Boost Your Willpower Challenge – Thank You!


You just spent the best $10 you possibly could to help you reach your goals! I am SO EXCITED for you!

Here’s your next step – join the Facebook Group.

When you make the request you will need to answer three questions:

  1. This group is for the Boost Your Willpower Challenge. Have you joined the $10 challenge?
  2. What email address did you use for PayPal to sign up for the challenge? If you did not use email, please provide the name associated with the payment method you used. Providing this will make your approval for the group faster!
  3. Will you uphold the group rules? Do you understand that failure to follow the rules may result in removal from the group?

Here are the rules.

They are pretty straightforward Facebook group rules and designed to protect your privacy and keep you from getting spammed in the group.

1. Be Kind and Courteous. We are all here to make reaching our health goals easier. There is no right or wrong way that is best for everyone. If you don’t agree with what someone is doing, keep scrolling. Kindness is mandatory

2. No Promotions or Spam. This is not the place for self-promotion, spam and your business/MLM links. First offense gets a reminder. Second offense gets booted with no refund.

3. Give More Than You Take For each request you make or question you ask, help out and respond to 2 other people!

4. Respect Everyone’s Privacy – The Vegas Rule! This group is private for a reason. People may share information that is sensitive and private. It is THEIR story to tell, not YOURS. What’s shared in the group STAYS in the group.

5. The $10. I will be available when challenge is running and I will deliver what was promised. If you don’t think you got $10 of value, request a refund and you will get one minus the payment processing fees.

If you have any trouble at all, please Contact Us through the website, DM us on Facebook, or call us at (904) 595-7116.

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