT. Iether increase the frequency so how often you are doing the workout. Or you can increase the Intensity of the workout, or the time you are doing it or the type. It’s great if you do this and workout and it does get you abs but if you can already go through this entire workout and your and don’t really burn you should change one of the components of Fitt.
    What I do is I do it once a day and I switch it up between all of her ab and 6 pack workout and sometimes I do yeh Ryan Graham 7 min ab workout because his has exercises for 1 min instead of 30 seconds. If you want to keep getting better you can’t just keep doing the same thing.
    Another thing you can do is go to her Instagram where once a week she posts workout routines for the week and you can choose to workout 30 or 45 mins with different difficulty options and that includes an workouts that are switched up.
    Hope this helps if you read it all the way. This is the only way to get really ripped abs. Pls like so others can see this too.
    Sry if this is badly explained I can answer any questions you have in the comment section.

  • ♥︎ hope you enjoy this “Beginner Version” of my Ab Workout:) 
    Let me know if that was a little too easy, just right or still a little tough?
    Aaand what other Beginner Workouts do you wish for?


  • I’m new I’m new I’m new, my hands are trembling huff what a workout!!!
    Sweatimg like hell already!! Thanks, thank you sooo much������

  • Ok I will do this starting now
    I gona do this for one week:”)
    I will say the results in 1 week so stay tuned:3
    Edit1(Day1):Hello ok..this is me after doing all of that almost diying
    Edit2(Day2):My Abs buuuuuuuurn:’v
    Edit3(Day3):I see changes UwU but huuuurts

  • Does anyone else struggle with form for the leg workouts???? Cuz I physically can’t have my legs straight at any angle larger than about 30 degrees

  • ok i’m gonna do this! like this so i can remember to update you guys

    1st day: way harder than i expected and my abs and arms are on fire but i feel good!
    2nd day: super hard because i’m already sore but again, a good workout.

  • I’ll be tracking my progress
    Day 1: it hurts I definitely feel it but no progress yet
    Day 2: I’m definitely very sore and I feel a little bit of progress (this day will suck just saying)
    Day 3: I’m definitely starting to see more progress I can start to see the definition
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • Doing results: (keep in mind I am a high school athlete and eat clean and organic)
    Day 1: pretty hard but I want abs!
    Day 2: did this along with my swim dry land workout and I am sore!
    Day 3: starting to see definition and 11 line abs
    Day 4: did along with dry land workout and am noticing a middle ab line along with the 11 line abs. So so sore!
    Day 5: workout is getting easier and I noticed more definition and hourglass shape abs

  • I usually struggle during her workouts but this one I looooove! I’m able to do it without any breaks and I look forward to doing everyday. It’s only day 3 of this workout but I feel like I’m seeing a change really quick I’ve been eating healthy and I really feel good about my body after this workout. Thank you Chloe!!����

  • Im here during the 2020 quarantine lol like we got anything else to do but sit around…i think NOT watches video 1 sec in*curse these legs…im…im not good at this but…i will not be underestimated of the power of my ABBS!!!*loops video,works out till the end of quarantine

  • Day 1 Done. (it was so hard wtf)
    Day 2 burnt so bad and i was kinda sore but i did it because i love the pain lmao
    I’ll update here everyday that i do it
    i just started this yesterday and imma do it for about 2 weeks and switch to her other video because i don’t want to get used to it
    Starting measurements:
    Weight 47 ish kgs or 102 ish pounds
    Height 5’2
    Waist 25 inches
    Day 3 Done. Still v tough but i took lesser breaks.
    Day 4 I’m sorry i skipped, I’ll try it twice tomorrow.
    Day 5 done, just once tho because i was super unmotivated.
    Day 6 skipped, i did a diff workout because i was getting used to this one. I’ll do this tomorrow.
    Day 7 done. waist is 24.8 rn
    Day 8 skipped.
    Day 9 skipped (i normally work out only 4 or 5 times a week)
    Day 10 done. (very low impact version because I’m super unmotivated)
    Day 11 done
    Day 12 done
    Day 13
    Day 14
    i accidentally deleted the previous comment lol so i commented it again

  • Day 1: I keep on pausing the video. I just can’ttttttt. My tummy is feeling the burn every second. How come Pamela doesn’t feel anything?

  • You’re body is without a doubt capable of doing this. Doing ab workouts is for the most part zoning in into your own ‘bubble’. You can adjust little things such as doing leg lifts instead of a jack knifes and working your way up when you feel confident enough to. You gotta believe in yourself xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Day 16 lean thigh challenge video 3/5 done
    Not doing the plank challenge one today will just stretch as I don’t have time right now to add another video

  • yall lets goo
    day 1 this is my first time doing this and it BURNED i took multiple short breaks, and my neck and shoulders
    hurt. planks were probs the worst.
    day 2slightly easier, planks were the worst:’)
    day 3i do see some changes, somewhat easier. planks were easier. i took less breaks this time.
    day 4my stomach is flatter than usual, planks and kicks were the hardest. same difficulty as day 3.
    day 5i was unmotivated today btw same as yesterday
    day 6oops i forgot to comment. it was good same as day 5.
    day 7aye week one done!

  • Right now my stomach is very not flat. When I sit down yiu get like 4 rolles. My stomach is fat and pretty round. I rly hope this without can slim it down
    Day 1: ✅ it was really tiring. but I was honestly looking forward to the next day

    Day 2:✅ It was hard. Many people say it gets easier tbh it doesnt. My whole body is sore. I took soo many breaks but I think this is kinda motivating. I want to do the next one just so that i can get closer to the end and not fo this anymore.

    Day 3:✅ ok im shook. I just did today’s workout and honestly I see some really faint abs. I’m super proud of myself honestly I know it’s only 3 days but I see some really quick and good results. I have also been eating clean maybe some snack here and there but mostly clean. Dont give up guys I know it’s tough and I still take some breaks but it feels super good when it’s over

    Day 4:✅ ok omg my stomach is so much flatter, I still have a little roll but I have 3 days left of the workout. I’m going to be honest some things were easier this time. I think everybody should start doing this it works out surprisingly well. 3 days left here we goooo
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

    I’m going to do this for a week and when I’m done I’ll see if I want to continue or not

  • So far during this quarantine, I’ve finished her Flat Tummy Challege, 2 Two Week Shred Challeges, and her 35 day Hourglass Workout. Now that I’m on day 3 of her Intense Abs program, I’ve realized that this video is so much easier to do! Basically, what I’m gonna say is that the work is worth it. I didn’t realize how much stronger my body was compared to four months ago, and I’m so happy that I stuck with it even though it sucked majorly, lol. If you just started now, major props and good luck to you! If you’re like me, also major props to sticking with it! And thank you Chloe for posting such an amazing workout ❤

  • Okay so I’ve done this workout now 5 days in a row, and I just realized some important things:
    1) The planks have felt easier because I’ve hold my butt too high. Now I know why they say this one is a killer…
    2) I just realized what you are ACTUALLY supposed to do with spider plank when I rewatched the video after my workout and compared it to mountain climbers. You can’t easily see what’s happening from side shot and that’s why I’ve done mountain climbers instead. I did wonder what’s the difference…

  • ✨please like to keep me going✨
    I am doing this one everyday for as long as I feel like it along with some other full body and butt workouts.

    Day one took a lot of breaks but finished it.

    Day two I wasn’t sore and I took a little less breaks.

    Day three break day

  • Hey I saw a girl called Roxanna do this, and I loved the idea so I’m going to try it to. I am in no way saying I’m fat or saying everyone should do this, I want to feel more confident in myself and get back into shape and I thought this could be a good way ♥️♥️
    I will be doing this workout everyday for 2weeks and keep you all updated!!
    waist 70cm
    Stomach 86cm

    Day 1 I had a couple of rests as my back started to hurt on the planks!! The ABB holds are absolute killers but so excited to see how I change over the 2 weeks!!
    Day 2 Did this in the morning definitely woke me up!! The routine has got a little easier but the ABB holds still hurt my back ��

  • If you are a beginner and doing this, beware this not at all a beginner workout, you can have serious back aches if you are not careful

  • When she makes a beginner workout with rest in between and you think maybe she will have mercy on us and you realize you are wrong

  • While there are so many ab routines on YouTube, this one is still my go to video. I have probably done this workout over 500 times over the years.

  • it’s wednesday 19/08 I’m going swiming at a lake next wednesday so I’ll do this everyday until then (wish me luck)
    Before: i have been doing Pam’s abs workouts for a while now but usually only once or twice a week at the moment, so hope this will kickstart my motivation i slightly have abs muscles under my layer of belly fat (i didn’t have any form of ab pre-quarantine)
    day 1: done hardly took a break have trouble with the roll in exercises though..
    day 2: done
    day 3: done, still having trouble with the roll ins love this workout though.. it gets harder and harder towards the middle and i struggle to do as much as her than gets easier:) also I like ALL the songs
    day 4: i did her abs+yoga video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6En0LPb4Hfw
    Also stopped eating sugar /flour hope to lose a little tummy jelly

  • Finally today I literally nailed this workout… ������ so happy…. I did struggle when I first started this.. But discipline works…

  • I am going to be doing this everyday for two weeks, I’m scared but I’m excited what kind of results I can get from this.

    Aug 18, 2020COMPLETED. Today was the first day and it hurt alot ��. I took alot of breaks but I hope I can do better next time!

    Aug 19, 2020-
    COMPLETED. So today it still hurt but not as much. And I noticed I didn’t take as much brakes! I’m also watching what I eat ��

  • Hello Pamela is it possible that you create an exercise without using the legs as the upper body? Because I hurt my knee and I can’t do your exercises anymore ����

  • This workout is neck friendly but quite intense in the abs. I love it, particularly with that background. I wondered if that was synthetic but I believe Pamela was there for real. Congrats ��

  • im going to do this everyday until my birthday (in one week^^) and imma update this everydaY!
    !! likes this to keep me motivated lmaoo!!

    1. Okay first day.. Horrible!!! I only did about 80% of it and my abs hurt so bad �� but tbh it wasn’t too bad, I’m just dramatic

  • Bad form in crunches. Hands should support the head with fingers not interlaced and elbows stay wide at all times. No explanation of how to do these safely. For example ensure back stays on the ground and core is engaged to protect lower back etc…

  • Me before doing this video:
    Great! Now I found one workout video for beginners’ level, it’ll be easy.
    Me after doing this video:
    Shit! My neck hurts! My back hurts! And my abs are burning like hell!!!

  • I feel Pamela’s workouts are some of the most efficient workouts. I did Chloeting’s workouts for 2 months. I love her workouts, but I feel this ab workout more target my abs. I can feel my ab is tightening while I am working out. Thank you so much for the wonderful videos.

  • I love chloe, but I wish we weren’t constantly changing from on your back to your front every other move, I’d rather do a couple on your back, and then a couple on your front, if you know what I mean? Just wouldnt take as long to change position every time that way x

  • I saw someone else do this in the comments and I feel like this might help me keep going so I’m mainly gonna track how hard it is and if I see any difference in looks
    16/8/20 just finished v tired and my abs are sore currently there are no abs to be seen I had to stop early during some of them but ready for tomorrow

  • thank you so much for this workout. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.. but my lower back hurts, when I’m going to do roll-ins. So this workout doesn’t work for me.:/

  • Chloe girl this workout is so effective i am in day 15 i already seea drastic difference. I am not lying i swear thank u for sharing with us such a wonderful effective video

  • I found Pamela at the start of lockdown (Mid-March)…I was determined on looking as good as she does ; see I’m a petite girl but lately my legs have been getting bigger and sort of jiggly, it bothered me for a long time but I only started exercising when my mom told me that I looked ugly and told me that’s why I was bullied, so I decided I’d at least try so that I can tighten my legs and gain abs, but I lost hope after maybe a month, then a couple of months after that I lost my love for dancing and stopped dancing as often as I used to.
    I’m back now and think I’m gonna give it another shot, I’m dancing again but due to my busy schedule and being slightly less motivated I only dance about twice a week (as opposed to 5 times a week for the past 11 years)
    I’m telling you this because I don’t ever want anyone to feel the way I’m feeling, like a lost cause, its ok to take a break, what matters is that you tried in the first place, and what’s even greater is coming back and trying again.
    So yeah keep your head up Queens and Kings. Its not that destination but the journey that counts, and I’m certain you’ll get to where you need to.

  • Start it again ��
    7/29: ✅
    7/30: ✅ +4km ��‍♀️
    8/1: ✅ + 2km ��‍♀️+ 2km ��‍♀️
    8/4: ✅ + 3km ��‍♀️
    8/5: ✅
    8/17: ✅ +2km��‍♀️
    8/19: ✅
    8/20: ✅

  • I’ve been doing this ab video for several weeks during the quaratine. I think has helped me a lot. I have a very swayed back and I put my hands under my butt/lower back for support during the leg raises. My question is…am I defeating the purpose by doing that? I just don’t want to hurt my back. Is there a better alternative for this exercise?

  • Day 1: High spirits, 2 extra breaks
    Day 2: This hurts, 10 extra breaks
    Day 3: Shaking legs, 5 Extra breaks
    Day 4: You have to do this, 2 Breaks
    Day 5: There you goo, 1 break
    Day 6: Confidence level 101%, 1 breaks.
    Day 7: Have to do this but the toe touches will definitely kill me, 2 breaks
    Day 8: Those toe touches man they will kill me if not today then one day for sure, 2 breaks as always.
    Tried Face exercises as well as Height increasing exercises.
    Day 9: Had a cold cause I have sinus issues but still I exercised very lightly with lots of breaks.
    Tried both face and height exercises also.
    Day 10: Will update it ��

  • Outer me[while doing workout] I hate her so much with tears of sweat.
    Inner me[after getting success only completing a 10 mins workout] i love her so fucking much


    CLOE TING, you are doing great.
    You know what? YOU ARE THE BEST.
    Always, stay blessed.

  • Yesss! The Amazing PAMELA REIF and A Beautiful View! These are the only things I need to get motivated and start working out with Her.
    Also Thank you so much, for making this video. it is so good that my muscles are really Burning.

  • I used to do this everyday, plus some cardio. It REALLY worked. I was just thinking about it today, as I have gained a bunch of quarantine weight lol and now it is in my recommended. I have this whole thing memorized haha

  • I got to tell you guys. I know this workout is a little old (7 years actually), but I think it’s the workout that I’ve done most often over the years and it’s really effective. I always recommend it to my friends. Do it frequently and you will get the definition in your abs.

  • I love Rebecca Louise and I’ve been doing her workouts for years with great results. She has her own YouTube channel called Rebecca-Louise and her 30 Day Summer Series is awesome. Seven years on from this ab video and she still looks amazing. I can feel the burn! ❤❤❤

  • A friend sent this to me yesterday and I decided to give it a try. Genuinely the first workout where I felt more encouraged than discouraged. Definitely gonna keep up with this.

  • Alexis Ren Workout!
    I’ll be doing this for a week to see how much I change. I’m not expecting any drastic results but I wanna experiment a little

    about me
    weight: 130 lbs, 58.5 kg
    height: 5’5.5 ft, 167.6 cm
    waist: 27.5 in.

    day 1 8/16
    this hurt a lot and I could barely keep up

    day 2 8/17
    still can’t do the whole thing without stopping. I’ve also cut down the planks down to 20 seconds I’ll try to do 25 seconds tomorrow. I’m basically dead by the spider planks.

    day 3 8/18
    I did the planks for 25 seconds and the side planks for 20. I still can’t keep up completely but I’m trying.

    day 4 8/19
    still struggling but it’s getting a little easier. I did the planks for 30 seconds this time! So that’s a little bit of progress.

    Day 5 8/20
    I’m gonna be honest w you guys… I didn’t do it

    Day 6 8/21
    it definitely got easier… my arms also feel sore. Also girls I’m doing this on my period. You can too:)

    Day 7 8/22
    last day!! this time was a lot easier but I was already tired from a run I did earlier.

    my thoughts
    Like I said I didn’t expect any drastic changes but my sides are definitely more defined. I’ve still got belly fat in the middle though. When I bloat it’s less apparent and I feel lighter. I’ll definetly be trying this for another 2 weeks to see how far I can get:)

    I lost a pound (129) but i doubt the workout was the reason.. My waist is around 26 now. Again, this might be because I am not bloated and because that’s just where my body stores fat, it’s different for everyone.

  • Starting this bc summer is right around the corner!!!
    All I know is that I can just about do the headphone tie around thing and my waist is about 25-25.5 inches.

    Day 1: June 19 2020
    Day 2: June 20 2020

  • if you’re reading this, it’s sign to get up and do this workout everyday! you WILL get your body! this video worked so well for me

  • Leave few words here to keep being motivated!
    Goal: 3 months in consecutive (100 days in total)
    2020.06.15 2020.09.15
    Day 1: ��
    Day 2: ��
    Day 3: ��
    Day 4: ��
    Day 5: ��
    Day 6: 1 hour and 30 mins walking ��
    Day 7:
    Day 8: 1 hour and 30 mins walking ��
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11: 1 hour walking ��
    Day 12: 6/26 tdy

  • I’m gonna do this workout for a week and see my results!
    Day 1: felt like 20 minutes, exercises were hard and the last few I could barely do. my legs, arms, and stomach are definitely burning.
    Day 2: Was definitely hard, was burning everywhere. Was a little harder than yesterday but that was pretty much it.
    Day 3: Was a bit easier but still was sore and it burned, Was hard to get threw the last two exercises.
    Day 4: Today was definitely a challenge, Did most of the exercises for the full 30 seconds. And I could see a small change in my stomach!!!
    Day 5: Was a little harder had to take more breaks but still was a challenge. was almost able to do all 30s of each exercise.
    Day 6: Was easier then yesterday. Was able to do all 30seconds of all exercises except last two, and I see a slightly different in stomach!
    Day 7:

  • Hi! Im starting today and wanna share my resultss ��

    Waist: 26.5 inch
    Hips: 29.5
    Arms 10.5
    Thigh: 19.5
    Legs: 12.5

    I do this with 500 reps jumping rope before working out and diet too! I will do this workout 2x a day ��

    Day 1: Morning ✔ My arms hurt from the jumping rope ㅠㅠ I cant extend it �� I sweat so muchh but I finish it today!

    Day 2: Morning✔ My body is aching T.T esp. My legs I cant walk properly… but Worked out ofc!
    Afternoon✔ Done Let’s do this!! I can always feel the aching in my belly now.

    Day 3 morning✔ I divided my jumping rope reps to 250 and 250 later afternoon heh. Done! Sweating alot but I feel refreshed!
    Afternoon✔ done ��

    Day 4 morning

  • This was so nice to have something that worked my abs but didn’t hurt my neck or back! Abs are sore but neck and back are perfectly fine. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into these workouts!

  • Somebody know if this is the only video of the workout, or if there are diferents videos per day.
    Because im doing chloe program for 3 months but i feel like i dont have a lot of changes so i decide to do the alexis workout but i dont know if this is the only video.


  • So I just started this while doing the workout i keep touching my belly like i wonder it gone already ork im gonna do this help��

  • Even though this one is a real challenge, before you start the workout you need to know this workout is definitely NOT neck friendly ����

  • Gonna do this once a day!
    Weight:65.5 kg

    Day 1) Quite difficult And had taken quite a few breaks but I did it!
    Day2) just as difficult as yesterday’s, still taken breaks.
    Day3) just as hard as yesterday, obviously no changes yet
    Day4) it got kinda easier today but still difficult

  • Can someone please reassure me that they only did this one video everyday for two weeks and got results �� I cant do the 2 week shred, it’s too long for me, I have asthma & no room to workout sooo I need something simpler that’ll give me results

  • okay so imma try this out!!

    Day 1It was pretty difficult ngl

    Day 2it’s was a bit easier, and at the end of it I did actually see a little difference which surprised me!! My stomach feels like it’s on fire��

    Day 3Well I’ve found out that the flutter kicks as well as the normal planks aren’t my easiest skill so i only struggled with those two today! I’m actually shocked and I can see a bigger difference now!

    Day 4So I ended up taking breaks between a lot of them since I was tired lol so I’m not that winded right now but I can definitely see a difference from today to 4 days ago!

  • Hi Pam!
    Ich finde, dass das Video nicht Rückenfreundlich war. Ich habe in letzter Zeit Probleme mit der Schulter und dem Rücken. Das hat schon sehr im Rückenbereich gezogen.
    Ansonsten tolle Videos, Just keep Ur Quality!!

  • Alright I’m going to try to do updates so I’m motivated to actually do this. I’m a cross country runner and I haven’t worked out in a while which isn’t good for obvious reasons, so I’ll see how this goes�� I’ll try doing it twice everyday for at least a week, and try to minimize my eating portions because I know I eat way too much
    Day 1☀️: it was a good combination of pain and exhaustion, but I had to stake short pauses. Overall I’m feeling okay.
    Day 2☀️: I was literally dying I took one too many breaks and I really wanted to just give up but we pulled through. I think this was because I ran before doing the workout instead of after; guess I learned the hard way.
    Day 3 ☀️: I almost forgot to update this but it felt nicer doing it before a run, though I did end up doing a leg workout after abs.

  • Day 1: I did stop a lot so I’m doing another set!
    Ud from second set: didn’t finish shower time
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30:
    Day 31:
    Day 32:
    Day 33:
    Day 34:
    Day 35:
    Day 36:
    Day 37:
    Day 38:
    Day 39:
    Day 40:
    And after day 40 I’ll move to abs ��

  • i’m gonna try this workout and the ‘Sanne vander kpop idol slim thigh’ workout for a week ��

    Weight: 52,5kg
    Waist: 65 cm
    Thighs: 53 cm

    day one: done, the only difficult part was the plank part, but i’m ok, i’m not sweating
    day two: done, but I think that my period is gonna start soon:(
    day three:
    day four:
    day five:
    day six:
    day seven:

    i found this workout a bit easy because i was a gymnast, but i’m not saying that this isn’t difficult!
    p.s. please like for remember me!��

  • Did this workout help anyone, I did chris heria’s but didn’t see much results, if it did then pls tell I’ll switch to this:)
    Okay I’m gonna do this and update, even though most of you won’t see it
    Before Waist: 34 inch (after would be 1 week later)
    Day 1: pretty tough but did it, I can really feel it☑️

  • Pamela thank you so much for putting out this content you’ve inspired me to go on this fitness journey, I have created a youtube channel so if anyone wants to support me you can go and check it out.

  • Leg drops, flutter kicks, scissor kicks, mountain climbers, v-crunches, alternating toe touches, russian twists, plank, side plank x2

  • posting my progress:)

    Day 1: TODAY WAS KIND OF HARSH AND THE WHOLE TIME IM THINKING “die belly die belly die belly DIE”

    Day 2: HOLY CANNOLI TODAY WAS HARSHI WANTED TO GIVE UP AT SIT UPS �� I’m surprised I managed to keep going. I better have a full blown 6 pack at the end of this month!

  • So i’ve been wanting to try out this workout for a while now so whoever replies to this and gives me a number of how many weeks I should do this workout, then I will do that amount and update every week and see if there are any results!:)

  • Guys, I’m on day 7, I haven’t noticed dirastic changes but my stomach is more toned than before. I’m sticking to it while still eating some of my favorite foods, just smaller portions and less often. It’s great and kinda fun!

  • Me gustaría que pusieras algún sonido cuando se cambia de ejercicio,porque caundo estoy haciendo el ejercicio,tengo que estar todo el rato mirando hacia el móvil para saber cuándo cambia y pues se me parte el cuello de tanto mirar hacia el móvil y a la vez haciendo el ejercicio ��

  • Okay I am going to try do this every day for a week and will keep you guys updated about where I am with it!!
    If someone could remind me to update this that would be amazing
    Day 1 forgot how hard the workout was especially with no breaks Im ngl I had to stop a few times but I did the majority of the excercises for the full time.
    I am trying to eat more healthy whilst doing this but I am not going to cut out meals I am still eating full meals but trying to snack on unhealthy things more as that is a big thing I do.
    Day 2defo easier than yesterday’s I felt the pain in my abs today tho ��
    Day 3kinda forgot to do it so imma do an extra day to make up for it
    Day 4 the wrkout was average today
    Day 5for some reason this was the hardest so far plus i had quite an unhealthy day oops
    Day 6-
    Day 7-

  • Schools in two weeks and I am rlly self conscious of my body so I’m gonna do this and some dieting and keep you updated:). Day 1:✅. Day 2:✅. Day 3:✅

  • I sometimes feel lazy and hence I give up.
    I think we should make a groupchat to become workout buddies and motivate each other!
    Anyone in?

  • — �� will do this ��hallenge ; ; ✨
    ⥇I’m not very good at English, but I will try

    DAY 1: ✔︎ I’m done. It was a terrible pain but �� did twice to get used to.
    DAY 2: ✔︎ My neck is ��ead.:( I will try to do these exercises again today.
    DAY 3: ✔︎ ��’m done, but the neck continues to hurt me. ☽︎
    DAY 4: ✔︎ ��t was much better today.
    DAY 5: ✔︎
    DAY 6: ✔︎ ��oday was better.
    DAY 7: ✔︎ ��here is no difference on the scale, but my belly is smaller now.

  • Chloe: “We’re almost halfway through so don’t even think about quitting.”

    Me: Sheepishly restarts the workout after having return from a fifteen minute break.

  • here’s a list of the workouts!
    all are 30 secs
    crunches with knee lifts
    bicycle crunch
    toe reach crunch
    crunch with leg lifts
    reach out and tuck in
    roll in
    bicycle crunches
    oblique crunches
    in and out sitting crunches
    sitting oblique crunches
    jack knife
    starfish crunch
    reach out and tuck in
    starfish to jack knife
    roll in
    ab hold

  • I’ve never done this before but I’m soooo determined to get a flat tummy!! I’ve been working out pretty consistently lately and I have noticed a little bit of a difference in my body but I definitely need to start doing more so I can finally achieve a flat tummy and maaaaybeee even some ab definition �� ANYWAYS! I will start day 1 tomorrow!
    Starting weight: 133.8 lbs
    Day 1 ��: it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! It went by pretty fast, which I really liked! I took a couple breaks and I definitely felt it in my neck but of course also in my core! I want to try to do it again before bed! (never did it before bed lol)
    Day 3��: I did it twice today!!! So proud!! I’m still taking a lot of breaks here and there but it’s slightly getting easier to do (:
    Day 4��: only did it once today. I’m definitely starting to notice a change in my tummy and overall body. I feel lighter and my tummy is less flabby ��
    Day 5��: I did it twice today!! And I noticed a took a lot less breaks and my form is getting better!
    Day 6��: I only did it once today but I always went for a run! I did it after I ran and omg I was kinda burnt out but it still felt great to do!!
    Day 7��: holy crap. When I say I took a break after almost every workout, I SERIOUSLY TOOK A BREAK AFTER ALMOST EVERY WORKOUT!!! I was super tired after my run today but I knew I had to do it and get through it. Even if I took a lot of break in between, I still did it and I’m happy I powered thru!!!����

  • current weight: 165 lbs
    current height: 4’10 3/4

    day 1: im gonna die �� i was slacking off the first 4 minutes but i told myself to try harder (so i started it from the beginning and worked my a$$ off) i’m struggling ��

    day 2:
    day 3:
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:

  • GUYS AFTER 30 days if I do her whole challenge and eat healthy most of the time,, will I see a significant difference in my before and after pics?? I’m active and I swim 5 days a week for an hour and a half and then I would do this program in addition to that.. I’m 100 lb and 5 ft 1,, 15 yrs old,, is it possible for me to see a rlly good result??

  • I’m going to try this like for no forget
    Weight: 48 kg
    Height: 1.62m
    Waist: 69 cm
    Goal: 62 cm
    Age: 13

    Day 1: It was difficult but I’m still alive ����I repeated it twice and ran about 20 minutes. The what I didn’t wonder is how I’m still alive

    Day 2: I think now it’s more easy and my waist now it’s 67 cm!!!

  • I struggle with this work out cause of my back pain, some exercises I stop and got back on,my back pain gives me a difficult time

  • Ok… I’ve been doing this workout for only 2 days but I saw a HUGE difference already. Keep in mind that I am already pretty skinny but I’m working to get a tiny bit flatter and to get my 6 pack to show a little more. I’m also trying to eat healthier by only having one treat a day which could be icecream, a donut, a piece of cake, or a cookie! When I have snacks if I have some chips I make sure to have fruit or vegetables with it!

  • Hey guys!
    Today is my first day of this workout. I completed my 2 week shred challenge a week ago and today im on my 2 challenge. So im gonna up date from now onwards till the last day.
    Day 1: Not that tiring it was kind of easy
    Day 2: hmmm went fine ig i was exhausted a lot more than yest tho lol

  • can anyone give motivation pls://,im on the fourth day of the leaner arms challenge,,,and i decided to do this as a birthday gift for myself (in september)

    aaaa i hope i can do this

  • Day 1 8/20/2020 ✔️ can’t catch up to her speed and accuracy but completed!
    Day 2 8/21/2020 ✔️ my abs felt so sore from yesterday I had trouble doing the crunches but tried my best struggling through 10 min

  • Me: I wanna be sKinNyYyYyY!!!
    My mom: then exercise
    Me: goes onto YouTube and looks for a video
    My mom: What happened to that two week shred from Chloe Ting?
    Me: Uh I gave up-
    My mom: sigh
    Me: Imma try avoid Chloe Tings’ videos cuz they kill me
    My mom: Alright then
    Me: Finds this video Hey mom I found a video I could do!
    My mom: Nice, good for you
    Me: Opens Video
    Me: I haven’t a choice, it is fate to do these workouts ��✊

  • i have been doing this workout for about 2 and a half months and the results are amazing! this is definitely my favorite an workout

  • Guys I’m gonna update everyday, no joke! Please comment and share your own results as well! I’m also doing 2 week shred, without a diet, and starting at 65/70kg
    Day1✔omg wth why is this so much harder than 2 week shred!��the 3rd exercise hurt my tailbone a lot since i don’t have a mat ;( SPOILER: I ENDED UP DOING IT ON THE BED:’D
    Day2✔cant believe im actually doing 2 workouts a day for 2 days straight�� Ok so weirdly i think this is easier than the 2 week shred, DON’T COME AT ME�� I didnt resist the exercises where u lay on ur bacc, and now my bacc hurts, EXTREMELY HURTS:’D AND my belly hurt a lot with the crunches and i started feeling burning whilst doing it
    Day3✔I thought I wouldn’t be back, but hear i am going 3 days consecutively, the first workouts still hard, but i did notice my stomach finally looked flatter physically. And when i put my hands on my hips i sort of have curves going in! My stomach feels FIRMER (AND BTW I’M ABOUT TO FINISH 2 WEEK SHRED TOMORROW) SO I MAY HAVE HAD RESULTS FROM THAT AS WELL. Still not used to it tho, my legs feel so weak! Oh and i dont drink as much water whilst doing it and im not out of a lot of breath

  • Crunches always hurt my neck after most abworkouts my neck goes like *****popoppppppop crackkkle pop ***** but thank you for this neck friendly workout!��

  • Every time I watch Chloe ting’s workout videos, I wonder if she sweats because even at the end of the video she still looks gorgeous ���� while I sweat like a pig and probably look like a pig ����

  • Think about it the best collab would be Chloe ting and gymshark then we could all buy shirts like “I survived Chloe ting ” or “this is the end….. of the first set”

  • Is there some sort of Pre workout warm up? I have never exercised like this before. I’d be very grateful for your reply. Thank you.

  • I know, this has been highly requested! ♥︎
    In case you don’t have sixpack on your neck from my other routines yet, this might be good for you:D
    aaaand enjoy this beautiful sunrise view on Ibiza:) we filmed at 6:30am to make sure nobody’s disturbing us!

    xx Pamela

  • I have survived Chloe Ting workout for the whole 5 months. Now doin my 6th. Thanks, Chloe. Never knew I could be strong. Losing weight is a bonus. I have a healthy lifestyle now.

  • If your neck still hurts from this workout then you should work on your form. These are neck friendly workout so if your neck hurts it’s because your abs are weak and you’re not focusing on them. Or you are not stretching out your neck and shoulders after working outstretching is importing

  • I will be doing this everyday and have one rest day! and I’m also going to be doing at least 30 min of cardio. I will update every 3 days!

  • I am a big fan of Pam but I really have to warn you guys that this is NOT neck friendly. I injured my neck when I was doing the slow roll in, and it has been a week but I still can barely move my neck. So if you have weak neck muscles like me, skip that workout.

  • I used to do an hour of chloe tings workout and I did sweat a lot but I am only doing 2 of Pamela and I sweat way more lmao ( no hate )

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE your workouts! But I have to say this is NOT neck and back friendly lol I mean should’ve had more mountain climbers or spider plank crunch etc…

  • Pamela i do one of your ab routines every morning. You have changed my life. i had a baby 21 months ago and my belly needed help lol. I hated it some mornings in the beginning im not going lie. Now i look forward to my workouts with you. In my opinion you have the best ab routines hands down. Thank you so much for making these viedos you are so sweet and beautiful woman.

  • I love Pamela’s workouts, I have been following the workout plans religiously since lockdown started in California but this workout does NOT feel back friendly. Pregnancy reaped havoc on my back and this workout is so painful but I push through it while cussing out Pamela anyways. I love PR but wish this routine was actually back friendly.

  • It definitely gets easier when you do this more often (this is coming from someone who can’t even run for a minute or take one flight of stairs without being out of breath)

  • Before doing ab workouts please look up how to have a correct form. If you don’t you’ll just end up hurting yourself. If you lift with your neck it’s going to hurt and strain it. Don’t pull or bend the neck at all, lift with your core, and engage your core by keeping your lower back on the ground. This might mean your legs can’t go down as far but that’s better and you’ll get stronger over time with doing the correct form. If you aren’t strong enough you can always do the exercises while just resting your head.

  • Thank you so much Pamela! You can bet me and a whole lot of people are thankful for this new workout you’ve made! Also, yes, the sunrise is absolutely stunning <3

  • As I yell, “how the heck do you do a straight leg sit-up,” my kids yell, “is Pam kicking your butt again mom.” Yes, she IS!!! Thanks Pam!

  • My abs: come on guys, i’m coming for u all
    My legs: i’m pushing it but i can do it guys, and so can u!
    My hands: we can do it!!! Lets go!!
    My neck: but i’m only human…

  • This is for those who complaint her this routine isn’t neck and back friendly, try doing her other intense abs workout that will make this video quite back and neck friendly

  • I Will Try & Update With You
    1st Day:It’s Really Hard & I Felt A Pain in My Stomach From The First But I Continued, But To Be Honest There’s Some Workouts That I Didn’t Do it For The Whole 30 sec
    I Wish Tomorrow Will Be Better

  • Hi Pamela! I’m a PE teacher for an elementary school and I am doing 20 minute workouts for my kiddos. What do you use to record your workouts? You’re videos set the bar and I’d love to learn how you make such quality work.

  • I was a student athlete before the quarantine happened and was going to do this workout because i gained a lot of weight because of the lack of exercise. I thought this was going to be easy because i usually train for 2 to 4 hours before the quarantine, heck was i wrong��. Might as well do this everyday since this workout burned me and i need to get this fat out of my belly asap��. Wish me luck

  • So school opens September 15 and I’ve sorta got a month.
    I’m gonna do this as much as I can and update every week!

    Current weight: 72kg
    Height: 5’2″

    Push me luck, you guys! Leave a like so that I can come back to this!:p

  • You work outs are perfect to slip into a busy schedule when you have a spare 10 mins, I love it! Also the music is great, a great motivator x

  • I have been doing this workout from more than a week and it hurts my abs very badly daily as if i am doing it for the first time ����

  • Hey Pamela!!
    Just a quick question, how often should a person exercise on a weekly basis?
    I just need to make sure that I don’t overwork myself and give my body time to rest:)
    Btw your video was so helpful and I am really shocked that we get all this for free!!!

  • Okay so i wanted to do the chloe ting challenge but she has 4 workouts on some days and that sounds impossible for me so I’m gonna do this instead.
    Waist: 29 inches / 73cm
    Stomach: 31 inches/ 77cm

    Day 1: The planks were SOO hard. I took a lot of breaks. This definitely burns. Also crunches really hurt my butt.

  • I’ll update y’all on my progress:) 08-17

    17: ✅ All good! Ended up kinda tired, but we can do it.:D

    18: ✅ Neck burns when doing the exercises ��

    19: ✅ Already started getting easier:)

    20: ✅ Noticed changes, flatter stomach! YAY ��

    I’ve been eating well, I sometimes go grab a little snack.

    I do not starve myself, eat 3 meals a day and drink water.:)

  • I just wanna say thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into your programs. I’ve had a baby 7 years ago and just never lost the baby weight and packed more on top of that. I’m currently doing the ab 26 day challenge and I’m on day 5 in I can feel a difference in my overall approach to my daily schedule and I just want to thank you for giving my the encouragement and a workout that I can do with my fitness level.

  • no matter how many beginner ab workout vids I tried looking for, this is the first one I am able to do and I know it is one I can now go back to every time, so thank you very helping me get there ��

  • FINALLY!!!!! Finally someone who does the workouts without equipment and without talking. This is literally the best format I’ve come across and I have recommended the videos that don’t have talking or equipment to all of my friends. We don’t have the space for equipment, and we like workouts that don’t have lengthy verbal introductions and talking throughout, which, if you repeat the workouts, you have to hear the same old shitty jokes and commentary over and over.

    No offense, but I just want a quick, effective workout, without any talking or fluff, and this nails it.

  • i think im doing it wrong, my core doesnt ache after this yet somehow im covered in sweat. if anything, its my arms that ache. any advice?

  • Okay so ill start it tomorrow because i already did some stuff tonight.. I’ll keep you guys updated:
    Day 1 –
    Day 2
    Day 3 –
    Day 4 –
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7
    1 week done!

  • i did this for 2 weeks straight and i lost 3cm in my waist, before it was 63 and now it’s 60!!
    i have also been doing lilly sabri’s workout but i think it’s this one that really helped me!! it’s amazing, my stomach is flat, my abs are showing and in the morning i’m not as bloated as before.
    i will for sure continue doing this everyday!!

  • Even without the measurements, i can see thru the mirror that there’s a difference. Small difference is still progress.. lets keep fighting towards our goal. Kee safe everyone!

  • I would like to thank Chloe Ting for this free program.

    This program has helped me so much because last year February 2019, I had my first son. I gained over 50 pounds.
    A whole year year, I did absolutely nothing to lose weight. The year of 2020, it was time for a change. I tried workouts but would always quit and just pretty much gave up. Until, I got on tiktok and seen the chloe ting challenge videos.. So I checked out her YouTube channel and then started her program and did the flat tummy challenge.

    When I first started this program on July 10, I was weighing at 184. Now, on August 21 I am weighing at 173 pounds and lost a couple of inches. I FINISHED my 28 flat tummy challenge!

    I’m sorry for the long comment but again thank you so much chloe ting! You helped me so much this month.

  • 30sec eqch no rest
    crunch w/ knee lift
    bicycle crunch
    toe reach crunch
    crunch w/ leg lift
    reach out tuck in
    roll in
    bicycle crunch
    oblique crunch right
    oblique crunch left
    sitting crunch
    sitting oblique crunch right
    sitting oblique crunch left
    jack knife
    starfish crunch
    reach out tuck in
    starfish to jack knife
    roll in

  • “Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate”, I repeat to myself while I feel punished by doing these exercises.

  • Chloe I finished your 28 days flat tummy challenge! Started on July 20th rested for a few days now i’m doing the 2nd flat tummy challenge starting today 1 month later.

    My Results

    Waist before 33 inches
    Waist after 30 inches

    Hips before 39 inches
    Hips after 34 inches

    Booty before 41 inches
    Booty after 39 1/2 inches

    Thigh before 24 inches
    Thigh after 23 inches

    Arm before 11 1/2 inches
    Arm after 11 inches

    Stomach before 37 inches
    Stomach after 33 inches

    And lost 8lb

  • today i did this the second time:)last time i felt my [b e l l y]�� sore after which I think is good:))this time I think i did it better even though i could not hold the planks and the climbers because one leg hurts. my waist is 81 cm, i’ll update in 2-3 months:)

  • Starting this August 22nd
    Day 1: not that bad but probably cuz my forms not the greatest. The bicycle exercise was hardest for me, my legs kept going all over the place. I’ll try and update every day I do this.

  • I used to to starving myself and doing these exercises to keep my boyfriend, he he has been always fat shaming me and compared me to other girls but no matter how hard I try eventually he left me but now I’m over him I’m doing this for myself.

  • This is my favorite ab workout and I feel it’s more intense for my abs because I don’t have as many opportunities to do the exercises wrong and rely on my neck too much! ��

  • Done my 25 days Chloe of the thighs and stomach program. I may not see much results yet but I know they are very slowly working. Y.

  • I need help�� i can’t feel the burn. Like i can’t feel my muscles working but I’m sweating like a pig so I suppose it’s actually doing something… But… Been doing thosw for a while now and i can’t see a difference (except the detergent I’m using ������) how can i find the right way to do those exercises? Kinda thinking of a pt but… I like chloeee

  • Hey guys, I started yesterday Monday August 17th!
    Day 1: ☑️ starting with 82.1 kg
    Day 2: ☑️ idk if i was bloated but today 81.5 kg ����‍♀️
    Day 3:
    Like this comment so I don’t forget about it! ♥️

  • For those of you who can’t do the side plank (coz I just can’t too but now I can hehe), try laying on your side first with your arms already supporting you (just like the side plank position but your lower body is still on the mat), then breathe in and out, tuck in your belly button (this does the magic for me), then raise your hips and do the side plank. But while doing the plank, don’t hold your breath. �� Just make it controlled and breathe slowly..

  • At first I was like, why does she tell us to thumbs-up before we’ve even watched the vid? Then i realized no matter how appreciative you are, no one’s in a thumbs-upping mood after doing this workout

  • My spine hurts while doing the spiderman plank execise:( not hurts as in “wow much effort”, it hurts as in “okay no something is wrong here”. I wonder what am I doing wrong. Got any ideas?

  • Alguien q hablé español, digo como para q diga cómo han sido sus resultados dkkdkdd es q no entiendo ni pico los comentarios porq están todos en inglés kfkffkkdfkd