Why Exercise To Lose Weight Sucks


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Why Exercise Sucks For Fat Loss

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Cardio Sucks For Weight Loss

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Why Losing Weight SUCKS (Losing 40 lbs)

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Why Exercise Sucks For Fat-loss: Treadmill VS Food ��

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One of the main problems with exercise and weight loss is that exercise doesn’t just affect the “calories out” side of the energy balance equation. It. To prevent muscle loss, the workout below loads the body’s biggest muscle groups through large, compound movements, and with weight that pushes those muscles to fatigue.

After all, the more muscle. Hate exercise? Stop struggling with the same routine or class that you hate.

Instead, follow these steps, lose weight, and get healthy a better way. 1 day ago · Part of successful, sustainable weight loss i.e. losing the weight and keeping it off for good is understanding that fad diets, excessive exercise and “detoxes” don’t usually work. For weight loss, it really matters that you cut back on the calories that you eat and drink. That matters most for taking the pounds off, according to the CDC.

Exercise doesn’t suck, Mr Cloud. Exercise provides a myriad of benefits. It preserves muscle mass with advancing age – a key factor in independence into our senior years It leads to enhanced aerobic and anaerobic fitness – two other key factors in successful aging.

Weight-bearing exercises such as hiking and dancing burn more calories than lower-impact exercises such as swimming and stationary cycling. Regular exercise may not be enough if you’re consistently not burning off more calories than you consume every day. Lactic acid training forces your body to produce high amounts of lactic acid, increasing both muscle growth and loss of fat. The amount of growth hormone released in lactic acid training can be up. Rationale for weight loss in overweight and obese patients.

In the United States, 66.3% of adults are overweight or obese 1, which represents a major public health concern.The total medical cost associated with treating obesity exceeds $140 billion annually, and represents approximately 9.1% of annual medical expenditures 2.Obesity is a major risk factor for many cardiovascular (CV). Exercise can undermine weight loss in other, subtle ways How much we eat is connected to how much we move. When we move more, we sometimes eat more too, or eat less when we’re not exercising.

List of related literature:

For one thing, when the FAT Programs are on, your body doesn’t want you to exercise because exercising will help you lose weight.

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
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Weight loss achieved during strenuous endurance exercise programs, on the other hand, tends to be reversed because the body tries to quickly replenish the lost fat deposits in order to prepare itself for the next energy-depleting round of exercise.

“Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” by Andreas Moritz
from Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation
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Interestingly, exercise helps weight loss specifically around the abdomen (and reduces visceral fat), whereas calorie restricting diets without exercise tend to encourage more weight loss around the thighs.

“Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine E-Book” by Jane Lyttleton
from Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine E-Book
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On the other hand, exercise alone requires a huge amount of effort for a small amount of weight loss.

“Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives” by Richard Swenson
from Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives
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Exercise promotes weight loss in ways other than burning calories.The body often compensates for lessened food intake by slowing the metabolic rate, but regular aerobic exercise elevates the metabolic rate of dieters throughout the day.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life” by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
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To doctors who haven’t read the research about the futility of exercise with regard to weight loss and who still believe in the all calories are equal and burn more calories than you eat lies, it seems self-evident that the more you exercise, the more weight you will lose.

“Lies My Doctor Told Me Second Edition: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health” by Ken Berry, Gary Fettke
from Lies My Doctor Told Me Second Edition: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health
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Increasing physical activity Exercise increases energy expenditure and therefore makes weight loss easier.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
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Just because a workout feels challenging doesn’t mean that it can make the desired changes to your body.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
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Because exercise increases the calories spent, calories are consumed rather than being stored as fat.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
by Robert A. Ronzio
Facts On File, 2003

The decline in the rate of weight loss can be partially explained by the fact that you burn fewer calories while performing the same total amount of work as your body weight decreases.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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  • Another question: I’ve heard you all mention that creatine being one of the few supplements that will actually benefit ones fitness. In your experience, what is the optimal way to take it? Should I load then back off to 5g/day? I’ve thought about undulating it to see how that does.

  • When I was working there, I made a custom flavor (and it almost was added to the menu) called Purple Skittles. It was made with a mix of Snow Geisha & Cherry Blossom, I believe; I’m not certain (this was years ago).

  • My family is very fatphobic and has shamed me my entire life for “eating too much ice cream” or not being fit enough and even having friends that were too fat which was somehow affecting me? They were legitimately only satisfied when I was struggling to eat and dealing with seriously devastating depression and I was thin because I was miserable. They do the same thing with my siblings and my mom, and one memory I have of when I was younger was when I hugged my mom and was happy that my arms couldn’t reach all the way around. She was happy and she was fat and that was fine. When she gets depressed, and when anyone gets depressed, they lose weight and it’s the first sign of concern for me personally. Of course, it’s when everyone else applauds them for “being in shape”. I’ve learned that “in shape” for us is being what some people see as “overweight” but we just have fat bodies and that is what it means for us to be happy and healthy. I’ve tried to push back against what my family is teaching my siblings and trying to push on my mom by just being unapologetically fat and happy. I share this because I want you to feel happy with whatever “healthy” means for you. I know this video is a year old, but watching it today really brought this all to the front of my mind as it is very relevant in my life right now. If losing weight and being at a certain size makes you comfortable and happy, then I think that’s wonderful! But I also want you to feel happy in your body, even if it isn’t what other people expect when they think of “happy and healthy”. Love you, Kat, and sending you many body positive vibes today. ����

  • hi umm i’m like marathoning all ur videos bc i just found u and I just wanted to say that you are so cool and inspiring and interesting & educational. And your videos make me feel so safe and like my brain is expanding literally. Thank you for sharing your life and advice/struggles/stories bc u have no idea how affirming and empowering that is. I have felt so gaslighted and hearing someone else’s like intimate opinions and journey is really encouraging and gives me sanity. also i love cowboy bebop so much too!!! THE SOUNDTRACK ahhhh. 3 2 1 lesgo.

  • The best form of “cardio” paired with lifting is tons of normal walking. Walking is restorative, muscle sparing, and low impact. Walking 10-20K steps a day is the easiest way to get/stay lean.

  • I decide last April that I was feeling shitty and wanted to lose some weight. I started IF and exercising one hour six days a week. I made it part of my life and just did it for the first month even though I didn’t always want to. I have lost 48 lbs since then and went down from 188 lbs to 140. And now the hour a day is literally something I look forward to. I came up with my own method that combines weights and cardio at the same time. Light weights for 25-30 reps per set nonstop for an hour. Moving from exercise to exercise as quickly as I can. I get my heart rate up to about 120-130 and keep it there for an hour. When I started I could barely make it twenty minutes and then I would have to stop because I couldn’t catch my breath. Now I have drastically increased the amount of sets that I complete in the same amount of time and don’t have to stop at all. I think that the discipline is really the difference this time at succeeding in my goals.

  • “Keto was fine but I was passing out all the time.” In my book it’s the definition of not being fine, lol. When I was dieting hard, luckily keto hadn’t been invented yet but there were lots of other horrible trends floating around. The worst damage to my metabolism was probably done by an endocrinologist who put me on a 1000-calories a day diet when I was 15, already 5,7 and still growing. My parents made that decision because my weight was a problem for them. 25 years later, I’m still dealing with the damage but a well-balanced vegan diet (for life this time) is helping me fix my metabolism and my attitude to food and so-called beauty is finally healthy. As you said, we don’t need to pander to other people’s expectations

  • Proper hit home when she talked about college and the ‘you’re fat’ talk, in school I thought I was huuuge, all the other girls were teeny because they’re teenage girlsit made me think I had to change, I stopped eating and focused everything I had in ‘being thin!!!’ but looking back at myself I was thin, I was perfectly normal but oh my God I can’t even fathom how much I damaged myself. Nowadays I go to the gym 3 times a week, watch what I eat but enjoy it too, praise the Lord for the love of thiccat 5ft2 and measuring 34GG-28-36 I really like myself. My BMI is 28by any means obese but I always get the same schpeel off the docs ‘you’ re a large chested woman with a small waist and you’re petiteno worries’ I walked into a gym asked for a trainer and he says ‘so, um, you’ re fat…. ‘ never took the word of a trainer since. Been heavy, been tiny but my boobs and bum have never changed that much enjoy the body you’re in because as long as it’s healthy and fighting fit what does the size matter?! Xxxx

  • I spent years since I was in preschool (5 years old) being called a bunch of stuff or getting excluded from games and interactions because of my weight, according to my classmates. And I as well looked back at my photos and going “I wasn’t fat, I wasn’t ugly… Why did I have to go through this?” I was never rude, never loud, never disrespectful. Writing this still breaks my heart a bit. When I finally got 12 I started doing the work for myself, I was “one of the boys”, baggy trousers, baggy t-shirts, long hair that looked like a curtain, poor hygiene and I precluded myself from many experiences basically unconsciously, because even though I was definitely managing to not be fully absorbed by gloom and pain, I had alienated myself a bit from other people. I sort of created my own world. I interacted but only to a certain extent. I to this day don’t have very good conversation skills and I think that the issues with my curvy body and weight played a part in me wanting to look androgynous. Many subtleties in m behaviour and way of thinking have been shaped by this aspect of my life. I then gained some confidence at 19 and when I lost weight (due to veganism and bowel issues) over a couple of years, I now look back and ask myself if I ever got that weight back would I still be that confident? I fear the idea of gaining 5 kilos, even though I lost 30. It really left a mark on me, and yes, the thing about still trying to shop in what is now the wrong section of the store or size is a very weird mechanism. It tricks you. And altering all of your clothing is a great chore to deal with. Mind you, I would have never thought of being as I am now when I was a kid, but damn I wish I hadn’t had such a warped view of myself. I think my concentration problems are caused by being concentrated more on how others perceived and talked about me rather than lessons. And now that I get compliments, I feel both flattered and disgusted. Why was I less pretty when I was bigger? I still was fucking hot. The only way I can go about it is slap my brain whenever a judgy comment arises in my thoughts and preach body positivity to those who are too deaf or dumb to truly understand it. Btw I’m 23 going for 24, and you sew really well.

  • I’ve been binging your old true tea videos from before I had subscribed:) I relate to you a lot on this one. I gained weight (about 50 lbs) when I started college. I’ve always been a thin person, and was still pretty much a thin person after gaining the weight. But we all live in this society lmao and so I shamed myself and decided I wanted to lose the weight after maintaining my heavier weight for about 6 months. I started counting calories and immediately started seeing results because I was very meticulous about it. I only did that for a while before I quit, but after losing half the weight I’d gained the depression set in and that made me lose the other 25 pounds. Honestly, I think it was bad that I went the route of counting calories. I feel like my relationship to food still isn’t the same, and I think that it started some disordered eating habits in me (nothing too serious, bust still. not great). Another thing that really gets me is that other people see me as more attractive now and that doesn’t feel good.

  • I definitely understand needing to be in a supportive environment and around supportive people to make progress. And needing to know what to do. I made the most progress in the past when I had a trainer but I also backslid a lot without one, partially because it was a toxic interaction and I didn’t have positive feelings about my body or exercise after I ended it.

  • I wish I could go back and tell my younger self that I wasn’t fat. When I look back at photos of myself at a size 6 or a size 8, I don’t understand why I was so unhappy with my body.

  • I hate my body. I wish I could love it. I don’t tell people that I am plus sized because I know that saying that openly isn’t fair to other plus sized people, because people do not see me as plus sized. I don’t weigh myself because it is always disappointing. I want to lose about 20lbs, but it’s hard for me to do that. I don’t know why, but my body will not get smaller. I just want to disappear.

  • Thank you for talking about weight in a healthy way!

    I totally get you on the clothes not fitting thing. I am very short and have a big chest and I just feel frumpy in everything I buy from the store. I can’t even stand going into the mall because I have these memories of going with my sister and everything looking worse on me. I can still feel my heart race in a panic as I drive past it.

    I have always been an athletic but chubby person, and I always had this idea “I may not like how I look but I’m proud of what my body can do for me.” Then I got injured doing my sport. It’s been really hard to find body positivity as I gain weight from a reduction in activity level and it’s hard to appreciate my body for what it can do because it isn’t as much as it used to be.

    I don’t have a solution. But I appreciate the conversation. We are all struggling. ❤️

  • I’ve struggled a lot with gaining weight in the past year. I feel like the clothes not fitting issue is not a problem when it is about losing weight. If you go down a size you can just take your pants in with some needle and thread. Shirts and sweater you can easily still wear oversized. If you gain weight you just can’t wear that stuff anymore. It’s either lose the weight or buy new clothes.

  • I really needed to hear this. I was finally starting to feel good about my body even though it wasn’t very fit because I don’t enjoy regular exercise at all or going to the gym, but I was feeling okay with it and overall healthy. And then quarantine happened, I started to gain weight and eating very unhealthy, so I decided to start intermittent fasting and doing more yoga and cardio, to get back on track, at first it felt amazing, I got back to my previous weight and I was healthier, so I thought this is it, I’m fine with this, but I realized I no longer felt good with my body, even though I wasn’t overweight at all, I started to obsess about every little amount of fat in my body, being just regular didn’t feel good enough, watching so many workout videos on YouTube had completely changed the way I saw my body and it’s acceptability, I started equating being healthy with having those body, no belly fat and a big ass, even though I was being the healthiest I had been, I felt the worse about myself. Suddenly these feelings I hadn’t had before when I wasn’t as active and “healthy” started to pop up, I felt unattractive and fat, and I started to experience much more negative emotions forwards my body than I had before, I started to work out more and harder and hating it, and never being satisfied with the progress. It wasn’t until I decided to actively accept my body how it is, again, and stop worrying about how my body is or isn’t in comparison to “the ideal”, I accepted my body was never going to be the way I saw the women on YouTube even if I was being healthy, exercising and eating well, because I wasn’t willing to put on the amount of work and dedication to have that body, specially when that didn’t even translate into being healthier, just looking skinnier. Being healthy had nothing to do with looking like that.

  • Thanks for this video. I struggle with this topic a lot, for myself and now with my partner, who is way more body positive and on your wave length. I grew up with every one of my family members being body negative, im from Russia,so that’s the norm there. My partner is Australian and feels like I pressure him to be thinner. I do but I do it unconsciously and have a long way to go in terms of body positivity for myself. I totally get what you say about a small amount of weight gain being very noticeable on a thinner body. My whole family has criticised me for my weight gain since I’ve moved to Australia (I gained about 10 lbs). I want to be body positive but its hard when there’s a lot going against me, in my environment, social circle and upbringing. Will keep watching your videos and looking up other resources to gain more insight on how to accept my body and my partner’s body in any shape they take. Show me the way, Kat!! ����

  • I also want to add a comment about the hypocracy of someone using you for sex and then claiming that they aren’t attracted to you. I am a smaller white women, and sometimes men say the darndest things. I wouldn’t believe this guy for a minute, obviously he was attracted to you, or else nothing would have happened. Some people will say things to you that directly contradict their actions. I tend to believe the action. My read ( not knowing you or the guy in question) would be that this has nothing to do with you or your weight and probably has more to do with somebody being a confused man child who has trouble figuring out what he wants or distancing himself from someone without insulting them.

  • Another mistyped and misguided by a fitness “youtuber”. Cardio is not just good for fat loss but great for mind and heart. To utilise cardio time it and which method. When you wake up go for a light sweat cardio with either fat burner or caffeine. Also use hiit method. Combined with proper eating and staying active whether gym or sports you will have loss fat but also healthy.
    Second video of this channel if I come across another stupid misguided content then im glad YouTube has don’t recommend channel option

  • So apparently watching “just one more episode” lead me to watching this channel straight for about 4 hours…. well worth it tho ;D

  • This video was so great to watch/listen to. I’ve experienced a gain in body negativity after losing weight as well and it’s been so weird noticing those unhealthy thoughts but this made me feel less alone with it. Also I know this video isn’t new and she won’t notice the comment but I guess it pleases the algorithm so anyways.

  • As a teenager i was always so frustrated because other ppl would “complain” about not eating all day and they had very ED type habits that led them to being so thin. So i wanted to do that as well, i wanted so badly to be able to go days without eating, but every time I tried, my logic brain just told me “this is dumb and will cause more harm than anything”. So i never did. I’ve never been able to bring myself to, and for so long I felt weak, as if not eating for days was some display of superior self control. But i’m grateful now I never went that route. I focus on getting strong now, and my main motivation is having better movement and control of my body

  • I’m of normal weight, so perhaps I don’t have a pass to comment on this topic. But I’m studying to go into the medical field, and I have been learning how our bodies are meant to work. We take in energy by eating so that we can store it and (in theory) use that energy later. However, we are a culture where we are sedentary and eat terribly. This has many consequences, including developing osteoporosis or diabetes when I’m older (I have a family history of both). This led me to realize that I should be taking better care of myself, to make an effort to eat better food and to get some exercise.

    The thing is that I’ve never been athletic. In fact, in gym class I would only act like I was participating so that I can get a good grade, but I was never one to run up and willingly kick the soccer ball. I was at my highest weight when I was in high school, but like you said, I never noticed nor cared very much because I still felt good in my body. I lost some weight when I was in college, and once again, I never really noticed; but now that I have taken interest in health, I’ve started to become afraid of gaining weight. This anxiety does not help in the slightest! I’ve been having cravings for sweets in particular, even though I never had a sweet tooth when I was younger. I think it’s related to instances when my blood sugar would take a nosedive and I would feel symptoms of hypoglycemia, which is a recent development.

    My parents also work in the medical field, and even though they recommend to their patients to have a healthy diet and exercise, they don’t practice what they preach. They eat tons of fast food, my mom has never taken up any sort of exercise, and my dad eats constantly despite the fact that he works out. It always bothers me when my mom points out when someone is fat. She says that it’s because it’s unhealthy, but I know it’s because she’s just really body negative. Instead of eating better and exercising, my mom instead eats very small meals, unhealthy and carb-loaded as they may be. Living in these conditions has also made it hard for me to make any lifestyle changes. I had better luck with it when I was living on a college campus, and I actually enjoyed trying new food, eating healthy yet fulfilling meals, and just being able to make those choices for myself.

    I do make an effort to work out, but the truth is that I loathe exercise. In the midst of this pandemic and the lack of budget, I can’t venture out to try new sports right now, and it makes me feel terrible because I don’t want to be stuck doing push-ups and other workout routines I hate doing. Not to mention that now I have been so hyperfocused on health, I’ve been feeling terrible about my food choices and my appearance. I know cognitively that body negativity will never get me anywhere. I have to find some sort of physical activity that I enjoy and to eat healthy foods that I enjoy rather than getting caught up in the anxiety of gaining weight or “losing it”. Like Kat says, it’s so much healthier and so much more sustainable that way.

  • I came from morbid obesity to just overweight, I hate how I feel some people attach my value as a person to my body, because I know it’s not so. I try really hard not to care if i go a pound up or down on the scale but it’s so hard. Rationally I know my health is what matters. And I now have the confidence to experiment fashion-wise. I wish I didn’t feel the need to shrink myself down for that.

  • Learn how many calories your body needs.
    Adjust the calories for a deficit.
    Once weight loss slows below.58% of body lbs, then add exercise. Both weight lifting and cardio.
    Activate patience (:

  • Well, coming to this video in Feb 2020 and thinking about what you said here…

    From my perspective, being overweight may be easier to bear when one is young, but as one gets older, it puts more stress on your body. I’m an overweight woman myself, with type 2 diabetes, a fatty liver, mild hypertension, and slightly high cholesterol. I turned 50 on Thanksgiving Day 2019; I’m not 17 any more and my body is going through changes now as I inch closer to menopause and some of that includes how my body handles weight.

    I tend to think of the looks/beauty end of it as vanity and I’ve felt that way since the 1980s. I read Naomi Wolf’s book “The Beauty Myth” and went on strike against the beauty industry; I do not like wearing makeup and I don’t bother with fashion, etc. Back then I thought to myself “hey, if women would stop wasting time with hair and makeup and clothes, and instead focused on real world issues, we could solve the world’s problems almost overnight” etc. OK maybe a bit much but I did think that women’s intellect was wasted on beauty stuff. I also was very insulted about the way the beauty and fashion industry made obscene amounts of money cashing in on women’s vanity. Not cool in my eyes. Did not like that at all. So I said “screw this” and became a 16 year old Gloria Steinem. LOL

    Anyway, to me health is a different matter, and weight is very important to health. So yes, I should think that ensuring that one’s blood pressure, glucose, trigycerides, etc are important to keep track of. And some kind of exercise is good not just for the body but for the mind and spirit too. If life gets difficult, going for a walk outside or a swim or bicycling or whatever works off a lot of mental stress.

    So I don’t see a problem with doing these things for overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, I have a feeling I’ll get flamed for this comment…


    Keep your body as strong and resilient as possible. You’ll never, ever regret it, I swear to God. When my husband had a stroke last year, a big part of it was because he’d neglected his health for so long. He had undiagnosed diabetes untreated high blood pressure and high cholesterol he ate poorly and didn’t exercise a lot and he smoked. Recipe for disaster. Thankfully he is recovering well and may be able to return to work in a few months.

    Bodies do revolt when we don’t take care of them, no bullshit. Try and get ahead of that as much as possible.:)

  • Sometimes I can’t stand the way I become more “visible” to people. Their treatment of me changes and it leaves me shook sometimes. I can relate to you on those points. The same guy(s) will treat me so differently based on my weight that I wonder if I’m in the twilight zone.
    I tend to resent it because it’s not like I was less of a hard worker before or that I was dumber. I’m still just as obnoxious lol. I was just physically lighter.

  • Girl I relate so hard men are valued by the amount of women they have sex with and women are valued by our beauty and it is very annoying I get a new dress and people feel the need to throw their opinion in that it’s ugly when no one asked �� so I definitely relate we can’t do something for ourselves it has to in SOME way be for other people so just do things for you someones gonna think your ugly someone’s gonna think your pretty it doesn’t matter though if you dont those compliments mean nothing if you dont ��

  • Damn, how did this came to my recommendation all of a sudden. That’s exactly what I’ve been struggling with. Since the third week January I was 375, I went down to 345 from today. Now, these couple of days, my weight has been adding and dropping and staying still without moving. It gets me stressed because I think the progress is failing. I tell myself to just keep going. I used to weigh around 250 for being 6’1 and the weight then was good because I was bulking. After time not being in the gym, it really does come back to bite. I had a head concussion and just stopped going for a year and a half. It really does get you. But none of the less, the thing that makes you keep going is dicpline and consistentancy. I really enjoy this video because it makes me go back on track.

  • Gaining weight kinda sucks too. Honestly, everything sucks. Why can’t we leave our physical bodies and just chill in the astral plain.

  • I’ve been practicing body neutrality.. where you just don’t even think about your body and spend time trying to think about other more productive things

  • After this video fam I don’t even know, do I hate my body? Am I okay with myself? I wanna lose some tummy fat but I still value myself but my mom doesn’t but I don’t diet but I don’t hate myself do I only like what others think of me?????
    I don’t even know how to start thinking about this I feel so behind �� ��

  • 115 pounds down so far. 30-40 left to go. Lost the first 60 counting calories. After that, I added regular gym going, weights and cardio. Your videos helped a lot here. I had no idea how badly I was shorting myself on protein! On track for my first bikini in about 15 years.:D

  • Lost 70lb by doing cardio/running. How did I manage to do that? I make a video explaining how to that and there are more to come. The cardio/running is the KING of sports.Whether is the basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, handball, tennis, football or almost any sports. You name it. Even the pro bodybuilders do cardio. GUYS, do cardio on regular bases, it will improve your health, strength, endurance, condition AND OF COURSE YOU’LL LOSE FAT.

  • Have you tried thrift shopping? I’m trans (afabtrans masc but nb) and I also lost about 10kg over the past 1.5yrs which obviously makes it difficult to workout what size I amI always sort of felt guys pants sizes were a wild card for me (and women’s too because I’m very curvy) and now it’s even harder to pin down. Thrift shopping has taught me just to look at the item because often size tags aren’t visible or cut off or just many different brands/countries so they’re unreliable. Definitely recommend it because it’s helped me understand my body a lot more and obviously good for the environment and the wallet.

  • Many people today are trying to figure out the best way to drop weight. Then again, being able to find a diet plan that can work for you is tough to discover. A crucial thing you need to understand is that a diet is effective for one person may not work for another. So you have to understand what your getting into before you start one of these diets. This can provide you enough information to find out whether this is something which is suitable to your requirements. Read more here shorturl.at/fjtMU

  • Thanks for the advice I started my fitness journey a couple weeks ago and I already lost 10 pounds, I have about 40 left to reach my goal, I look forward to getting stronger and feeling better

  • I recently lost 200+ pounds, because I wanted to be able to do certain things, and now I’m dealing with being called fatphobic and all kinds of things like that. I appreciate this video so much because its just frustrating. What I choose to do with my body is not a statement on me thinking everyone needs to do the same. I was almost 400 lbs at my heaviest and now Im under 200, and I still think that people should love their bodies and do what they see as best for themselves. One super relatable thing that you brought up is about clothes not fitting. I kept a pair of my biggest pants to show myself the progress I’ve made, and its STILL hard to not see that I’m not as heavy as I once was, even though I can do more, and cant fit anything I used to.

  • I’ve had a lot of weight loss over different time periods due to drug use and my friends always celebrate my weight loss having no idea what the cause was. This isn’t the popular defense, because people HATE human fallibility and those who make mistakes, but it has the same effect on me and I really appreciate this video. I totally feel you girl

  • I did 18-20h fast and ate two meals a day without caring what’s in it and I lost 20kg in two months and maintained muscles, I am not saying you can eat anything but 4-6h is too small to eat bad things.

  • I somewhat agree with what you’re saying because I’ve done my cuts the same way you speak of,with mostly just a caloric deficit. However, I have this tendency to plateau extremely bad at around 220lbs,at one point during my last cut I ended up going down to 1000 calories and STILL the scale wouldn’t move. So this time around I haven’t touched the diet and I’ve been walking 3 to 5 miles a day instead and i’m going to save the calorie reduction as my ace in the hole.

  • I’ve always been pretty thin tbh but I was extremely poor for about 2 years and couldn’t afford food and I lost almost 20lbs I didn’t have to lose. The clothes was the worst part of the weight loss. I couldn’t afford new clothes but my pants would fall off. I couldn’t afford a belt. I had to borrow a shoelace from someone just so my pants would stay on. People would comment on how skinny I was as a complement and it hurt because the cost was being literally dirt poor. My luxury meal once a month was the dollar menu burger at burger King�� I feel this so much

  • I think the body positivity is fake anyway. I don’t think it’s sincere. When it is it probably leads to weight loss. Pretending health isn’t correlated to weight is nonsense. No one that eats tons of heavy fattening foods loves themselves or is truly happy. Food is a socially accepted drug. You don’t owe someone thinness, but healthy bodies have a wider range of attraction for biological reasons. They just do. Are you more than your body? Are you still the same person? Sort of. The person you are that chooses healthier choices is different from the one that didn’t.

  • You look like a normal BMI in that college photo. Not understanding how you were supposed to be overweight. I have lost 60 pounds and I still feel the same from when I was a mega fat (I’m short). When people tell me I’m not fat, I don’t believe them. In all reality I could still stand to lose 15-20 more pds. I don’t feel any different and see the same person in the mirror. People who haven’t seen me in years act shocked when they see me. Sometimes I find myself looking at plus size clothes and then realize none of this will fit me. Looking at old photos is the only time I can really see the difference. Even if I were underweight I’d probably still see myself as fat. This is probably due to being called fat so many times in my life, particularly by my parents and boyfriends. When you are told you are something for years, you tend to believe it, even if you change. Sometimes I still avoid going to social situations on a day that I am feeling “fat”. Some days I wake up and feel great about myself but more often than not I still avoid mirrors. I get a ton of compliments about how pretty I am, and in all reality I know I do not look like an ogre, but none of those compliments undo the years of being told that I was basically disgusting by the people that I loved since childhood.

  • In January, I was obsessed with checking my weight everyday and I wasn’t focused on much of anything else. Then when I started to strength training, I would get super upset �� at seeing myself gain weight( I know now that it was muscle)so I stopped doing strength training and focused on “non bulking “workouts. At the beginning of February, my scale broke. I discovered yoga ����‍♂️ and started strength training again. I felt soooo good. I started eating cleaner than I did when I weighed myself. I think now I think about how much stronger I feel and how I can work better on the farm I help out at with my partner. Fuck the scale! People may comment on your appearance with or”oh you look so great” but I’m like I love how I feel and I’m not attached to how others view me. Hope this makes sense. Binging your vids heehee ������

  • I feel that a lot of times the way men talk about this stuff is in a really negative way. Like, equating not hating yourself when you’re fat to never wanting to change to a healthier lifestyle. I feel like a lot of the men in my life get their motivation through really negative conduits, they basically bully themselves into doing something or not doing something. Sure, sometimes women do the same, but I get a lot deeper, darker vitriol from men towards fat women. I think one of the masculine things our society has embraced is that bullying yourself is the way to get yourself to do something, and for me that’s just never been true, actually, bullying myself has made me feel anxious about achieving my goals rather than enjoying the journey and respecting myself for giving it my best shot. I think there is a more feminine route of self love and encouragement and self respect that is much more effective.

  • I love powerlifting but i also love a good hitt cardio session. I do about 3 hitt sessions a weeks and lift 4 days..only take rest days when my body feels it, then i just go for a walk.

  • its hurts me deep down because when i was “younger” i was always thicc but i was very muscular a soccer player and a track runner, i felt so good and so powerful and then i had to start taking care of my younger siblings i started gaining mom weight without having children… and then when i got kicked out. i now live in a bedroom in a group home riddeled with roachs and bugs…i cant wash my clothes, i cant shower every night… so i just sit in my room and go to work….i feel sicker…i wish i could workout more and be able to wash my clothes and take a shower…i just want to have my life back again….

  • Sup Fellas, thanks again for all the good content but if I may make some recommendations for future podcast quests:

    1. Naudi Aguilar
    2. Dr. Rhonda Patrick
    3. Dr. Jordan Peterson
    4. Dr. Jack Kruse
    5. Greg O’Gallagher

    This episodes would be a major hit!!! Get em on!!!! Please and thank you!!!!

  • So be in calorie deficit in a long period makes your metabolism slow down, so you must eat even less. Hungrier and weaker. Sound like a failing weigh loss strategy to me. That only happen if you ignore the hormonal effect completely. You must understand why your body slow down your metabolism. It happen because your energy level are low, and that happen because you cannot excess energy from your fat storage, and that happen because your insulin are high, and insulin block fat burning. In some diet people are not hungry and and they always have high energy not because they eat satiating food, it because they keep their insulin low so they can excess their fat storage 24/7.

  • Working out is nothing more than breaking down your muscle through stressing it. Diet and sleep either make muscle or fat for the most part. It really is that simple. Discipline on both these latter two building blocks (sleep/diet) are where I always slack and put on more fat than muscle. My 2017 goal is to work on my discipline and forget about hitting x or y on squats or deadlifts and live more in the moment of taking pride in being disciplined.

  • Your metabolism is built in the gym not the kithen. Muscle burns the more calories at rest. I think??? each pound of musclebuilt burn an extra 6 calorie per minute at rest…It burns even more at rest. I lost weight building more muscle and eating more. Gain muscle first you will not have to cut so much. After all there is only so many calories you can cut before you are miserable. When you start cutting, you must weight train or you will lose muscle and deplete your metabolism. Please stop with the diet is the primary fat lose tool because it is only a tool. I think people would suceed more if they start a lifting program before dieting. Chart the food to figure out maintenance calories. Do not reduce from maintenance. A decrease in calories reduces the ability to build muscle in most. So get the exercise grove on first cause changes in the diet makes you feel off. Doing both at the start is stressful. Start with weight bearing exercise…Get the habit down then change the diet. After my injury this is how I did it. It is a common sense approach that works. Cardio is great only after the weights if you have energy. I would add it later… This is my view based on life experience an many interviews with patients as an RN. I know why people quit. Too much at the start make people feel hungry and crappy. They will not stick to it. Cardio does suck.

  • Yes! The clothes!
    I recently gained some weight (well, 6-7kg over the course of a year or two) and I hate that my clothes don’t fit well anymore. I don’t want to just replace my whole wardrobe. Actually, the only reason I want to work out is to fit my clothes. (It also has an environmental factor, I don’t want to discard and replace everything, because I try to buy things to last)

  • Such an important point about working out and PE etc. being especially hard when trans due to changing rooms and single sex sports.

  • I do drink quite a bit of juices. I try to juice not more than 2 pieces of fruit in the morning and add vegetables until i hit half a liter. Its quite a good kickstart in the morning. I don’t feel hungry at all in the morning but i really miss the extra energy of a breakfest. So these juices help me start the day.

  • I am in the opposite (and yet, similar) situation. I’m underweight (both perceived socially as underweight, and in the medical sense), since my teenage years. I’m not sure why exactly. It might be tied with my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or to me being intersex (hormonal condition), or to eating disorders, and it’s probably a mix of all that. I’m also under-musculated.
    I separate the two because it doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand (people with conditions similar to mine have too much fat, but not enough muscle, and me I have not enough of both).

    I have lots of things to say of this topic, so…
    Underweight stigma exists too, and it ALSO leads to bullying (relational and physical), social exclusion, unemployment (more than average), as well as little things in daily life (random people as well as family who repeatedly say that “you should gain some weight”, “you don’t like food”, “you would look better with more muscle”, “you should do sports”… Well, YOU should MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS). Underweight people are also often assumed to be anorexic, sick, poor, gay (if they’re male), and so on, which is another “problem” socially.
    There’s also the fact that, being underweight, I’m perceived as “weak”. And so, it’s unconscious but people assume they can walk over me. In public transportation, when we’re seated, normal weight cis able-bodied people almost ALWAYS manage to take too much space, making me cramped on my seat. I’m underweight so I don’t even take up all the available space, and they STILL manage to invade my personal space. Because they just don’t have any respect. And yes I said “normal weight people”, not overweight people (who sometimes take space but it’s not their fault, it’s the seats who are not made for them, and besides overweight people tend to TAKE CARE of not taking too much space, while normal weight people just don’t care). And in conversations and regular interactions it’s the same dynamic.
    Being underweight also means you don’t feel “normal”, you see and know that your body is not like the majority, and for me, it was also being self-conscious about going to the swimming pool or the beach, feeling like everyone was looking at me (and while most people just don’t care about others, there ARE people or groups who are looking with judgment or even mockery).

    So, underweight stigma is a lot of little things, as well as some big things (like bullying, physical violence and job discrimination).

    And too often, in liberal and leftists circles, we can’t talk about it without being accused of trivializing fatphobia, or “playing victim” about something we’re priviledged about. And to be fair, there ARE underweight people who belittle overweight and fat people, mostly because they are insecure about themselves and want to value their own thinness, and so they attack fat people. Which is completely wrong and oppressive and stupid and just mean. There are also overweight and obese people who are aggressive (even physically, in school) towards underweight people, for similar reasons (they want to take out their frustrations on someone else, they envy underweight people, etc).
    And yes, there are also some underweight people who DO trivilize fatphobia with shitty discourses like “Hey you shouldn’t complain, we’re oppressed too and we don’t complain” which is also wrong (just because YOU choose to endure your oppression in silence doesn’t mean others have to do the same, and also it’s not a competition of who suffers the most).

    On the other hand, most people (both in the leftists/feminist/liberals circles and in “general” society) think that underweight people have the same privileges as normal weight people (which is just not true), and that talking about underweight-phobia automatically means diminishing fatphobia. No, of course not, we can talk about both, fight against both, and preferably together. Because let’s face it, underweight and overweight people often face very similar bullying, very similar discrimination and shitty behaviors (people assuming things about our lifestyle, body, money and health, giving unsolicited and unfounded “advice”, pushing us to become normal “for our own good”…). And often it cames from the very same people…

    Non-activist and non-politicized people won’t talk about “thin priviledge”, but they will say things like “You’re lucky to be thin”. Lucky? Like, seriously? I’m lucky to have Ehlers-Danlos? Or eating disorders? Or now (since 2018, when I moved out of my parent’s) to be broke (which makes it even more complicated to eat enough and well)? Or to live with underweight stigma? Or to not have strength (which is a detail on its own, but adds to my overall disability)? Do you want to switch with me? Moreover, I didn’t ask for your opinion so mind your own business (again).

    But, anyway. Now, my intersex hormonal condition, as well as EDS and vitamine deficiencies, I might get treatment for (it’s not yet decided, I have to do more checkups). So,
    1 ) I might have to take testosterone (which is a complicated topic in itself, for me), to avoid medical risks (like cancer). Not sure, yet. And if I do take T, it will likely cause me to gain muscle.
    2 ) Testosterone or not, the doctors have said that I need to gain more muscle. I have a mild scoliosis, and if I gain muscle, I won’t suffer from it, but if not, I will suffer pain in my 40s/50s and later.
    So, one way or another, I will likely have to gain muscle as well as overall weight.

    And… I’m not sure I’m happy about it. On one hand, it would allow me to have more strength and do more things (sports that I like doing would be easier for me, for example). I would also, likely, feel more comfortable in my male gender and masculinity (another complex topic, being intersex and disabled…). And of course, it would be good for physical health and the scoliosis thing.

    On the other hand, I like my body as it is. While underweight stigma can be hard (and I was actually bullied about it in middle-school), I still learnt to love my body. Like “my body is like that, it won’t change, so let’s accept it”. And I developed a reasonably good body self-image. But, changing my body shape and image is frightening.

    There’s also the gender thing. I am male, I live as a male and am perceived as a male (now). But I’m not a cis male. I’m actually different from them (in hormones, hormone-driven behavior (*), socialization and body shape among other details), and while I was indistinguishable from cis boys in childhood, I became different from them in pre-teens. I’m biologically different. And while being male is important is my identity, THIS is also important in my identity. It’s so important that for a period, I identified as genderqueer. Then, I changed my mind (genderqueer doesn’t fit… but regular cis man doesn’t fit either). And so, I DON’T want to look like a regular cis man.
    And, if I gained normal weight and muscle, I feel like I would become indistinguishable physically from them (from the outside), and my own identity would be erased in the process. Just thinking about it triggers dysphoria in me.

    Actually, now, I have gender dysphoria both when I’m not acknowledged as a man (or when I feel like I’m not masculine enough), and when I’m just lumped in with cis men without acknowledging that I’m different in some ways.

    So, just like weight loss is not necessarily all roses, gain weight when you’re underweight is not necessarily either (even if people want you do do it).

    (*) Yes I know that most of gendered behavior is the product of socialization, but hormones also play a role, both are deeply intertwined actually. Social norms of manhood are defined around men who have normal sexual hormones levels for their age, and who behave accordingly, so their behavior is normalized and encouraged.

  • My favorite flavors when I worked there were the Honeybush Lavender, Slimful Chocolate Decadence, and Jasmine Oolong. I honestly miss working there so much cuz of how much free tea I got from it.

  • Studies have shown that for every pound of muscle your body only burns about 6 calories a day. Not 50 calories per pound a day. Outdated

  • “You can’t outrun your fork.”

    Thanks for these videos, they help to stay on track and I’d rather take fitness advise from a guy who shoots and understands total fitness as it relates to those of us who shoot over some roided out dude some place.

  • I’ve slowly gained and then lost 30+ in the last four years. I gained so much because I was working my first desk job. when my coworkers complement my weight loss I feel really weird, because I know those same people saw me gain weight and must have been judging me.

  • What do you think of low carb diets? My dad lost 100 pounds but completely cutting out bread, rice, corn, potatoes, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, tomatoes…pretty much any vegetable or fruit that has carbs. He mostly eats meat, eggs, and green vegetables and pork skins as his snacks. He drinks diet sodas with no carbs. I don’t completely agree with this diet.

  • LISS increases your work capacity over time and will lead to more muscle gain in the long term, though… Cardio bunnies? dumb. Lifting 3-4 times a week with 2-3 days of liss cardio? Highly beneficial.

  • If I want to work out it’s because I want to feel better because right now I feel Ike trash. It’s hard for me to go to the gym because I only go cause I feel like I have to. But your words have inspired me to go for myself when I’m ready.

  • I’ve also been struggling with my weight. More struggling to maintain a healthy weight from being too small. I’ve been diagnosed with hypoglycemia and the doctors don’t know why I can’t maintain a normal blood sugar. My blood sugar will drop too low and I will literally lose Consciousness. Which could be fatal. I have to eat 3000 calories a day in order to maintain my body weight, but I feel like I have to overeat in order to get those 3000. People can’t really seem to understand what I’m going through. Also have to avoid avoid junk Foods as there’s only enough room in my stomach for calorie-dense Foods. If I eat too much junk food I won’t get enough healthy calories for the day and I will lose weight over time. it only takes about 7 days for me to lose a couple pounds. Other people like oh you’re so lucky, not realizing that if I miss a couple meals for a couple days I am dangerously low on blood sugar. People see my dietary choices and they judge me as if I’m depriving myself or assume I’m only dieting to loose weight or have a great body. they don’t realize that I eat as much food as I can physically fit into my body every single day….. AND I’M STILL HUNGRY! I can’t eat 5 cupcakes… Its all sugar and leaves me hungry in 15 minutes. But 5 apples and half a jar of almond butter leav me satisfied for 2 hours. I’m not saying no thanks to Cupcakes because I think I’m better than you, I’m saying no because they don’t feed my appetite adequately and take up room in my stomach and prevent me from sitting an adequate amount of nutritious food

  • Hi, i’m a big fat trans woman ( approx 300 lbs ) and i struggled with food and eating and eating food because of chronic homelessness, which inspired my eating disorders.
    I had trouble even starting to watch this video.
    It has given me some thoughts on relations to food, what i can do to help my food issues, and why i want to lose weight, so that’s good.
    I was at a Torrid and a Lane Bryant this mnth, and nothing there fit me well. Either it made me look like a giant circus barrel, didn’t fit over my shoulders, or didn’t fit over my chest. My response was stress eating. Not useful.

  • Thank you. I am a trans man and my girlfriend is a cis woman who isn’t “massively big” but feels that way. This video and more than you have posted have made me reflect on the ways I unnecessary assume that things are related to her weight but she’s not worried about it, its actually me! And I’m not showing her love (even when I think I am) by doing or cooking certain things but I need to talk to her and honor her own vision of herself and stop assuming she feels about her weight the same way I feel about my race and gender. (sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, but my own true tea has whiskey. TLDR; thanks for all of your videos, this one in particular has prompted some reflection by a skinny conventionally attractive Black trans man so thank you for that).

  • I’m running MAPSHIIT I love the flow sessions, but I’m finding running the same HIIT routine 3 times a week for 2 weeks SHITTY. Can I bounce around the different phases or maybe throw in the kettle bell HIIT workout you guys did on YouTube?

  • Absolutely but when you do cardio 3-5 times a week, about 30-40 miles on the bike (this is what I do in summer) it burns quite a lot of kcal 😉 But time is our main issue here, only some do have that amount of time to do that much cardio, so, yes, it´s way more efficient to cut down the kcal, havin a good diet, but damn, sometimes it´s a pain in the a** 😉

  • Best way to lose weight is by fasting. Counting calories is waste of time, your body will adjust to lower calories intake and you will stop losing weight.

  • Cardio expedites fat loss incredibly. When I want to get ripped I need cardio. deficits get you so far but u lose too many vitamins and minerals and fibre u would have with a few more calories. yes diet is #1 but cardio and weights is right up there. think of it like a tripod.

  • Is it possible to lose fat and maintain muscle? I do 3 full body workouts per week and i’m thinking of adding some cardio-sprints in the rest days or somewhere between. WIll any fat burner supplement actually will help me or do i need to cut down?

  • How can I measure the calories if every macronutrient digest differently, every person stores and burns diferently, and every metabolism speeds or slows differently?

    Counting calories, the ones you eat or burn is nonsense, it serves as somwhat help, but nothing more.
    Its like saying you have 5000″money” in the bank and you spend 100 money, ok but 100 what? dollars? euro? and 5000 what? norwegian crowns? yen? since every calorie is different, every person is different, and you cannot track even near the REAL calorie intake and burn and even less day by day, counting calories is absurd.
    Also calories, a measure of the heat that something makes when burn is absurd in the health context, we dont “burn”, is a chemical process, and again, varies in every person, every day, etc.

    What I want to say is: counting calories is nothing but a little “guide” of where are you heading, but useless if is the core of your plan. And this is nothing new but people are still using old ideas.

  • I’ve always been thinking about losing weight but every time i thought “let’s start now!” I think about how good and sexy I’ll look for others and im afraid of people saying, ” you look so good now” like it would shatter my already very fragile self esteem. Like i was never attractive until i start losing weight

  • i really didn´t like losing weight at all. I felt like people who had been treating me like a normal person before, suddenly saw me as sex objects. And people started showing a lot of interest in me who have been incredibly mean before. I feel a lot safer when i´m chubby, because I feel like the superficial people who only care about physical beauty will not even approach me

  • I think this video starts from the premise that you hate cardio and you love weight training. Let me explain. The body adapts to everithing. Saying that your body will adapt to doing one of cardio is like saying that your body will adapt to one hour of lifting. I mean, if you wanna mantain a certain level of fitness, you gotta keep training. And the more you train the more you need to keep adding intensity and/or duration to your workouts, no matter if they are cardio or weights, to make further impovements. So, saying that in the long run you will need to do the same hour of cardio just to mantain your current bodyfat percentage is like saying that in the long run you will need to lift the same ammount of weight for the same ammount of reps just to mantain your current level of strength and muscle mass. Both are true statements, because the body adapts to any stimulus, and the only reason one should be worried about that is if you actually don’t wanna do one hour of cardio or one hour of weights. So why is cardio worst than lifting, aside from personal preferences? I don’t see anybody recomending not to lift because then you will need to keep lifting for ever to mantain your gains.

  • Tacking calories and food is one of the healthiest way to loose weight/fat, and if you add to it tracking of your macros, I affirm it is indeed the healthiest way. Fasting could be good to it, but I would not consider it very healthy… But whatever, just stick to what you can hold, we can discuss it the whole day, but that does not going to make us loose weight.

  • yea but as you get better at cardio you also can push your self harder so you’re upping your calorie burn. while strength training does work you need both and the ONLY thing that truly works to lose weight is Eat less Move more!

  • Oh no! My step-dad was my soccer coach and like…no 8yo wants to wake up at 7am to run laps and practice corner and free kicks like…I felt that.

  • One thing you failed to mention is that we know the body adapts to whatever form of exercise you do, so you would have to change the type of running you do as well as in previous video you mention changing reps when weight training so that you “fool” your muscles. You have to do different types of running so your body doesn’t adapt. That’s where steady, interval, tempo and hills should be a part of the running workout.

  • Cardio doesn’t slow down your metabolism, it actually does the opposite.
    If you burn less calories with the same session, that doesn’t mean your metabolism slowed down but that just means you got better at it and so your cardiovascular system is getting better.
    Up the intensity a bit until you are at the same zone ( around 65% of your max hr for exemple) and that’s it, if you were at 10km/h before and now 11km/h for the same heart rate that’s a win win.
    Calories restrictions is what is slowing down the metabolism, weight training and cardio are a great combo.
    The metabolism slowing down and the body being more efficient at something is not the same thing at all.

  • Well… After you build all your muscle and you are into your dieting phase you’re gonna have to put cardio in. I also think cardio is great for building muscle. If you have good cardio abilities you’ll be able to lift weights harder. Small amounts of cardio will benefit you in the appetite simulation.

  • You guys are making so many mistakes in your assumptions here but I will just address the worst
    Doing cardio or aerobic exercise increases mitochondrial density and mitochondrial metabolism as well increasing capillary density in the active muscles
    Since mitochondria convert fat as a fuel for the muscles the more you have and the more efficiently they work the MORE fat you burn not less
    The human body is not like a car engine that burns less fuel when inefficient
    Greater fat burning efficiency in the human body means you burn more fat
    I’ve never seen any studies that show that being aerobically fit causes a drop in metabolism either
    I don’t know where you guys went to school but I think you need to go back and hit the books
    Tony BSpSc (UNSW)

  • Sometimes the closer you become to the accepted ideal the more panicked and anxious we become about losing our proximity to this shiny new centre of idealism.

    I like how real this talk was.

  • PictureFit: 2:23 and shows dancing on top left corner
    Zumba Haters: How could you say something so controversial yet so brave
    Zumba People: surprised pikachu face

  • Yes! 33:00 to the end! I started crying because I’ve been confused my whole life by this stigma of having to dress a certain way or be a certain size due to owing it to world. Thank you for voicing this. I can’t wait to read the other comments.

  • You should try to work on your pronunciation on your soft L’s. “WonderfuL” “CoLd”. Not saying anything is wrong with your east-asian accent (I’m part asian so I can relate), it’s just that you otherwise speak very clearly.

  • You said that you make your own clothes because you can’t afford to buy new clothes because you’re so broke? but in a previous video you said you make your own clothes because you feel like cis women don’t want you in their space and it’s uncomfortable for you.

  • Can cycling your cardio workout have the same effects as well?
    ex: high weight training with less intensity cardio the first day and on day next day less weights with heavy cardio

  • I relate so much. I was pretty much always in the medium size range and then I gained weight very gradually over several years then two summers ago lost 50 pounds. To this DAY my weight is still very, very prominently discussed by almost every single person around me. And to me it wasn’t even a “thing” nor did I even think I lost that much. I only started paying attention and finally weighed myself because SO many people were asking how much weight I lost, how much do you weigh etc etc. every damn day.
    The compliments quickly made me very uncomfortable almost immediately, knowing apparently EVERYONE cares THAT much about something that to me wasn’t even in the top 10 of valued things going on in my life. I also knew I wouldn’t be able to keep all of it off without really trying, and what would they all think when I eventually but certainly put some back on, since I MUST have looked so awful before to get THIS intense of a reaction now.
    I also started seeing myself very differently (than I did when they were taken) when I ‘d see pictures from before the loss. I don’t have any answers by the way, but I did already put about 15 pounds back on and I definitely feel way way worse then I ever felt about it back when I was gradually gaining a few years agoand yeah that’s pretty shitty. I’ve even found that now when someone compliments my weight my first instinct is to blurt out how much I gained back, like see you shouldn’t be complimenting me. And I know it’s all because of the attention it’s apparently socially appropriate to pay and express towards someone regarding their weight changes and that’s doody garbage.

  • I have started my diet 2 and a half weeks ago. My weight was 105 Kg (231 lbs) and now my weight is 101 Kg (222 lbs). I’ll keep it up until I reach 90 kg (198 lbs).

  • i love to eat, don’t like most sports and am naturally curvy so obviously i tend to be on the chubby side, which i am fine with most of the time but societal expectations do get the best of me sometimes. i am not someone who could ever be magazine thin bc of genes etc. there was a period in my life, at abt 23-24, when i was at my thinnest and that was a size 10 for me. there’s a few things that time in my life made me reflect on. first, even though i was “conventionally attractive”, and that is something that definitely showed in my interactions with people, particularly men, my self image was not better. i still thought i was gross. the second thing, and that one made me very uncomfortable, is that everyone in my life kept congratulating me and telling me how beautiful i was, even though i wasn’t doing anything healthy to lose the weight. i was at my most miserable for a lot of reasons; i was losing the weight because i was in a super bad situation with my roomates so i was always on the go: going clubbing, just being out the house walking not to be around me roomates, i dabbled with speed which made me lose weight quickly, i skipped a lot of meals bc i wasn’t at home and i was too broke to afford restaurants, was dealing with uni stress and workload etc…
    so society at large was congratulating me for self-destructive behaviors when i was actually much healthier when i was a bit chubbier.

  • If I may.
    Cardiovascular Training “cardio” in the most simplistic way is to train your VO2 Max thus increasing your endurance peak goals, whatever those may be.

    Fat burning is utilizing triglycerides stored in your less loveable spots which the body has MANY. Just to give you an idea let’s say we have an average athletically trained person with 15% body fat. There is roughly 10,000 grams of stored triglycerides providing 90,000 kcals of energy! WHAT!

    To tap into burning this you have to move the body into that energy system. Let us keep it super simple. To train anything at or above 75% max cardiovascular output the primary source of fuel is carbohydrates. At Lower intensities Fats will be primary fuel source. “Low” is considered 30% max vo2.

    So what does this mean!? Fat burning at roughly 20-30% intensity is 2kcals/minute and keeping total energy expenditure lower. Here is something interesting though. Working at JUST below the carbohydrate threshold, nothing over 65% range yields even more calories burned from fat at 3kcals/minute but also 9kcal/min of carbohydrates which equates to MORE calories burned overall.

    A lot to digest and I did not want to hijack the conversation but I feel after reading these comments it needed to be cleared up. The word Cardio is thrown around these days as sweat a metric fuck-ton which that is not always the case for fat burning.

    I like your show and I like what you all are doing! Keep it coming.

  • So once the diet slows down we just add, exercise? What if we are already doing proper exercise, should we just do it longer or harder? Or both? Does it depend???

  • Here is a question for the next QUAH: Knowing that the squat and deadlift are the king of exercices, could you perform those more often that 2 times a week (if you following MAPS Red, for example). Maybe not doing them daily with a very heavy weight, but more often that the program recommends?

  • I have been working out for several months and have seen results in measurements but not weight loss. I just started maps aesthetics because I really want to see tone and definition. I usually do the stair master a few times a week just to sweat, is this something I should continue to do or stop with cardio all together?

  • “grab yourself some tea, it will help you decompose” I know this was an honest mistake but I’m cracking up picturing a dead body drinking tea to help it decompose

  • With all due respect, I disagree with you guys. I’m not gonna go into the details, but I will say this;
    Diet not withstanding.
    1 A high percentage of people we see running (Cardio) outdoors on a regular basis (I am talking about the ones that don’t do any resistance training whatsoever), are pretty lean {Low body fat percentage).
    …And high number of people we see doing only resistance training at the gym, are overweight (High body fat percentage). and I am not talking about beginners who just joined the gym. I am talking about people who’ve been working out for years and their bodies haven’t changed one bit. well they have probably built some muscle but you could never tell because it is hidden under layers on top of layers of fat because they’ve never done cardio and couldn’t get rid of it with hours and hours of resistance training. In some cases, their version of cardio means 10 mns low intensity on the stationary bike.
    My understanding is that Aerobic exercise (cardio) burns fat, and Anaerobic exercise (resistance training) burns sugar.
    If resistance training burned fat, we wouldn’t be selling Carbo drinks as a Pre-workout. We’d be selling Fat drinks.

    I understand that resistance training builds extra muscle and extra muscle burns extra calories. And that an extra 10 Lb. of muscle…but, unless you are juiced up, if you are lucky and have good genes, it will take years and years of hard training to gain a few pounds of lean muscle the natural way…. Which brings me to my second point.

    2 You mentioned that a pound of muscle burns between 30 and 60 calories a day. I don’t know how you guys came up with that one, but that is just wishful thinking. One pound of muscle burns between 6 and 12 calories per day. nothing more.
    You can burn 12 calories chewing gum for an hour.
    So if you wanna wait 7 years to gain 10 LB of muscle to burn an extra 120 per day, good luck to you!

    The combination of strength training and cardio is the best. But if I have to choose only one for fat loss, I’d take cardio every time.

    You guys have a good concept. I like the open discussion format. But you have to be less biased and more realistic in your analysis. You are the experts. We look up to you. We come here to try to learn something new from you not to correct you.


  • Two words ROAD CYCLING
    7-9 hrs a week and 150-200 miles will build your system and a great weight loss with being able to eat and not having guilt, but you do have to watch what you eat as you can not out exercise a bad diet

  • how about gaining weight? i used to not eat much and was underweight, now i still eat less compared to my peers but i take every kind of additional help as well as i eat unhealthy high cal shit i can get yet i am still grossly underweight. isnt there a ”new invention by swiss scientists, doctors hate it click and see how this man gained 40kg in half an hour”?

  • Cardio wit intermittent fasting the BEST tool for fat loss.Go for a run fasted n ul see if u dt drop fat.cardio dt suck at all for fat loss

  • Hey, I stumbled upon this video from the economist, questioning reliability of calorie measure as a reliable source of reference for weight loss. Any thoughts? https://youtu.be/avcQy2_yEkk

  • Everyone you don’t need calorie calculator apps or anything there not always accurate so use a notebook and a regular calculator and track Macros urself

  • Mind Pump Tv
    Ok so I don’t quite follow the information in this video and according to the comments I’m not the only one.

    So at first it sounds like you guys are saying cardio is a waste of time unless you’re training for endurance. Because cardio will slow down your metabolism, but how does cardio actually slow down your metabolism? Like I understand your body will eventually adapt to the stress it experiences, that’s clear. But how does that affect your metabolism because isn’t fat lose all about how many calories your burn has to be higher than what you take in. So basically eat a calorie deficit and exercise where you burn calories, so that you are under your maintence calorie intake.

    So sense I’m exercising on a calorie deficit I have to burn fat at some point? Because I’m eating less than my maintence calorie intake which means I would stay at relatively the same amount of fat percentage but I could build muscle overtime but can’t lose fat.

    Now on this next point I may be way off but this how I’m looking at this. So let’s say I eat food that matches my needed percentage for all three Marcos. So a calorie is the measure of the amount of energy a food source will give. So if I’m eating on calorie deficit diet and exercising (both cardio and weight lifting) and meeting all my Marco requirements, I should lose fat because according to science matter can’t be created or destroyed only changed.

    Therefore I will be burning calories on top of my calorie deficit diet which should be fat long as I’m not exercising at an high level of intensity that requires my muscles to be broken down instead of fat. Or working for an unreasonable amount of time like marathon training.

    More lean mass equals a higher metabolism; I have heard this every where and I have no fuss or confusion about that. However increase in lean mass doesn’t increase the metabolism rate for each person equally right? Like two people with the same percentage of lean muscle and fat does not have the same metabolism rate correct?

    Then one of y’all said it’s not bad idea to add cardio to your resistance training which I do. So was the point of this video, to inform people that just cardio won’t make you lose weight. I agree with y’all and that explains the true need for the clickbait title. (Didn’t fool anyone there ��).

    My point is I would like for you guys to clear up the point in this video. Literally everyone I have watched or articles I read, and all state that cardio isn’t bad long as it’s added to weight training. It seems that a lot of other people are misunderstanding what the point of this video.

    On a side note do y’all recommend switching from low intensity to hiit after so many periods like do one for a couple of weeks then switch to one for so many weeks and just keep doing that. Basically like doing bodybuilding workouts for a period than switch to strength training so that your body never has the chance to adapt.

  • I’ve lost a shit ton of weight thanks to medical complications (and unhealthy eating behaviours) and people will not stop commenting on it. I’m already an insecure woman and hearing comments just makes it so much worse. I don’t know why people think commenting on someone else’s size is appropriate at all. I’m slowly starting to accept parts of myself, but over the past few years I’ve only gotten more and more pissed off at societal beauty standards, especially coming from cis men. I was meant to feel like shit for so long because of what men find attractive, instead of focusing on how I want my body to look.

  • Hey guys, I do full body workouts every other day but I want to do cardio, just for the cardiovascular benefits, on the days I don’t lift. Will that be very detrimental to my gains?

  • Here’s some questions…
    Does that adaptation get reset after stopping cardio for a while? If so, how long? Does that adaptation occur only doing activities where the heart rate is raised? If I take a 4 mile walk every day, am I burning less calories over time even though it’s just walking?

  • Haha…. i knew it!!…..cardio sucks…..hate cardio….seems like waste of time….20min max on cardio….it is all about building muscle….not cardio

  • Buying only thrift for years has done a similar thing to my body image and “not knowing my size” so it’s validating to hear you talk about this. It’s disorienting, and confusing because often there is no one size that fits me so I have to go off what it looks like and if I think might fit. So when that disconnect is there it feels like, do I know what I look like? Am I who I think I am? When the things I’ve worn forever either no longer fit or fall apart it’s like a part is a big loss for a similar reason.

  • Most of your followers do lift weighs as their foundation. How would you effectively prescribe cardio as a supplement in their quest to get lean?

  • I agree. Over 30 years of physical training has convinced me that discipline and consistency are the main factors in fitness. As for exercise as a primary way to lose fat, as a friend of mine would say, “you can’t outrun a fork.”

  • Personally, it is excellent to dispell myths about the current fitness industry, and I find this information very helpful! However, cardio or also called aerobic exercise (sustained exercise such as cycling, swimming, or jogging which stimulates lung and heart activity) is vital for many reasons. It reduces the risk for coronary heart disease, depression, enhances brain activity, and it helps to reduce the effects of ageing. Thus, I don´t understand why the only goal is getting a lean body while ignoring that people who engage in cardio exercise have many health benefits and live longer compared to people who do not participate in a cardio workout.
    I understand that for losing weight initially anaerobic exercise is beneficial but over the long run, aerobic exercise has more health benefits as through only resistant training we do not train the heart and lung as much.

    Information on this can be found under:


  • For me when I started to lose weight at first it was for health reasons as my mom’s side has a history of diabetes and my dad’s side is very overweight and a history of high blood pressure so I didnt want to be unhealthy yet. But at the same time I was always the “fat kid” growing up so now that I’m fit and everyone compliments me I get a rush but at the same time I feel like my weight will never be enough. Also another thing is that in the gay community it has a very shallow way of picking partners in that unless you are fit or have a six pack you are deemed undesirable. So once again its always been a struggle for people finding me attractive. Because while I find MYSELF attractive, I feel like I am not attractive to others for people to desire me.

    But at the end of the day I think as long as you are feeling good eating healthy or after an exercise that’s all that matters as well as just enjoying the journey

  • Losing weight is crazy. Like going from a big girl to a slim girl is lowkey traumatic. You really begin to understand how much thin worship is going on. At the same time, you get further and further into it

  • This is a great example of de-linking aesthetics from health. Everyone is worthy, all bodies are valid, everyone will be considered beautiful by someone! That does not invalidate the fact that working out makes you feel better and caryying less weight is good for your system and enables you to do more things. Loving your body enough to treat it well and fuel it with good things is amazing, and you’re a great example for that!

  • incase someone missed the point, they are saying if you are doing cardio specifically for fatloss, then it’s a bad choice. they are not saying cardio is bad in general. it’s still a good part of your daily exercise for healthy heart and stuff.

  • I’m really glad you got through this video and put it out there. I find it really difficult maintaining a level head with this stuff because it feels like I’m constantly trying to bat away other peoples BS. You’re such a fresh breathe of common sense.

  • as someone who is basically a walking stack of autoimmune disorders (the holy trinity of hashimoto, PCOS and insulin resistance) I find the whole matter kinda funny. I was always a chubby kid but the most weight I gained was when I took medicine to stop my thyroid from producing bull quantities of testosterone as it’s naturally not very wanted by a teenage girl to wax facial hair every week. I’m generally active but any time someone made mean remarks about my weight they said stuff like “walk 30 minutes a day it’s not that hard” which was just really ignorant as that was less than the minimum I did as I didn’t live just next to my school. 3 years later I lost about 1/4 of my weight going from “obese” to a thin line balancing between “overweight” and “ideal weight” by BMI standards, not by working out 5 hours every day like internet people would tell me but by stopping to take that medicine and exploring the city as usual. everyone of course congratulated me on my weight loss when I didn’t even do anything else to achieve it. also before anyone jumps on me here like usually I’m gonna say my healthy younger sister has almost the exact same diet AND a gamer lifestyle. guess what? we are still a few sizes apart. sometimes I joke it’s like with discarded alpha versions of games and their later, non-glitchy and likeable versions.

  • My diet sucks… ’cause I stopped it. �� I’m sorry, even with spreadsheets I got tired of counting every little calorie and felt like I was missing out on “unlabeled” food.

    Still, I’m lighter than when I started the diet several years ago and I’ve been keeping up with my exercises.

  • Being thin gave me way more body issues than I ever had before. I was a chubby kid and teen, but in hindsight, I was very healthy, that’s just how my body looked. My mom was very health conscious so I actually ate super well and played sports. And yeah I lowkey wished I could be effortlessly skinny like some of my friends but mostly I was okay with the body I had, and I was en route to loving it fully.

    But then, just before my final year of high school, I broke my leg and started on (unrelated) medication that ruined my appetite. The combination of pain, painkillers and this new medication (and maybe having to walk a lot on crutches) made me almost stop eating completely. Like I was barely eating, just enough to keep me awake and functioning basically, and always begrudgingly. Eating felt like I chore. So obviously I dropped a lot of weight very fast… and it was so so strange. People were complimenting me all the time but I was so unhealthy. Some people were even complimenting me and checking if I had an eating disorder in the same conversation, which is so messed up. Guys who used to bully me and call me hideous started flirting with me, and generally, people were just nicer to me… all because I was suddenly skinny, nothing else about me was different. It felt awful.

    Later I changed meds and healed, gained and lost weight again and gradually reached a healthy medium over the course of my university years… but even now, whenever I’m looking a bit thinner than usual people feel so comfortable telling me I look skinny and great, and it feels awful. Like, do I not look good normally? Do I only look good when I’m thinner?

  • I get it about juices, but why smoothies? If I mix in the blender a banana with some Greek yoghurt and milk is that not like eating the banana? Provided of course that no sugar is added.

  • Lost my boyfriend a few years ago and gained a lot of weight. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through and it took a huge toll on my mental health and my self confidence.

    I’ve been struggling to loose weight and I think it’s because I want to loose weight to look good to the public eye & not really for myself yet. Which is probably why I’m also struggling with actually trying to get a routine going.

    Thank you for this video and sharing your thoughts�� I’m sorry it’s hard for you to talk about but I’m glad you did.

  • i needed me some kat in my depression blanket fort tonight. fav tea is a hot cinnamon i got a while ago. “i don’t understand why thinness is something i owe someone” �� i felt that

  • For every pound of muscle you gain your body only burns about 6 to 7 calories a day extra at rest, compared to 2/3 calories of adipose fat, based on research I have read.

  • Inventive, creative, and efficiency is why we are overweight, if we had to walk everywhere to get to places we would all be lean. So it is a human thing always working towards innovation to make things easier, faster, and less human effort. I can remember as a child helping my Mum scrub the clothes on the washing board and manually ring the clothes out, that was a lot of hard work. It is not just diet its the fact that we have advanced into putting washing in the machine and press some buttons that used about 10 calories as to 400. lol

  • For years I have been doing 30 minutes of light resistance, 1 hour of cardio; poor results and I am still fat. Lucky I found you guys. I have been doing it all wrong.

  • I have discovered calorie calculators to be generally inaccurate. I didn’t really know how much till I got a heart rate monitor which put my caloric need much lower than the general calculator. Something else I recently learned is average body temperature contributes to calories burned (which makes sense I just didn’t put it together before). I’ve known for years my average body temp was lower than the “average” (not so average anymore or so recent articles are saying) 98.6F. The more you know about how your body responds to it’s environment the better choices you can make for yourself.

  • Super helpful! And not like those videos that tell you to do a certain diet. It’s different for everyone, and you’ve made that very clear. Also, agree on the smoothie opinion.

  • When Teavana was a thing they had a blend called Lavender Creme and it was the best thing. I normally dont drink hot tea with sugar but it was amazing. I have roughly 4 ounces left that I have hoarded and I only make a cup if my day has been a complete dumpster fire.

  • You might be short on a key nutrient in the diet: so your body throws a fit and makes you insane till you eat in an attempt to get that nutrient.

    Many diets aren’t well balanced or have enough variety of veggies to get enough micronutrients. Also, many diets limit other foods, and limit the types of macronutrients, like fat types. But you need many types of fat.

    Or at least that’s what seems to be what I’ve seen.

  • I’ve been learning a bit about nutrition in a positive phycology class. Biggest thing is carbohydrates are filler, they only have 4 calories per gram unlike proteins and fats which have 9. Fruits and vegetables are crucial to a healthy diet but simmer down on the other carbs.

  • Ppl commenting on your weight is such a weird and like damaging thing. They’ll compliment you on how thin you are till you starve yourself to the point of looking like a corpse and then half of people will realize that you need to eat and you’re not healthy (most are kind, some are degrading) and the other half are this weird like jealous? I guess that’s just other ppl with eating disorders… idk man weight is such a big part of how ppl look at you and it sucks. Thanks for this video you talked about some things I’d never even really considered keep spreading the education and conversation

  • Just wanted to let you know that the YouTube subscription page sometimes doesn’t show new uploads from pictureFit so I had to turn on notif…. Highly recommend y’all turn on your notifications for pictureFit

  • The same thing happened to me. I lost 100 pounds cuz of an eating disorder. There was a moment when people would NOT stop talking about how I looked. It was like 5 times a day at school. It really fueled my eating disorder too. Like bitches really wouldn’t shut up about it

  • Great video! Can you do a video on reverse dieting and how to bring your BMR back up after extensive dieting? Currently 10 weeks into a cut and following all your advices!

  • But thinner you is the one that can survive the apacolypse, which is what you what your wanted, right

    I should finish the video before commenting

  • I spent a year focusing purely on diet before I started resistance training.

    Went from 90kg to 59kg in 8-10 months.

    Cut all simple carbs. No candy, snacks, fruits, soda, juice, little starch, etc.

    Lots of protein, fiber and complex carbs and vegetables and nuts.

    I replaced potatoes and rice with more fibrous and complex barley wheat, bulgar wheat, sweet potato(boiled), and whole grain alternatives.

    Felt great, gave me the energy and motivation I needed to really dive into resistance training. Easy to see progress when you’re skinny with no defintion.

  • Question: my friend has been on his weight loss journey and has been doing great. He is now concerned about having loose skin, primarily in the stomach area. Should he maybe slow down to give his skin time to adapt or is there something else that can help benefit?

  • Try healthy keto with intermittent fasting or atleast limit starch/sugar/alcohol (low carb)… if you want to lose weight Dr Berg has tons of videos on healthy eating.

  • Good stuff guys per usual! Sometimes driving things like this home is the only way to get through to people that just don’t want to believe it! Myself included! Science vs. popular belief is a tough sell but really shouldn’t be. Keep it up. Faithful podcast listener and MAPS follower!

  • I know why diet is not working.
    The problem is not the diet. It’s me. I can’t control myself most of the times.
    But I’m still going. Already lost 1.5kg in a month. It’s a nice pace for me

  • Totally spot on, gotta get your calories in check more than anything for weight loss. Especially on the weekends. I can cut all week no problem, but when the weekend rolls around, I have to shift my focus into overdrive. That said, don’t skip cardio. And for the love of god, get outside. I can cycle for 3 hours outside for 35 miles, no problem. A half hour on the stationary bike and I wanna rip my hair out.

  • Client: what’s the best way to loose fat?
    Trainer: regular resistance training, eating at a caloric deficit and tracking calories.
    Client: hahaha yeah no… but really now..

  • Hey, I used to watch your channel was I was a gym noob last June and I binged watched every video I could do I just wanna say thanks for providing good info. 7ish months still strong

  • Eating bad once in a time won’t make you fat as
    eating healthy once in a time won’t make you thin as
    lifting once won’t make you jacked. Consistency is key!
    On the other hand taking juice one time might make you jacked:D ( just a joke, don’t take it serious)

  • How is a smoothie (no sugar etc. added!) different from the fruit/vegetables that go into it? The amount of fiber doesn’t change, it’s just consumed in a different form. Can someone explain bc that never made sense to me..