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Why Dry January Is a Weight-Loss Myth. by Cassie Shortsleeve. January 9, 2019. 3 Comments.

When it comes to weight loss, alcohol is an easy target since it’s full of so-called ‘empty calories’ — calories that come from food or drink sources with little-to-no nutrition. The official definition of a toxin, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is “a poison of plant or animal origin, especially one produced by or derived from microorganisms and acting as an antigen in the body.” A deviation from the detox industry’s definition, which is used loosely and liberally to imply a purging of mysterious unhealthy substances from the body. Initiatives such as dry January the BDA states categorically that detox diets are “nonsense” and describes them as “marketing myth”.

The idea that there is a secret to weight loss. Two months later and aside from a healthier bank balance she notices the Dry January benefits: weight loss, better sleep and more energy to do the run. Dry January 2020 is a month when people abstain from alcohol, stay sober. It can lead to weight loss, better sleep, have benefits for women. Experts offer tips.

With that being said, if you’re having several drinks a week, one result of dry January could be a decrease in your overall caloric intake, since a standard drink typically has around 150 calorie. During “Dry January,” people commit to skipping booze for the month, and the challenge may pay off with some major benefits to your health according to experts. We break them down, plus how to. The latest New Year’s trend has nothing to do with alcohol—literally. For millions of people, January 1 marks the first day of not just a new year, but a “dry” January.

Research has found that Dry January can lead to long-term changes in drinking habits, too. Dry January participants drank, on average, one day less per week in August, and the frequency of being drunk dropped 38 percent, from an average of 3.4 days per month to 2.1 days per month, according to a 2018 survey conducted by the University of Sussex. Dry January gained popularity after a British nonprofit promoted it in 2013.

The next year, it became a government-backed public health campaign.

List of related literature:

Rather, we develop a water deficit termed voluntary dehydration by drinking less than the amount of weight (assumed to be due entirely to water loss) that we lose as sweat during exercise.

“Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports” by Timothy Noakes
from Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports
by Timothy Noakes
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Hyperthyroidism, extreme exercise, cold weather, lactation, and cachexia caused by chronic illness can produce weight loss from increased metabolism causing excess calorie usage.

“Canine and Feline Gastroenterology E-Book” by Robert J. Washabau, Michael J. Day
from Canine and Feline Gastroenterology E-Book
by Robert J. Washabau, Michael J. Day
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

More importantly, because the changes were small and sustainable over the long-term, the impact is lasting—you keep the weight off, even continue to lose a little bit more by the end of the year, and overall feel healthier.

“Do Good Well: Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation” by Nina Vasan, Jennifer Przybylo
from Do Good Well: Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation
by Nina Vasan, Jennifer Przybylo
Wiley, 2013

The Secret behind such seemingly contradictory observations is that weight losses may be due not only to loss of fat, but also to losses of variable amounts of water and protein from the lean tissues of the body.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
from Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set
by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
Taylor & Francis, 1993

One pint of water weighs one pound, so weight loss can be dramatic when we are losing water as a result of reducing the body’s toxic load.

“The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your LIfe One Luscious Bite at a Time” by Douglas Graham
from The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your LIfe One Luscious Bite at a Time
by Douglas Graham
FoodnSport Press, 2012

This is mostly because weight loss also reflects shifts in glycogen stores and water balance, especially in the first few weeks on a reducing diet.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment
by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
Guilford Publications, 2004

Increasing relative humidity of the air will have little effect on the rate of weight loss until the freezing process is almost complete.

“Handbook of Food Engineering Practice” by Kenneth J. Valentas, Enrique Rotstein, R. Paul Singh
from Handbook of Food Engineering Practice
by Kenneth J. Valentas, Enrique Rotstein, R. Paul Singh
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That’s because for a lot of dieters packing on pounds can be a holiday tradition.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2014

But make no mistake about it: being in a caloric deficit—that is, burning more calories than you’re consuming (eating less and moving the same amount, eating the same and moving more, or eating less and moving more)—is the only way to lose weight.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

It has to do with the rapidity with which the living body starts to correct all imbalances (including weight loss) at its first opportunity.

“Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life” by Harvey Diamond
from Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life
by Harvey Diamond
Health Communications Incorporated, 2010

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  • I stopped drinking Jan 02, 2020 for weightloss. I don’t know if I have lost weight, but I sleep better and have more energy (I’m able to go to the gym 5 days a week now). My focus also increased dramatically. I thought I had the attention span of a squirrel. Turns out I don’t. I feel like I can actually accomplish something. The thing I fear the most is the peer pressure of so-called friends who will not understand. My solution is to have low calorie mocktails. I figure as long as I have a drink in my hand, they will be fooled and will leave me alone. My feeling is they think I’m criticizing them, so they don’t want me to succeed. If I’m drunk with them, then we’re the same. Good thing is my social life hibernates in the winter, so I’ll have plenty of time to build up the good habit of living booze-free and when vintage carshow and pinup season is back, I’ll have a stronger will forged with a good habit and a new topshape body.

  • You will lose weight by staying off alcohol because people eat fast food before drinking then it’s calories from the alcohol itself then more fast food before bed,at the same time your body is working to get rid of the alcohol instead of the food so the food gets left there till the alcohol is gone and on hangover day it’s probably McDonald’s for breakfast and pepperoni pizza for dinner.

  • None of those designations of people have the expertise or credentials to provide health and or diet advice. Elizabeth MD Ph.D specialized nutrition science

  • Well thinking about it in some way
    Body shaming is the same, as telling a smoker to quit smoking, or an alchoholic to stop drinking

  • Here today i want to convey that losing weigt is not necessarkly becoz the surrounding pressure or anyone who thinks that they are well and good with an overweight body are wrong becoz losing weight is good for you guys ut will benifit your body and probably increase your life span… at last all i want to say is *losing weight is not a shame or pressure it is just the necessity of the hour*.


  • no matter what, everyone should be at a healthy weight. SOme people may be healthier at 15 lbs over the supposed bmi chart. no more than that. then ur fat and thats the turth

  • Nice video! Check Out Latest 2Week Diet! Stop Wasting Your Money on Dangerous Diet Pills! https://healthyyou5.webnode.com/products-3/

  • I only drink milk and water this has been going on for a year + now and omg people give me the dirtiest look when they offer me soda and I reply no thank you.��

  • How to lose weight: eat less than you burn. that´s it.
    How to look great: work out as well

    Also: Don´t eat much less than you burn. A 500 calorie deficit longterm will get you way further than starving yourself. And online calculators are not very reliable to determine your TDEE. I am a short 113lb female and I burn anywhere between 1700 and 2700 calories a day. No online calculator would give me those numbers.

  • The Egyptian part was mind-blowing. Thank you for such great and throughout evolutionary information. I love this stuff, give us more!

  • Doesn’t humans live longer than foxes, deers and horses? Does that not influenciate the amount of N14, 15 and C12, 13 data ingrained on the life span?

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  • Mako mako mahalin mo ulit ako please, patawarin mo ko please please please. Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita please mako balik ka na please

  • There is another reason they are demonising meat and animal fats and encouraging the consumption of lots of plants and grains: saturated fats and cholesterol are essential for testosterone production, whilst plants contain numerous phytoestrogens and hormone disruptors.

    They want a placid, feminised population who are easy to control. Masculinity has been the enemy of world governments for a long time, because strong men vote right wing and vote for nationalism and to defend their countries and families and protect their freedoms.

    It is no wonder that left wing men advocating for open borders, fewer freedoms and a nanny state to tell them what to do have testosterone levels below the minimum and elevated estrogen level (probably from all the soy and cosmetics). Many of them feel so unmasculine that they actually opt to remove their genitalia and become women.

  • Eat foods that keep you full meaning high volume but low calories. If you exercise then you need foods that are nutritious as well but if you won’t be exercising then nutrition doesn’t matter I suppose.

  • want to lose weight? just get up and do some exercise everyday and stop over eating (this aplies only for people without hormonal disorders or historial of obesity if you get some of these visit a doctor )

  • Actually I lost like 10lbs in a month on a low carb diet. You have to eat high (animal) fat to make it work, along with working out.

  • what a stupid presentation.. the max age of a person around that time was 45…. Meat a healthy product?�� Do you know what food they give these produced fed animals… go home and do some research.

  • Flour is 400 calories a cup
    Loaf is 1600 calories
    Plant based means lots of water to maintain cell rigidity.
    Thus low calories
    But when they started grinding grain for flour the calories kick up

  • lost 60 lbs on keto my fasting blood sugar dropped from 180 to 75 and I’m off insulin for good or I did exactly the opposite of what my “DOCTORS” told me to do

  • I cut out bread and sugar except for once a week and lost 25 pounds. I do make exceptions for carb foods I can’t do without like avocado and spinach.

  • Carefully crafted narratives exist from binary extremists.
    Everybody responds differently.
    Try dietary modifications, see how you feel.

    One size never fits all. Your own experience is more valid than any double blind research trial.
    Would you rather adjust your consumption based on “scientific” assertions or analyzing your own symptoms as you test?

    It’s simple, try things, adopt what makes you feel better.

    “Experts” have utilized faulty science for 70 yrs. Junk foods & sugars are still considered part of healthy diets.

    Obese, diabetic morbidity has accelerated every decade since Keyes vilified cholesterol. Substitution of plant based oils for animal fats is correlated with increased adverse outcomes.

    Medical dogma eviscerates dissenting voices.

  • Just hear what Andrew Sinclair, not a vegan activist but an anti aging geneticist from Harvard has to say about how crappy a high fat and protein diet is.

  • Okay, 36 seconds into the video, you only show women who are bigger. What about the skinny girls who wish that they were not this small.? What about the fit girls? Body positivity is not just for people, and it is more specifically geared towards women, who are overweight. That is simply glorifying being overweight and shaming women who are NATURALLY smaller than they are and shaming them for being the way that they have been all of their lives.

  • Cut down on sugar, cut down on simple carbs, get your cardio and weight lifting in, drink water not soda and juices, and sleep well!

  • Don’t ever listen to buzzfeed for weight loss, they’ll just tell you being overweight/obese is okay and it all boils down to body shaming.

  • Great presentation thanks. Very informative. My only caveat is that now we have been eating the wrong diet (especially the lower classes) for thousands of years and we have made some evolutionary changes to adapt, how will this affect our perfect modern diet?

  • I lost 15 kg in more or less 2 months eating a regular meal (1 type of protein, maximum of 2 tbsp of carbs and lots of veggies), not eating carbs at night, drinking lots of water, avoiding junk food and doing 5-minute exercises thrice a week. Honestly, it was very easy to do and got me some nice results:)

  • What I really hate is the press and politicians combined. In the US our liberal politicians are talking about government interference in food choices

  • Wow, so everything I thought I knew about weight loss was completely wrong. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to lose a lot of weight?

  • My grandma and grand grandma always said FRUITS were unavailable. Not meat.
    Also, before 1800, 98% of population was in agriculture, with cattle.

  • I wish this didn’t have to rely on evolution. I did very well, and learned very much, on the idea of Low-Carb diet (starting with Keto, working Paleo….before the drought of corona). I’m not questioning that. As a Christian, I believe we had both agriculture & husbandry. I guess I just don’t believe the whole of this, I believe in the results. I just find, some of this, to be a distortion.

  • Finally, a Buzzfeed vid that is actually informative, doesn’t have ‘woo’, and doesn’t say ‘oh stop, just love yourself’.

    At the lower weights, though, of course it becomes less about the scale weight, and more about your body-fat percentages and overall diet. I don’t agree that scale weight itself doesn’t matter. In general, most people who DO have a high weight (overweight, obese, morbidly obese, etc) don’t have that due to having too much muscle. It can exist, such as bodybuilders and those who are jacked, but you can VISUALLY tell the difference between that and someone obese in BMI/scale weights.

    Previously 200lbs, now 105lbs (I’m 5’2″). So y’all tend to make me wanna rip out my hair. Good job on this one, Buzzfeed.

  • I notice at 36:21 that the Egyptians ate flaxseed, safflower & sesame oils. Seed oils have been implicated in inflammation, heart disease & obesity. Perhaps these help explain the heart disease among the ancient Egyptians also.

  • I told my young dentist, a USC grad, from a dentist family in Palm Springs, a little over a year ago, that I would never again have my regular monthly “cavity,” because I had discovered the keto diet, and the paleopathology of tooth decay….(thanks to Dr. Eades.) He backed away as if he saw his life flashing before him. It was weird. He turned away stone-faced, so he didn’t have to listen to my explanation. Last month, one year later, I decided to pay for full dental X-rays and an examination. He looked at the scans, probed my teeth and gums for about 7 minutes, saying nothing, then backed up and sounding somewhat amazed, said, “Um…looks like you were right!” “Your teeth and gums look much better than they were…and no cavities.” CONVERTED? I doubt it. His livelihood depends on CARB EATERS.

  • I’ll answer as a new post as my reply will get lost in the long list of replies, many have said that I’m wrong, I did my research and had a look back 2 and 4 hundred years before the “Meat market” and took into consideration outlying factors. I excluded the Bubonic Plague years. Average age expectancy before the meat market once you got past childhood was 64, after meat market the average age expectancy once you got past childhood was 45, the age I mentioned of 16 was correct if you take childhood death into consideration. There will always be exceptions outside of the average especially with people like the queens who do not live like the rest of the population. Real food does not kill its host, meat eating and the domestication of animals has created all human diseases, why else do you think you are born perfect and it’s all downhill from there…..

  • ‘no key ingredient has an impact on weight loss’ i’m 190 pounds and currently losing 1 pound ever single day, with one single ingredient. that one single ingredient also increases metabolism by about 50%. so there’s two #s in this video that were wrong

  • You should lose weight and the scale is a lie are not myths, if your weight is harmful to your health, guess what? you should lose weight if your BMI is below 18, you should gain weight as it can cause health issues to be underweight and if your BMI is over 25 you should lose weight as it can cause health issues. It’s not a hard system to figure out.

  • Wtf he is full of BS. All meat diet? Really? If compare heath of vegetarian and carnivore. Veg is better. Health is not just looking healthy from outside

  • Cool. Cut the carbs. Great.

    Now what do I do about this 4 weeks of ever worsening diarrhea?

    Seriously. I’ve stopped eating all together in the hopes that I won’t have to use the restroom for at least a couple days so my anus can heal.

  • Dry January is a great idea. It’s a good idea to hit the reset button. And if a person can’t do it, it might show there is a problem.

  • my poverty diet /severe malnutrition as a kid left my teeth in horrible shape in spite of the flouride toothpaste and my diligence. I never went a day without brushing once. I flossed regularly as well for years and years… cost me tens of thousands and will cost more…

  • I’m starting this but I will finish my pancakes I was planning to eat for breakfast haha I’ve been craving them for a week. Haha I will have a side of bacon and eggs though. I chat stand eggs maybe if I buy organic ones It will taste better. I normally eat free range. How much veggies should you eat every day?

  • If I go to sleep just when I finish studying should I exercise before or after studying (right before bed)??? I can’t find any useful information about this xD

  • I like Dr. Eades very much….theres a couple other articles he did on sub factors that trigger insulin that are excellent!!

    But…there was a LOT of miss presentations of info in here. And several faulty conclusions he came too.

    For one thing….the Egyptians were not, no protein. They had a lot of protein….about 50% of their diet. As he said…proteins allowed is to grow, with an increased brain capacity. BUT…the Eygprians also had a lot of oils and fat in their diets too. Flax seed oil…red palm oil…olive oil….nut and seed oils.

    They also had sugar to sweeten things
    …from dates!! That all of this is needed especially the oils, to put on dry bread. With sand in it!! So they could eat it!!

    Another HUGE issue is, that he didnt mention. The Egyptians favorite meal they ate all the time is….


    Beer is also a processed food…
    Then too….eating a highly dependent mono food source….is not good.

    Which right there…beer gives a lot of man boobs…and big bellies!! And also artery problems. Then too…he did touch on what causes the hardening of the arteries and calcium deposits.

    Then there are other Blue Zone areas that eat high carbs…very little meat…and they are the oldest living peoples.

    But….in the hunter gathers…he left out…50% if not more of their diet was carbohydrates.

    Soo….yes!! Low carb is good. But…its the type of carbs you eat. Whole food carbs with the fiber. Like the Blue Zones…they eat high carbs. But…they drink little alcohol….and little meat…and have little disease. They also eat, no sugar.

    Anyway….theres a lot of miss information in here….but yes…low carbs…but not NO Carb.

    But…this was a fast talk….soo…I understand leaving out key information.

  • he is misinforming about the amount of meat in the diet of regular people. yes the meat was there to buy but not everyone could afford it, the poor and working class sure did not have a meat 3 meals a day or even once everyday, you would be happy to get some in the dinner stew. and for crying out loud bred is the cornerstone of modern society, you don’t have to eat it just because your ancestors did but armies march on their stomach and bread is easier and cheaper to feed a stomach then an animal you need to feed and care fore before it can make it to the slaughter house. Grain and its supply is how empires rouse and fell, modern and ancient all the way in to today’s world. It is how you feed the masses. How god damn clasist, poor people, working class people large families did not eat like that, in most of the world still don’t eat as much meat as he is implying, no matter how available it is.

    I really don’t like the spin he is putting on this, it insidious and to close to how cults start and people get radicalised, you get them to believe this one thing that is not even far fetched and then you frog march them sideway all the way to crazy because like attracts like and echo chambers are a more dangerous and common thing in out internet addicted society.

    An before anyone tries to have a go at me consider whether your counter argument is coming from fact or emotion, i will respond to the first but the second will be soundly ignored.

  • I ALWAYS enjoy Michael Eades’ presentations. It’s a bunch of AHA! puzzle pieces that always fit together brilliantly. l’ve used his arguments to successfully debate brain-washed PETA people on numerous occasions. Thank you Dr. Eades!

  • people will always seek out false naritives..what damages endotheial cells? processed meat and saturated fat? or whole food plant based diet with low to no oil (omega 6 fatty acids) people always want good news about there bad habits..meat is even clasified as a class 1 carcinogen..look it up folks and then wake up to the food like products that your putting in your mouth..only a whole foods plant/starch based diet will extend and give you a quility life..the longest living people on planet earth live in the blue zones..starch/fruits and veggies is there staple of diet..this is not rocket science..

  • Thank you for this! Another great way to see the changes in your body are to get a body scan if you have one at your gym or can go and get one from somewhere. Then, a few months later, get another one to see how much fat is lost, muscle is gained and how much water you are holding onto. Amazing how even if you don’t think you’ve lost “weight” to see how many inches you’ve lost over your journey. Also, the macro thing… 45-65% carbohydrates, 20-35% fats and 10-35% protein in your daily diet is what is recommended. Also, going hard at the gym is ultimately going to burn you out, make you stressed out potentially, which increases cortisol levels, which inhibits you losing fat and then it becomes this never ending awful cycle. Weight/fat loss takes time and it should take time. The faster you lose weight and try to cheat it by trying diet fads, you will end up gaining it back. You should be aiming for 0.5kg (1.10lbs) per week for suistanable fat loss and you should be eating 500-800 calories less than your maintenance calories.

    I’m studying to be a Personal Trainer and have lost about 20kgs myself, so understand what works and what doesn’t. Hope this helps!

  • Suuure… Not true that we didn’t eat much meat, becasue… the Titanic menu. The masses lived on salmon and chateaubriand. This is embarrassing.

  • I’ve been eating more seafood in particular swordfish steaks and gator for the past few yrs and its made me feel more energized than any other food. Dr. Eades is the first MD I’ve ever heard confirm our early ancestors thrived off eating carnivores. Brilliant presentation!

  • Thanks for the old pictures! This proves my theory that the greatness and genius of human achievement in the arts music, literature, science, philosophy. Achievements that often happened when the creator was in his 20s!! We’re based in the prevalence of meat in the general diets. Of old. And the strong chiseled faces that lit up the classic Hollywood movies and even Towering rock stars up until the 2000’s. Al gone Now….

  • I’ve been on low carb for 6 months feel great. I’ve been on low carb 25 years ago but people talked me out of it a number of times. So I’m sticking to it this time. If I die at least I will die committed but I don’t think so.

  • Full disclosure: This video does not specifically state that salad bars did not exist 1000’s of years ago and meat was a primary staple of nearly all human societal and cultural existence, but it certainly implies this assumption:P

  • I think our kids knew better than us. How many times have our kids turned their noses up at the veggies on the plate? They knew.��

  • So tell me, if the scale doesn’t provide useful information ¿Why do doctors weigh people?
    “You should lose weight” is myth? If you weigh 300 pounds, you SHOULD lose weight.

  • The reason keto is on decline (if it’s on decline) is because it can’t be sold. It doesn’t come in a packet so no company will sell it. No TV company will advertize it for nothing, you can’t sell good meat, fish eggs and veg, fresh on TV.

  • Poor Arnold, he used to be “Conan the Barbarian”, now he is a Vegan Game Changer. But is invested in a Pea Protein plant. Hypocrit!

  • I’m an Asian American in my 40s. Growing up I was getting fatter. Through trial and error I found out that it was the bread and rice that was making me put on fat. Around 13 years old I went all meat and veggies with little rice. I probably didn’t have a piece of bread for 2 years. When I got to college I was eating pasta, bread and meat and putting on weight because all the other kids were eating like that. Hearing this lecture, it all makes sense now.

  • The ancient Egyptians also ate dairy, which is a very high source of estrogen and other mamalian hormones. Phytoestrogens are not the same as estrogen because they are from plants, and they do not act like mamalian hormones. False to assume that wheat causes ‘man boobs’:/

  • How do you know if someone is a vegan? They’ll let you know in 2.1 seconds after you meat them.
    How do you know if someone is only a meat-eater? They’ll let you know in 2.3 seconds after you meet them.

  • Did 4 weeks strict carnivore and felt better than I have felt since I was a kid. Then this stupid COVID crap… fell off the wagon and once again, I feel like a half crippled granny. Working my way back off the carbs again. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

  • Been in food service most of my life mostly baking I recently gave up wheat…what a dilemma I am a great baker I have lot of Heritage wheat..so I make bread for other people…I sometimes feel like I am poisoning >do eat some other grains seems like I do better with some carb..I totally avoid seed oils.. The strange thing is my diet of mostly fish red meat raw milk products eggs etc…I am to the point I need to gain some weight..

  • But it’s not the same meat we have now comparing to the meat 100 years ago, they fed real natural food to the animals and they lived free range or free run, but these days our animals are fed GMO feed( soybean and corn) and also given antibiotics because they live in an insane environment and they need to be fed antibiotics to be kept alive let alone also growth hormone, so this doctor analysis is biased, I don’t agree completely vegan but good carbs are good for us, good meat source give us Vitamin A which you don’t get much from veggies.

  • Disappointed by this man’s fantastical storytelling about how we “evolved”. No real science involved only subjective hypotheses. What other parts of his talks are this type of inventive opinion? I thought he’d be about real science.

  • In the settling of America in the midwest and west all they ate was meat, at least for most of the year. They only started consuming wheat after 1900 before that it was used to feed the hogs. And preserving vegetables after 1870 or so. On occasion, you would come across some berries. People in the early 1800s had very healthy hearts and much higher testosterone.

  • All foods are plant based. For example, cattle ruminates eat grass, and I eat the cattle and other ruminates..

    Some of the processed foods I swear are made from oil and coal tar.

  • we have a rule in our house that we only have alcohol during a holiday or a special occasion only! friends birthdays don’t count as a special occasion either.

  • Plants are not created equal, nor sugars are bad in natural forms as honey, carrots, some fruits that still have not been changed into sugary Frankensteins. Plants have a role in our nutrition, but meat is foundation/essential, no brainer. It requires the modern detachment from our biology to conceive veganism

  • The keto diet is simply logical, our most ancient ancestors ate meat, no grain, nuts, some fruit or veg when it was in season… they must have been in ketosis most of the time…

  • Ancel Keys and the FDA and the medical establishment have been causing metabolic disease with the low-fat high carb diet for fifty years and they still will not admit that they are wrong. Just more dogma in the face of newer scientific evidence. Even the Catholic church admitted that Galileao was right, it only took them 350 years. Let us hope that the medical establishment does not take as long.

  • I’m very open minded and currently doing a low carb diet and loving it. However, this, as interesting and persuasive as it is, just focuses on the idea of refined carbs and harvested carbs being sub optimal. I can’t help be think that fruit carbs are evolutionarily good for us. Our closest ancestors, chimps and bonobos eat majority fruit based diet and thrive on it. In fact we are genetically closer to them than a cat is to a lion, and they eat pretty much the same diet. So shouldn’t we predominantly eat fruit and soft tender leaves for an optimum diet? There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that high protein animal diets decrease longevity. The oldest most vibrant people in Blue zones tend to eat fruit veg and some meat, and wine so maybe that’s the best diet…what are people’s thoughts…?

  • Speculative “historical (anthropological) science” is not the most convincing argument imo. It seems there is enough real, measurable actual science to show that CV woe is good for the human body

  • Actually we evolved on high starch plants not high fiber. lol https://sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2015/08/10/starchy-carbs-not-a-paleo-diet-advanced-the-human-race.html

  • Great presentation and a lot of fun to listen to. There’s a correlation between cholesterol & Alzheimer’s and people with low cholesterol don’t do so well

  • The vegans say we have been eating grains for thousands of years, but, they forget that we have also been drinking alcohol for thousands of years. This simply means we’ve been doing things WRONG for thousands of years.