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A flat treadmill is a better workout for runners than walkers. Most of them allow you to run up to 10 mph. Walking, though, can be a better long-term. the better workout Ultimately, it depends on what level and intensity you’re using the machines.

Both the stairclimber and the treadmill have different settings, and Milton says it’s likely you’ll be able to crank up the intensity a tad more on the treadmill. In general, you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time on a treadmill than on a stair climber. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you can burn 546 calories in one hour running at 5 mph on the treadmill, whereas you would only burn about 508 calories during that same amount of time on a stair climber.

Whether the treadmill or stair climber will burn more calories depends on a few factors, including how much you weigh and the intensity of your workout on each machine. According to MayoClinic.co. Another thing going for the stair-climbing machine in this StairMaster vs. treadmill showdown is that it hits more muscle groups more effectively. These muscles include the core muscles, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

This makes the StairMaster better than the treadmill when it comes to building strength in the lower body and for muscle toning. Two fitness machines that you can use to complete these workouts are the stepper-type machine, such as the StairMaster, and the treadmill. A review of their features will help you decide which machine best meets your needs. If you want to burn a lot of calories and build up leg strength and speed, the treadmill may be a better choice. There will always be a bias when comparing different types of machines.

The best way to overcome any bias is to be SPECIFIC in what benefits anyone can get from the machine. Muscles react and adapt to the input they are given. Different inputs in. The rowing machine, the treadmill and indoor cycling can help you meet your cardiovascular requirements for exercise. You should aim for a minimum of 150 minutes per week of.

While running on a treadmill puts less stress on your joints than, say, running running on the sidewalk, it’s still better to take the load off and find a.

List of related literature:

Treadmills are great for beginners because they require little coordination to use, and they’re good for times where it may not be safeto run alone.

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Typically, if you cannot jump rope, you can’t run either, so I recommend you rely on a recumbent bike to meet your aerobic-workout needs.

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Those subjective, nonphysical plans will get me out on the jogging trail.

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bike and walking on a treadmill.

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The elliptical is awesome especially if you can crank the arms as well.

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Cycle Ergometer versus Treadmill.

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With either, you can get a comparable workout in a shorter time.

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I love the jump rope because it’s a way to get in a “run” when it’s pouring outside and the treadmill is occupied inside.

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Aerobic bouncing is the most fun of the three.

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The best exercise choice is probably the one you enjoy doing most.

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  • I’m a pro classical singer and I have chronic pain. I’ve tried so many things to drop the weight I need to, and I’m terrified of the stair master. I was told by my docs that I’m not allowed to run because of my back pain and the high impact. This may be my way of breaking the plateau I’m in. Thank you so much.

  • The elliptical is better as it spreads the load to the arms working out the whole body instead of focusing primarily on the legs. Which means you can work out much longer at the same calorific burn rate than with anything else. If I do the same 155 BPM heart rate using a treadmill my legs are going to lose all stamina pretty quickly, but I can maintain that heart rate for an hour on an elliptical and not be exhausted.
    So I would suggest always start with the eleptical to build up stamina and full-body workout, before moving to anything else if you are interested in focusing on one group of muscles.

  • Never fell in love with the treadmill man I like to run on the beach or something natural. And definitely made sense good explanation bruh.

  • As a karting racer, Cross Trainer is good for simulating pedal movements both right foot acceleration and left foot braking. It’s great. I’ve found that a treadmill can be quite aggressive and running is better for actually outdoor runs.

  • shredweight.best has helped my friend so much with his weight loss. He also used to workout 3-4 days a week and follow lean diet. I have never seen him so happy and confident.

  • I took my fat ass to the track started off sucky 6 weeks in 54 pounds lost I’m doing 2 miles jogging and I can’t do more but the more I push myself the more I can jog I weigh 364 and I’m 6’2 people need to stop bullshitting and telling themselves sorry ass stories or feeling embarrassed and start moving literally walking out when the sun is out will make you drop weight clean eating of course

  • I’ve been a gym rat forever, but I feared falling off of the stair master, so I never really gave it a go. Last week I tried again and the sweat started pouring almost immediately. I also hold onto the rails but will work on letting go. Baby steps…literally. All I know is that I’m suddenly able to wear pants I hadn’t been able to wear for years.

  • Only reason I do the treadmill is to do steep incline walking. But even then if you’re going to do a steep incline why not just get on the stair master?

  • But you’re leaning on it, that’s easy, and it is not a ‘Stepmill’……do it for 90 mins, then talk to me about cardio…stepmill is great…….level 10 at some points to speed it up………..

  • I spend one hour every day on the elliptical machine on the highest angle and resistance. By the end of the workout I’m on the edge of death.

  • Seriously that shirt and company are awesome….. I will be ordering some. Dude you never know when you need a spatula…. I will be getting back on track now with my Cardio and Gym. Glad you put this video up today. It was the little extra kick in the butt I needed. Thanks.

  • I just started using a stair climber and i love it. I start up normal, once it starts getting a little bit faster I like skipping steps, this machine makes me pour sweat… good shit!!!!

  • it’s okay not to hold the handles if speed is low, but if one is doing at level-20… one must hold the handles. Higher level is needed if one wants to build the abs.

  • Your one of my biggest motivations man, about a month ago I went to wonderland with a couple friends and I couldn’t fit on any rides ever since then I’ve been trying to eat healthier and go on long walks and be active recently I just bought a gym pass and I will be going for the first time in the morning, through my journey I will constantly be watching your videos for advice and tips thank you so much bro you have shown me that the road I’m taking is possible ����❤️

  • Excellent video. In my humble opinion, if you mix it up with all the cardio machines (agreed that they are not all equal), You will get the most benefit because your body will stay confused as it is being worked. It also keeps it interesting.

  • Занимаемся на таком тренажере уже три года. Все очень нравиться. Покупали в магазине Zona Sporta, обещали, что проблем не будет и их действительно нет до сих пор. Все работает как часы.

  • Someone who played basketball for 25+ years on many levels…. Shin splints and knees soreness….. Ellipticals my Best friend ✊������

  • Who going to help me when I fall. I need to hang on for safety reason. As long as you are moving….what does it matter…give us a damm break!!

  • I mostly just like the stairmaster to warm up before I actually workout. For cardio at the end I run on the treadmill 15 incline and interval speed from 3.0 6.0 for one minute each alternating. Usually only for about 10-15 mins and my heart feels like it’s about to explode and my legs get a really good pump. Whatever works for you though.

  • Great video man, Im with you 100%. Only use stairclimbers these days. Problem is my gym has 50+ treadmills and bikes and 3 damn stair climbers and theres always weak bitches going like 15 steps per minute on the climbers. Bout ready to just buy one for my home but god damn are they expensive lol

  • I swear-pause-it looks like that’s working the entire lower body-the quads the thighs the glutes the lower back obliques. I must walk like a juggernaut. I like that phrase. Thx for the tip. 30 mins to hour straight is a goal at age 42

  • This machine is the devil we have a love and hate relationship������ but it’s my go to machine for cardio�������� it’s either it or the stepper I love Challenging myself��������.

  • There is no wrong way on the stair master no matter how bad your form is you still going to feel the burn in your glutes and calves

  • Do the stairmaster without hands and skip a step, that’s the way to do it HAM. BONUS: Don’t lean forward and maintain a vertical(neutral) spine.

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of shredweight.best Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

  • Im just starting at the gym:) I really like the stair master but I cant really hang what level would you recommend me to start off and for how long??

  • Tried the stairs yesterday for the first time. I’m a bit over weight and don’t like the look of me in the mirror. After 15mins I was absolutly drenched. But it was fun!

  • As a karting racer, Cross Trainer is good for simulating pedal movements both right foot acceleration and left foot braking. It’s great. I’ve found that a treadmill can be quite aggressive and running is better for actually outdoor runs.

  • Great review! We agree with you that an elliptical may be slightly safer than a treadmill thus we highly recommend it especially for losing weight:) Knowing that you can buy a (good) elliptical under $500 is one reason more:) For those looking to make their workouts fun by adding game-like elements and ‘travel’ through some beautiful worlds, VR fitness is worth checking:) And you can bring it to ANY elliptical!:) http://holofit.holodia.com/make_ellipticals_fun

  • I like your video and i enjoy your narration, very funny when you are showing the wrong postures. now i know to do the right pose or i will have you telling me off in the back of my mind. cheers bro

  • Put on a Weighted vest (50+lbs) and walk on that shit for 30 minutes with a speed of atleast 7-8 and I guarantee you’ll be sweating bricks and wanting to die. Try it!

  • I 100% agree with you on the stair master. For me, running in much more intense but they are both excellent cardio machines. You nailed it when you said the stair master is the best bang for your buck!

    I like taking a 20lb bag and putting it on my shoulders and doing the stair master at level 5-6 for 15-20 minutes. It’s low impact but the workout is insane.

  • For me, the stair master is one of the more forgiving cardio machines. First time on it, I did 30 min at 6-7, ran for 20 seconds on 13. But for the life of me, I can’t run for more than two minutes! I envy those that have the stamina to run for miles+. Kudos to you guys!!

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of naturekindness .com Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of naturekindness .com Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

  • I don’t know how this came on my recommended but must be a sign. I now know I was one of those people using the stair master all wrong. I need to Stop it. LOL

  • My record on the stairmaster is seven minutes at like 2 mph that thing always kicks my ass and I can barely walk the next day LOL but I kind a like it

  • The treadmill is better. You can actually run very fast on a low or high incline \ simply power walk if you choose. Elliptical is same rotation form which can be came boring fast. Plus the treadmill puts you to the test better then a elliptical.

  • I want to know how long should i use this machine for first timers. I never go to the gym because i get embarrassed with how unfit i am.

  • Looking to take a pre workout what the best one. Also I only been taking whey isolate after workout and beyond yourself amino iq before workout because it contains caffeine and is zero calories. Currently weigh 140lb used to weigh 190

  • What do you think about HITT cardio and work outs? I just started doing HITT cardio agin along with putting that in to doing full body work outs instead of the split like body builders do.

  • I honestly can’t stand cardio ���� I tried it last night at the gym I’m like f this did some weights came back walked off again and did some more weights and body workouts smh

  • I stop using the treadmill. The Stairmaster is my warmup before my actual workout. Usually do it for 20-30 mins before I do anytype of workout.

  • Running at a high-intensity level (10.9 mph) on a treadmill can help you burn 687 calories. Training at a high intensity on a stairmaster for the same amount of time burns just 397 calories

  • Suggesting any use of the safety rails is improper form is just snobbish. 80% of users would end up injured doing it your exclusive way.

  • The stair master is a very effective machine. You burn so much more calories in half the time. why spend 1hr on a treadmill burning less when you can burn way more in 20mins on a stair master. Good advice but easier said than done it’s not a easy machine, I think what a person consumes right before a work out affects your endurance and energy level.

  • Stair climber is my favorite cardio machine. I sweat so much on it, my heart rate is pumping, and I am constantly switching it up on that machine (example: kick backs, side kicks, side step, skip a step, narrow stepping or wide stepping) lol hope that made sense!

  • That is HIS opinion because he has a lean build not carrying excessive weight, Why do you think stair have hand rails, even in your home, do what makes YOU feel comfortable, as long as you are doing something….just sayin

  • That small amount of cardio wont help much with weight loss but if you increase to 45 60 minutes per day you will notice the weight coming off. When I jog in South Florida I try to get up to 60 minutes or roughly 5 miles and I lose about 4 pounds of water but the weight melts off.

  • Ya im dry humping the treadmill thats how deep our relationship is, weird looks at gym but its ok haters gonna hate, its love…
    Seriously best cardio tool stairmaster hands down.
    Row back pains, bicycle u not really engaged core but its ok, eliptic no comment, i stopped treadmill it takes ages to burn anything + heelspur left foot fucked up

  • Treadmill will damage knee cartilage and in continues impact exercise can leads to Arthritis…. NOT recommended for Users Overweight.

  • Kai Greene, jose raymond and jay cutler all have videos of them holding the hand rails maybe they should’ve watch this instructional video first! ����������������

  • I’ve never held the rails because I want to mimic how I would do it if I wasn’t on the machine. I burn way more calories without the rails and it makes the workout more effective. Already lost 20 pounds in 3 months and I only do the stair master for 45 minutes 3 times a week.

  • Wait the stairs are that that hard? I love it bc I start sweating buckets fast and I feel exhausted faster which I like. I be doing it for like 20-30mins and never go less than like level 12 and the highest I’ve been was like 18…. idkkk

  • I used to run 4 miles a day in like 30 mins on a treadmill it gave me a lot of knee problems and I never felt too good after doing it. While playing soccer I hurt my ankle so I switched to an elliptical for the time being so I could still be in shape and I actually got kinda ripped in those couple weeks. I’d go on resistance 12 for 30 mins and rlly feel the burn. The best thing was that my knees never hurt afterwards. I’ve never went on a treadmill since:)

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of shredweight.best Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

  • The stair climber is great for warming up the whole body, putting too much pressure on your legs too fast will cause them to cramp up so using the hand rails definitely has its benefits

  • I do a very similar thing on the elliptical. One of the other things that I do is look at the time I spend on it and five minute increments. So my goal is to get over a certain amount of calories burned in 5 minutes. How I go about that can vary from day to day depending on how I feel but I’m always try and do better.

  • I do heart rate or fat burn for two 30 minute sessions every day. I’ve lost 54 lbs. since August 19th. Keto and intermittent fasting 18-6hrs. helps a lot, too.

  • Shit I was 400lb down to 362 and I don’t think I can do it with out holding the rails, maybe when I’m more in shape I can but for now I can’t ��

  • My girl used naturekindness .com for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • The only added benefit to not holding onto the rails is you work on your posture and stability but in no way is it the so called wrong way to use the machine leaning on the machine is wrong but holding the rails to maintain balance is okay

  • The video is great but I would advise to use more energy to talk and change the background music.. try to show energy at the moment you talk! You sounded really sad, I thought you were crying at some point.

  • Bruh I lost all my weight on a treadmill and the elliptical I would do a hour of both then head home and do some weight training that alone and watching my diet which is like he said key to weight loss you can do all the reps in the world but if your eating trash its gonna show i wish everyone who’s tryna get healthy well and much success

  • I run a 56 story building in Miami bottom to top 3 times a week and it doesn’t have vents flowing into it so it’s just stagnant air, that shits great and I’m an building engineer there so I have keys to go in and out as much as I want I figure take advantage of this shit it’s a great workout

  • I used to FORCE myself to climb the stair master for 10 minutes taking two breaks, while still being completely out of breath, after that I would run a mile or so. Over the course of 7 months I’ve been going to the gym a lot more frequently, improving my cardiovascular system IMMENSELY. I can now go on the stair master level 10 for over 30 minutes with one break. After that I run almost 3 miles! Keep pushing yourself:)

  • I personally love the stationary bikes. Been doing 12miles daily. Takes about 45min and I’ll burn around 450 calories.

    Have done this daily and noticed a dramatic difference in my cardiovascular shape, and losing about 1.5lb a week

    Playing ice hockey a few times a week just wasn’t cutting it.

  • I think the treadmill is the best if you are using it for HIIT cardio. Aside from that I agree that the stairmaster is really good and you sweat a lot. I don’t use the treadmill to walk so I tend to get the most bang for my buck on the treadmill because I do incline and run at around 7.5 or more for about 15-20 minutes.

  • My girl used shredweight.best for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • been working out off and on for years. I’m back on right now. A bit older too. This time out I decided to do it right and I’ve added at least 3/4 cardio sessions a week. started with the eliptical. moved on to the treadmill (incline walking with HIIT sprints). There is always free StairMaster machines at my gym. maybe ago month I decided to try it. First time on it a 15 minutes session nearly killed me. No doubt it’s the one of the most challenging cardio machines in the gym. A month into it I’m at about 20 25 minutes sessions. you start sweating almost immediately on it. It’s now my go to cardio as well.

  • I am a month into my fitness journey and I just love your channel. I would really like to start an Instagram or some type of online platform to document my journey because I started at 260 (I’m 250 now) and I was just wondering if you had any suggestions! I also love happy people!

  • I’m a professional dog walker. Before this though, I had a miserable desk job. I gained a bunch of weight over the course of 2 years and it’s slow to come off. Any advice? I walk around 8 miles a day including hills. I do have a gym membership but haven’t been in awhile.

  • I feel like the stairmaster is going to give you more gains, running/walking can be tedious, boring, and bad for your joints, it gives me ankle pain and shin splints, it’s like regular running in that with shoes/if you have a heavy step, it’ll hurt or damage you, but less good, incline helps but I think too much of that and you’ll get all sorts of issues, not good for your posture or joints. Treadmill is so easy/ineffective you get hurt or ill, or you straight run outta time/overheat the machine, before you’re half-done. Steppers don’t introduce weird joint or posture issues, are more tiring but not in the extreme aerobic exhaustive way that running is, and they’d be really good for gains. Good vid

  • I appreciate you John. I’m 31 years old 5 6 and 260 lbs. You push me to make myself better. Goal weight is 220 before my wedding in 8 months

  • I have used the stair master for twenty years. Five to seven days a week for 45 to 60 minutes.
    What you want to do is to feel as much pressure as possible on the bottom of your feet and as little pressure as possible on your hands while maintaining a relatively high rate of speed.

    Not holding the rails is the way to do this, but if your speed is too slow, like the guy in the
    video, you will not burn a lot of calories.

    Try doing one minute intervals holding onto the rail with one hand for a minute and then resting for 15 seconds while holding on with both hands and putting more pressure on your hands and less pressure on your feet.

    This is much safer and you can do it at a higher rate of speed and burn more calories than the guy in the video.

    Or you can do intervals with both hands lightly touching the rails for a minute and then resting for 15 seconds with a lot of pressure on your hands.

    The key is to keep your upper body almost vertical during the one minute interval and then resting for 15 seconds with your upper body more horizontal.

    You can do any length of intervals that you fitness level will allow you to do.

    The key is to go alternate the pressure between your hands and feet and go at a higher rate of speed than you can go with no hands on the machine.


  • The stairway to hell. This machine is the most torturous machine on earth when used properly as he demonstrates. Nothing will give u that death conditioning feeling like this machine. Should be a staple for everyone looking to get in good shape.

  • My girl used shredweight.best for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • What the hell is this? When you need to go to floor of the gym if it above first floor of building you need lift and you do this in gym?

  • Lost 60 pounds was watching on and off since I was 16 I got gym memeber ships couldn’t do it I’m 18 got a job 10 months and 60 pounds I joined a gym weighs myself 2 days ago it was 194 hit the stair master for 45 mins yesterday and 50 today tomorrow we hitting that full hour baby thanks big dawg

  • I’m obese been trying to figure out a method to help me lose weight. I’ve been on a good diet, doing 10 minutes on the stairs on like level 3, then treadmill for like 30 minutes on in-line 8, and speed 2.5. I haven’t started weights because idk if it’s the right thing too do. I want to drop weight first then do weights.

  • Omg. I used to think that the stair master was a cop-out of a workout… until I got on it and did it for myself. I was dying. Couldn’t even do 5 minutes on level 4. Now, after a month, I can go 30 minutes at levels 5-12. I’m working on busking my endurance. Shit is tough!

  • The best machine for me personally. I love it! It looks so easy! I always laugh when people descend after 10 minutes. Great video! Great explanation, you hit the point!

  • I just read an article that shows how you should divide the calories you burn on cardio machines by half because its not accurate.

  • Just started the gym a week ago
    im on the stairmaster for 40 minutes at level 10 & loss 5 pounds also ido workout on my abs & i use a sweat jacket ��️‍♂️������

  • Nice comparison, Chris. At home, I decided on a Precor Elliptical. Why? Variety of exercise when mixed with outdoor walking or running. Treadmill at home adds no variety to my outdoor running. Added this comment just so other viewers might consider this point,which you make, too, in the video. Thanks again.

  • 2 fingers on one hand on rail for balance or 2 fingers each side. Hands free let’s you know the calories burned are all yours not a partial lean where you lose effectiveness (your ams aren’t burning calories in that position) love your vids. Trying to get to all of them

  • Best way to use a treadmill is to put it on max incline and do a fast paced walk. After 20 mins you’ll have done a good cardio session and it doesn’t feel too hard. You definitely don’t want it to be easy either.

  • My girl used naturekindness .com for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • Just completed my first stairclimber workout and wow! Love to hate it! My other cardio was always the bikes or the treadmill. I was curious and wandered over to the stairclimber and am so glad that I did!
    I was 193 pounds, I am now down to 142, 5’8″

  • great video. I’ve used the stair master on an off for over ten years incorrectly. yesterday, I set the machine at 7 and stood as straight as I could (didn’t lean on supports at all). I did 20 minutes and really felt like I got the full benefit of the machine. on my way to the gym to execute the proper technique on this awesome machine. thanks, and btw hilarious ape walk in the beginning!!

  • I rest my arms on the sides I don’t put any pressure I’m just blind in one eye and it’s for balance, So for my fellow uncoordinated people out there, RESTING your hands isn’t an issue just have good posture and zero weight on your hands

  • shredweight.best has helped my friend so much with his weight loss. He also used to workout 3-4 days a week and follow lean diet. I have never seen him so happy and confident.

  • You’ll probably never see this but you are so damn inspirational. I have lost 120 lbs since February of last year. My highest weight ever was 367 and I am now 228 lbs. I’ve got some more to go and I’m trying to incorporate more cardio because my weight loss has slowed tremendously. Love your videos, they motivate me to get off my ass and get moving.