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As long as you eat fewer calories than you burn, you should lose weight. The logic is sound for most healthy adults, but we can also take that logic too far. In the case of healthy, sustainable weight loss, more restriction doesn’t always lead to better weight loss. In fact, regularly eating too few calories can put you at risk of malnutrition, resulting in unhealthy weight loss and nutrient deficiencies. Low energy A fast metabolism promotes weight loss, but this can’t be achieved without energy.

Indeed, metabolism regulates the energy in the body by transforming the calories that are found in the food into energy. Therefore, by skipping meals, you do not give enough energy to the body to process the food, and it does not make you skinny. 3 Reasons Why Undereating Is a Bad Idea (and Won’t Actually Help You Lose Weight) For most of us, consistently eating less than the calorie minimum is a bad idea because it leads to a: Slower metabolism and lousy side effects.

Slower metabolism. With too few calories in your system day after day, your body learns to live with less and it does this by slowing down your metabolism. What’s even worse is you stop losing weight too! You may feel sluggish and irritable on your low calorie diet.

Why Undereating Won’t Actually Help You Lose Weight. Published April 12, 2016 | By DoDASHDiet. When I was was restricting calories with the DASH diet to lose weight, I started with a daily limit of 1300/cals per day. Any less than this and I found myself growing dizzy at times, moody and not always thinking clearly. As I grew lighter.

3 Reasons Why Under eating Is a Bad Idea (and Won’t Actually Help You Lose Weight) For most of us, consistently eating less than the calorie minimum is a bad idea because it leads to a: 1. Slower metabolism and lousy side effects. Why Undereating Won’t Actually Help You Lose Weight. January 23, 2017. Five Ways Mindful Eating Can Help You Lose Weight 5 Drinks that Can Help You Lose Weight 7 Habits that can Help You Lose Weight Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. I still frequently see clients who chronically undereat, usually because they’re trying to lose weight, and they often panic at the thought of eating more. But the truth is, eating less than it takes to support your body’s healthy tissue can actually cause you to hang onto body fat for two key reasons. Everyone knows that to lose weight you must become hypocaloric that is, you must consume fewer calories in a day than your body needs to maintain.

The hypocaloric state could be thought of as a form of “undereating.” You are eating under what you need to maintain. Not only is there nothing wrong with this. So many people think that by under-eating they will lose weight and feel better. This is never what happens. Although you might lose some weight, not you are losing the best weight loss/fat loss ingredient the body has, and that is valuable muscle.

If we don’t feed our body we lose muscle and strength.

List of related literature:

remember Water In addition to lowering the energy density of foods, water seems to help those who are trying to lose or maintain weight.78 For one, foods with high water content (such as broth-based soups) increase fullness, reduce hunger, and consequently reduce energy intake.

“Understanding Nutrition” by Eleanor Noss Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes
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Decreased nutrient intake in aging because of decreased appetite, lower metabolic rate, and diminished energy output also produces weight loss.

“Foundations and Adult Health Nursing E-Book” by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
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remember Water In addition to lowering the energy density of foods, water seems to help those who are trying to lose or maintain weight.63 For one, foods with high water content (such as broth-based soups) increase fullness, reduce hunger, and consequently reduce energy intake.

“Understanding Nutrition” by Eleanor Noss Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes
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For example, increasing exercise activity may seem to be a simple way to increase energy expenditure to lose weight, but the resulting energy deficit may in turn cause an increase in appetite leading to an increase in food intake.

“Nutrition for Sport and Exercise” by Marie Dunford, J. Andrew Doyle
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Diets that rely on unrefined carbohydrates are high in fiber and aid weight loss because they increase the sense of fullness by adding bulk and slowing digestion, allowing you to feel satisfied with less food.28 Weight loss is caused by a reduction in energy intake relative to expenditure.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
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Because lean tissue is more metabolically active than fat tissue, increasinglean tissue contributes to the maintenance of a higher BMR during weight loss.

“Canine and Feline Nutrition E-Book: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals” by Linda P. Case, Leighann Daristotle, Michael G. Hayek, Melody Foess Raasch
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If you find a worsening of a skin condition, or increase in pain levels, or gut issues, this food may be telling you something, and may also be the root cause of stopping weight loss because of all the inflammation it is causing in the body.

“The Gut Makeover: 4 Weeks to Nourish Your Gut, Revolutionize Your Health, and Lose Weight” by Jeannette Hyde
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Because of the metabolic slowing and increased appetite that accompany weight loss, sustained weight loss requires a persistent calorie deficit of three hundred to five hundred calories a day,4346 which can be accomplished without reducing portion sizes just by lowering the calorie density of meals.

“How Not to Diet: The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss” by Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM
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Because calorierestrictive diets do nothing to increase active tissue mass, your metabolic rate remains unchanged or declines, leaving you predisposed to regain the weight you lost—and often more—as soon as you resume normal eating.

“Eat Right 4 Your Type (Revised and Updated): The Individualized Blood Type Diet Solution” by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, Catherine Whitney
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Because thyroid hormone is needed for fat loss, that’s why.

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  • I have experimented with lots of weightloss programs already but not one of them provided me the final results just like I acquired out of this method. I don’t feel jittery or maybe feel a crash, I am also not as starving as I used to. I have get rid of about 15 pounds ever since using this item. Find a right guide is not easy, you can discover on Google. Weight program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • Walking up the steps use to be such a good workout when I weighed 800LBS. Why dont I get the same pump from doing it now im 200LBS?.. you dumb

  • so how do i fix my ”damaged” metabolism without gaining weight?
    i enjoy you’re funny persona btw, i was laughung even tho im sad atm lol

  • Yes I to had been stuck on 130kg for 3 weeks after losing 5kg in the first week which I know now was water weight and have been going to the gym x4 a week and I also thought that decreasing my calories would help but man was I wrong I went for 1500 calories to 2500 and in 2 days I am now at 128kg I couldn’t believe that eating more calories actually bought the numbers down… it was more of a mental thing for me but I thought stuff it I’ve tried it my way and it was very frustrating why not? Can happily say that I am on the right path now and always feeling full is better then always hungry lol help this advice helps someone in the same situation…keep up the grind fam

  • December 2018 I was 330 lbs. I drank 2 liters of soda everyday, Jack In the Box, Taco Bell at least 6 times a week with frozen tv dinner type foods on the side. I cut everything out except a healthy protein, berries and vegetables. I also stayed consistent with a 20 hour fast. 1200-1500 calories on a daily bases. I currently weight 252 lbs. Just eat clean, be in a calorie deficit and you are good. Trust the process

  • Hi Colin, I know you are talking about reverse dieting but what are your thoughts oh carb cycling for fat loss and to maintain muscle. I think you did a video on this a little while back in regards to carb cycling but I can’t find it.

  • Literally I had plantain and popcorn today. And then I ate noodles (630 calories ��) with chicken. I think I eat around 1200 calories a day but I’m not losing weight, just feeling like shit

  • That the “% of people who were sufficiently active increased” at the same time that the % of obese increased does not imply they were largely the same people. I’m not pointing that to counter the notion that “exercise is not the key”, the logic just seems faulty to me. You could even have a considerable overlap in these groups, and they would be somewhat healthier than if they were just obese.

  • This video was soooo informative! After 3 years of dieting (and loosing 80 pounds the first 2 years) I have been at a plateau for the last year and and ALWAYS ALWAYS Starving… Even as soon as I have finished a meal, I am hungry and I can safely say I never get full anymore…. Also…. the constipation… I go 3/4 days without going and I eat A TON of vegetables…

  • I know that people lose the weight but my thing is that how does your body get to burn those calories from years ago when your constantly eating food into your body on top of the fat you need to lose.im just wondering how it actually works because everybody says that the only way to lose that actual body fat on you is to exercise and burn off all those calories even exercising in a fasted state and that exercise targets body fat and burn it

  • Minnesota’s Starvation Experiment does not apply to bodybuilding for 3 reasons:
    1) Their diet was shit, 1600 kcal of pure CH (potatoes, macaroni, bread), no fats, no protein, so they lost a ton of musle. Also no fats so their hormonal profile became awful.
    2) They didn’t train their muscles, so they lost a ton of muscle.
    3) A lot of them were already in low fat % (the more fat you have, the less your metabolism slows down)
    A normal human being, eating 1500 kcal of a good diet, with proteins, fats and CH, and training strenght may have metabolic damage, sure, but not 20%

  • We all know that calorie reduction is not the only key to weight loss…activity raises metabolism and in effect helps burn calories more effectively. Also, there is a definite difference between activity and exercise.

  • I find this interesting because i have found the most success for weight loss with daily walking/cycling. Eating a healthy diet with a calorie deficit has only kept me stable at about 15-20lbs overweight. I understand that not everyone’s body works the same so I accept I am likely an odd case.

  • It would be a waste for you not to get rid of body fat while other normal people are capable to slim down quickly using Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several unbelivable things about it and my work buddy lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • Adding oils and condiments to my calorie count made a huge difference I was consuming a lot more calories than I originally thought

  • 99% of weight loss programs and 99% of people who try to lose weight are both unsuccessful. Reducing calories reduces metabolism, therefore, less weight loss. Exercise doesn’t contribute to weight loss. So, what’s the answer to weight loss?
    Where is the proof and statistics of preparing your own meals reduces weight?
    Has anyone tried Fasting? Ronald McDonald and my doctors don’t recommend Fasting.

  • A thin person to my obese brother: You need to eat less. Exercise dosent matter.
    Ten minutes later my brother said he walked 13 miles moving furniture at work that day.
    Thin person: No you didn’t, I don’t believe you.
    It’s like, did you not just admit that you understand exercise dosent make you thin??? Why don’t you believe he gets a lot of exercise!

  • What you said about Michelle Obama isn’t true. The majority of her campaign on children’s health deals with children’s consumption of healthier foods, you see her in gardens planting vegetables telling them to eat better, not join a gym. Do I have to mention the drastic changes made on what the schools have been allowed to serve kids for lunch and breakfast?

  • Well fuck, looks like the most important thing I have to exercise is self control…
    But seriously, I don’t have my teenage metabolism anymore, time to be responsible…

  • As someone who wants to lose 10 pounds purely just for vanity purposes but is also lazy and HATES exercising, I love the fact that exercise isn’t needed lol

  • Exercice helps a better metabolism,it has mental effects too! if u eat balanced and healthy a variated exercise plan works for weight loss!!

  • Came literally at exactly the right time. Been tryna shed weight now and lost weight last week but this week weigh exactly the same and I was disappointed. Thanks for this one man, always quality info delivered in such a friendly and understandable way.

  • Thanks for this video! I’m staying under 1200 calories a day and exercising 6/7 days a week. Not losing weight and really appreciate this video. God bless you!

  • I don’t think the advice to simply make your diet gradually healthier can affect weight more than excercise. I wasn’t drinking any sodas, ate mostly home made food, yet my weight was increasing. For the past half a year I’ve managed to reduce my weight by time restricting my eating. But keeping this regime is not easy at times I feel like I’m starving. I think video did not stress enough that losing weight by dieting requires your calorie intake to be on discomfortabily low level.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern day fad diets. Extreme diet plans are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritional intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to check out Custokebon Secrets on google as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • This is infuriating. Studies like these grossly over simplify the concept of fat loss. As a personal trainer for 10 years, I can attest that most people don’t understand their goals. When people want to lose weight, 100% of the time they want to look more compositionally appealing. The lack of understanding of muscle tone and fat percentage combined with skin quality and hair quality the proper macros, minerals, and micro nutrients, is profound. Nothing in the studies are new. It has always been easier to cut back on food then to work out. But the goal is never actually weight-loss, so this information is for no one. It is most definitely a better idea to gain 2/3 of your calorie deficit from exercise for any compositional or health goals. Sure, it looks a little bit like “mom said because”, when you put everything on exercise, but it’s hard enough to get people to exercise the way they should without giving them an arsenal of information that they’re only going to misinterpret.

  • I am doing1900 calories per day while I am 78kg and I dont lose weight I have 140g carbs per day 150g protein and the rest is fat, and I stopped losing weight i dont know why nothing changed.

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) I have heard several amazing things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • Could this be applied to Skinny fat? I’m 183cm, 77kg eating 1500 cals per day, I’ve been down as low as 74kg but I still had belly fat, skinny all over but with a belly at around 19% bf, Currently at approx 22%bf. I am at the stage where I think dieting is pointless. Although I have high BF I think I need to eat more calories to change my body composition, cutting isn’t doing it.

  • exercise isn’t going to cut all of your weight that pretty fair to say. but it is helpful to do it. I mean nowadays you have people spends 2-5 or more hows on their phones and games. it really about a balance between your social life and your will to live healthier. also, why didn’t you touch on the obesity epidemic? 30% of the world is obese that number was far smaller 100 years ago, and i wonder why. people are lazy stop complaining about exercise get off twitter, facebook, instagram, and go live a better life.

  • I can’t eat much more due to my binge eating habits from my bulimia, however I can confirm these. When I was anorexic I suffered all of these. Constant stress, constantly hungry (except it was more delayed which is why I became bulimic and started binge eating), always tired, always cold (still am to an extent), hair fell out in clumps, and I could never properly use the restroom. Terrible way to live.

  • Personally, I think whether diet or exercise works better at maintaining/obtaining one’s desired weight depends on the individual.

    I used to use exercise quite successfully to lose body fat, gain lean mass, or maintain my body composition, but after I had an accident that left me with chronic pain exercise has not been very accessible, and although now I am trying to use caloric intake I find it difficult limiting my consumption. I very much miss the days of long/hard bike rides, swims, and trail hikes/runs and validating that second teriyaki salmon burger for dinner or two pieces of guilt-free cheesecake for dessert!

    I think your video should’ve also pointed out that many people who look at how many calories they burn during exercise are NOT evaluating that number properly; they really should subtract out how many calories they would’ve burned if they didn’t do that exercise!

  • I’m kind of ‘recovering’ from heavy calorie restriction. It all started when I gained weight at the age of ten, I am a diabetic type one since I was four and I was resistant to a certain insulin I was injecting at that time. There was a point were it was such a high amount that the injections couldn’t be filled with enough insulin for me. I needed five full injections, normal kids at my age and weight needed a half injection. It was crazy and no doctor cared, it went on for almost three years. Because of that high insulin intake I gained weight, I still wasn’t overweight just a bit chubby, until then I was always muscular and sporty. There was a solution but the weight wasn’t going down. I thought I had to diet, to the point where I was eating like max. 450 calories a day and burning 600 calories with cardio. That went for over 2 years. Now I’m 15 years old. I still have my period, but sometimes it’s only every two months and when I have it it’s just like two days or so. It’s a mess. Last year in March I started at 67. 1 kg. At my ‘best’ in summer I was 63 kg. I was eating so little, barely anything and didn’t even lose that much weight. Now I’m trying to eat a little bit more (500+-, slowly trying to increase the intake) but more protein in the calories. Now I am 67 kg again (btw I’m 165 cm), earlier this year I ate even less but gained weight��. At some point I just wonder how I survive, I am a competitive horse rider and do a lot of sports besides eating so little

  • Do you have a doctorate degree bro? You could easily earn one if you don’t have one. All it is is a bunch of peer reviewing of studies, then making your own. So, I’ve heard. I only have a bachelors, so take it with a grain of salt, but I don’t know why the PHD’s that told me the same thing I just told you would have lied to me.

  • Dead ass I came here becuase I was scared about being so boney for being so tall. I know I’m skinny and my metabolism is fast as hell but I know I’m not eating the way I should be. I’m horrible at eating, and it’s not that I have an eating disorder, I just forget to eat or I accidentally fill up on liquids. But I know now from this video I really need to get back into eating regularly. Thank you!!!��

  • You need both. It’s just the way it is. People just need to know that you need to stop stuffing your fat face and get off your fat ass. The problem with this video is that lazy people will use it as an excuse to not work out.

  • Can I invite to challenge one of your fundamental bases on which diets are based?
    The assumption is that the key to weight loss is calorific reduction. Yes, I have noted the multitude of studies you have mentioned showing the weight loss effects of various diets over time. But there may be other factors at work here eg maybe the psychological effect of participating in a diet study causes weight loss? Or some other overlooked factor?
    I think it would be interesting if you could present some data comparing the average calorific consumption of residents of various countries and compare that to the rates of obesity in those countries. One would expect a clear consistent correlation. But is there and if some countries have results that contradict that can we explain why and learn something?

  • This video almost paints the picture that exercise is bad or that it won’t help you lose weight. You most definitely should exercise, but don’t expect it be enough to lose weight. Eating less will do that.

  • Idk Igor are you sure that the results of that old study have anything to do with metabolic damage. It seems to me that they starved the subjects which made them lose a lot of muscle mass and that in turn lowered their maintenance calories but it doesn’t seem that the difference of 25% that they discovered is quite accurate. What I mean is isn’t 1850 cal maintenance normal for someone with a body weight of 135 lbs? Even without taking their height in mind it still looks alright to me and i think that they might just have made some errors in their calculations maybe. If the difference was really 25% doesn’t that mean they were expecting the maintenance calories of a 135 lbs man to be around 2300 calories? And if their metabolisms did go back to normal after they reintroduced more calories to their diet would that not be cause by the participants regaining their muscle mass afterwards? Also from a survival standpoint wouldn’t a lowered metabolism be like the peak of evolution? If one could lower his bmr in order to sustain the same body mass but with fewer calories wouldn’t that be considered a good thing although it seems impossible when put this way? And doesn’t a decrease in bmr also mean a decrease in appetite? Please let me know what your opinion is on the matter. Is it possible that there was an error in the study?

  • I love your videos, Colin. This is so helpful. I’m in my 4th week of my self-administered reverse diet based on the good information that I get from your channel. Thank you! I will tell you I was afraid of gaining weight but my weight has been stable. I go up 1 pound, then usually back down again. I think you are absolutely right in the adherence to the plan being the reason. I “maintained” for about 2 months on what I thought was about 1,450 but I wasn’t tracking. I’m willing to bet that my occaisonal going over was more often than I knew and I believe my maintenance is more like 1700. I’m hoping to eventually work my way up to 2,000 calories a day on this reverse diet. I’m 61 so I’m not sure how this will go but I’m excited about the progress so far.

  • When I started eating more vegetables, less carbs and no processed food or desserts I became underweight… I feel like I cant eat enough calories because vegetables are so filling already��

  • Dude you’re amazing really i found your channel recently and i can’t stop watching your videos. You really help people with your fitness knowledge. Keep it up! There aren’t many guys like you that speak the truth and only to help.

  • I’m not even fat, nor ever been fat. Im only watching this video to help out my fat friends that started working out with me. Because i know nothing about loosing weight lol

  • A friend told me to look for for the diet plan “sowo hope site” on Google. It is the greatest weight loss program I’ve ever before seen and gives immediate results to users. I’ve already decreased 13 lbs in less than the first week.

  • I can’t stress this enough as well. I told my boyfriend that exercise has nothing to do with weight loss. People need to understand that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”. If you eat a lot and exercise a lot you will be a very very muscle-ly heavy person. Also muscles weigh more than fats.
    To all the people who are aiming to lose weight, change your diet. Once you approach your desired weight exercise to maintain that weight you’ve lost.

  • So, what can I do about a weight loss plateau? I’ve been sticking to the diet really well for about a year and a half, but the weight loss has slowed to a crawl for the last 8 months. Not sure how to shake it up and keep pushing down, and I know I have plenty more to lose.

  • Is it true you won’t loose weight if you don’t eat enough calories, (at least short term) because your metabolism slows to conserve energy?

    I weight 180 and am 5’6″ and have been strictly eating around 1,000 calories per day for 2 weeks but I am not loosing weight. I am keeping an accurate/strict calorie log and eating whole foods, fruits, veggies, plain yogurt, nuts and seeds. I have hypothyroidism so i know that adds challenge. I am walking 2-3 miles per day only drinking water and unsweetened tea. Very frustrated.

    The only times I have lost significant weight I have either had to eat 500-600 calories per day for months, or workout 7 days per week while on extreme calorie restriction.

    Trying to do this the healthy way, but not having much luck.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Well… more food and more gym means more money for massive companies. Less food and no gym mean the everyday person is better off but the big businesses lose out

  • this video is not true. if you truly work out, you’re going to see the difference in weeksor even days. But it’s obvius that your diet is also really important. Both of them can’t be done by it’s own.

  • I’m always constipated and I can’t sleep I probably sleep one hour a day. This is beginning to worry me I’ve been checking all over the Internet there’s no answers on this. I consumed about 1500 calories but their condensed Foods rich in protein.

  • I don’t eat as much because I just don’t like the food my mom makes:/ so I don’t eat I am always tired I spend all day in my room on my phone I know it’s not healthy. But people say I’m skinny and they say it’s a good thing but when you hear it a lot it doesn’t sound like it’s a good thing sooo I’m trying to gain weight ����‍♀️

  • I’m at 6’ 222lbs. With a goal of 200. I track cut my calories to 2500 but after I hit that my daily caloric goal my fit bit would say I’d still have over a 3000 calorie deficit at the end of the day. I’d still be hungry but nervous to exceed 2500. Is it bad to eat those calories back?

  • When you exercise you gain muscle which ways 3x more then fat overall health is far more important then your weight and a healthy life style will lead to fat loss for most people

  • I’ve just found your channel recently and I’ve learned so much from you already. I’m down 50 pounds so far and I need to lose 30 ish more. Soon, I’ll be building muscle.

    Thank you.

  • OMG for the past 2 weeks yes I was starving myself ( fasting??? )….yes so there’s that…now I have been eating more calories (no junk food) but..uhm..carbs??? But today is day 2 going back to the gym and I do both 1 hour on cardio and 1 hour of weight training……I’m really sore. And I have asthma….:(

  • What are some ways to lost a ton of weight? I read plenty of good opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost crazy amounts of fat. Has any one tried this popular weight loss methods?

  • I agree that exercise doesnt really help you lose weight
    But when I exercise I notice that I’m more likely to eat healthy then when I dont exercise
    So I think it helps a bit in that sense (like helps u stay mentally focussed on wanting to be healthy)

  • yo Sey, how do we know we can trust what you say? (yes i know im about to get jumped by a bunch of loyal fans) there is a lot of contradicting information out there and there is in fact a lot of people who say the complete opposite of what you say works. so honestly help us know who we can actually trust in this industry as its literally confusing the hell out of me when it comes to this and what the fitness industry says you can eat or cant eat such as when wanting to lose fat, having to avoid milk and pasta and bread and so on, but then some people in the industry say its ok to have those things in your diet when wanting to lose fat. honestly im confused as all hell. so please. help put a lid on this and provide the real evidence and information and quell the annoying mis information that is the fitness industry

  • Hii i just don,t like eating foods. i always having stomach burns. I hope u help me.and i have a question why my body always hurting and why i am always sick.

  • So I’m 12 and I’m 5’11 and weigh like 104 lbs. I eat when I’m hungry and don’t have fatigue. Yet, my ribs stick out because I’m skinny. I don’t know what to do or how to feel because doctors say I’m eating fine and I’m feeling fine. Anyone know? I also exercise regularly and my weight has stayed in a range of 100-105 for about eight months.

  • This is so important. It’s something I have been struggling with for a while and I have already increased my food intake, but I am just not sure and also, as you said, scared to increase my intake.

    Thank you for making this video and providing all this information. It’s wonderful way to be more conscious about how to take care of our bodies and prioritize health. I will try and figure out what’s best for me.

  • So how do you actually burn off those Calories off your body? is it not through exercising I Understand that diet is important but if a person is overweight dont they have to physically burn the fat off them from the past. i just dont get it how do you get rid of your own stored fat from your past versus the calories now it seems to me that the body would just burn what your eating now and not the fat from years and years ago.

  • I have noticed when losing weight, you sometimes stall. I would keep up the same routine and eventually start losing again. Fat loss lag??

  • Omg so I was just searching around fitness videos trying to figure out why I wasn’t losing any more weight and I found this! Thank you so much!! I’m going to try and build up my calorie intake and maybe lessen the intense exercises a bit ��

  • This video is great. I’ve unknowingly been following this guide (eat healthy, move more), and have found great results. Built muscle mass, shed a good amount of unnecessary weight (mostly fat). I also do have to credit the wake up call from my pediatrician, who found that I had brain cancer, as well as my team of PT, OT, and other therapists who pushed me while I was inpatient back in 2011-2013 in a good way to exercise, and eat right after I was discharged. What’s more is that, it really doesn’t take much to do this. I’m not one of those “gym rats” who virtually lives at the gym. I do body weight exercises, and just take a look at what I’m eating. Rocket science not necessary.

  • I’ve lost 30lbs so far and want to lose the last 20lbs. Starting December 2018, I joined Weight Watchers for the second time in hopes of getting to my goal weight. My exercise routine consists of 5x per week strength training (30-45 minutes) and 3x HIIT cardio (20 minutes). I eat very clean, limiting my sweets to once per week. I’m frustrated because the scale literally stayed the same. My clothes fit a bit better but I don’t see much change in my physique. One day I was curious and decided to count my calories on the WW app and the calories would range anywhere from 1100-1400. I thought lower calories were best to get to my goal but this video came at the right time. I was on the brink of giving up entirely. I’m 32 5’6, 162lbs wanting to get down to 140 by June. Should I be eating around 1700-1800? I just want to start seeing results because I’m working my butt off.. I don’t want to quit because I’m almost to my goal but it’s disheartening. When losing the initial 30lbs, I did nothing but HIIT cardio 4x per week and the scale was moving downward at a good pace. However, I was smaller but I lost my shape. This time around I was told to focus more on building muscle but the scale is tripping me up. I need to retrain my mind I guess.

  • I have all of these symptoms plus more like no period for over a year and being very tired all the time. Idk what to do I’m afraid I’ve messed up my body and I’m only 13. Im scared and I’ve been to the doctor multiple times but they were not very helpful at all. I’m trying to eat more but it’s so hard because I’m so scared of gaining weight.:( I’ve already gained 18 pounds but I was very thin at a BMI of 14.0 but now my BMI is 17.2 so I feel like I shouldn’t gain anymore weight even though my doctor and parents say I have to. I have gained a lot of weight but I’m still ALWAYS hungry and cold. My stomach just feels like a bottomless pit, I’m always so hungry and scared I won’t ever stop eating.

  • Im rarely hungry because of some medicin i get for my ADHD, not being hungry that often is just one of the sideeffects and it really messes with me trying to lose weight

  • I think that I consume about 600 calories a day…. �� or maybe used to? I’m not sure. But, idk how to eat “properly” if that makes any sense. How many calories should I try to eat a day?

  • I think skipping meals is normal for allot of people. I could have days were I don’t eat anything except candy or whatever and that is completely normal. People are smart, they would eat when they are about to starve if they do have food. The problem arises with eating too much, not too little. Gluttony is a sin, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFBsnr5K7co

  • I’m never hungry. I will go days even as much 2 weeks without eating all because I don’t feel hungry. Luckily I just finished a bowl of salad and I didn’t really want it but once I finished I felt more awake!

  • What if sometimes am hungry but I just don’t wanna eat for some people they have to work to not want to eat a tone me I have to work to eat not because I wanna be skinny I just don’t wanna eat is that bad?

  • Bruh if somebody doesn’t want to deficit as big as you do, that doesn’t make them a pussy. I eat 2200 to lose a pound a week (I run long distance) and I think that’s fine. I see the results so why would I need to do more than that?

  • My bmi says I’m underweight but I take 2,000 calories a day and I still wanna lose thigh fat, I couldn’t do arm exercises to increase muscle as all my fat goes to my thighs and my upper body is bony �� any solutions?

  • I always skip breakfast, at recess (at school) I have like a small handful of blueberries and for lunch I eat half of my sandwich (rye bread, spinach, tomatoes, butter) and at home I usually am ravenous and can eat a whole pizza, and then I might have like a few other fruits. So basically I starve then binge but I never gain weight, and so I’m underweight (14, 5,4, and roughly between 37-40 kg) but I feel fat like I want to be underweight because my friend just lost a bunch of weight, because she was ‘overweight’ and lost like 15 kg because someone said that she was ‘fat’. She was never overweight but now she looks like too skinny, and so now I want to loose weight. I’m still like a little bit skinnier than her and she’s eating healthy and idk I just feel fat lol

  • Just watched this, i do have a hairloss but i never thought it from not eating enough food, im pescetarian so i dont eat meat, and i do eat so little since i have an ulcer and i remember i cant eat a lot of food, and ever since that i pretty much stuck with it, i cant eat much. And i got frustrated, cuz i want to lose weight, and to lose weight i have to be in a calorie deficit, but i already eat so little around 700-1000 cal a day, if i have to be in a calorie deficit im scared for my health. I’ve been looking for answer and i cant find anything, so may be u can help me with this? Love you ❤

  • Usually I eat 1200 calories, burn 1000 to 2000 calories a day. (1800 maximum if I go off track) I do not have any eating disorders. My friends and family are all worried that I don’t eat enough
    (I’m 18, 5’2 and I weigh 99.6 Lbs)

  • “Research shows that the resting metabolic rate slows in all dieters, regardless of whether or not they exercise. This is why weight-loss that might seem easier when you start becomes more difficult over time”
    I want to look for this research. I’m interested to see if participants gained any significant muscle mass as a result of the type of exercise they were doing. I’d also like to see if their was a difference in the resting metabolic rate was different for those who gained muscle mass and those who did not. Any links guys?

  • Wow you make a lot of sense. I would have said you are wrong but uuuuuuh I have reached this point. I’m kinda stuck. I’ve been doing a 1200 calorie diet. Not toooooo restrictive. But I was huge b4 I lost this weight. And now I’m scared. Scared all the time that if I let my guard down I like wake up fat the next day. I was 230 lbs now I’m about 152 and shweeeew. It was easy at first and it still kinda is but I’m lost.

  • I eat 400 to 600 calories a day and I’m 13 but more sone reason I’ve gained 4 pounds! I even exercise daily and burn 100 calories and I eat healthy too:(