Why Fretting About the Quarantine 15 Could Be Dangerous


The Quarantine 15 | Full Video

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How to avoid the ‘quarantine 15’

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No need to panic, coronavirus is not as deadly as others: Doctor

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How to avoid the ‘Quarantine 15’

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Worrying about weight gain in quarantine

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Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety (COVID-19)

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The Quarantine 15

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Why Worrying About the ‘Quarantine 15’ Can Be Harmful. In the face of the coronavirus and fears about loved ones’ health, the status of our jobs, our 401 (k)s and the uncertainty of when life will return to status quo — as well as many other things — it’s. Why Worrying About the ‘Quarantine 15’ Can Be Harmful. n the face of the coronavirus and fears about loved ones’ health, the status of our jobs, our 401 (k)s and the uncertainty of when life will return to status quo — as well as many other things — it’s. Why worrying about “quarantine 15” isn’t productive However, feeling angry and upset at myself over gaining weight and becoming preoccupied with weight loss isn’t productive and can lead to harmful. And the fears may become more amplified when those of us with eating disorders see an explosion of weight gain-related “quarantine 15” memes, and hear about studies that link obesity with a higher coronavirus mortality rate (via WE Forum).

Anxiety created. Why “Quarantine 15” Memes Can Be Harmful. while managing kids at home and worrying about our loved ones’ health and financial status can mean more snacking and less healthy meals. It didn’t take long after stay-at-home orders went into place for memes about gaining the “quarantine 15” or the “COVID 19” to start circulating on social media. What may seem like a. “Fearing weight gain and feeling bad about your body takes you away from what really matters and being able to participate in this cultural moment,” Ms. Harrison said.

Eat if you want to. “The first thing I think when I hear the term ‘quarantine 15’ is that I find it really offensive,” says Dr. Lindo Bacon, a nutritionist and body positivity advocate.

Bacon is concerned about how. But the case can be made that the quarantine 15 is triggering to people who have or have had an eating disorder—even though a few extra pounds should be the least of anyone’s concerns amid a global. Life during quarantine is rough and it’s okay to eat what you want during the coronavirus pandemic.

73% of African Americans said they did not have emergency funds to.

List of related literature:

Because the possibility of another pandemic similar to that in 1918/19 is ever-present (Box 25.1), these decisions can be agonizing.

“Fenner and White's Medical Virology” by Christopher J. Burrell, Colin R. Howard, Frederick A. Murphy
from Fenner and White’s Medical Virology
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Covid-19 was an unnecessary catastrophe: we knew enough to keep people away from bat viruses, to develop drugs and vaccines for coronaviruses, and to set up transparent, truly global surveillance networks for outbreaks of potentially pandemic disease.

“COVID-19: The Pandemic that Never Should Have Happened and How to Stop the Next One” by Debora MacKenzie
from COVID-19: The Pandemic that Never Should Have Happened and How to Stop the Next One
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While authors such as George Annas (2005) have denied that quarantine actually works, this is of course an empirical question.

“International Encyclopedia of Public Health” by Stella R. Quah
from International Encyclopedia of Public Health
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For these reasons, the virologist Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC at the end of 2018, has warned that he fears two possible consequences that cannot be excluded.

“Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present” by Frank M. Snowden
from Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present
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Because quarantine in the source country could not be confirmed to include vector control, and the majority of shipments were made in less than 3 days, it was assumed that little risk was mitigated during these factors.

“Miller Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy, Volume 9 E-Book” by Eric R. Miller, Nadine Lamberski, Paul P Calle
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Experience has shown that quarantine measures are seldom effective and, in fact, often lead to more serious problems as many seek to flee an area or deny the presence of possible cases in family or friends, thus precluding appropriate containment measures.85

“Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases E-Book” by John E. Bennett, Raphael Dolin, Martin J. Blaser
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The success of the 1892 quarantine cannot be judged only in terms of the numbers of new cases over time.

“Quarantine!: East European Jewish Immigrants and the New York City Epidemics of 1892” by Howard Markel
from Quarantine!: East European Jewish Immigrants and the New York City Epidemics of 1892
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In 1892, for example, the German government initially concealed—and therefore exacerbated—that year’s cholera pandemic because of fears that closing the port of Hamburg, at the time the largest port in the world, would mean economic ruin for many (Markel, 1999; Evans, 2005).

“Ethical and Legal Considerations in Mitigating Pandemic Disease: Workshop Summary” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Global Health, Forum on Microbial Threats, Alison Mack, Eileen R. Choffnes, P. Frederick Sparling, Margaret A. Hamburg, Stanley M. Lemon
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Because worry focuses on attempts to problem-solve for nonexistent future negative possibilities, it diverts attention away from a more disturbing immediate or future threat and one’s perceived inability to cope with that threat (Roemer and Borkovec 1993).

“Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments” by Glen O. Gabbard, American Psychiatric Publishing
from Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments
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In particular, people worried that the 1918 virus could possibly escape from secured facilities that harbored it and enter back into the population.

“Epidemics: The Impact of Germs and Their Power Over Humanity” by Joshua S. Loomis
from Epidemics: The Impact of Germs and Their Power Over Humanity
by Joshua S. Loomis
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  • Why be scared?..:if people want to live in paranoia then theres nothing anyone can do about it..:media and news have created the fear…this virus is actually less deadly than the common flu mortality wise…but if you feed a person enough negative information they will believe it…fear can ruin people…maybe thats what this nee society is based on

  • i have idea in cardiology i want some one evaluate it and if the result positive share it to the world by my name and become i am a scientist

    contact me on my page in facebook doctors of future
    in comments contact me

  • Dr oz. Congrats, you just lost your credibility, I hope it was worth it. You had a ” dr.” On your show that said that covid led to other diseases like heart disease and a whole bunch of others and we both know that is I lie.now all you are is a propagandist for the fake covid conspiracy. The death rate is less than 1% and that’s high because hospitals are labeling deaths that aren’t covid like pneumonia so they can get the extra $ from the fed government. Congratulations, you are officially a propagandist and have no more credibility. I hope it was worth it

  • I’m eating to less and less sleep to much stressed me and my husband they kick us out from work not salary my both kids stress to we don’t know how to control this problem anymore I’m just going through bad time may god help the world �� from this virus as soon as possible ameen ������

  • Hey everyone, I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of people with anxiety a lot easier 😉
    Which is why I have two very simple questions:
    1. As someone with anxiety, what are the 2 biggest issues you’re dealing with?
    2. 2. Regarding having anxiety, what would you wish for more than anything else?

  • Currently battling COVID and its a strong one. I am terrified and I have breakdowns and moments daily but this helped me get some rest today

  • I thaught i was a normal guy with decent parents. But after watching katies videos now i feel i am suffering from depreession and seeing my parents as narcissist. I dont know if i am overthinking or this is true. I need some one elses opinion

  • I have bad anxiety I’ve always had it. But I had a major panic attack at the grocery store today. Because I was following the rules but people keep coming within the 6ft and surrounding me. I started shaking like crazy and I couldn’t breath. It wasn’t until I left and sat in my car that I felt safe again. Luckily my coworker/friend was with me (we’ve been working together for the past 2 months, we just got full layoff. ) If she hadn’t been with me I mi ghb t have shut down.

  • I just feel anxious all day long, I don’t know if anybody else is feeling like this during quarantine, but I can’t catch my breath. I am so scared about getting Covid-19 that I can’t think about anything else all day long

  • I’ve been dealing with corona virus anxiety this past week. Got that pinic-ky feeling inside myself. Treating it with rest and relaxation, I think I’ll just lay down and sleep during quarntine. �� jk but maybe.���� I’ll just try to stay chillin’ as much as I can.

  • Every morning in quarantine after brushing my teeth I put on moisturizer and a simple face of Glossier makeup. And I’m realizing how much it make me feel good and not because I care what anyone thinks I look like. It’s nice to know:)

  • My biggest problem is when I confuse my chest pain from my anxiety with the COVID-19. I know I’ve been social distancing and litterly been quarantined for 3 months and always wash my hands extremely well and disinfect but still I fear that I have it. When I go grab some groceries and do my shopping I start to tripp out even tho I play the dodging game and sanitize before washing again. I’ve done everything I could but my mind will still mess with me. If I get a runny nose from yawning I go check my temperature to make sure I’m good and so far so good. But my brain is very good at playing tricks on me. Hope everyone feel better and hope everyone and their families are/stay safe! ��������

  • As a message to everyone, just remember this: though COVID-19 quickly became a pandemic, it is mostly harmless and has symptoms similar to influenza. Just keep your distance and you should be okay. If you do happen to get infected, you should be able to recover quickly (if you don’t have any preexisting medical conditions.)

  • There are mindfulness guides online…30 Days to Reduce Anxiety by Harper Daniels is a short and nice one. Share it! Many people are silently struggling.

  • Ive got nobody close sept the guys at work other than that im isolated alone and fed up with life. Ive got far to many symptoms to even muster a guess at the wicked combination of disorders i deal every day no medication or anything cuz i cant afford any or therapy for that matter. Im emotionally and psychologically burned out.

  • Dr. Modjarrad, are your opinions still the same or does your expertise and the change of current events throughout the world make you feel differently? As you can see during this interview the symptoms are runny nose, headache, sore throat and fever. NOW the symptoms have changed according the CDC and WHO to Fever, Dry cough, Fatigue, shortness of breath. Any insight.

  • Seriously, people who get totally freaked out over this Covid-19 saga as if it marks the end of the world should do a research on the Black Death!

  • Im starting an anxiety group chat where people can talk about their symptoms, share tips, and give each other constant support and reassurance. Follow me on Instagram @shannon_luv21 and ask to join the gc and I’ll put you in. Now is a hard time for anyone dealing with mental health issues like BP, BDP, OCD, PTSD, Depression, Schizophrenia, anxiety, and many more. We need as much support as we can get these days��

  • You are such an inspiration. I haven’t thought of any of these concerns but I have seen others comments on social media. Food for thought. ��❤️��

  • The way I see it….things could be much worse……this virus is bad news…..but it ain’t got nothing on a nuclear exchange for example….you have to look on the bright side……

  • Really don’t want to gain weight during this…exercising and eating right helps me feel normal despite all this craziness since I can’t control much else…sorry not sorry but that isn’t disordered eating

  • Yes to the house tour! Yes to the realness of the brows, hair and hole in the shirt! lol All so relatable. Although I have found that doing little things like my brows and whatnot come more so from a place of feeling like I’m caring for myself and so doing little things like plucking my brows definitely boosts my mood regardless of who will or won’t be seeing me!

  • I enjoyed your personal video on your own situation during this pandemic,it was interesting hearing about you and Sean, it took me away from my own problems, wish you would do more lol I’m an older person so I have been in therapy through out my life,it’s good to hear from you thanks

  • Trust me guys, if you feel like crying just cry it out! It feels so much better when you vent it out. Don’t worry too much, we’ll get through this. ❤️

  • I should have watched this one sooner! This explains a lot! My partner is out of town and in Washington state of all places so my nerves have been on edge for over a month. This explains a lot about how I’ve been feeling. I’m already in anxious person and I don’t like not knowing what’s coming next

  • stress on the brain must be lifted Lancet psychiatry journal published study showing TM tm.org heals traumatic stress PTSD / tm-women.org/from-the-word-to-the-wise-department-the-transcendental-meditation-technique-improves-immunity-and-reduces-stress/#. tm.org/meditation/adhd. tm.org/benefits-diabetes tmhome.com/benefits/secrets-of-longer-healthier-life-reverse-ageing/

  • Every time i cough i get very nerveus
    Every time i feel hot even i have no fever i get nerveus this feels so bad i cant sleep properly and when i wake up in morning i dont feel happy anymore��

  • I really love your channel, Mia!
    As someone who almost finished recovery i really appreciate your content. it gives me food for thought OR (what’s even better when it happens) understanding how far i am from a disorder now ❤️

  • Mia my gosh!! If this is you speaking off the cuff it proves just how brilliant you are! Most amazing insight I’ve heard on the subject to date, thank you!!! And would LOVE a house tour

  • As someone whos had social anxiety and PTSD for years now I just wanted to say, Everyone struggling with staying indoors dont worry your lives will eventually go back to normal…this is my normal

  • I just lost the sense of smell and taste(suspected covid and isolating don’t worry) and having a hard time maintaining recovery do you have any advice:( I’m really not coping well and feeling guilty for not being able to cope

  • You are wonderful, a realist with a great sense of humour. Anxiety is rife and high pitched but it climbs up and up and up to a peak and then it goes away and the more times you practice the exposure to the thing that is making you anxious, the less anxious you are, well in theory anyway.
    I find being conscious of my breathing and where my shoulders are, really helps my anxiety apart from supermarket shopping where I want to run out of the store screaming!
    I hope your new flat works well for you and you can feel a bit more settled xx

  • Because of this quarantine, I’ve stopped wearing makeup and have gained weight but honestly I feel amazing! For the first time EVER I have hips and a bum

    After 6 years of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and Orthorexia I have FINALLY accepted myself

    I shave my eyebrows off and now I’ve even stopped doing that and am embracing my large Italian eyebrows!

  • I work in a supermarket. I’m so, SO glad we don’t have crazy people attacking us. These comments from other retail workers scare me..

  • Am I the only one who developed somatic ocd, anxiety, depression, and worries all the time without any cause during this quarantine?

  • Usually April, Easter and May are my most difficult months as others do stuff and my family don’t.

    So it’ll be no surprise that it would be an easier Easter for me.

    Except that it’s 2020 and I actually had plans this Sunmer��

  • Cant do tests… I sound very negative and it is, but they’re out of tests or you pay tons for it (and most of us are average or poor…..) cos I cant get my rash fixed that easily now cos of it either and where it comes from.

  • There is still no need to worry! Why are we still being ordered to stay inside? 70% of the United States deaths are from nursing homes, not out in the open. And new evidence shows that the virus has a.03% death rate. Was there enough danger to the American people, to have reason for this lock down? Or is this just an on going power grab?

  • That’s an outright lie that it was only “identified 3 weeks ago”.

    China’s main biodefense lab is in Wuhan. American scientists warned Wuhan in Feb 2017 that the lab was extremely high risk and that events like this could easily happen without proper management. The wet market they are trying to blame is just 8.6km away from the lab. Anyone putting 2 and 2 together yet..?

    If it’s not that serious I’d love to see how he reacts to being near someone with it and I’ll bet that he’s preparing HIS family for pandemic. China knew about this in Dec 2019 so it’s had a month to mutate and spread globally at various rates. The Wuhan government allowed large banquets to go ahead even after cases were confirmed. This is insane. We all need to stay put and protect ourselves til it burns itself out.

  • They COULD just call it DISTANCING, not “social” distancing. It’s NOT that anyway. It’s a literal PHYSICAL distancing. I can’t stand the word “social” distancing.

  • Hey guys don’t worry it will be fine just think about what makes you comfortable get a blanket and a chair sit next to the window look at the nature outside or just relax in a hot shower just stay away from the things that are negative to you

  • I have requested this before. I would love to see a video on what to do after the first stages of recovery. What do you do after you can eat normally and whatever foods you want? Is there something I am supposed to be doing four years into recovery that I don’t know about? I have renovated my recovery so much I am out of ideas.

  • First nothing if it was the year make up with every year you like and other people we’re going out to help other people and maintaining so many different things and never tell anyone so they’re overwhelmed when they’re doing something that they love nothing more better than to be able to help another person it is something others never forget not did you remember when you have helped others now you give someone the opportunity to be able to help other people I can hear absolutely nothing that you said so don’t be upset with me if I’m not in agreement with nothing now this is not a case for me don’t be upset it is wonderful that the government is talking about hygiene it is wonderful how others have to now take some responsibility with their self not speaking and spelling strong all that speaking in spelling strong it’s a knockoff it’s enough for that no be about it work with yourself it’s easy to help other people they never forget so you forgot it’s okay I wouldn’t want anybody to forget about something as humble as I am I mean really I have my own issue and this is not it

  • Great video! I’ve been looking to share something, on my FB page, that would be helpful to my visitors and this one’s it! Thx so much for doing these types of videos, especially in this crazy time.

  • Hey look at the bright side. At Least countries, at the moment, are too focused on containing and limiting the spread of Covid-19 that they forgot that WW3 was even suppose to happen. WW3 was cancelled due to Coranvirus boyyysss

  • I m having disturbed breathing almost everynight more than a month now…. I m not aure if corona or my anexity… What should i do

  • My eating disorder is coming from a place of control. Everything is out of control and has been in my life or so I like to think. I am in a comfortable place right now but now and then looking in the mirror I can clearly see I’m too skinny. Obviously this is a time of stress and when stressed well, I don’t really feel I need to explain to anyone who does have ED. Yes my ED has the symptom of caring about my size saying “if you’re not x size then you’re worthless”. However having been weight restored and then losing that what I’ve found is I’m self conscious at every weight. I’m always to fat or to skinny. The happiest I can remember being with my body is when I was weight restored to a certain degree just because I had more energy and my brain was functioning properly. Thank you for this video as it is really important right now especially because I do see this stuff all over my FB. It was my first thought with the quarantine implanted where I am. I know though through all the treatment I have gotten that this js my last grasp at control. I want to get over ED so bad, I just can’t imagine life without though after going on 11 years. I really love all your videos. They give me hope. Ok ramble over ����

  • My problem is more of me missing everyone I know and feeling like everything with my loved ones is falling apart. Just fell in love with someone right before this and now we can’t even see each other and I’m not doing to well there either. I really feel bad about everything

  • Is anybody else experiencing extreme insomnia since the lockdowns began? I can only get 4 to 5 hours of sleep on a daily basis and it’s absolute hell on earth.

  • Thank you for the video. I never really had anxiety till this. First time I had a Attack was a eye opener.
    I’m here to tell everyone who reads this. I may not know you, but I love you and if you need a big brother to just chat with reply to this and i will chat with you.

  • I don’t keep up with the news a lot, most of my stress comes from that the fact our teachers in google classrooms are piling up double the work, and I can’t help my mom or dad or anyone because from 7 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon

  • Are you crazy 5 of my family members had it and 2 passed away. 3 was in their 20s they had is for 2-3 weeks and was very sick. The other 2 was 50 and 60 in good health and still passed away. It’s people like you that are putting doubts in people’s minds and helping them to DIE. you will be the blame of people dying!

  • Its been a month in lockdown and the anxiety hasnt left…. I feel worse mentally in fact especially the sun and armth in the house that cant go away and Im suffocating cos of the heat and lack of ventilation. I have join pains too and skin rash so I really need to breathe or it will get worse. i try to keep my distance, but I cant stay inside during this heat. I could in the winter, cos its cold outsde, but this stupid ‘good’ weather makes me cry.

  • Definitely yes to house tour and a huge yes to more of Lola—it would be lovely to see you holding her. I’m finding one of the best parts of some zoom coaching classes I have done is when people’s kids and animals pop into the screen.

  • this made me realize why i got into arguments online a lot more often lately…i feel awful and horribly depressed because of this pandemic and quarantine…i have lost motivation and passion for things that usually keep me busy or distracted or entertained…i dont know what to do

  • I hate school because it’s very stressful being around people all day, but now in isolation I’m struggling with restricting for about 3 days and then binging because there’s no distraction… It’s very annoying

  • when I was about 13, I didn’t know that I needed to trim my eyebrows and apply some beauty products to ‘conceal’ my ‘scars’ and ‘black spots’. It felt very awkward to me because I had always been super natural to how I looked and how I felt about my face, body, my own self, etc. I literally didn’t much care about or wasn’t suspicious about who I was. But I did. I did all those ‘beauty’ stuffs and now I end up here. I obligatorily repeat every single ‘beauty ritual’ just like an automatic machine.

  • Im kinda scared becquse i have had a little bit of shortness of breath and a bit of a runny nose, though i dont cough or sneeze so im kinda confused

  • This video was so incredibly helpful for me at this time. Thank you so much for your very grounded and direct approach that comes from a personal conviction that is also genuine because it is evident that you have done the work to speak out with such boldness and confidence. Thank you for affirming truth and helping to bring balance to what is mostly being viewed as extreme through the lenses of our culture. Though I still feel pretty new to your channel, I am very grateful for the tool it has been for me so far. I am wrestling a bit more than I’d like to admit in this season, but I am also trying to make the hard decisions consistently in order to stay on recovery road and not take the detours that lead me to dead ends and bondage to the eating disorder. Thank you again for what you post on your channel.

  • Thank you for this. I can’t show through this little message thing how much and how happy I am to hear what you said. My depression voice is very strong right now but everything you said is what I believe and thrive for…but that voice is drowned out at the moment. Thank you for helping me feel some validation.

  • hi mia, could you please talk about some youtuber called HRH COLLECTION, especially the video she titled ‘fine then go be fat and leave me alone’

  • Steps to stop coronavirus anxiety:
    1) Stop watching TV
    2) Stop going on social media
    3) Stop listening to ridiculous government guidelines
    4) Live your life as if today is your last day

  • Thank you for this video, I really needed to hear someone talk about this. I’m a healthcare worker and I do most every “beauty” thing myself (I even match my makeup to my PPE lately because it’s fun and our masks are pink lol) but my eating disorder and preoccupation with food/weight/body image/everything has really been exacerbated in all of this. As someone who reverts to eating disordered habits when stressed, this made me really take into consideration what genuinely matters right now and that it isn’t whether or not I put on a few pounds because I can’t go to the gym every day.

  • It affects me in a serious way. Taking a toll on my husband who doesn’t take this very seriously. He works everyday and calls me crazy and threatens to divorce me over this instead of comforting my generalized anxiety disorder. I’m beginning to wonder if better or worse he’d drop me like a pin. Help?!

  • I’m really grateful that you made this video. I knew I was worried about gaining weight right now but as you were talking i just broke down and started sobbing because I’m terrified and I didn’t realize how scared I was. I’m afraid to change my habits right now because I might fall back into disordered habits but if I don’t do anything, I might notice my body change and my mental health might decline. I feel so stuck. It’s like I can’t breathe.

  • Thanks for this really helpful video. Was indeed struggeling with the many at home workouts people posted on social media…. btw would love to see a house tour! Looking forward to your videos as they really help me now i am in quarantine

  • Really enjoyed this. I’m generally very body neutral and after 30 years of fruitlessly trying to control my weight, I have accepted myself as I am. However I admit the fear mongering about obesity being an ‘underlying health condition’ for the virus has freaked me out rather. I understand the HAES principles, I exercise regularly, don’t smoke, etc etc, but I can’t help being drawn in. I actually started thinking of going back to calorie counting, and at 7am when I started to weigh out the cream I put in my coffee I fortunately stopped myself!!

  • Before the word pandemic I didn’t believe it was going to be about scales and anchors of maintaining stability and forgetting it wasn’t about water don’t be upset with me this is not a language or a race stability of maintaining oneself it’s not a number

  • I have a fear of becoming “sluggish”. Both because as a person with a long time E.D I feel obligiated to MOVE. And I feel guilty and as though I’m skipping school/work. So going from working out every day to no gym has been hard. And one annoying thing is also that my Apple watch keeps remindng me that “Oh, time to move, you were so good last week. let’s do it this week as well” or “You burned more calories yesterday than today, you can still get there today”. So I might justput my watch aside for this period, though it IS hard.
    Thank you for this video.

  • Flu kills 190 people a day.. Corona only killed 1000 today. Stop making it look like a big deal, it’s not like the coffins have been taken out from Bergamo by the army due to the lack of graves..