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Keto diet suitability for people with cancer

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Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

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Dr. David Harper ‘Ketogenic Diets to Prevent and Treat Cancer (and maybe COVID19)’

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Keto and Cancer

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Since a ketogenic diet is a powerful weight loss tool, it may also help reduce the risk of cancer by fighting obesity. Bottom Line: The ketogenic diet reduces IGF-1. Li further explained, “But a ketogenic diet also triggers a chain reaction of at least three other cancer-fighting mechanisms. Less glucose means cells produce less IGF-1, a protein growth signal.

The keto diet helped women with ovarian cancer or endometrial lower insulin levels and lose weight. Researchers speculate that the keto diet will help deprive cancer cells of the glucose they use. Keto For Cancer: The Latest Research On Fighting Cancer With The Ketogenic Diet On September 30th the University of Cincinnati released an article detailing their latest clinical trial utilizing the ketogenic diet to fight a dangerous type of cancer.

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a malignant tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord. A ketogenic (keto) diet is a very high-fat, low-carbohydrate way of eating. It can help you lose weight by forcing your body to burn fat instead of carbs as its main source of energy. In recent.

Ketogenic diet advocates credit the ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) with being responsible for improving mitochondrial respiration. There is no evidence that a ketogenic diet protects against the development of cancer, and evidence for its benefits in cancer treatment is sparse and inconsistent. No single food can cure cancer, but some research has shown a link between the keto diet and slowed growth of some types of tumors in mice. A few studies in humans with certain types of brain tumors have also shown promise.

On the contrary, a very low-fat diet has been found to reduce risk of recurrence for certain types of breast cancer. The ketogenic diet has indeed been found to be effective as an adjunct treatment in the fight against cancer. In addition, several studies suggest that it may actually fight tumors and malignant cells on its own due to the unique metabolic and cellular effects of ketosis. Keto diet is closely monitored by a dietitian following the prescription from a physician.

Studies have also shown that following a ketogenic diet plan can help in the fight against cancer and cancer prevention. Keto diet plan is basically a strict major of drastically reducing intake of carbohydrate and replacing it with fat. Well, the theory is simple: If the cancer cells rely on sugar for growing and dividing, then take away the sugar and they should stop spreading. That’s the simple part.

The Ketogenic part of the diet takes the fight one step further.

List of related literature:

Characteristics of a cancer diet A. Low carbohydrate, high fat, additional omega-3 fatty acids, and arginine to help manage metabolic changes B. Tumor cells use carbohydrates for energy, so a food with limited carbohydrates may reduce tumor formation C. Cancer cachexia may be avoided by feeding a higher fat diet.

“Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book” by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
from Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book
by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Essentially, the ketogenic diet could not only fight cancer cells but also protect healthy cells from exposure during other treatment options!

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

In the committee’s judgment, any hypothetical increase in gastric cancer risk from high complex carbohydrate intake would be substantially less than the overall reduction in risk likely to occur with decreases in fat and nitrite intake and increases in vegetable and vitamin C consumption.

“Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk” by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Life Sciences, Committee on Diet and Health
from Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk
by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, et. al.
National Academies Press, 1989

They indicate that some foods might increase the risks of some cancers, while other nutrients might reduce the risks.21 One meta-analysis, for instance, concluded that a high intake of dietary fiber could significantly reduce the risk of ovarian cancer compared with a low fiber intake.22 2.

“Alternative Medicine: A Critical Assessment of 150 Modalities” by Edzard Ernst
from Alternative Medicine: A Critical Assessment of 150 Modalities
by Edzard Ernst
Springer International Publishing, 2019

A well-formulated ketogenic diet has an intense and fast effect on cancer.

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
from Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans
by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Research has demonstrated a clear link between diet and the incidence of cancer.

“The Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness” by Gregory L. Weiss
from The Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness
by Gregory L. Weiss
Taylor & Francis, 2017

To date, no randomized controlled trials have been carried out using the ketogenic diet for tumor therapy.

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
from Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach
by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
Wiley, 2014

Q) Fights cancer: Research has shown that there is a lower risk of some types of cancer among those people who maintain low-fat, high-fiber diets.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

Weakened cancer cells, deprived of their usual glucose diet and before they have started to break down the body’s fat and protein stores, should allow a normally functioning immune system to clear out the cancer cells and restore the person to health.

“Cancer and the New Biology of Water” by Thomas Cowan
from Cancer and the New Biology of Water
by Thomas Cowan
Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2019

This is the basis of exciting new research that suggests that ketogenic diets can even help in treating existing cancer cases.1 (We’ll talk more about ketogenic diets on here.)

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
from Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity
by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

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  • I’ve been keto carnivore for 6 yrs. Haven’t been sick at all. I walk 2 miles a day. Weather permitting. Even when it’s cold and snowing. I list 45 lbs. Kept it off. I’m going to be 73 next month. I feel 30

  • Dr. Harper: Can you share the keto diet in your trial? Are your patients tracking their GKI (glucose/ketone index)? My wife was diagnosed with MBC two years ago…

  • i turned down radiation. i had a benign meningioma (WHO grade II) partially removed almost 2 years ago with surgery. im killing the rest of it with nutritional ketosis, carvacrol, colloidal silver, CBD oil, and baking soda, those are the main things. without another MRI, i dont know if it’s working. so i read Pubmed articles, make every day count, and thank my Father above for every blessed day. thank you for this video

  • Great presentation. I’m in Vancouver and haven’t heard a peep on the news about this..��
    I’m betting a ketogenic diet would help stage 4 cancer patients INDEPENDENTLY from toxic chemotherapy but Dr. Harper cannot say this, otherwise he loses his funding? Pharma isn’t in business to lose customers to a free, natural, inexpensive food protocol!

  • At @ 13:36 the radioactive die is NOT going to the tumor in this example, If the example of the tumor is the bulge under the Left arm. He said it was. Wtf?

  • Cancer also feeds on lipids. Why do most “studies” have to be so one sided? https://www.fredhutch.org/en/news/center-news/2019/10/keto-fat-cancer-its-complicated.html, http://www.vib.be/en/news/Pages/Fat-fuels-the-road-to-cancer-cell-spread.aspx

  • Somebody asked why allopaths still suggest low fat high carb. That’s how they were…and still are… taught. Check out YouTube video”World Without Cancer””

  • I’ve learned that prostate cancer is one of the few cancers that likes keto diet where protein and fats are preferred and in doing so raises PSA. Learned in book How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland. Having to eat two opposite ways in our house. Frustrating. Anyone have a suggestion for diet for PCa survivor?

  • Have been strict carni/keto for over 3 years. I feel like im immune to everything. People around me get sick but I happen to never catch what they have.

  • I’ve been strict keto for over 2 years. I work in a restaurant. I get sick constantly. If something is going around, I catch it. Never noticed getting sick before keto. Also have extremely high ldl cholesterol and high trigs. Again, I am strict keto. Watch my macros. Wonder if the diet is a bad idea for some.

  • If you’re not already worn out by life and afflicted by fatal diseases, covid-19 is no threat. Time to tell the authorities where to shove their masks and quarantines and lockdowns.

  • test yourself for glucose AND insulin response.
    Diabetes and HYPERINSULUNEMIA…..
    Diabetes tracks glucose(common test OGTT)
    Hyperinsulinemia tracks Insulin…glucose numbers are ok…but not Insulin (less common test HOMA-IR)
    Both rooted from INSULIN RESISTANCE

  • I’m a type 1 diabetic and my wife got covid and I never caught it from her. She never wore a mask in the house and we slept in the same bed. I am on the keto diet for over 2 years. I haven’t been sick in over 2 years.

  • That’s a shit metaphor between gas and electric car, different animals, ketones are a super gas, think nitro methane more potent and clean burning.

  • Eating animals & trying to stave off cancer. What a joke. If you’re wanting to go keto, check Michael Greger’s series on it, & at least go plant-based keto. If it”s not the various health risks associated with meat/dairy that will get you, it’s the fact you’re being a huge prick by depriving an animal of life when you don’t have to. Karma will bite you in the ass.

  • I would fast and then do a modified ketogenic diet with no carbohydrates/vegetables and a lower protein content. I’d probably also take 2 deoxygluxose or 3 bromopyruvate. Look into it all and read the book Tripping over the Truth and the publication Cancer as a Metabolic Disease by Seyfried, PhD.

  • I do keto to lose weight then eat moderate I mean how I not eat fruit for the rest of my life which is so nutritious

    But in your case I understand of course hun really happy for you


  • Thank you for this information. It’s exciting to hear, and I am assuming that Dr. Seyfried is a part of the collaboration in some way, and I recently saw an interview with he and Dr. Mercola talking about using what he calls the “press-pulse” method with glutamine/glucose-inhibiting drugs, with a therapeutic KGD as the baseline. You all’s work has motivated me as a mere layperson to do my part in making the website http://www.dontfeedcancer.com in hopes of enlightening more minds. ������

  • But… BUT… if we PREVENT disease, obesity, etc… how will shareholders in Big Food and Big Pharma continue to profit???:(

    Is it really worth improving the lives of potentially billions of people if thousands of wealthy investors are made to suffer?

    Food for thought…:P

    “Satire Souffle”

  • I have to say,as a nurse of long experience,and doctors agree with me,that no-one can cure cancer with food of any kind.and this kind of video shouldnt be around.

  • I like how Dr. Harper include some political observations in his lecture, but I think he could go much further. The reality is, government “food guidelines”, school lunch programs, food stamp policies, USDA, CDC, FDA…are in no way associated with the health or benefit of the people, rather they are now used to insure profits for those who own the politicians. Regardless of how obvious the example, people don’t extrapolate that situation to the government as a whole. Far too many Americans buy into the right left paradigm, ignoring the reality that they are two sides of the same corrupt coin. Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Reagan…all should be in jail, not the white house, and the fact that we have such morally broken men leading us, says a lot about our system and who owns it. I say all this because the ONLY answer is self-reliance, learning how to be healthy, morally, spiritually…our well being is what is under attack, and has been for decades. Recently, here in DC, we had a BLM “protest”, they set fire to a church…If you know anything about the African American community here in DC, Churches are the last thing they would burn down. Wile Well Fargo puts up a banner supporting BLM, they charge the poor and disadvantaged (though disadvantage is a bit of a misnomer, few, save the 1% are actually “advantaged” anymore) 20% usury rates, a sin both morally and socially. Sorry for the long diatribe, but this video’s information exemplifies the separation between what is GOOD FOR US, versus what the government pushes which is killing us, and you think they don’t know this? This topic should be extrapolated to all fields: Buy local, home school, build local communities, volunteer for LOCAL organizations, get out of DEBT, stop spending frivolously, and eat smart.

  • I like how the Dr says, “especially sugar and high glycemic index foods”. I think it is important to make that distinction as to insure people can actually stay within these diets. Too pure of a diet leads to people’s inability to stay with the diet. Allowing in pasta and breads and other glucose producing foods is vitally important to any such diet being widely utilized and accepted. I use intermittent daily fasting, 16:8, 16 hours of fasting, 8 hours of eating, and that with the removal of most fructose and sucrose from my diet has returned me to my body form I enjoyed in my 20’s. I exercise lightly and walk, but diet seems to be the driving force in weight, far more than exercise.

  • Yes worked for my acne. I had a terrible case of hidradenitis suppurativa that would flare up every other day. I have had 0 outbreaks since keto.

  • You talk too fast. Also WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHEN YOU SAY “NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE”? Be specific. Or should I just ASSUME SOMETHING because you did not specify because REASONS?

  • I really hate that this is an advertisement. Your story is heroic and I wanted to share, but when it turned into an add, it lost all credibility for me. I’ve using liquid stevia with erythritol for years with fantastic results by the way. ��


  • Lay person here and just paused the talk to watch the nightly news. There was a story on cardio vascular disease with women. It said to avoid saturated fats, exercise and take the prescribed meds. Why are the cardio experts still saying to avoid saturated fats if this is not necessary?

  • I grew up in Africa with same kind of diet, spinach carrots pease pumpkin tomato papaya bananas guavas yam blueberries colored greens green and red peppers, just to Name a few then society call it poor, so I don’t understand

  • new study w/ cholesterol drug.. says Covid causes fat build up in lungs and this drug breaks down the fat.. SO if you are already a FAT burner (instead of sugar).. you don’t need drug to break it down.. your body is already doing it… or is that all too simple? Have I missed something? https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/news/study-fenofibrate-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR2m40Wz4KsaNpGb-8Ujo8fDCH0N0ou2SieZ075vh2TH8b8q-HGHE6Mvc14

  • Fantastic! Also try the oil that was given to Jesus. Frankincense kills the cancer cell from within. Praise Jesus this oil is amazing

  • So does this mean that if that Centrosaurus that was discovered to have had cancer should have been a carnivore instead of an herbivore?

  • I am keto adapted, although I’ve only been so for a month or two now. I was low carb for a few months before going full keto. I don’t know if you will believe me, but my food allergies have improved drastically, although maybe I should thank intermittent fasting for that. NOTHING makes me sick anymore. I don’t know if my allergies are completely gone because I haven’t been tested, and I probably won’t be getting tested again since I no longer have any symptoms from eating foods that I was previously tested allergic to.

  • I got married to my lovely husband for the past 6 years without conceiving and fibroid was the issue, i took different prescribed medication but could not cure it but my husband was so confident in me and kept encouraging me that one day someone would call me mother, we did not rest searching for solution from different Doctors all they could say was surgery and i was afraid of that then a friend in my office introduced me to Dr. Isah Johnson herbs medicine who sent his product to me which i took and it really worked perfectly, and my Doctor. confirmed me pregnant after 3weeks of taken his product. You can contact him on whats-app: +23465613964 or email [email protected] gmail.com

  • Just about two years of exclusively eating animal products, and this year has been strange, not one cold thus far and I normally have at least two. I want COVID-19 to never go away as it seems to keep me so healthy!

  • Not one severe case of covid in a patient under 75 has been found unless they were vitamin D deficient. And I think everyone on keto knows about D, while many people in the worst hit cities don’t. Compare the German cities and Rome, with the covid-cities! Quercetin, zinc, magnesium etc in the food do matter too. I have some star anise (Tamiflu) in my mouth now, and it works on bacteria and corona viruses too, but does wonders on dental health.

    See the links to the covid-vitamind-D studies in the description under my most watched video!

  • True story! My daughter and I started the keto diet one year ago, 50lbs. lost between the both of us. I promise you, we haven’t had a even a cold, yet.����

  • @ 8:23… She’s counting them under a microscope? Don’t you guys have any computer science department over there? Image analysis algorithms are quite easy, you can even train some AI to improve detection over time. Come on people, it’s XXI century!

  • Keto is not a treatment for cancer. Studies do not support the info in this video. Cancer will eat whatever you feed it just like the rest of your cells.
    Whole foods plant based, avoid animal products and processed foods, that is what the research supports.

  • Thank you so much! God bless! So glad the genetic component of cancer has been largely debunked! Both my parents died of cancer. They had different lifestyle from me. They both were heavy smokers and heavy drinkers, and consumed lots of carbs.

  • This doctor is definitely obese on the (RFM)scale, relative fat mass calculator. I know it because i’m much leaner and obese on it at 25.6. My BMI scale is 24, so i’ll stick with this lousy one. Anyone that’s muscular seems to be obese on any scale.��

  • Nothing but BS here. Why don’t people wake up and realise that MOST of these people in the medical industry have the WORST TRACK RECORD when it comes to curing/fixing anything. These doctors/pharmacies are nothing but business models that sell us CRAP that our bodies DONT NEED. Youtube is FULL OF DOCTORS trying to sells us a Fake Dream.

  • Thank you SO much for your wonderful video testimony! I was diagnosed with stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma last year, with tumors on the base of my tongue as well as in my neck lymph modes of nodes.

    I declined radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which was prescribed by prescribed, in favour of allowing my body to heal itself naturally.

    I initially started on a juice and raw food diet, but amazing as it is I’m really missing eating!

    As somone who was an indiscriminate comfort eater, the drastic u turn from that to mostly liquid juices is TOUGH indeed!

    Watching your video has piqued a glimmer of hope that, perhaps, I can incorporate some keto cooking into my diet along side juicing, raw food, and the various suppliments I take.

    I would be most grateful for the opportunity to connect further, and explore this new and exciting possible option for me.

    Or, indeed, if there are any others who read this comment and can possibly help, please reach out to me.

    Thank you kindly. ������

  • For years (>15yrs) I followed a keto-type diet and was healthy and happy and weight controlled. Recently I have developed IBS and multiple food chemical sensitivities. This has meant that my diet needed to change to reduce those symptoms. Now I’m stuck with a very limited range of, and number of foods that I can tolerate and have had to compromise on carbohydrates and include more in my diet, to avoid living off water and sunshine. What sensible advice can be offered here. Thanks

  • Fasting and ketogenic diet is the way to go, please start this lifestyle before you get cancer. Thanks for sharing your story, if it changes one life it is worth it. Sugary and carby will kill us all if you choose to eat the modern American diet.

  • How about “Chris beat cancer”? Yes what heals is fresh vegetables, greens and a plant-based diet wether it is high in fat or not. Nuts also have proven to protect against cancer.

  • Kinda disorganized talkyou waste a lot of time on simplistic garden and weedwhacker analogies, then blaze through your actual research without going into detail.

  • Except some sorts of cancer can feed of ketones just as well or even better than of glocose and are shown to get even more aggressive… There is no single solution for everything, unfortunately.

  • I watched this through tears of joy for you and sadness for those who did not get educated enough to do Keto and save their lives. I lost my dad recently to a disease that could have been treated if they caught it 10 years earlier instead of 2 years ago. I cannot look back, but move forward and live not just for me but live an extra long life for the years he missed out on. I tell my husband and my mother all the time, I will leave this earth on my terms, at a ripe oil age of 110 with perfect health. You are such an inspiration, I want so much to purchase some land and live off it, grow all my own fresh food and yes I love chickens and uh yes I love eating them too ��

  • Thank you for this video! I do buy Lakanto brand sweetners It’s because of videos like this that have brought Lakanto to my local Jewel food store so I no longer have to order through the internet.

  • This was great, I have been researching “ketogenic diet carb up” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Leviwiy Ketogenic Kaiserism (search on google )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

  • My immune system has been fantastic on 21 years of low-carb/keto. I’ve had only 3 colds or respiratory anythings since 2000. The last one was in 2015. I’m 64.

  • You don’t eat all these starchy veggies with a ketogenic diet, sugar is not the only thing, carbs are the problem, this is an advertisement for Lakanto.

  • Great information. But what EXACTLY does “keto-adapted” mean? Is there actual science behind this term, or is it generic for “being on keto”?

  • This will no doubt be of immense interest to you. Thailand Medical Supplements COVID-19
    Cancer Diet


    What we eat has a direct effect on the outcome of medical treatments such as chemotherapy thanks to the interplay between our diets and the microbes in our gut, new research from the University of Virginia has found.

    Common elements of our diets can both have positive and negative effects on drugs in terms of both their effectiveness and toxicity and even changes as small as the addition or removal of one amino acid can have a significant impact, researchers found. Doctors have long known that a patient’s diet can influence treatment, but the scientists were astonished to realize just how much difference small changes to diet can make.

    “The first time we observed that changing the microbe or adding a single amino acid to the diet could transform an innocuous dose of the drug into a highly toxic one, we couldn’t believe our eyes,” said Eyleen O’Rourke, PhD, of UVA’s College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Medicine’s Department of Cell Biology and the Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center. “Understanding, with molecular resolution, what was going on took sieving through hundreds of microbe and host genes. The answer was an astonishingly complex network of interactions between diet, microbe, drug and host.”

    The human body contains more than 1000 different species of microorganisms which play an active role in processing the food we eat and the nutrients we absorb. Changes in our diet influence the health of the microorganisms, which in turn influences how the nutrients in our food, or any other substance we ingest such as medicinal drugs, are absorbed into and used by the body.

  • It took me some time to realise that’s a commercial, therefore I see all of it’s content extremly critical. This whole story could easely be a hoax, it’s produced by a company and the only interest these usually have is making money.

  • Uhhh how is a keto diet going to starve cancer? Ketones feed cancer cells too you know.

    The main benefit imo of being keto is that you are eating a shit ton of veggies. Particularly cruciferous and allium family veggies have the most potent anti-cancer properties, with garlic being the number 1 and brussel sprouts at number 2.

  • Yes ketogenic is great for most cancers but I have discovered through a scientist who cured her own cancer cells and found ways of food and supplementing and off-label drugs that more than likely prostate cancer instead of eating sugar likes proteins like amino acids and fats not sugars as a first Resort. So try looking through how to starve cancer book by Jane McClelland and you will see ways of making the cancer go away with the different diets Etc. I wish that my husband could do the ketogenic diet but it raises the PSA is extremely high and so his diet is some fish low fat chicken turkey and green vegetables because you don’t want to do a lot of carbs either no sugars. Just want to let you know

  • As far as Covid 19 goes, it’s B12, Omega Threes, Melatonin, Mg, D3, Quercetin, Tagamet, etc. Cases in Point: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Ask your doctor if Melatonin is right for you.


    The Manila Doctors Hospital in the Philippines is the first in the world to try high-dose melatonin for high-risk COVID-19 patients. According to reports, several of the patients who were given the hormone already had adult respiratory distress syndrome prior to taking melatonin, but they all survived.

    High-dose melatonin and another drug, tocilizumab, reportedly help protect all body organs, especially the lungs, from the lethal effects of the novel coronavirus. Aside from the two, two other drugs, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, are also said to be game changers in the fight against COVID-19. These four drugs are not viricidal so they cannot kill the coronavirus, but they help the organs of the body withstand the virus.

    A cardiologist from the Philippines reported that her father survived COVID-19 after being given high-dose melatonin for three days. Her father was about to be intubated and hooked to a breathing machine because his pneumonia was getting worse. After being given high-dose melatonin for three days, however, his condition improved and nine days later, he was discharged.

    A recent review also supports the use of melatonin in combating COVID-19. A body infected with the novel coronavirus suffers from excessive inflammation, oxidation, and exaggerated immune responses, which contribute to acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Since melatonin is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating hormone, it is said to be protective against severe viral-induced diseases like SARS and COVID-19.

    Melatonin Covid-19


    COVID-19: Melatonin as a potential adjuvant treatment

    Rui Zhang, Xuebin Wang, […], and Russel J. Reiter

    Additional article information


    This article summarizes the likely benefits of melatonin in the attenuation of COVID-19 based on its putative pathogenesis. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has become a pandemic with tens of thousands of infected patients. Based on clinical features, pathology, the pathogenesis of acute respiratory disorder induced by either highly homogenous coronaviruses or other pathogens, the evidence suggests that excessive inflammation, oxidation, and an exaggerated immune response very likely contribute to COVID-19 pathology. 

    This leads to a cytokine storm and subsequent progression to acute lung injury (ALI)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and often death. Melatonin, a well-known anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative molecule, is protective against ALI/ARDS caused by viral and other pathogens. Melatonin is effective in critical care patients by reducing vessel permeability, anxiety, sedation use, and improving sleeping quality, which might also be beneficial for better clinical outcomes for COVID-19 patients. Notably, melatonin has a high safety profile. There is significant data showing that melatonin limits virus-related diseases and would also likely be beneficial in COVID-19 patients. Additional experiments and clinical studies are required to confirm this speculation.

    Keywords: COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Melatonin, Oxidation-reduction, Cytokines,

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Ask your doctor if Vitamin D is right for you. 


    Vitamin D and COVID-19

    Can taking Vitamin D save your life?

    Posted May 06, 2020

    Until medical scientists discover an effective vaccine or treatment for COVID-19, prevention is the best defense. Medical scientists tell us that frequent hand washing, wearing a face mask when in public places, and social distancing are important preventive measures. A less discussed preventive measure, however, is the fact that having a robust Vitamin D level may play a significant role in preventing COVID-19. Recently, a string of studies have identified Vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor for the disease.

    A recent report from the Philippines found that in patients infected with COVID-19, the patient’s level of Vitamin D was significantly associated with clinical outcomes. Vitamin D deficiency was associated with a higher level of death from the disease. And a new study by researchers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Trust and the University of East Anglia in the UK prompted the authors to advise that vitamin D supplementation could protect against respiratory infections like COVID-19. Similarly, a recent study from Switzerland led researchers to “advise Vitamin D supplementation to protect against SARS-CoV2 infection.”  


    BREAKING! COVID-19 Supplements: US Study Finds That Resolvins From Omega-3 Fatty Acids Could Prevent COVID-19 Cytokine Storms

    Source: COVID-19 Supplements  May 13, 2020  15 days ago

    COVID-19 Supplements:  Medical researchers from the Harvard Medical School, University of California-Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University and Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle have discovered that chemical molecules called resolvins which are a type of novel endogenous specialized pro-resolving lipid autacoid mediators (SPMs) could help prevent the cytokine storms caused by the COVID-19 disease.

    Resolvins are specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) derived from omega-3 fatty acids, primarily eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), as well as docosapentaenoic acid (DPA) and clupanodonic acid.


    The research was published in the journal journal Cancer & Metastasis Reviews and the study was led by Assistant Professor Dr Dipak Panigrahy and Dr Molly Gilligan, both from Harvard Medical School. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10555-020-09889-4


    The researchers studied the human body’s robust inflammatory response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is now recognized as a hallmark symptom and observed that severe COVID-19 illness can result in excessive inflammation throughout the body, including the lungs, heart and brain.

  • Wow this can be harmful to people. Yes cancer cells feed on sugar, juste like ANY OTHER CELL in your body.
    You know on what they can feed on too? Ketones:
    So saying that a keto diet will save you from cancer because the cancer cannot feed on ketones is just a big fat lie

  • Cancer feeds on glucose & glutamine…
    Patients are injected with (fluorodeoxyGLUCOSE) for a standard PET scan……
    and Dr Fine here is excited by potential biomarker 18F-KB, a GLUTAMINE based tracer marker…
    These are university educated “doctors”!?.. These idiots needs to sit in on Dr Thomas Seyfrieds lectures.

  • I am currently on week 2 of my tumor removal recover. And found you video and was excited to watch,I am currently on keto. thank you it gives me some hope

  • You could inform the patients what kind of diet they are supposed to be eating so that when they see items that shouldn’t be on their grocery list they can use their own brains to correct the error. They could also use keto stix to test their urine and make sure they were on track. Going to look for an update on this study now..

  • Many times the answers to the most complex questions lie in the most simplest solutions. The modern diet is the root cause of many ailments…and the drugs thrown at those ailments just mask the symptoms but never cure you. Anyway, great talk Dr. Harper!!

  • Humans should finally get off the sugar. I’m lucky i didn’t get cancer but i got GERB to the point i felt i was choking every day for almost a year and had crushing chest pain for year and half.Not to mention i had diarrhea al my life 10-12 times a day that gastroenterologists coldn’t figure out why is there since every test was negative (and in my 36 years i had 6 colonoscopies and 10 gastroscopies).Apsolute low carb and heavy animal protein and fat diet got me off the meds i had to take almost all my life,finally i have one to two solid bowel movements a day and am pain free. Never stop your diet, never start to eat sugar. Get the word out and be healthy human on a species appropriate diet.

  • Alison, you made a terrific video and you look great! Thank you for sharing your journey and insights about cancer, diet and your road to successful victory. The farm you live and work on looks like paradise too. God bless you.

  • wow u are so amazing, yes cancer loves sugar, thank u so much for sharing yr lovely story, wow u have done so well, what a strong women u are, god bless u, wish u all the best

  • Dr. Seyfried, Dr. D’Agostino, Dr. Berg, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Dr. Otto Warburg… Research all of these people, the Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting will be your “only” chance, as ALL cancer is a Metabolic Disease!

  • It seems like the virus is turning out to be overblown but when I had it I fasted and it was over very quickly. Low carb would have the same effect just not as dramatic.
    Some of the many benefits of fasting on the immune system, blood pressure, blood sugar and anti-aging, all backed up by clinical data:
    Blood pressure is quickly and dramatically lowered, which is very important for a good outcome with the current pandemic.
    Blood clotting is reduced and blood clots and arterial plague are absorbed into the body.
    Vitamin D plasma levels are increased, and vitamin D in turn increases autophagy!
    Blood sugar and insulin are lowered, allowing white blood cells to move more freely throughout the body and do their job. Ideal blood sugar is around 80. Some viruses activate glycolosis (the release of sugar in the body) and clinically it has been shown that decreasing glucose metabolism in the body weakens the influenza virus.

    The hormone Leptin is an immunomodulator that keeps the body from attacking itself and obesity causes lepti resistance. Fasting very quickly reduces leptin resistance and leptin levels and one day of fasting can cut your leptin levels in half and gets your immune system working properly again!

    When you move out of MTOR your body shuts down the building blocks of the cell which are used to produce organelles and proteins. This means the mechanisms needed by viruses to replicate are by and large unavailable when you are in a deeply fasted state.

    It stimulates the AMPK complex and activates autophagy. Autophagy (literally self eating) will cause cells to recycle foreign matter such as viruses and kill cancerous and senescent cells. AMPK does many helpful things in the body including activating the body’s antioxidant defenses.

    Deep ketosis virtually eliminates inflammation in the body. This can offset the life threatening symptoms of viral pneumonia which effectively kills you through inflammation. This also creates BHB ketones in your body, which also help your immune system and anti-oxidative system, especially in the brain. Ketones also provide an additional energy source during infection, which is critical when trying to fight off a bug. In fact you can have as much as three times the total energy available in your blood when you are in deep ketosis, or even more.

    It increases mitochondrial function and repairs mitichondrial DNA, leading to improved ATP production and oxygen efficiency and thereby making cells better able to fight off infection. Increased mitochondrial function also has the added benefit of increasing your metabolism and cancer prevention!

    Your body releases interferon which is also triggered by the body during viral attacks to shut down the replication ability of the surrounding cells and stop infections.

    After 72 hours or more fasted, your body actually recycles large numbers of immune bodies and creates new ones, rejuvenating your entire system.

    When you fast, this stimulates apoptosis in senescent or genetically damaged cells. This kills these cells off completely. Senescent cells are responsible for the effects of aging and are the root cause of the development of cancer. If it were possible to destroy them all it would completely stop aging and cancer. That is not possible but fasting can help limit these effects by killing off many of the affected cells and limiting the future effects of aging.

    Fasting also releases BDNF and NGF in the blood which stimulates new nerve and brain cell growth, helping a great deal with diseases like MS, peripheral neuropathy and Alzheimers.

    Eating one meal a day can bring most of these benefits to a lesser degree, and adding a few entire days off from eating per week will have even more effect especially when starting to feel poorly.

    Children, pregnant or nursing women should not fast for periods longer than 16 hours. People with pancreatic tumors or hypoglycemia generally cannot fast at all. Type 1 diabetics can also fast but it is more complicated and should be approached with caution. People with Addison’s disease may also be unable to fast depending on severity. If you experience extreme symptoms of some kind, especially dizziness then simply break the fast and seek advice.



    Wear a mask:

  • Yep… been on Keto since Jan 2017 and I’ve had 3 colds, no flu, and 2 of the 3 colds were very brief and mild (like 3 or 4 days), just one lasted over a week. All three colds occurred after I ate a big sugar blob… the bad cold was after eating a huge piece of chocolate cake for dessert after a steak at a steak house. I used to get 4-5 colds per year. If Keto / Carnivore did nothing else than keep me from getting colds, I’d be doing it. I HATE having a cold!

  • You can beat cancer plant base too you can’t deprive food eat whole plant foods and also stress plays a role in cancer. Not just diet… dairy and too much red meat �� can cause inflammation in the body sugar in fruits are not the same fruits in white sugar your eating fresh veggies and fruits that is probably the reason you healed not bc of carbs and fat

  • Hey everyone understand though this is labeled a ketogenic diet UNDERSTAND AND SEE how it stems from eating WHOLE not processed foods that were fully organic!!! That’s what you need to base your diet on for almost every sickness in this case obviously she avoided high glucose foods but you see it still goes back to not having sugar which is a processed form of literal death. The key is real food everyone that’s what we were MEANT to eat

  • 1 patient in trial..? Didnt even instruct her right to have body in ketosis. Why are you even talking then. You messed up you’re own study and made it seem like the patient got worse 3 weeks later. Wtf!

  • avocado is good for ovarian cancer, it take 9 months to have baby in your ovaries and it take 9 month for avocado to grow, God show u what to eat already

  • I had 4 dead cancer cells if all of them are dead then I wod of had cancer so I gave up drinking and smoking also change my eating habits now my dead cells have gone

  • Seems like a great guy to have on your side. I am 67 and so glad I discovered the keto diet and intermittent fasting. I lost 30 libs. in 3 months and am very glad to not be on any meds. I ate pretty well before Keto but gained weight every year from too many health food carbs…I now have learned way more about nutrition..no omega 6 oils, only grass fed eggs, butter, and some meats. Lots of salad greens and avocados! I am keeping my carbs at 20grams. I was never insulin resistant, but do have arthritis from past injuries which I hope the fasting and continued keto diet will clear out with autophagy. It was not my dream to be in pain, on meds, and have other ills because of a poor diet. I still have decades to live. My daughter and grandkids eat pretty close to Keto and are healthy so that makes me happy!

  • Stupid.
    Why would I ask a question if I know the answer? If I know the answer, it is a RHETORICAL QUESTION. Rhetorical questions don’t require answers. As such, there is question as to whether RHETORICAL QUESTIONS are questions at all…

  • Hi,how can i get more information,or help,or guidance about this diet,i have been diagnosed with bladder tumors, since 1 year ago,since 3 surgeries 1 treatment and a few months ago dr found again wanted to do surgery and another treatment,i did not do it,i have changed my diet,organic etc but would like more inf on how,which foods more specific to fight this and of course believing God,please i would like some guidance! Thank you!

  • Cancer cells can use glucose, fructose, ketones, lactate, fatty acids and some amino acids as fuel sources.

    Ketones and lactate “fuel” tumor growth and metastasis


    “Ketones are a “super-fuel” for mitochondria, producing more energy than lactate and simultaneously decreasing oxygen consumption.15–17” “So, just as ketones are a “super-fuel” under conditions of ischemia in the heart and in the brain, they could fulfill a similar function during tumorigenesis, as the hypoxic tumor exceeds its blood supply. Stromal ketone production could obviate the need for tumor angiogenesis. Once ketones are produced and released from stromal cells, they could then be re-utilized by epithelial cancer cells, where they could directly enter the TCA cycle, just like lactate. In this sense, ketones are a more powerful mitochondrial fuel, as compared with lactate.” “Similarly, acute fasting in rodent animal models is also sufficient to dramatically increase tumor growth.22 Both of these experimental conditions (diabetes and fasting/starvation) are known to be highly ketogenic and, thus, are consistent with our current hypothesis that ketone production
    fuels tumor growth. Finally, given our current findings that ketones increase tumor growth, cancer patients and their dieticians may want to re-consider the use of a “ketogenic diet” as a form of anti-cancer therapy.”

    Ketone body utilization drives tumor growth and metastasis


    “Thus, the tumor stroma may serve as a reservoir for ketone body production, while cancer cells upregulate the enzymes required for ketone body re-utilization, driving oxidative mitochondrial metabolism (OXPHOS) in epithelial cancer cells (Fig. 9). To prevent this form of “two-compartment tumor metabolism,” ketone inhibitors should be designed to halt ketone body production in cancer-associated fibroblasts and ketone body re-utilization in epithelial cancer cells. This simple strategy could effectively starve cancer cells to death by “cutting off their fuel supply.” Finally, it is worth noting that ketogenic fibroblasts were more prone to a loss of stromal Cav-1 expression. In breast cancer patients, a loss of stromal Cav-1 expression is associated with increased tumor recurrence, metastasis, drug resistance and overall poor clinical outcome.10-13 Thus, stromal Cav-1 could be used as a biomarker to select patients that would be more likely to benefit from therapy with ketone inhibitors, allowing biomarker-based treatment stratification and personalized cancer therapy.”

    Ketone bodies and two-compartment tumor metabolism


    “We have previously suggested that ketone body metabolism is critical for tumor progression and metastasis. Here, using a co-culture system employing human breast cancer cells (MCF7) and hTERT-immortalized fibroblasts, we provide new evidence to directly support this hypothesis. More specifically, we show that the enzymes required for ketone body production are highly upregulated within cancer-associated fibroblasts. This appears to be mechanistically controlled by the stromal expression of caveolin-1 (Cav-1) and/or serum starvation. In addition, treatment with ketone bodies (such as 3-hydroxy-butyrate, and/or butanediol) is sufficient to drive mitochondrial biogenesis in human breast cancer cells. This observation was also validated by unbiased proteomic analysis. Interestingly, an MCT1 inhibitor was sufficient to block the onset of mitochondrial biogenesis in human breast cancer cells, suggesting a possible avenue for anticancer therapy. Finally, using human breast cancer tumor samples, we directly confirmed that the enzymes associated with ketone body production (HMGCS2, HMGCL and BDH1) were preferentially expressed in the tumor stroma. Conversely, enzymes associated with ketone re-utilization (ACAT1) and mitochondrial biogenesis (HSP60) were selectively associated with the epithelial tumor cell compartment. Our current findings are consistent with the “two-compartment tumor metabolism” model. Furthermore, they suggest that we should target ketone body metabolism as a new area for drug discovery, for the prevention and treatment of human cancers.”