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The Ketogenic Diet Explained in Under 5 Minutes. Low Carb = Best Weight Loss Diet?

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Seeing Weight Gain During COVID-19? You’re Not Alone

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You know the math when it comes to losing weight: Eat smarter and exercise. What you don’t need is fad diets or get-thin-quick schemes.It’s all about data — and if you’re logging in MyFitnessPal, a little scientific knowledge helps you understand what’s going on inside you. This link is a very real simple explanation of what your body does with the food it takes in.

We sometimes make things way more complicated than it needs to be, including what our body does with food. We all know it is calories in vs calories out, but in this infographic, you get [ ]. If you’re losing weight how you should be, it will come off slowly. And there is also a better chance of it staying off that way. “Safe weight loss means losing no more than 1 to 2 pounds per week,” Gorin says. “A lot of fad diets offer a greater weight loss, but I.

We all know alcohol contains plenty of calories, has little nutritional value, and can impede weight-loss and other lifestyle goals we set for ourselves. But a viral post by Instagram influencer Jelly Devote really showed just how much curbing heavy alcohol consumption in favor of drinking more water can help you lose weight. One of the many things that happen to your body when you lose weight that people don’t consider is that it physically stresses your body out, especially your hormones, unless you’re careful.

While many doctors prescribe patients to lose weight to remove stress, losing weight actually increases stress in the body for some people instead. “The neural circuitry that’s involved in food restraint becomes less active, you will have to eat more to reach satiation, and you will be less aware of how much you’ve actually eaten.” You might be thinking that since Biggest Loser contestants lose weight so fast — up to 240-pounds-in-seven-months fast — that’s why their bodies. Leptin, the body’s primary satiety hormone, plummets during weight loss.

This means you don’t just feel less satisfied, you actually are less satisfied — and not just while you are losing weight. One recent study found leptin levels were still 35% lower one year after the initial weight-loss period. While you could theoretically follow an elemental diet to try to lose weight, this is not recommended. Eating a balanced diet based on whole-foods is a better way to lose weight.

A fever of 101 degrees or higher is commonly associated with the flu. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s actually part of the body’s immune response. Fluids and anti-inflammatory medicines can help you. Sep 8, 2019 Explore Rip’s board “Infographics” on Pinterest.

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List of related literature:

In individuals who did not experience substantial weight loss (nonresponders), exercise caused an increase in the drive to eat (see Fig. 102.1) compared with responders, who lost the amount of weight, or more, predicted from the planned energy deficit.

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The study did not meet one of the end points, that is, >50% of patients meeting the 5% total body weight loss goal.

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317 Williamson and colleagues 318 published a 12year prospective observational study of weight loss and mortality that directly assessed weight loss intention.

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Rather than coming about as the result of a Weight Watchers-style caloriecounting program, working on the premise that weight loss is merely a matter of doing the math (expending more calories than you consume), the changes in Irene’s body composition came about by a shift in body chemistry.

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This shows only what weight loss is associated with in these studies, not what the correlates are of chronic dieting in overweight people who go on and off diets on their own.

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So people who have lost weight through dieting end up with a lower basal metabolic rate, which means that they burn fewer calories at rest than people at the same exact weight who didn’t get to that weight by dieting.

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Weight loss by the obese often exerts a profound effect on biologic factors related to disease risk.49,149 FIGURE 30.19 shows the percentage changes from initial body weight and the change in biomarkers of disease risk in obese patients over a 27-month period using two energy-restricting meal plans.

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However, according to Gary Taubes, the energy balance concept of calories in versus calories out for weight loss and/or weight management falls short of supporting evidence via clinical trials [61].

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While predicting weight loss based on the equation of 3,500 calories per pound is useful early in weight loss, as an individual loses weight, metabolism (and thus energy expenditure) changes and the equation becomes less accurate and overpredicts weight loss.

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  • A ketogenic diet or keto diet is a diet in which most of the calories come from fat. Only a small number of the calories come from carbohydrates. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates for energy.

    It is essentially a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. A typical keto diet may consist of unprocessed meat, fish and seafood, vegetables growing above ground, high-fat dairy, nuts and berries.

    For further information and guidance to a lifestyle of customised and balanced keto diet click the following link.


  • A celebrity, one of the worlds famous sports scientists, Dr. Tim Noakes is a celebrated author and follower of KETOGENIC diet. Surprisingly and in fact, Noakes hasn’t even succeeded in curing his own diabetes—as he will tell you. He diagnosed himself, based on his blood-sugar levels and family history. Even after a year on the high-fat, low-carb regimen, his fasting glucose had barely budged; it was still hovering above 125. “Nothing happened,” he said. So he prescribed himself metformin, a common first-line diabetes drug. “He was on two grams a day, which is a massive dose.” When that didn’t work, he added supplements, including berberine, curcumin, and one called N-acetyl cysteine. That finally got his glucose and hemoglobin A1c (another marker of diabetes) under control. “So I’m cured,” he says. “But he not cured, because he still has to take the medicine.”
    It is about how many times you eat a day, it doesn’t matter what you eat and how much you eat, of course processed foods are a big no and importance of macros cannot be underplayed, OMAD diet and TMAD diet will work and sustainable throughout life. The hormones and calories and carbs and proteins and oils and Keto and extended fasting (think about thin and non obese people) and other lines of discussions are meaningless and confusing. So many proponents for each of them with conflicting stands. Because the reason is not Glucose or Ketones, it is Excess Insulin. Please go through Dr. Joseph R Kraft’s videos and his book “Diabetes Epidemic and you” Or go through touchworld.org
    The beauty is we can measure the insulin patterns and reverse diseases by following OMAD and TMAD diets. Almost all diseases, mental and physical are associated with excess insulin! KETOGENIC DIET supresses the Glucose levels in blood, but does not cure the dormant disease. WHAT is this dormant disease? The diabetes as we know is created by Pharma and almost all doctors, health professionals and people are misled, the truth is it is not glucose level that matters, it is Insulin!
    Animal PROTEIN has a high insulin response. The reason they are actually never cured of diabetes, it is only their symptoms of diabetes are supressed. KETO followers are happy with lower glucose levels or lower readings of HbA1C. Wake up friends!
    Dr. Kraft addresses the true disease simply and practically and it is equated with Hyperinsulinemia and measurable. Not only millions of (great) doctors and scientists are mislead, they are looking at plasma glucose levels to determine if you are diabetic, which is totally wrong, they talk of low carb diet/ketogenic or fasting to keep away from glucose. No doubt, a great doctor, Dr. Jason Fung’s 24 hour fasting is nothing but OMAD diet, who is closest to the truth and helps in reducing the chronic high insulin levels in the blood.
    In KETO, PROTEIN has a high insulin response. The reason they are never cured of diabetes, only their symptoms of diabetes are supressed, with lower glucose levels or lower readings of HbA1C. Wake up friends!
    Dr. Kraft has clinical data on 14,000 + people collected over 25 years, as proof on what constitutes TRUE/REAL DIABETES. Obesity, diabetes mellitus, dementia, etc are all symptoms of “Diabetes” as defined by Dr. Kraft, which manifest after 7 to 12 years being hyperinsulinemic. Only One meal a day or two meals a day will solve the problem. It works for non obese persons as well, they get CURED of Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc., and most of the mental and chronic physical ailments.

  • If you’re interested in The Keto Diet, Take this 30 second quiz @ ketocusto.com before you begin! Get your plan and simply follow along(:

  • The Keto Diet is really good for people with diabetes, much overweight and body fat, why with this diet can break insulin resistance without feeling bad and regain quality of life.

  • Incredibly informative video! Thank you �� Can you please tell us what would happen in terms of synthesis in one’s body if you consume more protein say 60% and 30% fat with only 10% carbs?

  • You said that for the krebs cycle to work it was needed oxaloacetate, what i dont get is what changed? beacuse the Acetyl-CoA is breaken down into ketones and the cells transform back to Acetyl-CoA to get it into the krebs cycle, but where do it gets the oxaloacetate??

  • Why can the ketone bodies be put into the Krebs cycle when they’re transported to non liver cells? Don’t we still need oxaloacetate for that?

  • Please leave all calories in vs calories out argument here. I’m more than happy to respond to people wanting a discussion about it. I know I might have been a bit harsh and negative in the past about approaching the topic, for which I apologize, but I also feel it’s only right for me to respond to everyone else fairly and respectfully moving forward.

  • A calorie is not a calorie. That is to say that 100 calories of salmon is gonna be metabolized differently than 100 calories of carbs. I’ve been on Keto for 6 months now. Down 70lbs. And I’m not even trying…. I don’t count calories, cuz to do so is stupid and a waist of time and energy.

  • I find it interesting that everyone seems to report amazing results, including weight loss, brain clarity, increased energy, increased muscle mass/strength etc., but then concludes with “but it is not for everyone”

  • I would say the Atkins program is better. Keto is good but it’s hard to keep fat off after losing it. With Atkins, it is like a dynamic keto diet. Your carbs, protein, and fat are changing to adapt to your weight and fat percentage on Atkins.

  • Keto diet has helped me so much! I’ve lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks! I feel less hungry, my six pack has started to show and now I can do a high intensity workout for 3 hours! Also my skin has gotten better, my hair shinier, my eyesight has improved, and I’m 6% body fat! Keto rules!

  • Tried it about 5 years ago lost 14lbs in 4 week. Spot on with the keto flu. Hardest thing wasn’t the food it was abstaining from alchol. Also as it is low in fiber and your mainly burning fat there is little waste. Basically you don’t go for 4-5 days, My skin felt very greasy and also my wife said my breath started to really smell.
    I don’t think it’s a diet I could do long term. But if you want a quick result give it a go. Like all diets though you have to be committed. I printed chats off of how much carbs all fruit and veg have.

  • Doing keto, I’ve noticed I don’t eat as much just because I can go so long without food, and the effects of hunger are lessened too. I eat 1400 calories just because I shouldn’t do less for my person.

  • no one in fitness uses keto diet. Most eat medium-high carbs, LOW fat. can’t say I’d ever do keto diet unless I wanted to gain fat.. Lol I would never cut my carbs like that, you need it for real energy

  • I cannot keep my carbs that low. It’s much easier for me to cut fats than it is to cut carbs. I just do calorie deficit and macros are roughly 50% C, 40% P, and 10% F (but I try to do 40/40/20)

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  • Not recommended for high intensity excercises like sprinting or weightlifting. carbs are necessary for immediate energy and high intensity energy output.

  • Great video, explains keto well! If you’re new to keto or wondering about it give it a try! I was vegan for 6 years and had some good results, but then they declined. When I looked at the research and benefits of the keto diet I jumped in and now feel better than ever. I have been coaching keto for several years now and my clients have had quite amazing results like many people in the comments here:-)

  • My mom lost weight really fast using some Keto diet she randomly stumbled upon. This is the link if you’re curious because it freakin’ worked somehow lol http://bit.ly/KetoWeightLosses
    Just thought some other people may like it

  • Too fast speaking and drawing at the same time made the video a garbage for me I do not care if the video has huge number of viewers. Wonder if this guy is a doctor or simply assimilates some views from elsewhere with a clickbait title! Disliked.

  • 3rd week on Keto diet and my life has changed. Thanks for God. I’ve struggled with diets all my adult life. With this one, I eat delicious food, I feel full after my meal and I forgot what being hungry isespecially for late evening snacks! Lost 4 kg so far and is don’t crave carbs anymore. Loving it!
    PS: and as for the calorie business: I’m eating way more calories than I ever did every single day, so that story about calorie intake, deficit etc.. is clearly wrong!
    PPS Also no flu of any kind!!

  • Just to keep the keto motivation alive (and for self pride purposes)

    I never realised how big I actually got until a random day where I realised I was buying XL shirts and breathing in on all my photos (didn’t really work lol).

    2 holidays 7 months apart, 58 lbs lost since March and moving from embarrassed to proud is just immense.

    So what if I used an online coach, far too many people don’t accept it’s hard and say it’s easy but when you travel for work and just don’t have the time to make those mistakes the internet brings… I made loads lol!

    I hit my goal well before flying out and whether people agree with it or not I just had to put it out and there as it worked for me so well and I loved every second…. Well I still do lol.

    XL to a S,
    36 waist to 30,
    42 chest to 36/38

    Hopefully you can tell the before and after pics!

    http://Www.keto4living.online helped me so much

    I love you Keto X

  • So if I understood that right, the keto diet works so well, because you don’t eat sugar and carbs (which are directly transformed into glucose) anymore and to still get enough energy the body basically turns fat into glucose(and some more stuff) which gives it energy. Was that at least remotely right?

  • Annoyed at the Free Keto bread advert beforehand your enticed to go to which I did
    It is trying to sell people a book. Couldn’t find the free bread recipes

  • Awesome video, very informative thank you! Though funny how many people do not actually know anything about the depth of KETO diet, where it came from, and the real mystery behind Dr. KETO (the diet’s originator), as THIS video actually explains: https://youtu.be/iYH18s1YrMY

  • For all the confused people, he’s basically saying your body usually uses carbs as energy and eating low carbs for awhile makes it so they use fat as energy, hence the amazing fat brining effects of Keto.

  • but for althetic performance you need a pretty crab heavy diet. just cut out simple sugars and add more whole carbs, fruits, veggies and count those calories if you cutting weight.

  • Hi all. Been doing HIIT + keto diet + OMAD dry fasting 5-6 days/week. At first I steadily got leaner + growing muscle. But not sure I ever got the keto meal right. So now I’m fearing my body’s gone stale. Worse, days ago at work I slipped and hurt/inflamed my middle back. It keeps coming back, specially if I sit or stand for long, or after workout. So had to stop HIIT and pushups, might keep trying ab exercises. Don’t cook much, except a frozen simple piece of meat or fish, but I also buy avocados, eggs, brazil nuts, green vegs, blueberries, hard cheese, olives, green tea, black coffee. Any suggestions what quantities of these things should make a keto OMAD? Any suggestions of chest/arms workouts safe for your back? (don’t have any equipment at home I’m afraid) Thankyou!

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  • A ketogenic diet or keto diet is a diet in which most of the calories come from fat. Only a small number of the calories come from carbohydrates. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates for energy.

    It is essentially a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. A typical keto diet may consist of unprocessed meat, fish and seafood, vegetables growing above ground, high-fat dairy, nuts and berries.

    For further information and guidance to a lifestyle of customised and balanced keto diet click the following link.


  • I love the keto diet and am on my second round of it, but I’m a T1 diabetic, so I’m at such a disadvantage. Sure I can handle the high blood sugars, but when my body stops using glucose and goes to fat, my blood sugars drops like crazy when working out, resulting in a low blood glucose. Only remedy to this is to eat carbs which is the no no.

  • I like the presentation with the exception of 2 things. the first is that on keto diet your performance on exercise will not drop at all. please refer to Dr. Tim Noakes father of the sports nutrition and now a keto follower. the second thing is the calories in and calories out, that will not make you fat or loose weight, one must understand that 2000 cal of carbs will become body fat while 2000 cal of fat will not. Refer to Dr. jason fung. The rest of the presentation is very nice. Thank you!

  • Soo.. let me get this straight, Keto is a great strategy to loose excessive fat, normalize blood levels, fighting cancer, and other regulations and benefits over the body. But, I got some questions: the adaptation process to give us alternate source of fuel is “okay” for the body in a long term? Wouldnt that put the liver under stress all the time? Wouldnt that mess with the metabolisis of construction (muscle growth for ie)? When I need to run like hell from a cougar, where does my body find instant fuel? The restriction and demonization of carbs and sugars wouldnt cause psychological issues, like compulsive behaviors with conventional and social related foods? I mean, IN A LIFETIME AND CONTEXTUAL PERSPECTIVE, that lifestyle is really possible?

  • Works fine for me. Course I’m single so I have only to account to myself. Faat is I combine Keto and IF. This is only until I reach my goal and then start adding things back in. Make it alright in your mind first and the body will follow. What’s a few months to correct years of bad eating?

  • i fucking hate this kind of videos, they are fucking lame, they care more about the drawings than the use of good transitions to expose the data, the fucking music makes me feel stoopid, the “nice” voice its just unbearable like “im explaining this shit in a very good manner so you should understand all this shit” STOP FUCKING AROUND

  • The “flu” ONLY occurs when person who hasn’t updated their electrolyte consumption. Salt, Potassium, Magnesium. GET THOSE AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE FLU

  • I did the keto diet for four years strict. I had lost 50lbs and my fasting blood sugar improved. However, my cholesterol went up because of the fat content and this had caused my first heart attack according to my doctor.

    Moral of the story: it’s probably good when you are young, but don’t do it if you care about heart health.

  • So then the Keto Diet works so long as I consume 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs while being on a caloric deficit?

    Challenge accepted ��

  • You said that oxyloacetate is needed for the krebs cycle, but in your explanation of acetyl CoA breakdown into ketone bodies it just ends up back into acetyl CoA?? Im confused as to why it had to go though that entire process and no oxaloacetate was created??