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Why it made the cut: Most seafood options at Panda Express clock in at nearly 2,000 milligrams of sodium, so if you’re in the mood for shrimp, the Honey Walnut Shrimp is your best bet for an entree at just under 450mg. The side of veggies adds a bit more sodium, but it helps make a satisfying meal with 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber for less than 400 calories. Veggies – Better Choice.

Mixed Veggies Side Dish Portion (8.6 ounces) 70 cal, no sat fat, 0.5g total fat, 530mg sodium, 13g carbs, 4g sugars, 5g fiber, 4g protein. Mixed Veggies Entrée Portion (4.3 ounces) 35 cal, no sat fat, 0.25g total fat, 260mg sodium, 7g carbs, 2g sugars, 3g fiber, 2g protein. “An order of [grilled teriyaki chicken] plus a full order of veggies is the perfect sharing meal,” she says. You can order a number of options from the Panda Express WOK Smart Selections.

The Mushroom Chicken and the String Bean Chicken Breast are GREAT options as well. Tracy’s Healthy Options Rating: Panda Express gets HUGE bonus points for offering not only steamed mixed veggies as an alternative to the Chow Mein and rice, but giving customers a fabulous WOK Smart menu for their. When you want the healthiest option, opt for the egg flower soup, which is one of the lowest calorie and fat options.

However, if you just can’t resist their egg or spring rolls, go for the veggie spring roll, which has the least amount of calories and fat. When eating at any restaurant, don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new. “The Grilled Teriyaki Chicken is one of the best chicken options on the Panda Express menu, as it is within a 200-400 calorie range and contains 36 grams of protein,” says registered dietitian Summer Yule, MS, RDN. Protein can help increase feelings of. If you’re in the mood for chicken, you’ll face a wide selection at Panda Express.

All the chicken meals do contain fewer than 400 calories, but some of them rank higher on the fat content so are something you’ll want to avoid. Other plant-based dishes include Super Greens, Vegetable Spring Rolls and Steamed White and Brown Rice. For those with any allergies or dietary preferences and restrictions, it is important to note that all items at Panda Express are cooked and prepped in the same kitchen with.

The Three Chickens, Teriyaki and Broccoli Beef go best with Brown/White Steamed Rice and the Super Greens. Panda Express is great for lots of things, including healthy options. It’s up to you and your palate to decide on the better options to choose and enjoy.

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List of related literature:

Side orders: Tofu roll (with broccoli, onions and seasonings, wrapped and baked).

“History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
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You can usually order a chicken/fish/meat with two sides of vegetables anywhere you go.

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Skip the calorie-laden, sodium-packed General Tso’s chicken from your local Chinese joint, and whip up my slim-style version instead.

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healthier choice of not-so-healthy options—I would get a chicken sandwich instead of a hamburger, but I would still get it from McDonald’s.”

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If you know the menu will offer mostly unhealthy options, eat one of your favorite meals from any of the phases before you go, and skip to the next letter on this list.

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Lunch Shockingly Healthy (and Easy!)

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Whatever your go-to food is, ask yourself if there is a healthier version.

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Everyone orders chicken tenders and soda, but for healthy bones you order…

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you can’t get the healthiest thing, look for food that is less processed and has fewer additives.

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You want to just order something that sounds healthy and hope for the best.

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  • Haven’t had orange chicken for a while but I like eating PF Chang’s sweet and sour chicken from the store and putting it on my noodles

  • I can verify as a former panda GM that almost all of the practices by that employees manager are not to company standards and that’s not how all pandas operate. My food never sat for more than 20 minutes at the steam table. At 3 and 4 I just wouldn’t have food and I would begin cooking everything fresh to order or start preparing for dinner. Either way, the food never sat. Panda has the strictest health and food safety rules that I’ve ever dealt with in the food industry. The nutritional facts are facts though. There’s loads of sodium and sugar and panda food but that’s any restaurant.

  • Don’t eat their garbage ass food. I ate there once and got food poisoning. Fuck them they should be called Trash Panda Express. I’ll never eat their trash again.

  • Panda Express was KEY when I was trying to get bigger. Definitely recommended if you need something to eat after the gym but don’t have the energy to cook or have anything already prepared.

  • Nonsense. A few hundred calories for orange chicken is not alarming as compare to burgers or burritos or many western food. It’s all about the size of the portion you eat that makes a difference. Mooncake can be unhealthy if you eat it like a burger ( the whole thing). I have never seen any Chinese food restaurant publish as much information about the food they serve. If you know (anywhere around the world) please tell me.

  • Stop, Stop getting your sources from reddit. Get it from a reliable source, like actual videos/photos of this happening
    I’m disappointed of most of your videos for your source mainly being reddit

  • Corona Chicken mmm with orange sauce destroying the planet by eating meat and causing climate change which causes ecosystem collapse which causes the fifth mass extinction and the end of YOUR LIFE! Accept Death with your order Panda-licous! Death to America and to humans existence! Mmm Panda Power with brown rice, chow mein, Firecracker Shrimp, Orange Chicken and side of Teriyaki Chicken and Fortune Cookie? What is your future? The East will rise and the West will decline…

  • So what if they moisten it up a little with sauce? As long as it hasn’t been sitting out for an unsafe amount of time, then I’m fine with it. I do the same to the Chow Mein sometimes, but with either Sweet and Sour or Teriyaki Sauce.

  • I can confirm (by my own anecdotal experiences) that if you order between 3pm and 4pm, you’re likely to get food that’s obviously been out a while. That said, find the manager and let him/her know that it’s not appealing, and they’ll fix it with a new (fresh) batch.

  • Idk about you guys… But I’ve been here only 3 times. Each time I felt sluggish, slow, and just not well in the stomach after eating. I never went back.

  • I always get the same thing from Panda Express lol:
    Half noodles half fried rice, orange chicken, honey walnut shrimp, and a side of cheese rangoons ��������

  • Because Panda Express orange chicken is the best!!!!! Literally waiting on this location to open at 10:30 to partake in its glory.

  • It’s a cool story how they are authentic to themselves but they keep avoiding the point of asking if it’s authentic which it isn’t because they adapt it to American tastes. I think that it’s fine they’re not authentic but it is sorta annoying hearing them avoiding directly saying no.

  • Man! I work there and that’s a lie we don’t use the same chicken,, the truth is tho don’t go there when they are about to close

  • the orange chicken is delicious.    eating now and then is fine.   what about all the other goop we eat?   Like  hambergers!!  LOL

  • So basically your saying junk food is bad for you? Well no shit, also who cares if it’s restocked or made again, atleast the food isn’t going to waste

  • When I go do panda express I’ll usually get orange chicken and noodles, SO GOOD, but hey who cares, well, I sure don’t care HAHAHAHAHA

  • If you’re all curious, here’s the recipe we do for the orange chicken sauce, 5 quarts vinegar, 5 quarts sugar, 1 1/2 quart of water, 1 1/2 of basic sauce and 2 teaspoons of orange extract

  • Why make it at home it will
    cost u more to buy the ingredients
    Thats why we go to panda express
    And who doesnt know when food is at worst after lunch and before dinner time

  • I’ve eaten orange chicken from Panda Express and haven’t had any problems. Often I go during lunchtime and I’ve seen the
    tray filled constantly.. no chance of orange chicken sitting too long.

  • Fake News. Some people are creeps and how can it dry out its loaded with wet sauce. This channel isn’t accurate and their sources aren’t fully quoted I’m sure to the situation they say

  • I love reddit but I’m betting most of these “shocking fast food employee revelations!!!” mostly take place in the south…..having lived and been in the military all my life and half of my career in the south, min wage fast food employees give 2 shits everywhere but in the south its SUUUUUUPER bad esp in small towns, they do nasty shit like this all the time. I don’t think its indicative other more successful and larger communities where they can easily replace management if they do nasty shit like this. This is the exception not the rule.

  • I work at Panda Express and I would say PLEASE don’t order the super greens. They are just plain annoying to make. Also, orange chicken is super popular so it’s fresh 98% of the time at my store

  • I use to work there and it always drive me crazy how people want to know our carb count lol it’s Panda Express deep fried chicken and also beef all frozen for weeks and trust ther is nothing healthy about it not even the brown rice lol still dank just don’t spect to eat healthy at ��

  • I don’t care I’ve had bad orange chicken I will admit it’s nasty but I don’t care if it tastes goo looks good smells good it goes in my mouth

  • United States panda Express $100 Gift card


  • It’s a great story. But the restaurant in my hometown always serves food that is been sitting there for hours and they look at it like it’s fresh but it’s really not.

  • Keep up the good work!!! You need more views. Did you ever think of using SMZeus. c o m?? It will really help you with growing your channel!!

  • She’s a bug. Literally no emotion. It’s all about the numbers. Do whatever you have to do and make whatever decision you have to make to improve the numbers. Can’t fault them, it’s smart business. But there’s ZERO soul.

  • Panda express is so overrated! Been to one many times, not by choise but by circumstance. There is nothing Chinese about their “americanized chinese food”. There is not even a hint in the smell or taste. Most local americanized chinese food is better and cheaper too!

  • Oriental people must love their sodium!  I like Panda and all Chinese food but they could cut the sodium in half and it would still be just as good.

  • Panda Express just opened their first branch in the Philippines and people line up and wait for hours just to try their food https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmkFlD6Yq3s

  • I worked at Panda Express and when I first started working there simply eating it everyday for a month resulted in my losing like 20 pounds. I’d get fried rice/mixed veggies, string bean chicken and teriyaki chicken

  • Needed this. Trying to do a clean bulk but friends want to eat out all the damn time. At least I can eat with them a little more often now #notaslonely

  • I always get the String bean chicken, Broccoli Beef and the teriyaki (no sauce) with all veggies. I don’t touch anything else. How is the rice healthier if there’s more calories?

  • Cool video bro. I hate when people assume going out to eat is so bad. Just watch what you eat!!! I try and stay away from carbs and just have veggies and Grill Chicken. Stay away from sugar and high calorie foods. I lost weight eating out and exercising

  • You don’t know what’s on that food big homie you need to say you made a mistake on this video:peace when working as hard as you do avoid eating Out ������������

  • I have eaten Chinese fast food in the US and compared it to Chinese food in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. I agree, Chinese American is unique, uniquely American.

  • Hi iam afan of you I think my mom likes you too and my sis I don’t know I love panda too yesterday we got panda my brother uhmm I think he likes you by

  • My favorite Panda Express go to is Honey Walnut Shrimp Al a Cart Med.
    Also the spring Rolls, and the cream cheese pot stickers.
    I give all of these an 8 plus

  • i would rate my favorites teriyaki chicken, angus beef/steak orange chicken then broccoli beef and the white rice �� is soooooooooo good and there chow main is ok

  • This literally doesn’t happen.. you can’t do it because the sauce has corn starch in it. Which means the unheated sauce is just liquid and would sit at the bottom.

  • I usually get the steak and teriyaki chicken with chow mein noodles. The quality is hit or miss, but I really can’t eat the breaded meats anymore. It just makes me feel sick to eat that fried chicken/shrimp with all the sweet sauce.

  • This is whack, as a self certified connoisseur of panda, I would definitely rate angus steak higher, although each batch isn’t consistent, and I can confirm because of years of ordering it

  • literally in every one of these videos these guys run into people that compliment the way they look. where can i find nice people around me -_-

  • before you eat at panda express. please see all the do’s and don’ts when ordering from there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-zdNaZ3MYg&t=2s

  • The fact that PETA went onto the game Animal crossing to protest a virtual aquarium shows just how much of a bunch of loons they are.

  • The Kung Pow chicken lately has been my favorite, it doesn’t help that the vegtables are nice and crunchy in my area and I like those spicy hot peppers alot.

  • I do not shove my bacon to vegan’s mouth, so why they force themselves on us? In literally every comment section there is someone who must announce to world that he is vegan. Go play somewhere else, attention whores.

  • If my family made food as bad as the food that is served at Panda Express, I would close each of our restaurants and sell all of our food trucks.

  • Stopped eating it. Our Panda Express has way too much sodium in their products. One piece of their chicken (any) with it’s respective sauce has enough to stroke out a full grown elephant. The cotton mouth after you eat your meal be something serious. The bowels of hell have more moisture.

  • Nobody is vegan for long. I’m tired of hearing about vegans and gay people. I say let’s forget that one percent and do what we want.

  • A ten minute Panda Express commercial disguised as an edgy truth telling you tube hit piece… FUCK PANDA EXPRESS… lousy fucking slop masquerading as Chinese food… Getting their meat out of a plastic bag rather than using actual chicken,beef or pork… This is more like “PROPAGANDA EXPRESS”!!!!������������

  • Where’s the pork??? Don’t tell me the Chinese don’t eat pork. All I see every time I go to PE is chicken and beef. Give people more pork and shrimp options and I may start going back there again.

    I used to love going to PE but ever since they eliminated the sweet and sour pork it’s been a turn-off. The one or two shrimp options they have are sad.

  • i actually love orange chicken if its not from that shit hole. the orange chicken from panda express tastes like ass. its like they wrap the chicken in sugar and it has no spice at all. orange chicken is supposed to be spicy not so sweet i feel like im eating candy. it was the most disgusting tatse i have ever encountered.

  • Sorry bro, but there isn’t nothing clean about Panda Express. Not even the bathrooms are clean. You got about 2 days worth of sodium in one meal.

  • I’ve never eaten the Orange Chicken because General Tso’s chicken is my fave at Panda Express. I only eat there at the Mall maybe twice per year and I go when it’s busy, so…no worries. I do 90% of my cooking at home. If my 10% dip off kills me…so be it. I swear this world is so full of fear mongers.

  • I tried Pandas Express for the first time coming back from Tennisee and I FELL IN LOVE. There’s only one problem There’s none in Far Rockaway Queens if there was they would make an absolute killing.

  • Honestly one thing I can say about Panda Express is that although the owners of the company see to it to promote growth in the individuals the managers and others don’t despite going to conferences in San Francisco every year about this “development”. Yes they offer health care and paid time off. But from my knowledge as what I was told. You have to strictly work full time and if you would want to invest in the Panda Express stock market. You have to be assistant manager or above. Sadly as a college student I didn’t receive any of these from what o was told by working there.

  • Panda Express is the most authentic one among all the Chinese takeouts, I give them that. But, is it authentic by normal standard? Hell no.

  • vegans/vegetarians don’t realize every single dumbass restaurant they go to with “vegan” options are almost 1000% still cooked in the meat juices n shit….

  • “Your exactly where your suppose to be” my uncle got that fortunate cookie when he requested Panda Express Orange Chicken and 3 fortunate cookies for his last meal on death row. It was funny.

  • I met the CEO at a charity event in the early 2000s, and he was so friendly and passionate about giving back to the community. I was so impressed with their family. Panda Express for life.

  • What the hell is this?? Panda express after workout? How about cooking for half an hr at home with more veggies?? And how is this channel TOOLS TO BUILD BODY YOU WANT? Unsubscribed…

  • My husband and I go way too much. It’s his favorite place as of late. It’s the only place we go to where his meal is lower in calories than mine because I’m the one who gets all the fried stuff.

  • Review the food man… I don’t want to see you exercise or see you play with your dog. When I’m watching your video I expect information man. ��

  • I work at panda express and this is untrue, we’re always too busy for food to sit for more than like a half an hour. Food is always fresh and if you want it the freshest look for the mostly full dishes, those ones likely just came out.

  • My husband and I have eaten at Panda Express in Colorado, and didn’t find the food that offensive. However here in Palm Bay Florida we went to one, and I can tell you it was a very unpleasant experience because the food all tasted the same. We could tell it had been fried in old oil. We could tell that it was not made with any kind of sensitivity or love like food should be made. And it was basically just fast food pushed out as fast as they could with a bunch of grease. We will never go back. I’m sure this couple had a very good intention when they set out. But over the years they’ve commercialize their business down to where there’s nothing left of it. I would be embarrassed to have my name on it. Every item in Chinese food is supposed to taste authentic to that item; it is not supposed to taste like the last item you just ate or the item before that or the one coming after it.
    There is one restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado that is definitely authentic a wonderful Chinese. Szechuan Chinese Restaurant A family owns it and we just love to go there. However Colorado is a long way from Florida. Florida does not have authentic Chinese food anywhere. After you have been in San Francisco and taste of the excellent Chinese food there things just cannot compare. Being from Hawaii and knowing real Asian food we are a bit disappointed in what we are seeing on the mainland. Ready to go home anytime.

  • I miss who Asians used to be. Work hard, never complain about racism, generous and keep on working hard with strong Asian value. Now we are out protesting and get caught up with all the nonsense today.

  • “Fortune cookies, they look Chinese, they sound… Chinese, but actually it’s an American invention, they are hollow, full of lies, and leave a bad taste in the mouth ” the Mandarin ��

  • Their General Tso chicken is pretty damn good too.

    Onto the Vegans and Peta. Panda Express has been killing it for nearly 50 years, if you don’t like that they don’t cater to you, go eat at another chain that is going to crash and burn catering to your tastes. Or here’s a novel idea, cook your own vegan meals at home.