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You can still enjoy the holidays while maintaining a strong physique. 8 Ways to Stay Shredded Instead of Stuffed #1 Count your macros Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t give you an excuse to go HAM (pun intended). Be sure to track what you eat even if you have to estimate every item. #2 Practice moderation. Go for a run or get in a good workout at the gym before you head out. Or plan a semi-private training session the morning after a big bash.

You’ll be less likely to overindulge if you know you’re going to get an ass kicking the next morning. Schedule intimate gatherings. When you really want to talk to someone, there’s no better way to achieve that than to plan a small, intimate holiday get-together, rather than a.

Make a small to-do list of three to five things that you know you want to spend your vacation doing-maybe it’s getting drinks with a friend you haven’t been able to see in months, or finally. Getting shredded is easy. 3 simple steps. Naturally getting below 10% body fat is not complicated.

How To Get Shredded! Don’t make simple mistakes. Free Flex. Start the clock. You can get that shredded, tight, hard, dry look models achieve for photo shoots in one week flat.

Just try these tactics. Pick out your re-feed days for the entire Get Shredded Diet period in advance. Schedule them on your calendar and stay committed to your strict plan, knowing there’s light at the end of the tunnel every 14 days. Until your re-feed days come, stay the course and follow the plan above with NO DEVIATIONS. You hear plenty about EPOC in a cardio setting, but the stimulus of moving extra weight is a great way to get it, too.

3. Increase the Density of Your Workouts. You’ll need to find ways to make your workouts shorter, but still highly efficient, particularly if. Create a calendar of everything you want to do over the holidays. If you want to keep yourself on a regular schedule over your holiday break, making a calendar can help you stay organized. Start by filling in the most important things you need to do, like any trips, family gatherings, or parties you’re expected to attend.

When you deprive your body for long periods of time, your cravings grow in intensity. Getting very shredded eventually will bring you to a point where you just can’t mentally or physically (or both) handle continuing to diet, train, and do your cardio to the extreme you would need to in order to get shredded, and stay shredded.

List of related literature:

There’s an incredibly easy, no-willpower way to stay lean during the holidays, something that most of us should be doing all year but aren’t: eating more fibre.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2011

My recommendation is that ski nuts exercise 2 or 3 days per week year-round.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

Exercise on a holiday?!

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

staying away from junk food, is key.

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
from Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints
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Excessive intake of fat (butter, eggs, oil), sweets (chocolate, pastries) and red meat should be avoided.

“Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics” by R. S. Satoskar, Nirmala Rege, S. D. Bhandarkar
from Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics
by R. S. Satoskar, Nirmala Rege, S. D. Bhandarkar
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

As with everything, keep the fat content of the diet in context—and don’t binge on fat bombs or eat sticks of butter like candy bars!

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Bodybuilders build mass for most of the year and then dedicate a three­month period to toning up, getting shredded and contest stage­ready.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

So start carving up some turkeys in July to help your body absorb the heavy training you’re doing then.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

Commit to a holiday in which you manage not to gain any weight back before it’s time to resolve to lose all that weight (and so much more) yet again.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2014

You can do a weekend purge or you can do a little every day.

“It's All Too Much” by Peter Walsh
from It’s All Too Much
by Peter Walsh
Simon & Schuster Australia, 2009

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  • Small Advice #JustMerk @MerkelFitness, if you want to be influencer, exhibit others than yourself as the role model. Otherwise it becomes bit funny. You are perfectly brilliant, but that should not be your point to be genius.

  • Yoooo thank you for the help, if I come help you get the ideal vitamins hit me up on here and I got you. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork ��

  • Il workout also and I can tell that I do not recommend to eat what he eats is not healthy. Physical condition and health are 2 different things, you need to be in a balanced diet and workout.

  • Very hard to get through even 5 minutes of this video literally when its the same crap everyone is preaching. We know if you want to be lean you need to eat healthy. We dont care about your stories leading up to basically zero information i have the video paused at 7 mins and 50 seconds and you literally have said nothing how to get your body fat to 5.3% which is what your video description is. it is so annoying the amount of time people love to talk about themselves and act like they are trying to really disseminate real scientific information to actually help people. Only fitness person who gets straight the to the point is Jeremy Ethier. its hey you want to accomplish this you need to do this and here is the science behind it. We dont care about you wearing sunglasses at 18 lol-

  • I’m currently at 9ish percent based on an intermittent fasting routine where my one meal a day (dinner) comes after I get off of work at 9 pm. I used to weigh 180 in March and starting in May I began my diet and I’m down to 155 now. In June I began serious exercise and I workout everyday now. I think I want to trim down to about 150 and then start piling on the muscle and getting my weight back up. My six pack is all but there now. It just needs some more definition. Hopefully before the end of September I’ll be where I’m trying to get to.

  • As long as you’re working out doing bodyweight exercises on a consistent basis you don’t have to eat that bland bullshit. Shit at my peak I was drinking all of the time, but doing over 500 push-ups/Dips/pull ups a day. As long as you have the drive you can eat what you want. Especially having a fast metabolism. It’s a blessing

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  • looking shredded man! Im about to head to Vietnam and the Philippines and have also sussed out the gyms. First holiday gyming overseas, keen as!

  • He’s ripped ���� I’m motivated to get in the gym ������. HOWEVER, I’m supposed to believe he eats a burrito everyday. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can’t roll one to save his life. YOUTUBE ��

  • Question isn’t just “do you want to be this lean?” Question is, do you want to do what it takes to get that lean? Personally I like beer on Saturday night and pizza once a week. Could I do it?, get super lean. Sure I guess I could if there was enough motivation $$$. (Contest or whatever) Do you want to give up the things that you enjoy to be lean? Do you want to live like a monk just to have abs? That is the true question.

  • You look better at this size anyways. I’ll admit with no shame that I train to look the absolute best that I can to attract the most women across the board. And they definitely prefer the leaner physique opposed to when I cared more about being massive.

  • Y’all in the comment section hating like do you know how much dedication and hard work does it take to be where this guy is as a matter of fact the way he cook doesn’t matter he is cooking for himself so if that’s the way he enjoy doing it so what mind your own business at least he can eat a meal ��‼️ respect bro ✊��

  • You should try eating hemp seeds regularly. My old art teacher said she got sick sometimes and started eating them and said she hasn’t been sick in five years.

  • @Mike Thurston, You must have some kind of inre organ problems. Since you stay 24 7 under 8% body fat, there is no way it could be healthy. I’m not going at you directly on this comment, just saying have you maybe consider checking yourself inside and not outside? o.O

  • To all the beta boy neckbeards on the comments. Stop worrying about how a man styles his hair and instead take in the information he’s providing. Dude obviously has many options when it comes to hairstyles. Don’t be mad because you can only pull off wearing your hair one way.

  • I’m a minute and a half in and you are just throwing things together without mentioning how much/how long etc… if we have to guess this stuff its going to be a disaster and miss the point of your video

  • So you’re telling me you eat around 2000 calories a day all year around to put on that much lean muscle & still stay shredded? Something isn’t adding up here bruh

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    If you don’t win, no worries.  Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again.  Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Jeff is such a huge motivation to me, as an asthmatic. It really sucks doing cardio for me, it always has. I wasnt a kid who played sports, I was a kid who stayed inside, played computer games and watched anime. Training now, I never grew out of that asthma like soo many doctors said I would. I am conditioning my body to act up less but I still dont do much cardio, I do HIIT every other day and weights on the other days. I’ve lost about 4% body fat with not much cardio, literally just lifting weights, the HIIT stuff is a new thing I’ve incorporated. It really is possible to lose body fat without cardio, but like Jeff said, nutrition is such a HUGE part of it. Good luck to everyone out there trying to achieve their goals.

  • As a woman hearing the bit about cardio blew my mind. I feel like that’s what’s always being pushed for a woman to be in good shape is cardio, cardio, and more cardio.

  • Most important thing is your health, don’t force yourself to look just like someone you habe seen a picture from, because everyone is different and looks different. Enjoy training, stay fit, healthy and happy

  • The reason you still get sick is because your not eating enough fat. Fat is essential to absorbing all the needed nutrients. Try taking all your vitamins in the morning with that first meal when you actually had fat your body will only absorb fat soluble vitamins when ingesting fat with them. So those vitamins you take are doing nothing for you.

  • The real problem I find about getting ripped is that I don’t know if in doing it right, maybe I’m making progress but not in an efficient way, and that holds me back to start doing it, because I’m probably doing it wrong.

  • Hey Just wanted to say thank you! For all that you do! but more importantly, it’s hard to find successful professionals, (like you) just share it all, without reserve and 100% no bull shit either!!

  • This is the most truthful and humble advise from any of the YouTube Industry. He makes videos for people injuries always watching out for the health as anyone with any pain knows how difficult it is to live with any pain. Hes Hoenst and when he talks we all listen. Face Pulls for life ��

  • Thanks bro, I’m going on a small tour around Europe next week and I was thinking about exactly this��, any gym recommendations in Amsterdam?

  • People who think this guy is using steroids is stupid lmao.. He’a been working out for 30 YEARS and he is even training athleats daily lol

  • 13:19… yeah that happens when you get “too lean”, your face looks older than your age coz basically all the fats in your face is gone. comparing Jeff now to five years ago, his face looks as if he’s aged twice as many. glad Jeff realized and recognized that disadvantage and made it clear that this is his sacrifice in order to maintain such a lean physique.

  • roids is the answer its so easy!!! why thinking about eating and shit…thinking about all these fucking macros! take roids and your life its going to be amazing!

  • I already sacrificed alot
    No more alcohol
    No sugar
    Low healthy fat only
    Plus I’m very strict, I have ZERO cheat meals
    I eat healthy
    Strictly clean food
    99% lean turkey breast
    I dont like chicken breast
    I am working on being consistent with reaching the macros/cals each day
    And I’m working on my sleep habits
    At least 6 1/2 hours of sleep
    Today ill get maybe 5 hours but ill try to make up for the last hours later this day
    So I have a very strict diet already
    One big reason is a health condition i have so, i told myself well why not try to be fit and muscular like you wanted to?
    And now I’m on that journey

  • hey Mike, for a while there i though you had abandoned youtube, we hadn`t heard from you in so long!! i love the haircut!! a military cut always looks good a hot Man with Muscles!! i`m looking forward to seeing more video`s!! did you get married since we last heard from you? in one of the gyms where you spoke of the misses, who liked to do the lower body and that you were lacking in the same area and thought you should do legs, at least once (or twice) every 10 days. if you did marry, may i offer my congrats!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  • You shouldn’t be wearing a shirt, of course that would probably distract from the great information you are giving us, but it would still be a plus!

  • Mike Dolce would have a field day with you. You did NOT get that body by skipping breakfast and not eating until midday. Your full of juice and full of shit.

  • This man is an incredible human being. Class, discipline, humble,strength, intelligence, honesty. Just every quality that counts all across the board. They just don’t make people like this anymore. Top of the top shelf.

  • I once knew a guy who was into lifting weight. He ate alot and was farting all day long. Do all bodybuilders fart alot? Because farting seems so unnatural to me?

  • In South Africa we have MCC its our champagne, I got back in shape drinking MCC pretty much every day, just make sure to keep raw nuts and have a few with your drink.

  • Hi Mike I hope you had a great time in Thailand. When I was in the navy I’ve been there along with Viet Nam, Philippines. Hong Kong. Korea, Japan,. Alaska and Hawaii. Did you check out some of the temples, castles while you were there? Mike If I should make it to England I would like for you to look you up and you could show me around London. Your presentations and demonstrations are awesome. Like a reply from you. Respectfully.

  • Hi jeff Im 14 I’ve been watching your vids for a little while now and im trying to get lean because I’ve been chubby for most of my life and im 5’7 and 160lb but you give me a lot of motivation to work hard at what i want so thank you for that.

  • I’ve 25 gone from 10 stone to 11.9, I’ve gained muscle but alot abit of belly fat, how do i get rid of this without losing too much muscle?

  • But why do you wanna maintain 5% body fat year round, normal guy lifting weights in gym will be happy with 12% body fat. by the way millions and thousands of views don’t come from fitness competitor it comes only from normal guy. Having 5% body fat doesn’t make anyone’s healthy i guess, sometime it’s ok to cut and get to that level

  • Hi Jeff,
    I have some questions for you:
    1) Is is healthy to maintain a bodyfat level of 5.3% year round, year after year?
    2) Is it possible to train for maximum strength while simultaneously maintaining a bodyfat of 5.3%?
    3) Will the body be receiving sufficient carbohydrates and fat for maximum health at 5.3% bodyfat?
    4) Is a bodyfat level of 5.3% a healthy condition to maintain throughout one’s life?
    5) Is it realistic to be able to deadlift 495 pounds for three touch-and-go reps without wrist straps while maintaining a bodyfat level of 5.3%?
    Most sincerely,
    Old Man Muscle

  • Glad to see you back Mike. I have out of the gym for 3 weeks due to illness and just started back tonight. Any advice? I know my cardio is fucked.

  • I would suggest to bring a jump rope. Doesn’t take up space in the suit case and it’s an easy and effective way of getting a good workout in.

  • Genetics playes a huge role. My good friend is whole year around 4% of BF and does nothing special, only difference between him and me is he have to do a lot of steps in his work. But for me it’s very hard to get around 6-8% of BF.

  • Im inactive If I just ate oats with a scoop of peanut butter for breakfast and eggs for dinner would I maintain my weight I’m 137 ibs?

  • some guys are saying “no way Jeffs under 10%”?!?!? what planet do these people live on?? looking at him I’m surprised he’s not under 5%

  • Jeff: “Alright it’s been 12 months honey get my carrot cake out of the fridge” His Wife: “Okay sweety I made you another piece, do yo“DONT YOU FUCKIN SAY IT” (Jeff) ��

  • In a way, I’d really like to know what you weigh. Yes, personal question, I probably shouldn’t ask. On one of your videos, yes, I see health food ��, but I find the calorie intake ridiculously high for my body. It’s the one video you add whipping cream to everything. 2800 calories, means I will weigh 280 pounds. If you eat 1500 calories a day, it means you’ll weigh approximately 150. Not a one ☝️ size fits all idea, but that’s how I learned it. 280 would be too much for my 5’10” body, even in the “healthy “ range, I think. Consider me a Japanese Sumo wrestler ��‍♀️ by then. You’re probably also 6’2”, or so, and you can handle the weight better, making you look thinner. I’d like to see you come up with diets and calorie intakes in relation to people’s height and build. I’d like to look �� like you, but with the eating plans, I will probably be too heavy, and be “heavyset skinny”. Maybe a mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph diet, one ☝️ for each body type. Then, each person can tailor their body to how they want it, with a little wiggle room, heavier or skinnier that way. This is where the overall calorie intake should be somewhat restricted from 2800. I’d say more like 2000, even though I might be a little bit on the heavy side. The person can eat more or less to suit their taste on what body look �� they want.

  • Please, PLEASE, make a plan ahead of your recording, and give us some headlines and pauses. Listening your videos is like drinking from a fire hose, and I can’t remember even half of it.

  • Bro we need more Diet videos, you’ve only got 4-5 videos on diet we need more bro, currently I’ve been trying to search balanced 2000 calorie diet meals that have 4 meals basically like your other videos, but these people only do 3 meals which is breakfast lunch dinner and that’s not enough for me because I like my chocolate and you implemented that in your oats when you put a little chocolate chips and etc, and with the yogurt aswell, you have such a chill diet and that’s what I want instead of 3 meals in a day, I want 4 meals just like you do, i’m tryna see another 2000-2200 calorie day of 180-190 grams of protein, and it would be really useful if you can go over how we can make our own plans for ourselves and how to count macros and etc, I understand the basics but when you explain or show us something in a video its so much more helpful g

  • really seems like he’s under-reporting the amount of calories in everything here? like not saying he’s doing it on purpose but seems like some of those things like cheese, sauces, and chocolate chips etc would add more than he thinks

  • Hey guys, this Fitness Travel Pack has just launched in Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2025911401/the-ultimate-fitness-travel-pack-by-fitness-freedo?ref=99rqt4 check it out:)

  • What steroids does mike use? Anyone know, can he do a video letting people know what he takes, doses, cycles, what he uses and when if possible?

  • Offcourse it is hard to stay shredded while your traveling. But when your travelling it is also hard when your bulking to get enough food in to make gainz. And even more important.. Not losing those gainz!! It would nice to see some more vids about bulking instead of staying lean all the time. Because we have to make gainz to look good when we are shredded����

  • I have a question… Im on diet rn, and im working out every day, and i drink whey protein… Is it harder to lose belly fat if i drink whey protein? Because belly fat is reserve for proteins right? Sooo belly fat is going to be bigger when you drink whey protein?

  • Best tip for me is definitely intermittent fasting because I’m not usually hungry in the morning but my apetite opens up towards the end of the day. Great video as always Merijn, keep up the good work!:D

  • I don’t know if Jeff is gonna read this, there are almost 4000 comments but I have a question, I really enjoy learning from every video, I’ve always wandered, is there a limit to progressive overload? I mean, you start getting leaner, you eat well, you rest but at some point if you are working out for years how will that be on your bench press for example, after 5 years, after 10 years you’ll be lifting a crazy amount of weight? my question is, how do you keep the progressive overload after years of training and progressive overload?
    Thanks! Jeff you are the greatest, I really admire you and I learn a lot from your videos

  • I now think you are not looking so good with the bigger muscles especially on your chest. Don’t go over board trying to get ugly big.

  • My favorite tip is to drink lots of water, because it helps me to stay full and delay my fast. Besides that it´s also healthy and now I love to drink water instead of drinking soft drinks, which I now see as a waste of consuming calories to hit your daily calorie intake.

  • My tip is: Don’t chug water when you’re about to be having a flight(s), especially when on creatine. Having to piss every half an hour when travelling sucks

  • My fav tip is to choose trackable meals because it is too difficult and i always try to do that but because i am not sure i pretty much overestimate a little the meals.

  • Great video…great body…great hair cut! Keep up the workouts. Oh-guess what, hair grows. Hair cut makes you look hotter…not older!

  • My favorit travel tip is to use the time you have. As example if you are waiting for your flight in the airport and there are still 2-3 hours left your can easily do some Handstands or Pushups, maybe also Pullups to get a small pump and feel good between all the sitting down in the airplane.

  • Im probably at 23% and want to go down to 12 and maintain it, now that this coronavirus hit I have gotten fatter, I used to be around 19%

  • I was a bodybuilder I lost my job and start working as labor in BMW alloy wheels I should pickup 2 alloy after one years working with BMW I become fitness model with amazing shape nice sixpack so working hard means bodybuilding ��������

  • The key to getting in shape is: you don’t. That’s what vacation is suppose to be. To relax, to not think about working out, exercise ect. I use my time on vacation to hang out with friends, having a good time and not being strict with the diet. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes work out twice a day for the whole year, except this week. I seriously don’t give a fuck about my diet now, or else I will be going crazy! Just my point of view on the wole vacation thing.

  • The editing in this is brilliant, I’ve been subscribed and have enjoyed watching your vids for years but have really noticed a step up in content this year lads and am loving it!!

  • Does anyone actually pay attention to the video and the great tips, or is it just me lol, if I wanted to taste this much salt in the air I would have gone to the beach. Anyways Thanks for the great vids mike.

  • hi Merijan!
    I love training, I train right now 5 days a week three gym and two cardio, but the thing is that I have Celebral palsy and possibly can’t train as hard as normal people but I have my own program and do what I can do. My question to you is about protein intake, you Dailly Is 3g/kg and day? I wondering if any of that protein converts into glucose? If not, is it dependent on how hard you train?

    PS I have lost 3 kg now, mostly fat it seems and starting to see my abs without flexing, my first intermediate fasting!


  • Best travel tip Is to get your credit card so you can buy My shredded Lifestyle from amazon.Or wait for merijn to give it to you for free��‍♂️��‍♂️

  • Just bring resistance bands. You won’t put on any new muscle but it’s a way to keep active and it’s way more convenient than planing your trip around where you can find gyms

  • Tip nummer 1 vind ik de mooiste tip ��.

    Dit jaar op reis veel lopend gedaan ook al was er een gratis bus die elk uur naar het strand en centrum reed. Was goed te doen en dagelijkse beweging was dan ook weer in the pocket ��. En ook zelf boodschappen gedaan om genoeg proteïne binnen te krijgen + protein bars meegenomen. Still in shape �� en toch super genoten ��.

  • What’s with the guy in the flip flops at 3:26. Why don’t daft people where correct footwear in a gym. Sorry, one of my pet peeves.

  • You men Are A very Good mentor or example for Me.. Im A Chef with A minimum of 11 to 12 hours in the kitchen. I hit the gym almost 4 to 5 times A day But I cant Help to Eat because of the energy Im exirting While Im on kitchen. And Its hard for Me to build muscles

    Hope you Can make some More diet meals that help Me the rest of the day. And some tips Thanks men. From philippines. Hope you read THIS also. THANKYOU �������� More videos to come

  • Literally going away tomorrow and was thinking about training and how to get my proteins in. This is perfect! Also rate your advise and tips safe bro

  • Hey Mike! Thanks for the tips and the update. I love seeing your idea of a “holiday” — sweating it in Thailand, sampling all kinds of food, hitting the gym, staying focused and then sharing some tips on your return. That’s commitment! Your approach to conditioning inspires me to be more conscious of quality and take the time to invest in nutrition and keeping track of progress. Thank you for all the videos so far. I’m just getting started:-)

  • I love Mike but imagine this guy looking like he does, and telling everyone he meets in public, completely seriously, “I am full natty”. I mean I would start laughing. Dude almost looks like Arnold in T1 lmao.

  • nice vid man as always also great timing man cuz am just about to travel to poland next week and I really wanna maintain my physique thanks man

  • Jeff! Thank you for your honesty, dedication, devotion, and commitment to what you’re doing for us. At 40yrs old is late to want to be leaner than 30% body fat, but you such a great inspiration that I’m ready to make some sacrifices and see how far it can take me.

  • I thinks it’s probably the supraphysiological testosterone coursing through your veins. Just come clean Mike you’d probably get more support.

  • Winstrol Anavar trenbolone oh ya don’t forget to pack the needles. Just tell us the gear your on mate know one cares about lies!!!

  • We love this channel! Great content and very inspirational. @NNFitnessChannel
    We have felt motivated enough to start our own. We love home workouts, healthy living & creating new content. We want to hear about your channels, so come join us!
    Search NN Fitness Channel on Youtube!

  • got here right from Carlys video and omg i’m loving the Cuba footage!! Going there myself soon and i’m so excited!!

    Also just love your videos in general ��

  • I’m a big supporter of you guys and your values. However shouldn’t holidays be a time for letting your hair down and having fun with no guilt? Ovs not to binge or anything but to do things you do at home would almost feel like your still restricting yourself and not having a real chill out holiday detox?? Peace and love keep the vids coming✌��

  • Question, why eat late at night and not in the morning? In the morning you can burn those calories during the day, but at night you will not burn a lot?

  • Hey jeff you were the number one and talented fitness person on the planet, I like your work, always thank you for sharing this amazing knowledge with us everytime.

  • I am baffled by all the steroid hate comments. He is giving good, solid advice here. Whether he takes something or not has no bearing on the quality of the info.

  • For all you lot thinking he is on the juice etc. You should watch this video. Bye haters.


  • I think that the best tip would be: Always taking your protein supplements with you because you can simply take them everywhere. For example when you’re hiking in a forest or above a mountain and you need to eat something than you can simply take a proteinbar or energybar ����

  • Jeff i dedicate all my gains for you man, all of my gains because of you
    -Threw my gainer and got whey protein
    -Stopped chasing numbers and chased good form
    -my obliques are slick because of your stick sitting turn workout

  • SOS I’m a trucker now for the last 9 yrs. after a software development career. Played lots of tennis before the trucking…I workout with 15 lbs weights. Do you have any idea how I can work on the midsection? I supplement, iodine and good quality vitamins. Last 3 months I’ve been eating less carbs and fried foods, and more green salads.with chicken. Getting back to the dating and want to look fantastic because the ladies I’m attracted to ladies who are fitness instructors….also want to build a home gym.

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  • i always have to laugh if some fitness guys talk about cortisol release and stress, �� you have no clue how much cortisol your body actually has to release thrugh stress so that it would actually affect your gains, cortisol dosnt do shit to a guy who has a normal daily job and some stress at home, in his relationship or whatever, it dosnt affect ur gains at all…what really counts though is sleep, if you sleep bad every night you will fuck up your gains pretty fast

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  • Eating so late is terrible for your heart. You should never eat a heavy meal before you go to bed. This leads to heart disease, strokes, and heart-attacks. Your digestive system is capable of handling the heaviest food in the morning. Breakfast is supposed to be the heaviest meal of the day. The body’s digestive system is able to handle heavier food much better.

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