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SEE ALSO: The 10 Commandments of Bodybuilding Nutrition. Whether you consider the gym to be a place of worship where you pray for the gains you are about to receive, or a social necessity where you hit the bar on a daily basis, there are certain unwritten rules that must be followed for the well-being of all those in attendance. What locker room behavior is acceptable and what will have other’s looking at you in annoyance?

If you want to navigate the gym locker room safely and annoy as few people as possible, here are a few locker room etiquette tips that you might want to keep in mind. Locker Room Etiquette. The gym caters to all types of people. Communities Queer Voices Women Black Voices Latino Voices Asian Voices. 13 Rules of Gym Etiquette for 2015.

01/04/2015 07:31 pm ET Updated Mar 06, here are a few rules of etiquette to keep you from being “that guy/girl” at the gym or studio. 1. When the sweat runneth down, wipe it up. 10 Gym Safety Tips.

It’s never a bad time for a refresher course on gym safety but after the recent news that a gym member in Iowa, USA, died when he dropped 140 kilos on himself during a bench press, it’s more important than ever to know how to use the gym safely.. Accidents in the gym are entirely preventable and while we all get small injuries from time to time, an activity that is. Tips for coffee aren’t really necessary, Warrener says, “but leave your change up to a dollar for your favorite barista.” How much to tip for a food delivery service: 10% to 15%, according to the.

Exercising proper etiquette while exercising at the gym creates a safe, pleasant and user-friendly environment. To keep the gym experience safe and worthwhile for you and those around you, follow these basic guidelines, behave mindfully and don’t become “that guy” or “that gal” who fails to keep common courtesy rules in check. Most men who exercise at the gym look forward to a shower after a hard workout. Leaving the gym sweaty is never very appealing.

A shower leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed and washes away the sweat and waste matter you secrete during a workout. However, there may be times when you wait to shower at home. Maybe you’re in a hurry. A friend of mine and amazing writer, James Fell, wrote a clever piece recently titled Gym Etiquette 101 highlighting some of the not-so-etiquette-like shenanigans many gym goers are violators of.

Give it a read. It’s hilarious. After reading it myself I was inspired to shell out my own list of Gym Etiquette rules.

10 Rules of Gym Etiquette for 2014 You may be a gym neophyte or a veteran vinyasanista, but no matter how long you’ve been at it, there’s no excuse to be rude at the gym. After all, everyone is there for the same handful of reasons, including to de-stress and improve their mood. But keep the chitchat short. Most people have a set window in which they need to complete their workout; blabbing to them for 10 minutes can rob them of their time, their focus, and the fitness they’re seeking. 8. Don’t treat the gym like a bar.

Most women who are at the gym are there to get a job done.

List of related literature:

For a fitness-adverse Miranda, the gym is the most triggering place of all: you have to sweat profusely in front of complete strangers, wear flip flops in the shower, and coexist with grunting gym rats.

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Gym Instructor: There is one each for men and women to give the right advice on how to use

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The second, and probably the most important, rule is this: don’t even think about interrupting a woman when she’s playing prize bingo.

“Return to a Sexy Island: Notes from a New Singapore” by Neil Humphreys
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To observe health club etiquette, follow these guidelines:

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Advocating exercise for women seems common sense from our perspective and certainly the advice would appear to be harmless enough.

“The Nature of Their Bodies: Women and Their Doctors in Victorian Canada” by Wendy Mitchinson
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For gym goers, you receive guidance on weight training etiquette: Just because you’re wearing tight shorts, dripping with sweat, and stinking up the joint doesn’t mean that you can’t show some courtesy.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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11 These are some attitudes to women in sport.

“PE to 16” by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
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Women should be advised to monitor their level of effort during exercise, to ensure that they are not overexerting themselves, and if using a gym, should seek advice from professional staff.

“Mayes' Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives” by Sue Macdonald
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The ‘no exercise’ rule is ridiculous.”

“Good Girl's Guide to County Jail for the Bad Girl in Us All: Your Guide to the Incarcer Nation” by Ellen Marie Francisco
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10 Is the woman free to move around—to sit, stand, walk, squat, lean, lie down?

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  • just ordered my carton of cigarettes and stole a bunch of towels now I’m gonna lay it on every machine in the gym so no one can workout but me mwuahahahhahahaa

  • honestly this video sucked 10 fake azz gym commandments, honestly other than the humor, who the hell doesn’t stretch before they workout shit you asking for injury asap, or a crap, or pull some muscle, next who occupies 5 machines at a real gym you don’t do circuits at a real gym you do straight sets otherwise it turns into you are hogging the bloody machine,only way you do a circuit is if you do it in a way that you don’t hog anything, anyways thats all i got to say for you dumb asses that think some of the stupid ass shit said was serious,have a nice day

  • Anyone else almost shit their pants during the “fake spot” and he dropped what looked like 315 on him? I jumped like it was a horror movie! hahahaha!

  • She hates cell phones on the floor. I disagree you may have a family call business call work call or music or following a workout regime maybe her job is working at a gym but everyone else have lives

  • The people with the best bodies are NOT slamming weights and leaving a mess. People with the mediocre, ass hole body and mentality always slamming weights and causing a scene.

  • I don’t think they could’ve picked a better person than Terry Crews. And the fact they gave him braids makes this video THAT much funnier

  • Great video Dr. too many times all these happen. Most people don’t say anything to those doing these things, but a lot of these should be common etiquette. Probably my biggest problem is when people do not put their weights away or stay on one piece of equipment for 20 minutes not letting others work in with them��

  • Actually one of my biggest problems I have with folks are the ones who come in with a gallon container and sit at the water fountain filling the whole damn thing up when all you wanted was a sip of water. I mean how much damn water do people need right where they are lifting? I understand your supposed to get your water in, but i think they missed the whole point. You dont get your whole daily water intake in one to two hours lol its supposed to be throughout the whole day.

  • Come to my gym please Terry and smack some common courtesy into them. I have had to ask some of the people (politely) a couple of times “can u please put the equipment back when u finished”. They ofc say I didn’t use that when they blatantly did. And those mobile phone idiots GEEZ they are the worst. Some are loud but it just makes my mind boggle seeing them sitting on a machine or bench chatting away and i have done 2 exercises (8 sets of 10 reps) in the meantime yet they haven’t pushed a single weight and when they finish the convo they move to another machine. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  • the bottom line is that gyms sell too many memberships then they blame the gymrats fro being human in a way too crowded environment… stuff it lady

  • He is right! Some others include bringing a gym bag on the floor and to each machine you go to; that’s what lockers are for! And the screamer/grunters. If you have to scream to do the weight, it’s too much for you!

  • I’ve had this happen to me at least 4-5 times a year where I’ll be using a station and someone will come right and ask if they can hop on it real quick to finish their last set of reps, which in my book is the #1 rudest thing to do at a gym.

  • Those five crimes are gym Hogs… also you have weight droppers…. Space Cadets…. Space Invaders…. cherry pickers people who randomly cherry pick their exercises…. mirror blockers!

  • I don’t understand giving your nice over-the-ear headphones a sweat bath. They just seem so out of place to me while working out.

  • I don’t wanna start any trouble so i won’t say where I go……but there’s a few people in there that don’t KNOW exactly what they are doing!!! Another thing is THE EGO!!!! A few dudes (that have a really nice physique and are very strong)…..really really have a problem. I have a decent shape to me, nothing to write home about….but some dudes will come and do what I’ve termed “FAKE LIFTING”,like DUDE, YOU WHERE JUST ON A MACHINE WAAAYYY OVER THERE……AND THEY LEAVE ALL THEIR STUFF: WATER BOTTLE, TOWELS, GYM BAGS………COME OVER WHERE I’M AT,JUMP ON AN IDENTICAL MACHINE AND DO THESES CRAZY ACTION TYPE REPS….”FOR 1 SET”…..THEN GO BACK TO THE MACHINE/BENCH WHERE THEY WERE….been going for about 6 months and as of 2 wks ago….I just close my eyes and wait til the fuckery is over….I’m ME and am only in comp with MYSELF……SMDH