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There is no common consensus as to why a low-carb eating plan can help with weight loss. Here is a quick-and-dirty summary for why some claim that low-carb eating can help you shed pounds: 1. Carbohydrates trigger insulin to enhance your body’s fat-storing ability. The most recent studies show low carb to be at least as effective as — and often superior to — low-fat and calorie-restricted diets for losing weight. What’s more, they nearly always lead to lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and other health improvements, regardless of what happens weight-wise. You don’t have to completely shun sweet potatoes, beans or whole-wheat pasta (which can all be healthy foods for weight loss).Yes, they do have more carbohydrates compared to non-starchy sources.

A cup (150g) of black beans, for example, has 23.1 grams of net carbs, an amount that may meet your entire carb limit on a keto diet (which typically targets 20–50. The main reason people follow a low carb diet is because they believe it will help them lose weight. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss, deciding whether a low carb diet is right for you depends on the context. Once I decided I was serious about losing the weight, I started doing research on eating plans like keto, the carnivore diet, and low-carb diets. I.

While on the low-carb diet, they ate about 2,100 calories, even though they were told to eat as much of the permitted foods as they wanted. The participants lost an average of 3.6 pounds while on. So, talking in terms of weight loss, the release of insulin post a meal high in carbs signals a shutdown of the body’s fat burning and the glucose from the carbs is used for energy. It is this mechanism that adds fire to the low-carb debate, However, there is one hitch.

If you want to lose weight fast, a low carb diet might be right for you. For many people, cutting carbs results in fewer hunger pangs, more energy, and a slimmer figure. Could it work for you, too?

Low carb dieting isn’t a magic bullet, and it isn’t right for everyone. Because of this, the researchers believed it would make some participants more likely to lose weight on a low-fat or low-carb diet. Therefore, participants were broken up into a low-carb and. The science is clear and so is the way forward: low carb can be a safe and effective way to lose weight.

And here, at Diet Doctor, you’ll have plenty of company along the way.

List of related literature:

The reason why so many low-carb dieters lose weight fast is because the lack of carbohydrates causes them to lose glycogen stores from their muscles, and with this loss of glycogen comes a loss of a lot of water; as soon as they reinstate the carbs, the glycogen comes back to the muscles and attracts the water.

“YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
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Because some people, for a variety of reasons, find that they do best at 25 to 50 grams of Net Carbs in either the weight loss or weight maintenance phases.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
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The reason why so many low-carb dieters lose weight fast is because the lack of carbohydrates causes them comes a loss of a lot of water; as soon as they reinstate the carbs, the glycogen comes back to the muscles and attracts the water.

“You: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz
from You: On A Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management
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I’ve explained earlier that low-carb diets help you balance insulin, and that’s why you lose weight.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
from The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!
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Foods that are high in fiber tend to be more filling and may help to reduce caloric intake and contribute to weight loss.32 If dieters who severely restrict carbohydrates lose large amounts of weight shortly after starting the diet, the majority of this weight loss comes from loss of water.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Diets that rely on unrefined carbohydrates are high in fiber and aid weight loss because they increase the sense of fullness by adding bulk and slowing digestion, allowing you to feel satisfied with less food.28 Weight loss is caused by a reduction in energy intake relative to expenditure.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
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On the other hand, diets containing low levels of carbohydrates promote ketosis, which is the process whereby some of your fat cells are burned for energy causing you to lose weight.

“Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat” by David Julian McClements
from Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat
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Dieters sense that intuitively, which is another reason there are so many low-carb dropouts.

“The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!” by Connie Guttersen
from The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!
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Because I never went back to the sheer amount of carbohydrates I used to consume, it wasn’t such an adjustment to make the switch again.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
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For me, keto isn’t just about restricting your diet and losing weight; it’s about turning your body into an optimally functioning machine so that you feel satiated, love what you’re eating, lose weight, and gain all kinds of energy and mental clarity.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
from Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life
by Drew Manning
Hay House, 2019

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  • Fruits, whole grains, oats are NOT as good for you as people think. Keto is not restrictive and combining it was IF has so many other health benefits besides just weight loss!

  • Yeah but low carb I a lot healthier because it doesn’t spike insulin and you get a lot mor vitamins from 1 cup of broccoli than 1 cup of potatoes

  • It’s not about how much weight one loses during dieting, it’s about if they can keep their weight afterwards and about how difficult it is to go through with it in the first place. Low carb (not keto) is a clear winner here it’s the easiest way to lose weight. You eat healthily, you eat less, but you’re not hungry, there are no food cravings or only very mild ones that you can deal with. Low fat is a constant fight and people are way more likely to quit. And if you follow the logic behind it, it’s not much of a surprise either.

  • For vegans watching this and wondering if you can combine it with a keto diet, the answer is YES. We can still maintain an alkaline diet full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods such as:

    tempeh (1 cup = 31g protein)

    miso (1 cup = 32g protein)

    roasted soybeans (1 cup = 60g protein)

    veggie burgers/patties (recommend The Beyond Burger 21g, The Alpha Burger 20g, Dr. Prager’s beet burger 19g, chicken patties/strips, turkey patties, fish-fillet, meatballs, crab-cakes etc)

    mushrooms based meats (whole, mock burgers, mock steaks, mock ground beef, mock fajitas)

    vegenaise (soy-free vegenaise if allergic)

    avocados (whole, oil)

    olives (whole, oil)

    coconuts (whole, oil)

    ground flaxseeds (whole, oil)

    alternatives milks (soy, hemp, almond, cashew, coconut, hazelnut) no rice or multigrain.

    nutbutters/cheeses (cocoa, peanut, shea butter no jam)

    Nutritional yeast

    chickpeas (including humus)

    all leafy greens





    seaweeds (kelp, dulse, nori)




    high water content fruits (cantaloupe, watermelon, citrus, berries, peppers, tomatoes etc)

    herbs and spices

    and more…

    … with tons of vegan keto recipes online. Enjoy!����

  • The hospital breakfast replacement now has an egg (good) and 2 slices of toast. Why not get rid of the toast and replace it with an avocado. Why only cut half the sugar, cut all of it.

  • For me, not being able to eat fruit ( esp apples and tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes, pineapples ) is the hardest part on low carb diet!!

  • Idk what to think. I only have lost 15lbs. LDL gone up to 375 and HDL up to 75, triglycerides 120. Been on diet for 5 months. Currently, Weight starts up and down between three lbs on weekly basis. Not really losing weights… I wonder if the LDLs will get flash out or I have a condition that my body cannot get rid of LDLs…

  • I have two “twin” theories about all of this that is trying to remain neutral on macro nutrient profiles. The scientists have vacillated back and forth over my own life time. The average lay person, such as myself, have tried to glean what works for my lifestyle. This investment in one’s own health cannot be substituted or overlooked. Accordingly, it doesn’t always seem to be advantageous for the food or medical industry when people take matters into their own hands.

    1. Some people are forced to epiphanies for no other reason than trying to make a living or making due with the paycheck they earn. For example, a truck driver’s lifestyle is less conducive to a healthy lifestyle than an elite athlete. In either case, neither person knows what their diet will do over the long term. It is still a safe conclusion the athlete has many more resources to stave off disease, if any, derived from diet. The athlete has a distinct advantage given athletic performance is an extreme privilege usually associated with a higher success rate for health and longevity. The truck driver has a different challenge that must be assessed on an individual basis: NOT a one size fits all approach.

    2. Diet should also include other factors that create an overall picture of health. Exercise, metabolism, sleep, stress along with other things work hand in hand with diet. This should also include food sources, as this video covers, that further contribute to one’s health. The less processed a food the more it will retain vitamins, minerals, fiber and other beneficial nutritional factors. Again, let’s not side step the underlying theory: I believe people need to find what works for them, their lifestyle and their body. This challenge is more like chess than checkers.

  • It’s high time for us to stop wasting funding on research comparing different diets to see which is superior. Instead, we should focus more on researching the ways someone can maintain a caloric deficit for weight loss and later, neutral energy balance for weight maintenance while maintaining satiety and satiation to enhance adherence to the diet in the long haul.

    One can only hope and wait…

  • Hang on there’s a big problem here. How do you know that the participants ate similar amounts of calories? If the type of food is different, the calories must be identical, so as to compare apples to apples. Fail!

  • I dont know what kinde of bread you are eating but here in Slovenia, we put cca. 1 table spoon on 750g of bread. So in our slices isnt 3tbs of it 😉

  • Cooking is a ‘process’. So everything you cook, is also a processed food. Anything which undergoes pasteurization, is ALSO a ‘processed food’. Homogenized milk is also a processed food. Waiting for that milk to separate into skim milk and cream? A process which changes the natural state of the food. In fact, even washing your veggies is ‘processing’. Cereals are ALL processed foods. So are all breads. By the time you eliminate all the ‘processed foods’, there’s not much left to eat.

  • This isn’t comparing a high fat keto to a high carb diet. Keto diet has a 5% carb only, not 30%. Taking out that extra 25% of carb makes huge differences in the body. It triggers ketosis. Ketone bodies, which are essential for utilizing body fats for energy. And it’s also great for psychological reasons. Scientists even think it may be the answer to Alzheimers. Ketone bodies are also affective in preventing epilepsy. And are a key factor for brain development in new born, because babies are always in ketosis.

  • I tried low to no carb before because I was misdiagnosed as prediabetic and it scared me. I did great the first 3 weeks however on my 4th week I almost had a mental breakdown because I was craving sugar so bad. Needless to say I fell off. I’m going to start again because I avoid stairs at all cost and if I do have to use them I’m slow as a toddler �� Tfs��

  • The study itself seems poorly designed, at least to how it was summarized in this video. A year is too little of a time frame for a nutritional study given we have storages of nutrients that will compensate for the sudden change in diet until our body adjusts to the new change.

    Were the test subjects knowledgable of what is classified as carbohydrates and fats, did they receive any nutrition education? Since vegetables are carbs, a high carb diet is one with lots of vegetables and fruits (which we obviously want for their micro and macronutrients). What was their perception of a carbohydrate? A lot of people (even health professionals) still villainize fats and carbohydrates and don’t bother being specific on what they mean. Some doctors tell their obese patients “stop eating carbohydrates and fat” and move on to the next patient.

    The diet that you can stick to sounds like an excuse for lazy behaviorif one cares for their health there should be a will and effort to improve their diet and seek professional help from people who know what they are talking about.

    Diets can be tailored to certain people because “diet” isn’t just what you hear and see on the media. If your blood pressure, blood glucose, or serum cholesterol are high well there is a diet for you that can assuage and manage those values. If you have kidney failure, liver failure, kidney stones, fatty liver disease, etc well there are diet recommendations to help your condition from worsening.

    Treating nutrition as a pseudoscience is dangerous. There are chemicals in foods, those chemicals react with your body, the excess or insufficient of some chemicals can harm or hurt you and they interact with other chemicals which ultimately affect the quality of biological systems. That’s nutrition right there.
    *Also what where the socioeconomic backgrounds of the people that were studied? Obesity and nutrition quality is greatly linked with socioeconomic status.

  • I am currently on a diet too. I already lost about 20 lbs over the past couple months (2 and a half?) and I’m feelng awesome. I noticed one important thing: I have to east a little of EVERYTHING. If I eat too much meat or fat (I’m taling the healthy kind), I feel like crap too. if I eat a little bit of HQ bread, I feel awesome for long and I have no “cravings” it’s unrelated. Recommending to go extreme to either side is brainwashing. (same with politics, art, religion and virtually any other aspect of human life). Listen to your body, observe how it feels after certain foods, and learn from it. Look at your mood, energy levels and skin/complexion. Mine are all just fine, and so much better. Perhaps for some high protein&fat will be fine, for me it’d be a torture.

  • Only NO carb worked for me. 10 yrs trying low carb and lost nothing. Lost 20 lb in 2 months on no carb KETO. Not hungry most of the time went from 3 to 2 to 1 meal a day.

  • Having tried both, and lost weight on both, I feel a low fat is superior because it allows more food choices. I was literally dreaming about beans and bread on the low carb diet. On a low fat, I eat lean meat, veggies, my own sourdough bread, noodles, rice, oatmeal, fruits, potatoes, sauces, a little cheese, and a small amount of olive oil. I don’t have any cravings, and my food bill is cheaper.

  • I’m so tired of people like you. keto and low carb diets were not developed for weight loss! Weight loss is a side effect of low carb diets! As with all side effects this varies according to several factors such as genetics and compliance to the regimen. I lost about sixty pounds with low carb and know someone who lost about 100. Notice how the results differ depending on the person. Also, how do you go about measuring the effectiveness of any diet when most people follow a diet for about two weeks and then go back to eating junk food? Doesn’t that sound stupid to you? People are the problem, not the diet. People have self control issues. They try things for a few days and because our evolutionary urges make us obsessed with satisfaction we have trouble complying with any regimen that restricts our ability to fulfill those urges. That’s science, not speculation like this stupid video encourages. Low carb diets were developed for therapeutic reasons! They help treat and in some cases cure neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and dementia among other ailments. Acting as if it is a weight loss fad is childish and ignorant.

  • A recent study that measured not only weight but body composition shows that rate of fat burning is higher in low fat, and a lot of the weight loss in low carb comes from water weight and emptying of the muscular glycogen stores https://youtu.be/oePve0-8W0I

  • Why punish yourself with a low carb diet. Frankly I think a keto or low carb diet is bullshit. Just eat everything in moderation and you will be fine. Work out your macros (which includes how many calories carbs, fat and protein) and just stick to that. It’s all about calorie deficit and that’s it. Whoever does keto is frankly a wanker.

  • Thanks so much for this video. I’m on keto and I’ve lost 70lb in the past 4 months and I got a blood test which I found quite scary due to my doctor’s reaction to it. She wanted to put me on statins immediately. I wasn’t sure, but my instinct was that my weight loss might be the cause of my very high LDL result. Since then I’ve been super anxious about this. This video has helped me to calm down and see my result as a normal part of the process particularly because my HDL and Triglycerides are perfect: a Tri/HDL ratio of 1.0.

  • These people are idiots. They remove one major food group, carbs, and they lose weight, but they fail to realize they lost weight because of the cut in calories, not because they removed carbs. Now, I defy anybody to run a fast mile without eating carbs.

  • Low fat diets, specifically keto, have higher weight stability post-diet. They don’t just gain back the weight afterwards because the hormonal pathways affected see more permanent change (ghrelin, leptin).

  • This is interesting. Though, I remember WHO stating that red mean and processed meat are carcinogenic. I wish all of the experts agreed. It makes it difficult for the rest of us.

  • i think that “high-fat” is the wrong name. It should be called “low carb”. As in “low carb” vs “high carb”. Because a true “high fat” is ketogenic. Everything else is low/medium/high-carb

  • This should be titled “Low-Carb and Low Fat Diets Get Similar Results,” but we use inflammatory sassy language to clickbait negativity.

  • I love how Healthcare Triage kinda is just like “listen punk this stuff you thought before, is garbage, now sit down shut up and I am going to tell you what actually is what” And the moment you are “but what about…” he is all like “listen shit head, that didn’t make a difference either” haha

  • low fat diet group in the study:
    29% fat calories+48% carb calories
    low carb diet group in the study:
    30% carb calories+45% fat calories
    Now anybody knows the study is meaningless because neither of the diets is either low fat or low carb in the common sense. They are both pretty much SAD diet.

  • Hi, I’ve watched several of your videos now and really enjoy the content and relaxed easy to digest manner of them, I am enjoying the Keto low carb diet and have been very pleased with the results. I would love your take on a video that appeared on my screen directly above yours, it’s by nutritionalfacts.org and appears to totally discredit the low carb diet completely.

  • can you do a video on herbal tea vs water I say tea is more healthy cuz you cat more benefit than just water alone and can tea replace water

  • It sounds to me like they didn’t lose meaningfully different amounts of weight because they weren’t given meaningfully different diets. The high-fat dieters were not doing strict keto macros and the low-fat dieters were being told to avoid refined carbohydrates and added sugars which are a staple of low-fat “diet” foods. What they did was give two groups the same hybrid diet and get the same result. Congratulations?

  • People in every day life DONT usually meet their nutritional requirement LADY IN BLACK.

    Thats why 80% of the developed world have deficiencies.

    And the reason Doctors or people like her are so keen to just put people on a tablet. One that makes them “feel” better but not quite enough that they dont need to rely on the tablet.

  • Ha, they likely ate fewer calories because they were cooking all their own meals and didn’t want to spend more time cooking way more than they could reasonably eat.

  • I had watched how carbohydrate food were linked with weight gain and generally to abstain from carbohydrate, at the same time had under no circumstances thought as using them to lose weight. The number one idea behind the 4 cycle weight-loss strategy is for you to train your whole body to get rid of fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. It’s built around scientific inquiry into the higher than average carb diets of the Japanese combined with their incredible long-life expectancy. The findings would suggest that it’s their higher carb-cycling eating habits means which helps to continue being healthy and balanced into old age with a low body mass index (reduced incidence of excess weight).Read even more here https://truehealthreport.com/4-cycle-fat-loss-fat-burning-diet/

  • Blaming on foods people get fat because they set in the couch don’t do excersice I eat anything carbs rice pasta potatoes I work out weights 4x a week I’m turning 60 don’t take any meds

  • Keto comes from the word ketosis, which literally means starvation. Yes all your bad numbers related to eating excess food will go down when you’re eating less food. Keto is not really low carb as much as it is starvation and deprivation

  • I am sorry, I am going to ignore your inclusion of sweet potatoes, which I will continue to enjoy, in moderation of course. Same with Taro. These are fantastic food with many nutrients and fibers, everybody should eat them!

  • Wondering how much grain lobbying and saturated commercializing perpetuated the consumption of high carb diets..funny how it took us so long to wake up and realize what we knew ages ago.

  • The key to weight loss is to find a diet that gets you into a negative energy balance and that you can stick with for the rest of your life.

  • Not sure if this was asked so many comments and replies. Did the low-fat dieters also reduce their carbohydrates based on staying away from processed foods and added sugar? Thanks. Good podcasts.

  • Thank you this is what happen to me lost 26 lbs. and my doctor put me on a statin to lower my cholesterol he said it was to high and my husband made me stop the keto now I have gained all the weight back. I am going back on Keto at this weight I am very unhealthy

  • LOVE this video. I would have really liked to have seen a general sustained fitness test performed before and at the end of the study. I wanted to see how this affected overall energy production and expenditure, how satiated each percipient felt on an objective scale ect… It would have been a good indicator of which diet produces the more “efficient” energy expenditure. Which substrate (Fat, or Carbs) metabolizes better over the long term.

  • If they cut calories on average 500 a day. Shouldn’t they have averaged 50lbs of weight loss over a year. Calories aren’t what the body processes. It’s FOOD.

  • I wonder if there would be a combined benefit of a low carb combined with a low fat diet. Or would a diet like that not be very sustainable?

  • I stay losing and gaining! Ugggg….I have a gym membership that I pay for every month and don’t even use it! I feel sluggish/slower with this extra weight on me. I need to loose 40 pounds. Thin wouldn’t look good on me. I just want to be a little lighter and be able to put to my clothes on without a struggle. That struggle can be real at times.

  • The ads I got on this video were for an extreme paleo lifestyle (more than just a diet) and a magic wand that cures Lyme disease, Google really preys on people who want health advice

  • Less refined food and less calorically dense food helps you lose weight. That’s all there is to it. The way you choose to do that depends on what you like and what works for you.

  • These studies never seem to track what’s really important: Did either group show a statistically significant difference in how insufferably self-righteous they were?

  • I needed this information today. I didn’t know I needed it, so I didn’t go looking for it. However, after getting this information I realize how valuable and timely it is for me. I’m glad I subscribe. I’m writing this simply because I think that, by now, the HT staff isn’t doing these videos for profit. The only other thing of value you are looking to reap may very well be the confirmation I just wrote up.

    Thank You.

  • Six years later in 2020: Thank the sugar industry for the fat myth. Sugar and complex sugars (carbs) is the blaggard. How many lives did/does the sugar industry destroy?


    This is NOT an Low carbohydrate diet! This is bad science and associational which is the weakest of investigations!


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  • So I won’t read a single comment that will say Carbs aren’t that bad for healthy people…all the vegetarian doctors completely wrong then?

  • Eat whatever the heck you want without concern for calories (in some moderation 2-3 meals a day) Maccaroni & Cheese? sure, a thick Pizza? no problem. a Lasagne that was probably meant for two? go for it. as long as you exercise 2-3 times per week with a good prolonged regime (every 48 hours for example) you’ll be fine. my own experience with the matter of weight loss is that it comes down to metabolism; and how your body burns energy overall. the worst is when people think starving themselves is a good idea… your body is just going to try and retain fat and slow your metabolism, it might sound oxymoronic, but to lose weight you’ve got to eat a healthy amount, and then counter it efficiently. it’s just my thought on the matter though not seeking to prove anything here but it worked for me.

    imo the surge in obesity today is due to sugar laden foods & inactivity.

  • i strongly recommend proven
    ive seen the difference and got tired of this crazy diets and workout..it may work for you as well..check out more infos as well about it….and you dont have to stop eating what you like.

  • Of course the macros are not important. When people hear low carb, they eat meat. When they hear low carb, they don’t know what that means. If you want to survive: high fruit and vegetables intake, low saturated fat… Which means low meat.

  • Im sick and tired of these morons……. I DONT WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!! NOBODY DOES. WE WANT TO BURN FAT…. THe most important part about burned fat is gonne!!! Who cares IF I lose 12 pounds of muscle…. thats failure NOT archievement. 99% of these studies are useless cause they measure weight loss. NOBODY WANTS WEIGHT LOSS! WE WANT FAT LOSS!!!! Why low carb makes more weightloss than low fat??? Cause carbs hold water…. so its more water loss. ALL THE STUDIES ARE USELESS. This does show uselesness of nerds doing practicals studies actually.

  • A link to the study in the description would have been nice.

    From this video (and comments) I understand this:
    1. Sugar and flours (in bread, basta, tortillas and others) probably makes you hungrier, as people consumed less calories without counting calories.
    2. The low carb diet was not ketogenic, which requires an intake of 15% of carbs. However it was relatively and fairly low carb (compared with the standard american diet).
    3. A gradual adaptation period is extremely important.
    4. There was a lot of fiber in both diets (from veggies).
    5. Fruit consumption was not recommended in any diet, so it seems to me that both diets could have been low fructose diets.
    6. You don’t have to avoid fats nor eat tons of fats to get benefits, apparently.

  • I lost 10lbs in 6 weeks on keto diet. I missed bread so much I started making oat cakes fried with butter, put on a few pounds in 3 days,

  • You know, if you mentioned these concepts in Asian countries, people will just look at u funny. Why do people make their lives so complicated.

  • Keep in mind that there are brut beers out there, that contain the same amount of sugar as dry white wine -none Look for Brut IPA when shopping. I brew my own beer and make it very dry to avoid residual sugars left in the beer.

  • I mean… 30% calories from carbs in the low carb group? I usually agree with the finding healthy living and calories are king, but that’s just not fair to the low carb paradigm.
    I don’t care about keto btw, I would consider 20% and lower as low carb.
    Maybe I’m just wrong on the definition though…

  • You might want to consult the science about this issue. It is unambiguous, and mortality data clearly comes through on the side of low fat. Vegans are the most healthy group on the planet, and live longer than anyone else. What more do you need to know?

  • Keto is better for a sustained weight loss plan with little to no exercise, Carbs are better for building muscle faster and as muscles are metabolically active you need calories just to sustain them…in short if you exercise you can eat a bit more of “what you want” because your body will run as it intended, it’s not normal to be sedentary and graze so yeah…diet AND exercise are key.

  • Thanks a million for uploading this video; I lost 50lbs over the last year and when I did my annual physical I was shocked to find my LDL was higher than it was last year (HDL was also higher, which is good, and triglycerides were lower), which threw me in for a loop! I was expecting better results after one year of eating a healthy diet (imo, anyway) and losing a ton of weight. Dr. Phinney’s explanation makes perfect sense and finally solved that puzzle for me; much appreciated!

  • My husband has a LDL-P IS over 1800. His triglycerides are good and his small ldl isn’t terrible. I have been keto since April 2018, my cholesterol went up 100 pts but I had fasted 48 hours which I found out would give me much higher numbers. I am hesitant to encourage him to go keto because his LDL-P is high already.

  • I’d like to know if the same effect would be seen with prolonged (5 day) fasting? If so, it would explain why my doctor wants to put me on statins.

  • I have lost weight on both but low carb high fat is better for me because it suppresses my hunger and I only have to eat twice a day.

  • Low carb group consumed way more carbs than they should if they were actually trying to study keto. The point I am making is there is a distinct and measurable difference between the effects of low carb and keto. People have a tendency to use these terms interchangeably. The problem is that low carb is undefined while keto is a specific metabolic state.

    Take a look at the clinical data out of Dr. Westman’s Obesity Clinic.

  • Instead of answering the question by giving us the results of one study, why not actually do the research? Everyone who watches this video should go to Jason Fung’s channel for a more evidence-based discussion.

  • I run marathons. I’m vegan. I’m allergic to corn so I don’t eat processed foods. When I’ve attempted to do more than 13mile runs without enuf carbs IT HAS BEEN TORTURE!!!! Any actual athletes try this? AND NO, IM NOT EATING ANIMALS. It jus seems like everyone who loves this was already unhealthy. I’m super fit, very healthy. Always taught carbs was the fuel for the body.

  • This happened to me for a while before my weight stabilised. It can also happen when you reverse a fatty liver. My total cholesterol jumped from 5.1 to 6.5 after being on a low carb diet for 6 months, but after 9 months it dropped to 4.5, which is lower than what it is was before I started the diet.

  • I was putting on weight on and on. I used have white rice as I m belong from India. I did blood test all report are positive. I could not able to understand why I am putting weight. I read an article about metabolic confusion started following it. And finally I delete rice from my daily diet. And then I switched over to free radicals or oxidised food. I was 3xxl to medium size I was shocked looking at my weight in month and a half time. When having rice my gut feeling heavy and then gradually I find my skin tag with diabetes melitus then shorten of breath.

  • I’ve been on keto for about 4 weeks now, I had my blood work done and my cholesterol came back as 321 total, 244 ldl and 63 hdl. My doctor wants to prescribe statin as well but I will not allow it. Statin’s do some very bad things to the body. I have gone back and forth about why my ldl is high, This video makes sense though because I have lost about 35 lbs of fat, and have gained about 8 lbs of muscle in the last 8-9 weeks. My ketone levels are always 30-50. I think my body is just cleaning up all the crappy fast foods I was packing away for years. I think the only way to tell is to do the keto or lc diet for a year, after your body gets done burning fat and see what your markers are then. It takes time to undo years of a jacked up diet. In the interim I think I will focus more on unsaturated fats, and whole foods. This should help the natural process of cleansing the LDL from the fat cells and shrinking them. I read there was also a difference between dense LDL and fluffy LDL (which conveniently doesn’t show up on a regular cholesterol test). Fluffy is supposed to be good, and maybe what this video is referring to that the LDL is just in transit to the liver for processing, not gunked up overflow from the fat cells. It might be interesting to know if at some point our fat cells cant contain anymore ldl and as it is moving around our body it solidifies and turns dense in arteries causing heart disease? I can’t see how if it is just moving through the blood stream and the liver is actively filtering it that it is a bad thing. I had my thyroid checked as well, interested to see what theses results show comparatively.

  • low carbs,even lower sugar,16/8 IF,1,5 hour dailly walks.
    works for me,from 95 kg for 180cm height to 75 kg,bp from average around 135 to under 120.

  • you haven’t touched the topic of difference between low and high GI for carb foods which causes spikes in insulin so beg to differ but this video is not really the bible of low carb diet

  • i don’t feel that a 13 pound loss over 12 months is a good sign that participants were being strict with their diets. i really think that in order to get true results that reflect the purpose of the study, you would have to seek highly motivated individuals looking to change their lives while having daily supervision and communication to overcome the temptation of having a “slip up”.

  • Thanksgiving will do it to you haha.You’ve got to begin your diets like maybe in March into July so you dont feel pressured by the New Years resolution cliches and all that,take the first two months to welcome yourself into the New Year, by March you should be comfortable enough to start developing a plan on fitness goals.If you fall into the routine with the mentality of preparing for the summer you’ll have a very productive lifestyle to get those pounds dropped.Also, even the smallest incorporation of excercise helps. 30 minutes of casual cardio a day goes a long way.you dont have to bust it out all at once,go at your own pace,the first step is getting your body used to being consistent with repetition,so walk slow,as long you go�� As for Atkins, I’m glad they decided to sponsor you (congratulations by the way),I enjoy their supplementary milkshakes, low carbs,very low sugar and it helps curve those hunger pains when you don’t feel like eating a heavy breakfast. I buy the Vanilla and Chocolate flavours,yum. I’ve tried their granola bar things you have there before but I’m sure as you know about any snack if the portion size not right we gon’ fight�� but yeah they’re just too small for me I’d end up going through the entire box so I stay away from those but yeah Atkins is a great brand. tasty products and low focus of sugar,balanced focus of proteins and acceptional quality in taste,they will take care of you girl just stick with it I’m rooting for you,this is your time to shine❤

  • Love this. As a plus size woman, I hate the idea that if we want to lose, we’re not “confident” or don’t love ourselves. Not true! I am on the same path as u with starting to be uncomfortable in my larger body and unable to do certain things (why am I almost scared of stairs now? LOL) whereas I used to not even blink at a flight of stairs. I’m with u girl!! Can’t wait to watch this journey. ������

  • I wish I can atleast lose 10Ib I will be so happy, constipation is not fun at all �� waiting to see the results, I might want to try it
    Thank you for sharing beautiful ��

  • I am so hoping you will share exact meals and the plan. I have not done any of the Atkins plans or meals. My fam also has heart issues and diabetes. I try to do something active daily. My knee is giving me trouble lately so I have not been walking like earlier this year. I just need something concrete to see and follow. You seem totally ok with Atkins so that does interet me. Is it easy to follow and keep up with? You know such as expensive foods or not.

  • Is anyone doing research into how to help people diet in the first place? Fat people know what they have to do, they know the health risks, but they still keep eating.  That would be useful research.

  • I just joined ymca… And I’m going to start weight watchers… Pray my strength!!! We’re in this together. My first goal is 40 lbs

  • I just drink beer and have carbs one day of the week. I assume that limits my progress but I have a show about beer so its hard to not drink it on the one day

  • “Some nutritionists say these diets are difficult to follow”, “It’s really hard to say goodbye to bread, pasta and rice.. most of the people will start reverting to old lifestyles and will be back to square one..” ROFLMAO that dude have no idea what he’s talking about! Once you change your way of eating you do not crave carbs and sweets anymore and thats within a couple of days-weeks! Also keto must be the easiest way to eat ever, if you eat prepacked foods or in fastfoods it is a challenge as they put weat and sugar literally in everything, but if you cook for yourself then you just eat what you always wanted to eat succulent and satisfying fats & proteins + add some veggies in the mix.

  • This guy is a quack. LDL (P or C) goes up on low carb diets because saturated fat downregulates LDL receptors in the liver. Saying it goes up because of cholesterol released from fat cells is obviously wrong because people’s LDL (P or C) declines on low-fat weight-reducing diets like the Ornish diet.

  • Hey hun…I know the struggle with weight lost myself…and now I’ve been diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease������������ and the doctor that I go to aren’t really helping me…so I’m taking matters into my hands and eliminate a lot of foods from my diet and see what happens…good luck on ur journey doll

  • I wish there had been a control group where the participants had been given the general advice about vegetables and avoiding processed food, but no specific instructions to reduce carbohydrates or fats.

  • Good luck. I’m doing low carbs as well. I understand you totally. I’m very confident but I want to lose weight to feel more comfortable in my body. I love to travel and I want to be lighter.

  • I feel you Ashley! I laughed so hard when you were talking about those stairs Lol. I am plus sized and 6’1 and I am also trying to watch sodium and things I eat. I need to get back on it. Activities that used to be nothing for me are getting to be a task so I’m here with you!!

  • I gave up sugar and white carbs in 2008, by 2009 I lost 60 lbs and was in a size 12 jean and med shirt! In 2014 I had a full hysterectomy and gained it all back. I haven’t had it in me to lose it again but I’m getting there. I swore I would never be in an 18W pant and 2x shirt again and here I am. Soooo frustrating.

  • Hi. Recent subscriber, here. Diabetes runs through so many families, sometimes even young family members. You are a beautiful young lady inside and out, but I do understand everyone’s desire for self improvement. It is something I talk about with my children as well as my students often, but I am not doing the best job of practicing what I preach. So, I have begun with simple walking three times per week. I changed up and tried a bicycle a few days ago, and I felt completely out of shape! Lol I loved you telling us to hold you accountable. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to go along with you on your journey. Side note: You are a natural for YouTube!��

  • Dr my cholesterol went from 229 to 363 and my tryglicerites when up too they are still in normal range but the point went up. I was thinking they would of least went down even though ldl got higher. What do i do? I want to stop keto. Been on it for almost 2 months lost 5 pounds only need to lose 6 more and just started omad.

  • What about other measures of health besides weight loss? Like insulin sensitivity, cholesterol, thyroid function, inflammation, etc. There’s little evidence to suggest that weight loss makes any difference in health outcomes in the absence of these other factors. On the other hand, there have been several studies that have shown these factors can influence health outcomes with or without weight loss. I don’t think we’re getting the full picture just by looking at pounds lost or gained. I would be interested to see how both diets performed on these kinds of metrics.

  • I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Then I went on a keto diet and was stunned that I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I no longer have the hunger crashes and spikes and can easily intermittent fast. My joints feel fluid too. I’m new to the ketogenic diet but I’m all in. Thought I would be craving sugar and high carb foods but I’m not and that’s amazing to me.

  • I’ve lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks, reduced sugar, no processed food, and bread maybe once a week. I consume rice alternative days, two fruits and 3 serves of veggies and 10 almonds I eat everyday with protein

  • 30% calories from carbs is not “low carb” for anyone even moderately associated with modern day ketogenic/low carb diets. Are you pushing bad information for views and likes? Seems the headline of the video is purposefully misleading as is your conclusion.

  • Avoid seed oils like canola, corn and soy oils.
    Eat olive oil, coconut oil, ghee or butter in moderation and don’t be afraid of their saturated fat. (Their role in heart disease has been disproven)
    And try to get some omega 3’s in your diet from sources like Wild salmon, mackerel and sardines, as well as flax seeds and walnuts.

  • The Starch Solution enabled me to go vegetarian, which enabled me to walk with no hip pain, among other benefits. The actual plan is vegan and if followed, it eliminates type Ii diabetes by an astonishing 100 percent of the time. And I like what the woman at the end of this program said, what is important is to eat natural, unprocessed foods. I lost several friends to heart attack due to fast foods. Seems like you need to go one way or to the other extreme, and most definitely cut out anything processed.

  • This video enraged Big Medicine and Big Pharma to initiating a nationwide witch hunt against ABC and cost the host and her team their jobs. That’s how you know this video is the truth.

  • Weight loss does not necessarily mean “healthy”. Low-carb proponents still have to contend with the cholesterol and saturated fat issues. Not to mention growth hormones like IGF-1 which is in basically all animal products.

  • I let my glucometer be my guide. If I eat a high carb meal the numbers go way up. If I eat a low carb meal they stay low and my regular blood work from the doctor show no diabetes yet. IM staying on low carb because my glucometer says too

  • something that no one talks about is how many commonly used medication such s diuretic or meds for blood pressure or others, when used for a long time, increase the sugar in your blood. Doctors rather blame everything on the food and down play the serious side effects of medication they prescribe. If you read the fine lines of many of your meds, you will see how many change your metabolism in the long term. Another example, when I was told that I was anemic, right away,,they assume the worst ( order colonoscopy, etc..) while in fact, it was an anti acid pill i was taking which was blocking my B12 and iron consumption. I learned this on my own, and as soon as I stopped taking it, my levels went back to normal. Also, doctors never tell you that some food can cure or lower your sugar or hypertension such as ginger and garlic,, but always tell you what not to eat. Meanwhile, they push the meds and only blame your behavior. They are more protective and loyal to the pharmaceutical companies than their patients.

  • 10 thumbs up on this one. Excellent study design, which basically showed paying attention to what you eat helps you lose weight. Down side is that both groups lost only 11-13 lbs in a year.

  • Im not sure there is a flaw hitting in LCHF when adding too much isolated fat. If you eat fat cells, is it the same like eating butter or coconut oil or any other oil?

    The main problem are isolated carbs like high fructose corn syrup. Or white sugar.

    So for me it is logically that isolated fat will cause also problems. Maybe problems we are not aware at the moment.

    So if you just replace one isolated macronutrient with another, dont think this is a good idea. For me it is more safe to keep foods like they were. Cutting out food which is not really ready to eat.

  • The medical industry is only interested in money. Think about it, its like any other business, how would they make money if everyone was well and healthy. Medical industry, education system, religions, governments, corporation are all different parts of the SaME BEaST!!! and the Beast looks to enslave you.

  • I often have to argue with people of both sides. I had to learn on myself how both camps are effective but also detrimental to health on the long run for different reasons, fatty acids depletion vs thyroid and adrenals impair, etc. So as an equal macros diet such as the zone works as long as hypocaloric. Fasting works too. Combining days of low carb with days of low fat with days of equal ratio (in calories) and less energy intake, and regular fasting, this is what works at best to me. This ideological war of diets has to end!

  • When I watch videos about eating healthily, the focus always seems to be on losing weight. I’m struggling to find any information on how to gain weight, but ag the same time, follow a healthy diet.

  • All of the animal fat is bad, no matter what anyone says. That is what clogs arteries and causes heart disease and cardio-pulmonary issues (especially if you are not exercising hard regularly).

  • Thank you for this reassurance.
    However, it is no working LDL (and apoLipoprotein B100) has gone up and stayed up outside the acceptable range.

    What could cause this please?


  • Yes it works, dude real story. I’m from Texas. I’m 28 year olds I use to do Cocaine and drink a lot of beer and alcohol all day everyday, I stopped last week, I been dieting for a week on low carbs and I clearly saw a change today on my f waist. Crazy. Also worked out too so everything played out good. It works! But it’s not for everyone and it’s not a diet I can’t do all the time. That’s just me on the diet. Consult doctors and pros for your body type. Blessings

  • Sorry, but your name isn’t
    Dr. Dan Maggs. Your name is Dan Maggs, and you are a doctor. Unless the word ‘doctor’ precedes your name on your birth certificate, you’re best to be giving your given name.

  • I lost weight cutting sugar and started following the Athlean-X channel run by Jeff Cavaliere, and he constantly preaches that you need to clean up your nutrition before hitting the gym. Your body needs carbs and fats, but there’s good foods to get those from. People don’t need to rigidly cut their diets down to lose weight or get a better physique.

  • All I know is for myself I got fat with low fat in my 30s. I’ve lost almost 100 lbs in under a year being sedentary at 45 by eating under 60 total carbs daily.

  • I’m a real life success of Keto food choices too. I lost 79 lbs in 8 months. Went off almost all of my blood pressure medicine and my good cholesterol is good and my bad cholesterol has reversed. Best part????? My hinger is waaaaay less and I’ve went through 4 waves of buying new wardrobes!!!! Its a great problem. Also I have some skin access but I’m 100% happy to have it compared to being so fat.

  • That Carb brochure is VERY well presented. I’ll show it to my Diabetes nurse next week. No mention of meats at all? Surprised at Blueberries being so high when so many recipes use them. Cheers

  • Then how come other cultures who consume rice as a staple are not overweight like Westerners, is it portion or mixing the carbohydrates with protein?

  • I am very sceptic about this diet.I have quitt carbs, so AS potatoes rice and pasta.I get my fat sources from oily fish and avocado.I eat just a Thin slice og danish wholegrainbread with my breakfast.I do not think its very healthy too just eat so much fat AS you want.People loose weight with this low carb diet, but AS soon AS you start eating ordinary food, you would gain back everything you loose, and probably get a heartattack in the end.No Thank you.

  • High protein high carb moderate fat best way to stables blood sugar and increase testosterone. Keto diets are bad long term and decreases sex drive and impedes recovery ruins sleep etc.. it’s a terrible diet long term

  • Works better than ANYTHING doctors can prescribed. Whole food, low/mod carb diet with 16/8 intermittent fasting and light exercise will change your life.

  • If you are eating less calories than you burn, carbs will not make you fat. I can prove this with the simple fact that bodybuilders get to single digit body fat levels by eating mostly carbs and protein. If anyone who wants to challenge this or explain to me how bodybuilders are getting that low in body fat by eating carbs I am open to arguments.

  • This study did NOT count calories…that is why some people gained weight in the study…. ANY diet that cuts calories will cause you to lose weight… however a low carb diet is superior in EVERY way… Here’s a summary of 23 studies on the matter… https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/23-studies-on-low-carb-and-low-fat-diets

  • In western countries weight gains are higher. Most people live on takeaways, having own cars to drive, less pollution, less traffic and stressful life.

  • Okay people here is the clue: Low Carb works and it works fast and efficient. But for most people it is not applicable in the long term. Here is what you want to do if you want to change your eating habits in a real sense. Cook from Scratch, eat a variety of food (don’t exclude one food group completely), Drink Water instead of Sodas or Fruitjuices and exercise lightly. This will fix your weight problems and nothing else!

  • Keto is my way of life! I will always swear by it and I feel soooooo much better when I’m on keto! For those who are skeptical, do your research before you knock it.

  • I’ve been keto for the past year. I’ve lost 44 pounds. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it made a BIG difference in my life. I’m no longer prediabetic. I’ve had no trouble with maintaining my progress and I’m in a lazy keto category. Shrugs��‍♂️

  • Complex Carbs/Whole foods are our main energy source and brain food. Rice, Oats, Nuts, Fungi, Pulses, Beans, Fruit & Veg. Fibre is important too.
    Intermittent fasting is also the way our ancestors ate. No meals in a morning. Foraging thru the day and a large main meal on the evening containing complete nutrition. Ditch the Animal fats and cook with natural plant based healthy fats like olive oils and coconut oil/milk. Use fortified plant based milks to complete the plant based diet. Nuts will also provide more healthy fats and protein.

  • Diabetes and the solution to help it by the medical industry is a scam!

    Why tell people cut out carbs when you can drain them financially by selling them insulin.

  • Aaaaaaaargh please people STOP EAGING COCONUT OIL ITS SO SO SO BAD FOR YOU!!!
    it’s the unhealthiest fat that there is… Look it up

  • You forgot red meat is bad too. It causes heart problems, fat, cholesterol…. Also chicken, pork…. I think we should avoid vegetables too because they have carbs and they put chemical products to grow fast… Also we should avoid water that is not filtered and avoid air that is polluted…. Many experts say Fasting is very healthy…. before I forget. I think we should stop having sex because we loose sperm and too much sperm out causes the bones to be fragil and aging….

  • I disagree with him about the mechanism. Cholesterol efflux is facilitated by HDL particles through ApoA-1. On a high fat diet, you mobilize more ApoA-1 from the intestines via chylomicrons. This is why keto-adapted people typically have higher HDL. Part of the reason the cholesterol may accumulate in various tissues in the context of carbohydrate-based metabolism is that you’re actually restricting the mobilization of ApoA-1 from the gut. Effectively cutting down your HDL production by some margin. The mechanism Phinney mentions here is a little wrong. Fat does not leave your tissues in the form of triglyceride in a lipid droplet, and cholesterol doesn’t leave with the droplet. Your fat (triglyceride) is mobilized from your tissues as free fatty acids and is carried to the liver (and other tissues) by HSA (human serum albumin). Cholesterol is taken to the liver via HDL particles. From there, he is correct about what happens to it. Your liver dumps a massive amount of cholesterol into the biliary system to either be excreted or reabsorbed by the small intestine. But some of that cholesterol gets mobilized in VLDL, which can raise LDL cholesterol.

  • People with BMIs of 28-40 only lost an average of 11-13lbs over a YEAR? I wouldn’t call THAT statistically significant either, as someone who went from a BMI of 38 to a BMI of 23 over the course of less than two years, losing 70lbs total. I mean, sure, any weight loss is great, but I can’t imagine it making much of a difference if you’re above a BMI of 30. I have a hard time believing they really adhered to those diets, in all honestly.

    I’m not trying to sound like an asshole. I’ve been very heavy, and looking back, there was an incredible amount of ignorance and lying to myself going on. I’m probably biased, but, while this study was very well designed, it leaves me unimpressed.

  • I’d like for them to do a study like this on intermittent fasting. There has been a LOT of talk recently about it, but there’s not a lot of long-term evidence to support or deny it’s healthiness. What are your thoughts on it?

  • The reason low carb works for weightloss is obvious. Carbs have more calories. Less fat on the body = healthier. Plus if you now switch the bad carbs out for healthy greens youre gonna feel healthier. Its as Easy as this. I Was always skinny. I eat a lot of carbs now. I’m at a healthier weight and I’m stronger and more well focused. Moderation and fitness is the key to health. Not diets. Carbs are not bad. But too many calories is!!!!!

  • It’s always the dietitians that hate Keto…. They need to get with the program. Keto is awesome. No-one ever explains that on Keto you naturally eat fewer calories, on average you are satiated on 12-1500 calories per day. You are eating a higher proportion of fat in your diet however you are not necessarily eating loads of fat because you are eating about 50% of the food you were before.

  • KETO increases all cause mortality… you’re much more likely to die if you do keto… Atkins version 17… yes, its just as dumb as the first 16 versions….

  • Vegans and Vegetarians have a more complicated choice of foods on this diet. Restricting the processed foods and all the sugary drinks would already contribute to weight loss. I’m not convinced about this miracle diet. Fat is fat, if not eliminated cholesterol and related diseases will still be latent.

  • Thoughts on which diet I should I follow for RA? I’ve thought about keto but much of the foods cause higher inflammation and I have a history of heart issues in my family. I’ve returned to lifting and do cardio 4 days a week…so some carbs are needed for energy. With RA I’ve been told to eliminate grains and dairy. I have no idea which way to go.

  • Hi Lady,

    I am so proud of the journey you are on. My family history is Cancer and I had to make changes as well. Good Luck to you and GOD BLESS You��

  • I need to lose weight because I am a diabetic. The doctor said 30 lbs would help. You would think that this would motivate me, but not. I wish you success with your weight loss journey.

  • I started my weight loss journey late June last year when my doc told me I was pre-diabetic and that scared me because I too have a lot of family members with Diabetes. I started drinking green smoothies and cut carbs. In October of 2018 I incorporated dirty keto and intermittent and extended fasting. I’m down about 84 pounds now. Please research Dr. Jason Fung, read his books The Obesity Code, The Diabetes Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting. He has a YT channel with a lot of informative videos. Also check out Dr. Berg, Fledge Fitness and Thomas Delauer’s channels. The Obesity Code blew my mind and changed my life. Fasting is now a way of life for me.

  • Something making us fat for sure, but I doubt it’s the food… ppl have been eating the same food for centuries all the food he just talked about… the question is why now? Why the same food our parent and grandparents grow up on… why it making us FAT? Could it be because the the so called scientist started playing with our food?

  • 30% carbs are low carb? The problem with these studies is that the people are always “healthy”. I wanna see the sickest motherfu** do this thing. I want people in wheelchair role up and then we see who can walk and with what diet. Thats true healing.

  • General effects look the same, but looking at low carb without comparing ketosis and non-ketosis makes us feel the view is too general.

  • Except with a low fat diet, you’re hungry all the time. And, studies have shown that carbs (especially too many of them) have deleterious effects on health.

  • I have been trying this Elevacity product for memory and focus and it actually works as a weight loss product too. Here is my blog of my journey and the product. I do not sell the product!! https://foreigngirly.com/2020/08/05/elevacity/

  • Follow the law of Jack Lalanne if man made it don’t eat it. By the way he just listed food to avoid if you are creating a low carb diet, if you are not then eat the stuff he listed in moderation. Exercise with your diet and you would be fine.

  • This unique cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is an innovative remedy I lately began to make use of. This primarily thanks to an advice created by my personal medical professional therefore I can get my cholesterol reduced. I had taken one caplet each and every day for two months before I got my labs. It has lowered my cholesterol level to 30 points. I will certainly proceed applying this solution and in addition advise it to my loved ones..

  • Omg Ash! The past couple of weeks I’ve been beating myself up because I’ve completely let go and gained too much extra weight! I’ve been saying I was going to hop back on the wagon, but its so hard! As of July 1st I’ve cut out soda (I was drinking 3-5 a day) and now I’d really like to try the low carb. I’ve never tried that before. I’ll most likely try after my birthday on the 23rd. I’ll be doing August with you! I’m subscribed now and I’ll be keeping up! Love you boo! Thanks for the motivation, BC I’ve really been bogged down!

  • Well, I am 5 months on keto diet. By the way, in classic greek diet means ‘way of life’. I start in the morning with a spoon of apple cider vinegar. Than I prepare a scrambled egg or two with three slices bacon. At the same time,. I drink a large cup of expresso black coffee. During the morning I drink al large glass of water with fresh lemon juice. For lunch, when hungry, not always, I look forward to salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with two slices of french cheese or ham. In the evening I eat steak or poultry or fat fish with vegetables. I injoy my meals very much and find it very rewarding. I am 71 now, take no medicine, perfect bloodpressure and my weight is right in the middle of the bmi scale between 20 and 25, I have never done any special physical exercise or sport in my live. I have never felt so fit as today, also in my brain I must say. Greatings from Belgium

  • Been on the keto for 2 months lost 10 kilos my blood sugar is down, got more energy I don’t crave sugar no more and I’m hardly hungry improved mood, looking ten years younger than I am

  • FFS! Neither of these diets were “low” anything. I’m a low carb guy (and have had amazing, lasting results) but 29% fat is not low fat and 30% carbohydrates is most definitely not low carb. All this study tells us is that the “everything in moderation” diet sucks.

    Here’s my thinking if you’re metabolically compromised (elevated HOMA-IR or you have metabolic syndrome) you need drastic reductions in carbohydrates (and vegetable oils) to recover your insulin sensitivity and get your mitochondria back into shape. Reducing carbs from 40%-50% down to 30% carbs isn’t going to do jack in that regard. This study was not well designed as you say if they believe that 30% carbs is “low carb”.

    If you don’t know what an actual low carb diet is then you probably shouldn’t be making videos about their efficacy.

  • I was weighing almost 100 kgs and then I started to water fast and constantly checked on my weight. After 22 days of water fast I weighted 80 kgs approx. And now I eat almost 1900-2000 cal a day and take moderate amount of fat, protein and carb ; protien and carb being 40 % each. And my weight is still get decreased by an 1-2 kgs a month.

  • Low fat diets are worthless. People have been failing on low fat diets for 40 years. Low carb diets are basically only getting popular now.

  • Just to be absolutely clear; carbs are NOT evil. Especially naturally occurring carbs from unprocessed foods; they have a perfectly logical purpose in nature and no, it is not just to make you fat. Instead, think of carbs as a “tool” and should be used only for specific reasons. Also, (IMO) Keto shouldn’t be thought of as a “diet” either. Diet is a marketing term that makes most people roll their eyes. It should also be thought of as a tool that one uses to help achieve whatever your health goals are. If you plan to do Keto indefinitely, then it becomes a lifestyle.

    I understand that this video is aimed at those who are attempting a Keto/Low-carb diet and it’s a pretty solid video overall but it feels like you’re telling people to “never” eat these foods “ever” while on Keto (even a little) because they will never lose weight if they do, even if they’re doing low-carb. Obviously, this is not true.

    In my opinion, the primary benefit of Keto/low-carb lifestyles is the fact that you’re not constantly spiking your blood sugar all day and thus not spiking your insulin. Having lots of insulin in your blood all the time is the #1 reason (in my opinion) why most people don’t lose weight despite all the exercising and salads they eat. Sugar and carbs raise your blood sugar higher and faster then anything else, which causes the beta cells in your pancreas to secrete lots of insulin in order to regulate your blood sugar in order to prevent hyper/hypoglycemia. The insulin tells your cells to take the sugar out of your blood and use/store it. In other words, if you always have lots of insulin in your blood, it is basically impossible to lose body fat (especially as you get older). Also, flooding your blood with insulin all the time for years can lead to “insulin resistance” (among other serious problems), which is the pre-cursor to type II diabetes (when your cells basically start ignoring the insulin). The next time you see a guy at the gym who has bulky arms and chest but still has a “gut”, understand that guy basically has too much insulin in his body (most likely from the cheap, sugary whey proteins loaded with carbs that you see everywhere) because while carbs do help build muscle, too many carbs will prevent your existing fat from ever being used.

    I have been doing “dirty” Keto for 3 months now. 5 days per weeks I have less then 10g of carbs (I do HIIT training on these days), 2 days per week I have between 25-40g of carbs (the days I do intense weight training). For those two days where I increase my carbs a little, I have them the night before so that when I do weight training the next morning, I get a little extra power for that first 30 minutes or so of lifting so I can go a bit longer and harder. Again, i use them sparingly as a “tool” to help with gaining muscle mass. I still rely on fats primarily for energy but that extra little chunk of carbs gives me that boost that I want when I hit the weights.

    After three months, combined with intermittent fasting and daily exercise, I have lost roughly 25 pounds (at least 20 of that was visceral and subcutaneous fat per my DEXA scans). For the first time in 15 years, I can actually see my abs! Obviously, my situation is unique and I had to spend a lot of time experimenting and learning and I certainly wouldn’t guarantee my lifestyle would yield the same results for everyone, I just wanted to make the point that you don’t have to be afraid of carbs as long as you clearly understand their purpose and don’t over-indulge. The same can be said about anything; if you over-indulge, something bad will eventually happen.

  • This is all crap. Low carb is not sustainable it makes you feel sick and angry. You wont sleep well you will just feel sick all the time. BUT DUH avoid junk food DUH your so smart DOC Just piss off with your garbage diet. For those idiots conned just cut out the junk food and the bloody beer and wine and lessen your portion size. DONE

  • Aside from Clinical Nutritionist and Super athletes Nutritionist, Nutritionist have complicated diet so unnecessarily it became one of the vaguest fields in health sciences, yet the most popular.

    They have convinced the population that a normal healthy person who doesn’t have any underlining condition and not even obese must monitor his diet so diligently and that he/she is responsible for most of the physiological processes in his/her body to avoid drastic outcomes that are usually displayed as if they will happen in the very next day if you don’t listen to their advice.

    Their whole field can be summarized with those three advices.
    1eat less
    3diversify your diet to avoid micronutrients deficiency

    And that’s it, you don’t need to read a book to tell when and what to eat otherwise you will get fat and die of cancer or other drastic outcomes.

  • In another word, stop eating….and that’s wrong…anybody doing 0 carbs is nuts….. that’s not how you loose weight. Eat healthy, exercise and allow at least 6 to 8 months in one condition..no junk food and I’ll promise you you will be amazed!!!

  • Went keto and lost 111 pounds and dropped my high (a1c 14) diabetes to now pre-diabetic. Getting better and better. I’m badly disabled from car accident and exercise is virtually out of the question other than in a chair. This is working!!! Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. Eat your grains and feel bad. Go keto and feel good. Don’t stay sick due to big pharma and the big food companies.

  • LCIF for NEWBIES (how to start) (read this) If you are just starting out, do not EGG DIET / EGG CHALLENGE please. 1. DO NOT INTERMITTENT FASTING FIRST. Start with a Low-carb diet first. Why? Because intermittent fasting occurs spontaneously in the body after a low carb diet without fail. 2. EAT ANY LOWCARB FOODS WHEN HUNGRY. Eat any meat, seafoods, and eggs. You can also eat any green and leafy vegetables but make sure you eat more meat, seafood and eggs. You can also drink plain black coffee and plain green tea. Why? Because high carb food makes you feel hungry / always hungry and it is not good for health while Low carb foods are satisfying, you will not go hungry easily and you will be healthy. 3. EAT ANY LOWCARB FOOD WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED. Eat until you are bored. Just make sure the total carb you eat is only up to 20 grams a day. Exceeding that limit is not good for your health and will lose the purpose of your goal of being healthy or losing weight. 4. DISCUSS / SERIOUSLY EAT LOWCARB FOODS WITHIN 3 MONTHS FOR FASTER RESULTS. If you can do the Zero Carb diet, (meat and water only), it will be better and the result will be faster. FAQs: What is a sample of Lowcarb foods? beef, pork, chicken, fish, seafoods, green leafy vegetables, eggs, cauliflower, coconut oil, olive oil, coconut milk, anchor butter, black coffee (instant or brewed), unsweetened cocoa powder, all purpose cream, parmesan cheese, coconut flour, almond flour, unsweetend almond milk, strawberries and avocado. Other naturally sweet fruits are also not suitable. If in doubt, ask bespren google. If you do not see the answer, ask the veterans before eating. Can use naturals stevia or equal gold but do not wantusawa. Limit to 2 sachets per day Can be cooked as long as the ingredients are LC. There are no specific meal plans, let’s just approach LC. What foods to avoid: ❌❌ SOME of these are rice, bread, pasta, instant noodles, ice cream, cakes, desserts, corn, all kinds of bananas, potatoes, evenings, baguio beans, oatmeal, any food that includes all purpose flour or wheat flour, soy sauce, ketchup, commercial mayo, coffee creamer, vegetable oil, palm oil, canola oil, soybean oil, tofu or tokwa, taho, miso (used in porridge)
    or any soya bean products, yakult, fruit drinks, tomato sauce, margarine, honey, regular soft drinks, sugar and any food or drinks with sugar. Even Herbalife Nutritional Shake Mix is ​​not possible. ��The spices like garlic and curry powder, garlic and onion powder, there are also hidden carbs, they can be small, but they also have carbs:) One tablespoon of onion powder contains 5.2g of carbs even ginger grounds have 3.2g of carb in just one tablespoon. Again if in doubt about what to eat, consult google. If no answer is available, ask the veterans. ✔️LET’S ALWAYS CHECK THE LABEL OF THE FOOD WE BUY. Read the ingredients and the nutritional value chart. In the jar are 0 sugar, 0 or low carb, high protein and high fat. But even if you read that there is no sugar and low carb in the nutritional value chart, check the ingredients. Maybe there are oils, additives and extenders that are not LC so mam mams are not allowed Drink plenty of water. Salt is not forbidden. You can drink G -Active and Le Minerale bottled water is a better option due to its sodium content. #Lowcarbers

  • My only real sin out of those 14 things is 2 beers most nights, the rest of it isnt to bad can live without most of them for a period of time.Longest i went was 3 months day in day out.Yes i missed those foods massively but managed to stick with it.