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Here’s why: On average, we pack on around 1 to 2 pounds during the holiday season and while that sounds like no big deal, studies suggest we don’t take it off. Ever. That means we enter each year a. How to Not Gain Weight During the Holiday Season: An Unconventional Approach What’s the secret to not gaining weight during the holidays!?

What does your vision for “winning” look like for you? You’re not supposed to avoid everything that tastes good forever. I for sure don’t.

The challenge is to do it without gaining back any of the weight you’ve worked to lose. Let’s face it; dieting is hard enough most days of the year. But coping with holiday stress, along with all.

And with the right formula for your body and lifestyle, you can avoid the holiday gain while enjoying the fun of the season — a few tasty treats included. Here’s what the experts recommend: Savor it — While common weight-loss strategies focus on avoiding certain foods, food restriction, especially during times of celebration, can backfire and cause overeating. Fear of holiday weight gain is common, a registered dietitian told INSIDER. But available research suggests that most of us don’t gain very much weight during the holidays.

Plus, stressing out about calories and weight gain could backfire, spurring overeating. Planning ahead can go a long way towards preventing holiday weight gain. If you have parties on the calendar, ask what foods will be served or bring. Making a Plan to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Although understanding why you eat can offer some measure of control, experts say it’s also important to head into each potential food fest with a plan.

The average weight gain during the four-week holiday period is actually closer to one pound than the seven to 10 pounds that many people believe it is. Sounds like good news, right? Don’t whip out. The average American gains between 6-8 pounds during the holiday season.

That fact seems to be re-stated on every fitness magazine and article. Within a few years, all that holiday weight gain will accumulate. However, if you want to stay in shape between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Milton Stokes, Ph.

List of related literature:

Everyone knows about gaining weight around the holidays.

“Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise” by Robert E. Thayer
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That’s because, for a lot of dieters, packing on weight can be a holiday tradition.

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That’s because for a lot of dieters packing on pounds can be a holiday tradition.

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The goal of the team is to maintain (or lose) weight throughout the holiday season.

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Thus, the seemingly small weight gain during the holidays is devastating to long-term weight loss plans.

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And while it is reasonable to plan in advance to eat a little extra, you will certainly gain weight if you go to a lot of parties during the holidays and indulge at each one.

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On the other hand, though, there are just as many reasons to avoid losing weight: they’d have to go on a diet; they’d continually feel hungry, they’d have to deny their urge to eat fattening foods, and besides, why not wait until after the holidays?

“Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial” by Tony Robbins
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In terms of occasion, the desire to lose weight is often the result of a New Year’s resolution and due to overeating and lack of physical activity over the holidays.

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But the positive energy balance that results from overeating and inactivity, a common occurrence around major holidays, leads to unneeded weight gain.

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You gain weight over the holidays, and you can’t lose it.

“Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment” by Martin E. P. Seligman
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  • How to avoid gaining weight during the holiday:
    Dont eat so much you fat fuck.

    When eating high calorie foods, its all about portion control. Dont be a glutton.

  • My favorite strategy is to eat as I normally would on holidays, that is to say, well above maintenance. But after the holidays are over, I’ll just go on a mini-cut for a week or two, to shed the fat gain accrued. It really isn’t so bad. Even if you eat an extra 10.500 calories over the holidays, that’s only 3 lbs of fat. 3 weeks of moderate cutting will balance that out.

  • Hello picture fit. I love this channel. I’m a bodybuilder in progress and I would like it if you could do a video on fat burners for me please. But thanks anyways for everything you do. Keep ate it.

  • Let’s be real for the holidays enjoy time with family. Go ahead let loose holiday weight gain is like the freshman 15 for the holidays. Enjoy this time of the year. Side note ladies want to get thick let go during the holidays enjoy food and time with family&friends just do you.

  • i’m very impressed… this is helpful, professional,and very interesting.
    so, I wana share this vedio for Korean I’m here now.
    I wanna download these vedio, and add subtitles, then upload to the YouTube.
    would i have to do with this?? there is any problem in copyright??

  • Simple, stay away of your pregnant wife or you’ll be ended eating all what she desire to to eat. aghhh����
    Unfortunately you cannot say no to her else she will be upset and this is bad for the baby ��

  • i usually dont do too much extra cardio (just 1-2 runs a week to keep my endurance in check while i try to ramp up my lifts) but during the holidays i let myself enjoy it while adding in either an extra run a week or a HIIT day.

  • Hey, i’m starting to workout but i’m not sure about what kind of trainings i should be doing. What is the difference between endurance training and strength training? Which build muscle? Tone muscle? Burn fats more? Help me please before i keep on doing the wrong exercise:(

  • Hey I think you should make a video on the age old question. Does lifting stun your growth? I think its an interesting topic and it would help out a lot of young athletes.

  • HEY, really great videos op, i love that you post the sources of what you talk about in the video, could you make a video on target muscle shaping eg: a guy comes up to me and asks me what exercise to do to get the inner chest cuts, some people believe there are different exercises specifically for shaping muscles.

    As I commented on one of your older videos i watched:

    This is misleading. There are diffrent types of calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates. It is true that if you eat less calories you will lose some weight, but the body needs fuel and only eating 500 calories a day is not healthy. Furthermore, the body adapts to the calorie intake, so if you eat less calories, the body will burn less calories. One of the more healthy and sustainable weight loss methoods is per example reducing the carbohydrate inntake, like sugar and white bred.
    Whats more intresting is the fact that fats contain twice the amount of energy when compared to carbs and protein, so if you eat fat, the fat will help burn more fat.
    So if you reduce the inntake of carbs (carbs which you really dont need) and increase the amount of healty fats, youll lose weight and have a substansielle inntake of calories.

  • This is why I eat my whole-food vegan diet all year. So that come Thanksgiving, I can eat whatever in whatever quantity I desire and I might gain 2 or 3 pounds. December is, in my household, traditionally a month of extra-long walks, to combat weight gain and seasonal affective disorder. I aim for 4 to 8 miles a day in December. By the time January comes along, I actually need to gain weight!

  • Hello PictureFit, im loving your videos because you give very good information quick and easy. However, I’m going to the gym at around 8pm and everyone suggests going in the morning, is this real? does it affect gains?

  • Do back exercises straighten, lengthen, strengthen your back? I’d like a video of this as i’m doing exercises in the school weight room.

  • Could you do a video over the different types of fats? I’ve heard how bad trans fats are and how other types of fats (like the ones in nuts) are very good for you. I would like to know more.

  • I’m a personal trainer and I teach my clients that “Christmas calories don’t count” because at this time of year it’s more important to share the love and have fun with friends.
    We can always get back on track in the New Year. Great video

  • Love Is Greater Than A Muffintop.

    That’s a Picture Fit T-shirt people will love. What should the pic be? The Pic Fit guy hugging a muffin that’s sitting on his stomach maybe?

  • +Picturefit I have a video request and sugestion. If you would like, could you make a video about the factors that influence muscle strength other than type 2 muscle fibers an muscle volume?

  • I’m a weight loss coach. It’s easier to start a bad habit then it is to break a bad habit. Find new ways to celebrate the holidays would be my answer, especially if you know that you lack self control. Know yourself and act accordingly.

  • I always fast all day during certain holidays or birthdays and enjoy my feasts without eating too many excess calories at the end of the day. It’s like taking my IF diet to a more intense level. Feels great.

  • 5000 more calories over the entire holidays? LOL! It’s not hard to eat 5000 calories in a single day, especially when you’re eating turkey, gravy, stuffing, buns, mashed potatoes etc!

  • shoutout fox news for that thumbnail….. I love soccer mom booties especially when they have a little flab to em. don’t judge me.

  • Funny how all comments are apparently body builders. What makes people gain fat during holiday is because they feast 3x a day and have enough left overs to feast on throughout the week. 15k cal x 5

  • Hi PictureFit, great video. Question! If bulking or trying to add weight, do you think it would be a great time to “prepare” oneself days before the festive yummy-ness;)
    I estimate that it could be more then 5000 calories in just 2 days, and I’m thinking that the beginning of December, one should add roughly 350 calories per day for 5 days, then the next 5 days add 250 more for 600 calories for the next 5 days, then the next 5 days later another 250 xtra calories for 850 extra, that way when DEC 24 or DEC 25 (or both), I’m assuming the body would be ready… however… I was told by many people, that with fast metabolism will not do any good… is that truth? is there a science on this? Thanks.

  • Wow, these videos are a great explanation and representation of overall gains, but I would like to see a video as to how to exercise, like what types of exercise to do, how to change it and what kinds of exercise make up for strength and what make up for speed and flexibility! Or how to have both for a particular sport! Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

  • I have been using the tea for about 2 weeks now. The weight loss green store tea is very helpful and always available for questions or advice. While there has not been a huge or immediate change in weight loss, I have noticed enough change to make me want to stick with it. Definitely worth the try!!

  • Fair play to everyone who just lets go over the holidays and enjoys themselves. I enjoy Xmas too of course. But I’m to devoted to myself to trash my diet, so I have my 3 Xmas dinners, (my side of the family and my partner’s as well as our own) I have a bit more food than I would but nothing crazy, I don’t log these 3 days like I do the rest of the year as I prepare all my own food minus eating out once a week where I just leave 1000 calories spare and eat sensibly. And I have a small breakfast and 1 snack. I don’t drink so that’s easy to not worry about, and I don’t have desert, ever. So boom. Just 1 meal 3 times a year to deal with.




  • For some reason youtube unsubed me from you:/ i’ve heard this happens to channels from time to time, keep an eye on your sub count, incase you’ve lost a few subs.. anyway glad I’m re-subbed keep up the awesome content.

  • It isn’t possible to gain 5 pounds over the course of one day. 85% of that weight is water weight. On a day off, drink two liters of water and just give yourself 4 hours to piss it all out. Problem solved.

  • I’m a vegetarian and usually make nut steaks for christmas, which aren’t that bad at all, except for the butter dough I put around it. There’s still all the cake and stuff though… Oh well, I’ll just go for a bunch of walks, and I’ll bring my bf and/or mother along. Exercise AND quality time spent with loved ones achieved!

  • Awesome video as always! Could you make one about the importance of driking water? There’s a lot of information about how much one should have and other points.

  • The holidays should be about enjoying the people’s company, i.e. talking to them. Food is supposed to be fuel and only that, not something to be enjoyed. Socializing should never be used as an excuse. Other people don’t give a shit what or whether you’re eating when you’re around them. People need to find better things to do with other people than eat.

  • Loved your message at the end of this.. Sometimes your so preoccupied with trying to stick to your regime that you dont have as much fun with friends and family.