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Why Reverse Dieting Makes Sense After a Contest I have had a fabulous coach for four years now. She has listened to me whine through contest prep and has helped me with everything after. Reverse dieting is simply adding calories back in to your diet while also pulling back on the amount of cardio that was done to get into contest shape.

Sound easy? Then why is it so hard for people to do? Honestly it’s because after being at a caloric deficit for so long not only is your body screaming “FEED ME!” your brain is also screaming the same thing. Some have said that reverse. Here are the reasons I put forth to justify why using a strategic reverse diet approach in the week and weeks post-contest are essential to one?s health, fitness levels, mindset and early-stage transitions to an effective off-season.

4 Reasons Why a Reverse Diet is the Way to Go #1 It makes sense that a lot of athletes, especially first-time competitors, get in to an “F-it, I’ve earned this” mindset and want to go hog-wild on the carbs and calories post-show, right? This chick knows her stuff and was getting ready to do some public speaking on the topic of reverse dieting a few days after our chat.

The info. Reverse Dieting. Reverse dieting is simply adding calories back in to your diet while also pulling back on the amount of cardio that was done to get into contest shape. Sound easy?

Then why is it so hard for people to do? Honestly it’s because after being at a caloric deficit for so long not only is your body screaming “FEED ME!” your brain is also screaming the same thing. Don’t fear though, I am going. “The goal of the reverse diet is to increase calories with minimal weight gain.

If done properly, it allows an easier transition from contest or competition shape to offseason maintenance eating.” Although every individual’s metabolism and needs will differ, the general formula for preparing for a successful reverse diet is fairly simple. Reverse dieting is a term growing in popularity in recent years, but seems to be very ambiguous to many competitors and non-competitors alike. Once contest season or dieting for vacation is over, many resort to jumping right back into their pre-diet eating habits and completely forsake any form of cardio.

Unfortunately, this leads to very quick fat gain and leaves many discouraged and ready to diet off the. This doesn’t mean zero fat gain, mind you, and the use of PEDs, or performance-enhancing drugs, is also a factor. But reverse dieting can leave them in a much better position to compete again in the future—compared to following a “see-food” diet that dramatically balloons their body fat percentage. Reverse dieting is slowly adding calories back in after a period of fat loss. Most diets fail because they produce results, but they do not teach a client or end user how to sustain the results.

They will take someone down to 1200 kcals (calories) per day and help them lose weight, but then the program ends and the user can’t sustain eating. Two weeks into my reverse diet I was still at stage weight, and still feeling like crap. On Memorial Day weekend (3 weeks after), I was still having trouble with simple tasks, still obsessed with food, with only a minimal increase in performance and enthusiasm in the gym.

Friends asked why, and I barely had an answer at that point.

List of related literature:

So dieting hard right up to the contest leaves you too little time to replenish the glycogen, and eating excessive carbohydrate simply raises your blood sugar level precipitately and leads to excess water retention.

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Therefore, for those with lengthy contest preps, it may not be a bad idea to incorporate diet breaks periodically.

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If you stick to your original diet with no changes whatsoever, you probably will not hit your peak for the contest because the body changes throughout the dieting process.

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They are able to receive both diets or challenges in a sequence because the diets are not believed to result in permanent changes lasting once the diet is stopped.

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Nutrition during contests—Some sugar feeding during a long and exhausting contest does improve performance.

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That’s obvious with food (if you’re no longer hungry, more food just isn’t that motivating), but it also applies to other forms of reward (if you’ve won a competition against your friends 10 times in a row, winning again isn’t that interesting).

“Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics” by Stephen Wendel
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Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Charles Duhigg, who popularized the concept of small wins in his book The Power of Habit, writes: “Small wins fuel transformative changes by leveraging tiny advantages into patterns that convince people that bigger achievements are within reach” (p. 112).

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Furthermore, when contestants do decide the prize is worth taking the caloric hit, capitulating to the temptation is portrayed as evidence of deep-seated psychological issues with food, not a rational calculation aimed at winning the competition.

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People who are overweight can lose weight while following fad diets because the diet plans that accompany the gimmicks usually provide fewer calories than the level of energy supplied by typical American diets.

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Although Induction offers plenty of advantages, there are lots of valid reasons for progressing: boredom with the food choices, modest weight loss goals (say 20 or 30 pounds) and perhaps the chance to avoid becoming dependent on a “crash diet” mentality.

“Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution” by C. D. C. Atkins
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  • After a cut you have to figure out how much calories you need to maintain your current weight. So if you were in a 500 calorie deficit then up your calories 500 and watch your weight and see if you go up and down. SIMPLE! If you are gaining weight you are most likely consuming too many calories. If you are losing weight that means your in a calorie deficit most likely. Just adjust the calories to when you weigh yourself. Fuck guys not hard to figure out. People will say ya you could be gaining muscle but to gain muscle IT HAPPENS AT A SLOW PACE! so if you gain weight fast it means its all fat your gaining because gaining muscle happens and the CELLULAR LEVEL.

  • Honestly a steady, non-extreme reverse diet makes sense for everyone once you hit a regular weight loss goal, even if you’re not in a prep or competing.

  • Helpful video! I’m starting my second reverse diet in a few weeks and would like to put on some lean muscle this time around. I would love some information on working out during a reverse. I always hear “work out HARD/lift heavy” but is there more to it than that? Should I be hitting PRs? I’m not new to weight lifting but I am totally lost when it comes to PRS. Thanks:)

  • i’ve been eating only 800 kcals a day and i want to start reverse dieting to get my calories up. how much should i increase per week? im afraid of gaining weight i need advice

  • omg, you are so fucking extremely annoying dude…. Bring back the old greg… please for the love of god… You’re reaching unwatchable levels…

  • The synced videos for the physique update was oddly satisfying haha. Also liked the graph, really informative. In the past I have lost weight then gained it all again because I never knew about reverse dieting. Hoping to successfully reverse diet soon with the newly gained knowledge:) good luck with the comp!

  • Please document your reverse diet for us!! So interested in it! I know you don’t share your calories and stuff but I feel like seeing your progress along the way would be super informative

  • so if i lost weight to be quiet skinny, therefore if i do reverse dieting could i just stay at that weight forever? im a model so i dont want to get bulky!!

  • I think you should point out that like adding 5 grams of carbs every few weeks is not gonna help because people will be in unhealthy deficit way longer than is needed. A lot of people think they need to do an extreme reverse diet and I don’t think that is necessary at all ����

  • I’m starving at 1700 like at 2000 it doesn’t matter. 800gr of freaking vegetables/day with 3 fruits and so on with fibers it doesn’t matter. I have those 20 last pounds to lose and i’m struggling like it’s not allowed to. It was easier to lose 120 pounds than those last 20 wth is that, I’m so messed up.

  • If I’ve reached my goal weight and I personably think I got a little too skinny ( bones sticking out of my back and sides ) but I’ve been reversing for ab 2 weeks I’ve upped my calories from 1400 to 1800 I’ve stayed the same weight should I jump up a couple hundred calories?

  • hey man so i’m reverse dieting rn and the first few days my weight was fine and then all of a sudden my weight jumped up like 2-4 pounds and i’m wondering what to do. if u can help me out on this it would be great. my thinking is i should stop and lower my calories just a bit above from what i was eating in a deficit and i should reverse diet again but much slower. i increased my calories up from 1900 to 2250 in about a week. if u can help me out on this it would be great.

  • Just add 10 grams of carbs each day as the meat as well
    Thought we eat the same food just more or less so why chocolate or anything different?

  • It’s NOT harder to get protein on a vegan diet and your analogy with cloth doesn’t really work. The truth is that there so many protein sources that even without animal ones you still have so much left. Since you are an ex maths teacher I’ll bring up a maths analogy: infinity (any number)=infinity.

    I also thought I will struggle to get enough protein, but I’m pretty much OK. And if for some reasons I can’t eat my 1 g of protein per 1 pound of body weight from regular food, I just drink a shake. It takes time to learn to make vegan meals though.

  • Greg is the only one source of info that i believe! while EVERYONE i know told me to reverse diet and EVERY video i watched old me the same, Greg was the only one who truly helped me and im going to stick with his advices! thanks a lot Greg, love u!

  • Im curious what people would recommend for someone who has never known their maintenance calories but is getting off of a diet. Play around with a calculator for a couple months going up/down?

  • What about if you have suffered with metabolic adaptations? Isn’t it better to go slow so your body adapts and you don’t gain a lot of weight quickly?? Also why would you eat the smallest amount you can wouldn’t we want to be eating the largest amount we can get away with? I have been watching so many you tubers say we can actually increase metabolism and work our calories higher and higher I am so confused

  • okay so my question is does it ACTUALLY “fix” my metabolism? and does it also help me losing weight after i finish my “reverse diet phase”?

  • I don’t understand this video. If you knew you were eating 1500 cal a day (or are in the same deficit ballpark) adding 50cal (or 100 cal) isn’t that difficult at all. By your logic, how did we even know we were eating 1500 all the time? Even if it’s not an exact science and your exercise levels vary from day to day, a cookie extra to your initial deficit cals is still a cookie extra. With time it will add up. Do you think your body is calculating and thinking “Oh shit, this is 51 cal. Better gain some weight!”? No. The whole point of reverse dieting is the gradual addition of food back into your diet. A fitness tracker is a good tool to use for reference of roughly how many calories you’re adding each week/day/whatever. Cause a cookie can be anything between 40-80 cal but it’s not 500cal. And that’s kind of the point. Everything is a ballpark when it comes to calories in calories out, even while in a deficit and even if you meticulously count every macro. Just do the same you were doing before but add 50cal worth of food (measured and weighed the same way you do all your other food), what’s so crazy about that?
    It’s not like you could lie to yourself and think you only had 50cal but ate a burger. Your whole logic is flawed. If I went and did a 16 week recomp for a bikini contest, you best believe I’ve done this game enough to be able to tell the difference between 50cal and 150cal with the help of a tracker.

  • Could you comment more about what a reverse diet is and how to do it? I know that this was the basis of this video, but could you go into a bit more detail? You’re awesome sheevz. Much love

  • I use a tracker as a general guide and don’t stress, I dont weigh i just assume my calories will be 100+ or 100 As long as i am happy

  • when i count calories i add 10% extra to everything just in case and substract -10% of the calories i supposedly consumed working out. Its not perfect but i assume that helps to balance out those mistakes

  • I’m in the army and I am forced to do a lot of cardio and… I mean a lot. The best way to increase muscle mass while doing a lot of intense cardio

  • I learned a lot from you Coach but still i will have to disagree with you here..I have been reverse dieting for a while now in order to get up to 2200 calories(maintainance) from a 1600 calories diet and it has been working perfectly for me(looks like im in that 2%).I would suggest reverse dieting to everybody whobjas finished their diet and dont know what to do.They need to be very carefull on tracking calories (weighting every single slice of bread etc) and weight every single freaking day.Im currently at 1800 calories and my weight is the same from when i was at the 1600 calories diet

  • I’m on keto diet for three days, boy this sucks (c). Laughing my ass off. Stand up comedy have lost a lot when Greg went into bodybuilding.

  • If I knew how to listen to my full signals I wouldn’t have put on weight in the first place. Tracking calories is NOT hard. It’s all mindset. And a binge is not inevitable.

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many individuals burn their weight with this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • Hi, Em! Loved your video! I’m thinking of doing a reverse diet myself. I’m currently on 1500 calories per day and that’s my maintenance (ugh:/). I exercised 3 to 4 times a week (lifting and bodypump). A few months ago, I was on 1000 calories a day (basically starving). So, 1500 cals/day is already an improvement for me. Do u reckon it’s possible for me to jump straight up to 1700 cals/day now? Thanks, Em:)

  • I disagree that eating vegan is more difficult. I think it is only more difficult when you are new to veganism, but after a bit of time you find so many new options you never considered before. You just find new food options and it becomes your new norm. I’ve been vegan for 5 years and I’m by far one of the strongest and jacked people at my gym (to be fair I workout at a GoodLife Fitness though lol). Check me out on insta if you want to see what a vegan looks like after 5 years only training 3-4 days/week. @plantbasedfitz

  • Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will really work for me? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • “You read the bread and it’s wrong” well yeah in America that’s for sure. I even count Collagen for my tendons…
    Peanut butter, no problem with that either, I eat 15gr every evening with apple, some greek yoghourt cinnamon and whey, that’s just perfect.
    Discipline? That’s my second name. No for real, I don’t see where that’s hard to do.
    I’ve lost 110 pounds going from 2000 to 1700 calories for almost 2 years. 300 of a calorie deficit is nothing for that period of time. I only started cardio at the end and I had the shittiest metabolism ever. 2100 calories at maintenance when you weigh over 280 pounds? Come on…
    You give a lot of good advices though, been watching a lot of your vids lately. Want to build muscle now, I turned skinny fat somehow, I was lifting weight for the whole time while losing fat I don’t know how this happened. Anyways.

  • I’m sorry but idk if I can buy that. Most things you say I applaud you but this? I couldn’t eat at my fewest forever. That’s insane. I might as well die if I’m gonna DIEit instead of LIVE it. This is why as I’m in a cut I take diet breaks to prevent plateaus and metabolic slow down. Blast this comment all you want but this has worked in my experience.

  • Alright question here… I cut from 250 down to 215 but weight loss hit a plateau and even with my hour of cardio per day and 1500 calorie daily intake I can’t lose shit anymore. Literally have to starve for every pound. Goal is 190. I cut calories even more and added extra cardio in and in a months time it’s not budging. Does Greg have a video on plateaus or anyone have the same issue or advice? Would be much appreciated.

  • Random comment but I was looking through your IG recently when I was visiting my family and my dad was SO impressed with your lats (he said it looked like you’re smuggling tennis balls under your arms ��) that he started watching a few of your videos! You’ve got him inspired ������

  • So coach are u saying that I’m gonna have to stick to 1500 calories for the rest of my athletic life? Despite that i track and weigh every single thing tha goes into my body

  • Guys. lost a ton of weight does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’m going to give you some advice right now. Get a popular fat loss system called Custokebon Secrets (do a google search). Thanks to it I’ve lost tons of weight. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I don’t want a bunch of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just in a great mood today so I will share the wealth lol.

  • What do you think of lost tons of weight with Custokebon Secrets? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets.

  • Hey Greg, I’m 60 n I dont have any computer skills, but on my first sarms cycle, how do I get a hold of u to buy some answers off u to do my cycles right?

  • SO WEIRD! I had a dream you were going to post today. I love your insight on reverse dieting. I will be starting this next week! Thank you for always keeping it real.

  • Hi there, thank you for the info on reverse dieting. How do you train during a reverse diet. Is it weight training necessary or can cardio be used? I understand the goal is to reduce cardio but as a rower, there is a lot of cardio and endurance training in our practice sessions.

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear lots of people lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • Hey,
    I love watching your video. Could you please share how you calculate your calorie and macros intake for getting in shape.
    Also where do you go for checking your body fat percentage? Is there any charge?:)

  • Your videos is awesome did just keep telling it like its �������� you are the only trainer i thought of hairing, how much would it cost me by the need to build muscle because i fucked up and lost a lot not in a healthy way

  • When Greg paused and said “to let your metabolism catch up to you” I immediately knew that the entire theory was about to get a new asshole ripped

  • Just lost the weight wanted, from 22% to 13.6% body fat, and started reverse dieting increasing 100 calories every 3 days, eating basic foods(tuna/chicken breasts/fats/fermented veggies/salads) easy to track, black tea = self-control in a cup, it is my secret sauce and prevents hunger cravings, to each his own, doing keto so easy to track calories, only need to add a tablespoon of grass fed butter or avocado mayo = 99cals or 2 tsp and 1/2 tsp beef tallow = 104 cals, works great, protein/carbs are already dialed in. Easy Smeasy obviously not for everybody,

  • Eat just enough to keep your energy (dont binge)
    Slowly reduce cardio, but do cardio (dont abandon it).
    Eat enough protein (1g per lb lean bodyweight)
    Train harder ( apply progressive overload)
    Mini cut / cut a little bit if bodyfat increase (stay lean)

  • can you do a video deeper dive on cortisol and stress and how you counterbalance that, esp when adrenals are depleted.. tips/tricks? you’re amazing, TY!

  • This is such a helpful video. I’m about to compete in my last show of the season and start my reverse. Love hearing your experience and troubles.

  • Good information in this video! I will be working with my coach throughout the improvement season after my first two shows in one month:))

  • I love how informative your videos are! thank you for sharing those side-by-side videos and the graph. I am definitely a nerd like you! I am coming to the end of a cut and am looking forward for a macro increase:)

  • Eating 50 kcal a day extra is very easy! Eat what you ate before on your diet, no changes whatsoever and add a fixed snack. Like a few extra olives (8) to one of you meals. Or one of those 12.5g chocolates. Or half a serving of protein powder. These are more like 60-75 extra kcal, but it doesn’t matter.

    You’ve been dieting for 3 months and got consistent predictable results? It means that even if you don’t know exactly how many kcals you had/day, on average it worked! That is you baseline. Keep doing the same, but just add that one snack. Then, after your target date, add another snack. Once you are around 120-150 extra kcals, just remove the snacks and add a full extra portion of protein powder. Take some protein form the other meals to make up and compensate with some filling equivalent calorie greens.

    But I otherwise agree I fully agree with Greg’s video. With strategy and all.

    This is what I’m trying right now: reverse dieting. I will tell you if it works or not in 2-3 months:). But for me it is something where the idea counts, not the exact precision of it. Every two weeks I intend to raise my average daily kcal. Week 1: +50. Week 3: +50. Week 5: +50. Stop when I’m starting to gain weight. Then cut down by 50-100 and that is my maintenance, determined experimentally, not by some online calculator.

    Upside: don’t know.

    Downside: You effectively double the length of you diet, but it gets easier and easier.

  • Hormones are a major major variable when it comes to contest prep, body fat, training, mood, and water weight/retention. You have to talk about hormones more even though it’s different for guys. It can’t be emphasized enough.

  • Shiva, thanks for this video:-) What you spoke about is what I learnt at uni (I specialised in sports nutrition) and something I have gotten clients to do after a major competition. I’m doing a pre-prep prep for a show next March/April (I live in NZ) after 10+ years of not doing one and I really stress the importance of mini-refeeds and refeed days to reset leptin levels and ensure hormone levels are not affected, which leads to better drops in body fat and a thyroid gland that functions normally. I did a refeed day for myself yesterday and woke up 1.2kg lighter today (most is water weight, but a little fat). I will do a reverse diet after my show, but that is a long way off!

    Anyway, I have really enjoyed your videos and when are you going to do your next show?

  • I’ve been vegan for 2 and a half years and I 100% agree with greg! It’s definitely harder to get protein as a vegan you have to be a lot more prepared but can be done.

  • I’m not trying to be mean because I like your channel the best out of all the other fitness channels, but why are you ignoring questions about what you placed in the competition? Were you disqualified?

  • Needed this! Have been on a reverse diet for a bit now and questioning when to come off of it/ why I keep maintaining or losing within it/ if it’s normal etc.

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve had a bounce back recently and it’s been really hard for me to get back into my groove cause I feel so discouraged:( but you got back so I know I can do it. This video helped me ��

  • This video helped so much and I’m not even doing a show just doing life.. today I woke up about 5 lbs heavier then I was like a day or two ago.. and I watch this and it hit me water weight from my girl time… uggghh thank u because I wanted to go emotionally eat. But I’m not I’m going to stick to what I have been doing and drinking lots of water

  • Hey Shiva! I think it’s super interesting going over the body % stats from Dexa Scan. I’m pretty neutral on dieting subject but I think your journey and story is very interesting! Good luck to you ��

  • Love the videos but your audio on most of your videos is lacking. It sounds very hollow. The lighting and other production value seems to be on point though. Keep up the good work and great content.:)

  • Ok couple questions. First off, NICE! Loving your videos and all the info. SO, my questions are…..How many calories did you increase after the initial jump…AND….how often did you increase them. Over the past 8 months, I’ve lost 115lbs (Started at 327 and current at 212). I have eaten 1400 calories pretty much the entire time. I’m a stay home dad and fairly sedentary. I worked out at least 6 days a week in the evening time just walking on a treadmill for an hour. With all that being said, what do you think I should start out at calorie wise? I’m wanting to start lifting as well as tone down cardio but I know I’m gonna have to take some time increasing. ANywho, my last question is, did your exercise change during dieting, during the reverse diet and after? THANKS!!!

  • I’m currently at 2100! however, I’m still a few hundred short than what the average maintenance is “supposed” to be..debating if I should just finish my reverse or Try to aim for 2400 or begin a mini cut or cut and then reverse again

  • What i found is the best way on a calorie deficit i overestimate the calories i’m consuming, but not by much! example would be if I think a chicken breast is 380 calories i just round it up to 400 calories since i’m in a calorie deficit and the 20 calories wouldn’t matter anyways i just say round it up. I don’t even have to weigh my food anymore because i’m so used to looking at a food and can estimate the calories but i do round it up just incase i’m off by a bit. I have a grade 9 education what does that say for the rest of you on the comment section? GET A FUCKING BRAIN!

  • Throughout my whole life I have had eating disorders. Growing up i was obese. I became anorexic around 14-15 and have had pretty much yo-yo dieted for years. I am 27 now. I am 234lbs. My highest weight when I was a younger was 265lbs. My weight loss has completely stopped. I have no problem gaining fat thought! I can not loose fat and I can’t gain mass either. I just started doing research on the reverse diet to fix metabolism. I am finding it really hard because I am gaining weight and I am fighting the want to starve to try and loose it. Anyways, I have completely lost my sense of hunger probably around the age of 15. So in order to get enough calories I have to track it. I am currently at 2,500 calories and sometimes i will even go higher if i feel like i can eat more. my question is, how long would i have to be in a reverse diet before dieting again? I know you guys talked about feeling “happy” and hunger. I do not feel happy at 234lbs and If i eat when I am hungry i would only eat once a day and it would be closer to 800 caloires instead of 2,500 calories. Anyone else had an eating disorder and got better and how long did you reverse for?

  • I’m in the process of my first reverse, I began at 1400 and currently at 2100…I do not know what my maintenance is but according to what various online calculator and equations have given me was 2400-2500. This February will make a year that I have started but i don’t know if I should stop and maintainincrease a little more to 2400 and maintain for a month and cut? or do a mini cut now

  • I totally agree I did this the WRONG way and I gained so much weight and my metabolism was so screwed. It made my next prep sp hard! I WILL reverse diet after this show coming up. You should def. Do more videos on how you reversed!

  • So reverse dieting is for people who’s been on a long calorie restricted diet or have hit a plateau. Not for people who just want to loose weight n haven’t diet in a long while. That’s what I got

  • Thank you so much for breaking down all this information in such a comprehensive way! Also that shade of lipstick looks bomb af on you.