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Ectomorph Bodybuilding: 10 Hardgainer Myths That Must Die The term hardgainer has been used and abused over the years. Yes, it’s a description usually reserved for the skinny ectomorph types who find it difficult to gain even the minutest amount of muscle, but that’s where the truth stops and the lies, misunderstandings and myths begin. Ectomorph /ˈektəˌmôrf/ n. – any dude who tries to “eat big and lift big” but ends up looking more like Napoleon Dynamite than Thor. See also: manorexic.

In a world that keeps getting. The Best Hardgainer/Ectomorph Diet. As much as people screw up their workout, and as hugely important as it is to implement all of the above components, I would say the biggest problem (by FAR) that ectomorphs and hardgainers face has nothing at all to do with our workout. It’s our diet.

More specifically, it’s our calorie intake. We just. Being an ectomorph isn’t a green light for daily all-you-can-eat buffets.

Don’t Let These Myths Keep You Skinny. Those are just some of the more common myths. Together, they managed to scare a lot of skinny guys into training less, with less intensity and variety, and to adopt a low-quality, glutinous diet. Take heed, hardgainers everywhere!As most of you know, post workout nutrition is very important because this is when we are the most catabolic.

However, most people seem to. Spread your ectomorph diet into 6 smaller meals daily, with an interval of 2-4 hours between each meal. Eating regularly will prevent your body from switching into starvation mode. It will also negate the problem of heavy meals in one sitting – where excess calories are stored as. The nutritional breakdown for an ectomorph working to gain size is approxi­mately 35 percent protein, 50 percent carbohydrate, and 15 percent fat.

This breakdown allows a bodybuilder to eat more than enough protein, sufficient essential fat, and high amounts of. Basically, all the hardgainer has to do is modify their bodybuilding training and nutrition program to suit his/her unique metabolism. While most people will do best on a diet consisting of 40% carbohydrates, 40% proteins, iand 20% fats, the hardgainer will benefit most from a diet consisting of 50% carbs, 25 % proteins and 25% good fats. The Diet. Now I have outlined the macronutrients you need I feel that following a diet composed of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat.

This may look odd but remember, you are a ectomorph your nutritional requirements are not the same as the average bodybuilder. The Most Common Myths About Being an Ectomorph. and, most important for me, I shifted my diet and started eating lots of clean and healthy food. If only I could find more time for sleep!

Yes, I have to eat more than my non-ectomorph gym buddy, but it’s not difficult to add more blended oats into my protein shake, or add an extra 200g of.

List of related literature:

Schaeffer et al. (1982a), using amino acid diets devoid of cystine, concluded that 7.5 g methionine-kg” diet (4.7 kcal ME.g”) was sufficient for maximal weight gain and nitrogen retention.

“Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats” by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources, Committee on Animal Nutrition, Subcommittee on Dog and Cat Nutrition
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Interestingly, Demling and DeSanti (2000) studied the effects of a 12-week moderate hypocaloric, high-protein diet combined with resistance training on body composition, using two different protein supplements (whey and casein protein hydrosylates), and compared this combination to a hypocaloric diet alone.

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
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Vukovich and coworkers [160] also reported that HMB supplementation (3 grams/day for 8Ȭweeks during resistance training) significantly increased muscle mass, reducedȬfat mass, and promoted greater gains in upper and lower extremity 1ȬRM strength in a group of elderly men and women initiating training.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
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I’ve documented for years that a high­protein and high­calorie diet brings out the best in my physique.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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A study of trekkers in the Andes found that those who supplemented their diet with branched-chain amino acids gained muscle mass over 21 days, while their placebo-supplemented companions who otherwise ate the same diet lost muscle.

“The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance” by Loren Cordain, Joe Friel
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And all experts with the exception of myself say, “Yes, you require more protein; at least eat nuts”.

“Mucusless Diet Healing System: Scientific Method of Eating Your Way to Health” by Arnold Ehret
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In addition to these results, it is interesting to observe that current dietary reference intakes (DRIs) recommend a low-protein diet (0.8 g protein/kg/day) for all individuals, with no recommendation for consumption of extra protein when combined with exercise [22].

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These methods are often a bit misleading, because most caloric restriction diets generate an equal muscle loss combined with fat loss.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
from 15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
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Interestingly, it has been found that a high-protein diet does not reduce the risk of calcium excretion or calcium-based stones.5 What has never been addressed is the increased insulin response from increased amino acids like arginine, lysine, phenylalanine, leucine, and tryptophan.

“The Keto Cure: A Low Carb High Fat Dietary Solution to Heal Your Body and Optimize Your Health” by Jimmy Moore, Adam Nally
from The Keto Cure: A Low Carb High Fat Dietary Solution to Heal Your Body and Optimize Your Health
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  • Best macros for me please I’m ectomorph and I’m eating 2100 calories a day I’m about 140 pounds exercise weight training 30 to 40 mins a day I want to stay at about 135 pounds but less body fat I’m about 17 percent body fat see my top two abs but I want to be more lean please help

  • this list is literally vegan. This is proof that for anyone building muscle, Being vegan gives you quality carbs and quality protein. Thank you sir for this video.

  • I’m an ectomorph and running is very important for me to gain muscle because of the sharp increase in metabolism and a larger appetite plus you become more aware of what foods to eat and would naturally avoid bad stuff because you feel it when you run.

  • Can you lose body fat while gaining weight. I’m 6’2, 166 at like 11.9% BF and I have to gain weight fuck cutting, im already a lot larger than I was muscularly but I don’t wanna cut just for abs but i do want abs

  • Hey sean. 2600 is my daily calories to maintain, what will you recommend to have low fat with greater muscle gains. Im clean bulking. But my weight keeps going down. Now im underwieght.

  • I did it Sean is right. My body fat is nearly 30 per cent.I am a female average weight all fat following a dirty bulk it had terrible effects on my health. Hardgainers have to eat clean be reasonable. I got thinner while gaining at first then got crappy advice it was too late as I was wearing baggy clothes and I hit 33 per cent body fat. I got out of resistance training leg exercises and sit ups which made it worse. My running doenst cut it now, my metabolism slowed way down. It isn’t hypothyroid. It was a bad move for me. Running 6 miles a day I am lucky if I lose a half a pound a week. I have to do biking and weights, I need to learn how to change it up. The bulk added fifteen percent, I got bad advice. Its cost me money and my sanity almost. This month I stopped adding inches but it was tough. I was afraid Id be bigger. I am risking diabetes and am very annoyed I was very very lean 15% and ity destroyed my appearance I added 6 inches in places. It isn’t something you want to screw up. I went from attractive jeans to free size and outsize clothing-that said many are unrealistically small. Can lose weight but I cannot reduce body fat as I have started gaining weight very easily. I am now in my 3rd year looking like this. I am gradually doing more of what I did at my leanest so hopefully.

  • Good job sir your the only one that speaks the truth and i agree as i had changes after i got this advices from your video and i realized that even doing more deadlifts and squats helps more for hard gainers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge ����


  • You are 100% right from my point of view.
    I bulked with just slightly increasing the calorie surplus because in the past I just bulked with 500+ calorie surplus and I had belly because of it.

  • What works for some might not work for others, I was super skinny about 10 stone and gained 3 stone over a couple years during on off dirty bulking, a lot of which was fat but it enabled me to lift more and push more weights. I started to cut and do plenty of cardio, still doing weights and whilst maintaining a decent amount of calories. I’m now roughly just over 13 stone and have an outline of a 6 pack. So it got me there, that’s the issue with hardgainers, they need to get there first, doing it your way they most likely never will

  • It’s always was hard tracking calories trying to figure out whats water weight or not mine always fluctuate especially in creatine

  • This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “stuart mcrobert hardgainer routine” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Yeyandon Hardgaining Transformer (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  • Idk what you talking about. I was stuck at the same weight for 6 months along with hitting the gym 5 days a week. Wasn’t getting stronger or bigger. Until I started eating like a horse and starting gaining muscle mass. Ectomorphs won’t see gains without enough calories or protein regardless with how many times they hit the gym.

  • I’m 17 and I’ve seemingly got an ectomorph structure and I’ve just started eating loads more to try and build up my appetite in the past few weeks and going to college most days from 1-430 and my diet has been kind of varied and I’m wanting something a bit more structured and something I can keep control of, I’m just wondering what I should/could be doing to eat during the day, like what meals I’d need to prepare in advance, what meals I can have at home and just what I should typically eat on a daily basis to put the size on, I worked out that to gain a pound of muscle a week i need to eat 3000 calories

  • Dear Sean, I’d like to ask about something I am experiencing right now. I’ve been gradually climbing out of a deficit trying to find that sweet spot for the roughly 300 grams of weekly weight gain, but over a few weeks and months I got the impression that this point is a moving target: First my weight went up, then it stalled, so I pushed calories up, weight went up… stalled… perhaps you see the pattern. Now I am wondering: Is it just that I haven’t found my true maintenance level yet, or was my first maintenance maybe lower than usual because I had just come out of a longer diet? Or is there an adaptive thermogenesis factor where your body is trying to “waste” energy as you overfeed? Then there’s that NEAT phenomenon… but personally I don’t feel like that much of a NEATer. What would be your opinion of that issue is there a clear cut maintenance point for everybody which we just have to find one time and then eat a bit above it or is maintenance a moving target and I’ll have to keep piling up more and more food on my plate? Thanks, also in the name of every other hardgainer watching this. 😉

  • yeah we have to train harder,but nobody would prefer to be anything other than an ecto.Mr olympia crew,those fluro orange dickless cunts,well,we get their women..Ecto,s have the best genetics.Im 6,3 so ahahah got lucky there also

  • Lovely video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about Chireetler Deepest Relaxation Rule (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning to grow muscle when you are naturally thin without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy at very last got amazing success with it.

  • Calories are useless (up to dangerous). There are known numbers of daily proteins and fats per person, so only ingredient one should worry about is carbs. Carbs are the key for hardgainers because of catabolism (high metabolism will eat your muscles back), so ectomorth needs to use carbs at right time (and as for everyone they must be slow carbs! fast carbs, more fats or protein are all useless calories that one would try to “reach”). Unsaturated fats, D vitamin and creatin are best friends / gain triggers.
    PS Do not use Gainers because Dextrose is fast carbs too.

  • << @gikuhu dsgik >>
    One thing I like about that program is
    that its downloadable & therefore, you
    wont receive any type of physical products.
    Its only suitable for those who are interested
    in weight training..

  • am a hard gainer like to top of hard gainer I had about 4years in the gym and nothing some brahs come after me and they are bulk, to be onst am thinking of quieting, ����

  • I dont have a fixed diet however I do know what I should be eating and I eat a lot. My meal plan:

    morning: 5 eggs bread with butter and cup of milk or 5 eggs with a cup of oats topped with milk.

    snack: banana/burger

    lunch:bowl of soup and banana

    dinner:rice and chicken or pasta and some kind of meat for protein.

    This was very motivating but my inability to gain fat is making me lose my motivation. Is there anything I could do?

  • accurate information.. calorie surplus and shock your muscles to grow.. I’d add that each workout session shouldn’t really be over 1 hour… “It takes about 90 minutes of low-intensity exercise to deplete glycogen stores, according to Iowa State University.” since us ectos don’t want our body to try and pull energy from our muscles during a workout.. is that accurate?

  • hi Sean..can u make a video on insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance..and how cardio affects this..i am confused about this..thanx

  • Especially hard when your boyfriend is a meso/endomorph (my boy) and you are a extreme ectomorph (me)… Cooking and eating is awful because he LOVES to eat but shouldn’t, and i MUST eat more but i can’t since i prepare and eat the food that he must eat… so it’s not enough for me �� sometimes i cook two different dishes because what he wants to eat is just not enough for me (calories)… i even tried gainer… not a good idea �� So now i just go with the flow, i complain about being to skinny and he complains about: How is it possible that I gained 1 kg again?!

  • Hey Sean, could you make a video explaning how long does it takes to get great body, not decent but verry good body, tnx man keep up 😉

  • Hi Sean I’m about to buy your program but Id like to know if the meal plan is tailored and customized to daily consumption please help

  • I’m so happy I found your channel last year,
    I was 183cm and 125lbs, and now I’m 165lbs with 16% body fat
    it took me 10 months (didn’t lift from November-December).
    Thanks for this!

  • sean u dont have a video about ketogenic diet?..i want to try that kind of diet.,.but im afraid i develope high cholesterol…idk how to start…

  • if ur open to the possible explanation for this dirty gain myth, look, the thing for hardgainers is that they have the stomach size and appetite of a mouse.. so telling them to try eating more food (i.e. dirty gain) might help their body adjust to consuming the large amount of meat needed for gaining muscle. So my point is that though dirty gaining doesnt directly lead to gains, it might just help.

  • Hi Sean. Please do a video on how skinny fat Ectomorphs can “redeem” themselves due to all the dirty bulking done previously. Many would have taken heed of your advise should this video been uploaded earlier. Lol. And Im sure many regretted it & are finding ways to cut, but desperately want to pack on muscles at the same time. That includes myself.
    Please save us Sean really.

  • hey Sean, this is a question I’ve had for years but I’ve never found an answer to if you did the eat stop eat diet, and ate at a 200 calorie Surplus 5 days a week but fasted the other two days, couldn’t you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? This would be for someone primarily interested in losing body fat, but wants to maintain or even gain a little muscle. Obviously a straight surplus would be better if you’re just trying to lean bulk.

    But Imagine someone with a maintenance of 2500, who lifts Monday and Thursday. if they fast on Monday and Thursday and only eat 300 calories before bed, but eat 2700 calories the other 5 days, their average daily calories for the week would be 2,000. So you’d think they’d have to lose fat.

    But at the same time, you’ve structured it so they eat a 200 calorie surplus for 48 hours straight after each workout. Fast Monday, lift Monday night then break the fast with a small meal, and then eat at a 200 calorie surplus Tuesday and Wednesday, which should be enough to promote muscle growth since that’s the period when the muscles grow the first few days after a workout is when protein synthesis is spiked and they’re rebuilding.

    Wouldn’t this be an optimal way to cut because it might actually allow you to put on a little bit of muscle while losing the fat? You’d have a surplus when you need it for 48 hrs after the Monday workout and 72 hours after the Thursday workout. but by the end of the week, your average calories would be the same as if you ate at a 500 calorie deficit every day, so you’d obviously lose fat. I hear people talk a lot about calorie cycling, and eating a surplus on lifting days in a deficit on rest days, recomping, etc. but I’ve literally never heard a person ask what I just asked.

  • Jeff, i been watching u for about a year in a half. My names immanuel i once once fat really fat my height was 5.3 or 5.4 in 8th grade and i was 190 pounds. I messed up in doing more cardio then gwtting gains. And now its like hard hard for me to get gains. I tried the protine shakes but they hardly work. My body gets cut but it wont really get bulk. If u may know my problem plz comment me back i would love top hear some insperation from you jeff. People say oh ur too skinny, ur a stick, your a pewnt little guy.

  • Great video as usual Sean. What are your thoughts about programming? In terms of structure, progressive volume, deloading, post deloading. I find i might be overcomplicating it all

  • how can i find 5,000 calories? I actually need 4k but it’s close to 5k calories. How can I get that much in only one day? that’s too much to eat and to consume in one day.

  • hey Sean could you do a video whether a person can reduce fat and build muscle at the same time(cut and bulk). most channels say you can’t, but they don’t give a reason to why not. Thank you in advance��

  • I was wondering if it’s a good idea to do a cut if I am only at 1year and 3months of lifting. I was a hard gainer when I started, I am currently sitting at 183lbs and I can see my 4pack without flexing but it’s definitely still covered in a little bit of fat, while my 6 isn’t showing what’s so ever. Is it smart to do a cut at this point? or would that be damaging to my gains at my level of experience in the gym?

  • Nice video Sean. Really important to note the length of time it will take to make noticeable gains for this body type (me). Just maintain focus and commitment…. its a long game!

  • I either eat to much or to less on a daily bases.. seems most of my added weight goes to my belly. I’m lean most of every where else tho. I do manuel labor 12 hours a day.. so some days I need 4,000 calories to get through my day.. But sometimes I can run on 2,000.

  • Good video, should you add all the condiment calories, like ketchup, mustard or just estimate it to be around 300kcal, give or take?

  • good info. a friend of mine does the weight lifting with me. I told how much to eat and what to eat and in total its like 3500 calories. and he whining about how much he needs to eat. da fuck, its not a lot. i dont get this, he likes to train and want to get big but cant eat barely 4k calories! i wish i could eat that much without getting fat ��

  • Overeating really cuts your life short. Be aware of this! Especially when eating lots of protein for many years, your kidney’s will fail eventually.

  • While I agree that soda can definitely give you calories it also has a boat load of added sugars and preservatives that are definitely not ideal for you in the long run. Just because something has a lot of calories does not mean it s necessarily good for muscle growth

  • started a 3500 cal/day diet. was 144 pounds, made it to 153 in about 6 weeks, still going. I eat 3 normal sized meals, I have minumum of 2 litres of milk, and 1 mass gainer shake (about 800 calories). so just from milk and shake im at like 2000 calories. Mountain bike hard twice a week, and do calinsthetics in the forest 3 days a week. Smash those eggs and bacon in the morning, top up with pb and jelly sandwich if youre low on daily carbs and cals. honestly its a bit of work gaining weight, but ive literally only gained 9 pounds and i feel alot better about my self esteem. shooting for 180 over a year. thanks.

  • But theres people who just normally eat and have good weight on themselves. So… i think its all in our gut bacteria. We dont have enough firmicutes so we have to eat 3x that much

  • What’s interesting is I’m not hungry in the morning.. so I’m probs going to have a mass gainer Shake. It’s time I put on some muscle

  • I’ve been the same build since I was in my early teenage years, I’m now 23 and my physique hasn’t changed. I’ve never considered gaining weight as my mindset was “No, it’s impossible, I have a tapeworm or some shit, and my metabolism is too fast.” And if I’m honest I’ve been to afraid to actually look into it, despite being 5″11 & 9 stone at age 23, but after watching a couple of your videos, I’m gonna try out all your meal plans as I love all the food you ate in this video, I’ve ordered myself some dumbbells so I can work out at home and I’m gonna get a fitness application on my phone to try and stick to a solid diet while exercising frequently enough so that I can hopefully see results in a months time. Thank you for the inspiration, you’re an everyday hero and you’ve given this little ectomorph some inspiration.

  • Sucks when you work 10 hour days 5 days a week in construction just turned 20 I’m 5’11 145 and I think I literally need 5k calories a day I used to eat 3,500 a day for 2 weeks and didn’t gain anything and gave up

  • Man thanks for optimism and tips.. Appreciate. I believe you. And by the bones structure is it possible to notice that you are once hardgain (ectomorf).. But. I workout five plus years, still skinny, althrough many said I look “goood”.. eat so much minus shit so much also, not sleeping enough and rest enough I think. I can not give up footbal training at least once two tree times weekly. Enough calories but everything shit out.. I this case where is now magic solution?:)

  • my main problem was knowing when to chill tf out! i lost 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks because i exercise everyday…oops. change is hard but i gotta keep my main goal in mind first

  • I want to gain weight whilst also jogging/running to get fitter, If I do a 30-60min run in between gym days, Will I not gain any weight or can I still gain weight whilst doing this? For example:

    Monday: Gym
    Tuesday: 30m run
    Wednesday: Gym
    Thursday: 30m Run
    Friday: Gym

  • is skinny-fat actually a body type? or just a category of people from all body types that have been far out from training and eating properly?

  • I just discovered your channel man and damn you might be my new favorite fitness channel. No bullshit, no stupid gym culture crap, and absolute boulders for delts to show for it!

  • I havin’ trouble with the paranoia with calorie burning… You were concerned about walking too much?! I have and always will be a runner can’t runners (or casual runners) bulk up if they are eating enough?

  • Dave, are there any tips that you change your mind about from past videos? I feel like you said get lots of calories from drinks, but your later videos say aim for 0 calorie drinks….I’m a hard gainer like yourself, early 30’s about 165 lbs

  • I’m an ectomorph and I wear Invisalign so it’s especially difficult for me I can only drink water when I have them in so I mainly eat 3 big meals a day, breakfast is 3 eggs 3 waffles bacon with a boost/ensure shake with creatine in it, then lunch is usually 2 sandwiches with some macaroni another boost with creatine and then dinner I go hard with whatever’s for dinner tht day on top of a sandwich with macaroni Nd my boost shake with creatine, I used to love making my shake Nd drinking it thru out the day but it’s just to much with the Invisalign I’d have to take them out and clean my mouth every time so I just drink loads of water,hopefully it will be enough

  • i m an ectomorph and also an athlete and doing too hard workout two times a day..gym and running..i dont gain weight but it need too to gain weight for a good athletic speed..help me bro..

  • Oh nice! Another “pro-tip” video presenting dated myths without scientific backing. You don’t need to eat directly after a workout to maximize gains. The body remains in the “nutrient-sponge” status for at least 36 hours after a workout. It takes roughly 40 hours for the food to travel from your mouth to your butthole http://www.mayoclinic.org/digestive-system/expert-answers/faq-20058340.
    During this entire time but primarily the first 10 hours you are covered nutrient wise. As long as you cover your daily need of calories you won’t be needing any preor postworkout meals. If you don’t gain weight you don’t eat enough calories (with a good distribution of macros of course). It’s that easy.

    And then we have the protein myth. For maintenance 0.8g/kg bodyweight is enough. For PRO athletes (which most people are not) 1,5-2g/kg is more then enough. More than that will not help your cause. There is no scientific evidence that going beyond that will increase muscle mass or speed up the process of gaining muscle. What it can do is acidify your body and hurt both your kidneys and liver. Of course the companies that produce protein-supplements promote a higher intake because it helps them sell more of said wares.

    Over and out!

  • Yeah look, the chocolate milk and Gatorade and lemonade might be good for adding calories… BUT.. diabetes risk, so yeah it’s not worth it.

  • I’m súper ectomorph too and I understand the point of drinking soda or chocolate milk for breakfast but that is not healthy. you could get sick, and that is not the goal

  • im gaining pounds by eating healthy food full of fiber (a lot of it). You’re saying I should intake sugar, but that’s really the lazy, unhealthy way

  • Bro thanks for the tips��. I’m an ectomorph myself and what you said helped me out. I gained 4 pounds a month now. I used to gain 1/2 a pound a month. Keep making those helpful videos!!!

  • If your apartment is on an upper floor then you should twist your blinds closed the OTHER way, the way you did it, people can see straight through them from below. You’re welcome.

  • This video means a lot for me, This is the first howtobeast video I watched about 4 months ago. Since then I don’t look back and become a certified beast socially, mentally & physically ��

  • I’m an 190cm/6’3″ ectomorph who weighed in at 73kg/161 pounds and in 5-6 months gained 14kg/31 pounds through mostly heavy freeweight base exercises and eating just about everything in my way. Lots and lots amounts of fatty meat, veggies, butter, cream but also suggar. All those chocolate bars and cookies helped me always feeling hungry for more. All those fast carbon hydrates surely helped the muscles to never run out of glycogen and sure my mass increased. Its worth to take note that most would say I’m normal sized, but thats only because I live close to the second largest city in my country where there seems to be a confusion about what average size is. I think its because high income guys are usually very skinny and most expensive stores so called large sized clothes wouldn’t fit a holocaust survivor.

    Now to the downside of it all. I’lost half of the weight and more than half of the strenght gain as soon as i hit a snag and stopped working out. My mass was probably a lot of increased fluids and fat because i had that kind of bloaty look and my strenght was not improving that much compared to my size. I got a lot more attention however and people reacted to how much bigger I’ve become. The problem is that i crashed and burn in the end. That might have been just me but i stacked the odds against me with all those fast carbon hydrates instead of focusing on making quality gains. Especially at my age its important to not compromise insulin sensitivity. You WILL make your cells over saturated from glucose, and then a whole bunch of obstacles will add up such as more inflammations, colds, tiredness, decreased testosterone and increased cortisol. You might give up easier from this and ad up where you left of, muscle wise. I’m not saying ‘don’t bulk’, but ease up on the fast carbs and don’t fall in that trap where you get blinded by the size increase, forgetting that your body slowly will get worse and worse at building real muscles. I’ve heard of ‘insulin resistance’ since 20 years back but never really understood how crucial it was to avoid it for muscle growth. One of the main problems with being skinny is that you have a harder time catching on when you’re eating the wrong stuff that compromise you’re health. Fat is your friend, sugar is your enemy.

  • Great video, as usual, Sean. A few questions please:

    1. Should the lean bulking surplus be calculated in terms of percentage of maintenance calories: e.g., 5%, 10%? Or would you simply recommend a flat surplus of 300 calories regardless of one’s maintenance calories?

    2. How much should the surplus change as a function of training status (e.g., from the 1st to 2nd and 3rd years of consistent training)?


  • I hate breakfast but found a good way to get the calories in. My morning is always A bagel with cream cheese(heavy amount), four strips of bacon, four eggs in the magic bullet and chuck them instead of eat to be less full. Then I make my regular shake. Two scoops of protein, two scoops of peanut butter, 1 cup of oats, banana, and two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a tbsp of olive oil(doesn’t mess up taste). Been doing it for two months every morning except sub sausage for bacon sometimes. I eat 3.5k calories a day now. Went from 145 to 158 in two months and I’ve been happy as hell. Still look ripped somehow which is the amazing part of this body part. My question is how much water do you drink a day?

  • Hey, i am 6foot 7 and 165 pounds, ive been trying to eat like this but every time after like 2-3 weeks I lose my apetite and lose the weight i gained again, got any tricks for that?

  • I’m 6ft 2, 170lb, and I just can’t seem to put on any weight beyond this. I eat as much as I can, but I think I’ve hit my fat ceiling:(

  • I disagree with Tips 2 & 6. I avoid sugary drinks and desserts. Those are empty calories and will more likely than not turn into fat.

  • You don’t have to give anything up. It’s all about calories in Vs calories out. I work security and have to walk 10+ miles a night and I still gain weight/maintain weight. Eat to maintain or eat to gain.

  • The reason 99% dont gain weight is because they dont fucking train hard enough.
    BRB going 2-3x to the gym, lifting a little, going home.
    That wont even create hunger to eat.

  • Winner of a video, been searching for “hardgainer tips for skinny guys” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Yeyandon Hardgaining Transformer (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

  • Great read with real honesty, helped me plan out my 5:2 https://t.co/kPUjogA4F3  
    lifestyle why wouldn’t anyone want to do this, so easy compared to everything before it!:)

  • The stuff he wants you to eat before bed: is utter CRAP for your body….. go for quality not crap…. gez….. its painful to watch

  • Wanna gain?? just eat loads of avacados, and dark chocolate every day for a year i.e 5 avocados and 300grams of 70 per cent cocoa dark chocolate.

  • I probably need to say thank you! I have looked for somebody like you who is like me. Was skinny and thin and now you are so nice to me and all the people like me to share your program and we know that this is actually working. So thank You!

  • I fucking hate being ectomorph in the morning I eat 8 egs, tuna, corn flakes, 200g of lean yogurt, and two snaduches with cottage cheese, after that I eat protein powder in mildoe of the morning, I eat half chicken and 200g of rice, in the lunch and 1 or 2 fruits for desert, after that I eat cereals at the afternoon, and for my dinner I eat sweet potatoes and salmon, I was doing this for a month and gained a litle bit of weight then one day I sleep 10 hours and surprise I lost 5 pounds while sleeping, now I think what’s the pint of working out if I gonna sleep and lost ALL my progress

  • The tip in this video:
    Eat 2 scoops of Whey protein, 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 slice of white bread before bed time.
    Now you don’t have to listen him ranting about his book for 5 minutes.

  • Your telling people to consume damn near 75 grams of protein just before bed? Say you don’t have whey and you have that bread, pb and milk. If you don’t have whey your looking at trying to eat 50 grams of protein. For instance just before bed I had a pb and j sandwich which knocked out the bread and pb. With that I had a cup of milk with Carnation in it for 5 grams extra protein. I had to eat some chicken strips a hot pocket and a sandwich with 2 ounces of turkey and 2 slice of cheese just to barely make that protein mark and now I just feel like shit. So I don’t really understand your theory

  • He looks great for a little guy. He looks like he may have a strong core which is important. I on the other hand: 5`8, 205lbs., and 18 inch arms. I am not fat either. It`s nice to look fit. I just choose to look big and intimidating. lol

  • so what he is basically saying is that your body is consuming it self and to stop that from happening one must have food at all time..

  • So I gain weight in my arms and have been weighing myself and I have gained 15 pounds, but my stomach still looks very flat and you can see my rib cages. How can I make my stomach look bigger and bulkier?

  • For a beginner, what is your views on them using a beginner routine such as starting strength, stronglifts 5×5, or ice cream fitness 5×5 for their first period of training?

  • Your doing a great job Sir. Your a great inspiration to kids and adults wanting to get some serious gains and do it with a healthy start. Thank you for keeping your videos clean and putting yourself out there and sharing your story.  Much respect and support from me.

  • @carljk064 
    I suggest you should try the program because it was
    designed around four simple to understand formulas
    which will help you achieve your body building goals
    within a short period of time. I myself did try it and it
    works so well.^^

  • What’s your thoughts about creatine for ectomorphs? I’m about 1.5months into my workout plan and have already gained 14lbs without creatine. Cheers.

  • there is nothing like a ‘bedtime’ meal as you really should not eat anything before you go to bed as this may impair the quality of your sleep as well as the process of falling asleep; between 9 and 11 pm you should be winding down towards switching the mind and body off; casein is in fact a very hard ingredient to digest; you are right about the slow digestion; the truth is research shows that casein can result in a prolonged increase in blood amino acids and thus reduce protein breakdown. the protein balance can remain positive for over 7 hours. The great lasting effect of casein is attributed to a delayed gastric emptying and slower absorption rate from the gastrointestinal tract to the blood.
    there is no need to stuff yourself just before you go to bed. what you are advising is putting a serious stress on digestive tract just before you should be telling your body to take it easy and have some rest; well done. peanut butter is a ‘natural’ fat. thanks for that. which ones are those unnatural ones? complex carbs like wheat bread before you call it a day..?!?  you may have a lucky super fast metabolism but should not put yourself in a position of an advisor of ectomorphs though. btw why don’t you show us how your legs benefitted from this non-sense.

  • Hope it works for me. 5’10” 145 lb… I wanna add mass and gain strength but only do plyo and cardio: Insanity system…I wish I had access to weights. I really should just hit weights I suppose.

  • I gained a lot of muscle in 3 weeks, 1 inch on arms so far.
    I think the fact the i eat 2 baked potatoes,and a glass of milk before bed helps. I know it’s not fat!

  • Onsaphi we all know your prophet was a child molester raping a little girl when she was 9 and he was 53. Your religion sickens me. And yes, my father is a convert to Christianity from your religion.

  • Hi musclemonster. I’m very skinny (no muscles at all like in your first photo or less) but i have some fat on the belly and under the skin, didnt see a single abs square in my whole life. I did diet + gym for a year but didnt have desired results (from 57kg to 64kg but 12-13% bodyfat, not even achieved 60kg benchpress 5×5). a very hard hardgainer but also with some fat here and there. How should i train and diet? 

  • I really love your videos. Thanks for making content for people like me. My only advice would be to edit your videos down a little. Right now you seem to be uploading whole recordings which is cool but you could shave a couple minutes off each video if you worked through removing sentences that aren’t really necessary (you digress quite often:'( lol) It would improve the flow of the video/information.

    Keep up the vids!

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  • Nice video and information, but if I can make one suggestion: consider working on the lighting. Have the lighting behind the cam are, facing you.

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  • Yes i mean it. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly.

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  • Eat fruits, vegetables, steaks and lift weights. I was 150 pounds most of my life but when I got married I started eating more, lifting weights a few times a week, stopped jogging as much and now my weight fluctuates from 205 to 210 pound.

  • How in the hell I have been searching thru yt for skinny guy help vids of this kind and I stumble upon it just yet? Anyways, thank you for sharing your experiences with us Jeff. We love to hear them.

  • I’ve been following jeff for years now, and he is so legit. All the other fitness bozos out there are just jousting for clout. If you want really good advice this is the guy to go to.

  • hey man 1 week into my bulking 109 pounds, current hitting barely above 2k calories. do you have a video on what foods to eat for ectomorphs

  • Lmao im in the process of bulking..my god i missed 1 day of good eating and my body looked physically smaller the next day..man its sucks being an ecto

  • I am actually a 23 years old, and I weight 106 lbs. I am wondering what I can eat during breakfast, lunch, and dinner to fall into the normal weight range which is around 114 Lbs. I also work out once a day for one to two hours using resistant bands. Thanks so much.

  • “They” also say that one needs to consume atleast 1gm protein per pound of bodyweight. This is not true and is mostly hyped by protein companies. Research and some experts now say that as little as 0.7-0.8 grams protein per pound is enough to trigger protein synthesis. So, high dose protein mantra is not true…

  • This just popped up I’ve been struggling for 2 years now with a belly and neck fat I gained from being roughly 67 kilos at 23 I trained Thai boxing & played soccer most of my life. I injured my knee at work & had to have my lateral meniscus stitched & meanwhile I couldn’t do my sports. So I turned to lifting I always learned eat big get big & it was right… although it wasn’t the big I wanted. I got a belly & couldn’t shake it. I did manage to get a big chest & big arms but a lot of body fat was gained & I realised I did it completely 100% wrong. To this day I’m now 96 kilos and 19% body fat… slowly getting back down but fuck if I could go back & see this video then.. haha. Thanks for your content I’ve seen tons of your videos and love everyone!

  • Summary: quality food even if it’s not as many calories. Supplements are mostly sugary carbs. Only start eating more once you’ve established quality first

  • I hate to admit it but I know you’re right. Now dont get me wrong, I’ve managed to gain 20 pounds by eating 4k calories but most of those are really crappy calories (fast food, chips, cookies, sugary stuff). Im gonna take your advice and check back in a month, wish me luck. And good luck to all the other skinny dudes out there hardgaining!

  • Won’t find something I like extremely restrictive eating disorder (ARFID) I’m on AX-1 now weak 6 but NONE of the meals are edible to me so the absolute maxium I can get out of your programs is 50% of expected results, except I’ve also got scarred lungs from sarcoidosis and don’t have much lung capacity so I need longer recovery time so in reality I’m more likely to only get 30%-40%. Still better than nothing tho.

  • Jeff I think most people looking at these videos are not really into being a certain body fat percentage. the guys who are skinny wanna be bigger with some type of muscle. Their goal is too look a bit bigger with a lil muscle. same thing with fat people. Your advice and programs are suitable for people looking to be the best version of themselves. Most guys don’t want to go that extreme. they just wanna get laid and in respected. I don’t mean any disrespect, I think what you’ve accomplished is amazing btw

  • IKR
    its about the uncontrollable urge for pleasure…

    people think that junk= u fat, thats why everytime im eating my salad my chubby friend always comments ‘wOw Eat A bURger’ well guess what u CAN gain weight by maintaining a healthy/ balanced diet. Its not a bout the junk its about the amount of junk u cosnsume
    i would advice u to do ur research find whats best for u and dEYmn stop focusing so much on others opinions and innacuret statements
    sorry for any mistakes im trYIng

  • Even after 6 years of this content, today after 3 moths since I’ve watched the video, I’m here to thank Jeff… Man this thing really worked! And what, I gained some quality muscles even in the middle of the pandemic working out at home and eating quality food! Thanks for always being on my side whenever I had any fitness related doubts. Thank you so much! ������

  • hey jeff im dutch so i dont understand what you mean with esteblishing the base of quality, a littla late to comment but i hope you read this. Have a good day!

  • Thank you so much. This means a lot. I have trouble eating and when I eat a lot I feel sick. This means a lot to me. People think it’s easier to gain weight and lose it. Gaining weight ain’t easy at all when your tall as fuck

  • try Nofap on reddit. watch Conan Ronayne’s vids on semen retention. you’ll increase yer testosterone BIG time, yer strength will increase, yer inner drive, yer confidence, happiness will increase. i don’t fap and i’ve sent the difference. i’m skinny and in just one week without fapping i went from doing 30 curls with 15lb weights to 65 curls. i could have done more but my left arm, my weaker one, was burning in bicep and forearm. my right arm could have done 75. fapping WILL rob you of vital manly power, confidence and overall health. fapping weakens you hardcore. yer less of a man if you fap. having sex in general weakens yer body. i’ve felt the big BENEFICIAL difference in my mind, heart, spirit and body. i’m happier, more confident, my skin is clearer, my conscience is clean, i’m stronger in body and spirit, my voice deepened. all because of the self discipline and clean conscience semen retention brings. not fapping will give you POWER in the gym like a bull.

  • I’ve been dirty bulking for 3 WHOLE weeks and NOW I see this? I’ve gained a little over 3 pounds but since I’ve been so active, I look more healthy and fit than before. I’m gonna experiment with sleep and eating better breakfasts so like this comment and I’ll let you guys know if I get jacked lmao

  • Nutritiin is the BEST thing you can do for yourself! Its better to eat 1000 calories of HIGH QUALITY, Natural foods than 3000 calories of CRAP!
    Also, in my personal experience, i have found FATTY foods are betterbthan SUGARY foods for muscle gain & excercise overall.
    I can barely even eat high sugar foods anymore cuz it makes me feel sleepy

  • I have a good quality of nutrition but I can’t get the quantity up. Every meal I just get full quickly and I am not hungry during the day. Forcing myself everyday makes me feel sick.

  • When I get some good muscles, you will be the master behind my success Jeff. I love you and your content man, cheers from Uruguay.

  • I gotta say, 6k calories are going to make you fat. If you go cutting after that period of 6k calories, you’ll be ripped. Science bitch.

  • What this video is basically saying is that you can eat alot more food to build mass, but you have to only be putting in healthy foods not junk food, so like eating more rice, eggs, fish, broccoli etc

  • Do you think I can increase muscle mass by drinking 2 litres of whole milk a day (among many other healthy things)? I’m an ectomorph

  • I’m starting to see some muscle gain so as you said I make sure to come back here and leave a thank you. But not a little thank you, a big thank you Jeff! Sincerely.

  • Sir.. Everytime I use to lose my appetite I can’t eat much I use to eat just a little bit so I need your help how to get back my appetite

  • Being young doesn’t necessarily mean you automatically have high test. I have 2 of my personal friends who now have legit test prescriptions from real doctors at 21 because there natty levels were basically non existent. Neither of them had ever touched a needle before getting their scripts. Good info in here. But I think an important and very overlooked point is TO EACH THEIR OWN. Everybody is different. Everyone’s body is different. What works for you could be catastrophic for the next guy. Regardless thanks for the videos Jeff.

  • I find eating a lot of calories, helps a lot, but I like to eat less at the end of the week for a couple of days to give my stomach and intestines a break

  • 2:28 why has he just nailed my every day life? I literally have no appetite in the morning, and I can be super starving, eat a bag of crisps/chips and not be hungry anymore. not full but just don’t have that hungry empty stomach sensation anymore

  • Yep. You’re correct. I’m an ectomorph and want to build muscle but had so much trouble with it. I experimented with the surplus calories that you talk about here: I gained 10 lbs in the course of 2 weeks. This was before I found your video. So I know that you are right. It’s a struggle to maintain it though because it didn’t become a habit for me. I’m trying again. I’m so small. =(

  • Maaan that’s just my situation.When I wake up,I can’t eat anything,I can’t even drink water normally.I feel like I’m gonna throw up if I try to eat.

  • I will put a pic up I dirty bulked for the first few years and it worked better for me then anything and just cause u no what your talking about the fact is what works for you is not the same thing that work for me there no rules in this what works for u works I’m not saying eat burgers and fries but I used cereals like kids eat lots of bread steak pasta with Alfredo peanut butter lean pork and so on

  • I’m 5ft 9in 135 lbs and I’ve never been able to gain weight or muscle no matter what so I’m trying to get serious about it. I’m just getting started and I’ve been having a hard time figuring out how many calories to eat and how to accomplish it! This is a great breakdown! Thanks Trent!! I’ll be checking out all your vids and keep you updated with my progress!!

  • Well I consume weight gainers. But I mix peunutbutter, bananas, oatmeal, honey and milk into it. So you are completely right weight gainers in their own is bad and don’t help but that is why it is called a suppliment. It is made to suppliment a healthy diet not the other way around.

  • I’ve been trying to gain weight and muscle for years. I just found this video. I just want to say thank you for finally making a place for ectomorphs. Stuff like this helps a lot.

  • Hiyaaaa! Have you ever noticed Manizi Amizing Muscle Secret (search it on Google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got fast muscle gains with it.

  • Great vid man. I just have a question I am 5’7 125 pounds and am very active how many calories should I consume throughout the day I’ll have a cup of nuts and I’ll have 4-5 servings of peanut butter and I’ll have a really big breakfast with a sandwich for lunch and chicken for dinner

  • Thanks for your videos and blog Trent. Really encouraging for me as a skinny tall 6’4 to hear from someone who has overcome the challenges already

  • It’s still astonish me just how a lot of people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets (just google search it) even though lots of people lost a ton of weight with it. Thanks to my pal who told me about this. I have lost crazy amounts of weight.

  • This video has great information, but I’m not sure about the best diet plan that I should work with, only because I have never taken any. Anyone tried using the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I’ve noticed some people refer to amazing things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  • Don’t mean to be a dick but I call bs cause if I’m not eating as much as I possibly can then I don’t gain any muscle at all and I just get even skinnier and this has always been the case

  • I actually just did make it a habit to eat oatmeal mixed with peanut butter. Sometimes i add a little chocolate just to add more flavor. Peanut butter oatmeal is really effective. If youre on a budget. I eat it at breakfast, in between meals, and late in the evening. Even if you’re not taking protein shakes anymore, or not following a real strict diet rich in protein like chicken breast and salmon and steak which are really expensive, and you’re busy with other things, that you can only spend less than an hour to exercise or workout. I stuck with pb-oatmeal and it worked. I just eat whatever i can afford, meals are still my main source of protein. Pb-oatmeal just serves as fuel and backup source, so i dont waste my meals as energy for the day.

  • I used to have oatmeal for breakfast but hate it plain so started adding things to it to make it taste better like honey ect but got literally bored sick of it to the point I wasn’t able to eat it for breakfast anymore so now I always have 2 slices of 4 seeded brown bread toasted with 4 whole poached eggs, yum.

  • Sounds like a tasty as well as healthy list. Now if I can just find the time to do home cooked meals, on top of adding a weight training routine! I’m sure I’ll feel great, but won’t be getting anything else done.

  • great, these professional people help the growing problem of the present. Urgent need to understand obesity is a disease of people and brings many problems.
    Be active and watch what you eat.Some guys tho, yeah they can try… but its just their genetics. I’m one of those, its incredibly hard. Some guys think they’re skinny but they aint, they have the genetics to easily gain weight.when we do exercise our body will maintain in good condition. try this thin u r health will be good

  • Some guys tho, yeah they can try… but its just their genetics. I’m one of those, its incredibly hard. Some guys think they’re skinny but they aint, they have the genetics to easily gain weight. I do not.

  • great, these professional people help the growing problem of the present. Urgent need to understand obesity is a disease of people and brings many problems.
    Be active and watch what you eat

  • Muscle Building CARBS!

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  • Awesome Video, very informative and helpful content!!! Serious question regarding gut health and digestion. How many times do you go to the bathroom per day with all that massive amount of food? Thank you very much and keep going!!!