Your Way Of Life Can Compensate For an inherited Predisposition to Putting On Weight


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As Dr. Kahan emphasized, your genetics don’t pull the trigger on your lifestyle decisions — you make those choices. About half of our predisposition to weight is genetic, notes Dr.

Elizabeth Speliotes, MPH, a specialist in gastroenterology at Massachusetts General Hospital. “Our results suggest that weight gain associated with genetic predisposition can be at least partly counteracted by improving adherence to health y dietary patterns,” ​ the researchers conclud. Researchers don’t have a firm answer in terms of to what degree being medically overweight or obese is influenced by genetics, compared to lifestyle and environmental factors. They’ve estimated.

Even though the study shows a genetic component to weight, a healthy lifestyle is not out of your control. “People can control the environment to a certain extent and be cognizant of what they are. If you have all 28 genes, your score can go up to 56, where the higher the score the higher your genetic predisposition is to getting obese. They found that. Everyone has a unique genetic predisposition: there people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight and there are people who gain weight no matter how little they eat. With over 400 different genres identified in the progression of obesity, only a few appear to be significant to weight.

The strength of the genetic influence on weight disorders varies with. “We know from research that some genetic predisposition increases your risk to be overweight and obese, but it can be overcome by lifestyle,” says. Genes play a role, yes, but lifestyle — aka the diet and activity choices you make every day — is the best determining factor when it comes to the number on the scale, your BMI and your overall health. If you have a genetic predisposition towards weight gain, you might find yourself struggling to control your appetite.

This is because some genetic mutations involve resistance to the hunger suppression hormone called ‘Leptin’. You might also find it difficult to lose weight as compared to someone who doesn’t have your genetic structure. FAQ’s. If I’m more susceptible.

You have been overweight for much of your life. One or both of your parents or several other blood relatives are significantly overweight. If both of your parents have obesity, your likelihood of developing obesity is as high as 80%.

You can’t lose weight even when you increase your physical activity and stick to a low-calorie diet for many months.

List of related literature:

Genetics may increase the predisposition for weight gain or obesity, but a healthy lifestyle can help people achieve caloric balance.

“Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health” by Harold W. Kohl, Tinker D. Murray
from Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health
by Harold W. Kohl, Tinker D. Murray
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Indeed, the genetic susceptibility seems to be rather one caused by genes associated with an increase in the proneness to gain weight over time or, alternatively, by the absence of genetic influences that protect against the development of a positive energy balance.

“Obesity: Preventing and Managing the Global Epidemic” by World Health Organization
from Obesity: Preventing and Managing the Global Epidemic
by World Health Organization
World Health Organization, 2000

Genetics may predispose people to weight gain or obesity, but the lifestyles they adopt can help them achieve caloric balance and a healthy weight based on their body type and body composition (see Common Assessments of Obesity and Overweight later in the chapter for more).

“Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health” by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
from Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health
by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
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Although the mainstream of obesity research continues to focus on genetic, metabolic, and physiological factors in weight gain [1], the obesity epidemic is most likely caused by a profound change in dietary behaviors.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
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Although psychosocial components (i.e., using food for comfort or reward and inability to buy high–nutritional quality food) may have an influence on weight gain, these factors along with lack of physical exercise, overestimation of portion size, and genetics contribute to weight gain.

“Study Guide for Lewis' Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Mariann M. Harding, Collin Bowman-Woodall, Jeffrey Kwong, Dottie Roberts, Debra Hagler, Courtney Reinisch
from Study Guide for Lewis’ Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems
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So even if you inherit genes that predispose you to being overweight, your actual weight is determined by the balance between the genes you inherit and your lifestyle choices.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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When one or both parents are obese, they are more likely to have offspring who gain excessive amounts of body fat than do two parents of normal weights.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
from Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
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This does not necessarily detract from the significance of genetic contribution though, especially since individuals with schizophrenia are more likely to have obese parents.

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
from Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition
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Certainly genetics and special conditions, such as thyroid issues, can come into play, but the overriding factor in both weight gain and metabolic rate is muscle mass.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
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Not surprisingly, risk for weight gain can be affected by genes, age, and gender.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
Book Publishing Company, 2014

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  • On of my friends is on the bigger side of weight but she runs so much and eats healthy but she’s still the same.

    I like ur channel ��

  • Hi, I absolutely love these more scientific videos, I’m learning so much from your channel!
    I was wondering, going back to cheat days, how does a huge cheat day affect a “typical” body (a normal body fat percentage, normal BMI) as a pose to low body fat, lean bodies such as yours? ☺

  • Heyyoooo! Hope you enjoy this video! I wanted to make this video as entertaining and easy to understand as possible, but if you want the nitty gritty science behind all of this, I’ve listed the papers I discuss on the FTO gene in the the description box! I’m actually heading to Hong Kong TOMORROW!! SO the next video will include my travel n’ such! If you are from Hong Kong or have been there, PLEASE leave me suggestions in the comments!! I’d REALLY appreciate it! Love you all so much! xoxo ��

  • I am a 17 yr old active teen, I play basketball, hockey and I workout almost everyday, but I still have more body fat than average teens. I don’t overeat. I eat 2-3 meals a day and drink water a lot throughout the day. I have been training since I was 10 and played hockey since I can remember, started playing pick up ball 3 yrs ago.

  • I honestly like you better now after you’ve found your set weight. I don’t believe everyone has a specific way they have to look like, I myself went through a thin phase to then regaining weight. But I just see you much more healthier now with a full face, a full curvy body and maybe you can find new ways of being fit that don’t necessarily aline with the “bikini competition” kind of fit. <3
    Much love <3 And props for taking care of your health!

  • There is only one thing, mathematically speaking that can possibly determine obesity levels: nutrition. Take a minute to think about that. All these studies are speculations.

  • No it’s because u sit on ur ass and eat cup cakes that say 100 cal when really there 400 and u know that but u want to feel better for a little amount of time but really over time u realise it’s eating u up from the inside but it’s too late and ur in a hospital bed with type 2 diebetes

  • Your question “what do I think?’ Well I think it is absolutely true, you can change your genes and it has happened to me. After many years of research and being told flippantly by my heart specialist to study epigenetics, I discovered that adrenergic crisis episodes I endure are due to a mutation from my genes from post traumatic stress. I am fascinated by what I have learned, however, the more I know, the more there is to understand. I would love to find out any information which could help me after years of not knowing or understanding what the hell was going on. Thanks for the video. Sue

  • Mannn, the ppl in these comments are extremely sensitive and petty for no good reason. Go find something better to do!

    This info is extremely valuable and important! Thank you Stephanie ����

  • Hi!!!!
    thank you for your videos!!!!!! I really would like a video on your PhD journey. One that gives advice, and also shares the challenges you have encountered, how you have planned your way there, anything that you would have done differently, or anything that you have done that was very useful. Is there any books you would recommend for master and PhD theses… how can we hunt for jobs while in school, how can we make great mentors and networking in order to open career avenues and/or career expansion (such as in the medical field). Furthermore, would you also be able to share tips on becoming an impressive scientist ����‍�� so that people don’t brush us away in job interview. Thank you so much for reading! I would really really really really extremely totally appreciate it if you take time for such videos. I am interested in cancer studies, I will be in a master of science in biomedical sciences program but I am aiming for a PhD. I am not sure if you are aware of Biomedical sciences, but anyways, I would love to learn from your experience! Thx �� �� ��

    P.S: I did watch the other science videos you made about that.

  • If you want to lose weight you will. Just eat lots of veg and fruits, excecise 5 times a week and move as much as you can. Problem solved
    I agree that chemicals can play a role in weight gain, but not as much to make you obese.
    Excuse of lazy people

  • I have maternal relatives specifically females that are quite physically fit and within the means as far as weight and height ratio goes as youngsters but somehow once they reach womanhood their bodies undergo extreme transformation into obese mode

  • Can you do a work out for beginners into weightlifting for overall body video, and (I’m so demanding lol) an abdominal one as well… thanks love youuu����

  • Is there any chance you could make a video talking about why some people end up suffering with an eating disorder, and others never do. I always ask myself, why me?

  • I’ve been trying to lose weight for several years now, and I have had no progress. I tend only eat a meal a day (trying to control my portions while I am at it) and I go the gym or incorporate some sort of work out all most everyday of the week. Yet, with all of this I am losing nothing and it’s killing me inside. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I’ve tried other things too. Starving myself, watching calories, working out for 2 hours straight and just eating several meals a day with small portions. Some were done really carefully, while other I couldn’t dedicate myself to them due to school and other duties (eating several meal with small portions). I am completely and utterly confused because all I want is to have smaller thighs and a generally flat stomach that doesn’t bulge out when I sit, forcing me to cover my stomach. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

  • Seriously I would have loved to see someone like you when I was younger! What a great role model to young girls that smart is sexy! This is the content of yours I love watching!

  • LOVED this. I really appreciate the informative content you put outespecially gearing it towards women. The industry needs more like you! Keep up the great work babe! Xo

  • Speaking of DNA, have you considered taking an ethnicity DNA test? You’ve mentioned before that you’re half Thai, and I always wondered what your other half was. I hope this does not come across as offensive. Support, sister <3

  • Pollution, GMO’s, everyday chemicals, all can effect our endocrine system and in turn our body’s ability to work properly. Gaining weight, getting cancer (disease), etc.

  • When you said you had a YouTube channel you weren’t kidding! Wowza! You’re videos are super interesting (even though I’m not a fitness person) and well done!! keep up the good work! And it was nice meeting you the other night ��

  • Why in the world do people believe that listening to subliminal messages can change things like height or color? �� it’s so stupid, you’re “programmed” in a way by genes, you cannot change it, your genes say when you grow and how much you grow and what eye and hair color you have, you can’t change those genetics, sorry kiddos

  • On the past years I’ve seen more and more studies pointing to the effects of gut bacteria on weight gain/loss. It would be interesting to see you explore this topic too:)

  • My husband’s grandma is fat, his mom is fat, his aunt on the mom’s side is fat, and his half-sister is fat but my husband, his dad,and half brother are not fat..i sort of think it’s a genetic curse on his mom’s side that effects women…but then again my mother-in-law is lazy

  • I love your videos! I love how articulate you are and enjoy the scientific research. I’ve always wondered why I tend to keep weight on so easily. Diet and exercise make it possible to keep a “normal” weight, but getting lean is so hard for me.

  • it wont matter if your changed genes get passed on, since your children can excersize and do other things to fix that problem. Say the ones with not as good metabolism and heart health and blood pressure excersize more than the ones with better health…they become just as healthy as the one with better health pretty much.

  • based on this, that means if we want to create a race of super smart super athletic people, everyone has to go through personal training and become as smart and as strong as you can before having kids.

    the question is, how buff are you willing to get to pass on the buff gene to your kids?

  • Am I the only one bothered by “susceptibility” being spelled incorrectly?

    For real though, love the content you put out, Stephanie!

  • Stephanie, do you think you could review this article and give me feedback on whether or not it seems accurate please? I want to make an effort to improve my body composition as soon as possible.

  • Stephanie, I feel very discouraged. I’m what’s called skinny fat. I really feel defeated, I don’t know how to approach or fix this. Can you please make a video on this. I’ve looked up other videos, but they make me feel discouraged. I know that your content is something that I can really trust.

  • Obesity is a choice. And in order to solve it and/or prevent it, discipline is needed. If you know your metabolism is weak and you gain weight easily, then don’t eat junk foods all the time. Only eat healthy foods and don’t eat large meals. Eat small portioned meals every 2-3 hours. Drink clean water. No drinks with sugars because sugar is your worst enemy. Either filter your own water or buy some fruits and make your own juice without any added sugar. Also, exercise regularly. Workout for AT LEAST 45 minutes. Anything less than that and you’re only burning 50 calories at most.

  • I’m not sure why people have commented so negatively. The documentary is not saying, “BPA is the only reason people are fat” or some weird excuse. It’s just saying this is one of several factors contributing to a large, recent spike in obesity. Of course you’re still in charge of what you eat and how much, of course weight gain is a result of eating more than your metabolism can cope with. It’s just saying there may be additional factors to explain the overall change in population.

  • Giiirl can i please be you? You are a doctor, stunningly beautiful, fit, succesfull on youtube and have such a cool personality too. You are awesome!

  • Japanese: go to Sushi Shin in Tai Hang for lunch Omakase best value for high end sushi (less than HKD500); Keyaki for skewers
    Chinese: Mott 32, Tsui Wah, Xiao Nan Guo, Maxim Palace, Tim Ho Wan, Hang Zhou Restaurant, Chiu Chow Garden; Xiao Yu Hotpot; As you like Chicken hotpot
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    Drinks: Sevva, Stockton, Bitters & Sweets, Please Don’t Tell, Lily & Bloom, Cassio

    Have fun!! PM me if you are looking for something specific and I’d love to help or show you around!

  • Is there a video talking about yourself? Sort of “100 facts about me” or something?
    I’m 18 and I’m in college. I’m studying biomedical engineering, and i feel like I dont have enough time to work out. I’ve been watching your videos and I’m amazed. You’re admirable, you’re such a brilliant girl.
    I hope you read my comment because I want to know more about you, specially I would like to know how to make time for everything. For having good grades, eat healthy, exercise, have fun, etc.
    I was looking for motivation and I have found it in you��….
    Greetings from Mexico girl!

  • I was going to call this bullshit thinking it was another Cas9 video. Sure, you can shock cells into expressing genes, I’m sure you can do things to cause acetylation and deacetylation, methylation changes too. I’m sure there are acetylation changes that can have secondary responses, sending mRNA to make the right aa proteins that cause expression modification at other sites, or rearranging the chromosomes. I’m more interested in TAL-TFs than exercising.

  • Thank you so much for this!! I really love your scientific approach to fitness. You really back it up with hard evidence. This was a very interesting topic!!

  • Thank you for the time and effort you put into this video. It was so informative�� Cannot wait to see what you get up to in Hong Kong��❤️

  • Your ancestors ate deer, goat, cow, fish once or twice a day and they fasted many times a year.

    But we eat sugar and starch and canola oil and chemicals 5 times a day and NEVER fast.

  • Hmm idk this whole docu seems like a big fat excuse….yeah some chemicals and haromones make u fat that way u got to consulant ur doctor and all these doesnt mean you dont eat alot.
    Most people think they dont eat alot and consider 1 week as sticking to their diet

    Just count cals and eat whole foods…its not that complicated

  • I’m competing in a Oahu regional science competition in February, with my main solo category being genetics and proteins. I saw at around 1:45 how there were heterozygous and homozygous combinations of alleles, I got super excited because now that I’ve spent so much time into researching, exercise science and anatomy isn’t my only strong subject. I just want to say that you’re a HUGE inspiration for me and I love your scientific work!❤️❤️ also I remember you mentioning in your PhD video you held multiple leadership positions for sports, what sports did you compete/do?

  • So question for any one who can answer: Epinegenetics (or however you spell that) does it change your own genes or just the ones you pass on to your children? because it sounds like these changes are being caused by chemical changes in your body. I only know high school level bio but for these chemical changes to only effect your children it sounds like these chemical changes only effect the DNA during Meiosis and not Mitosis which sounds unlikely to me. So does this mean we can change our own DNA by our life style choices?

  • This was super interesting! I really do appreciate that you included your sources. I’m studying nutrition and might use this information later in class. Thanks Stephanie!

  • Water assists in the processing of waste matter, food digestion, and maintenance of the body. Hubby and I are much lower carb in our cooking and eating, which has already shown benefits for him. He is diabetic, good A1C #s..but overweight and drinks water every chance he gets. It is part of an entire treatment regime. I, as his spouse am on board as well.The Flexi-touch, Tactile compression device, given us by the NY VA Hospital, which has excellent quality of care, sent a techie to the house to tutor/orient us in its proper use. We are now doing that 3x weekly. Along with a daily lower leg massage program on days when he does not use the Flexi device. We live in a building without an elevator, so he walks the stairs often, each day. And BTW our car is parked out of state, so husband uses his bike to get around. Every day, a little progress. Lymphedema warriors look ahead, not behind you!! And thanks, all.

  • Maybe there are environmental/chemical factors. Maybe not. If so, how are these chemicals making people fat. How? You neglected to say how. There’s no calories in said chemicals. Are you saying these chemicals are increasing a persons appetite? Regardless, the majority of overweight people can be traced back to basically the same thing: eating too much garbage food in huge portions and moving very little. Let’s just be honest. If all these fat people ate the way they should IN THE PROPORTIONS RECOMMENDED…they wouldn’t be overweight.

  • my siblings all look alike ( brown hair, brown eyes ) and are overweight, they all got the dominant gene from my dad, but i got the recessive gene ( blonde curly, thick hair and blue eyes ) from my mom, i’m a healthy weight and am very active and have an athletic body type and must of got a different metabolism or different genes because i used to eat the same exact way as them and gained no weight while they put on weight. guess i’m just lucky?

  • Some people just burn foods faster I guess. Me and my younger brother eat about the same amount of food around 3000-4000 kcal per day. But he’s 53 kgs @ 162cm and I’m 105kg @ 192cm.

  • Obesity is 100% genetics. Fat people almost never lose weight and if they do they regain their “normal” weight in just a few short months.

  • This at the start seems like an excuse I will write a second comment at the end. But if you don’t eat you can’t gain weight. A baby gains weight because the mom eats to much. I will follow back after to see if this changes my opinion.

  • True my dad was skinny and my mom fat and both worked hard in tire factories. We all ate the same meals every day. My mom was big boned and fat all her life. I took after my mom with large bones and large calves that I could never wear boots even when I was young and thinner. My pants had to be tailored because my legs were too big even though I only weighed 225 lbs and was 6′ 8 inches tall..

  • How about studying what all the people in your sample are eating rather than what their genes are? Obesity is a LIFESTYLE choice, not genetic.

  • Thank you i was seriously thinking this was another damn excuse people can use to demotivate people to workout since everyone wants to follow like sheeps

  • I love how a study comes out from the University of Michigan that basically says “yes, obesity has genetic links” and all of the people in the comment section are angrily thin/fitsplaining how the UoM and this woman is wrong, this woman who is a scientist and has an M.D. Ph.D, that is, who has studied this kind of thing for years and yet somehow she is wrong! So hilarious! Sorry but I am going to believe this scientist over these fatphobic thin/fitsplainers.

  • Many studies concluded that many factors weighed (no pun intended) in the current obesity crisis we are witnessing.

    Those studies determined there are 7 causes whom lead to obesity (eating habits, exercising, genetics, sleep, etc.). But, genes isn’t the sole problem here.

    Which explains why the obesity rate went from less than 3% to 42% in the USA in less than 75 years.

    I was a former obese (I’ve lost 100 pounds since) and you have to work on what lead to your weight gain.

    Sorry for my English mistakes.

  • Soon I vil be 17
    And I can’t believe hw I became so fat….I have a lot of thigh fat and bit Belly.
    I have been doing workout but it’s not working

  • Umm… Oxytocin is a chemical, not a gene. Love genes don’t turn on when you have oxytocin instead it just makes you feel like your in love soooo what’s oxytocin doing in a video about genes???

  • Wow Hi Dr Francis your By The way is My Lymphdema Dr… Its Nice To Hear you on YouTube ������.. Your very informing As Always with your insightful ideas and thoughts Ty So Much..but the surgery that I had Really didn’t take As well As I thought it would ����.. And yes I’ve gained 25 pounds but working to get those off.. I’M hoping to use the bar brush to help with massaging this Arm Down a Bit… Also Hoping for More Available Technology of Surgery would help with Ridding this swelling that would better help with this Arm..

  • Obesity is NOT a metabolic condition, otherwise we would see obesity rates like the ones we see in America, everywhere in the world.

  • This video makes a lot of very large claims that don’t present all the realistic variables of what might be causing those…wouldn’t say this is accurate

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video! Very interesting info! You are incredible. One of my fav youtube stars fo sho!

  • i guess i know why the chinese kid have night vision..
    because his mother (no offense) eats bugs.. and what you said in the video is the food effect us?! right, so i am sure that she ate bugs when she was pregnant of him.
    and.. no offense chinese people:) hehe…

  • As a scientist do you really think you can say any “question was answered”? Perhaps the phrase ‘that question was addressed’ would be more appropriate just a suggestion

  • I drive 20 km per day on my bicycle and it helps nothing. The more I ride, the thicker the leg gets.
    And how should someone put a compression sock on that even can’t put on a normal sock?

  • Well, I found this video interesting, but I believe that some genetic traits are passed  down by learning, and how one is raised and only physical traits are carried heavily. 

  • I have Lipo-Lymphedema, throughout my ENTIRE BODY!!
    I started with swelling in my right ankle, within 6 months I was 120lbs, had manual massage 3x/week, wore compression pantyhose, used the leg pump 2x/day, had the XP2 machine therapy, and I am now up-to 211lbs @ 4’11”!!
    I am disgusted and discouraged!! I have had 4 failed neck surgeries and severe venous insufficiency, and had 13 vein stripping procedures, I’ve had 6 blood clots and, May Thurners Syndrome with 3 stents, I have my ankles, knees, and hips have an amazing amount of pain, throughout my entire body, NOT ONE THING I HAVE USED TO HELP WITH MY LYMPHEDEMA AND SPENT $1,000’s on care, NOTHING HAS EVER HELPED ME N EVER!! especially co-pays, my current pain specialist tells me I have NO PAIN!! yet, my mobility is decreased, do to constant swelling and he keeps reducing my meds, telling me I do NOT need them!! Yet, I can barely walk!!
    I now have a broken foot with pins in my 2nd and 3rd toes sticking out and run to the middle of my foot, for absolutely NO apparent reason, is my foot broken!!
    I live a very lonely sad pitiful dark depressing solitude and mundane daily life with absolutely NO PURPOSE, not one Dr out of the 18 specialist I paid $45-/copay, in hopes of help, knew what one single Dr knew what to do for me, and was told 1. Why are you here
    2. Go on a diet and loose weight and you will be fine!!
    13%of Americans have this disease and 11% committed suicide from the pain alone! And, yet, I can’t find one damn Dr. Who can, will, or knows how to help me!
    All this study being done on rodents, what about the real human being that is suffering and a Lymphedema my pain Dr flat out refusing to treat my my lymphatic pain because he’s either way too ignorant, to lazy to educate himself, or just is Satan pretending to be God!! What’s the point anymore??
    I give up!!

  • Can you change your genetics too change your natural hair colour by turning down hair emuiline so when you have less emuiline in your hair and its switched of you become blonde or lighter? Or your eyecolor by turning of eye emuiline

  • Hi Stephanie! LOVE from Singapore! I am loving how you help break down scientific studies to bite size beneficial proven information for your viewers and I am learning so much from it! Currently blending fruits and veges are in such hype and there are many dichotomous opinions about it. I would love to get a clearer idea and understanding counting its calories and the limits to blending as a meal alternative. Have a good time in HK!! <3

  • So rich people are affected by rich peoples environments and Mexicans are adapted to Mexico and Americans are Epigenetically accustomed to America, where are the humans or animals adopted to the whole earth, and everynation Epigenetically?

  • everyone is capable or gaining and loosing weight. energy in and energy out. you know eating and being active. if it is true that they say its genetics. then why don’t we see pictures of fat Jewish people in concentration camps in Nazi Germany???? and before u say they were not being fed. they were being fed, just very little. but oh wait what about genetics??? lol

  • Okay i’m glad I read the comments before watching this. Thank y’all for saving 45 mins of my time:) Countless scientific studies have shown that eating unhealthily and not exercising causes weight gain, and doing the opposite results in weight loss for 99% (roughly) of the population (the other 1% may have serious health issues that mean they struggle to lose weight). Genetics and chemicals may play a small role, but truth is, it’s mainly the food, drink and exercise

  • Interesting how an increase in estrogen may be making us fatter, but it may also be having other effects on society. The raise of SJW in recent years, toxic masculinity, depression… Could this be having a greater impact on society than just on people’s weight?

  • Typically american, trying to find excuses as to why they’re fat when they’re eating out every day. Stop being lazy, stop junk food, stop eating from drive-thru. It’s not magic, it’s science.

  • I’m a PhD student doing research on mindsets for health behavior change. Just shared your video with my colleagues! Definitely goes to show that a “fixed mindset” when it comes to blaming genetics for obesity is unsupported. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!!

  • My opinion has not changed much I will agree that chemicals to assist in body weight but many of the studies were inconclusive. I side that we eat to many processed (nutrient) dense foods that taste good but digest fast encouraging over eating. But that is my opinion based from research and books that I have read. This data has proved true for me and changing my life style has caused weight loss for me.

  • Also notice how she says “obesity correlates with a lot of other metabolic diseases”…correlation isn’t always causation, just seems like a rookie thing to say

  • I think we are genetically predisposed to a certain level of propensity for food. I have 4 cats, all are happy to “come to eat”, but the black cat always “stops” eating after half a can of cat food.
    The fatter cat cannot have enough and she eats other cats’ food. Children who are not “picky” about food tend to become fat latter in life. So, in some ways, one can say that if you were in
    an environment where food is limited.(eg three plain food meals in jail), you would tend to be skinny.

  • Can you change your hair texture DNA by SURGERY like from 3A to 2A naturally and permanently even when you shave it to 0 when it grows it will stay 2A by surgery or other way?

  • What about phenotypes? I have too large of hips for my body, very course hair, and fat lose is hell for me. I’m just a jumble of discarded and undesirable genetics


  • Your english is so clear! I’m a brazilian learning english and i just love to see your videos over and over again cause i love how i can understand everything you’re talking about. Besides you, your boyfriend and your videos are just amazing! Love u ��

  • I’ve always wondered about this. I wonder if genetic information companies like 23 and Me have an ability to see if an individual has the FTO gene in their DNA. Gonna check that out now. Thank you for your videos! I am learning lots about health and nutrition, thanks to you!

  • Does subliminals change genes?
    i believe that, i hope its true..

    So hey, after 2 years i’m gonna say subliminals dont change dna, but visualization does (with emotion) but i used a subliminal audio with the sound of water (maybe made it faster or so?), i believed in it. I’ve been doing visualization for a while (first without the sublimnal) for my nose. Its smaller now. all you need to do is relax, if you want you can put a subliminal with soft music or maybe theta waves (or nothing) then you visualize yourself getting what you want, feel it as if its so true. And thats it! Do it untill full results. Its not a placibo, it a real thing. Believe, and Good luck.

  • Hey Stephanie! I just saw your video on your daily research experience and I just have some questions. I am currently a high school research and I have just begun to intern at a lab. I am participating in prostate cancer research and I was just wondering if you have some tips to help me adjust as I am just a mere high school student:( I obv don’t know as much so I am just wondering if you could give me some tips on netowrking and getting to know others in the lab!

  • I can’t stand wrapping. I’m okay for a short time but then pain sets in and gets so bad, equal to a 2nd degree burn or worse, that I end up tearing them off after a couple hours. I tolerate wearing my JuxtaFit for much longer periods, except when it’s hot and where I live, St. George, UT it’s usually in the triple digits from early June to early Sept. For two years in a row now, during these hot months I’ve developed cellulitis and last year I spent 5 days in the hospital with sepsis. My biggest problem for the past several months has been a leaking lymph wound on the back of my lower leg that suddenly, overnight started leaking so much I saturate double super absorbent abdominal pads 2-3 times a day.

    The other thing that happens with wrapping/compression is I immediately start getting these leaks through my skin. They start out clustered over a hand size area then then fill in until the entire field is one massive leaking wound. (where I am now).

    It’s hard for me to agree that compression is the Gold standard for treating Lymphedema when it causes me so much pain and leaves me with leaky wounds that won’t heal. I seem to get better results by just staying in bed or sitting with my feet up.

  • wow this was fascinating i always thought about this kind of stuff in my own theory’s but seeing that theres actual evidence of making your offspring stronger and healthier the stronger and healthier you are is awesome great video man

  • can you please tell me if birth control can make it harder to lose thigh fat?? my thigh fat is so stubborn and i don’t proportionately lose weight from my thighs….my waist is 22 inches and my thighs are 19″ and 20″……. so i basically have two of my torsos as my legs. PLEASE HELP im sad

  • I have 2 sisters both now in their mid thirties a year apart my mother fed them the same both ate the same portions yet one was really skinny and the other one chubby as a child teenager and adult. Trust me when the skinny one entered her teenage years she was even eating more than the chubby ones and still slimmer, I stand my it is mostly genetics

  • I really enjoyed this video a lot and I appreciate how you clearly display where your drawing your conclusions from. Sometimes other videos like these make assumptions without referencing their sources, but yours highlights the particular studies and research so it feels a lot more trustworthy and reliable.

  • My parents were fat, ate food common to the era, and were obese. I ate natural foods, exercised, and did not have HAVE THIS PROBLEM!

  • You can see in children the difference. My side of the family is pudgy but my husband’s side is thin. My children do not normally turn down food, ever. His (my step children) will happily go most of the day without eating or mentioning food. There’s definitely something in the brain that helps thin people to not desire food as much, or to be satisfied with much less. I’m not a scientists but it’s pretty obvious.

  • GMOs change your genes, more than ANYTHING else.
    Why the FUCK do none of you care about that?
    It’s so severe that Monsanto has gone to court several times to try and patent our genes, so that we would have to PAY to exist.
    Everything about gene mutations that you’ve said are IRRELEVANT.

  • YES DNEWS! Finally a mainstream science channel that is telling the truth about gene expression:D You become what you choose people 😉 Now check out the theory on Orchestrated Objective Reduction and report on that bad boy… enlighten the world!

  • everything has its effects. with that being said you got the mind controling the genes and the genes controling the possibilities..

  • why dont they check the vaccines they injected into babies before leaving hospitals im sure they hav that chemical as well maybe some react bad to it over time!

  • so basicly  “if you are mental or physical healthy you have higher chances of making healthier children?”  guess i really should quit smoking..well i dont have a wife..hmm well who needs a wife to make kids right? better be prepared

  • Women just have to work hard then men to lose weight because of are hormones. But it not impossible, it do suck that guys can lose weight faster then us. But i can get what this document trying to say. Definitely not a reason to not to be healthy.

  • Just so discouraged (and I’m usually a very optimistic person). I’m morbidly obese and as my Lymphedema progresses, it becomes harder to move. I watch what I eat, but can’t lose weight. My lung function is compromised after having a PE last year, and Sepsis due to Pneumonia several months ago. I WANT to be more active, but my legs feel weak and my lower back hurts (and my feet). I WANT to do things, but have a hard time with hurting so much, and having a hard time breathing with ‘too much’ walking due to damage to my lungs (I have bi-lateral Lymphedema in my legs). Just feel like I’ll never lose weight and get discouraged. And no, swimming/water exercises are not an option for me.

  • I am not sure there is anything revealing in this documentary, the existence of various chemicals able to influence our endocrine system, especially in pregnant women??Well nobody doubts that, but to suggest that suddenly the last two generations became morbidly obese due to these chemicals out of nowhere? I have yet to meet a fat person with right eating habits, mostly they are voracious eaters and consume huge portions of everything even “healthy” products, at the same time complaining about their weight, I mean watch Secret Eaters, if you have a normal diet with an occasional dessert even without exercising you won’t be obese, you won’t have a beautiful body shape but you are going to be fine weight wise… also there is an evolution factor, if you have say 10 generations of obese people most likely the babies will be born heavier too, they are getting a lot more nutrition and we are constantly adjusting and evolving…

  • Due to studying by setting on chair for long time, my legs have swelled and my belly volume also belly is like pear �� which I don’t absolutely like.its not painful, my legs are shiny and it’s in initial stages.
    If I didn’t do something about it then after 6 months I would look like a pregnant man
    Are pills sufficient to cure this disease, or do we need a combination of exercise and pills medicine.
    What about homeopathy, and other alternatives.
    What is the best way to cure it, is there a single way to cure it

  • I just watched a Video about the Methuselah gene and living for much longer etc by changing genes,  does it also mean that in the future people can just drink a ‘youth potion’ so to speak and change there genes that way or need an injection etc? how do scientist change genes on someone?

  • Hi Stephanie! I love your videos! I’m in a class right now called lifestyle genomics and it’s all about the influence of genetics on obesity. Other topics we’ve talked about is pre-natal nutrition and how the foods that the mother eats during pregnancy can affect the genes (epigenome) of the fetus (specifically methylation) and can influence the risk of obesity and obesity related disease of baby for the rest of their life. Another new research area about ECS (and CB1 receptor), which are derived from omega-6 fatty acids, and how they influence appetite is very interesting. In class we also talked about gut bacteria and how the types of food you eat affects the way you digest food and influences hormone secretion (would be really awesome if you could do a video on that).
    Love your video!!

  • I’ve had lymphedema
    For (8) years. It’s a very
    Difficult to manage,
    Sometimes my swelling
    Is very bad from the knees
    Up to my hips. I have a machine
    That I get in every day and wrap
    My leg’s and the swelling Still
    Comes. I get so emotional and
    Upset I just wish I didn’t have
    This problem my lymphedema
    Came from being over weight
    I had lost over 250 pounds and
    My body still swells!!!!! Please
    Pray for me and thanks in advance!!!!!

  • Soooooo happy i found you. Im a member now and can not wait to learn…lol…more. I know i can an will get better. Ty ty ty you guys rock.

  • Thanks for this video, you asked a few weeks or months ago about a video idea. I asked if you could make one about cortisol levels and how they can impact fat loss/gains. Not exactly brushing that specific topic but still very informative to me since I’ve al eww says been chubby as a child. Fat loss has always been a struggle for me. Anyway thanks for the video always really great science. Keep it up!

  • It may be at least in oarents’ training of the child; emotional eating is taught and is not necessarily eating for health and fueling the body.

  • Very good & informative video! I have Primary Lymphedema and have had 4 surgeries, 3 on my left leg & 1 on my right leg ( just recenlty Jan 24th 2018). I have to say that I notice the less I weigh the less lymphatic swelling I see. So it doesn’t just effect obese people persay. However if you have it & gain weight it will definitely effect you more & you will experience more lymphatic swelling. My normal weight is about 167 pds, I went into the hospital for my surgery & was very swollen by that time weighing 197 PDS within a couple months.

    I went to my post op appt 12 days later & weighed 183 pds, 14 pounds less. So I can say my surgery was successful so far & the swelling in my leg, foot & ankle has gone down significantly! Still have a little ways to go for healing but definitely looking forward to the remainder of the swelling to subside.

  • If that the case, most or all obese people would have lymphedema. They don’t. Slender people would not have lymphedema; but lymphedema afflicts slender people too.