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Why RDs Aren’t Fans of the Vertical Diet. by Brittany Risher. September 7, 2018. 8 Comments. Yet another new diet is circulating gyms, and for once it’s not about losing weight — this one’s all about making gains. The vertical diet was created by Stan “The Rhino” Efferding, an IFBB professional bodybuilder, for other bodybuilders and powerlifters.

The name comes from. The Vertical Diet was created by powerlifter Stan Efferding to enhance athletic performance and improve recovery. It promotes a limited number of high-quality, nutrient-rich foods that are easy to.

So, I am not a fan of that diet because I think for most people — and I know there are plenty of people who love this diet and that’s fine for them — it’s not sustainable. If your regular diet is really high in carbs and you’re cutting them down so that you’re having smaller portions, I think that could be a great idea. Due to the large focus on red meat, the vertical diet isn’t appropriate for vegetarians or vegans. Currently there isn’t a suggested alternative. It’s also worth checking a vertical diet food list (below), as any intolerances or allergies can eliminate it as a viable option too.

THE VERTICAL DIET & PEAK PERFORMANCE 2.0 THE VERTICAL DIET is the culmination of over 30 years of training and dieting to gain and lose weight for competition and performance. The Vertical Diet is a performance based nutritional framework that starts with a solid foundation of highly bioavailable micronutrients which supports a structure. The Vertical Diet™ starts with a solid foundation of highly bioavailable micronutrients which supports a structure of easily digestible macronutrients that can be adjusted specifically to meet your body’s demands. The Vertical Diet™and Peak Performance 3.0.

Vertical Diet – The Complete Guide To Stan Efferding’s Diet! By Find the Diet Posted on May 5, 2019 June 25, 2019 Gym goers, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. if you’re looking to take your performance to the next level the Vertical Diet (developed by Stan Efferding) might be right up your street. Because of how calorically dense the foods in this diet are, the vertical diet is terrible for cutting.

It’s extremely hard to eat red meat and rice (both being very high calorie) if you are trying to limit your caloric intake. Also keep in mind that the diet has a ton of small details that are only found in the book. It isn’t just steak, white rice, and salt. Edit: also, I was never a Stan Efferding fan or even IG follower at all before the vertical diet. I basically switched to essentially the vertical diet about 8 years ago after reading a book called “The Perfect Health Diet”.

Why it worked IMO. 1) It controlled carbs but kept them high enough to keep me feeling like I was eating normally, 2) I eliminated high linoleic oils, 3) I kept fructose at an optimal level, usually less than 25 grams per day, 4) I eliminated wheat, oats, most.

List of related literature:

Because mice are routinely fed lowfat–high-carbohydrate diets, de novo lipogenesis is quite active.

“The Laboratory Mouse” by Hans Hedrich
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Estimates suggest that 20% of the population alter their diet because of perceived ARFs (Sicherer and Sampson, 2010; Turnbull et al, 2015).

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Iranian Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
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Similarly, Naghi Shokri et al. (2017) reported that chickens fed diet supplemented with synbiotic exhibited better feed conversion ratios at the 14–28 day period and higher average daily gain and duodenal villus height/crypt depth ratio at 42 days than those fed the control diet.

“Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine” by Ramesh C. Gupta, Ajay Srivastava, Rajiv Lall
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Peretti saw nothing contradictory about offering web surfers a balanced diet.

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The authors reported that the higher-fat diet was poorly tolerated due to gastrointestinal side effects and surmised that the same concerns would exist for a ketogenic diet (KD).

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Neither does Tim Noakes,’ wrote Becker.42 The HPCSA statement introduced the concept of the ‘healthy’ ‘balanced’ diet without defining exactly what is meant by ‘balanced’.

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from the current literature, it is unclear as to why growth rate is influenced by prebiotic supplementation, but it is possible that weight gain increases due to prebiotics improving the overall intestinal health of the host.

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Mice fed a ketogenic diet their entire lives had less body fat, higher energy levels, and higher expression of things like FGF21, which is very important for fat oxidation and has been shown to extend lifespan in mice.

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  • This should also be called the Costco Diet, because almost everything can be found there. Thanks for the info Stan, the VD has been great for me.

  • you talked about taking a long time to digest steak, Stan speaks about training your metabolism to eat more and he also emphasizes 10 minute post eating walks to increase appetite and digestion.

  • Absolutely spot on! except for the amount of seperate meals ( I think 1-2 meals a day would benefit digestion better, maybe space it out for an 16-18 hour IF window) this approach is the most rounded and healthy one there is for any athlete period. Digestion and sleep is king, stan knows it, and hafthor now knows it too as the worlds strongest man. Good shit.

  • Great review! Renaissance Periodization has a fantastic diet template for $100 and is well worth the money. I was shocked too with the price, but good information for the most part!

  • Get a manual treadmill bro. I have one and it folds into my closet. Cost 100-150 bucks.
    PHOENIX 98516 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000NPXWMU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_UibmEbX7FVMHE

  • daily bmr is 2700cal and for weight loss the macro recommendation is 1.2g/lb protein and 0.3g/lb fat at a weight of 325lb = 1.2*4*325 and 0.3*9*325 = 1560cal protein and 877cal fat = 2437cal protein+fat and I am supposed to create a 500 cal deficit based on bmr, 2700-500=2200, so I have 2200-2437 = -237cals of carbs to enjoy??? Please help

  • if you’re done with bodybuilding please don’t follow a bodybuidling diet with red meat. listen to dr. michael greger, dr. neal barnard, dr. caldwell esselstyn, dr. john mcdougall, and dr. garth davis, just to name a few. no knock on lobliner, still has an entertaining channel/opinion.

  • I’m sorry but I didn’t hear a word he said, just noise. My perfect diet/workout regiment is Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian diet with my adoption of Brian Alsruhe’s giant set workouts.

  • Great person to have on your show! I have the Verticla Diet and after reading it several times it makes real sense! Great questions you asked him. Thanks for your work!

  • I started the vertical diet after reading the book but I’m a little confused about the portions. Do we weigh our meat raw or cooked? Can someone answer this question or refer me to the page that I can find the answer? Thank you in advance ����

  • I love how your not shy and will stop in the middle and say hey we gotta explain this for some of the people listening who might not understand. Like me

  • The whole point of the white rice is simply to push calories. You build your horizontal platform of micronutrients first and then based on your calorie demands you fill in the rest of your carbohydrate intake from white rice because it’s easy to digest. The strongman working with Stan obviously eat a ton of white rice, but a woman, who let’s say weighs 150 lbs, would probably not eat any white rice at all because they would have enough carbs from potatoes, fruit, veggies, dairy, etc.

  • Stan thank you! I’m 21 and listen to everything you preach! My goal is to be like you! I would’ve been blessed to be here and probably been asking all of the questions lol ��

  • This video has no production quality, the content is so fucking terrible it’s laughable, no research, you clearly haven’t (or maybe can’t) read the book, and you’re just pretending to trash a diet you clearly like to desperately advertise your shitty products that no one’s obviously buying now.
    At least you seem like a fucking arrogant douche

  • I have gut issues and many of the foods Stan mentions to avoid I do but somethings haven’t been worth it like my Coffee ☕️, oatmeal, chx & heck not giving up our outright bars Marc!

  • wow that was a great listen.  Fouad I would like o congratulate you on your podcast.  I have listened form the start and it seems to be getting better and better.

  • He is primarily advocating consuming raw carrot throughout the day, to equal about 1 carrot total. The insoluble fiber in the carrot pulls zeno-estrogens/ excess estrogens from the body. He also advocates spinach, bell peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and oranges. Along with unsweetened cranberry juice. I’m sure I’ve left out some of the veggies or fruits, but that’s the gist. Each thing he advocates is for a very specific health reason and max digestibility. And he believes in bio individuality. If something doesn’t agree with you, don’t eat it. We all have to use commen sense.

  • Unrelated to the video, but do dumbbell pullovers actually expand your rib cage? I’ve heard it tears down the tissue between your ribs, which repairs and become larger then they were.

  • Your american food is full of shit…theres genetically modified food allowed in your human food chain.

    youre chicken is chlorinated, your beef is full of fuckin hormones.

    In the uk we dont allow your shit into the country nor does the EU allow genetically modified food into our food chains.

    You lot should stick to wild fish or your FUAAAARRKED lol

    and the red meat pfff…well its got a million links to cancer

  • Can anyone with a bio chemistry degree validate what Stan saying. Cause your average bro may eat this information up. I don’t see a diet which contains so many red meat good for digestion.

  • If fixing your thyroid was the key to fixing high blood pressure, then why don’t the majority of doctors suggest a diet that address thyroid issues? That’s because Stan is confusing high blood pressure (HBP) with hyperthyroidism, which is a cause of HBP, but only in like 3 percent of cases with HBP. Science has proven that high salt intake and red meat increase blood pressure, why people would rather take the word of a bro scientist over modern research is beyond me.

  • The bad oils are everywhere read labels on everything it will blow your mind how many things contain processed oils it’s as bad as high fructose corn syrup eliminate those 2 and you don’t have many choices on food.

  • Jesus christtt.. that.. was.. rough. Phrases like difficult to witness, cring worthy, and just fuckin sad to name a few come to mind when seing this.. Here we see a grown man talking to a hole in his computer. And was that a fucken comercial outta fuckin no where. I thought the fuckin video changed. Wish I did. Follow who you will. P.S. Also love that garlic breakdown smh

  • Ordered Stan’s vertical diet meals…Extremely bad customer service! Very disappointing…Did not receive my meals when the rep said I would receive it!

  • The comment section on this video is horrendous.. “Brian Shaw eats X-amount of carbs” Are you Brian Shaw? Are you over 260 pounds? Do you train 5+ hours a day? Why are so many people comparing themselves to professional athletes? The Vertical Diet is a blue print. YOU have to adjust the calories to your body and physical activity level. You are not eating the same amount of calories as a Brian Shaw or a Dan Green ����‍♂️

  • Dude, we’ve seen your “full day of eating” and it SUCKS! Just outright bars and protein supplements, cream and some meat thrown in. And you have the balls to criticize a diet which actually has some science behind it? What an embarrassment.

  • What’s your steroid stack, that’s ALL we want to know.. There is not enough fibre (soluble-insoluble) in carrots! Complete amateur!

  • Go to his web site and pay $100 for this diet….or go online to Fodmap and learn the basics of the same thing.

    Limit your intake for two weeks, eating simple, than, taking note of what you add, begin to add other whole, fresh foods one at a time. If the new food causes digestive problems or shows signs of an allergic reaction, stop eating it and drop it from you diet.

  • Ground breaking,eat meat,eggs, rice,vegettables,potatoes, carrots.Wow...new things every day…im shocked.
    If people is stupid enough to belive this shit go for it.

  • vit K2 from egg yolks? Natto(fermented soy product) Has amount of vit K2 for one tablespoon like in 20 egg yolks.. + natto has K2(mk7) which has much longer half life then mk4 from egg yolks.. Btw natto in daily diet of Japanese people is the main reason that they have low osteoporosis and heart issues..

  • Lobliner will try every diet out there except the ones that wont push his products such as the vertical diet. No supps needed with the vertical diet

  • Seed oils are in almost everything nowadays. You really have to be on the lookout for them. There certainly seems to have been deals done between manufacturers of seed oils and other food manufacturers to put seed oils in everything.

  • What is good about the book is that it offers a simple well thought out approach with useful templates for food plans and food chooses based on science. I agree with you about rice and will eat potatoes instead.

  • Marc is one of the biggest scumbags in the industry. No surprise he has issue an apology since he’s usually wrong on everything. Keep taking your roids and shut the fuck up you midget. Also you’re boxing skills is completely hilarious, keep making us laugh, looks like a midget trying to fight lol

  • Stan and charles poliquin were the ones i was learning from when i started bodybuilding.
    The fact they share all this knowledge for free is amazing, and its sad that so many people don’t even know who they are..

  • Losing respect in you man. After you plug you product two separate times is when I stoped the video. Yeah You make money but its gonna cost you some fans song the way. Me being one of them.oh and you shouldn’t have dismissed the diet publicly before you had even a general understanding of the diet. That’s why your having to apologize. Ur so gun ho to shoot things down. Try slowing down instead maybe

  • like i have said before, and I say this not for any sort of applause or praise in this political climate. I say we END the war on gluten and BEGIN the war on Putin. Thank you.

  • try this for a few weeks before you make any judgements, dont just assume its bs. I didnt spend 100$ but its about my third week on this diet im down almost 8 lbs of fat, strength isnt affected and my blood tests just came back great. I dont think this is a long term healthy alternative but it sure as hell works

  • But the trade off for eating a meat heme iron is the increased inflammation. I’ll take less absorption over increased inflammation.

  • Also not all white rice is equal. For example jasmine rice as opposed to basmati rice has a different rating on the glycemic index

  • I saw a rhino rant talking vit D. I blew it off. My nurse practitioner suggest a test for me I was 10 points below normal so my body could not fight my cancer. Anyway, thank you. I would not have went to the doc asking about blood work. Thanks for helping me have more of a fighting chance.

  • I would not pay money for whatever Stan is selling. But I’d gladly fork over a few bucks to see a recording of Mike Israetel watching and commenting on this video.

  • Love how he grabs his belly at 1:33 xddd, cause he probably just ate a bunch of food, or mostermash xdd. LOVE this diet. Love the 10 minutes walkes after a meal. This stuff right there is a gamechanger to me, and it makes cutting for the summer HELLA easier. Love U stan Bigman, keep on the good work.

  • I would Love to see what Stan thinks about ZIJA’s moringa olieferra based suppermix, smartmix, and xmplus all natural plant based products. I myself did not know the power of Moringa until 3.5 years ago when i was introduced to it by a world record holder in bowling green Kentucky. Seems like everything that Stan talks about you can get from one product that i have been taking last few years along with his great diet input but out of respect for Stan i don’t want this post to come across like i am trying to piggyback his talks by pushing my own product or agenda but i would really love to get some feedback from all these great guys on what i have been taking because after training and supplementing for over 32 years i have not found a better ALL NATURAL product from one company along with their AGX Men also to balance out the male hormones as well. I simply value all these guys opinions and have been watching all their videos for the last week or so and have truly enjoyed them all. My email is [email protected] gmail.com and would love to hear back from Stan, Mark, or any of the rest. I would also love to get info on how to obtain Stan’s diet info if he has a book or website. Thanks and God bless from Columbia,SC.

  • That’s big issue people keep copying everybody diet on YouTube fitness and can’t just get do that every body gut not strong enough to digest some foods!!!!

  • Ok for on of two year i’ve been dieting take upto three nutribullet’s aday for fast weight loss, with a banana,apple,half beetroot, handfull spinach, handfull kale, handfull blueberries, handfull raspberries, scoop whey protien for your body size, with what ever you want on the nigth small portion and for about two month, a month, with a little exercise.

  • Isn’t Stan the idiot who calls himself “Rhino” lol ��
    Why would anybody listen to a Idiotic Rhino? He’s probably got hemorrhoids from shitting all those stones and is probably backed up carrying 5-16 pounds of feces in his stomach like most of these bubble gut bodybuilders.

  • I like a lot of Stan’s suggestions, however ease of digestion is largely personal and adaptable. For me, I don’t respond well to rice but could eat wheat all day.

  • Thank you for this! Really informative! I’d probably implement the horizontal axis (just because I’m bulking so I need to eat more), but not the vertical. I’d die of boredom off of nothing but steak and white rice.

  • Your making me sweat ��! Seen all the vids and learn something new every time. Helps me diet the Vertical diet in more and more. ���� BUT, I hope you can answer about using this diet for a diabetics

  • Hey please help. I am stuck at a 24.6% bodyfat percentage but im losing about 1.5 pounds a week. What do i do from here. I weight train 3 to 4 times per week and my macros are high protein, moderate carbs, and low far… Please please help…..i am a 5 foot 7 male

  • How can he say red meat is easy to digest, but then recommend white rice instead of brown rice, for easy digestion? I can’t eat that much red meat, but I have NO problem with whole grain brown rice.

  • Stan is huge, and he isn’t sucking air like the guy filming. I think that the Rhino knows his shit and practices what he preaches.

  • The reason why he’s against alkalized water is because the pH in that is so high or slightly above neutral to where it throws off the pH balance in your stomach. The moment you drink alkalized water it reduces the hydrochloric acid in your stomach which interns reduces the amount of food that you break down.

  • Stan Efferding holds doctorate in science….no no just a powerlifter
    Stan Efferding degree in any nutritional education…no no just a bodybuilder.
    Oh wait,he invented the kooler. Well thank Anubis my preworkout and post workout shakes will stay cold.

  • Hi Marc. One thing you’re missing is the intestinal permeability issue. Wheat is one of the worst lectins that can cause leaky gut. Celiac’s disease and disruption of the intestinal villi will hurt nutrient absorption. If one has IBS, probably reducing lectins or proteins that increase intestinal permeability is a good thing. Milk proteins are also big on intestinal permeability. Coffee can also aggregate IBS symptoms. SO if this diet is to help one ease digestive issue, this makes sense. Stan is big on sleep and using CPAP machines during sleep.

  • 6:25 why does Stan not eat beef liver for Vitamin A? He wants to find a whole food source for everything as much as possible, but he opts for a supplement in this case, going with Cod Liver Oil. Is it just because it’s easier and also contains a lot of Vitamin D and Omega 3’s?

  • I’m doing a Plant-based diet… witth my protein source being Legumes (Beans and nuts). And my digestion is good, my blood work has gotten better (being that my diabetic). And I gained about 1.5 lbs of muscle. I disagree that beans are bad for digestion. Cause I’m proof that it’s a good part of my diet!

  • Marc, you’re a fucking idiot. Should of just stopped after you said Stan Efferding is a Legend. How many world class athletes you worked with compared to Stan? Exactly


  • I’m not a fan i hate bodybuilding but I learn from Stan about nutrition plus he is well spoken nothing like your trash getho talk.I can smell jeleousy..

  • Big Stan “Rhino” Efferding is another column of the game:he got REAL AND PROVED knowkedge and LOOKS RE-YOUNG again (!!) even without mousthace&bear! I follow his path from almost 20 years, from “magazine and newspapers” era.LOVE THIS interview!!!Long life to both of you and Thank You so much SIR ABIAD.

  • Vertical diet, high in nutrients, then rice has crap all nutrients, is there a good digesting carb that has some decent amount of nutrients?

  • Midget Marc’s high pitched voice is irritating.Stans diet is great. Simple to follow for someone with a busy lifestyle. It works! Easily digestible unlike the fart powders Marc sells and recommends. Marc is a fake TRT, high dose anabolics abusing, drug addicted dwarf. It would be better for his health if he really just went on only TRT, and became a jockey, or an extra in Lord of the Rings series or Wizard of Oz remake.

  • I’m in the less active category kinda, and this video answered EVERY question I had! gonna add potatoes though, already talked with Stan about cutting the rice cause it bothers my gut.

  • Got my order of mre lite banana nut bread in and it’s the MF ��. Have used ISO 100 chocolate peanut butter last 2+years didn’t think anything could beat it taste wise and boy was I wrong.

  • Why does the fat and carb percentages even matter? If it’s all a calorie equation at the end of the day, then what does it matter if you eat a high carb day one day, and a high fat day the next-your body will use both, it’s not like it cares that you have a good macro ratio, it just wants macro/micro rich calories in general.

    I saw a video of Layne Norton preparing breakfast and he only eats the whites because he substitutes the fats so he can eat 4 stripes of bacon. I find this is mental hoop jumping for no reason. Just eat the yolks and bacon, and trim your calories elsewhere. Why does everyone need to complicate things? When I use Myfitnesspal calorie counter, it just gives me general parameters, but the most important part is staying under the calories, if your goal is fat burning or maintenance.

  • It’s a very whole and effective diet, it has obviously been proven through its use across athletes as a healthy performance way of eating, and i would happily consider following it or giving it a try for myself. I just don’t agree with cutting out wheat and beans. I personally tolerate wheat very well so I might be biased but whole wheat bread is a great food and beans are an amazing source of fibre and are very efficient and cost effective as a protein source. Not all beans are equal but their benefits def outweigh their drawbacks imo.

  • I believe i have a condition called “leaky gut” and i have an auto immune disease because of it. Rice bothers me big time for some reason..

  • You said you tried to eat your carbs before during and after a workout I don’t understand how you get your cards during workouts?? new subscriber here seen you on a live chat today figured I would check out your content so far I like your approach on health and diet and someone like me who has a hard time putting on muscle period. I don’t know if you have to pay or subscribe to a certain membership to get your questions answered but……my major concern is that, is this a sustanable diet for somebody who has cirrhosis of the liver? TIA

  • Hi hoss, do you have any advice for trensomnia? Should i just lower the dose? Im on 30mg a day of tren ace (210mg a week). At this point im thinking of just stopping it because without good sleep = shit gainz

  • Dude, onions and garlic are INDISPUTABLE in terms of how they cause digestive distress. They are healthy as well but they do cause digestive distress, to a degree, for just about everyone. Please stop talking…holy shit

  • Fouad, it’s not just about Omega ratios. It’s about supporting local family farms that arent torturing cows and force feeding them gmo grains covered in glyphosate. These farms are regenerative, zero net carbon, farming practices versus this Big Ag set up by the likes of Cargill Corp. These same asshole are now screaming Plant Based and Cow Farts…..thwy are the $$$$ behind this soy boi pusch.

  • Dr. Ray Peat! I’m glad to see people learning about him and his work on nutrition and hormones. Look for a documentary to be out that has Dr. Peat in it later this year. It’s called “On the Back of a Tiger.”

  • Your recommendation is veggies for Micros? Once again your talking out of you ass. Assimilation of nutrients in veggies is terrible because of bioavailability. Damn bro smh

  • Bro-science Stan, speking to the lemmings who listens to a BB for nutrition advice instead of an actual nutritionist or researcher. LMAO

  • Ketogenic diet is for obese people. A little bit if fat can be managed by taking a couple of hundred calories out of your diet if you are already training hard. In general that’s a sign of good diet since a little bit of fat is necessary for strength and hypertrophy. If you go into ketogenic diet with a little bit of fat, you will get insomnia for a few weeks. Your muscles won’t hold enough water, cortisol will cannibalize your muscles until you become a twig, you will get a diarrhea…..

  • This bloke i found really annoying like other people have said in the comments nothing backing up his points and just talking really loud and swearing. Sorry no thanks we shall listen to more of Stans videos.

  • Great diet but I completely disagree with the reheating rice. That is just pseudoscience. People have been reheating white rice and been living and digesting fine.

  • Stan the man who knows better and has a greater knowledge then the WHO and AHA. Stop promoting bro-science and listen to actual nutritionists and researchers, not someone trying to earn money pretending to understand what the real scientist doesn’t.

  • Just bought it! I have been trigger shy to purchase the book! Way to put the pressure on Mark!!!! I swear you were talking right at me Stan. I have “unknown” digestive issues that three docs couldn’t figure out.

  • Very few folks have a genuine lactose intolerance. It’s the toxic A1 casein from the larger breeds like Holstein, that are screwing your health. You want A2 dairy from heritage breeds. Raw whole milk from these breeds that are fed just grass are far superior to the udder puss shit in Walmart. EatWild.com is a great resource. I an lucky to live in PA. I have plenty of farms selling REAL MILK…even raw butter and raw cream.

  • See here is the problem for me. If I eat too much red meat I get extreme heart burn and digestive problems. I am still waiting for Stan to resolve this issue for many like myself.

    Inhave always had this problem.