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In other words, aiming for 30 grams of protein at lunch means that vending machine parked right outside your office won’t seem so tempting. To help you visualize what a balanced, high-protein lunch looks like, here are seven lunch ideas, each with about 30 grams of protei. Consuming 30 grams of protein first thing in the morning prevents a mid-morning blood sugar crash and keeps your metabolism humming all day.

It also helps build lean muscle mass, which means the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn sitting at your desk. To help you visualize what a breakfast with 30 grams of protein looks like, we. Sheet pan dinners are popular weeknight choices since the recipes require just one pan, making prep and clean up easy.

They’re also a great way to get all of your macros in one simple dish. These five one-pan recipes feature different types of protein, such as chicken, pork, shrimp and fish — and they all have at least 30 grams of protein per serving. While fitting in (around) 30 grams every time you sit down to eat might sound ambitious, it’s rather easy to bolster your meals with plenty of protein. Here are 30 ways to make it happen. To increase your dietary protein, you need to know how much is in a serving.

Here are some examples: 4-5 ounces of meat = a large chicken breast or fish fillet, or a medium-sized steak or chop (also at least 5-10g of fat) Four ounces of meat is about the size of a deck of cards. For people interested in fitness, protein has particular importance because it’s a vital part of the muscle-building process. Research suggests that the best way to get enough protein into your diet, and to do it sustainably, is to eat 20-30 grams of protein per meal.[1] We think that’s pretty solid advice. Fish is an excellent source of protein, and a 3-ounce serving of salmon, canned tuna, trout, sardines and most other fish has at least 20 grams of protein. To get 30 grams of protein from fish, you can have a slightly larger portion or have your fish with another source of.

We sure don’t know what 50 grams of protein looks like off the top of our head, and we’re guessing you don’t either. Don’t worry, help is on the way. The simplest way to get a grip on your own, personalized macro-nutrient & daily food intake is to use an online calculator, like this one.

Healthy protein sources, like chicken, Greek yogurt, eggs, edamame and chickpeas, combine to deliver a whopping 98 grams of satisfying protein for the day. Protein does your body a lot of good. It builds healthy cells and repairs ones that are damaged, keeps your immune system in tip-top shape, and. Looking at the chart above, What does 30g protein look like, you can immediately see that eating 35 cups of spinach has the same 30g protein as consuming 1.1 cups of almonds or 0.4 cup steak.

Now not all protein sources can be regarded in the same way.

List of related literature:

Meat alternatives that supply the same amount of protein as a 2-oz, cooked serving of meat include 2 eggs, 1 cup dried beans or peas (cooked), 4 tablespoons peanut butter, 2 oz hard cheese, or 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

“Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy” by David B. Troy, Joseph Price Remington, Paul Beringer
from Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
by David B. Troy, Joseph Price Remington, Paul Beringer
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006

A 3% oz (100g) portion (approximately V2 cup) of Cooked broad beans supplies about 8 g of protein, equivalent to the protein in 1 oz of lean meat.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
from Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set
by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
Taylor & Francis, 1993

Six to 20 grams of protein, along with a source of carbohydrates, can be obtained by consuming any one of the following: * 3 oz turkey or roast beef sandwich on whole wheat bread 8–12 oz yogurt with 4 cup mixed nuts 8 oz milk/soy milk mixed with an instant breakfast packet

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

The additional 6.6 grams of protein isn’t a lot but would push you close to 40 grams of protein for the meal, which would be a lot for me.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Then the subject randomly received a protein rich meal of 0.8 g/Kg x BW of steamed egg white or boiled chicken breast.

“Issues in Discovery, Experimental, and Laboratory Medicine: 2011 Edition” by Q. Ashton Acton, PhD
from Issues in Discovery, Experimental, and Laboratory Medicine: 2011 Edition
by Q. Ashton Acton, PhD
ScholarlyEditions, 2012

This meal has about thirty grams of protein.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Research from the University of Texas Medical Branch–Galveston shows us that by spreading our protein intake throughout the day (30 grams at breakfast, lunch, and dinner versus 90 grams at dinner), we end up with 25 percent more protein synthesis.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
by BJ Gaddour
Rodale Books, 2014

In general, 1 ounce of meat, poultry or fish, 1 egg, ¼ cup cooked beans, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, or ½ ounce of nuts or seeds are considered as 1 ounce-equivalent from the Protein foods group.

“Professional Voice, Fourth Edition: The Science and Art of Clinical Care, 3-Volume Set” by Robert Thayer Sataloff
from Professional Voice, Fourth Edition: The Science and Art of Clinical Care, 3-Volume Set
by Robert Thayer Sataloff
Plural Publishing, Incorporated, 2017

Turkey scoop of Promod 3 oz. can of white regular tofu has 10 about 4 grams of rib eye has 28 white meat (3.5 has 5 grams, and tuna in water has grams, and one slice protein.

“Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel E-Book” by Judith Z. Kallenbach
from Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel E-Book
by Judith Z. Kallenbach
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Lentils, meanwhile, have 9 grams of protein per 100 grams.

“Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health” by Alberto Villoldo
from Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health
by Alberto Villoldo
Hay House, 2019

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  • Thanks for the videothat looks delicious! We were just wondering where you got that awesome plate/bowl. We’re minimalists and always looking for more versatility. Thanks.

  • Dump the canola.  Use virgin coconut oil to cook with.  Low melt temp, high nutritional value.  Good for oil pulling (cleaning the teeth), and excellent for hair.

  • I don’t like the word vegan although I am a practicing vegan I believe you should be called vegetarian. Because that is the truth essential word for being plant-based.

  • Just going to say thank you for uploading this. I’m same build as you and African too. It’s reassuring and guiding that you have this meal prep. My biggest struggle has been getting acquainted with healthy food combinations. Breakfast has been easy but lunch and dinner I’ve been stuck. I’m bulking and you that’s the real challenge with meal combinations so again thanks man!

  • Sorry you lost me at chicken sausage, why do people enjoy food with no flavor? If i want a sausage, I’ll grab a delicious pork sausage, if I want chicken, I’ll roast one. The number one rule is to prepare the food the way biology intended.

  • I’d like to eat like a vegetarian but it seems like everything is about counting grams of protein or carbs lol I just wanna eat what I want to and not use a calculator ��

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  • vegetarian diet gave me psoriasis. The carbohydrates I had eaten gave me insulin resistance and all complications that derive from it. Now on Keto I got rid of all ailments. I’m not saying to eat meat but dairy, seafood and eggs are a must. Veganism is a diet of deficiency so one must take a lot of supplements that shows that is not beneficial for humans. I need no supplements on Keto and that says it all. It also lacks bio availability and the right amounts of: 1) Pre-formed Omega-3 Fatty Acids DHA and EPA

    2) Vitamin B12

    3) Vitamin D3

    4) Vitamin A/Retinol

    5) Zinc

    6) Choline

    7) Calcium

    8) Iron

    9) Iodine

    10) Selenium

    11) Cholesterol

    12) Carnitine

    13) Carnosine

    14) Glycine

    15) Amino Acids

    16) Creatine

    18) Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine

    19) Vitamin B2/Riboflavin

    20) Vitamin B3/Niacin

  • Its a nice diet… if you can afford and and you’re not pressed for time in the morning…Even the shake video is quite expensive and takes a long while to make

  • For a quicker option try my 30 grams of protein 4-hour body breakfast smoothie. It’s an easy way to get 30 grams of protein in a short amount of time. There’s a link at the end of this video.

  • You are getting metal in the food by using the stainless steel container and fork also altering the state of the food by introducing more heavy metals. Unless you are using an already chipped glass bowl, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you really want to be safe, use wood. Oh no, splinters.

  • Al has to do whit absorbsion time using 80grams whey will make you piss half of it in the toilet.(fast absortion and transition into amino)
    If you eat a steak beans en dairy but also 80grams you can use al of it because its time releast absorbsion.
    That why you should eat normal food for protein! Because youre body has to gradualy break it down before there aminos are released and that its like a buffer of protein.(for serveral hours)
    Use fast protein only when you get up in the morning and after training.

  • I saute the cut up sausage meat in a tiny bit of olive oil and then scramble the eggs on top. I dont like it boiled like that, but I am a very picky eater ha! Good video!

  • Bro, I just ate 17 oz. of boneless skinless chicken breast… I legit have the chicken sweats! If I start to cluck incoherently, someone please call an ambulance!

  • Don’t use canola oil substitute olive oil or higher temp rice bran oil.   High protein is definitely the way to start the day, but it looks like a lot of prep and cooking early in the morning.   I wished she would have shown how to make it in advance for a week.   Curious why she’s worried about glass shards?   Is she against using tempered glass.

  • What’s with these common people’s obsession with gulfing down so much protein anytime they can. You don’t need that much protein and it won’t do much except being converted to glucose and fat and the nitrogen is peed out. Energy-wise it’s a poor form of energy compared to carbs and fats. Yeah, when you first go on a high-protein diet you’ll certainly lose body-weight, but most of that is water weight stemmed from starving your body of higher quality energy sources. Eventually you’re gonna lose energy and metabolism and gain all the weight back. Not saying people should eat low-protein either, but basically everybody who lives and eats in the US get enough protein from their regular diets. Silly people.

  • “i use to struggle to hit my protein too when i was younger…”
    Oh sweet im glad im not alone
    “… and I was only doing 1.5x my bodyweight back then”

    Me: *crying because im not even able to hit 1x/lb

  • Yeah, they are. This was one of my first videos. I’ve gotten better at “curb appeal” since then. Just cook them how you like them.

  • Sometimes I get asked a question here in the comments section and there is no way for me to reply (no reply button offered). Apparently YouTube is in the process of fixing this, however, if you re-ask the question here (versus over at Google+) I will be able to respond.

  • It depends on how you want to spread your calories out. I usually recommend getting the largest amount of calories in at breakfast and slowly tapering off during the day. However, if you say, go to the gym after work, then you will need to adjust that.

  • Yup. I did some research on digestion that supported this myth busting. My top of mind understanding:
    Basically, food hits the stomach, digestion chemicals hit the stomach and turn everything ingested in to chum, stomach spits out (through our intestines, of course) those digestion chemicals as “waste”, the nutrient charged chum then goes into the blood stream for use. The body is smart, and uses that chum as needed. It is of course possible, that any nutrients that aren’t used or needed get turned into fat. By and large though, if your body needs the nutrients, it will use it. So, as your body uses energy, tears down muscle fibers, and/or burns calories, that nutrient charged chum is used as needed or stored as fat. Basic logic then is, if your body needs those nutrients, it will use them!

    I did all this cuz I do fasting 2 days a week, and wanted to understand a little bit more of the process and make sure my body would use everything I ate while using whey protein to hit my protein goal on the 2 days I ate 700 calories. Nothing I did research supported a 30g per sitting max. It didn’t make sense on how the body processed food, but a few people kept telling me it would be an issue. Anyway, I dropped down from 190lbs to 177lbs, while putting on muscle. BF% went from 22 to 17.9. My performance in the gym and on the bike improved drastically. My FTP on the bike went from 160 watts to about 210 watts. My BMI needs me in like the 165lbs range, so was a little skinny-fat. Overall though, things were heading in the right direction, and I frequently had over 30g of protein per sitting.

  • I’ve read that uncooked egg protein is only half as bioavailable for the body to absorb as cooked. So basically just cook it and get double the protein.

  • If the 30 grams thing was true intermittent fasters would all look like marathon runners with no muscle. Tons of social media personalities out there are ripped and say they practice IF. Who knows maybe they are secretly eating every three hours and telling us to IF to sabotage all of us.

  • I\’m not sure but,if anyone else wants to uncover paleo diet benefits try Elumpa Paleo Eating Alchemist (just google it )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.

  • Overall good idea, but too much fat. I think, at least half o calories will be from fat after such breakfast!

    I lost 70 pounds (gym/running + protein diet> 45% protein/ 40% LOW GI carbs/15% healthy fat) and, currently, in a very good shape… so i know what im talking bout:)

    I would go with 4 eggs whites + 1 whole egg instead 3 whole eggs (save on fat/cholesterol, add more lean protein); put less or no avocado; replace fatty sausages with lean turkey/chicken hot_dogs/franks; skip adding oil and will add some low GI carbs (e.g. dutch pumpernickel bread).

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  • I would just like to say that I LOVE how you preface this video with such an amazing healthy mindset. Thank you SO SO much for talking about reality at the beginning and teaching people how to be healthy. So often people run across these videos and don’t understand the risks and the healthy way to do it. <3 you are awesome.

  • There are a few replacements for a vegetarian. You can simply eat more eggs, however, this gets to be a lot of eggs. You can substitute soy, however, soy contains phytoestrogen and consuming large quantities of soy is not healthy. Tempeh, is a fermented soy product that is a better choice nutritionally, however, it is difficult taste-wise. Your best bet would be to have a small side dish of cottage cheese sprinkled with some cinnamon.

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  • Learning to feed ourselves in a healthful and nourishing manner is an ongoing process, as we all are continually being inundated with contrary choices and information. Instead of being critical, one might choose to educate.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost a ton of weight? I read a lot of superb opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost tons of fat. Has anybody tested out this popular lose weight secrets?

  • While we’re on the subject, let’s talk a little about the use of such things as celery salt. Today, most manufacturers of “nitrite free” brands add celery salt, which is about 50% nitrate, plus a started culture of bacteria. This transforms the nitrate found naturally in the celery salt into nitrite, which cures the meat. Although manufacturers label this bacon “nitrite free,” this method actually generates more nitrite from the celery salt than would ever be added as a salt.

  • GMO’s have and continue to save lives across the world. They are wonderful. We have been modifying our food since the agricultural revolution. Now we have a significantly more effective way to do it. Goooooo G M O ‘S!!!!

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  • Hey there! Greate content! Unfortunatedly my only question got kind of bypassed/nuanced into an already naturally nuanced topic. Taken into account that, according to your Summary, one’s not supposed to strictly “obsess” over the 20 gr/p per meal ratio, I was wandering whether the extra protein gets converted into glycogen or fat directly? I have alwayes been told the latter hypothesis was more likely to happen, allthough I am sure it depends upon many a parameter…

  • I’m a really small person. 4’11 and this is the number of calories recommended for me to lose weight because I’m also not very active so thank you for posting this! I understand it’s not healthy for most people but some of us are really really small and need less food than normal!

  • I have never seen anything like this in a grocery store on this side of the planet.
    Wonder how the fuck does Pasterized EGGWHITES in a milk box tastes like what the living hell do they put in it to remain eatable.
    I will just stay with a shit ton of eggs per day thank you. Like I have a choice anyway lol

  • i’m 14, 6’1 and 150 pounds. i did a hard workout earlier and then just ate over 200 grams of protein and for someeeee reason i’m not full. so now i’m drinking a protein shake:) R.I.P toilet

  • There is also one more aspect the digestion time. The amount can be easily figured out by testing blood glucose after eating pure protein (isolate). If the threshold is crossed the blood glucose will rise. For example drinking 10 grams of whey isolate do not change blood glucose. 15 grams of whey isolate changes blood glucose in my case.

  • To keep up with all I’m currently doing you can subscribe, hit that bell, and check me out on IG when you’re on the toilet ��:

  • The farts… theyre not only the worst smelling farts of your life. They stain everything. For hours, days, even weeks, wherever you let one rip you will clear out the room and people will walk into the room the next day and ask “wtf is that?!” If you have a wife or gf, she better love you

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  • Honestly I feel like such a strict limit goes against how we evolved. In nature we wouldn’t have had refrigeration and wouldn’t have (at least for most of the time) wouldn’t have been able to kill an animal frequently enough to always be eating meat. I kind of doubt our body isn’t capable of utilizing large amounts of protein.

  • Dont forget muscle break down. Eating more protein doesnt necessarily increase kuscle synthesis but it does reduce muscle break down

  • Hey I have a question i just started working out but I already have a big posture I am 6 foot and I weigh 246. Pounds. I usually eat around 3-4 meals and one shake Wich is a meal on its own and my meals have around 40 grams per meal accept for my shake Wich I strongly dislike in flavour so after my workout for easy protein I down around a 100 grams of protein within a 2 hour window after my training. I do this because I can’t do it with normal meals because of some reason. But is that bad?

  • the amount of protein ABSORBED doesn’t matter… it’s the amount of protein we can used for muscle growth is what most of us are looking for, no clear answer on that in this vid

  • Track calories, the body will know what to do. If it needs protein it will make protein on its own, if it needs Carbs it will make carbs. That’s how the body works.

  • I’d say the studies supporting the max intake have one huge limiting factor: they measure only over a small fixed-time window. So the protein synthesis shown there might just indicate the maximum rate of synthesis, and maybe you’re still building muscle for the rest of the day, until the total protein storage is depleted.

    You’d want to measure protein synthesis until the rate drops to baseline, and then compare the surface underneath the curve of protein synthesis rate over time; that way you get to a number resembling “total amount of muscle built from this protein.”

    We know it’s absorbed so your body must be doing SOMETHING with those proteins. I guess our options would be something like:
    Burn it for fuel
    Convert it to fat
    Build muscle
    Cell “maintenance” and “rebuilding”?

  • Lmao this is so bullshit tell me how im eating one meal a day and putting on a shit ton of muscle…. if im only absorbing 30 grams �� makes no sense

  • There’s so many variables it’s impossible to put a number on it. Lean muscle mass, age, free T levels, insulin production, hydration levels, protein type/B.V’s, cortisol levels, sleep, training styles, androgen receptors, persons RDA nutrient levels, it goes on…
    think the real question is how much protein is safe? what level can cause harm to the body? After all training is about making yourself a better, healthier you (whilst being ridiculously good looking at the same time. ��) Jeff with your followers you could probably start a just giving page and conduct your own study under perfect conditions, you’d defo get the participants and probably the trainers and scientists to complete it.

  • wonder how much schedule of working out affects this. For example, if you are working out every day, then your body is always needing to repair something, whereas if you do the 4 or 5 day schedule it is not constantly repairing?

  • Thanks so much very informative! I want to try cooking my chicken like that next time how long in the pan with water and would I need to place a lid? #amateur and I agree you have a great attitude love it!

  • Actually the research and answer was given here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uokx4fNsSL4
    There is no limit to how much protein can be absorbed from a meal. But does all the protein get used for muscle building? No, only like 20-40 grams. But the rest goes to other protein needs throughout the body.

  • I’m sorry to say you are incorrect on all counts. The definition of “sytem” should be defined. Once past the digestive and liver, the body system can not process more than approximately 28 grams at one time. Any protein beyond what can be used converts to carbs. This is not to say you can’t absorb more than 1 ounce in a meal. Milk, protein powder and easily digested sources will enter the system before before meat, chicken or fish. I hope this this explains your so called myth.

  • It’s nice to see someone in the health/fitness area actually using evidence. I can’t tell you how often people post articles or make claims with only their “word” to back it.

  • That looks like an aweful diet lol �� Why eating such unappetizing food when already only eating little?! That makes NO SENSE!

    I’m on a 1200 calorie diet currently and have way more fun doing so

    Coffee with protein milk 89 cals 6p

    Sandwich lunch 380 cals 24p
    2 pieces big toasts
    Ketchup 18g
    Lean porc 77g
    Thomynaise 10g (low fat mayo)
    Tomatos 25g

    Salad dinner 315cals 28p
    Low cals french dressing 27g
    Feta cheese 36g 6p
    Green salad 160g 1.6p
    Beef liver 100g 20p

    In between 459 cals 32p
    Raw salmon (served with soysauce like sashimi) 120g 26p
    Vegan coffee 235ml 3.5p
    Schokolade cream dessert 60g 2.4p

    Proteins rounded and really nonome should give a damn about wether there is more carbs or fat it doesn’t matter.
    That is just one day as example but ever single meal tasted so much better than anything in this video looked! Some days I even get some more proteins in. There is no reasoning in eating a boring dry diet

  • I don’t have much knowledge on the subject but I would have to wonder if protien can be stored to be adsorbed later during the day constantly feeding the muscles who are losing saturation until whatever protein was injested runs out.

  • Jeff is the man about straight research..I still think about the immortal Serge Nubret sometimes eating one meal a day albeit monstrous..only 20 grams of it get thru?

  • Thanks for the video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched Chireetler Fitness Brethren Rule (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good one off product for learning some amazing body building workouts without the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin after many years got cool results with it.

  • I hate to hell and back that i have to eat this little (VERY broken metabolism). But anyways, is nice to see examples, im running out of ideas

  • Doesn’t really seem like there’s been good research that’s actually applicable to this. I kinda wish they’d just go to serious bodybuilding and powerlifting gyms and get data from coaches who meticulously track these kinds of things.

  • If you eat this everyday.. its so wrong!!
    Nice ingredients but dont eat this everyday.
    btw, this eggs are completly wrong.
    else very nice video.
    Thumbs up

  • What scientific evidence was used to tell people to eat this much protein within 30 minutes of waking? Where are the clinical trials that supports Tim Ferris’s methods?

  • “at one meal” or “at one sitting”. For years I have heard those phrases. What is the definition? 2 hrs, 3 hrs or more between consumptions?

  • If you’d like to know more I highly recommend going to the Naughty Nutritionist, Kaayla Daniels and reading up on her articles about bacon. Also the Weston A Price Foundation is a fabulous resource as well. In closing, the absolute best and safest choice you can make is to get your cured meats from pastured animals that have been cured using traditional methods.

  • “Looking at the literature, we just don’t really have a clear answer.” I really appreciate when people honestly say “We don’t know”, instead of looking for an explanation, which is clearly not there yet. You definitely won me over with this comment.

  • There are a few replacements for a vegetarian. You can simply eat more eggs, however, this gets to be a lot of eggs. You can substitute soy, however, soy contains phytoestrogen and consuming large quantities of soy is not healthy. Tempeh, is a fermented soy product that is a better choice nutritionally, however, it is difficult taste-wise. Your best bet would be to have a small side dish of cottage cheese sprinkled with some cinnamon.

  • The way I’ve always learned is just eat it. Lots of it. Better to have too much than not enough, and since it can be difficult to know how much for each individual at any given time, giving the body continuous amount somewhere in the double digits seems ideal. Not to mention that consuming a massive amount from a food source isn’t entirely possible for some people. That is some serious eating and digestion.

  • Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will really work for me? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn methods.

  • I hear lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular fat burn secrets?

  • Hmm, let’s think now. How many are suffering from glass shards? Lol. Is health about what type of container you scramble eggs in OR about avoiding (make that eliminating) eggs in the first place? Sausage? REALLY? How many are suffering degenerative disease due to high-fat high-protein low-carb meals of the Standard American Diet (SAD)? Do yourself a favor. Head on over to drmcdougall.com; it’s free!

  • Great videos and about time people were more honest because I see vids on meal prep for comp and I know they wouldn’t eat the things they put. I did a prep like this about 5 years ago so it’s annoying went people aren’t honest because they are scared they will have feed back likectge women below. Are you not posting much at the no. I found you through Joanna soh xxx

  • This is awesome, thank you. I’ve been dogmatically taking bromelain capsules for the last few years because I read in Franco Columbu’s Bodybuilder’s Nutrition book about a decade ago. Since following you, I’ve taken a more critical approach to these things. Any good literature on the effects of bromelain on digesting protein for muscle growth? Thank you!

    (By the way, I just purchased on of your training programs and I start Monday. I’m pumped for it.)

  • This is hard for me to do because of my schedule I get up to open the gym at 4am to 7am and I don’t exactly want to eat that early in the morning til I leave then I grab breakfast. I just have ice water and my keto coffee holds me over.

  • My opinion is that you can take in way more. I used to lift and only get bare bone muscle growth with the smaller amounts of protein you get from powders, bars, food, etc. When I entered 70g of protein I began to blow up.

  • Does overeating protein to such a degree that it causes more protein oxidation contribute to additional muscle break down and damage recovery?

  • There’s so many variables it’s impossible to put a number on it. Lean muscle mass, age, free T levels, insulin production, hydration levels, protein type/B.V’s, cortisol levels, sleep, training styles, androgen receptors, it goes on…
    think the real question is how much protein is safe, what level can cause harm to the body? After all training is about making yourself a better, healthier you (whilst being ridiculously good looking at the same time. ��)

  • You do know that the body is fantastic at making proteins from essential AA, and carbs, right? And therefore you do not need as much protein in meals as the myth says? Biochemistry-books, or classes, or both, is a good thing……

  • If you weigh 216 pounds and your body looking is or 30 to 40 grams of protein per meal that means you’re going to have to have small meals up to 10 meals a day by doing this you be lean as f***

  • Hey, please talk about eating fruits right before/after or at the same time you eat a regular meal(meats,fish,eggs,bread,rice etc.)

  • First of all, thanks for this recipe it look delicious! I just have one question, why not use the macadamia oil to cook the eggs? (I’ve never used macadamia oil before)

  • I bought an egg white carton and tried it with a packet of stevia for the first time and you’re right man it actually tastes good I have to refrain myself from drinking more

  • I hardly ever thought I could get such fabulous fat reduction results. Within the very first few of days, I had already said goodbye to 5 pounds. Curious? Google “loli special plan” and try it for your self.

  • You’re a trooper bro. Bought some today after watching this video I almost puked drinking it had to hold my nose but got atleast 30G of protein in me. Damn that wasn’t easy lol

  • lol glass shards? if any bowl has glass shards come off when you hit a fork against it. the company needs to be sued. and i bet any company that has those mistakes have already been sued off the market.

  • Hi Bakingmadgymaddict! I love your channel, and I found this video intriguing even though (as you said) the food does not look very exciting. Is it ok to fast during the day, eat fruits (200 cals) when I feel peckish, and then eat an early high calorie dinner (about 800-1000 calories)? I feel less deprived this way, I can eat what I want, I don’t feel hungry during the day. Would that achieve the same results?

  • I can eat whole eggs all-day with zero issues. Egg whites on the other hand literally make me neausious and make me shit my pants and my shit smells like I drank all night and threw up that’s what my shit smells like on egg whites straight throw up

  • Diet Plan called Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on many youtube and I thought they were scams. However after my mate follow it, and finally lost crazy amounts of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my own word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on google.

  • Ever heard of carnivore diet?��
    I eat on average 700-800g of protein a day on my 250mg test e. a week protocol and im getting stronger each month.

  • A 665 calorie breakfast with ONLY 19 grams of protein? Wow, sign me up to be vegan with half the gains I’ve made in the last 3 years. Over 4000 calories and a whopping 150 grams protein. Vegans have nothing to brag about. I’m glad I watched and confirmed my suspicions of this imbalance with protein and carbs.

  • This is prob a dumb question but do the meals have to be eaten in that order? I couldn’t eat tuna that early but I could eat chicken so is it ok to swap meals around?

  • These studies are like guys sitting around a table playing poker, “I’ll see your “study” and raise you this “study!”, “Well, I’m out (shows a hand of poorly done studies), “Okay show your studies”, “I’ve got a full house of studies!…..”Yeah? I’ve got a royal flush of studies, I win, so there!”

  • I “feel” that if your body gets the material it can synthesize or break down for whatever is needed. Whether it’s muscle or carbohydrates. (Just a speculation)

  • This is the most hilarious meal prep I have seen thus far. lmbo OMG I can’t stop laughing. Your reactions are totally realistic and reminds people you’re still human. I love it.

  • I like the idea of this meal, and I’ve been eating like this for the last month (high protein, low/slow carb) but my body doesn’t seem to be responding and I’m thinking it’s because of the fat. I look at this meal and I think sausage, eggs, beans, oil, avocado… that’s a LOT of fat, even if it’s healthy fat! Is it possible that some people are more sensitive to fat than others, and would benefit from a higher carb:fat ratio?

  • This is funny. Scientific? Eat clean for the most part, and work out hard. That’s it people waste way more time researching than actually doing the work

  • This is the issue I have with going vegan. I like the idea of diverse and nutritious diet with plenty of vitamins and natural whole foods. What I don’t like is how many calories you have to eat to get to just 150 grams of protein. I’m 180 pounds and I will never need anywhere close to that much. Plus it’s expensive AF:( Meat is super cheap.

  • I’ve been eating raw eggs for more than 10 years every day, and I’ve never had one problem. Not all eggs are created equal, so pay the extra money and go for organic eggs. In my mind, the white and yolk must be eaten together I the exact proportion and ratio as nature intended to get the proper balance of protein and fat so that the body can process it in balance. The other major benefit of eggs is that the protein has the highest bioavailability of any protein, meaning the body can readily absorb it.

  • if you are ending up with 4000 thousands calories and staying under maintenance since you are cutting, your body probably needs a lot more than 150 grams of protein, wich may be doable on a vegan if you eat more, but in that case i think the human race is going to die out of starvation due to overeating, congrats you have saved the animals from suffering!

  • interesting video.
    I wonder how much actual protein is left once he substracts the “protein” from the gluten in bread and noodles.
    Also the peanuts are quite high in phytic acid which can block the absorption of minerals and it´s very high in omega 6 which is super inflammatory. And there are also no real omega 3 sources in his day of eating. Sure, the chia seeds contain some. but it´s a plant form and the amount of chia seeds he´s eating is negligible.
    Other than that i always find it interesting to see how people cope with certain circumstances i.e. vegan, keto etc.

  • Looks delicious. Thanks. Canola oil is rapeseed oil, which is a machine oil. There was a big PR campaign by the rapeseed oil industry to make it seem healthy, but it was never for human consumption. Look into it.

  • I think it depends on the your meal. If you take a protein shake after waking up and start training. The body will break down the protein for energy. If you eat enough fat but especially carbs in your meals, your body can use the protein for building muscle instead for energy. So there ain’t really a meal limit imo. Just make sure you also eat meals with protein and carbs.

  • How is there 9g of fat in the chicken breast you use when you poach it in water and only use breast meat? That doesnt make sense…

  • honey is natural…wtf. raw honey isnt vegan because a bee made it? its obviously food put here by god. you vegans are rediculous and paranoid

  • Very smart and wise man. Can tell you really care about what’s going into your body. From someone who eats animal products every day, I salute you. With the right seasonings and spices I bet it actually tastes pretty good!

  • Diet Plan called Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on a lot of youtube and I thought they were scams. However after my work buddy follow it, and finally lost tons of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  • Omg I’m having a hard time by having a low calories meal prep. I Thinks is great honestly because we do healthy meal prep but never really calculate how much calories is what so is hard. how do you estimated.

  • I remember seeing this when I was first toying with the idea of going vegan in 2017 and I remember your video reassured me that its possible to get in a high amount of protein, and do bodybuilding as a vegan. Now here I am in 2020, a vegan bodybuilder myself. Haven’t had meat since 2017, and over a year fully vegan already. Thanks for the inspiration! �� a Dutch guy from Dubai

  • If you actually looked at the actual amount of protein which is consumed in the body from those foods rather than just what the label states you will find you are likely not even getting 60 grams of protein

  • The reasoning for 30 grams within 30 minutes as far as I can tell, is that it functions as a basic mnemonic for non-fitness buffs to remember these things. 30 grams, 30 minutes. Easy to remember, and easy to execute. He showcases several meals from people in his studies that consume 2-3 eggs and a load of veggies. That’s at MOST 18g protein (6g/egg if large ones), and more likely around 10-11g. So the idea is more than some is better than none, and 30 is easiest to remember and most ideal.

  • A curiosity…many folks view Canola oil as undesirable. Why do you choose to use it? Here is an article that explicates the “refining” process for Canola Oil. ( https://authoritynutrition.com/canola-oil-good-or-bad/) Article claims 90% of Rapeseed is Genetically Modified by Monsanto(which immediately eliminates it for me). It further claims that most Canola is made via the “Industrial” method of a Hexane(toxic) wash, but even the cold-pressed kind of Canola is a no go for me(again, NO GMO). Why not use the Macadamia Nut Oil instead, or Olive oil or Pasture raised Butter? Cheers!

  • This science study doesn’t agree with you at all but it really does have some cool information on how they experimented with gut enzymes and the effects it had on boosting the effectiveness protein by allot. https://www.precisionnutrition.com/rr-whey-too-much…….Really cool. I take probiotics with my post workout shake but this study just reinforced what I was doing.

  • Dayamn my calorie intake on a cut is 1200cals(im very short and only 110lbs) and I’ve been aiming for 90g protein. Lot and lots of good carbs too. It’s just so hard getting enough protein when on a cut��

  • What if I told you vegetarians consume animals foods, but not flesh? Vegans are the one that don’t consume anything from an animal. Understand?

  • absolutely loving this video. so informative and very straight forward. I’ve recently embraced the healthy clean lifestyke so thank you. subscribed

  • The problem with all these tests is that they run tests on untrained people.

    Real research should be on people who train for a minimum of 5 years and are close to their genetic limit.

  • I have my own test, for protein use.. I ate 3 chicken breast during my dinner, with salad and water.. 9hours later I forced myself to vomit, and I still had about half a chicken breast in their.. so about 2 half brrasts is like 30,30,15 of protein so a total of 75gram has been absorbed.. spaced over nine hours, that’s about 25gram every 3hours… that’s true science..and I also read you actually use for muscle repair and gains about 8-10grams every hour.. so yeah alotlower than 200-300grams a day.. which is not sustainable for most..

  • You look fun to watch… ive been watching the vegan diet for 4 yrs now and people used to make it look sooo difficult with alot of do’s and donts. You and tabitha brown makes it look attainable and smooth. ������

  • Been eating 2 meals a day and doing upper lower splits for a while now. Personally have been making some pretty good gains doing this.

  • That’s too many calories for that amount of protein. Doing a calorie deficit and getting enough protein on a plant based diet is so hard.

  • i went a couple years being unhealthy but lately i’ve been using protein powder and I feel waaaay healthier. Not a ton of carbs either (idk much about carbs but I usually feel like I get too many on a vegan diet)

  • Hello! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you thought about Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard some great things about it and my cousin lost crazy amounts of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • There are a few replacements for a vegetarian. You can simply eat more eggs, however, this gets to be a lot of eggs. You can substitute soy, however, soy contains phytoestrogen and consuming large quantities of soy is not healthy. Tempeh, is a fermented soy product that is a better choice nutritionally, however, it is difficult taste-wise. Your best bet would be to have a small side dish of cottage cheese sprinkled with some cinnamon.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diets are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritionary intake. While they might induce quick weight loss, these diet plans are never a long-term answer for your weight problem. You should check out Custokebon Secrets on google search engine since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Thanks bro;
    However, Your video swinging all over is distractingly irritating and with replanting and editing this video can be only 4 minutes which will quadruple your viewers.

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear a lot of people lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • I weigh 235 Ibs at 23 years of age, 18% body fat, and follow OMAD, One Meal A Day. I eat 200-250 grams of protein within 1 hour.
    How will this affect me long term?

  • Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will really work for me? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • Can you still train eating 1200kcal? Do you ever get hungry? I am desperate to know because I can’t seem to eat less than 1600-1700kcal when I work out:((

  • Again Americans who can’t eat unprocessed food. Whats wrong with just eating the egg from the shell? Garbage. Don’t ask Americans for food advice as they know nothing about food. Just watch Jamie Oliver tomato or potato on YouTube.

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply do a search engine search. On there you will discover that an awesome guidelines about how you can lost tons of fat. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • Nice job on this video! Honestly, we don’t even have our clients count raw leafy greens (along with broccoli, zucchini, celery, cucumber). They’re net zero calories, because they’re essentially just water & fiber.

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search search. On there you’ll discover an awesome guidelines about how exactly you can lost a ton of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • The idea of eating more than 3x a day pisses me off. Did our ancestors eat more than 3x a day? There were warriors amongst them and very strong too. If you are to have 35g/meal then that comes to a total of 105g protein/day

    To stay healthy in a long run, do not exceed having more than 105g protein

    There are enormous research that shows having 1g/1kg body mass is enought to maintain your muscles, if you weight 80kg, then 105g protien is above 1g and you still built muscle in healthy way but you will build in 3yrs what someone would built in 1 year (that consumes 200g/day) but they may start getting other health problems that you wouldn’t. Think outside the box of building muscles, we are Human not Animal to spend our entire day eating 5x a day. It is really bad for your health and immune system

  • Beautiful bro just man you need to use protein whey before and after your work out. Factor those in as extra? Energy in vs energy out. Wallah.

  • Does Fenoboci Diet Plan really work? I notice many people keep on speaking about Fenoboci Diet Plan. But Im uncertain if it is good enough to lost crazy amounts of weight.

  • 3 eggs: 21g protein and 15g fat.
    2 sausages: 15g protein and probably 10g fat because its with the skin.
    1 serving of beans: 12g protein, 24g carbs, and 1g fat
    And + u put so much oil… thats another 10g of fat…
    Ur breakfast was 48g protein, 24g carbs, and 36g fat.
    And thats definitely more than 30g of protein…

  • This video is so misinformed, showing a chart for age/gender/vague activity levels-> calories, where is height, ethnicity, activity level guidelines, etc Healthy kcal needs for women can range between 1000-2000 kcal and still be healthy/necessary if they’re short and sedentry!

  • what would be the difference in two adult males on the exact same training regime, same height ect, over the course of say a year, with one doing an optimised protein synthesis diet and one that isnt optimised at all. would the gains in performance and muscle gain be that significant?

  • I adore that you was so sinceredabout what a 1200 cals diet is! you wans’t the typical “Let’s try my miracle healty wonderful diet to be skinny”. So realistic and in fact was right tat you make us to know the true os eating like this, <3

  • im not a person who can’t eat the same thing everyday, so this would be perfect for me lol i love meal preps that are easy and quick like this:)

  • See.. I eat 1200-1300 calories for my cutting right now. But I am only 5′. I eat a good amount of protein (130 a day). About 113 carbs and the rest fat. And I’m not like hungry. I mean I do want chocolate sometimes but I have a super big sweet tooth. But this is only until I get where I want to be. Lost 20lbs since April.

  • Yea but this is literally why whey protien exists. I mean if you’re doing it only for the protien.

    The egg whites are barely even more cost effective. Whey makes more sense.

  • Hi there im planing to train muay thai twice a Day in Thailand what is THE best meal plan to lose weight om Fiona stat there for 2 month

  • Vegan honey, huh? I usually use agave nectar anyway, but… I know honey is technically an animal product, since it’s made by bees… But I don’t think the bees really mind. And if they do, I don’t care, because…they’re bees. I mean…come on. Health-wise, I can’t imagine it would be any different from maple syrup or whatever.

  • shoulders look insane in this vid and I was actually worrying about my protein intake lately, this seems like it’s a great idea and would be good in protein shakes as well

  • What’s up man good video. Hey I’m a chemical engineer, I wanna say a microwave will not change the molecular structure of your food in anyway. That’s a big ol misunderstanding. The molecular structure will only change if you heat food too hot. So your stove and oven will do that too. The molecular changes are nothing to fear, it’s just burns and denatured organic molecules. Peace.

  • thanks for the breakfast idea:) i must say not only am I impressed with your passion for informing people (for free!) on youtube on nutrition, I am also impressed by your dignity in replying to comments. some of the ones ive seen below are either deliberately critical with little argument on their side or just plain ignorant. i would have no patience for some youtube responders…

  • The experiment with the �� seems flawed. Meat like that takes time to breakdown meaning the larger dose should elicit greater results as it takes a few hours to digest no?

  • can you please share detail video about storing, freezing and thawing the food…everytime I do meal prep after 2 days food dont taste good:(

  • Instead manufacturers opt for fast and cheap methods by which inferior quality factory-farmed meat is pumped and plumped with a liquid cure solution that includes sodium erthrobate and sodium nitrite, along with “liquid smoke,” spices and flavorings heavy in MSG. “Liquid Smoke” btw, is being investigated by the European Food safety Authority for safety as a food flavoring b/c of evidence of genotoxicity and cytotoxicity. with one study suggesting it is more toxic than cigarette smoke!

  • Since posting this video I’ve quit using canola oil and basically all oils (vegetable, nut and seed) other than coconut and olive oil. In fact I wrote an article for Food Renegade entitled “Why Canola Oil is NOT a Healthy Food.” Thanks for your comment!

  • how many grams of fat, if you don’t mind me asking? the protein bars, peanut butter and peanuts have some protein, but they’re mainly fat sources

  • He’s talking about having a hard time getting 1.5× bodyweight grams of protein. Here i am struggling to get 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight☹

  • If the myth was true, it would completely end the OMAD diet. Or in other words, anyone doing this diet would not be allowed to build any form of muscle as 20 30 grams of protein is definitely not enough protein to build muscle for anyone heavier than the 80 pounds, or in other words 99% percent of the population. Another way we can see this myth is BS, is by looking at the fact that there have been plenty of great bodybuilders who have done the diet and has very effective muscle gain.

  • I agree that my generalized comment regarding nitrites could have held much more information. Since making this video I have done a lot more research regarding nitrates and nitrites, and the truth is that the traditional way in which sodium nitrite was used did not produce carcinogenic nitrosamines, but instead healthy nitrous oxide. Supermarket bacon/sausage may also use sodium nitrite, but not in the traditional way. read the next reply as I am running out of allowable characters.

  • I actually took the tips of a friend and researched “sowo hope site” on Google. It may be the best diet program I’ve ever before seen and gives immediate results to users. We have already decreased 10 pounds in less than the first week.

  • Jess me… If I wanted to call myself a real vegan I would take out any processed items in my diet… Mainly eating plants, beans, peanuts, a slight amount of bread.. I have been a raw vegan for the past year, need to start back workn out…

  • Loved the video! Quick question: Can I substitute the chicken with cod or salmon, & instead of cashews, can I do almonds or walnuts? Cuz I think if I eat chicken for a week straight, I might go insane.

  • Thanks for the video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about Ponnordaz Impressive Remedy (just google it)? It is a smashing one off product for discovering how to pack on solid muscle mass without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin finally got amazing success with it.

  • Hey hello everybody,i may need to mention,(this is what works for her)you dont have to do it,i may or i may not but i dont understand why you complaining? How many if us is doing computation?not many,so just change it and add some more to suit your own body needs